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Goods From Japan | Japan Shop - gifts from Japan delivered to your home or business

Updated: 2018-03-06T17:07:38.691+09:00


Custom Happi Coats 2018


If you would like a custom happi coat made for your group or circle please contact us in 2018.

The happi coats become cheaper the more you have made and an order of 20 or more can work out very reasonable indeed.

Our happi coats are made in Kyoto by a family business that has been producing festival happi coats for generations. They do not have a template but can work with an image or full description sent by the client.

We look forward to hearing from you.


MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks and Patches


MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks and Warming PatchesMegRhythm is a line of steam-generating, warming, and moisturizing eye masks and patches from Kao, one of Japan's leading personal care and cosmetics manufacturers.Open one of these disposable eyemasks and place it over your eyes for a full 10 minutes of 40-degree-Celsius warmth - about the same temperature as a nice warm bath.The Steam Eyemasks provide ten minutes of steamy warmth once opened, for a wave of blissfully skin-toning relaxation.The Goodnight Patch provides no less than 30 minutes of warmth, soothing tired and aching muscles, especially for the neck and back.Check out the following six varieties of mask and patch:MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask, MentholMegRhythm Steam Eye Mask, UnscentedMegRhythm Steam Eye Mask - Yuzu AromaMegRhythm Steam Eye Mask Chamomile & Ginger AromaMegRhythm Steam Eye Mask Lavender & Sage AromaMegRhythm Good-Night Steam PatchAll are available from GoodsFromJapan, for reliable, same-day dispatch to wherever you live.14 pieces per pack.Sleep better, feel better, order today - for yourself or loved ones.[...]

Cute Mameshiba Sankyodai Pug-beh Puppy Plushie


Pug-beh is one of the cutest dogs in the Mameshiba Sankyodai family of plushie toy puppies.Adorable little Pug-beh!Pugbeh's soft dawn-tinted fur and rosy cheeks combine with his soft chocolate nose and ears - not to mention his chic, purple Japanese-style scarf in traditional designs - for all-over totally lovable charm.Pugbeh strikes a pose!Faithful little Pug-beh wants a part of your heart, and promises to stay with you forever.Thrill a friend! Pug-beh also makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs a happy, comforting, easy-to-keep little doggy by their side.Pug-Beh's little curly tail!Get Mameshiba Sankyodai Pug-beh delivered to your door from GoodsFromJapan. Pug-Beh is the best birthday or "I love you" gift ever!Bow-wow! (meaning "I love you!") Order your Pug-Beh from GoodsFromJapan!Pug-beh is about 27cm (11 inches) long and about 20cm (8 inches) high.[...]

Kewpie Dolls For Visual Arts Classes


We have had a number of orders from schools in the USA and other countries for our kewpie dolls.

If you are an educational institution you qualify for 10% off our products.

We have been delighted to see how our dolls have been used in art classes.

Here are some images of how the dolls have been painted and clothed to provided a setting for a story written by the students.


Adorable Alpacasso Plushies


Alpacasso Tissue Box holder plushie in rainbow colors.
 Look up "alpaca" online and you'll discover a real-life, super-cute sheeplike animal from South America that - although lamb-like in appearance - is actually related to the camel family!)

Alpacasso are characters are inspired by the alpaca, and are created by Japanese plushie maker Amuse!

Soft, loveable Alpacasso plushies come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Pictured here is the Alpacasso Tissue Cover in rainbow colors. The tissue box has been placed beside the Alpacasso in the photo to give you an idea of size. The box actually goes inside the Alpacasso Tissue Holder and the tissues come out through the slot in its back.

Rainbow Alpacasso Tissue Box holder (tissue box goes inside).

The Alpacasso Tissue Cover, Rainbow and many other kinds of cute Alpacasso are available for sale, delivered directly to your door, from the GoodsFromJapan online store.(image)

Tabi Socks For Men & Women


This autumn range of tabi socks contains 10 new designs. Men's sizes are 25-27cm; women's sizes are 23-25cm.Materials are 91% polyester, 8% nylon and 1% polyurethane.Machine wash on a gentle cycle, do not iron, do not dry clean.[...]

