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Nutrimetics USA/Avalla Blog - The Business Side of Starting, Managing and Growing Your Biz

Natural beauty, health and wellness blog from Nutrimetics by Avalla,#1 in Australia, New Zealand, #3 in France and growing in North America through Avalla from Houston, Tx. Healthy Skincare, cosmetics, personal care, body care, men's skincare, teenage ski

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Hello Natural Beauties, friends and consultants. As you may have heard by now, Avalla suddenly closed their doors at the end of January 2013, and that means that we are no longer able to access the Nutrimetics or Avalla brand products in USA or Canada at the moment.

My best suggestion to you at this time is to check ebay for most of your favorite products and either use the buy now feature or try to place your best bid.

Thank you for following along, reading and most of all for enjoying the Nutrimetics and Avalla products with me.

I'll continue to post here any news I learn of and keep this blog opened as it was my joy to share helpful tips on business and beauty for quite some time now.(image)

Start your own Home Business this Month!


If you need some extra money coming into your household, need to meet new people or just need something to do for yourself to get you out of the house, why not consider joining us in Avalla this month with your own home based business!

We think you'll love the freedom your own business gives you plus you'll make money in a fun and easy way. Plus, you get your own personal products discounted! Why pay department store and drug store prices when you could buy Avalla and Nutrimetics healthy products for less.....

Work when you want, set your own schedule, pamper your friends and family and meet new people that are interested in looking and feeling their best.

Avalla is a USA company that distributes Nutrimetics and their own products too (made in USA) with skin care, makeup, household products, mens products, hair care and wellness supplements. Everything is made from fruit and vegetable extracts from nature so they're good for the skin and body.

We do facials and makeovers for one on one demonstrations, small or large groups and there is no reason you couldn't set up a table at a women's group, expo, flea market, church, office or other way to show the products.

We make up to 40% commission just for sharing products that men and women love once they try them so it's not a hard sell and we don't recommend the hard sell approach anyway.

The holidays are just around the corner and this is the time to get your own business started, learn how to do it simply with a starter kit for just $99 for information, manuals and 4 full sized products to begin demonstrating.

Register as a new consultant and you'll also earn free products once you do 8 practice facials and 8 practice parties.

Be your own boss and earn the income you want and need! We're here for you when you're ready!(image)

August from Nutrimetics/Avalla: Nutri Rich Oil Orb and Ultra Care Defense Cream


The last month of summer, back to school, finishing vacations and celebrations continue as Avalla brings you two new products in August: Nutri Rich Oil 40ml in a beautiful orb for a limited time. Stock up now for gifts and yourself while you still can. Ultra Care Defense Cream is brought back due to popular demand! This is one of my most favorite Nutrimetics/Avalla products and I'm so happy to get it back. It's awesome, light and helps to moisturize, prevent sun damage and reduces lines and wrinkles beautifully!

Try both the Nutri Rich Oil Orb and Ultra Care Defense Cream in August at the Avalla website (now officially closed). All online orders of $100 or more receive a free product, flat rate shipping based on order size. See all the sales in August and take advantage of specials that help you save money on your favorite and new products. Apricot shower gel, wellness drinks plus Nutrimetics lip plumping lipsticks only $10!

Keep taking good care of your skin, years down the road you'll be so glad you did when you look and feel your best!

Thank you for your continued patronage and following along on our blog. Want to join us as a Consultant? Avalla offers a special for you this month! Get your kit at 1/2 price plus free shipping. See more details on my website listed above for you. Plus, place a product order during the month you join us and get a free product from Avalla and a gift package of products and goodies from me to help you get started.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below, we're always here to help you - people helping people is our philosophy!

Until next time, enjoy browsing the August sales from Nutrimetics/Avalla.(image)

June 2012 Nutrimetics/Avalla Sales Brochure


Happy Summer and Happier June 2012 with the Nutrimetics/Avalla sales brochure. See it at (avalla officially closed as of 3/12)and to order online 24/7 direct to you from FedEx. You'll find the men's skin care products and Aqua Pour Homme sexy cologne on sale just in time for Father's Day, the Heritage skin care basic collection for all skin types, Gold Firming Serum with 24kt gold to use as a firming serum before moisturizing.

Check out NEW Vitamin Oil by Nutrimetics for skin, hair and nails. Do you remember Nutri Rich Bathing Bar Soap with apricot kernel oil, vitamins and moisturizers??? IT'S BACK!!! Buy it this month on sale and stock up, it could be a temporary product!

Nutrimetics Active Daily Care for the whole family is also on sale including superb long lasting deoderant, active hand cream (a favorite of men and women), active hand wash for the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the active shampoo and conditioner. More June 2012 sales include Botanical Shower Gels in Melon & Cucumber, Dewberry, Blueberry and Vanilla Guava (my personal favorite)!.

Foam Fresh Cleanser Toner combination is also on sale in June so stock up now in Citrus & Grape, Melon Cucumber or Fresh Apple. These are easy skin care solutions for teens too, don't forget ,since it's two products in one - wash and tone. Then add the Aloe Hydragel lotion as a perfect moisturizer. This whole skin care plan costs a mere $39 and will last probably 6 months or more! No other company can beat the Nutrimetics/Avalla products or price for quality ingredients, pure ingredients, no chemicals and simply healthy products that are good for you and your skin!

There's more too! Avalla offers sales on the Joint Health Blend drink for joint and bone health and the Aloe Vera Vitamin Enriched drink with the highest grade of Aloe, vitamins and minerals to boost your health, especially during the active summer months.

Looking for your own business to earn extra money each month? Join Avalla in June 2012 for only $99 and get 4 full sized products (Heritage basic trio and Avalla AHA body lotion worth $118) with your kit, Free Shipping on the kit and an added bonus of 4 travel sized Nutrimetics products in a beautiful box when you place your first order in June. Plus free training - no experience needed-, your own website free the first two months, order book and everything you need to start making money. Find your favorite products in the entire line from skin care, makeup, mens products, household products, wellness products either a few products or the entire range in your own business. Join at and we look forward to helping you achieve any goals you can dream of.


Your Personal Development is linked to Achieving Success


When you are struggling in your direct selling business, building your own team or not having the success you want, look no further than to the leaders in the industry. Success in business and success in the direct sales business isn't difficult but, something is getting in your way to block the path you want to take. How can you overcome your thoughts, thinking and get on the right path that helps you achieve all that you dream of?

Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine shares insightful thoughts on building your own personal development and how you can help others achieve the same success with this video called Fostering a Culture of Personal Development.

Check out the statistics and methods he uses and recommends that you can put to use today in this video from a recent Success meeting in Dallas, Texas. From your expectations in your business, getting support from the leaders and your company, to the thoughts that produce the outcomes of the road your life takes you will be inspired to get out there and make success happen for you - without letting anyone or any thing interfere with your goals.

Thanks, Darren for allowing us to have this video for our own use, to study it and to put it into action.

