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Home of Vancouver's Blogaholics Ianiv & Arieanna

Last Build Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:19:56 -0800

Copyright: Copyright 2006

Makin' Turkey

Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:19:56 -0800

I've got a turkey in the oven. My first time making turkey!

I actually didn't intend to make a turkey. Ianiv's grandparents and mom & sister are coming for dinner and I was planning on making chicken. Well, Safeway was out of whole chicken and I was too lazy to go to another store, so I bought turkey.

Crazy to be too lazy to go to another store and yet look at the extra work!

Oh well. Cross your fingers it turns out!

Bloglines needs an "undo"

Mon, 17 Apr 2006 12:14:04 -0800

Bloglines really needs an "undo" button for that "Mark All Read" button. Darnit.


Wed, 12 Apr 2006 10:28:40 -0800

Today is the first day of Passover. We are having the first Seder at Ianiv's mother's home, and the second at Leora's.

I always enjoy holidays - Jewish or Christian - for the family, the friends and, of course, the food. Thank goodness the wedding diet is over ;)

Moving to WordPress

Mon, 10 Apr 2006 17:17:37 -0800

We've begun the migration of our blogs to WordPress. When we started all our blogs, we put them on different platforms to ensure we knew them all. Now, we're past that. It's time to get serious.

BloggingHelp was our original WordPress blog. After we had 2 on Movable Type and one Drupal, we decided to stick with WordPress for all new installs. Faster. Cleaner. Easier to maintain.

Today we started the migration of blogs to entirely WordPress powered. The first to move was Vancouver Coffee. Next will be Blogaholics. And lastly Baking Low Fat, which is on Drupal.

Why do we choose WordPress?

  • The installs are fast and clean
  • Upgrading is simple
  • Plugins. Oh, we love them.
  • Widgets. A la Blogware, but better.
  • Easy to add pages, links, etc.
  • SPAM!!

We just couldn't handle the volume of incoming comment and trackback spam. The comment spam was at such a high rate that we had to delete it every day... too much was getting through, and too much was being held for moderation. And those we deleted often were stll visible, which was annoying.

So, now we're all happy. After the migration is complete we'll be able to take our honeymoon without needing to monitor the blog spam levels like crazy people.


How to remove stains from your wedding dress

Mon, 10 Apr 2006 12:55:39 -0800

I got married just over a week ago, and one of the best tips I have is regarding wedding dress stains.

When I picked up my dress from the steamers I asked what would be best to clean any stains I might happen to get. Now, they were using dry cleaning solution. I asked what would work: a bleach pen, a tide pen or something else?

Well, the above two are not good because they could actually remove color (white is a color) or cause a stain from the chemicals. So, I asked about Dryel, which is one of my favorite stain removers for delicate clothes. And got a go ahead.

My wedding day was rainy, and by the time we got from the hotel to the wedding location, after doing some outdoor photos, I was a mess. Covered in makeup smudges, mud, and even moss stains. It was quite lovely.

So, we whipped out the Dryel spot remover. You just dab on the liquid and rub it in, with the absorbent pad on the reverse. And in seconds, no more stain. And when it dries out, you'd never know there was a stain. No water marks, no stain. Beautiful!

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43 Thongs

Fri, 07 Apr 2006 22:01:40 -0800

43 Thongs. Thanks Darren.

Be prepared to be addicted

Fri, 07 Apr 2006 17:02:50 -0800

WEBoggle. We suck at it.

Technorati: growing and falling

Fri, 07 Apr 2006 15:28:16 -0800


We're experiencing the Technorati weirdness too.

Gmail, Apple Mail... you should talk

Fri, 07 Apr 2006 12:14:39 -0800

Gmail and Apple Mail had a bit of a disagreement about my wedding, it would seem.

On April 1st, Gmail and Apple Mail had a fight. Gmail wouldn't talk to Apple Mail most of the time, but Apple Mail wouldn't even acknowledge there was a problem.

In simple terms, Apple Mail was only collecting about 10% of my new mail from Gmail, but was not drawing any errors. So I just figured I wasn't getting much email, and that was a nice change.

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

I got paranoid today and checked Gmail manually from the web, only to find 800 unread email messages - lots of spam, but also lots of important emails. And 4 hours later, mostly dealt with.

