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Jasa Desain 3D dan 2D


(image) H2 Cutting and Engraving selain melayani jasa cutting dan gravir bahan non-Logam juga melayani desain 3D dan 2D. Desain 3D H2 Cutting menggunakan Autodesk Inventor yang merupakan sebuah software CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) yang memiliki kemampuan pemodelan 3 dimensi solid untuk pembuatan objek prototipe 3D secara visual, simulasi, dan drafting. Sebelum membuat model 3D dibuat terlebih dahulu sketsa 2D dari masing-masing part penyusunnya. Disini Inventor memberikan kemudahan H2 Cutting untuk mengerjakan pemesanan agar sesuai dengan keiinginan dari costumer.

(image) Untuk desain 2D H2 Cutting menggunakan Corel Draw yang merupakan software pengolahan gravik berbasis vektor. Corel Draw sendiri digunakan H2 Cutting sebagai perantara desain yang akan di kerjakan dengan software LASER untuk proses cutting dan engraving selain itu untuk desain-desain yang tidak cukup rumit menggunakan Corel Draw.
Salah satu upaya untuk menjaga kepuasan costumer H2 Cutting and Engraving mengupayakan agar pesanan sesuai dengan bentuk yang diinginkan dengan cara mendesai dan mensimulasikan pesanan ke model 3D.

Jl Wadung Asri 155 / Pasar Wadung Asri Gedongan
Waru - Sidoarjo
website : 
e-mail :
TLP/WA/SMS : 0822 4598 0028 - 0852 3321 5781
BBM : 769E19C2 - 750D327F
Melayani Pemesanan Secara Online
Untuk daerah Surabaya dan Sidoarjo siap antar free ongkir

Laser Cutting Sidoarjo


Telah dibuka H2 Cutting and EngravingJasa Potong dan Gravir Bahan Non-Logam Menggunakan Mesin Laser CuttingJalan Wadung Asri 155 /  Pasar Wadung AsriWaru - SidoarjoTelp/SMS/WA : 082245980028Website : http://h2cutting.comE-mail : info@h2cutting.comFB : H2 Cutting CreativeMaterial yang digunakan : Acrylic, Triplek, Kayu, Kain, Kaca, Marmer, KulitFree Ongkir untuk Daerah Sidoarjo dan SurabayaH2 Cutting juga menerima jasa desain bagi Anda yang bingung atau tidak bisa untuk mendesain.Software : Corel Draw, Photoshop, Autodesk InventorInfo lebih lanjut silahkan kunjungi [...]

The Patient


When switching on the mountain, a Bedouin (village) once found an old man who was blind and that seems to suffer from various diseases through his body. It is clear he was unhappy. He even paralyzed and has been forced to remain seated. Bedouin is clearly heard, "Praise be to Allah who made ​​me free from the disease for which he tested many of its creation, and He loved me for many of them that He created ".

"My brother!" The Bedouin exclaimed. "What have you saved? By Allah, I think you have suffered with every single type of disease!"

"Depart from me," said the old man as he raised his head. "Do I still have a language with which I could pronounce his unit, and with what I can remember him every time and I 'have not a heart that I know? "

The words of the parents is sufficient for the Bedouins to repent to God for his sins and ask forgiveness.

Remember, there are always others who are in more trouble than you.

The Best Thing is Have Best Friends


There are many things to say about friendship. Over the years, people relied on their friends and their friendship for comfort and support, and sometimes, tough love. After all, not everyone turned to their friends when they need someone to talk? Sometimes, people who you become friends with a tighter and more expensive than some family members you have.
Friends make you laugh when you feel sad and they encourage you when you have the blues. They lend an ear when you need it, and they give you a shoulder to cry on when the tears will not stop coming. This is how important friends. In this world, people appreciate the friendship they had, so much so that there are quotes of friendship and the countless, and greet all emphasize the virtues and values ​​have good friends in your life.
Some quotes about friendship to talk about how friends should be treated and how you should be treated as a friend. There are a few quotes that illustrate the longevity of friendship and what you should do to make them last longer. If you value your friends and close ties to share, try to read a quote of friendship and shared with dear friends who will surely appreciate them even more. The world can be a difficult place to live in what with all the problems and issues that arise from time to time, but it is good friends with you will definitely make life easier.
Nothing beats having a set of friends is really great to be there to support you when you need it and bring you back to earth if necessary. Good friends rarely so relevant that you all do their best to maintain the friendship, or you may miss each other. Contrary to popular belief, your friends should be treated and will not be used and misused because it will make you the parasite and not a good friend who you all think you are.
We often forget our friends when we change the college moved to another city or staying with family, but friends are the ones that you can always fall back on bad times. So remember them in good times as well, and this quote friendship will remind you all the good friends you have in your life. Join our Friendship page on Facebook.