Click on this link to the Darren Hardy video and enjoy! Make a difference and do it for yourself! 5682(image)

Happy Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Nutrimetics/Avalla


What will you do in May for yourself or for Mother's Day? Give unique gifts that Mom will love for months and think of your thoughtfulness for thinking so highly of her with these beauties from Nutrimetics/Avalla at prices that are hard to beat even at drug stores and all the marts! Eco friendly products by the one and only most unique Nutrimetics/Avalla!!

     Mother's Day is the one day of the year that we all set aside for the appreciation of Mom and all she does, gives, forgives, understands, lets go of, helps with, cooks, cleans, organizes, develops, earns and so much more! Every day could really be Mother's Day! Give Mom what she doesn't give herself but, what she really wants and deserves - healthy, natural beauty that is good enough to eat from Mother Nature!

     Avalla offers lots of great gift ideas to spoil your Mom this year and you can order directly online 24/7, ship direct to you or her by FedEx within 6 days, sometimes sooner! Don't wait... check out our greatest offers this month, one for you and one for Mom! See all the monthly sales for Nutrimetics/Avalla here.

Georgie on Ice Pink cologne and Shower Gel Set is on sale for probably the last time as it looks like it's getting discontinued. Save 35% on each only $10 a piece, $20 FOR THE FULL SIZED SET!! WOW, Thanks Avalla for such a great offer for our Moms this May!!! Stock up now while they last!

Order Nutrimetics/Avalla here 24/7 direct

     Nutrimetics newest skin care line for all skin types: Hydrafinity Skin Care Collection - the lovely spring time pick me up for your skin in a beautiful pink packaging!  Great for any time of year but, it's lovely to change up your skin care during Spring after a long and cold winter. Hydrafinity collection is made from alpine glacial water, grapefruit extract, bilberry, cranberry oil, Vitamins C and E to hydrate, moisturize and evenly clean skin without a sticky or greasy feeling. It's light enough to invigorate your skin (and Moms) and yet penetrates deeply to smooth and soften skin quickly. No chemicals and as always, only pure fruit and vegetable extracts for the healthiest skin possible.

Add the Hydrafinity hand cream with the above skin care set or alone in a basket you create for Mom with all her favorite garden tools. She'll love the smoothness and gentle feel of this rich lotion to get rid of dry and aging skin.

     Nutrimetics Glossy Lip Shine is the perfect lip gloss for spring and summer with just the right amount of color and moisturizers for healing and soothing lips. Find your perfect shade to blend with all your spring time fashions (and Moms too!).
          Order Nutrimetics/Avalla now in time for Mother's Day, save time and gas by shopping online.


Interesting Post by Huffington Post on BPA and other Chemicals in Shampoos and Household Products


Found this article by Huffington Post on one of the chemicals, BPA,  BPA (Bisphenol A) frequently found in our cosmetics, household and cleaning products.

Thought it was worth a share so that you can learn about what chemicals to look for when searching which products to use for yourself and your family.

One interesting paragraph is this mention below in quotes that describes some of the effects of this one chemical in our lives and it also includes potential problems with asthma.
"The most well-known endocrine disruptor is bisphenol-A, or BPA, a chemical found in some plastics that has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, infertility and behavioral and developmental problems in children exposed in utero. Many have already ditched plastic water bottles for stainless steel, and manufacturers have begun advertising their wares as BPA-free."

If you or someone in your family has any of these problems, isn't it worth investigating chemicals and choosing a better alternative?

Everyone has to do their own research, determine it's validity and value to our lives and make the best decisions. Those decisions can either help or hurt our overall health by continuing to use chemically based ingredients on a daily basis.

We suggest you try and use Nutrimetics/Avalla products for their natural plant based ingredients based on the science of Mother Nature. Although not organic and the prices reflect that as well by being much more economical than organics, you'll find a history (over 50 years) of tried, true and tested products that you won't fear using. 

The EWG is also a good source to check for which companies and brands still do use BPA and other toxic chemicals in products. Find them at and do a simple search to help you to understand toxicity.


Nutrimetics reformulates Anti Aging Skin Care Collection - "Restore"


Nutrimetics by Avalla offers the mercedes/top of the line Anti Aging Skin Care called 'Restore' with grape seed extract Savignon Blanc for only $190 for the foaming cleanser, refining toner, intense anti aging night moisturizer and anti aging eye cream for proven effect products that get results. On sale now in March for only $140, so the eye cream worth $50 is FREE! Beautifully repackaged very smartly and sophisticated in a pearlized purple with silver band. Read more to learn about the benefits of grape seed extract and how 'Restore' can improve your skin. Nutrimetics Premium Anti Aging Skin Care 'Restore' only from Avalla in USA and Canada available at       ** Note: Nutrimetics is the #1 brand in Australia and Avalla is the exclusive distributor of Nutrimetics in USA and Canada. Both are direct sales companies that avoid a middle man sales approach and keep the costs extremely affordable for premium quality products.Nutrimetics reformulates the most popular anti aging collection by adding Savignon Blanc grape seed extract (vitis vinifera) to the already effective ingredients of black tea, chamomile, yarrow and peptides. Clinical trials showed results of 100% of men and women that used Nutrimetics Restore Skin Care showed marked improvement in their skin in the first 28 days! What can Restore Anti Aging Skin Care do for YOU?     Benefits of grape seed extracts:          ** Contains Vitamin E, protein and essential fatty acids known as lipids          ** Known antioxidants that fight disease and slow the aging process          ** Smoothes lines and wrinkles          ** Promote healing of wounds and scarring          ** Reduce bruising          ** Anti inflammatory          ** Promotes collagen formation          ** Assists with skin elasticity to give the skin bounce          ** Removes free radicals that cause cellular death and destruction          ** Blocks harmful rays of the sun          ** Calming to the skin          ** Improves the condition of the skin     The Cost of Anti Aging:        Compare Saks Fifth Avenue's La-Prarie eye cream alone at $350.00/.68oz. Most of the other products in this line cost around $450 for one item. That is a serious investment and we can't find any information on any of the ingredients (other than the 'exclusive cellular complex' that would cause this line of platinum products to be so costly. Even celebrities such as Demi Moore, Beyonce, Joan Rivers, Sharon Stone or Angelina Jolie would be silly to spend their hard earned money on these high priced skin care products when Avalla/Nutrimetics Restore works at a fraction of that cost and has proven results of 100% effectiveness in clinical trials.Nutrimetics Relaunch Restore Anti Aging Skin Care with Savignon Blanc in the News       Compare Dr. Mercola organic skin care collection at $299 for products at half the size of the Nutrimetics Restore and with very similar ingredients.        Dior Hydra Life moisturizer for $56/ 1.7 oz vs Nutrimetics Restore Intense Anti Aging Night Cream 2.03 oz for $60 or $150 for Dior's 2.5 oz serum vs Nutrimetics Ultra Care Moi[...]

