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Suzuki Shogun SP 125

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Shogun 125 SP Suzuki Motorcycle News and Reviews New Clutch Transmission 4 Acceleration, new rotary shogun sp, Spiral, star, start, susuki shogun 125 newgan, prices of primary clutch teeth (small reply) `shogun 125 sp, 2007, the price ny how ya? motorcycle clutch gear sy ny ey've sound, comfortable ga pake jd ny ... sold to users SUJUKI Shogun SP TH.07 Doble D cw sell CDI BRT HYPERBAND CSI, per clutch DAYTONA modif mtr susuki ts 125 cc.

SPECIFICATIONS. COLOR CHOICE. TABLE OF CREDIT. COMMENT. Color choices. Interested in NEW SUZUKI Shogun 125 SP? CLICK HERE FOR IMMEDIATE MEMESANKredit New Motorcycle Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki The Easy and Fast Shogun 125 SP.

Honda V4 bike

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

onda has released a sketch of a new adventure touring model expected to be unveiled at eicma. Honda vfr1200f - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a new honda crossover model will make its debut at the milan bike show along with a v4 1200 concept honda didn t even show up at last year s eicma bike show.

Honda's new 2010 vfr1200f honda has just pulled the covers off a radical new concept motorcycle at the intermot show in cologne, germany technically, there isn't honda v4 wht a hot bike. Honda crossover to debut at eicma just as the first honda interceptor shook the motorcycling world to its roots, the new vfr1200f redefines what a motorcycle can be.


Kaisar Ruby 250 V Twin

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Search for more imperial ruby v-250 photos photobucket is the place to store, create and share photos and videos for. Emperor ruby, cheap 250cc cruiser specifications ruby emperor with v-250 v-twin engine sound typical large motor let all the eye could see.

Emperor ruby v-250 6 responses to imperial ruby, ruby emperor cheap 250cc cruiser v twin 250 Contin jacket says: february 8th, 2009 at 6:15 pm ruby emperor, is the motor. YouTube - Vento v emperor 250 days last Saturday, I had time to stop by the dealer in Kartasura solo emperor also stopped once there too, but because the motor that makes me curious.


Pasang Windshield Honda Scoopy

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Views Honda Scoopy is already retro, but in order to strengthen his accent again need some additional accessories. Like the windshield or flyscreen, not only for booster style, but has a function that can provide driving comfort.

Accessory one can prevent motobiker from wind and small objects that might cause danger. From the name has the same function, but only the physical size difference. If the windshield larger cross section, now a little smaller flyscreen.

Many kinds of shapes and sizes of the windshield or flyscreen on the market, ranging from factory output to aftermarket accessories. Several factors must be considered when applying the appropriate size with the posture of the rider, materials, methods, and systems installation.


Modifikasi Bajaj Pulsar 220 Review

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Modifikasi Bajaj Pulsar 220 This different world is incredibly incredibly different from the Honda world im used to. Pulsar 220 have not finished out aja kok ... already talking about modifying the motor which dimodif mo! hehehe ... guns ... his daddy is also sekdar inpo ... it can aja nemu modifan people outside sono, especailly from the land of Mr. Takur.

Examples of modification ni Pulsar 220 ... sebenanrnya hell is still the standard of all, .. cuman .. This distinguished full-chromed! And if lo lo padhe curious about the face Pulsar 220 is going to like what, .. yes about is the kind gini ..


Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Soul 2011

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:19:35 PDT

Yanuar Ramadhani from Pontiac that had a 2011 Yamaha Mio Soul wants skutiknya modified by apply from Thailand. Create in Jakarta or Java, he said probably not exceptional, but for the city of Equatorial so something strange.

In the remodel Mio, Yanuar not want to rewind the wheel axis low rider style. Touches conducted on both the wheel rim 17 using a small tire wrapped to prevent rubbing against the box filter.

Finished wheel, choosing variations that optimize the supporting bolt-on products. The principle of harmonization may be crowded origin is maintained. Like the rear disc brake deliberately chosen colors. Likewise dengnan brake hoses, pulleys and even different colors are also given special because it used a perforated cover CVT.

Add a sip, the body is wrapped around the LED light. Unfortunately not evidenced in the evening.

Interesting, Mio Soul is disposable engine cut-off of the car taped to the steering stem or handlebars. Its function is not lethal to turn the machine, said Yanuar, but turn on the LED light. Then, the standard swing arm has been replaced custom models.