So, Gmail and Apple Mail seem to be resolving their issues now. We disabled POP access then re-enabled it in Gmail and now the two mail systems seem to be talking again.

So, interesting day and funny timing. But not a fun 4 hours of reading email.

"When I die, bury me with my cell phone"

Thu, 06 Apr 2006 13:09:18 -0800

Sure. Yeah. That makes sense.

On the one hand, it's the logical progression of paranoia that began with the string and bell, and now extends to the cell phone.

On the other hand, there is something more to it. It's not just burials - it's also cremation.

The "trend" began in Cape Town, where superstition was the reasoning. In Australia, it was an affirmation of wealth.

From the BBC:

"We came across one guy who asked to be buried with his mobile phone and his Blackberry, and also with his laptop."

He added that in many cases, being buried with your phone is part of what he termed limelight funerals, people wanting to be buried like celebrities.

The phone is put in the coffin along with diamonds, jewellery, expensive suits, and gold watches...

some people are finding they like the idea of being buried with the things that defined them while they were alive.

So, are mobile devices truly such a major extension of our perception of the self? What does that say about our culture? Does something so cheap and flimsy, and so widely available, become imbued with this much intangible value?

Via /Message

Pefect TablePlan

Thu, 06 Apr 2006 11:28:38 -0800

I am all for making wedding planning easier. After all, it was far harder and more nasty than I expected. Really, it can just kill you. Anyway, early on in the planning and organizing process, the designer of a neat piece of software offered me a comp version to try out. Well, boy am I glad I did!

The software is called Perfect TablePlan - and it will make seating charts a breeze. Really, I heard horror stories about seating plans, but mine was organized in about half an hour. No kidding around.

Here is how it works:

  1. Use it to determine who to invite (optional) in a nice long list, entering people as single, couples or families
  2. When you get your RSVP, tick them as Accepted
  3. Get your reception facility map of where your tables are laid out, table shapes, and numbers per table, and simply reproduce them on the screen
  4. Create your seating plan(image)
    • Random: Choose "relationships" - who should sit close together, at the same table, or far away. Then, let the computer give it a shot. If it's close, "lock" good table matches then re-try the random settings.
    • Manual: Drag people to tables
  5. Print (plain lists, tables, floor plans)

(image) Now, you can do much more with this software, including setting meal preferences. But even if you just use it instead of a horrible Excel spreadsheet, you'll be happy. It's so much easier just to drag and drop names to make changes than to mess around in Excel.

You'll be happy. Your guestts will be happy. And your reception facility will be happy

Perfect TablePlan is easy to use, has nice graphics, and has versatile ways to view and change all your seating needs. Thankfully, the seating plan was one thing I can truly say went smoothly!

Check out the tour.

April Fool's Gags at our Wedding

Wed, 05 Apr 2006 15:33:41 -0800

You know you're asking for a good time when you get married on April Fool's Day. And we played it up to the max. Here are our gags:

  1. On my mother and I: my Uncle Ed called to say my Uncle Brian had sprained his ankle and had a cast. I was not phased - no offense to my Uncle, but that didn't affect my wedding and I was being selfish - but it got my mom all freaked out
  2. On my mother: my mother-in-law told my mom that they were both going to wear tiaras for the ceremony, which would be horribly tacky. This gag went on so long our wedding coordinator at Westwood started to freak out because she couldn't find the tiara. We broke the gag right before the ceremony.
  3. On Ianiv: my mother-in-law went up to Ianiv and told him that his grandfather insisted that Ianiv wear a kippah for the ceremony. Of course, being non-religious, Ianiv was not happy and was actually prepared to offend his grandfather (which is a big thing) before he was told it was a gag.
  4. On me (not performed): the guys were going to put on horribly bow ties and gag me, then double gag by saying they forgot the real ones. We ran out of time.
  5. On our guests: this is the best gag ever! At the end of the meal, the servers for each table humbly presented a billfold containing this:


Yep, we pretended to bill our guests. Some actually got really mad/offended. A bill at the wedding? And for food they never had, either. One person even ripped it up. But we broke the gag quickly and everyone had a great laugh.

If you notice, the bill was faded to look real. But it had silly elements. The sum on the bill is the day of the wedding, for example.

