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Diapers and Stethoscope

This is my adventures, misadventures, struggles and fulfillment as I juggle being a mother, a wife and a general practitioner.

Updated: 2018-04-21T21:11:54.810+08:00


My Herb Garden


We bought these herbs on my birthday last year. Some of them were given by officemates. I’m not the greatest cook but I can feed someone. I love herbs, for garnish and for my tea. I’ve worked with some of them back when I was still eating grilled foods. I marinated my chicken with rosemary before grilling them. These days, I shy away from them, just a matter of personal preference.So I’m showing you my herbs. I’m thinking of selling them since I was able to propagate them. I’ve seen them grow in a shady area and a sunny spot and have noted differences. This is my peppermint (Yes there are different types of mints). This was given to me by my officemate (Thank you very much Ate Paz). It doesn’t thrive well in a shady spot. When I transferred it to a spot where it received at least 4 hours of morning sun, it thrived very well. I was able to snip a few which I used for my tea and for propagating. This leaves a very fresh feeling in your mouth.This is my tarragon. Back then, the stems were very thin, the leaves were small. When I transferred it to a sunny spot, this plant became bigger, the stem, tougher. You may be surprised by its scent, especially when you’re not used to using herbs. But you will love this plant and its taste. This is my mint. I just call it mint. People just call it mint. Much like the peppermint, it leaves a fresh feeling in your mouth. This is a crawler. If you plant it directly on your graden, it will overrun your ground. Better to plant it in a pot. It thrives well in a spot where it receives at leaves 4 hours of sunlight. This is my sweet basil. It has a very strong scent and taste. When I put it in my tea, I use only 2 leaves. This plant thrives in a spot where it receives at most 3 to 4 hours of sunlight. Too much and the leaves will turn yellow. It goes well with  spaghetti and pizza.This is my stevia, a natural sweetener. When used in tea, I usually cut 3 1-inch stalk or about 9 leaves to make it sweet for me. But if you prefer otherwise, then you may use just a few leaves. It thrives in a sunny spot or any spot with at least 1-2 hours of sunlight.Another thing is the soil. What I did is a mixture of soil, rice hull and carbonized rice hull (if you have them). It’s usually 1 part rice hull, 1 part carbonized rice hull and 3-4 parts soil. I mix them up in a pail. The rice hull and carbonized rice hull will serve as fertilizers and help in drainage.As to other forms of fertilizers, I just used banana peels and empty egg shells. I have my own small compost. Small meaning I’m using a rice sack for my compost. So safe to say, it’s all natural, no pesticides.I have other plants at home... limes, tomatoes, some fruit trees and other vegetables. I want to produce my own vegetables. It’s the only way I’m very sure I’m eating all natural food, free from growth hormones or pesticides. [...]

Full Throttle Ahead


Where do I even begin? It doesn’t seem to slow down on this side of the planet. Everyone is always on a hurry.  When one good thing is happening, another thing is going south.

If only it’s like school where you get a break after 10 months of studying and you just enjoy summer vacation for the next 2 months, which the kids are having right now. I so envy their life; full of mysteries, full of questions.

We’ll as they say, life must go on. Onwards we go.

Sit Still, Look Pretty


One of the best scene I took while out on the field. Beautiful as it is. 





I always prefer to show colors. I want you guys to see what I saw. And putting it in black and white would hide all the wonderful details.

Here are some of the shots I took while in Sarangani Island and in Balangunan. 






Beautiful Words


I'm a sucker for good pensmanship and poetry.  Sharing to you some of them that I found on Instragam. 




I need to get back on the track. 

Note: Photos are not of the writer. Photos are taken from various sites. 

Planting My Own Veggies and Herbs


I've been growing vegetables, seriously this time 😁. Let's say it's my current favorite past time. 

Cherry Tomatoes


Stevia and Mint



A few arugula I replanted that my sister-in-law planted in a big pot. 




For such a long time, I've tried not to get so emotionally attached to any animals after Kikay died. The pain was so intense and it was so hard to move on. Even with the kids telling me how much they want to get a pet, we've tried to discourage them. 

Now my sister-in-law offered us Leila, one of d three pups. She's a mini-pincher. I'm beginning to accommodate the thought of having a pet in the family. It's not that easy really. I have set my mind to never again get one. 

We'll see what happens next. I have yet to part her from her mother. 


A Different Kind of Dirt


A few weeks back, we took work out of the confined spaces of our office. We needed something different and something refreshing. 

It was a breather and a much deserved break. 

