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Important Advice When Sourcing Wholesalers

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 22:33:27 GMT

So, if you were looking for glass pipes you've come to the right place, but firstly I want to talk about something that's crucially important when it comes to wholesale glass pipes that you need to know!

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Actually, I'll be straight up, it's not something you need to know about glass pipes, but it's something you need to know in general about wholesalers!

You need to do your research! And, you need to not be so stupid because after all, a little commonsense actually goes a long way when it comes to sourcing wholesale goods! - A good rule of thumb to go by is, if it looks too good to be true it probably is!

Now, I'm not somebody who likes to be a buzz kill, after all I love a bargain and I love excitement, and I'm definitely not a sceptical person, I will always look at the good things and what it could be, rather than saying it'll never work, or it's rubbish etc etc.

Looking at things with a "it looks to good to be true" attitude is exactly what you need though when it comes to wholesale goods and that is because it's true! Nobody is going to give you an Apple Ipad for 50% of it's retail price, it's just not going to happen! The only way you'll get products that are massively reduced is if they are either fake, or you buy them in huge bulk, however most people starting off can't afford to do this, it's too risky unless you're dealing directly with the manufacturer and generally even if you do buy in massive bulk from the manufacturer unless it's clothes that are 2 seasons old or in dodgy sizes you'll never get a massive % cut off the retail price, it just won't happen.

So, without killing your hopes and dreams here because that's not what I'm about, you need to know that it's important to look at things with a realistic scope when sourcing products!

Now that we've got the boring things out of the way, let's talk about the benefits though! Wholesalers are about because they have a lot of products they want to sell to you, but they don't want to be the ones who have to deal with putting it in front of the customer! That's not what they do, they give you (the retailer) the products so that you can deal with the customers and sell it all, they just provide it at a good price and understand / accept that you'll sell it for more to make your profit, that's the whole point, after all you're going to by 500 t-shirts, or 1000 mugs for yourself are you!

Getting back to wholesale glass suppliers they are like anything else, you have to treat them seriously and make sure you do your research! Ask yourself whether they have a professional website, customer service, contact line, address details, if they have these then you should consider doing business!

The most important thing is actually getting on the phone or email and contacting them, make sure you ask them about their products, check where they originally sourced them from, check that they are genuine legitimate products because if you don't you could find yourself getting sued by the original legitimate company for copyright! - I've been there accidently and you really don't want to go down that route because it's not nice, even though it's not your fault you'll end up having to pay a lot of money back to the company who makes the legitimate product and it won't be a good experience!

So baring everything in mind, if you want to find wholesale glass pipes that you can get at a quality price from a legitimate wholesaler, I highly recommend checking out the website listed below, it's professional and may just be exactly what you are looking for: Wholesale Glass Pipes

How To Pick A Good Wholesaler

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 17:39:27 GMT

Are you a wholesaler looking for quality wholesale glass pipes? Great, this article will talk about what you need to look for when it comes to wholesalers and how you can make the most out of your business by making sure you choose a legitimate, high quality wholesaler who can deliver nothing less than high quality, good value products!

Firstly, let's talk about why it's important to seek out quality wholesalers and not necessarily go with someone just because they are cheap! - You need to know that although cheap products will help you be more profitable, unless they are genuine legitimate products then they could get you in a lot of trouble, just by being stupid!

I was stupid once, in fact I started looking to source goods from wholesalers so I could sell them on at a profit, it actually happened a couple of times, firstly I lost money because I chose a wholesaler that was just a pure scammer!

That was very annoying, I ended up dishing out money to somebody and I never received any goods, I mean they were listed on a professional wholesale website (which I won't mention for legal reasons) yet I still ended up getting in trouble and losing money!

What kind of so called, "professional" listing sites let's scammers be a part of their community and active wholesalers? It made me very angry but even still, I didn't want to give up, I knew that if I could find some quality wholesalers then I'd soon be on my way to running a profitable business!

I tried again, and this time I thought I had found a good wholesaler! They were offering a very well known high quality brand of hair straightners (I won't mention the brand again for legal reasons) yet me not knowing a great deal about them decided I'd purchase them to sell on for a profit!

I figured that these were a very well known brand that I knew there was a demand for, I'd done the research , found the demand and now I'd even found the product that I could sell on and take the profit for! It seemed like the perfect scenario, but even still... I hadn't done enough research!