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Soul 2011(image)

Modifikasi Yamaha Xeon 125 Review

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Who does not know Yamaha Xeon, a new automatic motor Indonesian Yamaha 125 cc engine, equipped with a number of the latest technology. In terms of Power, Yamaha XEON has DiASil Forged Cylinder and Piston. 

Another advantage of is the throttle position sensor XEON, XEON also has a CVT that integrates cooling channels in order to position the high air channel so as to prevent water and dust into the room CVT. Starter clutch on the XEON is a wet type (submerged oil) which makes the process of starting the engine to be more gentle. One more, with Ergonomic Seat Design, create wider luggage and can store more lots of goods, including half face helmet.


Modifikasi Suzuki Skywave Review

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Suzuki Skywave is a scooter duck (skubek) the best in Indonesia, the competitors from the manufacturer on the market Shining Yamaha Nouvo, Mio defeated by her own sister, while Honda skubek absent in class, knowing Honda Airblade dimari not appear only in Thailand.Automatic 125cc engine that carries it is steady, pull more powerful than the other automatic, but it accelerated and handlingnya also ok. For those of you ge nyari modif materials Skywave you, my audience ni la modif Skywave Mocyc Classic Sport of Thailand.[...]

New Suzuki Hayate

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Suzuki sharp enough to choose the brand ambsador to line-up bike. Previously, they hook the Sule who were famous as the brand ambassador Suzuki Titan, prikitiwww! Then Andre Taulani fill celebrity figure to his Axello motor. Previously there was so strong Farhan attached as star Suzuki Thunder.

Well, now Irfan Bachdim can turn to Hayate. Viewing the dynamic Irfan as a footballer and a handsome figure, young and energetic, to say the election is quite appropriate. Irfan view is expected to divert the people of Indonesia for a moment to Suzuki Hayate which requires the strong endorsement. Understandably, the next door neighbor had ciamik motors are of course also more stable in the sale.


Ducati Marlboro Team MotoGP

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:16:24 PDT

Ducati Marlboro Team MotoGP

(image) Ducati Marlboro Motorcycle

(image) Ducati Marlboro Poster

Ducati Monster

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

The new Ducati Monster 696 represents the next generation and what Ducati calls "the final word in urban excitement".  The Monster 696 looks like it would be fun either on your favorite downtown routes or unleashed, where it should deliver more performance than ever before.DesignRefined style and design are the clear motivations behind the new Monster and the continued perfection of the Desmo engine ensures that its "saint and sinner" image will impress any rider.A comfortable and confidence-inspiring chassis combine with the powerful Ducati L-Twin engine to provide what should be a most enjoyable riding experience.  The balance of new technologies expressed in stylishly finished materials is shaped around the original cool Monster heritage.Maintaining its traditional Monster silhouette, the 696 now looks more muscular.  Its wide tank tapers to a thin waistline of what Ducati says is a comfortable narrow seat, which should ensure sure-footed confidence when at the traffic lights. The large diameter Hybrid Trellis frame blends stylishly into an aluminum sub-frame and swingarm while minimalist instrumentation and simple controls at the front of the Monster contrast with twin, bold, Ducati-style mufflers at the rear to enhance its urban-ready image.With a fuel tank form created with ingenious removable outer skins that enable quick and easy color swaps, changing the personality of the Monster has never been easier.  The quickly removable rear seat cover makes it even easier to completely color coordinate and, when removed, reveals a place for your favorite passenger.[...]

Ducati Valentino Rossi 2011

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

"Valentino Rossi Ducati" is the most popular news today on Moto Gp, but what is the reasson Valentino Rossi Move to Ducati? yeah Rossi and Ducati will be the best couple in 2011 after Rossi Comfirmed that He will move to Ducati a few days ago, so here is the reason why Valentino Rossi to Ducati in 2011.

"Ducati President Gabriele Del Torchio reveals the main reason Valentino Rossi move to join the team. Del Torchio also claimed that Rossi and Ducati deal has happened since last July 2010"

"I believe the main reason for the relationship which he (Rossi) had with Filippo Preziosi. I believe it is the key. It's not about money. I think Valentino would be proud to race with the bike from Italy, but for now the relationship with Filippo plays a role important, "said Del Torchio as quoted by Autosport"

So guys.. is it not about money or something else, Valentino Rossi to Ducati is because Rossi Relationship with Filippo Preziosi. So.. Ducati and Yamaha must have a great deal to moving Rossi to Ducati, I hope the Ducati and Valentino Rossi can show the best performance from their work in moto gp 2011 next year..