BIGBANG - Hajimari no Sayonara live tour tickets


BIGBANG 始まりのさようならBIGBANG - coming to Japan at the end of this yearBig Bang is a five-boy Korean boy band that formed in 2006 under the umbrella of the YG Entertainment company.Big Bang has a distinctive style and charisma that sets it apart from the usual cookie-cutter Asian boyband - a quality that has earned the band a lot of money (more than USD40 million by some estimates) and has seen BigBang achieve an almost unheard of longevity for boy bands - a full decade!BigBang is coming to Japan this December for its Hajimari no Sayonara live tour. Dates are as follows:November 6 at Tokyo DomeNovember 20 and December 11 at Fukuoka Yafuoku! DomeNovember 26 and December 28/29 at Kyocera Dome OsakaDecember 4 at Nagoya Dome.Big Bang - Hajimari no Sayonara, happening in November and December throughout Japan.Fan club tickets have already sold out on the official sales site, but some are still available from ticket resellers.GoodsFromJapan has been helping numerous fans get hold of tickets from resellers. If you want to attend one of Big Bang's Hajimari no Sayonara concerts in Japan, please contact GoodsFromJapan for a quotation. With responsive, personalized service and secure payment using PayPal, GoodsFromJapan takes care of your ticket needs reliably and efficiently.Get tickets for Big coming to Japan in November & December 2016.Contact GoodsFromJapan now about tickets for the BigBang Hajimari no Sayonara tour happening in Japan at the end of this year. You won't be sorry![...]

Plain Washi Lanterns For Your Office


Several companies have approached GoodsFromJapan over the years to supply them with plain, hand-made, rice paper (washi) lanterns to help create a pleasant environment in their offices.

GoodsFromJapan can produce round, onion-shaped or tubular lanterns in various lengths and diameters to create a soothing and relaxing lighting system for your office.

GoodsFromJapan can also make the lanterns bearing your company logo or in a design of your choice.

For more details and a quotation please contact us.(image)

Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery Tokyo


Scotty Cameron is a name in golf associated with gear of the highest quality - handcrafted clubs of exquisite design and balance, and other golfing accouterments that feature jazzy, fun, often comically inspired, designs.Scotty Cameron Gallery, TokyoThe Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery Tokyo opened in the trendy Aoyama district last month, a little on from Omotesando Avenue. Located on the third floor with its own direct-access elevator, the gallery spaciously exhibits a range of Scotty Cameron products, quite a few of them available only in Japan.High quality golf clubs, Scotty Cameron Gallery, TokyoThings sell out fast here, so time is of the essence - besides knowing what you want. GoodsFromJapan has had requests for purchases of goods from Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery Tokyo, such as the Wasabi Warrior golf club head covers, Scotty Cameron Tokyo divots and ball markers, golf balls, the very sophisticated (and popular) Scotty Cameron golf bags, to name a few.Scotty Cameron Gallery, TokyoGoodsFromJapan can help out with purchases of things you might want from the Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery Tokyo if you are unable to make it there yourself. Please inquire about our reasonable rates.Entrance to Scotty Cameron Gallery, Tokyo[...]

Chikyu Goma Gyroscope A Sale


Chikyu Goma toy gyroscopes are now collectors' items after the company ceased trading in 2015.

GoodsFromJapan still has stocks of these iconic toy gyroscopes and we are offering 10% off our retail price for the month of June.

Please use this voucher code "gyroA" for a 10% reduction off our stock of Chikyu Goma type A gyroscopes.


Great-Tasting Instant Cup Raamen Noodles - from Japan to your Door


Japan is the home of cup noodles. The "Cup Noodles" brand took Japan by storm back in 1958 when it was launched by Momofuku Ando, the founder the Nissin foodstuffs company, based in Osaka. This instant noodle product then went on to take the United States by storm in the 1970s as "Cup O' Noodles."Nissin Don-hyo-eh Kitsune Udon Noodles (Higashi)Nissin has been enjoying uninterrupted success since that time with new lines of instant noodle products. Nissin instant noodles always surprise with their freshness of flavor, hearty taste and textures, and - with most of their products - no artificial coloring or preservatives. Who could imagine that a desiccated product could taste so great - and be so nourishing - with just the addition of hot water?Nissin Raoh Kojuku Koku Miso Instant Ramen Noodles A bowl of instant noodles - specifically raamen noodles - is ready to eat in no more than five minutes, and after just three or four very simple steps. The bowl contains the noodles themselves plus a few sachets that require opening and emptying into the bowl before and/or after peeling back a section of the foil cover, pouring in the boiling water, replacing the cover, and waiting for five minutes.Pokka Corn Potage Soup with Well-Toasted CroutonsCup noodles are extremely lightweight and portable, and every bit as nourishing as a fresh bowl of noodles. This makes them the ideal food on the run, on those days when you're just too busy to cook or just need something quick, or when engaged in vigorous outdoors pursuits like hiking and camping.Nissin Raoh Seabura Koku Shoyu Instant Ramen NoodlesGoodsFromJapan delivers a variety of Nissin and other instant noodles and snacks straight to your door in cartons of 12 products, or, for some products, of 24.Nissin UFO Instant Yakisoba Noodles with Extreme SauceCheck out the GoodsFromJapan instant noodles, instant soup, and other snacks (and see more details of each product). They're just a PayPal payment away, ready to be rushed straight from us to your door![...]