Nutrimetics/Avalla 4 Top Best Selling Products


Nutrimetics has a longstanding history in the beauty industry as the world's first botanical products made from nature started over 50 years ago and boasts a customer loyalty rate of over 95% because these products give the results you want.Check out the 4 Top Best Selling Products to add to your beauty regime and to get the radiant skin you want. You won't be disappointed and they're all guaranteed or your money back.Four Top Sellers from Nutrimetics/Avalla: 1. Nutri Rich Oil This rich emollient is made from 4 1/2 pounds of apricots (that's over 65 apricots per jar!), carrot seed oil along with Vitamins C and E. This is the perfect anti aging product that is used at night time as a moisturizer. Spread a thin layer over entire facial skin and allow to absorb. By morning, your skin will be softer, smoother and firmer. With continued use, you will see visible results as the ingredients work to heal and hydrate like no other product you've ever tried! You can also use Nutri Rich Oil (also called Apricot Kernel Oil) for cuts, scars, scratches, scrapes, burns, diaper rash, very dry areas of the body, eczema, psoriasis, dry or thinning eyelashes and cuticles. 2. Heritage Skin Care Collection The second top seller from Nutrimetics/Avalla is the original skin care line designed for normal/dry or normal/combination skin types. The deluxe set includes the cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream for daily use and the honey almond scrub and mineral masque for weekly treatments of dry skin, smoothing the texture and removing blemishes, blackheads, shrinking pores and improving the overall skin texture. The key ingredients in this skin care line include Apricot kernel oil, sesame oil, cucumber, shea butter, peach kernel oil, vitamin E, lemon, lime and other ingredients from plants without chemicals to harm the skin. 3. Nutri Clean The third top seller from Nutrimetics/Avalla is this all purpose household cleaner as one of the first, if not the first, green product created. Made from Yucca and coconut extracts it is great for washing fruits and vegetables (it's first intended use), washing your face and body, cleaning everything in your home, your pets (kills fleas and won't harm their skin), your car or boat, your office, your birdfeeders and the outside of your home. Nutri Clean is biodegrable (great on your pipes), non toxic, phospate free, highly concentrated (use just a capful in a bucket of water for cleaning), cleans carpets and even grease. Every home deserves Nutri Clean and you'll find it safer than other cleaning agents. 4. Zeolife This fourth top seller from Nutrimetics/Avalla is a vegetable based capsule from our wellness line. Zeolife works as a sponge in your body to find free radicals that cause disease and illness, attaches to it and safely removes it from the body. It works also as an antioxidant, with vitamins and minerals to benefit men and women alike, restores vitality, enhances the immune system, boosts energy levels, heals wounds, reduces acidity in the digestive tract and helps to metabolize protein, fat and carbohydrates. Studies have shown Zeolife also improves menopausal symptoms, balances glucose levels and improves mobility by easing joint pain. If you want to feel better, naturally without caffeine or other stimulants, try Zeolife and feel the difference. Find these Top 4 Best Sellers and more of the effective skin care, body care, wellness and household products from Nutrimetics/Avalla at© 2010. All Copyright Rights Reserved. Questions?[...]

Start a Home Based Business with Avalla, distributor of Nutrimetics to Earn Money


January is often the month when you might be looking at your finances, start paying off those holiday bills, wanting another way to make good money, need to finally get out of debt, need a new job or at least a better paying second job.Why not consider starting your own home based business with Avalla to earn the extra money your family needs to help you pay off debt, save for retirement or start to live the lifestyle that you really want.How can Avalla help you?** As the sole distributor of the successful brand of Nutrimetics around the world, Avalla offers Nutrimetics in North America as well as has it's own line of beauty and wellness products that are proudly made in USA!** Having your own home based business allows you the freedom to work when you want, make your own hours and determine your income as opposed to working for someone else.** Avalla is a member of the Direct Selling Association and abides by the ethical business standards for consultants and customers alike.** Avalla is the only place in USA or Canada where customers can get Nutrimetics products through a consultant like me or you.** The Nutrimetics brand around the world has produced highly successful consultants earning thousands of dollars per month simply by sharing the products they use and love in an honest and sincere method allowing customers to try before they buy.** Avalla has a join offer of only $99 to start with a kit containing all the literature you need and four full sized products worth $148 with your own personal web page and FREE shipping on your kit. Everything you need to start your own home based business and tax deductions for many items you already buy for your home or office.** Avalla does not have a saturated market and customers are searching for products that work and offer excellent value for money, many simply do not know about the company.... yet! Customers are smart, they're paying attention to ingredients more and more and they love the pure and natural ingredients in our products without chemicals.** With Avalla, consultants can earn up to 40% commission on products and bonuses for building a team and becoming a leader without any requirement to do so and never encourages huge inventory stocking.** Avalla offers ongoing training to help you earn as you learn, no experience needed. You'll find weekly company conference calls, local training, skype training, email, phone or text help to fit into your busy lifestyle. ** Avalla offers free trips, cash bonuses, gifts such as jewelry, luggage or a free ipad as I won last July simply for meeting sales quotiants or sponsoring goals.** Many consultants work just a few hours a week to earn an extra $200 or more for their families and Avalla is helping them pay off debts or save for vacations or retirement. Most consultants earn $20 to $50 per hour to start!** Avalla offers many ways to work your business as a new consultant such as one on one facials, small or large groups, business to business sharing, online personal webpage for each consultant to build an online store business, trade shows, conventions, from a store or your own home.** Avalla helps men and women find new friends and build long lasting relationships with customers and other consultants as well as is a great personal development enrichment program.** Avalla offers a full money back guarantee on products for customers and consultants so that the right products are purchased with results that work and has a supportive customer service office that is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, fast and efficient in assisting customers or consultants.** You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by joining Avalla, distributor of Nutrimetics USA and will always have the ability to buy your own products at a discount... even on sale items forever and only having to se[...]

