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RSS feeds for Associated Press News


I like reading news from Associated Press, but rather than using their website I'd prefer to use RSS feeds. The problem is I can't find any RSS feeds nowhere on their website.

The only things I found using search engine was this cryptic link. It does have a list of feeds indeed, but they don't work properly - each post has invalid link which redirects to the main page.

I contacted Associated Press, but they didn't reply me.

Does somebody know how to obtain a proper working RSS feed for AP? I can't believe such a huge professional news organisation wouldn't have RSS feed for their site...

How are things from my friends selected to appear in my news feed?


I want more insight into how Facebook decides what to show in my news feed. For instance, for one of my friends, I cannot see in my news feed (NOTE: the "Show in news feed" option is indeed enabled and set to "All Updates" for this friend):

  • When she becomes friend when someone
  • When she is tagged by someone
  • When she likes something
  • When somebody else writes on her wall

But I can see in my news feed posts made by her that are not public. Also, I know that she is active since I can see that she has been tagged recently and I can see the posts made by others if I go look directly to her wall. I also know that she sometimes "likes" things because if I go to some particular photos, I can see her name appear among the people who liked it. It's just that it never appeared on my news feed.

How does that work?

Restrict Google News search to United States publications


I have created a Google News feed to display on a website. It's inexplicably giving me hits from other countries. Here is the RSS feed code I have tried:

The Google Search folklore I have found variously recommends

  • gl=us
  • ned=us
  • cr=countryUS

But I'm getting extraneous hits, such as:

Is there something I can add or fix so that I don't get news items from publications outside the US?

The following doesn't give me the international hits I don't want:

Why not?

Horizontal scroll bar in Facebook news feed (homepage)


See this screen shot before reading further...


I am having this annoying horizontal scroll bar in my Facebook news feed (home page) from last 3-4 days. This is happening only in the news feed (home page) and only in Chrome browser (latest version in Windows 10). Moreover, I have found it only in this URL but not in It also disappears in any other page (like profile or settings page) or in any other browser. I have double checked my browser's setting, updated it, magnification set to be 100%, PC's resolution is also perfect and also tried clearing cookies. Nothing helped. It looks like some Facebook script is damaged or something gone wrong in Chrome. It's just too annoying! I am just getting curious to know if it is in my browser or something has gone wrong at Facebook's side or if there is any solution? (This scroll bar is always there even when not in inspect element mode.)

How to view older stories in Facebook news feed? [Add Friends to See More Stories]


The problem:

  • View Facebook news feed
  • Scroll down the page
  • "Infinite scroll" loads about 100 posts (10 days)
  • No more posts are shown, instead a box titled "Add Friends to See More Stories" is shown

It appears to be impossible to go back further in time. In other words, Facebook seems to limit the number of posts that you can view. This has been a problem I've seen for 6 months or longer. In my current case I haven't checked Facebook for about 3 months, so only being able to see 10 days worth of past posts is not useful.

I've tried using F.B. Purity and Social Fixer, and using a completely clean browser profile, and switching between but Most Recent and Top Stories, and the problem still occurs. The number of friends doesn't seem to be relevant since users with 4,000+ friends report the same issue.

Other users report the same problem:

but I cannot find any in-depth analysis of the problem online. This appears to be an artificial limit imposed by Facebook. Is there a workaround? Continuing to make calls to the "Infinite scroll" data source with the correct magic parameters will likely return older stories, but I have not tried to decipher the query format used for those calls.

In news feed "person X replied to a comment"—how do I see this comment?


Often, in my news feed I'll be greeted by something like this:


So I'm curious as to what my friend wrote. However, I don't want to scroll through 100s of comments, clicking on each one to try and find where my friends reply was. Is there a way to show this specific reply to a comment?

Facebook: don't show news from TV shows I "like" in my feed?


Can I "like" a TV show on Facebook but not see news from it in my News Feed?

I'm not interested in the news and just had an unseen episode spoiled from the show's own news feed item.

I've looked in the Facebook settings but did not find anything obvious to get rid of those feed items.

If nothing else works I'll just remove them from my "likes" entirely.

How to remove "[Friend] Liked this post" from my Facebook news feed?


In Facebook, I often have posts titled "Your friend liked this" and the thing they liked is from a page that I don't follow or interact with.

How can I stop Facebook from adding these types of posts into my feed?

Hide friends' page likes from newsfeed


I like seeing when my friends like a picture or video. However, I'm tired of seeing pages that they like. I could care less about that stuff. Is there a way to hide just the page likes?

How to hide out-of-range locations for LinkedIn news feed "jobs I may be interested in"?


I am a frequent user of LinkedIn, especially the news feed. The news feed includes activity updates from my network of contacts as well as LinkedIn suggestions about jobs I may be interested in. For instance, in the news feed, I see stories of the format:

FrobozzCo International posted a job you may be interested in: Senior Magic Widget Developer in The Great Underground Empire, Zork Universe.

If the location is too far away, I don't want to see such jobs cluttering my news feed. Is there a way to hide out-of-range job locations from LinkedIn's "jobs I may be interested in" suggestion generator?