On Sale Maneki Neko


We have two maneki neko on sale to clear this month.

Both are 18cm tall with the left hand raised.

The first is a classic koban maneki neko in white.

The second, also from Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture near Nagoya, is a rare gold koban maneki neko.

Both are massively reduced in price to clear.


3 Tatami On Sale


We have three tatami mats with a polystyrene & compressed fiber board base (3cm) on sale at 50 USD each reduced from 270.99 USD. 4.5 tatami mats make up a traditional Japanese tea room.

The border color is brown #20.

If you are interested in purchasing these tatami boards please contact us(image)

New 2016 Designs For Arimatsu Shibori Ladies Bags


We have some new designs for 2016 in our Arimatsu Shibori (tie-dye) selection.


Noren For Shops Made To Order


If you need a traditional Japanese shop or restaurant noren curtain made to order please contact us with some idea of the design you would like: size, colors, lettering and we can design a suitable number of choices to select from.

All our noren are made in 100% cotton and hand dyed in a traditional process.

We can also make vertical flags and banners in vinyl for outside use.

Give your shop or business a Japanese flavor!(image)

Buying Second Hand and Vintage Books from Japan



Japan is a land of enthusiasts, and has more than its fair share of bookworms. Japan therefore has a wealth of second-hand book shops stocking usually very well preserved books in fair to excellent condition and covering as many topics as you can think of.

Most second hand book stores in Japan are very small, individually owned businesses catering exclusively to the busy domestic market. Therefore, vintage book stores in Japan are not motivated to offer their services to the overseas buyer, and usually shy away from foreign transactions because of the language barrier, the perceived risks involved in terms of payment security, and potential problems with delivery.

GoodsFromJapan regularly comes to the rescue of buyers in overseas countries who wish to purchase second-hand vintage books from Japan.

GoodsFromJapan's reliable proxy service charges a base fee of 1,200 yen (about nine dollars eighty cents, or nine euros, at today's exchange rate) plus 10% of the cost of [book + domestic freight].

Therefore, a 7,500 yen book would cost the overseas buyer as follows. (Please note that the book price, domestic freight price and international postage prices shown here are estimates, for illustrative purposes only):
7,500 yen for the book (estimate)
  600 yen sales tax levied by the Japanese government (8% at present)
  500 yen for domestic freight (estimate)
2,060 yen for the GoodsFromJapan commission (1,200 yen + 860 yen, i.e., 10% of the cost of [book + domestic freight])
2,400 yen for EMS postage (estimate based on 1kg to the USA)
  548 yen international surcharge (4.2% of the 13,060 yen subtotal)
13,608 yen TOTAL (illustrative estimate)

Books are sent using Japan Post's EMS service. Books usually arrive within 3 days, 5 days at maximum. EMS goods are fully insured and traceable online using a unique number.
EMS international postage rate schedule

GoodsFromJapan packs your valuable books very securely, but as lightly as possible to keep the postage down. We have never had a single incident of books being lost or damaged in transit, so your book purchase is safe with us.

GoodsFromJapan uses PayPal for payment.

Did you see a book on a Japanese website that you need? Please contact GoodsFromJapan. Our personalized, secure and efficient English-language service is guaranteed to satisfy.

Read more about the GoodsFromJapan Proxy Shipping & Forwarding from Japan


Happi Coats For Schools


GoodsFromJapan has delivered many orders of happi coats and hachimaki headbands for Japanese Days in schools all over the world, though primarily to the USA.

We offer a substantial academic reduction for bulk orders.

It is always nice to have positive feedback and hear back from the schools. Here the kids at The Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LACES) look to be having fun at their original Okinawa Eisa Dance.

Please contact us to purchase original Japanese happi coats with an academic discount.(image)

Maneki Neko Left & Right Hand Meaning


Maneki neko beckoning cats can be found with either left or right paw raised and sometimes with both hands raised in a "banzai" pose.

What is the difference in significance between a maneki neko cat with its left hand raised as opposed to the right hand?

Originally maneki neko had their left hands raised as Japanese traditionally drank from sake cups with their left hands and poured it with their right hands. To be called a left-hander or "lefty" was to be acknowledged as a drinker and socialite.

Thus left hand raised has the meaning of beckoning friends and welcoming good fortune, happiness and harmony.

Maneki neko with their right hands raised came later and signifies a wish for good luck financially as money was handled with the right hand.

