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Bail Bond Sacramento – 3 Simple Steps of the Bail Bond Process

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If you (or someone you know) are ever arrested, you may need to get a bail bond.  Sacramento County has a legal system that allows bail bonds and this information can help you if you are considering hiring a bail bond agent in Sacramento, CA.What Is Bail?In Sacramento, CA, bail is an important part of the legal system that allows people who have been charged with a crime to stay out of jail while they go through the court process.  Bail is a set amount of money that is posted as a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court.What Is A Bail Bond?Bail can be posted in the form of money or property.  It can also be posted in the form of a surety bond (also known as a bail bond), which is issued by a bail bondsman.  A bail bondsman in Sacramento typically receives 10% of the total bail amount, and agrees to take responsibility for the total bail amount.  Because of this risk, the bail bondsman gets to keep the up-front 10% fee whether the defendant appears in court or not.How Do Bail Bonds Work?The court determines the amount of bail necessary for the defendant to be released from jail.  According to California law, a licensed Sacramento bail bond company can issue a bond, which is a form of insurance, which guarantees that the full bail amount will be paid to the court if the defendant doesn't show up.Bail bond companies in Sacramento charge what's called a premium, which is a percentage of the total bail amount.  This premium is usually 10%, but can sometimes be less, when allowed by law.  For example, if a private attorney refers their client to a Sacramento bail bond company, the client might be eligible for a discount.  Discounts may also be available to union workers, as well as active and retired military personnel.The Sacramento Bail Bond ProcessA professional bail bond company in Sacramento will be able to walk you through the bail bond process, but here are the basics:1. The bail agent will ask for some basic information so they can make a decision regarding the risk of issuing the bail bond.Some examples include:- Where is the defendant in custody?- What are they being charged with?- How long have they lived at their current address?- Do they have a job?2. Clients will then need to arrange payment and fill out all necessary paperwork, including:- The bail bond application- The co-signer agreement (when applicable)3. Once the paperwork is completed (and payment has been made) the Sacramento bail bond company will post bail and the defendant will be released.If you are ever in need of a bail bond in Sacramento, be sure to call a licensed bail bond agent who can help you with the bail bonds process and get you (or someone you love) out of jail as quickly as possible.These 3 steps in the bail bonds process can be simple, but they aren’t always easy.It’s important to work with a licensed bail bond agent who is experienced with the bail bond process in Sacramento.For a free, confidential consultation with an experienced bail bond agent in Sacramento, please visit: Bail Bond Sacramento[...]