December To-Do-Lists


December is a busy month for everyone with the holidays, shopping, parties, shipping gifts, cooking, baking, wrapping and decorating and that doesn't include your regular work/job! December To Do Lists will help you manage it all: Stay organized in December to see great profits from your home based business while helping your customers get the products they need and want for unique gifts that everyone will love. Here's a to-do-list to help you stay on track and get it all done. ** Make a list of everything to do to help you stay focused. ** Go through your gift closet to find those gifts you bought earlier in the year and cross off some of your list. ** Decide how you want to decorate. Maybe this year you keep it simpler and only put up the most meaningful decorations and save yourself some time. ** Shop online! At least doing a little research to find the best holiday deals and shop comparing prices will help you know the best places to save money for the holiday gifts and supplies you need. Nutrimetics USA/Avalla monthly sales for December offer great gift ideas at so check it out. ** Shop early or late when most others aren't in the stores to save time and less distractions. ** Do something every day to tackle that to-do-list and get it done as early as possible freeing up your time so you can relax and spend time with friends and family. ** Call or write to your customers to find out what they need and offer suggestions on how you can help them. ** Create gift baskets of your Nutrimetics/Avalla products that are ready to give and ready to go. You can really help to simplify many of your customers gift giving by having beautiful baskets already done. Even adding a gift tag, wrap and bow so it's really all done is super helpful! ** Save money with free shipping offers online, free gift with purchase and easy free returns just in case a gift doesn't turn out to be wanted or needed. ** Keep checking off your list of things to do as you accomplish them. Your list will get smaller and smaller and you'll feel great about all you've done! ** Involve the family when possible. Kids will love helping with decorating, baking, wrapping, online shopping research, creating packages and even cleaning with the right attitude. Play holiday music to keep the spirit going! ** Recycle clothing instead of buying new if you want to save money and get a few key accessories instead of a whole new outfit. Accessories can be used with multiple outfits so you'll get more bang for your buck without breaking the bank. ** Avoid all stressful situations over the holidays and keep yourself calm. Somehow, it all comes together with the right planning and you will have time for fun and relaxation! ** Take time daily for yourself and your fitness program. You'll have the stamina and energy to keep going and to stay healthy over the holidays. ** Do your best and don't fret over anything that can't be done on time. Next year try to plan a little earlier if you feel bad about not getting something done. ** Start thinking about your goals for 2010 and get yourself a copy of What it takes to earn $1 million in your business to get on track for the upcoming year!** Have a Merry Christmas and the best holidays ever in your home based business!© 2010. All Copyright Rights Reserved. Questions?[...]

Nutrimetics by Avalla October Monthly Sales Brochure


Nutrimetics by Avalla October Monthly Sales Brochure:Autumn brings cooler temperatures, shorter days, typically more rain and wind and is one of the seasons that many people love after a long and hot summer. It's also the back to school season and a great time to take good care of your skin and overall health as you prepare for the colder winter months to come.Avalla - the distributor of Nutrimetics in North America offers great product sales in October to help you to prepare your skin for the coming winter months. Check out the monthly sales brochure and find several of your favorite products discounted in October to help you save money on your skincare and wellness will show you the monthly sale brochure. In it are the best deals of the month such as:Nutri Rich Oil - the crown jewel of our company and the first product created by Nutrimetics almost 50 years ago. This rich emollient contains 4 1/2 pounds of apricots per 60ml jar, carrot seed oil, Vitamin C and E and is a must have for everyone. Nutri Rich Oil is a perfect night time moisturizer, hydrates very dry skin, heals scars from acne and pimples, reduces stretch marks, hydrates cuticles and other very dry skin on elbows, knees and ankles, helps rosacea, eczema and psorriasis, soothes sore lips, helps hydrate eyelashes, helps burns almost immediately for soothing relief and protects your skin.Heritage Enhanced Collection - the original skin care line from Nutrimetics for normal/dry or combination skin types is also on sale for the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, facial scrub and mineral mud masque treatments. Nutri Clean - this amazing all purpose cleaner was one of the very first green cleaners created almost 50 years ago in an effort to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables from dirt, pesticides and larvae. More uses of Nutri Clean include washing woodwork, kitchen cabinets, walls, glass, mirrors, carpets, stains, floors, clean jewelry, kills fleas from pets by suffocation, a dash in a glass of water can reduce indigestion by neutralizing acids and is safe!, wash your body on even sensitive skin, you can even brush your teeth with it:) This concentrated formula is cost effective since a capful is all that is needed for many cleaning jobs in a bucket of water (warm or cold) and the leftover water can be used to water plants to reduce bugs and larvae. You will be able to eliminate all other cleaners from your home, improve your breathing, reduce asthma and other problems from chemicals and Nutri Clean will last a very long time when used as directed. Try the quart or gallon.Brilliant Shine Plumping Lip Color on sale in October too and the last time all year to save $8! Lipsticks that contain apricot kernel oil, vitamin E and maxi lips in 19 colors for everyone. Keep your lips moist, healthy and full of color with our best selling lipsticks. These lipsticks make great gifts for any woman on your gift giving list. Just create a beautiful gift basket, full of lipsticks, add a lipliner (on sale too) and a small mirror for the purse and you're all set for a unique gift from Nutrimetics by Avalla!Try 'Serenity' herbal supplement that helps to reduce anxiety naturally without chemicals and without medications and instead contains chamomile, roseroot, ginkgo biloba, rutin and enzymes to reduce stress helping your body to restore and revitalize.Find these and many more sales online to see how easy it is to register as a Preferred Customer, get a free gift with $100 purchase and a monthly sales brochure mailed to you.If you're interested in becoming a distributor/consultant with Nutrimetics by AValla to save money on your own products and make money with your own business.Thanks for continuing to read and follow along. Stay tuned for pro[...]

Creating Goals around a Busy Schedule


Today I thought I'd share with you how I create goals around my very busy schedule and how you can do it too with your Nutrimetics by Avalla home based business.The movers and shakers are typically the ones that already have a full schedule of work and commitments and also the ones that take on the extra work of starting a home based business. I'm one of those people and you probably are too since you're reading this.I'm a Registered Nurse, own and operate a 200 seat Italian restaurant with my talented husband who is the Executive Chef and President of our company. My tasks there involve working five days a week as the General Manager, accountant in charge of all billing and invoices, paperwork for unemployment and other state issues, keeping all licenses updated, payroll, taxes and office organization. I also take care of our business website, twitter, facebook, yelp and other marketing and advertising tasks and accounts. I'm in charge of the front of the house staff with hiring, firing, training, reservations, customer service problems or concerns, booking all banquet and pharmaceutical functions, as well as ordering beer, wine and liquor. I also close the restaurant nightly and run all financial reports.Our restaurant was my husbands dream of 30 years ago when he first became a Certified Working Chef and Executive Chef and we've been in a successful business for the last 16 years. Keeping it running smoothly for the staff and customers doesn't really get any easier as the years pass and sometimes it's even harder to maintain it with so many other new local businesses and chains opening. Most businesses fail within the first 3 to 5 years. We've had many awards and achievements over the years for food, martinis, customer service, community efforts and our staffing. My Nutrimetics by Avalla business is my fun job that I do for myself and to create a retirement account for myself and my husband. When you work for yourself, you're in charge of creating your own retirement and benefits since there is no help at all from an employer or the government. I also write this blog and other online writings to help you and others learn how to grow a home business successfully. Join me now for your own Nutrimetics/Avalla home based business and I'll help you to create a schedule that works for you to achieve the income and goals you have: to begin for only $99 and get four full sized products with your join kit plus all the educational and training materials you need. Creating Goals around a Busy Schedule: Although I'd love to work my home business full time, it's just not feasible with owning a restaurant. So, I do my best to rearrange my schedule to allow me to work it part time consistently. We've had other managers to take over my duties in the past but, it's difficult to find someone you can truly trust with the financial matters of your company and often it's best to do it yourself. I'm a Group Leader in our company and am currently working towards the next level of Sales Leader to increase my income and status. Using all hours of the day to the max!! I don't spend much time watching television or playing games. I'm on a mission for a successful future and that requires maximizing all hours. Mornings: My mornings are my time to update my home business customer list, answer all emails, update my blogs. One a Day!! My ultimate goal is to find one customer per day. This is done either through my online work whereby customers find me when they are searching for Nutrimetics online, or my email list to current customers, or to making calls to my customer list and later i[...]

