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Upcoming Events – Be There, or Be Square

Mon, 30 Sep 2013 21:03:54 GMT

If you had recently dropped by our Events page, you will see that there are quite a few listings up there and you may have heard from our social chatter that over the next few months we've got some mighty hefty plans. Today, I'd like to take a moment and tell you about all the neat stuff we've got coming up and how you can get involved.  Chat Nights We've decided that we're going to start hosting scheduled chat nights. While our chat rooms are always open and always accessible, it's not very often that you go into them to find other folks in there (yet, anyways). To combat this issue, we're hosting special nights that you can come in and be sure that at least one person will be there to talk. Plus, it's a great way to connect with our members and learn something you may not have known already. Each of these chats happen once a week, on the same night and at the same time in the same place, so here's what you can expect over the next little while! Members Mondays - Mondays @ 8 PM If you’re a member of Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, join us in the General Chat every Monday at 8:00 PM MST to discuss topics that are important to our members, get first-hand updates from the administrator and put your two cents in on the progression or our site. And, just have fun getting to know our other members! Sex Blogger Chat - Wednesdays @ 8 PM Do you like sex? What about blogging? Do you write about sex? What about blog about it? Basically, if you blog about sex, or consider yourself to be a sex blogger, you are more than welcome to join us in the General Chat every Wednesday at 8:00 PM MST! Make connections with other sex bloggers, share advice and suggestions and enjoy the company of like-minded people.   Fridays @ Home - Fridays @ 6 PM This is just a free-chat all night long, whenever you want to join, whenever you want to leave. If you’re at home on a Friday night and feel like chatting with other members, come on in to the General Chat whenever you’d like after 6:00 PM MST on Fridays and someone will be there. The Erotic Writers Group The Erotic Writers Group, both on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous and Google+, is hosting a variety of events in the coming months. Here's what we've got coming up: Hangouts Are Back! The Erotic Writers Group hosts a hangout every Tuesday at 9:00 PM MST, called Tuesday Topics, in which we discuss topics that matter to erotic writers. This is a live broadcast event and you are welcome to join us either by watching or broadcasting live with us.  Next Hangout(s): October 1st, 2013 - Setting the Scene (Ep. 6) October 8th, 2013 - Writing for the Season (|Ep. 7)   The Erotic Writers Group Chat Night You've already heard about the other chat nights we'll be hosting, The Erotic Writers Group will be hosting their own chat night every Saturday at 8:00 PM MST. This will give us a chance to recap past hangouts, generate ideas for upcoming hangouts and continue discussions about erotica in real-time. Join us in The Erotic Writers Group Chat Room to participate.   Writing Challenges/Exercises We're hoping by November to be in full-swing with our Writing Challenges. We're still hashing out the details for these particular events and you are more than welcome to leave your suggestions about them in the comment box below, but if you'd like to learn more about what you can expect in the coming months, you can check out Challenge Central for more information. Again, all this is still massively in planning stages, so give us some more time to bring you even more details. Other Upcoming Events By January 2014, we're hoping to have all of the events that we will be hosting online up and running. Here's a few of the other ones that we've got in the works or in the planning stages. Again, if you have suggestions or would like to help run these events, please don't hesitate to leave your comments or get in touch with us! The Everyday Orgasm Challenge The Big "O" group had asked a few months ago [...]

3 BDSM Android Apps We Want to Try

Mon, 2 Sep 2013 20:25:44 GMT

Nowadays, it seems like the whole world has cellphones or tablets or other mobile devices to bring with them everywhere and it only makes sense that we should have applications dedicated to providing us with leisurely pleasures. Today, I searched for BDSM-related apps on Google Play and while most of them consist of galleries of photos, videos or erotic stories, these 3 Android apps are sure to spice up your bedroom play.


We have not personally tried any of these apps ourselves, but would like to give them a try and see what they're all about.

