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New Featured Bathroom Inspiration Set

Sat, 27 Nov 2010 09:04:00 +0000

I was just looking back and realised it’s been a while since we did a bathroom inspiration set. Apart from the kids bathroom designs we featured in May, the last random set of bathroom pictures we featured was sometime in December last year. Eventhough function-wise, there is little to separate between the designs that we feature in this post, it is surprising how many different ways designers think up of in decorating this relatively small space. Be it the color combination, texture on the walls, vegetation inside, or the curios used there is always something fresh to savour about these bathrooms! Take a look:


By Mptribe


By Vkendesign


By Jerry



By Temucin Argun

Natural Luxury and Modern Colors in Decoration

Sat, 27 Nov 2010 08:54:00 +0000

Luxury Home DesignAutumn is, of Wealth and colors fills the lovely autumn landscapes. Yellow, green, tilesred, orange.Which of them to "bring in your home?Maybe yellow to create our sunny mood in November's gray days? Tilered and orange or to give us warm on cold winter nights? And maybe you wish to keep the memory of azure blue sea?Modern Yellow DesignThe color of the interior of the house plays a significant role in art. Ьrchitectural positional he participated in the design of the house. Depending on the color the same room can affect us differently. Choosing the color palette in your home decor depends on the aesthetic preferences of the residents, their temperament and trends. Usually the big problem with this choice is to combine our current aesthetic taste and interior.Great Orange Kitchen Design The choice depends on the purpose of the room. To take full advantage of the richness of the color spectrum which decorate his house, it is important to develop a sense of color. They are divided into hot and cold.To warm to associate warmth of the sun, apply a yellow-orange. They create the interior comfort and coziness. Light yellow, and beige colors are reserved tiles the classical style / rustication /Luxury Red Living Room DesignOften in the yellow range are solved ethnodesign made by natural materials - wood and woven furniture fabric. Wear yellow colors calm and cheerful mood. Hard work in activating brain function. Used in the nursery room, they favor work. Softened to green or orange, yellow creates a feeling of optimism, wealth and fertility. The advantage of the yellow colors that combine easily with all other colors.Great Gold Bedroom Design One of the hottest colors is tiled. It contains enough brown tones, not to be too bright as red. Tilesred is very good choice for rooms that lack sunlight / north /. It can be successfully combined with gold, ecru, pale green, pale gray-green. Tilered walls are a good background of gray-green furniture. Wonderful to have stayed this background, and sofas with gold stripes. Not grout brick wall in the room gives bohemian type, which can be boosted with free cushions thrown in gold or green. If the furniture is in tilered, it is the walls are bright in color.[...]

Decorate your nice living room with brown furniture

Sat, 27 Nov 2010 08:51:00 +0000

For most of us, having a nice and elegant living room is definitely mandatory. Why? Because in the living room is the place where we spend most of the time, where we can receive guests and so on.

How can you decorate your living room in order to look nice and hospitable? It’s simple: you can decorate your living room with brown furniture.

Though, decorating a living room just with brown furniture isn’t enough. In most of the cases, several adjustments must be done. For example, the support of the curtains must also be painted or replaced with a new brown one.

After that, the color of the walls must also fit the brown color. Though, in must of the cases, if the walls are painted with white paint, it will be just fine.


As concerning the furniture, things are a little bit simple. If the furniture is brown, then the model is something that denotes seriousness. Straight shaped lines with some flower sculpted models on sides will be just fine, and will suit extremely well any living room.(image)

Here is a great tip for those with big living rooms: if you have a big brown library in the living room, you should also put in the room a table for at least 6 colors. The table should be, of course brown, as well as the chairs. Be careful to choose wood chairs with the same model as the library is, especially are a little bit more conservatory. If you would like to compile the elegant style of a brown furniture with the modern art trends, then the chairs can be made of stainless steel and the table can be covered with thick glass. If you choose to decorate the living room using these ideas, your living room will be just great.

The brilliant color combination of the child bedroom

Sat, 27 Nov 2010 08:25:00 +0000

Designing a child’s bedroom can be very challenging considering the fast pace in which kids are growing up these days. It’s hard enough keeping up with endless influx of technological gadgets before finding ways to store all of these “next best things”. But alas, there are fun innovative storage solutions disguised by splashes of color that would make any room look like a three dimensional Picasso! In these beautifully designed rooms below, the perfect balance of practicality and creativity has been achieved and will easily appeals to parents and children alike. The brilliant color combination of the beds, area rugs, closet units and desks are striking and set an exciting tone against the whimsical shapes and forms they create. Wall art has also become a convenient way to dress up a child’s room, delivering simplicity with a punch of character in its application. Even these twin bunk beds have loads of style and provide multifunctional built-in shelving, staircases and storage units! All these organizational ideas clear some floor space for a fun and modern play land as well as plenty of space for homework, of course![...]