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Foods for a Healthy Heart


Do you love to eat burgers, French fries, deep fried chicken skin, pork rind and the likes? Sure that they can make our mouth really happy but on the other hand it can also hurt our heart in a great way. Gladly, there are some commonly enjoyed foods that can benefit both our mouth and heart. Say enough to those highly fattening and sodium rich menus and treat yourself with something delicious,

CPR and Defibrillators the Only Defense Against Sudden Cardiac Arrest


We cannot deny the fact that more and more people not only in the US but to the whole wide world are dying due to heart related diseases such as sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack and all others. Though it is true that prevention such as eating right foods, annual or even monthly medical checkups, regular exercise and following a healthy lifestyle will keep us fit and free from diseases, what if

Conditions that Lead to Heart Disease and Possible Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Sudden Cardiac Arrest can cause permanent heart damage, brain damage and even irreversible death if not treated immediatly after a patient's heart stops. Early resuscitation like providing high quality CPR, the use of AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators and giving medications are all crucial to prevent the deadly effects of SCA.  With this article, learn the most common risk factors of SCA

Performing Proper CPR Chest Compressions


Performing proper chest compressions is the most important aspect when providing CPR. In fact, the American Red Cross has revised the CPR guidelines emphasizing chest compressions. However, you can’t just compress the chest and expect proper results, there are important tips that you should know so you can perform proper CPR. First, you need to know where to press. You should put both of your

Day Care Centers Should Install Automated External Defibrillators


One of the leading causes of death in the United States is a heart problem known as sudden cardiac arrest Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when there is a problem with the electrical impulses of the heart. This condition doesn’t just impact the sick or the elderly, but healthy people at any time. Every year more than three hundred thousand individuals encounter this condition so it’s crucial that

Eating Healthy For Life


Everyone always talks about the best way to stay healthy is diet and exercise.  But what does that really mean.  In this blog entry we'll explore some specific foods that can contribute to a healthy heart. One of the best known foods for maintaining a healthy heart is seafood.  Fish has a high content of omega-3 oils that are proven to lower blood pressure and reduce the strain on your heart.  

Contributing Factors to Heart Disease


Every day your heart beats over 100,000 times and pumps 2,000 gallons of blood.  Since the day we were born we take the importance of the function of our heart for granted.  However, over 50 million American have heart disease that can lead to failure.  Most people go there entire lives without ever knowing that the condition exists until that fateful moment right before their death. Together we

AED Little Anne Training System


When speaking of training there was no one that said it better than Vince Lombardi, "I've never known a man worth his salt who in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn't appreciate the grind, the discipline... I firmly believe that any man's finest hour-this greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear--is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the

Inspecting Your Defibrillator


An Automated External Defibrillator or more commonly known as an AED is a very important piece of healthcare equipment used to help save lives. This battery operated machine can literally save lives minutes after SCA or Sudden Cardiac Arrest. AED's are used to treat heart failures, correct arrhythmias or abnormal heart rhythms, prevent further deterioration of the heart and many more life saving

Placing the Philips Adult SMART Pads on the Patient


The Philips Adult SMART Pads are very easy to use when used in conjunction with your Onsite defibrillator.  The Onsite Defibrillator provides audible and visual instructions to the caregiver and on the front of the Philips SMART Pads Cartridge there is an illustration demonstrating proper placement of the pads on the patient. The pads are not specific to left, right, top or bottom.  Always refer

Treatments for Heart Disease and Sudden Cardiac Arrest


50 million people suffer from heart disease around the world.  Modern day technology can detect and treat it with prescription medicines.  However, studies have shown that homeopathic remedies in conjunction with prescriptions have successfully treated and aided those suffering from heart disease.  Some of the most recommended and most studied remedies include:Meditation Prayer Homeopathic

AED Value Packages


Purchasing an AED for your home,business, or community center can be confusing to say the least.  Some of the basic questions we receive from customers are: What is the difference between the models? Where will I install it? Will it be safe? Will it work on adults and children? How much maintenance is required? Will I need special training? That's just to start.  There are so many questions

Defibrillator at Fitness Center Saves a Man's Life


According to the the quick thinking of a personal trainer helped save a 57-year-old man who experienced a sudden cardiac arrest while working out at a Fitness Center.A personal trainer saw the man collapse and went into action providing CPR followed up by using an automated external defibrillator. Once the pads have been placed on the patient the AED will automatically sense if a