  1. (image) BDSM Master

    This app is a random punishment generator, which also includes a built-in vibrator! It has recently been updated to allow you to add your own punishments and it also allows you to add safewords - so that if people aren't comfortable, they can let you know! It even has a dictionary with over 100 terms related to BDSM.

    Get the App!
  2. Maledom BDSM Game

    If you're the Dominant partner and you identify as male, then you can use this app to help you come up with ideas during sessions. At each level, there are six possibilities and the app will randomly pick two options for you. You choose how you proceed in this dominating game.

    Get the App!

  3. Femdom BDSM Game

    This is almost the exact same app as the one above, except this is for the Dominant partners that identify as female. The "gameplay" is almost exactly identical and the biggest thing that has changed is the color. However, the way you input your name is different than the app above.

    ​Get the App!

As I said before, there are many more apps on Google Play for all sorts of spicy bedroom (and not the bedroom) fun, but these are the ones that are BDSM specific that we found. Have you ever used any of these before? What were your thoughts on it? Do you use other kinky apps on your devices? Leave your comments below and let us know!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Interesting Facts About Blogs

Thu, 22 Aug 2013 03:00:45 GMT


Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

First–Ever Google Glass Porn

Fri, 2 Aug 2013 03:45:00 GMT

As we've recently bragged, we are huge fans of Google products in general, so it only makes sense that we are eagerly awaiting the release of Google Glass by watching beta users experiment with the product. If you don't know what Google Glass is, we strongly advise you to join the 21st Century, and find out more about what this wicked thing is and if you can't understand the awesomeness of it, well I'll explain it to you later!

Anyways, we were delighted today to stroll over to one of the fan pages we follow on Facebook, the Museum of Sex (yes, it's a real thing and yes, our first travel destination will be to it - that and the LA&M...), and they shared a great link with us. Featuring James Deen and Andy San Dimas, the first-ever professionally made Google Glass porn.

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="" width="640">

Did you love this video as much as we did? And when Google Glass comes out, are you getting one? Are you looking forward to the new frontier of POV porn? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Google Chrome Users: Extensions of Interest

Tue, 23 Jul 2013 21:52:00 GMT

As a huge fan of Google in general, it only makes sense that a better majority of the time, I choose to use Google products. So it will come as no surprise that as soon as Google Chrome was released to the public, I had it. Over the years, I have converted many fellow computer users to the ways of Chrome, simply by discussing my favorite feature - the Omnibox! But, another feature that I simply cannot get enough of is the extensions offered by Google Chrome. I have seriously had to limit the amount I'll let myself have because I am often tempted to just get all the ones that sound interesting. Today, I'd like to highlight some of the extensions I use, specifically for blogging purposes. Google Black Bar As a fan of Google products, this extension is wonderful. I can access all of my favorite products with ease. I can see a listing of my most recent documents created in Google Drive, I can see all my events for Google Calendar and I can even access things like Webmaster Tools and my Analytics. It's much better than having to visit Google and then click on their products from the black bar at the top, because I can do it without ever having to leave the page I'm on. Oh, and did I mention that it opens the product in a new window!   Screen Capture Definitely not the most advanced screen capture extension available, but a really easy-to-use product. Most of the screenshots that you'll find on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous were created using this extension. There are many more advanced ones available, which you can search for here and I'd love to see other's suggestions. When it comes to sharing links on Twitter, I absolutely and always have loved Now that I can organize my links once I've shortened them, I love even more. It's really quick and really easy to use and is perfect for sharing your links, just shortened.   Google+ Notifications If you're on Google+, this extension will literally save your life. I get up to the minute notifications when someone mentions me, I can manage what will show up here and I find myself clicking on it, even when I don't have any notifications at all as an easy way to access the site (even though I have links to it everywhere else too...).   Diigo Web Highligher and/or Evernote   Diigo Web Highlighter Evernote Web Clipper I'm putting these ones together, because I'll often use them in tandem. Don't ask me why I do it, because I've never been able to figure it out. These are also two extensions that I don't typically use on a regular basis. I did at one time, but found that the more I used them, the harder of a time I had actually getting something done. I would just rack up a lot of stuff that I had to read later, which I often didn't want to do... But, when you're looking to curate content for a post and want to remember why you did it, these two tools will let you do just that! So, for all the Chrome users or Google lovers out there, which extensions are you using and why? If you're using another browser, such as Firefox, do you use any add-ons that are really useful to bloggers? Did you previously not know of any of the extensions above but might consider using one now? Which one? Let us know in the comments below or follow the discussion on Facebook. [...]

