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Electric racetrack


Someday, it might be possible that inductive chargers will be buried in roads to...

It's been a while


Well guys, it\\'s me, anonymous. Shedding the name for my real one only because ...

PlayThru: Stronger than CAPTCHAs!


Let us give WhyNot a NEW lease on life! We need for PlayThru to be installed her...

Closing down this forum


This was sent as an email to all users this morning. In case you missed it... ...

Single serving sauce


Spaghetti sauce only comes in large jars and cans. I would really like to see si...

Solar power possibility


There is an item in the news

Healthy Microwaves


We have heard a share of doubts when it comes to microwaves. But, what if we use...

Fix the USA


Highly Respected Conservative Embraces Article V Convention Option Joel S. Hi...

Legos\\' for building real things


Take the design of a Lego brick, scale it to the size of an ordinary brick, cons...

Move headlights together for deer


I'm proposing that some research be done to determine if moving car headlights t...

Lift that moves automatically


This will be a lift that moves to fetch you upon sensing your arrival, so there ...

List of Sites providing E-books


A list of sites which provides e-books must be available in every library.. This...

Information on Vehicle History Repo


Most auto brokers rely on vehicle history reports for making a purchase. When bu...

Humanity\\'s Advancement


Now I don\\'t have anything to back this up with, but to me it seems like we\\'r...

School locker tornado/safe shelters


A school locker is already a steel box that mostly can fit a person. Why not ma...

Hose bib wheel-knob mover


I'm pretty sure a product that would move the wheel-control of a hose bib from d...

Gene Therapy


Ok, I\\'m sure this has already been addressed but here we go... Use gene therap...

Movie Graph.


A basic movie follows a plot. Well it can be linear as well as non linear. What ...

Dead-branch pulling \\"harpoon\\"


I'm thinking of a product where you could 'shoot' a grasping clamp 'harpoon' at ...

White roads


In tropical towns and cities during summer months the black roads add to the hea...