Islamic Hotel and Tour Worldwide


Jakarta - Holiday before Ramadan around the world, is now used by several countries to enjoy the arrival of Muslim tourists. Start packages that offer kosher, halal, halal products to deliver.

To meet the coming holiday period before and during Ramadan, some countries are preparing to welcome the arrival of Muslims, especially in the Middle East. Halal Tourism is triggered also by the many tourists that the Middle East every year according to data revenue accounted for 12 billion dollars each year for tourism.

As quoted from, a study says that 88% of Arab tourists say they want to live in an Islamic hotel during the trip, the holidays. This triggered some shady hotel owner who westernized bars and pubs to change something they nuanced and have a touch of the Middle East. Suppose you replace it with a cafe or restaurant is halal food service and beverages.

"Our hotel does not provide halal food and drinks We try to respect the beliefs and culture of every society, including Muslim .. It is therefore more sensitive to Muslim tourists to understand, explain Dere Markus, CEO of Rotana Dubai Arjaan.

No half-hearted in addition to providing halal food and beverages, the hotel also provides adequate facilities for the needs of Muslims. Let's say that the provision of prayer space, halal minibar and TV broadcasting programs of Islam certain facilities.

Even some hotels also have changed the management of sharia. If they accept guests have very strict rules, where women and men who marry a letter. Some hotels in Dubai said they had done this sharia management. Let us say that by setting aside 2.5% of their income to be donated to charity.

Kosher Halal hotel and tourism growth are considered to get a good reception is not only tourists from the Middle East, but tourists from all over the Muslim world.

Surprise, Page Rank 1


So long not check this blog, because i was making new blog and taking care of it, it is Haen's Note. Two weeks a g, i checked it accidentally and i was surprise, i didn't think if this blog get page rank 1. Actually i was very happy, because so long i had been waiting it.

 This is information about the page rank of my blog

Prayer which Will Not be Rejected by Allah


There are times for pray that will not rejected by Allah;

 - prayer on Friday night

 - prayer on 10 muharrom night

 - prayer on nishfu sya'ban night

 - prayer on two-night feast (idul adha and idul fitri)

but do not just resigned myself to just keep praying, but also accompanied by efforts

Sound In The Middle of Night


I can't sleep tonight, i dont know why??....
maybe i think someone who stay in my heart
Or maybe cause i have much task that must i do,
clicking clicking....
not clear
wanna see someone, but it's impossible...
only see her photo's....
heeii you....
come here...
accompany me....
i need u here with me....



did you ever have a best friends???
Actually all of you ever have a best friend, someone who care to you, someone who always be there for you, and when every time you want they are always be there for you where ever you go.
But, did u ever feel that your friends have same feeling as you???
what will you do when your friends the actually not care to you yet???
Exactly you'll feel so sad, you will feel alone. It's so hard, but friend not only their. There are so much people who care to you. Don't be sad cause friends like that. They are not good for you.

Sometimes i think, why did i get friends like that??
It's not my mistake....
I forget all of memory about that..

Now i have a lot of good friends, who always be there for me, always give me motivation to go on. I'm lucky, i'm happy.....
Thank's a lot to all my friends that still care to me...

Doctor from German Embrace Islam



In the appearance, Kai Luhr looks very different. Kai who sujud between the other men that use tunik white shirt when he was bowing into Mecca, he was looked clean with neat hair style. He wore jeans and gray jacket.

Maybe he looked suitable to came in church meeting. He looked clearly, he knew how to do five time prayer. He also did ruku’ and sujud with pray in Arabic. “ Allah is listen people who praise to Allah”, sujud, rise up, ruku’ again, till last tahiyat sit-in.

Kai luhr is a practice doctor in German. He moved to embrace Islam with his wife two years ago. At the time he changed his name with Kai Ali Rashid, and his wife changed to Katrin Aisha Luhr.

The Couple ever appeared on interview on TV. On interview, Katrin Luhr said that before got guidance to embraced Islam, she felt that her soul was empty. She confess went to church to church but she didn’t get the answer. Now she declare that never feel happy like now than before, and also the answer from questions in her mind. She also enjoy that every change is usefull after she embraced Islam.

While Kai Luhr say that he have big impression with his logic nature characteristic and rational from the answer which he got after he embraced Islam.