5 Ways to Get Inspired for Your Next Erotic Story

Fri, 14 Jun 2013 06:56:29 GMT

Sometimes, whether we like to admit it or not, erotic writers can easily get stuck on a story and sometimes, it seems like an impossibility to get out of the rut. In The Erotic Writers Group, we're often talking about how to stay inspired and where to get help when you can't write anymore and how to unblock yourself and our members have come up with a ton of great ideas. In our Google+ Community, our members have offered up the following 5 suggestions to keep you inspired while trying to hash out your next erotic masterpiece. Be sure to leave your comments below with your thoughts and ideas! The Erotic Writers Group or Community I know that it seems like shameless self-promotion, but I'm telling you, this group inspires me every single day. Whether you're connecting through the group on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous or joining through our Google+ Community, you're sure to find inspiration, get ideas and discover motivation. You can expect to see other people's stories, resources other members are using to write and you can even see how other's are staying inspired.   Writing Challenges Many of the erotic writers in our Google+ Community have, at one time or another, participated in a writing challenge. From theme-based challenges to word-limit challenges and even flash fiction challenges, our members have expressed that it's really a great way to stay inspired and it's also a great way to practice your skills. What seems to stand out most for our members where writing challenges are concerned, is that the restrictions and limitations of writing challenges are often times the greatest motivation.   Writing Engines Recently, we came across a site called Seventh Sanctum, which is a great tool for getting inspired for new stories. Seventh Sanctum can offer up plot lines, character details, location ideas and much more. If you're ever feeling stumped, even just strolling through this site can be great practice. As our members pointed out to us after we posted this link, there's a lot more where that came from. This is just one example of a huge variety of sites which cater to random generation of story ideas.   Reading Erotica Some of our members liked this idea and others weren't so fond of it. As writers, we can often be incredibly critical of our own writing and will always think every once else's is better than ours. You need to be in a good place to get inspired by this. Pick something outside of your particular writing style, out of your niche. Dissect it if you have to, and learn what you can improve. Take note of the parts that really touch you. But mostly, just enjoy it! Enjoy the reading, get lost in the story, find inspiration.   Walk Away One of the biggest pieces of advice that all our writers have given or received at one time or another, is that if you're ever feeling at all like you just can't write anymore of this particular story and you can't figure anything out and your mind is just jumbled over it... Walk Away! You'd be amazed what can happen just by forcing yourself to not think about it. Go for a walk, watch a movie, take a nice hot bath or have some vigorous mind-numbing sex. You may just discover how your story is going to progress when you're not looking for it.  Of course, these are only a few of the ways that you can stay inspired and motivated to get your next story out. How do you stay inspired? Do you use any of the methods on this list or do you do something else entirely? Share the ways you get inspired in the comments below! [...]

The New Site!