Just a sneak peek of what we did, well, what most of the girls did. 


New Year... New Beginning


It's the start of the year and there is sooo much to do - at work and at home.What better way to start the year than to declutter and organize things. When I say declutter, my dear sister has done that for us. She just threw away everything she thought was not used and that included my branded shoes, which as of this writing, must be in the trash or in someone else’s closet. I have no idea where it is.By organizing, I mean putting everything in their proper order. And that includes my children’s stuff. Extra shoe boxes were transformed into beautiful boxes to hide their toys and tiny things.R chose this wrapperPlus, we have decided to take out gadgets from the kids entirely and allow only two hours of television time. It is quite difficult for all of us. Trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the day. But it is all for the best. We'd like to inculcate reading and rely solely on their imagination for things to do.I’ve also started to learn new things as well: how to take better photos with my iphone and how to write better - essays, poems, letters and all. I've subscribed to Udemy. Well there are other platforms out there. There's Masterclass, Skillshare and others. I start with this.And because I have to put everything in practice, consider this as my first essay. And here is my first photo (well, I chose this one for publication):Nightlight of Davao CityI do not want to explain why the photo is such. If you like it, well and good. If you don’t like it, I really wouldn’t care.Learning is never easy but it should be fun, well at least on my opinion. We have to enhance ourselves, not only physically, but what's on the inside. I will try to post more, if not here, maybe on my other social media account. How about you, what's in store for you?[...]

Doctor's Advise


The thing with people is that we always try to find the easy way, or that we try to get everything for free even though we know we're capable or paying for it. 

I don't mind conversing with friends and being asked about certain diseases and medications. Those are just friendly conversations. In my many years of working (please don't make me mention my age), I have crossed paths with certain kinds of people. And it is in these many years that I've honed my skill of detection. I can sense a question when it is trying to squeeze something different from me. And then an alarm turns on inside me. Face starts to heat up, everything inside me starts to buckle up. If I am trying to be cynical, I would say, "Google not helping much?" But I try to be nice and so I say, "Let them come and have the doctor try to look at it and tell you what it is." 

Red Stethoscope with Red Waterman Fountain Pen

Although we took an oath to never do harm and help sick people, this doesn't mean that you can abuse our kindness... or our intellect, whatever the factors may be. We will try to be as courteous and as helpful as we could but please do not abuse us. We know your kind. We also know the kind of people who grabs every opportunity, not minding other people who might get hurt.

My advise is, "If you're not feeling well, come and see a doctor yourself. We would like to see you up  close and personal and examine you. We would be very happy to help you in your ailments. If you did not get well, come and see us again. We would like to know what happened. Don't go shopping for doctors. We are not mere commodities you find in the supermarket. Tell us everything and we would be happy to be your friend."

The Trouble With Shimmering Inks


In as much as I love inks with sheen, they somehow tend to clog my pen. And it is so irritating.
I find myself forcing the ink out by waving my hand hard downward hoping to flush the ink. Or I have to disassemble my nib and wash it just so it'll take the clog out. And I have to choose a pen that I can diassemble the nib so that I can wash and brush the sheen out of it. Kinda frustrating really.

I now have a love-hate relationship with them. But they just makes writing more interesting.



There are so may thoughts going through my mind right now and I'm trying to sort it out. It has been a crazy week. Wait, it's always a crazy week. I long for the days when it won't be crazy.

I have talked about not wanting to work and not wanting to be in a conversation with anybody other than the usual people that I get in close contact with in the office. Then I also mentioned of having to talk to people against my will, meaning I'm not in the mood for a chit chat. Sometimes we realize things that we have already thought of before but have forgotten.

You know when you're sad or angry, it doesn't take much effort to frown. Really. All muscles go down your face, going where gravity pulls it taking with it your energy and confidence. But when you smile, it takes so much effort to move your muscles against gravity and keeping a positive outlook despite all the negativities being bombarded your way, seeing other people frowning. And it just made me realized how big of an effort that is for that person to smile to someone who is frowning.

I was at the office the other day, so many things to do as always then someone walked in with smiles and positive energy despite the day that she had. Here I was, thinking, "hay... ano na naman kayang problema to?" and I wasn't really in the mood to talk about anything much so do some planning. But with her smiles and energy, she managed to change my mood and motivated me to do some thinking at a time when I was almost drained to the max. Kudos to that person. I know her job is not the easiest in the world but I applaud her for always putting up a smile in front of different people.