Record Breaker Challenge 2011 Earns you a Free Cruise with Avalla - Distributor of Nutrimetics


September starts the new Record Breaker Challenge for 2011 with Avalla and the prize is a 7 day all expense paid cruise to the Caribbean on the cruise ship, Glory, when you work to earn it. Work part time or full time to earn extra money and the bonus will be a cruise earned by the end of December 2011.All levels of consultants are elible to participate in earning this free cruise and you could be on this trip with other consultants, distributors and leaders of Avalla. Get started now to take advantage of each month to help you have the best chance at earning the trip and choosing the cabin of your choice.How to earn the Record Breaker Challenge 2011: Join Avalla for $99 for the start up kit and choose your skin care kit that is included. You'll also receive all the training materials, catalogues, sales brochures, flyers and be well on your way to being able to demonstrate and share the amazing Avalla, Nutrimetics and now Tarrah products of your choice. Just go to and register as a new consultant.The challenge has a beginning level of sales of $6,000 from September 1 through December 31, 2011 to be eligible to earn the cruise. Break it down by month and that means you'll want at least $1500 in sales per month. Break it down even further and that means you'll want at least $375 per week in sales. Break it down once more and use the average beginning sales amount of $50 and that $375 per week equates to 7.5 customers per week! Start Demonstrating Products! Schedule one on one facials, mini parties of 3 or 4 guests or large parties to help you increase your sales and see more customers in one gathering. Teach your customers how to join as a Preferred Customer so that they can order online 24/7 and you get the credit for the sale to boost your sales. Plan gatherings at your own home or office and make it convenient for you to work when you want and what works for your schedule. Try an Open House monthly to get in front of many potential customers in one day - it works well and is one of my favorite ways to build my business.Keep Track of your Progress: Use the tracking form found on your avalla website to mark down your goals and track your sales from your product demonstrations and online Preferred Customer Club orders.Attend Trainings: Get on the weekly conference calls with our President to learn as you earn as well as continue training with your upline for support and any questions or problems. Stay in touch by phone, email, texting, skype or other form of communication that works for you and your upline.Earn a Guest's Way for Free: If you want to take your partner along on the free cruise, plan on sponsoring at least 10 people into your team that generate $6,000 in sales of new business. Break it down per month and you'll want at least 2.5 new members of your team joining and getting started on their own home based business too. It's fun to work with your friends/family/co-workers on a new business venture so make this part of your plan early on in joining Avalla so that you and your friend will learn as you earn together.The Caribbean Cruise from Avalla will be a very memorable trip for sure and one that you will not want to miss. The key to earning it for free is really to start as soon as possible, share the products and opportunity with as many people as possible, work your business as a business and stay focused on your goal of basking in the sun and fun in March 2012 when the ship sails from Miami, Fl. (transportation to and from Miami is your responsibility although, you will find ways to earn bonuses along the way to help you afford the cost of air/bus or car travel to Miami).JOIN NOW at [...]

Product Review - Nutri Clean All Purpose Cleaner/Canada/USA


My cleaning chores are made so much easier with Nutri Clean All Purpose Cleaner available in Canada and USA. Today I thought I'd share some of my recent cleaning jobs that I've done using the environmentally friendly product in my home and around my yard. Nutri Clean works with Yucca and coconut extracts and helps to neutralize stains and dirt easily and safely. Why keep 10-20 different chemical cleaners in your home when you can replace them all with one single chemical free product that works for all your household cleaning needs. Created almost 50 years ago, Nutri Clean from Nutrimetics (Nutritional Cosmetics) and now distributed by Avalla in USA, was originally made to wash fruits and vegetables to remove dirt, pesticides and larvae off the food we eat. Just soak your fresh fruit and veggies in a sink of cool water and add a capful of Nutri Clean and allow to soak for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water, dry and store for longer lasting, safe to eat food for your whole family. You'll be surprised at all the dirt left in your sink that normally you would ingest, Nutri Clean is concentrated, a natural disinfectant, a little goes a loooooong way and that helps you save money! Buy Nutri Clean in Canada/USA at and use PASSCODE: cynthias1 to enter the 'shop' area. All products are guaranteed or your money back. Join as a Preferred Customer for gift with $100 retail order, flat rate shipping, brochure mailed monthly to your home and more benefits. Bird Bath Cleaning - I love nature and attracting the birds to our yard but, worry about applying any chemicals to the plants or any part of the yard. Enter Nutri Clean. This concentrated cleaner was used directly from the quart sized bottle and when I used a scrub brush, was able to get the bird bath clean without harming our feathered friends that have been with us all summer. Window Washing - Use a capful in a gallon of warm water and a soft microfiber cloth to wash all the windows in your home like I do. Almost immediately, the window starts to squeak as it cleans and then I simply dry it with another soft cotton cloth for super clean and streak free windows. Glass Tables - Just like window cleaning, glass tables shine without any streaks and Nutri Clean also helps to reduce lint and dust build up on all your glass and windows. Mirrors - Nutri Clean also is amazing for your bathroom mirrors - no fog builds up as you bath or shower when you clean your mirrors with Yucca and coconut extracts and no chemicals. Woodwork - I clean all my woodwork without any worries of damaging or warping the wood with Nutri Clean. I use it as a capful in a gallon of water to wash the wood trim around windows, all baseboards and staircases in my home. I love that I never have to go back and dry the wood or even rinse it and it doesn't leave a film or streaks. Kitchen Cabinets - Nutri Clean helps me clean my kitchen fast and without chemicals to harm my family or myself as I'm cleaning without fumes. For grease around the stove, I use it full strength and spray directly on the surfaces or my backsplash and simply wipe with a wet cotton cloth. No rinsing required and that makes my cleaning fast and my kitchen always sparkles super clean! Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture - I clean all my wood furniture and any stains on the dining fabrics with diluted Nutri Clean and a soft cotton cloth without ever damaging the wood and keeping everything looking almost new. Patio Furniture - I love Nutri Clean to keep my patio furniture and the railings on my patio mold free, dust free and without ruining the fabrics. I use a capful in a gallon of water and a soft cotton cloth to simply wipe it all down. Then I s[...]

