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Your Member Directory - Is it Public or Private?

Thu, 12 Apr 2018 12:23:00 -0500

Public directories are a great resource for networking

Public directories are a great resource for networking within an industry or region and will generate the most exposure for your members. However, not all organizations want to share their membership data with everyone. If your membership prefers networking as a benefit of membership, you can secure access based on active membership status. Or even lock down visibility to only the site administrators for complete privacy. 

Check out your options under Membership Settings to determine the right degree of access for your group.

And remind your members that they can opt of the member directory at any time by the selections in their personal profile.

Improve Membership Retention Rates with Auto-renewal

Thu, 12 Apr 2018 12:20:00 -0500

 Turn on the auto-renewal option on your website and remove the obstacle to membership renewal

Members will set up the auto-renewal feature upon joining or renewing to have their card charged at the end of the membership cycle, easily maintaining their membership status. Updates to the selected card or the subscription can be made directly from the member profile at any time.
Auto-renewal is currently available for websites using Stripe or as their merchant account.
Read more in our help-file about auto-renewal with Stripe

Finding the Sweet Spot on Membership Levels

Thu, 12 Apr 2018 12:11:00 -0500

Trying to balance the cost of membership against the benefits offered can be tricky.

It's why most associations offer multiple levels of membership, hoping to find one that fits a prospective member's objectives and budget. To find out if you are hitting the sweet spot of mutual value, look at the reports on your Tendenci website that provide insightful information about your membership.

Membership by Type 

See where the bulk of your members join. Should we add another level above the bottom tier with a slight price bump?


See where the money is coming from with a customizable invoicing report. Do we reduce overall membership dues but increase the membership price for events?

Members by Company

See if a few major corporations are being represented. Should we start a Corporate Membership campaign that includes event sponsorship?

What Do You Want in Your Website?

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 15:30:00 -0600

View in browser Pro Tip: Don't forget about our Help Files!  They are there for you.  Is your question missing?  Let us know.   View Help Files  Contact us! Hey Tendenci Users At Tendenci, we are always striving to make your lives easier and increase you organization's revenue through your Tendenci Site. We want to help out more. Please share your feedback about the Tendenci Platform and how we can do better! Best Website EVER! Fill Out Our Brief Survey  We want your feedback about how to improve the Tendenci platform.  Let us know what you think... and maybe the changes you request in our survey will be made on the Tendenci platform for all users.  (Click below)   The Survey!!! Thank you for being part of the Tendenci community Want to chat about your organization's unique needs?  You can reach out to our team anytime!  Here's the best way to reach us Copyright © 2017 Tendenci, All rights reserved. Don't want to receive these emails? unsubscribe from this list  [...]

Tendenci - Tis the Season for Giving

Fri, 01 Dec 2017 15:30:00 -0600

  View this email in your browser Get 10% off all development work! Must be booked and paid by December 31st 2017.   10% off Now  View Portfolio   Tendenci version 7.4.0 has lots of new goodies! In the spirit of thankfulness, we are excited to release an upgraded Tendenci navigation bar for a more streamlined experience. Want an extra reason to celebrate? Check out the new Reports menu to view trends and activity within your membership! More on v7.4.0 FEATURE: Custom Landing Pages   Did you know that you can customize the experience for your members by building a landing page just for them? Use this feature to talk about member benefits, special member-only events or just to thank them for being a part of your organization! All it takes is 3 easy steps. Read on to learn more!     Read the Help File   Get Freebies! Love stickers? Us too! Receive free Tendenci stickers when you give us a review on Capterra. We always like to hear from the community about their Tendenci experience.   Review Now!   We love our global developer community! Collaborate, engage, and be heard.  Github  Tendenci Forums   Thank you for being part of the Tendenci community! We are excited about 2018 and the new ideas that will be a part of it. Contact us and let's talk about your plans!   Copyright © 2017 Tendenci, All rights reserved. Don't want to receive these emails? unsubscribe from this list [...]

