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Growing taller secrets How to Garden Organically

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 07:27:07 GMT

The concepts of organic gardening consist of conservation and preservation of the soil by use of natural methods. They do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers to condition the soil. Conservation of water and preserving the purity of the ground water is also part of organic gardening. Improving the soil without upseting the natural balance can also be done by use of all natural organic soil methods.

Organic gardening is a revised method that was used before commercial ferilizers, fungicides and insecticides became widely popular. Instead of chemicals that can be deadly to good and bad garden insects in organic gardening you make use of natural predators and let insects such as lady bugs, predatory wasps and praying mantis do the insect control for you. Composting of leaves, kitchen scraps and even grass clippings can be used to improve your soil without adding chemical fertilizers.

Organic gardening uses all natural fertilizers that can be made from a simple formula of eggshells kept in a gallon jug filled with water. You can water your houseplants or your garden with this simple mixture for great results. Another organic mix recommended is fish emulsion that you can buy all ready at full strength and bottled or you can make your own and dilute it as needed. You take the fish heads after cleaning fish and put then in a barrel or bucket with a tight fitting seal and fill wih water. As the fish breaks down you drain off the liquid and mix it with water and than water your plants with it. Warning it does have a very strong odor if you make it yourself.

Fertilizers do not have to be chemical in order to be effective in your garden. Many common household spices and herbs work great in keeping pests off your plants without toxic chemicals. Garlic, tobasco sauce, ground caynenne pepper and even cinnamon will work as a pest control. Fertilizers can even be made naturally and made into a tea that you can dilute and spray your plants with made from something as simple as crushed eggshells and water or even beer.

Companion planting is also improtant when planning an organic garden. You need to understand that plants can cross polennate and that is not always a good thing. It is also important to use companion planting to plant certain vegetables or flowers near plants that may need the added protection against pests. Green peppers planted with tomatoes and potatoes can deter squash bugs, potatoe beetles and cut worms. Marigolds, herbs and certain other flowers can rid you of many natural insect pests while still adding beauty, color and drama to your garden without the necessity of chemicals. Mulching actually helps your organic garden by not only helping your soil to retain water but it helps control weeds and gives you a clean walking path for tending your plants. Becareful where you place mulch though because in some cases it can bring the pesty insect right to your stem or fruit of your plant. Mulching shuld be done to help shade the roots of your plants from strong sun that could burn the plants roots and help the plant retain water. An organic mulch is best because at the end of your growng season or in between crops it can be worked into the soil to help replace nutrients that were absorbed in other crops.

how tall will i be

how tall will i be

Growing taller secrets Use Organic Pesticides Instead Of Chemicals

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 07:26:52 GMT

Although people are aware of the health dangers of pesticides, there is almost 1 billion pounds of these dangerous pesticides used in the United States each and every year. The worst part is these numbers are not lowering.

Now everybody knows that foods that are in the grocery stores has been washed before they arrive at the store. And many people will still wash there fruits and veggies after they but them. However there are still trace pesticides that are being consumed from these fruits and vegetables, which are causing health issues.

Farmers and farm workers have reported the most health related illnesses, out of the over 15,000 reported, pesticide related illnesses every year. According to the EPA there could be many more cases that were never reported. The pesticide issue is huge and it is only going to get worse unless people do something about it.

While farmers and farm workers having there problems, the American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals reports there there are over 30,000 cases of pet poisonings reported each year and yes these are due to pesticides. These numbers are not made up, they are calculated by the animal poison control center.

One of the main causes is normal everyday people. The problem is that when we see a weed on our driveway the first thing we do is to grab a bottle of weed spray that is full of chemicals, and many people will even use chemicals as a preventative measure.

The use of pesticides has been proven to be the cause of, or a contributing factor of many diseases like birth defects, different cancer's and even Parkinson's disease. With all the problems with pesticides, people still use them

The worst thing is that there are no laws that require pesticide producers to test home pesticides with the same standards as commercial grade pesticides. If you ever look at the ingredients not only will you find different poisons but also "inert ingredients" that don't have to be tested???

So knowing that these chemical pesticides are bad for you and your pets may not be enough so look at this on a planetary scale. These pesticides contaminate our water, soil and air, which means we are killing our own planet. Look at it this way. These pesticides are killing off honeybee's, if we end up killing off all the honeybee's, our way of life will be gone. The consequences can be disastrous

The best bet for you and your neighbors is to learn how to combat pests without the use of chemicals. This will help you health and that of your pets and neighbors as well. And not to mention "Mother Earth".