New Jersey Legislation Stalls to Install AED's in Public Schools


According to, a recently introduced bill to install defibrillator in public schools has been stalled due to costs.  "This is a much, much needed piece of legislation and there is a lot of support for it," said Sen. Robert Singer, R-Mercer, who sponsored it in the Senate. "But in this economy, how do we fund it? Unfortunately, it comes down to dollars and cents." This is a 

HeartStart FRx Aviation Battery


Are you a pilot or own a plane.  If so, than you know that you're required to have a portable defibrillator on board your plane in the event of an emergency.  However, you can't have just any defibrillator and battery.  It must be one that has been approved by the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration. The Philips FRx defibrillator has been approved by the FAA to be stored on planes.  The FR2

Hotels Quickly Deploying Portable Defibrillators


Several states are now passing rules that portable defibrillator's be installed in community locations. Right now, institutions are getting AED items not just to adhere to the guidelines of the legislation but to further defend their buyers. See that this trigger of dying is not an infectious one particular that can be treated with antibiotics and the progression can be slowed, cardiac stop

Eating Right to Maintain a Healthy Heart


Diet and Exercise are the most important factors that contribute to the risk of heart disease.  Many of us can’t find time, or afford the cost of a gym.  However, we all have to eat and we should try to consider certain foods to lower our blood pressure and cholesterol. Studies have proven that certain foods added to our diet can help in maintaining a healthy heart.  Some of those foods include

Identifying the Philips FR2 Child Pads


The FR2 defibrillator from Philips was one of there first commercially marketing AED's.  It was solidly built with a rugged hard polymer case and has all the features of today's most advanced devices.  Chances are the FR2 AED you own is still in perfectly good condition after many years. However, to keep your defibrillator working in the event of an emergency it's important that you inspect the

CPR and Portable Defibrillator's Increases the Odds of Survival


Your heart in an electrical system that manages the rate and rhythm of your heart. It’s possible that the rhythm can be thrown off which is medically known as arrhythmia. During this condition the heart beat is in an irregular manner also called as arrhythmia.   This condition impacts more than 300,000 people in the United States experience a sudden cardiac arrest every year and only ten percent

ZOLL Plus AED Replacement Batteries


The ZOLL AED Plus is the only portable defibrillator on the market to use over the counter batteries.  That's right, you can use lithium 123 batteries. Using over the counter batteries which makes the ZOLL AED Plus different than any other device.  This reduces the overall long-term costs of maintaining an AED.  Compared to Philips or Defibtech whose batteries cost well over $150 and need to be

Eating Well To Maintain a Healthy Heart


Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Every year millions of people suffer from this disease, and one of the main reasons behind it is an improper diet. As such, it is very important for us to be aware of the correct diet to be followed in order to avoid being a victim of heart disease. We need to cut down on foods having a high content of saturated and trans

Keeping an AED Onsite at the Workplace


According to reports, about 150 million Americans spend more than half of their waking hours at work. So don’t you think it’s wise to keep an AED where you spend the majority of your day. A sudden cardiac arrest can occur anytime without any pronounced symptoms. It occurs due to a condition called as ventricular defibrillation which causes the heart to beat in an erratic manner and this makes the

Do all AED’s Work the Same?


The basic principles of which AED’s operate are the same. They are used for defibrillation and help to administer shocks to the victim, which can greatly improve his chances of recovery. The means of communication between the AED and the user varies according to the AED. AED’s communicate to the user by giving them instructions about shock administration process. AED’s can choose to communicate

Is it Safe to use AED’s on Metal Surfaces?


AED’s are the most reliable form of treatment for sudden cardiac arrest. When an AED is used to treat the victim, the pads of the AED are placed on the victim’s chest and his condition is monitored, and if found necessary a shock is given only after making sure that no person is touching the victim, as this might not be safe for both of them. The electrodes used for defibrillation should not

Is It Possible to Administer an Unnecessary Shock with AED’s?


When the AED is turned on, the pads have to be placed on the victim’s chest for the device to monitor his condition. The AED monitors the victim’s heartbeat and then considers various factors before deciding that a shock is necessary. After getting charged, it instructs the user to administer the shock and gives detailed instructions to help in administering the shock. After the first shock is