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GomezPEER - online course, get money for FREE (just installed computer)

Sat, 13 Nov 2010 04:25:00 +0000

Do you ever things?we ONLINE, it's already paid? how? believe what is not?on this website, will be provided an application that will need to be downloaded and installed onto our computer.  Just be Registering, Download Application, install, and wait for the dollars come by itself.and most importantly, this is not a SCAM.This proved to be paid, and this is proof of payment : The Gomez Aplication is completely private and secure and has no noticeable impact on how your computer runs or how much bandwidth you consume.To be eligible, you must meet certain program requirements, then download and install the Gomez PEER. It's as simple as that.New PEERs Needed ImmediatelyGomez is now seeking PEER participants from all over the world to become part of this growing community. No matter whether you're on a dial-up, DSL, Cable, Satellite or ISDN connection, you can take advantage of this opportunity.The following little understanding of this application:======================What exactly is the "PEER"?The Gomez PEER is a secure, Java-based application that runs in the background of your PC. You may even forget it's there, because it will not interfere with the way you use your computer.Using advanced, peer-to-peer distributed computing technology, the Gomez PEER combines the spare capacity of PCs around the world to measure Web site performance. After you install the Gomez PEER, will periodically communicate with Gomez's servers via the Internet, signal that it's available for work, and request a work unit. And you will be credited to your online time and work processed approximately every 15 minutes that the application is running. Based on the characteristics of your computer (internet connection type, geographic location and Internet service provider), your PC will receive instructions to autonomously test the performance of Web sites - gathering important metrics that help identify network bottlenecks and performance problems. All this happens "behind the scenes," even when you're away from your PC or asleep. Finally, your PC will send the results back to Gomez, where they were added to the work of thousands of other PCs around the world. How To Maximize Your IncomeSome of our colleagues to ask how they can earn more money. So, we sit down and come up with a list of seven things you can do immediately to ensure that you maximize your earning potential!PEER verify the user interface preferences.Use the Referral tool to get people to sign up with you as the referrer!Every time someone signs up with your user name in the "Referrer" field and you activate them, you get the money! Tell-A-Friend is directly, or use a banner ad on the Referral Tools page.* If you have a website, post-Gomez banners.Dial-up users, live online!The Gomez PEER just get your cash when you connect to the Internet. Therefore, every time you decide to turn on your PC, get online!* Many dial-up Internet service providers will automatically disconnect the PC from the Web when it is inactive for a specified period. We have searched the Web and found several possible solutions to this problem. Check out the FAQ for links to these sites!Check the screen saver and energy saver settings.The Gomez PEER will continue to run while the screen saver is active. However, if the energy saver is activated and shut down your hard drive, the PEER will not be able to communicate with Gomez's servers. To check your settings, please follow these steps:* Click on "Start" button.* Select "Settings", then "Control Panel."* Double-click "Display" icon.* Strength settings are under the "Screen Saver" tab. Make sure the PC is not scheduled to close after a certain time.Add more PCs to your PEER account.If you have any other idle PC that you can use, register them and install the PEER.Fixed running the Gomez PEER and stay online!You can even run the Gomez PEER in the middle of the night. We work 24x7 process, so the longer you're online, the more work you can process. Make sure you are aware of the cost of a[...]