Specifically, I need to know the preference setting for "Don't show me jobs that aren't within __ km of ______"?

Clarification: These recommendations are for jobs at companies I am not following on LinkedIn.

Watch commits made to followed GitHub repositories in the dashboard


GitHub allows users to "watch" and "star" repositories. But neither of these buttons gives me an option to follow pushes to these repos that would appear in my news feed - GitHub homepage when I'm logged in.

In my newsfeed, I now only have pushes to my repositories and forks/stars of users I follow. I want to see if someone makes a commit to my favourite framework etc.

Sharing "Likes" with friends


If my son is tagged in a photo (who I am friends with) by one of his other Facebook friends that I am not a friend of and I like the photo, is there a way to get it to show up on my other Facebook friends' news feeds so they can see the photo of my son?

Hide group activity from Facebook feed?


How do I make it so that the activities I do on a certain group (or all the groups if the former isn't plausible) hidden, in that, it doesn't show up on my friends' news feed? I don't own or run the groups so I don't have control over their group types (Public, Private, Close).

How to see pages I have hidden from appearing in my Facebook newsfeed?


My friends share a lot of quotes from random pages. It kind of clutters up my timeline and its annoying. So on the post I tap on the small down arrow and click on Hide all from page name.

Now I want to see which all pages I have hidden from appearing in my newsfeed. How can I do that?

On my Android phone I went to News Feed Preferences, but it shows tabs of Summary, People, Pages & Groups. Under these tabs I only see statistical figures of how many posts I have seen of a friend.

How to prevent my post showing on the Newsfeed?


I posted an old video on my Facebook, but I don’t want others to know I posted it, so I hid it from my timeline. However, I found out that the post is still showing in the newsfeed. I just don’t want people to know I have posted that video, but I want anyone to watch it if they somehow click on my album.

Is this possible?

Google Reader as a platform, for commercial use? [closed]


I am building a small news aggregation service where in it collects news from some 1600 sources across the web and analyses the retrieved articles. (I only fetch rss feeds.) In this regard, I want to use Google Reader as a platform. Meaning, My application fetches all the feedentries from a single source(Google Reader account) and my Google Reader account collects the feedentries from the 1600 sources I subscribe to. Can I use Google Reader for commercial usage like this? I have already raised a question in Google Reader forums and looking for an answer. If anyone here have used Google Reader for a similar usage, please let me know.

How to mass remove all friends updates in news feed in Facebook


I just want to clean my Facebook news feed and start from crash adding my friends back.

What is the fastest way can I remove all friends from news feed?

How do I remove a friend from my Facebook news feed?


I don't want one of my friend's content to appear in my Facebook news feed. How do I remove it? I tried clicking the arrow button and "removing from feed" but it still shows in my feed daily!

I even doubled check this. If I click on the "Friends" button on their main page, it says "Show in news feed" unchecked. But it still shows! What gives?

Where to find are all the Prismatic ( keyboard shortcuts


Found really nice automatic news agregator service I’m a keyboard centric user, and there are shortcuts on Prismatic website like greader’s j/k for next/previous and etc. But what are all the shortcuts? Can you show where is the list of them?

Facebook - Likes and comments not showing up in news feed; Photos tab is not visible to everyone


My likes and comments are not showing up in my newsfeed (after days). The Photos tab is not visible to everyone.

Here are my privacy settings:

Account -> Privacy Settings -> Connecting on Facebook - View Settings -> "See your likes, activities and other connections" = "Everyone"

Account -> Privacy Settings -> Customize Settings -> "Posts by me" "Default setting for posts, including status updates and photos" -> Everyone

Account -> Privacy Settings -> Customize Settings -> "Edit privacy settings for existing photo albums and videos" -> Photo Albus -> Everyone

Newsfeed -> Most Recent -> Edit Options -> All of your friends and pages -> Edit Options -> Hide posts from >

Apps (left hand column of Home page) -> "To control how your friends see your activity, click here" -> Info accessible through your friends -> [Boxes checked] "Bio," "Interested in," "My photos," "My links," "My notes," "Activities, interests, things I like"

(Note that I did not select "status updates" in the Apps setting. Facebook documentation says "status updates" are exclusively that - you used that named function to post an update - it's not likes, comments, photos, etc.)

How does Facebook determine what the Top News is?


Anyone know what algorithm Facebook uses to determine what to show me as Top News in the News Feed? Many times I see items there that are quite old, and not particularly interesting. Is there any way to help Facebook (via Like, for instance) determine what is Top News from my perspective?

How to show someone who you previously marked for Facebook to hide from yours news feed


I previously marked someone for Facebook to hide from my news feed - how can I undo that process and see their updates in my news feed?

Does "Hide this Post" train Facebook?


Facebook now has an option to hide individual posts? Does this train Facebook as to which posts are interesting?

How can I filter my FaceBook news feed to a specific application?


For example, suppose I wanted to see all the recent news-feed entries for mafia wars. Is there a way to filter your feed down to a specific application?

I can do this using the Facebook iPhone app client, but haven't figured out a way to do it in the browser interface to the site.