Promoting your Network Marketing Company with Product Sampling


Promoting your network marketing company remains an important part of your home based business that you need to spend some time working on to help you build your customer base and to grow your business. Try all the different ways to promote your business until you find one you love, can repeat over and over again and that works well for you. Product Sampling is one promotional tool you should not overlook. In an earlier post, we discussed a couple of ways to help you with promotion of your company, products and brand and today we'll talk about how you can add samples and sampling as another effective marketing tool to add to your to-do list today. Sampling is a great way to promote your network marketing company to get your brand noticed, meet new people and to increase your sales as well as members of your team with a few tips to help you get started. People love to get a gift, people love a sample, people will love your free sample without any strings attached, they can try your product on their own time when it's convenient to them. Many companies offer samples but, customers have to pay for shipping and handling. Your Nutrimetics/Avalla business is different and you cover all the costs so there's no hidden fees to customers. Gather Sampling Supplies You'll want sample containers for your products. Look at these hinged plastic containers from that you can buy in bulk. They're small, lightweight and easy to carry with you at all times. frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="" style="height: 240px; width: 120px;">Buy sample bags to keep your individual samples in. Make a business sized list of directions on how to use the specific product sample so that anyone you give a sample to will know what the product is, what benefit it provides and easy to use directions. You'll want your business card included with all your contact information so make sure that your sample bag will be large enough for a business card, directions and the sample. Use small round labels, similar to those found at a dollar store that are used for your garage or yard sale. Those small discs fit easily on your sample container so that each product is properly labeled. frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="" style="height: 240px; width: 120px;">Clear cellophane bags are great because you can see each sample for yourself so it's fast and easy to hand them out. They can be tied at the top with a pretty ribbon or twist tie. Make Samples of your Products Choose some of the products that you want to promote, usually the products that you love the most and can discuss freely and easily. Samples can be individual products or any product you sell in a collection. Make sure to offer products that work well together so that your prospect can see, smell and try the product before they buy it. I like creating samples of cleanser, toner and moisturizer for each individual skin type as one sample and then seperate samples for treatment products such as the scub and masque, or eye gel and eye cream, or anti aging products for those that I meet that have an interest in particular products for specific skin care problems. Put the sample packets together as you create them to keep it al[...]

August 2011 Back to School Specials from Nutrimetics/Avalla



August is the time to start getting ready for back to school if you haven't started yet. School sessions are just around the corner and there's so much to do and to buy that you need deals and savings on many of your favorite products for high school students or college students going away from home. Avalla doesn't disappoint this month as there are discounts on body products, makeup, vitamins and even anti aging skin care and special care treatments for mom.

Two of the best deals are the NC Line Prime Instant Wrinkle Filler, a creamy mousse that fills in wrinkles when used before your foundation or just under moisturizer for $38 and Refreshing Shower Gels or Body Lotions for only $10 in long lasting, light scents good enough to eat!

Check out the monthly sales brochure for the best savings options and then just go to and enter passcode: cynthias1 to place an order online 24/7. Join the Preferred Customer Club for gift options, flat rate shipping, a mailed copy of the monthly sales brochure and direct to your door shipping by FedEx.

Treat yourself and your back to school students, Happy Shopping with Nutrimetics by Avalla - you'll see and feel the difference.

Thanks for reading, feel free to contact me for any questions or problems with the website at clshome at

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Joining Avalla's Preferred Customer Club


Shopping online is a favorite way of many people to buy their favorite products in the comfort of their home, in their pajamas and is a great way to save money on gas and traveling from store to store. As part of the changes to the new updated website for Avalla - Distributor of Nutrimetics, a new Preferred Customer Club program has been instituted to make it easier for customers to get their favorite products, free offers and other information in this exclusive club. Avalla's Preferred Customer Club membership has many benefits for the customer and the consultant alike and is a unique feature to Avalla that many other companies are yet to offer. Joining Avalla's Preferred Customer Club is easy for the customer:1. To start, just go to and click on your country. Avalla is only available to residents of USA or Canada. 2. Find the passcode area and enter passcode: cynthias1 3. Click on the Preferred Customer Club area 4. Scroll down to the 'Click here to Register' area 5. There is no fee to join the Preferred Customer Club 6. Fill out the form for your name, address. Notice there are two shipping address areas just in case you want a different shipping address such as a work address. 7. You will be given your own Preferred Customer Club account ID number that you can use to log in to for all future ordering and access to benefits. Tip: Use your new ID number as the log in and password the first time and you will be prompted to change your password to something personal on the next page. Benefits of Avalla's Preferred Customer Club for the customer:> Customers get a free account ID number to use for all future ordering to never have to worry about finding a consultant again. (Consultants occasionally stop being active in their business, or they move and you may lose contact with them. By having your own account ID number, you will always be able to use that without wondering what happened to your consultant and you can always order your favorite Nutrimetics/Avalla products.) > Customers are connected to the consultant and can use the 'contact me' are for specific questions or help with products, information or for any problems using the website. > Preferred Customer Club members can order online 24/7 from the comfort of their home without contacting a consultant or waiting to hear back from your consultant. > Avalla's Preferred Customer Club members will automatically receive the monthly sales brochure in the mail. Many people want to see the sales in a brochure format and to read more information and ingredients in products. Many customers share the sale brochure with their friends and family and place an order to include those orders to help them boost their retail subtotal and have access to free product gifts. > All customers in the Preferred Customer Club are offered a free product gift for their $100 order (excluding tax and shipping) and are usually a retail value up to $50. These offers are always listed on the home page of the website and are different each month. They can include either skin care, makeup, body care or wellness products for free. Many online customers in the Preferred Customer Club use these gifts for themselves or it's also a great way to get gifts for your gift giving items or to share the Nutrimetics/Avalla products with friends and family. > Preferred Customer Club members are offered flat shipping rates of only $8 for orders under $100 and $10 for orders over $100. Many customers stock up on their favorite products during monthly sales and create larger order for the free gift and to take advant[...]

More Marketing Ideas for Promoting your Home Based Business


Let's explore more ways to promote your business as part of your marketing plan in today's post. Attend Festivals - gather some of the members of your team and all pitch in for the cost of a table and tent. By doing this with a group, everyone can split the expenses and share all the leads gathered. Each person could bring some of the products, some of the literature, create a beautiful display and survey cards. Work a Woman's Expo - these events typically revolve around all things women and it's a great way to meet new people that can either become your customers or part of your team when you set up appointments to explain the opportunity for them to join your team. Church Bazaars - often a great place to meet new people when your church has their yearly bazaar. The cost is usually much less than other events and a donation can be made to the church instead of a flat rate fee. Find out what churches in your area are hosting these events and what is entailed to get a table. You may only need to donate a gift basket for a chinese auction or agree to donate part of your proceeds from the day. School Events - what school events are happening at your school that could allow you to set up a table for a display of your products? Find out what's happening and see how you can be a part of it. Career Fairs - people that attend career fairs are looking for work and you have the best at home business opportunity that could be right for so many of those people searching for a job. Find out the cost to set up a table at a career fair and bring your team along to share the work and the leads. Be prepared to discuss your business if anyone is interested on the spot and share how your potential recruit could start earning money this month. Open House - one of my favorite ways to show new products is to hold an open house in my own home. Choose a date that works for your schedule, invite your friends and neighbors to come to your open house party, check out the latest products or accessories, have some appetizers or refreshments, get a free gift for attending and to give you their opinion on what's new. Choose a long stretch of hours that will more than likely fit with everyone's schedule ie. 12pm - 6pm, they can attend whenever it's convenient for them. Create display areas in a few rooms so your guests can walk around and try the products, ask questions and get help when they need it. Set up appointments at your open house for one on one facials/makeovers or share your hostess rewards program if they host 3or more guests at a presentation in their home. Explain the benefits to them of free products, discounted products and a free gift from you for allowing you into their home. Create Parties in your Home: ** Girls Night In ** Slumber Party ** Pool Party ** Pedicures and Manicures ** Anti Aging Party ** Mom and Daughter Party ** Beach Feet Party ** Fun in the Sun Party ** Get Fit Party ** Health and Wellness Party ** Guys and Gals ** Back to School Party ** New Mom Pampering Party or any other theme that you can think of that would be fun, relaxing, comfortable and allow time together with your friends/coworkers or neighbors and family to try your products before they buy, learn the benefits in a stress free environment that isn't pushy. Try all the different ways to market your home based business to find out what works best for you and which ones you enjoy the most. Keep working on all the ways to market yourself and your business and you will have success. What are your favorite ways to market your home based business? Share it in the comments sectio[...]