how tall will i be

how tall will i be

Growing taller secrets Pattern of Growth

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 07:26:36 GMT

We must understand these unique aspects of each individual child's growth if we are to treat children intelligently. A tall, slender child does not put on weight at the same rate, nor does he weigh as much for his height, as does a stocky child. Some parents create unnecessary feeding problems in their attempt to achieve "standard" weight gains. Certain intellectually fast growing children have the physical stamina and social maturity to enter school at five and one-half years of age. Other children of the same chronological and mental ages will be quite unable physically or socially to stand the competition of other first graders. Some children seem "slow to catch on" in school for several years, yet prove later to be excellent students. Forcing the pace of growth at any stage will not produce good results in the long run, and may incur serious damage along the way. Forcing children into any pattern of growth which is not in harmony with their natural potentialities is likely to result in tragedy both for the child and for the misguided adult. Fathers, for example, should not try to make men out of sensitive, artistic boys; nor should Susie be compelled to try to make Phi Beta Kappa because her older sister did.An example of how widely these differences vary within the same age range can be found in Meredith's 2 study of eighteen anthropometric measurements on Iowa City boys. The lightest boy at eighteen years was no heavier than the heaviest boy at eight years. The lightest boy at eight years weighed hardly as much as the heaviest two-year-old. These, of course, represent extremes but are warnings to us in using chronological age scales too rigidly in classifying children.To test this, we followed essentially the design suggested by the doctor. We set up two markedly different experimental situations, put the rats in one or the other at an early age when their brains might be most plastic, and maintained the animals in these situations for a prolonged period. Animals were assigned at weaning (about 25 days of age) and kept for 80 days in either an enriched environment-environmental complexity and training -or in an impoverished condition. In the enriched situation the animals were housed in groups of 10 to 12 in a large cage that was provided with "toys" such as ladders, wheels, boxes, and platforms. The toys were selected each day from a larger group. To enrich the rats' experience further, we gave them a daily half-hour exploratory session in groups of five or six. This took place in a three-by-three-foot field with a pattern of barriers that was changed daily. After about 30 days in this permissive free-play environment, some formal training was given in a series of mazes. In the home cage they had food and water when they wanted it. Thus these animals were stimulated by their cage mates, by their complex environment and by trials in several apparatuses.The disease called rickets, which results from deficiency in diet or sunshine or both, may leave permanent evidences on the body in the form of flat chests or deformed pelvis, and crooked backs, all of which interfere with the efficient functioning of the body. Similarly, deficiencies in affection and security in childhood may leave permanent scars on the personality in the form of explosive tempers, "grudges," fears, and other severe handicaps to the adequate functioning of personality. Poor methods of teaching reading or other primary school subjects may leave a child with a resistance to all academic work.Thus one boy may be entering adolescence at age ten years while he is in the high fifth grade, while for an age peer classmate childhood may continue until he is fifteen and a half years old and in the low eleventh grade. There seem to be very few differences between boys and girls in general intellectual capacity, but there are certain definite differences in interests and behavior. . . . Whether these differences in interests and behavior are innate or a product of the way we rear children is not clear, but[...]

Growing taller secrets Growing And Keeping Your Baby Healthy

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 07:26:19 GMT

Talking about babies, one of the necessary concerns any parents should think about, particularly moms is on how they are going to nurture for a healthy baby. Nurturing a vigorous baby is a little difficult because babies are too delicate and can be prone to acquire diseases; babies' immune system is not that really strong and mature enough resist bacteria. This is the sole reason why selecting the right food is really vital and shouldn't be ignored.

We should be thankful to the advance technology that we have today since it help these scientist, nutritionist, and other health care providers discover the proper and healthy food for babies. These foods for babies contain all the necessary vitamins and nutriments that could keep the baby healthy and string.

But then as advised by more doctors that breast feeding is still best up to two years. The milk that they get from their mother is on of the most complete food that contains all nutrients that the baby need. But of course if the mother is sick or diagnose with some sickness, its better that she don't let her baby feed to her. She needs to ask her doctor if it's safe to let her baby feed from her. After asking and if the doctor said it's okay then that's the time that she can feed her baby from her. This will keep your baby from being infected with the sickness that the mother has. That is why growing your baby healthy may require patience and effort.

There are various foods available for babies obtainable in the market and you can really choose form among those. These types of foods are not pure solid but most of them are liquid. When getting food for your baby, checking of the label is to be done. This will actually aid you in growing your kid to be as healthy and fit as possible.

Then, when they grow up, you could base the food that you will feed on the food pyramid. Food pyramid is a very helpful source of ideas of what proper and healthy food that you need to feed your family for them to get balance nutrition. As your baby or children are growing, their metabolism and like also change which is why as parents you also need to train and teach your children to continue eating nutritious food. Try to explain why they have to eat nutritious food.

how to grow taller

how to grow taller

Growing taller secrets Food are Getting Expensive

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 07:26:01 GMT

Whatever the economy does, grocery prices always seem to go no where but up. Luckily, there are some proven ways to save on groceries and here are a bunch of them that you can use.

Buying in bulk, especially when the item is on sale is a great way to save. Just be careful by not buying something that will expire, as you might start consuming more than normal.

Store brands are different but it doesn't mean that they are worst. Check them out next time you are at the grocery store and you may be surprised at how great it is.

The same product can be sold at different prices at different grocery stores. Before you buy anything, research on where to find the best prices first.

Don't overlook shopping clubs and large venues that stock groceries as well as clothing and other household items. Even pharmacies are carrying a small line of food items that often are on sale.

You can get fresh, and sometimes cheap produce at the farmers market. Sure, they are pretty much only open during the warm months, but that's like at least half a year.

Home baked products are part of the offerings at seasonal craft fairs, which also usually have a variety of jellies, jams and other food products.

There's really nothing more satisfying than planting your own food. It's convenient, it tastes great, and best of all, it's much cheaper than buying it outside.

Some farms will let you pick your own berries and vegetables for a reasonable fee. This is good for you, and good for them because they cut out all the middlemen.

If they let you sample products, remember to make sure they are sweet first. Otherwise, you will be paying for something and end up throwing most of it away.

Spend time looking for good prices but make sure you are buying healthy foods. Low prices isn't always everything and make sure that you keep everything fun.

grow taller naturally

grow taller naturally