Mon, 10 Jun 2013 02:23:58 GMT

If you've been away for awhile and recently come back to the site, you may have noticed a few changes. We've been working tirelessly on upgrading and updating our site. There are still a few tweaks here and there that need to be made and we're still open to your suggestions, but for the most part, it is done! Can I just say... It's about time!! So, let's take a look at all the things that have changed and I'll let you know how this whole thing is working now. If you haven't read the post "What We're Planning for Summer/Fall 2013" yet, you might want to. NEW NAVIGATION You may have noticed the new navigation menu. If you're already a member, that page will be your landing page and the first thing you see. Clicking on Share or Connect will show you the respective features in those categories and the store... SOCIAL STORE You can now sell your products, e-files and services in our Social Store and it doesn't cost you a cent! All you need is a PayPal account and you can easily add files to be downloaded after purchase is complete, preview images and lots more!   UPLOAD VIDEOS You've asked for it and we've listened! You can now upload videos up to 15 minutes long, as long as they don't exceed 500 MB. Videos can easily be shared on Facebook and Twitter, feature a fully-intergrated comment system and can be added to categories to help users find them.   VIDEO CHAT ROOMS Come join in the video chats happening now! And if you're a member of The Erotic Writers Group, you can join the chatroom specifically for erotic writers. Check out the scheduled chat nights and do a ton of stuff directly in the chatrooms.   TWO NEW AWESOME PAGES Okay, really, there's more than two new pages, but these are the two that you need to know about! First, the Already a Member page. If you've logged in, you've already seen it! Here are all the links that are important to you. Easily begin adding blog posts, joining groups and checking out our events and also quickly navigate to your inbox and update your status! It's all right there!   Then, the See What's New! page. If you want to find out what's been happening around the site while you've been away, check out this page to see all the newest videos, the most recent member activity and even get a glimpse at our newest members!   THE SKYSA BAR Now at the bottom of your screen, you'll notice a cute little bar with some awesome options. On the left-hand side, you've got quick links to our main features, you can check us out on Facebook and Twitter without ever leaving the page your currently on, when we've got important announcements they'll pop up for you and finally, you can see our latest posts on Updates from the Head Blog-A-Holic. On the right-hand side are all the sharing features of the site. Now you can like and tweet specific pages, +1 us on Google, share the images that you love on Pinterest and you can even click that cool sharing icon and get tons more options (including the ability to highlight the content you want to share!). On the topic of sharing...   NEW SHARING OPTIONS Previously on the site, we were only able to offer limited Facebook and Twitter sharing functionality on most of our features, but now we offer up a whole suite of places you can share your favorites on. New additions include Google+, Pinterest, Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr!   So now, I'd love to invite you to check out all the things that are totally brand new on the site and jump in wherever you feel comfortable. If you haven't become a member yet, you'll want to do that first, since some of these features are members only. And when you're done checking it all out, please give us some feedback and let us know what you think of the changes. If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to donate any amount using the box in the right sidebar -[...]

Updates from the Head Blog–A–Holic, Part 2

Sun, 24 Feb 2013 06:30:08 GMT

It's been a few months since we last updated everyone on what was happening around the site and our various external sources, so today I'd like to take a moment to let you know what we've been up to on Updates from the Head Blog-A-Holic and anything else special that I can think. Let's just jump straight into it, shall we? If you've missed these posts or group spotlights, now's the time to check them out! Posts You Can't Miss The Top 4 Places to Get Our Latest Find out the Top 4 social networking sites that you can use to stay connected with Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous and what you can expect from each of them. Currently, the list includes: Facebook Twitter Google+ And one more...   The Best of Our Tumblr Blog (1, 2 & 3) This is a continuing series on Updates from the Head Blog-A-Holic. Every couple of months, we'll show off some of the best images, videos and quotes that we've been sharing on the Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous Tumblr blog. These posts are definitely not safe for work!   #SpruzOwners - Resources, Tutorials and Modifiers, Oh My! As members of the #SpruzOwners group will know, we're trying to offer up the best resources, tutorials and tricks when it comes to owning and operating your Spruz-powered website (that's the platform that hosts Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous!). In this post, we'll introduce you to an awesome website that will guide you through creating your site and really getting the best possible looking and functioning website.   Participation Please! Not a member on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous but still really want to participate and get involved? This post will guide you on some of the rocking things you can do even when you aren't a member on the site. Groups in the Spotlight Groups created on Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous can easily be added to the Group Spotlight. Want your group featured in the spotlight? Simply fill out this simple and handy little form. Be sure to check out these awesome groups offering great discussions and events. The Blog Everyday Challenge Read Spotlight | Join Group Challenge and inspire yourself to blog every single day with The Blog Everyday Challenge group. We're on Google+, have a Twitter hashtag that you can follow and even offer some awesome products through the official store of Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous, Blog-A-Holic Designs. Our next challenge will be starting in July.   Not Getting My Kink On... Read Spotlight | Join Group If you're a kinkster in a vanilla relationship or a single kinkster who is not currently getting your kink on, this group offers a place to vent about the trials, celebrate the small things and as much support as one in this situation could need.   The Erotic Writers Group Read Spotlight | Join Group Erotic writers can gather and connect with other erotic writers in this group. Share your writing and be sure to check out our Google+ Community where the action is always super sexy and very tantalizing. So, now that you've gotten a little update, don't hesitate to wander over to Updates from the Head Blog-A-Holic and then come back to the site here and have a great time participating. Also, we're still looking for feedback and would love your input. Thanks for reading! [...]