So if somebody comes up to you with a smile, be glad that someone is trying to cheer you up. I know that there are some exceptions to this, especially to those people that you hold grudges and are not willing to make up just yet, that's your call. The moral of this is that, appreciate the effort that people exert and HAVE COURAGE, BE KIND!

Morning Boost


Sharing to you my morning tea fresh from my herb garden.

It's a mixture of strawberry mint leaves, peppermint leaves, and stevia leaves. Refreshing in the mouth, great for boosting senses. Have a great day ahead everyone!

Precious One


It was the first time I heard my husband mention about my depression. I never thought that he gave any notice or that he would even acknowledge that it happened. But it did. I lost something so precious. Three years ago, when everything was so messy, I was in my lowest point. But my husband was there to hold my hand and dry my tears, making me feel that I wasn't alone. His presence had given me so much strength.

I thought that when something happens, people can eventually move on. But no one really gets over events. People just learn how to live with them. Once in a while, when I am all alone, I still think about the precious angel and the what ifs. It took a bit of myself. I feel lost at times, a bit of myself gone somewhere.

There has been a debate about life, whether it is during conception or when there are already signs of heartbeat. To me life is life, no matter what "experts" say, life is still life. A soon as it is conceived, it is life. Who are we to judge about life.

It is October, and this is for our angel up above.

"Hold on precious one.
Be strong, have faith.
You are always in my prayer.
You are always in my heart."



I have been very angry for the past few weeks. An emotion so strong that it was just so hard to control. I try to avoid people but in my line of work, I cannot really avoid them. In a sense, they are the lifeline of what I do for a living. 

I felt frustrated which eventually led to anger. And I didn't like it. It's as if I struggled to wake up everyday. I didn't wanna leave the house. I didn't wanna go anywhere or talk to anybody or do anything. I just wanted to be inside my comfort zone. I thought that if I'd stay in my zone, I wouldn't be able to say anything bad that may hurt people. 

And it was an emotion that was so difficult to shake off. I tried to suppress the emotions but it just wouldn't leave. It's like having your own demons to conquer. I tried to find reasons. And the only thing that I could point it to was expecting too much from people and then being let down. That's why I've always said countless times that I don't like expecting something. Better to not know than, knowing and waiting and being let down in the end. 

How to end it? There's no easy way really. Just waiting for it to end and fill it up with happy memories. It's like a thermometer reaching a boiling point. And you just wait for it to lower down by taking it out of the source of heat and putting it up somewhere. 

And I just turned to Him and pray to Him and read His scriptures. And I prayed that the next time it would happen again would be never. Or if it would happen again, I would have the strength and the courage to deal with it and not hurt anyone.

Am I over it completely? I don't think anybody could be over it completely. But at least I'm not at the peak anymore. I'm way below the threshold and I'm happy. I'm happy that it'll be over soon. I can start laughing my ass off again.

I'm writing it down because I wanna acknowledge it. I wanna tell myself that, "Yes, I am human and I go through this." And by acknowledging it, I can tell myself repeatedly that there are things I cannot control and must let go; that only 10% of everything can be controlled (as the saying goes). And that I have the 10% to perfect. The rest of the 90%, I leave by faith. And so should everyone else.

Have courage. Be kind.



It pays to have an imaginative mind sometimes. Having hyperactive kids in the house, you'll never know what things they'll ask you to do. M likes to keep singing the same song over and over again. At night, he'll ask you to tell him a story, preferably dinosaur stories. Then you'll have to make stories, credible stories based on the different dinosaurs and their capabilities. Plus the different sound effects that you have to invent to make the stories more lively and believable.

The girls prefer to ask questions with more straightforward answers. No flowery words, just truthful answers. And you have to learn to keep your word. They'll remember days, when and where and why.

They are growing so fast. And they are texting now. But don't expect to get messages during work time. They just text when they're tired of waiting or when they ask if we're coming home. R doesn't like us texting while she's having her classes. Time really flies so fast.

My Weapon for the Next Week


I just inked up my pens. I love using TWSBI. They're smooth to write with and very easy to clean. I am also liking the Studio Series fountain pen given by my dear sister Eshma. 

Putting It All Together


So I made myself a bouquet of flowers using the same technique and materials used in the workshop. But this time, I did it in my monologue sketchbook.

I sketched it out first with a pencil then traced it with my marker and erased the traces of pencil.

I used watercolor to paint the bouquet.

And Voila!

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho


I really love his work. So powerful. It touches your heart and soul and makes you think. So what's the eleven minutes all about? Read...