Have fun at your wedding. It is well worth it!!

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Wedding pictures so far...

Wed, 05 Apr 2006 15:16:04 -0800

The "blogaholicswed" tag on Flickr is slowly growing. We don't yet have our official photos, so it's nice to see people sharing their pictures of our big day. Here are some:

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Thanks to Kris Krug, Boris Mann and Gloria Brown for these pics!

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Wedding Ceremony

Wed, 05 Apr 2006 14:50:18 -0800

Here is our wedding ceremony. It was short. Partially bi-lingual (Spanish). And non-religious. We hope it's helpful to future couples planning their own weddings. Many of our ideas came from reading wedding books in the corner of a bookstore ;) Our wedding was not technically "official" on April 1st. Rather, we were married 2 days prior to the wedding. In BC, you must be married by a religious representative or a wedding commissioner. Wedding commissioners hold "posts" in BC, which are of a limited number and must be fulfilled for a minimum of 8 years. Thus, if you choose a non-religious ceremony, your option is only to be married by someone with whom you have a very brief acquaintance. We chose instead to have a friend perform our ceremony - it gave us freedom to write our ceremony with out any legal gibberish, and made the day far more special. The wedding was officiated by our good friend Ariel, who also wrote a very special portion of our ceremony. ----- We are gathered here, as family & friends, to witness the sharing of marriage vows between Ianiv and Arieanna, two of my good friends. You have been invited here so that you may witness them embark on a new and lifelong journey of love. Part of this ceremony will be translated into Spanish. All who know Ianiv and Arieanna are inspired by their love and deep friendship for each other. Since coming to Vancouver four years ago, it has been my distinct pleasure getting to know them both. From their determination in pioneering their own home business, to their love of camping, to their passion for blogging; this couple is truly meant to be together. In fact, we should not be surprised to find that this entire joyous event has been catalogued in detail at blogaholics. ca in the next few hours. Joking aside, it is my honour to stand before you all today to join these two in this most precious bond of marriage. This is an anonymous poem: Today is a day you will always rememberthe greatest in anyone's life.You'll start off the day just two people in loveand end it husband and wife.It's a brand new beginning, the start of a journey,with moments to cherish and treasureand although there'll be times when you both disagreethese will surely be outweighed by pleasure.You'll have heard many words of advice in the pastwhen the secrets of marriage are spoken,but you know that the answers lie hidden inside,where the bond of true love lives unbroken.So live happy forever as lovers and friendsit's the dawn of a new life for you,as you stand there together with love in your eyesfrom the moment you whisper, "I Do."And, with luck, all your hopes and your dreams can be realmay success find its way to your hearts,tomorrow can bring the greatest of joysbut today is the day it all starts. Arieanna & Ianiv, you have chosen to be partners in life, to trust and respect each other, to laugh and cry together, and to love & cherish each other through good times and bad. Arieanna... Ianiv... today you open your hearts to each other, now and forever. Please turn to face each other and answer this question… Will you, Ianiv, unite your life with Arieanna’s life? Will you honour her, support her, challenge her, and stand with her all your days?         (I will) Will you, Arieanna, unite your life with Ianiv’s life? Will you honour him, support him, challenge him, and stand with him all your days?         (I will) Today Ianiv & Arieanna will embark upon a marriage and a life together. Ianiv, take Arieanna's hand. As you have given your hand, so have you given your heart and life to the other to keep. We will now witness as you share your vows. I, Ianiv, promise to take you[...]

Wedding Procession

Wed, 05 Apr 2006 14:43:55 -0800

We had a very non-traditional wedding, and thus a non-traditional wedding processional. We didn't have a large wedding party, nor did we have any children as party of the wedding. It was a short procession, but we added moments that made it more than just walking down the aisle.

Here is how it went:

Enter Ariel (officiant)
Enter Ianiv
Enter Grandmothers
Grandmothers hug Ianiv
Seat Grandmothers
Enter Grandfathers
Seat Grandfathers
Enter mothers
Mothers hug Ianiv
Mothers move off to the side
Enter Leora & Eugene
Enter Tamara & Josh
Pause - change music
Enter Arieanna
Arieanna pause then walk
Mothers return to side of aisle
Mothers hug Arieanna
Mothers seat
Arieanna meets Ianiv

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