Kawasaki Z750R Review

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Ancora lei. Torniamo a parlarvi della nuovissima Kawasaki Z750R 2011 (video promo) svelata di recente a Milano proponendovi una dettagliatissima galleria fotografica che mostra ogni più piccolo dettaglio della naked di Akashi, regina del mercato italiano nella sua categoria.

La Kawasaki Z750R 2011 sarà naturalmente esposta all’imminente Salone di Colonia (Intermot, 6 - 10 ottobre) e poi al Salone Internazionale del Motociclo di Milano (Eicma, 2 - 7 novembre).


Modification Suzuki Shogun 110 CC

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Modification Suzuki Shogun 110 CC with white color and minimalist concept.full chrome and double discbreak with shock custom.

Shogun no-cut crash kit - black - suzuki gsxr600 2006 to 2007 product does not require bodywork modification " cons: they are not available in many colors. Honda revo 110 cc spec motor modification inspiration creation modification suzuki shogun 110 cc colors: lava red, midnight black and flaming orange active and passive. 


Konsep Modiifkasi Terbaik 2011

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:19:35 PDT

Ini dia Konsep Modiifkasi Terbaik 2011[...]

Spesifikasi Honda Scoopy 2011

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

The existence of Honda as a trendsetter in the national motorcycle market again visible. Honda Scoopy is proven through AHM create a new trend for young people who want to be different and prioritize lifestyle and freedom of expression.As a trendsetter retro scooter, AHM equip Scoopy with a thick design with retro-modern impression which has never been owned by other manufacturers in Indonesia. All-round display visible in almost all new scooter design, ie starting from Bodyline, the design of the headlights, lights sein, until a pair of mirror twins.Scoopy round lamp equipped with lights that make multireflektor dusk with bright lighting and wide-reaching. Two lights mounted sein textured separate from the body, reinforce the impression of retro-modern and well make this Scoopy be easily seen from the front or side.Modern impression is also visible from the side striping Scoopy performed with simple, stylish emblems, and rear view of the all rounder. Views were also seen on the more interesting racing wheels, mirrors, and muffler protector of thematic white, appear compatible with the body color combination that increasingly emphasized the retro-modern genre-engined 110 cc scooter this.Three body colors Scoopy can be an alternative to supporting the lifestyle of young people who become the main target of this new model, the Classic White (shown luxurious classical style), Retro Pink (appearing cheerful retro), and Vintage Violet (exclusive look stylish vintage). AHM will market this new scooter with a price Rp13.500.000 (On The Road DKI Jakarta).Spesifikasi Honda ScoopyPanjang x lebar X tinggi : 1.844 x 699 x 1.070 mm. Jarak sumbu roda : 1.240 mmJarak terendah ke tanah : 150 mmBerat kosong : 94 kg. (tipe CW)Tipe rangka : Tulang punggungTipe suspensi depan : TeleskopikTipe suspensi belakang : Lengan ayun dengan sokbreker tunggalUkuran ban depan : 80/90 – 14 M/C 40P Ukuran ban belakang : 90/90 – 14 M/C 46PRem Depan : Cakram hidrolik, dengan piston tunggalRem Belakang : TromolKapasitas tangki bahan bakar : 3,5 liter.Tipe mesin : 4 langkah, SOHCSistem pendinginan : Pendinginan udara dengan kipasDiameter x langkah : 50 x 55 mm.Volume langkah : 108 cc.Perbandingan kompresi : 9,2 : 1Daya maksimum : 6,09 kW (8.28 PS) / 8.000 rpm.Torsi maksimum : 8,32 N.m (0.85 kgf.m) / 5.500 rpm.Kapasitas minyak pelumas mesin           : 0,7 liter pada penggantian periodikKopling : Otomatis, sentrifugal, tipe keringTransmisi : Otomatis, V-MaticStarter : Electric starter & kick starterAki : MF battery, 12 V –  3 A.hBusi : ND U24EPR9, NGK CPR8EA-9Sistem pengapian : DC - CDI, BatteryKarburator : VK22x1Lampu depan :[...]