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS Newsletter - May 3, 2017

Wed, 03 May 2017 17:21:00 -0500

Happy Cinco de Mayo Tendenci Community! View this email in your browser We heard you like Videos.  Want to refresh your Video page? Contact Us  I'm a Developer Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy May everyone!  We hope you're enjoying your Cinco de Mayo celebration right now, but if you're not here's a reminder to GET OUT OF THE OFFICE!!!  It's FRIDAY!!  We wanted to let you know we're hard at work at Tendenci and we are making improvements everywhere.  Why not refresh your videos page with our latest code? Win a Mug! All you have to do is Contact us and say Hello to enter for a chance to win a Mug! Why?  We just want to say thank you for being a part of the Tendenci Community!  (PSSTTT: We'll also send you stickers!)  We'd love to hear from you! 5 Membership Management Features You Absolutely Need 1  By Jeff Gordy @ NTEN 1)  Comprehensive Membership Profiles2)  Community Focused Constituent Portal 3)  Custom Membership Forms4)  Flexible Membership Fee Management 5)  Communication Automation  By the way, Tendenci has all of these features and more!  Not sure how to use them?  Contact us! 1 Read More Custom Forms! Did you know you can customize forms on your site?  If not, contact us!  We can help you set them up!  Otherwise, check out our helpfiles for extra assistance getting your forms up and running!   Contact Us! Thank you for being part of the Tendenci community! Can we send you a puppy sticker as a token of our appreciation?  Reach out and let us know!  We'd want to be your organization's best companion!   Copyright © 2017 Tendenci, All rights reserved. Don't want to receive these emails?unsubscribe from this list  [...]

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS Newsletter - April 25, 2017

Tue, 25 Apr 2017 09:00:00 -0500

  Hello Tendenci Community! View this email in your browser We've been making some changes around here!  Are you ready to make your move? Upgrade Now Start Developing Hello Tendenci Community! We wanted to let you all know, we've been making some updates to our core applications at Tendenci. Check out our updated Photos, Events, and News Feed layouts for ideas about how to improve your site! What is Responsive Design? I hear this all the time and I don't really know what it means! Responsive design is just a fancy way to describe making your site easy to use on any mobile device, iPad, etc. Learn more in our Q&A below: Responsive Design Q&A: Q:  What is responsive design responding to? A:  Responsive design just means that it is responding to the width of the screen you're viewing from.  Not all websites are responsive, they might maintain the same basic proportions, making the text small and difficult to read and click. Q: I'm still not convinced.  What if our users don't use mobile? A: It's unlikely that that is the case.  Over 50% of all web browsing is happing on mobile devices.  Learn more on our recent Blog Post about Mobile Use! Q:  I'm already on T7!  A: Then your site is already responsive!  Want to make improvements?  Contact our development team today for help! Go Responsive Get more Visuals! Upgrade your Photos Module Is your site doing what it was built to do? Our team can help you tell a compelling story and convert views to actions!   Contact Us! Update Your Organization's Events  Make your event more visual We've added images to your events listings and as a main feature of the Event details page itself.  We've also updated and improved our structured data model so that your events are more searchable.  As always, we post all of our updates on our Github repository, so you can upgrade yourself. Update now! Contact Us! Github Updates Thank you for being part of the Tendenci community! We are excited about the new changes at Tendenci! Interested in improving your site? Contact us and let's talk about it! Share your Review of Tendenci on our Capterra profile! Review us on Capterra!   Copyright © 2017 Tendenci, All rights reserved. Don't want to receive these emails? unsubscribe from this list [...]

Tendenci Newsletter April 18, 2017

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 11:21:00 -0500

  Hello Tendenci Community! View this email in your browser Upgrade to a Responsive Website with Tendenci Upgrade Now I'm a Developer Hello Tendenci Community! We hope your 2017 is off to a great start, we cannot believe we're in the second quarter already! Hopefully you've enjoyed your recent Spring Holidays and are ready for the warming weather. We'd like to grab your attention for just a few minutes to share some news about developments that will affect your website now and in the months to come. What is SSL? Sounds Geeky! Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates provide security for online transmissions by encrypting the data as it passes through the Internet. Check out our Q&A below: SSL Certificate Q&A: Q:  I don't process money transactions. Why do I need one? A:  Installing a certificate lets your members or clients know that you respect their right to privacy and are taking action to protect their data that has been entrusted to you. Q:  I'm still not convinced. What happens if I don't get one? A:  Besides putting your client's data at risk, the search engines, as led by Google, are not only ranking secured sites higher in their listings but they are also planning to roll out notifications of unsecured sites -- displaying Secure or Not Secure in the URL field of the browser window. Q:  Okay I'm convinced. How do I get an SSL certificate? A:  Submit a ticket to our team to ask about your options. (And while you're there, check out our pretty 'Secure' notation!) Get SSL Certificate Take Action! Convert Views to Actions  Is your site doing what it was built to do? Our team can help you tell a compelling story and convert views to actions!   Contact Us! Code Snippets  Open Source Puts Power in Your Hands We’re building a Code Library for you!  Our developer community continues to share knowledge with each other by contributing their code snippets to the Tendenci Read the Docs project. Contact Us! Github Thank you for being part of the Tendenci community! We are excited about 2017 and the new ideas that will be a part of it. Contact us and let's talk about your plans!   Copyright © 2017 Tendenci, All rights reserved. Don't want to receive these emails? unsubscribe from this list [...]