Networking and Marketing


To operate a successful network marketing company, it will be very helpful if you learn more about networking and marketing as well as the company and products you are ready to share. Let’s try to break down the parts and see if we can understand what it is and what you may be doing wrong and more importantly, how to improve. Understanding Networking and Marketing… According to Wikipedia: In general, the term network can refer to any interconnected group or system. Several different types of networks exist, including: human, media, technology, etc. Or According to the Dictionary: 1) A complex, interconnected group or system: an espionage network. 2) An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support. So, in order to network effectively, you’ll need a group of people with similar interests. Where do you find those that are interested in your product or your company? Think of groups of people that would be interested in what you’re offering. How do you reach them? Start by becoming more involved with various groups of people. Does your product cater to women? Lucky you, women typically are in charge of the family household budget and mostly determine what to buy! Join a women’s gym, a book club, bingo, church events, happy hours at bar that offer a ladies night, school events, grocery stores school events, yoga or dance classes. The most important thing to remember once you join a group is this: TAKE AN HONEST INTEREST IN OTHERS, WHAT THEY WANT AND NEED You never want to join a group and then immediately babble on about your product or opportunity. People will see right through that and you’ll just be labeled a ‘salesperson’….. you probably don't like that and neither will people you know or meet. People don’t want to be sold, they love to buy! It is said over and over by numerous successful entrepreneurs that network marketing and multilevel marketing is not about products or companies, it’s about YOU. That means that people will buy from you once they know and like and trust you. So, first start with that. Get to know them, let them talk about themselves, let them know you care, you’re there for them, learn about them and their needs so that you can help them. Once they feel that you are genuinely interested in them as a person, they’ll be more than willing to hear your presentation and to buy what you’re offering. In order to network most effectively, you’ll also need to understand marketing - it's the second half of your business. Marketing is a social process which satisfies consumers' wants, needs and interests. The term includes advertising, distribution and selling of a product or service. It is also concerned with anticipating the customers' future needs and wants, often through market research. Marketing is the process of interesting potential customers and clients in your products and/or services. The key word in this marketing definition is "process"; marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services. It takes time and energy. Marketing involves everything you do to get your potential clients/customers and your product or service together. Success won’t happen if you don’t have a plan or if that plan excludes any of the important components. When you're putting together a marketing program for your business, concentrate on the marketing basics, the four key components of any marketing plan: • Researching your products and services • [...]

How to Declutter Your Home Office to Increase your Productivity


A cluttered home office can reduce your productivityHow to Declutter your home office to increase your productivity in 12 steps:Having a cluttered home office can make it difficult to want to work there, make it difficult to find what you need and also makes you not want to be there. Taking time to declutter your home office will help you stay focused on the work you need to accomplish to increase productivity.Difficulty: Moderately EasyInstructionsThings You'll Need:time shredder files containers for files pc garbage container Step 1allow 15-30 minutes a day to declutter your home officeDecide to start the process of decluttering your home office this week. Once you make the decision that it's time to declutter that space, allow yourself at least 15-30 minutes per day to work on this project to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the process.Step 2shred unnecessary papersOrganize the supplies you'll need. Make sure you have files to keep necessary papers in, a shredder to remove unwanted papers and some kind of file cabinet or other system to house the files. You'll also need a box or two for donated items and a garbage container for anything you'll throw away.Step 3organize papers into file systemStart with a small area of the room so you won't be overwhelmed with the amount of work at hand. Begin looking at each piece of paper and decide if you really need it. If so, create a file and label the file. Place the file alphabetically in the chosen container for your new system.Step 4shred unnecessary papersIf you decide that you don't need the piece of paper, start your shredder and shred as much paperwork as possible. Eliminating unnecessary papers from your life will begin to feel good and the more you shred, the more you'll want to shred.Step 5keep a handy to-do listWhen you're sifting through the paperwork in the areas of your room, create a to-do file folder of business items that should be handled relatively soon. Keep this file handy on your desk for now. You'll create a permanent space for it later.Step 6organize on your pc when possibleAs you begin to fill the container with all your newly organized files, decide on a place to keep the files handy. It could be under a desk, in a closet in the room or beside your desk for easy referencing later. Organize as much as you can on your computer to eliminate paperwork altogether.Step 7swiffer duster makes dusting quick and easyOnce you've tackled your desk area, dust and polish the desk surface to remove any dirt that has been accumulating there. Your room will start to feel and smell much better. I personally love the swiffer duster because it keeps all the dust contained without it flying around in the air.Step 8desktop organizerAfter your desktop area is cleaned, allow yourself an area for your important to-do file folder. Office supply stores carry a wide selection of desktop accessories that will allow you to match a design or style of your newly organized office space. Choose a nice desktop file holder for your to-do folder.Step 9donate unnecessary itemsDonate or throw away whatever is not needed in your home office area. Eliminate any items that could cause distraction to your work. Decide to only keep your office work and necessary related items in this room so that you can stay focused on work and increase productivity. Find local donation centers in the resouce area.Step 10paint at least one wall in your home officeOnce all your floor space, desk space and any other areas are decluttered, you may want to wash the walls and gi[...]

Making Money by Throwing a Party


The Today Show featured this video on July 11, 2011 about Direct Selling and the incredible amounts of money that people are making working part time or full time by throwing a party. More than 16 million people in the USA make 30 billion dollars annually and you could too!
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Work when you want
Make your own schedule
Work around your other obligations
Earn money for your bills, a vacation, a new car or other necessity
No experience needed - learn as you earn with company training
You are the boss - fire your boss and start working for yourself
Buy your own products wholesale - save money and never pay retail again

The video shares Direct Selling is a FUN way to earn extra money
how to pick a product you're passionate about
recession proof your income
make your own hours - you get out of it what you put into it
benefits are available through the DSA for some companies
minimal risk and little investment with product guarantees
the average direct seller earns several hundred dollars a month
most people work less than 10 hours a week on a direct selling business such as Nutrimetics by Avalla!