Modifikasi Vespa Jadul

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:19:35 PDT

Brand Piagio
Corsa model
Green Cat modification and use furnishings Yellow & Gold
Windshield PX LUX
P / Original Piaggio
Close Fork New Px
Informer Spartans
Full Chrome rim
Standart Full Chrome
Close Filter Vigano
The Piaggio Story
Piaggio came into achievement in Sestri Ponente in the automatic abuttals of Genoa in 1884. Situated beside the Odero shipyard, it again became the best accustomed ship-fitting accession in the area.
Rinaldo Piaggio (1864-1938) was aloft 20 years old when, on 10 October 1884, he alive the ability that set up Piaggio & C., a accession formed calm with a sculptor (Pietro Costa), an accoutrements artist (Giuseppe Piaggio) and a fourth abettor who was artlessly accurate "a acreage owner" (Giacomo Pastorino). Rinaldo was the son of Enrico, a belted merchant who ancient a cramp sawmill, classified "by beef operation" in 1882 and, as such, amidst Genoa's best beat mechanised installations.
A baldheaded three years later, in 1887, the accumulation across would no best do. The annex expanded, while the company's cabinet-makers were address accessories for some of the finest Italian and adopted ships of the astern 19th century. It was a absolute cogent aeon in Italian history. The country was aloft demography off industrially, its alpha accepting arise afterwards than that of the aloft European nations. In this phase, there was affluence of allowance for bodies with adeptness and a spirit of enterprise, qualities in which Rinaldo Piaggio actually wasn't lacking. Accepting baldheaded himself of his business partners, he went beat on his own, abnormality out into the railways, the best beat across of the time with able beforehand prospects. Here, too, cogent new barriers were apprenticed aloft and aloft diplomacy were alive at home as able as abroad, including the aloof alternation complete in the ancient 1920s and the accumulation of electric trains for which Piaggio took out a acclimation credible in Italy.
The MC2 at the admission to the museum, unearthed at the Calabro-lucane railway, is an amazing sample of this period. Once again Rinaldo Piaggio activate that the Sestri ball could not board his dynamism. In 1901 the ancient achieve arise the accession of a annex in Finale Ligure were taken and in 1903 it was absolutely purchased.

Modifikasi Vespa Jadul(image)

How to Setting Your Carburettor

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:19:35 PDT

In the development of motorcycle technology in Indonesia abnormally in begin that his development the accepted motor of branch achievement headed in the akin of aerial efficiency. That additionally that acquired fabricated the architect fabricated setingan that “paten” so that settingan the branch sebisa mingkin did not change terlau abounding afterwards the motor was acclimated by his users.

Would tetepi kenyataa him the buyer of the motor alone had some they who acquainted annoyed with the achievement of the motorcycle in the appearance of the accepted of the factory. This in provided a base for several matters, one of them because of the claim for anniversary affectionate of humankind basically was actual altered to one another. The absolute archetype one of them in aggravate technology skep to the motorcycle carburettor. Generally the aggravate skep the antecedent motorcycle of types could in the set with the access in the approach to the stick of accoutrement of the aggravate skep this. But broiled was altered to the latest achievement motorcycle. The ambassador alike independent him could not in the set. Possibly for some bodies too abundant did not affliction about this. But on the added hand, there is additionally that not all that
How to Setting Your Carburettor(image)

Bajaj Pulsar 220cc

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Bajaj Auto Indonesia membenamkan mesin 1-silinder, 220 cc, 4-stroke- berpendingin udara. Tenaga yang disemburkan 21 hp 8500 rpm dan torsi 19,12 Nm pada 7000 rpm. Transmisi 5-speed membantu Anda melesat hingga 144 km/jam.

Pulsar 220 dilengkapi karburator Venturi 32, intake port di kepala silinder dimodifikasi demikian pula dengan durasi serta sudut bukaan cam dibuat lebih tinggi. Catalytic converter teraplikasi pula.

Satu lagi adalah modifikasi di gear ke-5 sehingga performa lebih dahsyat dari tipe-tipe Pulsar lainnya. Performa tinggi didapat pula dari penggunaan resonator yang lebih besar.

Pulsar 220 menggunakan lampu depan proyektor dengan desain seperti mata serigala. Rem cakram diaplikasi untuk roda depan dan belakang. Ban tubeless bertapak lebar, garpu depan yang tebal, lampu belakang sporty, clip-on handle bar, jok model split, serta speedometer digital menjadi ciri-ciri Bajaj Pulsar 220. Dan, tentunya sporty fairing.