All I Want For Christmas Is... Oral Sex

Mon, 24 Dec 2012 05:52:52 GMT


If all you want for Christmas this year is some good ole oral sex, share these videos!!



Fri, 21 Dec 2012 04:36:56 GMT

  Vagina Week!   I'm continually surprised about how little women know about their lady bits. So we're dedicating a whole week to that special place between your legs. Call it what you want pussy, beaver, whatever you please, but it is something that demands respect. It has been worshiped over the centuries, but somehow the mystical power it once had over people has been forgotten-- even to those who have them. People are so obsessed with breasts, but it's the vagina who should be the star.     The so called "Venus" figures, which predate the myth of Venus by a few thousand years, show how revered women were in early times. These voluptuous sculptures show women with large breast and hips and an accentuated vulva. Other, less womanly, parts like facial features, hands, and feet seem to be forgotten. Trace amounts of ocher have been found on the sculptures, which has long been the symbol for life since it is the same color of every girl's monthly friend. In an odd primordial way, these ancient people were more in touch with their body parts (all puns intended) then we are today. They had to be, since sex meant the survival of the species. It was more than just that though. Thanks to evolution, blessing women with a clitoris (an organ who's sole purpose is pleasure and men's ever sensitive penal appendage) we were brought closer together as a community with shared pleasure (which is a nice way to encourage the special cave person in your life to stick around for a while without bonking them on the head with a large stick.) By the time the ancient Greeks and Romans ideas about sex (and man's views of vagina's) had transformed. They had devised a for a word for lady parts, cunnus. Which translates to split vulva. We also have them to thank for the word cunnilingus which was actually used as a noun to describe the person who was pleasing the woman. Women were known to be very sexual beings. Evident in the creation of the alluring Aphrodite (which oddly enough means sea foam) a goddess of the more primal physical love and lust. Women's lady bits took center stage, albeit a little overshadowed by the Roman's obsession with cocks (how could we compete with penis wind chimes that supposedly warded off evil?)   The great Roman poet commonly known as Horace once said "Nam fuit ante Helenam cunnus taeterrima belli causa" which translate roughly to "for most of the war was caused by Helen's vulva" Blaming the whole Trojan war on Helen's nether regions. One of the many crazy emperors Elagabalus, rumored transvestite, once asked surgeons to cut a vagina into his body. One of the first documented cases of serious vagina envy. Not to be outdone, ancient Egyptians were obsessed with sex and sexuality. They painted murals about it everywhere. Including one that shows a woman masturbating with a clay pot. They also invented the first tampon made of softened papyrus. In an early form of gynecology they had a vaginal fumigator which was kind of like a neti pot for your vagina. You would fill it with healing herbs and water, heat it up until it started to vaporize, then stick it up your whoo ha. They also had the seductress of the ages, Cleopatra who could seduce a man wearing nothing but a carpet, which takes some serious skill. On the other side of the world when of the Chinese courts had ben wa balls made from ivory (and other fancy materials) to pleasure and strengthen their pelvic muscles. It seems there was an explosion of lady bit discovery. Sadly, as the dark ages began, much of the knowledge and confidence gained by women about their private areas was lost. Death during childbirth rose and wanting to be knowledgeable in the female body was considered a sin. Women were told they didn't want to be sexual beings. E[...]