Vintage Flowers


Vintage... that's what hubby said when I showed him this. I tried to do the same style but this time doing it digitally.

When you grab this and use it as ur wallpaper, please let me know. Would love to hear a heads up.

A Rose Is Just A Rose - Aretha Franklin


Creative Lettering and Basic Florals Workshop


I've always wanted to do flowers but somehow I find them difficult to perfect (naks, perfect talaga). Opportunity came knocking when I stumbled upon this workshop. Torn between attending a medical conference with CPD units and PCOM units mind you, I just had to choose this over the other. It was a moment when I really need something to divert my attention.So Creative Lettering it is....The artist, Nice Magallon, was really good. Writing with different kinds of brush pen.Trying out the watercolor to do my lettering...And it would never be complete without the final product.[...]

An Artsy Crafty Birthday Party


Time flew so fast really.  Nine years and counting. My little girl who is not so little now celebrated her brithday with a craft party together with a few of her friends at Yellow Hauz. It was a Sharpie-on-Fabric kind of day for them. 

Thanks to Miss April San Pedro (@iamartisan of Artisan Paperie) who made it all possible. They did it on shirts, bags and pouches.

And of course, it would not be complete without a photo session.

Fighting Diabetes (The Sanofi Way)


I was given the opportunity to be part of a training program that had changed my life forever. I'm a high risk patient with a family history of Diabetes Mellitus on both sides of the family. I'm Asian, Filipino, BMI is Obese 2 with Central Adiposity. I have Mitral Valve Regurgitation, which results to occasional palpitations. Need I say more. That's just a few of my risk factors. We meet people for reasons beyond our comprehension but the reasons will unfold eventually. Case in point, my Diabetes Training. I had the pleasure of being recommended by my dear friend, my igsu, Dr. Billy Langreo, to be part of the LEADPH training. I then met Ms. Irene Yap who made it all possible. From then on it was history. It was not easy but with friends around, learning together, it was an experience of a lifetime.Oh did I mention the cool people I had the pleasure of meeting during the training? Here's the beautiful people I was with during those times. This photo was taken during the early days of our training. We decided to call our group the "Rock On" group, hence the hand gestures. We were LeadPh batch 22.The training has about 40% lectures, 30% Case Reporting and 30% OPD Consultations. It may sound daunting but that's what made the training more educational. The OPD Consultations helped by putting what we learned into action and it made the lectures more unforgettable. The Case Reporting and Case Discussions helped us understood the cases we saw and made a different perspective at how we used to view and understood the disease.What LeadPh means.Part of the training was OPD consultations. This was taken at Amang Rodriguez Hospital. With me are my classmates in medical school, Dr. Emily Doliente and Dr. Au Narisma (on my right side), and my room mate, Dr. Eva Pantino (on my left side), while waiting for our potential patients.From left, Dr. Emily Doliente, Dr. Au Narisma, Me and Dr. Eva PantinoFalling in line for the review of our mentorThis was at the ISDFI outpatient area. My very kind and very compliant patient.ROCK ONWith one of our mentor in the middle Dr. Danilo Baldemor (with grey shirt). The one on his right is our amazing self-dsignated President, Dr. Aron.At the Heart of Jesus Hospital, beside the Diabetes Care Clinic.With one of our mentor, Dr. Rino Sobrepena at Nueva Ecija Diabetes Care Clinic.At the Closing Ceremony. With Dr. Pasaporte (grey shirt), Dr. Lim (violet shirt) and Dr. Catinding (white blouse)  with the staff of ISDFI (beside Dr. Catindig) and the staff of Sanofi (beside me, blue shirt)Of course, the most important, my Certificate of CompletionThe training wouldn't have been as educational, fun and memorable if it not for our mentors and our dear president, Dr. Aron, who, even in his gloomy days, have never failed to entertain us, forget our problems and just concentrate on our training. It was also him that encouraged me and pushed me to drink more water. I now drink 2 glasses of water before meals (yehey!). Plus the amazing people whom I have the pleasure of being around with for more than 12 days (24 days and more). Needless to say, we had separation anxieties right after the training. Although, my colleagues wouldn't admit it, but we did. We maintained our FB chatroom for our batch. I'm pretty sure our bantay, Ma'am Mai, missed us more. Let me have this opportunity to thank Sanofi, Ma'am Irene. Daghang Salamat. You gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself (lite[...]



Finally the day had arrived. We've been waiting for this. Truly a blessing. Congratulations hubby! 

Master of Science in Public Health - Major in Hospital Administration