Yamah Scorpio Z 2011

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2010 Specifications Price. Yamaha scorpio updated in terms of look more cool than before, but from the specs it seems the engine is still the same as the previous scorpio yamaha.

Specifications with new yamaha prices scorpio z 2010 :

New Scorpio Z performed with fresh faces, especially on the main lights (headlight) with a hood and systems that adopt the style moge multireflektor Yamaha FZ8. Fuel tanks are also larger and equipped with fins (shroud) with a lid that is designed motor sport-style blends.

Another change visible on the stern, from the rear lights (tail light) and a more sporty exhaust and panel indicators, such as tachometers and a new speedometer.

However, the New Scorpio Z machine is not experiencing a change from the previous model. Yamaha continue to rely on engine 223 cc 4-stroke SOHC helpless aircooler 18.2 PS at 8000 rpm with peak torque up to 1.72 kgm at 6500 rpm.

Yamaha Vega ZR 110cc

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Yamaha seems to have prepared a new weapon to exist in the 100-110 cc class, Vega R which will now be replaced by ZR Vega, Vega this time will experience a change of body models, for example at the front there is a light tebeng sein, design front and rear lights use the cover yellow mica.Yamaha Vega ZR model similar to the Yamaha Taurus that has been marketed in Vietnam, but little changed to suit market tastes in Indonesia. The engine was also changed from 110 cc to 113.7 cc (115 cc). This is be a plus for attacks against Honda Blade is only a capacity of 110 cc.MesinTipe : 4-stroke, 1 silinder, SOHC, pendingin sirip udaraDiameter x Langkah : 50.0 x 57,9 mmVolume silinder 113.7 CCKarburator Mikuni VM15SHTenaga : 6,5 kW (8,7 PS)@7.500 rpmTorsi : 8,3 Nm (0,85 kgf-m)@4.500 rpmKopling : Manual, basah, multiplatTransmisi : 4 percepatanSistem starter : Starter listrik dan kakiKelistrikan Baterai : 12 V, 5 AHBusi : NGK/C6HSA/W2OFS-USistem pengapian : DC- CDISasisRem depan : Cakram  hidraulis/tromolRem belakang : TromolUkuran ban depan : 70/90-17M 38PUkuran ban belakang : 80/90-17M 44PDimensi Panjang x lebar x tinggi : 1.930 x 675 x 1055 mm Jarak sumbu roda : 1.235 mmJarak terendah : 126 mmBerat : 97.0 kgKapasitas tangki BBM  : 4.2 liter[...]

Suzuki Titan 115cc 2011

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Detailed specs & prices Suzuki Titan 115. This motor is one of the newest variant underbone or duck from Suzuki which was launched in May last. Suzuki Titan 115 is a duck motorcycle 115 cc engine capacity, slightly larger than the Smash the only 110 cc. The following info is specification Suzuki Titan 115.

Dimensi :
    * Panjang : 1.93
    * Lebar : 655.00
    * Tinggi : 1.05
    * Jarak Sumbu Roda : 1.24
    * Jarak Mesin ke tanah : 140.00
    * Tinggi Sadel : 755.00
    * Berat Kg : 100.00

Mesin :
    * Kapasitas : 113 cc
    * Diameter x Langkah : 51,0 x 55,2
    * Perbandingan Kompresi : 9,5 : 1
    * Tenaga Maks (PS@rpm) : 8,4 @8.000
    * Torsi Mas (Nm@rpm) : 9,9 @5.000
    * Karburator : Mikuni VM 18SH

Price Suzuki Titan 115 CC also priced around USD 13 to USD 14 million. In the market one day, this bike is going head to head with Honda and Yamaha Absolute Revo Vega ZR.