Experience in Pare


Long time no post, because i was busy last month. I went to Pare, Kediri, exactly to studied in "Kampung Bahasa". I get so many experience in there, not only about English but also about learn and life. I got many friend, new family, new teacher, sure i get much knowladge.
Before came there i was so afraid to speak and write about English, but now i'm confidence to speak and write in English. I'm satisfied with the learning system in there. I had been studying in there for a month.
I say thank's so much to all my friends in Rhima English Course, Camp 4, all of teacher at Rhima. Becouse of all of you i can do this.
You are my everything..
Love you all...

American Billionaire Embrace Islam


Mark Shaffer name. He has become Muslim declared on Saturday, October 17th, 2009 ago. At that time Mark was a trip to Saudi Arabia to visit some famous cities like Riyadh, Najran, and Jeddah for 10 days.Mark is a famous miliader and seasoned lawyers in Los Angeles, United States, particularly related to civil law. The last major case handled is associated with the famous American pop singer Michael Jackson, a week before he died.According to his testimony, which inspired her to convert to Islam is a powerful personal incentive to know Islam. And after reading the correct information about him, he is convinced that Islam is true religion.Actually, Mark had had little knowledge about Islam. And when he was in Saudi Arabia and witnessed the lives of the Muslims, especially when they pray in congregation, the urge to go deeper Islam is getting stronger.A tour guide who accompanied Mark for 10 days in Arabia, Ben Nasir Dhawi witness Mark Shaffer Islamic journey. Ben Nasher told that Mark began to wonder to her about Islam since I first set foot in Arabia.Arriving in Saudi, Mark stayed in Riyadh for two days. During that time, Mark is very concerned with Islam.After the Riyadh, Mark moved to Najran, continues to Abha and Al-Ula. It was there that his interest in Islam is very visible. At that time, he was a trip into the desert.There, he saw three young Saudi who was praying with him over the expanse of a vast desert. What an amazing sight for him.He saw three young Saudi who was praying with him over the expanse of a vast desert.What an amazing sight for him.Ben Nasher continued his story, "After two days in Al-Ula, we, went to Al-Juf. Upon arrival at Al-Juf, Mark asked to look for books about Islam. Then I gave some books on Islam. All books are read out by Mark. The next morning, she asked me to teach prayer. sayapun teach prayer and how to perform ablution '. Then he went to pray on my side. "After attending prayers with him, Mark felt very at ease his soul. A pleasure that can not be imagined.Thursday afternoon, Mark and guidenya left Al-Ula to the city of Jeddah. During the trip he looks very serious reading books about Islam. And on Friday morning, they visited the old city of Jeddah.After attending prayers with him, Mark felt very at ease his soul. A pleasure that can not be imagined.Before the Friday prayer time comes, they go back to the hotel. Ben Nasher asked for permission for Friday prayers. At that time Mark wanted to go with him for Friday prayers in order to see what was the Friday prayer. "Welcome ...," said Ben Naher with spirit."We then went to a mosque not far from our hotel in Jeddah. Because a little late, I and some congregational prayers outside the mosque because the congregation who mebludak. Visible Mark observe congregational especially after Friday prayers finished, they greet each other by shaking hands bright and cheerful face. Mark increasingly impressed with these views, "said Ben Nasher.After returning to the hotel, all of a sudden Mark Nasher told Ben about his desire to convert to Islam. Ben Nasher was greeted with joy, "Silahakan you shower first," he advised.After bathing, Ben Nasher guiding creed Mark utter two sentences and then prayed sunnah two cycles. After that, Mark expressed his wish to visit the Grand Mosque in Mecca and pray there before he left Saudi Arabia.To be able to enter the city of Mecca and the Grand Mosque, accompanied by Ben Nasher Mark went to the office of Da'wah and Ershad in the area of Al-Hamro 'Jeddah to take formal evidence has become Muslim. Then Mark was given temporary certificate of conversion to Islam. Because some members of the crew who followed Mark's visit to Saudi Arabia have had to return to America Sabtunya afternoon. Al-Hamdul[...]

Create a video to wallpaper


Are you bored with your current desktop background?

You want your desktop background in a video?

Windows dream scene is a feature that is on windows vista and windows 7, with this feature we can use our favorite videos as desktop background.

This time I'll share my knowledge how to make a video as your desktop background for Windows 7.
1. Download windows dream scene here windowsdreamscene
2. Then install windows dream scene
3. Type aero on starmenu, so exit this menu
(image) 4. Click the "find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects
5. Fix any problems found on your transparency feature
6. Make sure all problems are fixed
7. Click "enable or disable the transparent glass on windows"
8. Activate the feature transparent by providing a check on "enable transparency"
9. Now windows dreamscene has been active
10. Search videos that you like (just formatted. mpg and. wmv)
11. Right click on the video and click "set as desktop background"
12. Now you change your desktop background with your favorite videos
"Good luck!"