GoodsFromJapan has a large selection of both ceramic and solar maneki neko beckoning cats.(image)

Migusa Floor Mats Sucree Collection 6 Colors


The Sucree collection of Migusa floor mats are available in a range of bright and breezy pop-inspired designs.Create your own interior design from multiple colors: Orange, Peach, Grape, Melon, Soda, Mix.Sucree OrangeSucree PeachSucree GrapeSucree MelonSucree SodaSucree Mix[...]

Migusa Floor Mats 9 Basic Colors


Migusa floor mats come in nine basic colors: Meseki Green, Meseki Leaf Green, Meseki Yellow, Meseki Ivory, Meseki Mocha Beige, Meseki Pink, Meseki Gray, Meseki Blue Violet and Meseki Charcoal.Meseki GreenMeseki Leaf GreenMeseki YellowMeseki IvoryMeseki Mocha BeigeMeseki PinkMeseki GrayMeseki Blue VioletMeseki Charcoal[...]

Psycho-Pass Products From Amazon Japan



Psycho-Pass products are a popular recent item on

Psycho-Pass is a popular anime TV series and now movie in Japan. The story is set in an authoritarian, dystopian future in 2113 where sensors scan the "pyscho-pass" of every citizen to see if they are about to commit crimes or have the potential to commit crimes.

Criminals are tracked by officers of the Public Safety Bureau who carry hand weapons called Dominators.

Characters who star in the series include Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami and Shogo Makishima.

Products related to the Psycho-Pass series include books, DVDs, manga, model Dominator guns, key holders and phone charms.

Have you seen a Psycho-Pass item you want on Amazon Japan, Yahoo Auctions Japan or elsewhere? Contact GoodsFromJapan for an obligation-free quote.(image)

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh


See a host of our sushi lanterns at a branch of Yo! Sushi in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Yo! Sushi is Britain's biggest sushi chain serving the most delicious, fresh sushi in the country.

Our sushi lanterns grace restaurants in the USA, UAE, Britain, Denmark, Thailand and Australia.

If you wish to give an authentic Japanese feel to you restaurant, cafe or bar please contact us for information on bulk orders.


Gundam figurines from Amazon Japan & Yahoo Auctions


Gundam figurines are a popular item on

"Gundam" originates from a Japanese TV "space opera" series, Mobile Suit Gundam, created by the Sunrise group of animators, that first appeared on the Japanese airwaves: the Nagoya Broadcasting Network, back in April 1979 (when Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" was top of the pops).

In the three decades since then, the Gundam franchise has blossomed to cover a range of media such as video games, movies, manga comics, and figurines.

A Gundam is, as the TV series title says, a "mobile suit"—the ultimate power suit in that it equips the wearer (really the "pilot") with the ability to access places, protect and shoot to kill as only a machine can.

One of the Gundam saga's major attractions is that these otherwise highly fantastical machines are firmly grounded in real world physics and mechanics. They run out of power, they wear out, they need reloading with ammunition. This is paralleled by a realistic human drama that goes on between the Gundam "wearers," whose personalities and ways of doing things change over time and with experience.

There are countless models of Gundam Mobile Suit, and all of them are available as plastic models, either do-it-yourself or ready-assembled. Gundam figurines from Japan are very high quality, intricately molded, and beautifully painted. Gundam models portray the ultimate blend of brute force and sophisticated styling.

GoodsFromJapan gets regular requests from overseas customers for Gundam figurines available new or second-hand on Yahoo Auctions Japan or Amazon Japan: both of which are generally cater to the Japanese domestic market only.

GoodsFromJapan requires pre-payment by PayPay, then we purchase (or in the case of the typical auction, bid) on behalf of you the customer. We then safely and securely repack the goods for sending overseas, and dispatch them using the 100% reliable, super-fast JapanPost EMS service, trackable online and fully insured.

Have you seen a Gundam figurine you want on Amazon Japan, Yahoo Auctions Japan or elsewhere? Contact GoodsFromJapan for an obligation-free quote.(image)

Design Your Own Vinyl Japanese Lantern

2014-11-04T14:13:21.250+09:00 offers a unique service for people wishing to purchase Japanese lanterns known as chochin in Japanese.

Choose from a variety of in-house traditional, Japanese designs or send us your own, such as your company logo or sports' team name.

Japanese lanterns make for a superb decoration for gardens and out-houses or can be displayed within the home.

Being made of vinyl these lanterns are ideal for outdoor use. We can also produce your lantern using Japanese washi or rice paper, though these are not recommended for outdoor use.

Sizes of the lanterns range from 15cm (6 inches) in length to 115cm (45 inches) in length. Prices range from about 35 USD for the smallest lanterns to around 300 USD for the largest.

Please allow 3 weeks to complete your order.

Please contact us for further details and pricing.(image)