Safe Sex

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 04:36:04 GMT

What is the purpose of safe sex? No babies? Well that's part of it, but also there are lots of things one can get from unprotected sex. It can be scary to look into it crabs, syphilis, AIDS, herpes. The list goes on and on. This long list shouldn't stop you from having a good time, but there are a few guidelines you should follow. For a start you should get tested to see if you have any stds. You might say to me but I know I don't have any. It's better to be safe than to be sorry. You can get std's without even having any nookie so you should make sure and also encourage your partner to be tested as well. Now you might say oh well that's all well and good but how can I do that with one night stands. That is when the lessons about forms of contraception comes in, condoms, female condoms, dental dams. these all help prevent getting an std from someone you want to go to town on. I think that is basic knowledge that most people know, but I have an added recommendation. Practice before you do it with anyone. The largest problem with all forms of sexual protection is not using it properly. Practice makes perfect. :) Before things get hot and heavy, set ground rules with your partner about what risks you're willing to take and which measures you'll take to protect yourselves and each other. For some super awesome tips on how to have this talk, take a look at Reid Mihalko's Safer Sex Elevator Speech   I think everyone knows the basics of condoms, maybe you're having issues about the size, the lube on them or whether you need to roll them over your balls or not. Education was sorely lacking within (at least my) public school sex ed class. There's a whole big world out there of contraception and STI prevention that you may want to consider before you start playing. There are an estimated 62% of American women ages 15 to 44 currently using some form of contraception. The good news is that birth control is now covered by your insurance as of August 2012 (Although some insurance companies may not allow this to go into effect until January 2013) The bad news is that the most common form of birth control in the US is sterilization. Contraception is usually thought of as a relatively new subject, but for centuries humans have created a few effective and a whole lot of very very ineffective methods. It seems that even in ancient times there was a strong desire to be able to have sex without the worry of children. The ancient Romans hit pay dirt when they discovered a plant known as Silphium. It was a plant related to fennel that was apparently a very effective birth control as well as being an aphrodisiac.             For 6 centuries they used it to prevent pregnancy and according to many scholars the effectiveness of the herb can be seen in the low birth rate during this time, even though it was a prosperous and peaceful time in which should have resulted in a lot more children. Unfortunately that magical herb was over harvested and went extinct. The Roman's greedy appetite for care free sex did not stop there. Many types of methods were used-- douching with vinegar and/or dipping your penis in vinegar, coitus interruptus (also known as the pull out method) and coitus obstructus (which is a method where pressure is put on the base of the testicle to block the flow of semen) were also common methods used throughout the centuries. Pig's intestines were used as an early form of a condom and it was suggested you soak it in warm milk first. Shots of mercury after sex was also supposed to prevent children. (Which it might do, but would also cause brain damage.) Another method is called a pessary which basically is something to block the cervix. The most popular pessary, made b[...]