Increase Traffic Easily


Confused to promote your website / blog? EasyHits4U is one of its solutions, in addition you can promote your website using manual surf programs, you can also get one more advantage to Earn Money. Wait do not forget do not forget you can also use Geo Targeting here is to focus you traffic.

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How to make money from Easyhit4u?

You can generate dollars from this program, although not much. Well how you can look for referrals and referrals each surf the website at least have to do 100 and you will get $ 0.1 for each of his referrals .. and also $ 0.3 for every 1000 websites you visit. Interesting is not it!

For payment you will get by using paypal and alertpay with a minimum payment of $ 3.00, payment will be made within 5-7 business days.

Still confused with Easyhit4u you can simply visit the website or less yakn EasyHits4U not pay your money Paymeny Proof of Easyhit4u

immediately register your blog or website ...


(object) (embed)

Hanging Not Always Negative


Sitting lesehan with friends are very enjoyable, because it can be joking and laughing together eliminate fatigue. Especially accompanied by rebound music that adds atmosphere more comfortable. In the past people often assume bad hanging culture, but now not all is seen hanging out with a negative, not infrequently even many brilliant ideas that emerged when we hang out.

Many communities are formed from the activities of these hanging from a motorcycle user community, a community music group, a community of musicians and much more. And not too many rare form learning communities or discussion that gave birth to great ideas. Yet at another table there also was enjoying his food dish. Quite often people just love the place than makannnya, because most of them only buy a cup of tea or coffee, but they can survive for hours to enjoy hanging out activities.

Prayer Khusyu'


in Arabic, the word khusyu 'has the meaning of the word khudu' which has meaning: fear, tawadu ', submissive, quiet, and humble themselves. In Al qur'an, at least more than 17 times mentioned with various meanings.

According to the terms, prayer khusyu 'is a prayer that maintain sobriety with tawadu attitude' and humble themselves and sincerity necessary only because of Allah SWT that the prayer is done with a calm, unhurried, and tuma'ninah. This condition will be realized, if a person prepare for birth and his inner first. Outwardly, prepare yourself with good hygiene and clothing of a conducive place. Inwardly, realizing that he was a lowly servant, full of sin, and no power will be dealing directly with the Lord who created and gave life.

Virtues of Prayer Khusyu '
Just pray that worked with khusyu 'that can imprint on themselves a Muslim. Prayer can prevent from all shameful and unjust deeds of wrath of Allah SWT. Surely it is not easy to pray khusyu ', but we must continue to do everything we can to continue to pray and motivate yourself with virtues that Allah give to someone who khusyu' in his prayer. The virtue which Allah gave to people who khusyu 'prayers are as follows:
1. Obtaining forgiveness from Allah SWT
2. Get peace of mind
3. Inherit paradise paradise
4. Intercede in the yaumil akhir
5. Allah SWT will give you light




Hopefully this year all be better from the previous year

And what we expect in this year can be realized

Jum'at prayers


Friday or Jum'at is a very special day for Muslims. Jum'at it is a weekly feast of the Islamic ummah. On that day also a gathering place and a sign ukhuwah islamiyah materialize.Once the special Jum'at prayers to Allaw SWT specializes in the day.

Prayers were also called the Jum'at prayers. This marks the feature today. Prophet Muhammad SAW Self said that Jum'at was his best day. Among the privileges Jum'at is the creation of Prophet Adam a.s. inclusion into the heavens. On that day there was also time prayers were answered.Whoever prays at the time, Allah will grant her prayer

Datasheet Provider


For all who want to find a datasheet electronics components,
below I provide website addresses datasheet provider

Ghanimah, Salab, dan Fa'i


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Macam - macam Nafsu


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Hukum dan Syarat Perang


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Macam-macam Diyat


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3 Single Pertama


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Pengertian Fiqih dan Ushul Fiqih


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J Rocks - Hanya Aku


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Craagle, Cari Crack dan Serial Number Lebih Mudah


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5 Lagu Rekaman di Abbey Roads


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4shared Uploader


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D'Accord Metronome 1.0


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Falling In Love ( English Version ) by J Rocks


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Guitar Effect Digital - Guitar FX Box 2.6


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Google Web Accelerator - Browsing jadi lancar


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Iman J rocks (Vokalis-Gitaris)


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Aku Harus Bisa by J Rocks


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J - Rocks - Meraih Mimpi


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Tugu Pahlawan


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Pantang Menyerah untuk Merdeka


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Makin Berkembang, Positif atau Negatif?


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J Rocks - Spirit


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cFosSpeed, Browsing and Download


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Ian Antono (Gitaris God Bless)


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Minat Bermain Gitar


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Guitar Pro


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Sakit Dahulu, Senang Kemudian


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