Nutrimetics by Avalla is a 50 year old company, tried and true, with the most excellent skin care, beauty and wellness products made from natural ingredients from Mother Nature. JOIN NOW and be part of this growing industry of excited consultants. You're in business for yourself and never by yourself:


Avalla Increases Sales Force by Merging Tarrah Cosmetics


This month, Avalla announces the addition of the Tarrah Cosmetics company merging with us to more than double the sales force as well as to offer additional natural products in beauty, personal care and wellness. All Tarrah products are formulated with an aloe vera base and Vitamin E. Tarrah is another USA company along with Avalla, based in Dallas, Texas, started in 1973 and is also a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Avalla is super excited to add Tarrah Cosmetics to our company and will continue to be the sole Distributor of Nutrimetics in North America.
Avalla's company President, Pam Dean and Tarrah's company President, the late Leslie Campbell had worked for several years to combine the two American companies. TARRAH's mission is: To offer quality skin care, wellness and beauty products with personalized service and convenience to customers. To create a career opportunity that allows TARRAH Consultants to grow personally, professionally, and financially and is right in line with the Avalla mission statement to help people help other people in a sisterhood/brotherhood of entrepreneurs working together to achieve personal goals.

Over the last year or so, Avalla and Tarrah have teamed up to offer products from both companies to our customers such as, Aloe Pomegranate, Berry Burst, Trim, Zeolife, Advanced Firming CoQ10, Acne treatment cream, Muscle Cream and more and will continue to this month with the addition of Anti-Cellulite Cream that helps to inhibit the storing of fat, stimulates fat burning and increases thermo regulation to melt fat - Try Anti-Cellulite Cream if you have cellulite and little success with other products!!

To celebrate this merging of two great companies and
 until the final merge takes place over the next two months, Tarrah Cosmetics consultants offer new consultants 1/2 off a join kit and Avalla's join offer is only $39.95 IN JULY ONLY (normally $79)and includes the original Heritage Basic Collection of cleanser/toner and moisturizer worth $82 for free, your own webpage free for two months to build an online business, training materials, order book, catalogues, sales brochures, buy a kit expander for only $150 which is 1/2 off retail and so much more to help you get started building a business of your own!!

A new website for Avalla will make it easier for consultants to see reports and keep tabs on their sales, customers and progress each month. This new website will also create ease for customers to order online with the preferred customer club.

Join us as we grow across North America if you or someone you know is searching for the perfect home based business opportunity - you're in the right place at the right time!! Avalla has the best products hands down, the most lucrative business plan allowing you to earn 40% off products plus 10% of those in your team for a full year, leader bonueses, car bonus, free travel, gifts and bonuses. We GUARANTEE our products and are committed to your success!!


How to Work From Home


How to Work From HomeAccording to the Direct Selling Association, statistics show that over 15 million people work from home with their own direct selling business and that number is growing every month as more and more people need extra money for bills, retirement, college, savings or to change their lifestyle.If you are considering a work from home job or are already getting starting with a company, you may be wondering how to work from home to be successful and make it work. These are the steps to take so that this will work for you and that you will earn that extra money that you need and want.How to Work From Home Steps:Create a Work from Home Schedule Step one is definitely to make a schedule that you can work your home business. Many people fail to make a schedule and end up working their new business more like a hobby instead of a business. This is work - treat it like work and make yourself a working schedule just like you would have a schedule if you had to leave your home and punch a clock.Be on Time for Work That's right! If you are going to follow your schedule, plan to get up on time, get showered and dressed and ready for work just as you would if you had to leave your home for work. You will be much more productive when you get into this way of working from home. Use a timer or clock if you need it and make sure that you are at your work from home desk when you scheduled your time to work your business. The time you spend working your business will pay off when you get to work on time.Make Contact with Customers You absolutely must make contact with customers since they are the ones that you will be showing products to, demonstrating with and getting referrals from. Spend a certain amount of time to contact customers either by telephone, email, texting, skype, fax or any other way that you plan on contacting customers. Start with one way and use all ways of communication to contact customers since many people prefer one way to be contacted over another.Get Over Your Fears If you allow fear to enter your work at home job, that will become a road block to your success. Push through any fears you have about contacting people and just talk to them as you know that you would like to be spoken to. Avoid a hard sell approach and remember that your products will 'help people' and this will help you to get over your fears. Some Will, Some Won't, Who's Next Not everyone that you contact originally will want to hear about your products or service. That's okay! Make the offer, get their response and move on. Avoid any 'no's' from deterring your efforts. There will always be people that are satisfied with the products they currently use - that's okay! Thank them for their time and offer to contact them another time in the future, sometimes it's just a timing issue with people. Once you do find someone that is happy to hear from you and more than happy to see or hear about your demonstration, it will make up for any that have no interest. Count Work as Contacting Customers Many people count all the other things they do for their business as work when in fact the only real 'work' that should be counted for your home business is contacting customers - your bread and butter. There are tasks such as creating flyers, getting business cards, training, studying and learning etc. as work but unless you are reaching customers, you are not really working your home based business. Allow yourself time in your sche[...]

Building Your Home Business Customer Base


When you start your home based business, one of the most important steps you can take is to build your customer base to at least 100 customers. Once you have at least 100 customers, they will all need to reorder their personal care and beauty products every 3 months or so. This is one reason why it is smart to start a home based business with Nutrimetics by Avalla. The products are all consumable meaning that over and over forever, customers will use their products and need to get more unlike many other companies that offer a product one time and another is rarely if ever needed again. The more you build your list of customers, the easier your home based business becomes down the road.

How can you possibly do this when you're just getting going with your Nutrimetics/Avalla business and not sure where to begin?

One of the best ways to start to build your customer base is to
 have an Open House style party at your own home. Invite all your friends, family and neighbors to try your products for themselves to compare them to what they already use and to give you their opinion.
The more the merrier at your first Open House party! Invite as many as possible and choose a day and time that works for you. Many of your guests won't be able to attend due to other obligations.
Create a simple flyer invitation or use evite to send your invitation by email. Evite is a great service that allows you to customize an invitation and also includes party ideas. Read more about evite here:
From your Open House party, share the company's hostess rewards program and offer everyone a special gift when they book their own facial with at least 3 guests or a larger party.

What will happen from your first party/Open House is that you will:
 1) Sell products 2) Book parties and 3) Schedule appointments for others to join your team or 4) Sign up your hostess or other guests to join your team right there when they see what you do, how easy it really is to share the products and learn how much money they can make and you will also gain 5) new referrals from your guests.

From each party you do from your own party, your customer base will grow. The main thing to do is to stay consistent with your goals and keep on doing it. The process remains the same, just with new people.

Building your home business customer base is really as simple as that. Just get started today, avoid procrastination, follow your dreams that will help you stay focused on the goal of more money, extra time with your family, a retirement account, free vacations or whatever else it is that you want from your own home based business.(image)