Geeking Naked

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 04:35:23 GMT

Happy Halloween! Ah, Halloween. My favorite holiday! And not just cause of the candy. Halloween is day where you can become anyone you want, you can let out your inner sexy or you can act out your inner fantasies.   You know what the best part about Halloween is!?! Role play! I know that's what you were all thinking!   So, Ladies and Gents, don't throw away your Halloween costumes, you can get more than just candy!   This is a great time to broach the subject with your partner. Isn't dressing up in costumes childish and silly? My answer to that is of course it is silly but that's the point you laugh you have fun. Since when does sex have to be serious?   Or perhaps you are worried that if your partner wants you dress up as someone else that means they don't want you. My answer to that is: of course not.   Be confident! Really go for it!   You will be surprised how much fun it is. They aren't saying they want you to be Spiderman forever, just pretend for a night.   We're all human, and we're all attracted to different things. It doesn't make you a horrible person to want someone or something. Role play can get a bad name, because people tend to think of it in an extreme kind of way, like BDSM or a Furrie kind of way, and those can scare you off if they're not your bag.   Role playing can be as simple as picking up your significant other in a bar, as if you were strangers, or as complicated as the ropes course in the Circe De Solei. The best part is that you get to decide how far you want to go!   Some of you might say that you are not into this sort of thing. I would like to call bull on that statement. You might not be a furry but have you ever watched a movie and been really turned on by one of the characters? Are you turned on by the actor themselves (that you totally know personally) or are you turned on by how that actor portrays that character? If the answer is the former, well then congratulations to you for bedding Johnny Depp, (or whoever) but if it is the more likely answer of the latter, then you need to have a heart to heart with yourself and realize that you are totally in to people dressed up in costumes. (And quite frankly if you are dating an actor, you probably are into it anyway).   My point is that everyone is looking for ways to spicy up their love life. Even if you have the best sex ever if it's the same night after night it's going to get a bit same-y.   Maybe you've been thinking about role play for a while, but aren't sure how to let your partner know that you picked up the Indiana Jones hat and whip a few weeks back for them. Here's where to start. Go far away from the bed room, get a cup of coffee and have a nice rational discussion so that your partner can have the knee jerk reaction of, No, before they start thinking about how hot you might be in Leia's golden bikini.   So, let's play!   You don't have to be elaborate.   I recommend having a couple of accessories in a drawer by the bed for some impromptu role play. A bandana can turn you into a robber or a cowboy or you can tie it in your hair and be the farmer's daughter. Handcuffs can make you a cop. Want to be a superhero? Take a blanket and tie it around your neck as a cape. That's where your old Halloween costumes come in to play! Keep them around and use them for endless possibilities. Your sexy nurse costume from last year's office party is just begging to be worn for your partner. Any costume with the word sexy in the title is meant to be worn in the bedroom!   Improv is important here, there's no negation in role play. Roll with those punches! You're a mermaid? Sweet,  cuz I'm a pirate and I want some booty! [...]

Losing All Hope

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 02:02:40 GMT

A few weeks back, in my post 9 Things I've Learnt While Not Getting My Kink On..., I discussed all the things that I felt were important to maintaining a vanilla relationship while desperately craving that it were a kinky one. The big lesson I really wanted to point out was that hope and patience can carry a person a long way in a kinkless relationship.


But tonight, I've come to the conclusion, that I am beginning to lose that hope which is so important to the survival of this kind of relationship. Instead of hope, I feel defeated, lost and absolutely denied. I feel like we won't survive.

It's evident in my blog posts over the last couple of weeks too. First, my 26th birthday rolled around and more than anything, I would've loved a spanking for it. Didn't get that... Then, we had a major break-in. Both of us were too traumatized to have sex for the longest time. Finally,we had vanilla sex.

Then, I got propositioned to shoot some erotic photographs, something that has always been on my sexual to-do list. But because it was professional photographs and not taken by him, I guess, he automatically shot it down.

Today, I feel like seriously considering cheating, just to feel like I have some control over this body that is mine, this life that is mine. I feel hopeless and deprived. It's hard to not feel utter resentment towards him, even though that's not what I'm feeling so much as I am just outright defeat.

How do you possibly get through this?!?

Anatomical Tales: You must pass this test before initiating foreplay

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 22:16:56 GMT

I cannot believe some of the drivel men present, as fact, to young women new to online game playing. My latest discovery comes from a discussion board under "sex advice" :

"i had this internet friend who once told me that sometimes a woman can be so aroused that she dilates and her cervix opens up and the man can go inside the cervix...

do you think that is possible?

this man that said this had a lot of experience with different women and was of mature age, but he is not doctor, or anything.
so cervical orgasm is when my womb lifts up and my husband penetrates underneath it, but i'm sure if it's possible to dilate in a matter of hours that i would do it,.....?"