Yamaha Xeon 125cc

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Xeon Yamaha 125cc, automatic motor sport but powerful. Elder brother of Yamaha Mio Soul and is able to carry through the speed to 115 km / hr. In addition to this the elegant appearance makes it suitable for those who spirited sporty. Here are the specs 125cc Yamaha Xeon.Mesin :    * Jenis : 4 Langkah, SOHC, Berpendingin Cairan    * Valume Silinder : 124 cc    * Jumlah / Posisi Silinder : Cylinder Tunggal / Mendatar    * Diameter x Langkah : 52,4 x 57,9 mm    * Perbandingan Kompresi : 10,9 : 1    * Pelumasan : Basah    * Sistem Bahan Bakar : MIKUNI BS 26 x 1    * Sistem Pengapian : DC C.D.I    * Battery : 12V, 3.5Ah / YTZ5S    * Busi : C6HSA (NGK) / U20FS-U (DENSO)    * Sistem Starter : Electric & Kick Starter    * Kapasitas Tangki : 4,1 Liter    * Kapasitas Oli Mesin : Total 0,9 Liter (Berkala 0,8 Liter)    * Transmisi : CVT Otomatis    * Tipe Kopling : Kering, Kopling Sentrifugal    * Daya Maksimum : 8,05 kW / 8500 rpm    * Torsi Maksimum : 10,1 Nm / 7000 rpmRangka :    * Tipe : Pipa Baja    * Suspensi Depan : Teleskopik    * Suspensi Belakang : Lengan Ayun, Suspensi Tunggal    * Rem Depan : Cakram    * Rem Belakang : Tromol    * Ukuran Roda Depan : 70 / 90 – 14M/C 34P    * Ukuran Roda Belakang : 80 / 90 – 14M/C 40PDimensi :    * Panjang : 1850 mm    * Lebar : 685 mm    * Tinggi : 1060 mm    * Tinggi Tempat Duduk : 750 mm    * Jarak Sumbu Roda : 1250 mm    * Jarak Terendah Ke Tanah : 125 mm    * Berat Isi : 103 kgFor the price, Xeon Yamaha 125cc priced at around Rp15, 5 million (on the road in Jakarta), slightly more expensive than the Suzuki Titan. With the slogan "Xtraordinary Performance: Powerful, Sporty, Stylish", Yamaha 125cc Xeon to become the first choice for riders who wanted to be different.[...]

Honda Beat 2011

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:20:53 PDT

Honda Beat 2011 diluncurkan Astra Honda Motor (AHM). New Honda BeAT hadir dengan tampilan baru yang membuatnya terlihat lebih bergaya dan ekspresif.To maintain its existence as a trendsetter among adolescents scooter, Honda BEAT equip with the color and appearance of new striping. BEAT skutik claimed to have an economical fuel consumption and the size of compact body design, which corresponds to an average body profile of Indonesian society. This makes it convenient and versatile in use to penetrate the traffic congestion.Honda Beat is also equipped with engine capacity 110 cc air-cooled as well as several security features such as stand only owned Honda automatic side (Side Stand Switch) - machines can not be turned on if the side stand in the down position. Brake Lock feature serves to prevent the scooter jump when ignited. BEAT equipped with a safety lock magnet (Magnetic Key Shutter) and Autochoke - easily start the engine without having to move the lever manually."Sales of Honda BEAT high enough describe our products well received by the public. We hope that changes color and new striping to satisfy teens and also adults who are youthful "said Director of Marketing AHM Auddie Alexander Wiranata.Honda Beat with an expressive new striping colors will be available starting January 2011. New BEAT comes with 5 bright colors; Hard Rock Black, Red Electro, Techno White, Blue Jazz and Pop Pink.Honda to market with a price of USD 11.7 million for jari-jari/spoke wheel rim type (on-the-road in Jakarta) and Rp 12.5 million to the type of rim racing / cast wheel (on-the-road in Jakarta).[...]

Bajaj Pulsar 180 Gold Motorcycles

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:19:35 PDT

Pulsar 180 is one of the best amount motorcycles, it's appear with bifold atom and additionally 180cc of agent displacement, actuality is one of the alternative from Pulsar 180 series, beginning attending with Gold color.
This is the appropriate move from Pulsar Motorcycles, i mean, Pulsar 180 charge accept a acceptable look, today, a lot of bodies attractive a motorcycles with abounding of thing. The best motorcycles charge accept a acceptable looks appears, Gold Pulsar 180 is about absolute for me, yeah abundant ability with 17PS and additionally acceptable architecture with air-conditioned anatomy attending appears.

One affair that Bajaj Pulsar 180i charge change is abeyance arrangement and additionally motorcycles anchor system, you apperceive that this Gold Pulsar 180 and additionally addition Pulsar 180 alternation is not monoshock suspension, and on the rear anchor system, it's alone boom anchor !! So.. if Bajaj Pulsar appetite to be a acceptable best for consumer, the disadvantages charge be solve.. But.. so far.. i account to Pulsar 180.. because the amount and achievement is acceptable enough.. Oh yeah.. there are additionally already Pulsar 180 black, red, dejected blush and of advance Gold Bajaj Pulsar 180 ..(image)