I later found myself being contacted by legal firms because this major brand was sueing me! I was completely shocked, I mean, even though I had the great idea (which I thought would work) of selling these on for a profit, I hadn't even sold any, or bought any from the wholesaler, yet I was still being sue'd! - I had no idea how it all worked considering I had never even purchased or sold a pair, yet I was still in the wrong apparently!

We later got it all resolved, but only because of a few certain circumstances which allowed me to get off without paying anything (it was due to my age, I was too young to be held responsible, and for the amount of money that was due, they decided to forget it, and just give me a warning!)

The made me realize that even though I thought I was being good, and doing my research I still wasn't making sure I was using good providers! Now, instead of going through a service which lists providers of goods, I like to find my own wholesalers and go to their actual website!

No matter how good a listing website says it's security measures are, scam people will still get in, so it's essential that you go to the actual website and find out for yourself!

Okay, so getting back to the point you MUST source your wholesalers properly and go with people who really can help you get quality cheap products! - To do this, you need to check out their main website!

Take a look at our example here: Wholesale Glass Pipes

Wholesale Glass Pipes - Important Information

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 16:06:31 GMT

If you're looking for wholesale glass pipes then it's important that you find a good provider! It's one thing knowing how to actually market your business and make it a success, but if you don't have the right goods provider then you'll soon start to have problems!

When it comes to choosing a wholesaler and in this case someone who can provide wholesale glass pipes you must ensure that you pick somebody who can provide a quality service! If you pick the wrong person you could get scammed out of a lot of money!

In fact it's extremely important to pick the right person not necessarily because you won't receive the goods, but you might receive goods that aren't the correct goods! In my personal experience I once found that I purchased goods from a wholesaler and they ended up being false goods!

They were actually illegal replicas!

I ended up getting sued because of this even though it was not really my fault! I mean sure I did find the wholesaler but he told me that the goods were genuine when in fact they weren't! I should have had a specialist look at the goods to really verify it, however being young I didn't think it through properly and ended up having legal documents sent to my house!

It was scary to say the least but it was more annoying than anything, the fact that these scammer wholesalers were out there and actually getting away with it was pure annoying!
So, let's not get into the details too much, it's important to realize that there are bad people out there who are looking to scam you over, the best thing is to realize that there's no such things as really cheap goods!

It's easy to start believing that you can get truly cheap goods but you can't if they are actually genuine, because no matter what people say you won't get an apple ipod for 50% of it's retail price, it's just not going to happen is it, so when some random wholesaler tells you they can do this, don't believe them, you'll only save yourself the stress and pain you'd later receive from losing money and possibly even being sued!

Back to the subject of wholesale glass pipes, there are some great providers out there but like anything else you've got to do some research and check that their supplies are genuine! You can usually tell a lot of this by their website, do they have a proper contact details, a legitimate payment processor and legitimate terms and conditions pages? - Check all of these things out and you'll soon see how important it is to make sure that they have all of these things in place, if you don't you'll soon end up paying the price!

If you'd like to look at a great wholesale glass pipes provider who can really deliver excellent value, top customer service and most of all help you make your business even more profitable thanks to great rates you should consider checking out the following link: Wholesale Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes 4 Wholesale - Wholesale Review

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 14:58:41 GMT

This article is the first of many which will discuss wholesale items, the importance of seeking professional wholesalers and give reviews on what to look for.

The first article is reviewing Glass Pipes 4 Wholesale, a online wholesale company who specialise in wholesale glass pipes.

Glass Pipes 4 Wholesale have a very professional looking website which is nicely laid out so that anyone can easily navigate through the various pages of glass pipes that are available, they specialise in many different glass pipes including herb grinders and dugouts.

When it comes to wholesale glass pipes or any wholesale item it is very important to research the company to ensure that they are legitimate, unfortunately many wholesalers now can be shady companies who don't provide legitimate items, this in turn puts the retailer who sells the items to the public at a great risk of being sued by the original manufacturer of the product.

This is not an uncommon case and many companies have pusued even small time retailers who have been selling counterfeit goods even though they did not realise they were counterfeit because the wholesaler had told them they were genuine!

It comes down to a few simple yet highly important things, firstly you must research the wholesaler as we have already said to ensure that they are legitimate and next you need to make sure that they wholesaler is providing genuine goods, often a wholesaler will be very good and have a great customer service and support line and even be very quick at delivering the products however if they are not genuine they you could be in big trouble.

Glass Pipes 4 Wholesale are a good example of what a quality website looks like, for more information please read the rest of the articles we have and look out for similar articles coming soon, to check out the wholesaler we have been talking about here, go to their official website here: Wholesale Glass Pipes