I have never understood how or why human females are content to have sex without knowing how their bodies work. The cervix does not dilate during orgasm. If we could then giving birth would be a quick roll in the hay with the mid-wife nearby!

Have fun and....Let's be Careful Out There,

Lady Mercy

Test Your Breast Knowledge with Truth or Fail!

Mon, 26 Nov 2012 05:24:56 GMT

One of our favorite programs to watch on YouTube is Truth or Fail. The premise, Hank Green (one half of the stellar vlogbrothers) gives you two facts - one is true, one is false. After he lays out the facts, you pick from two choices and you either get a "TRUTH", which makes you feel all bubbly and warm or you get a "FAIL" that reminds you just how much life really sucks!

Hank Green is apparently crossing into the dark-side of the web. First, he publishes Human Sexuality is Complicated, a video we highly recommend. Then, a Truth or Fail all about Breasts!! But, it gets better, because quite awhile back, he did one on penises ;)

Today, for your viewing pleasure, test your knowledge on mammaries.


Let us know your score in the comments below!

Geeking Naked–– The Erogenous Zone

Sun, 18 Nov 2012 04:10:53 GMT

Erogenous Zones     You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You are moving into a land of both shadow and substance; of things and ideas. You just crossed over into the erogenous zone(s)! (queue dramatic music)   If you took some time to talk to Sigmund Freud, he'd hasten to tell you that humans only have 4 stages of psycho-sexual development, and these stages of development correspond with the following erogenous zones: the mouth, the anus, and the genital region. "What?" asks everyone. Yeah... That's a scary story worthy of Halloween. This is one of the hardest subjects to discuss because although there are similarities, everyone's list of zones is unique and personal to them. What works for one person may not work for others. I find this subject is something people find very awkward discussing with their partners and it needn't be. You shouldn't find it insulting if a partner says to you "I don't like it when you pull my hair" or "hey could you slap my ass every once and awhile". They are just trying to help guide you to doing what feels best for them. To help with the communication, try making your comments sound more positive, instead of saying "I don't like it when..." say "You know what would be hot...?" To try to kick start that conversation and get people to touch each other in less obvious places we have compiled a list of body parts (other than the nether regions) to play around with. The nether regions are a heck of a lot of fun, but we will discuss them at a later date.               Here are 10 of the common (and not so common) erogenous zones: Hey if you're gonna ride my ass at least pull my Hair!               The scalp and hair are areas that are near and dear to my heart. I have a love hate relationship with my hair, it's long and curly and thick which is wonderful, but I have the most horrendous bed head. It goes all over the place and it never does what I want. My fiance would disagree, he thinks I look sexy when I just get out of bed (yeah, right) and he loves to play with it. Some of our most loving moments have been him brushing it out. I know that might not sound like that is a moment that will lead to a raucous good time, but it can. Running his fingers through my hair, rubbing my scalp, playfully scratching behind my ear, sneaking kisses and nibbles on my neck, grabbing a bit of hair or giving it a tug. Any of these can lead to a hot and steamy situation. Then, playing with my hair becomes less innocent. Pulling my hair back to expose my neck (Double Zone! Extra Points!) can be used to guide me and to rein me in, so to speak. Yes, hair pulling can be a rather common preference. Make sure you start out slow with a new partner though. You never know how much tugging a person really wants. Have you considered other techniques? Massaging the scalp, and just playing with hair can get your partner in the mood. Why do you think girls spend so much time on their hair? Kissy Lips         We bite them, suck them, paint them up and everyone likes a good snog, but no one ever seems to think of them for what they really are, which is a sexual organ in their own right. They should be paid proper attention to. Kiss, nibble, suck on them, give them a little bite, linger at that spot a while. The best thing about kissing is it kills 2 birds with one stone by stimulating both set of lips while leaving your hands free to grope the rest of each other. If you just spen[...]

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Tue, 6 Nov 2012 19:27:08 GMT

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