Joy and happiness from Tendenci to you

Mon, 12 Dec 2016 09:00:00 -0600

              Greetings Tendenci Community! Hope everyone's holiday season is off to a wonderful start! As we roll toward the end of 2016 - and what a year it has been! -  we'd like to leave you with some things to think about as you look forward to the new year. What are your plans for growth? And how can your website help you reach your goals? Increasing Donations through Membership Programs Finding and retaining long-term donors is critical to any development program. Nonprofits in the performing and visual arts have historically counted on membership programs to build their donor communities and engage with their supporters throughout the year. Increasingly, nonprofits that serve other areas are turning to membership programs to cultivate a sense of community among the individuals and companies that support their causes. Jeff Gordy, an NTEN contributor, recently published a great article with practical, straight-foward advice on setting up and running a successful membership program. Member Retention: 4 Best Practices That Win Members for Life   Did you know your Tendenci software already has a Membership module as part of your website?? Custom applications with online and offline payment options Multiple membership types to support different giving levels Membership benefits such as discounts on events Personalized notifications to stay engaged throughout the year Easy online renewals with automatic reminders   We would love to talk with you about how to set up your site to accept new members and engage with them throughout the year! Contact us to see how easy it is to start your Membership program with Tendenci! One-Button Data Exports for Peace of Mind Ah, the freedom of Open Source. While we run daily backups on your site and have layers of protection in place to guard the security of your data, you have the option to do a full export of your data at any time. Go to /explorer/ on your Tendenci website and choose Data Export to download your entire database.  Data redundancy is awesome! Being in control of your data, awesome-er!! Read our blog post on all the different ways to access and export your Tendenci website. What better gift can we give than peace and transparency this holiday season? Gift Your Organization with an Upgraded Website Kick off the new year in style with a fresh, modern mobile-responsive website on the latest version of the powerful Tendenci software! Technology changes fast and mobile viewing has already surpassed desktop viewing as the most common way your audience visits your website. Are you ready? Upgrade your website with a new theme and get all the great new Tendenci software features! Read the details about the reasons to upgrade and view the different upgrade packages. Then contact a member of our team to talk about your options! New Feature! Adding a Donation to your Membership Application After listening to you, the Tendenci community, we recently rolled out the ability to let your members add a donation at the time they join or renew their membership. In the Membership application, simply check the box to Enable Donations and add a Description and optional default amount.  Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference!  Tendenci Office Closed Between Christmas and New Year's Day We will be closed for the week between Christmas and New Year's Day to spend time with family and friends. Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season!                   This email is being sent to you because you opted in to communication from Tendenci. Unsubscribe         &nb[...]

Tendenci Open Source Lifecycle - Reminder

Tue, 23 Aug 2016 09:00:00 -0500

        Web Version  |  Unsubscribe             UPGRADE REMINDER Time is running out - don't let your software expire!  The version of Tendenci you are using to power your website will reach its end-of-life THIS NOVEMBER. If you are on Tendenci 5, it is time to upgrade. Please see blog post On Tendenci 5? It is urgent that you upgrade to Tendenci 7. Upgrade to the latest version and continue to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using Tendenci. To confirm which version of Tendenci you are on, login to your site and click the Support menu on the top nav bar. If it says 5.x, then you need to upgrade as explained in the blog post. Why now?  Because technology changes and we all have to adapt. Tendenci is built on the Open Source Django framework for optimal scalability and future growth. As announced in December 2015, the version of Tendenci you are running on - t5 - uses a version of Django that is facing its EOL this November. Once they can no longer provide support for an older version, we must adapt for the benefit of our Tendenci community.  What are the benefits of upgrading? You get to take advantage of all of the NEW FUNCTIONALITY - Community Forums, Upgraded Text Editor, One Button Backups, a Newsletter Generator and Direct Database Access for Reporting. You get a MOBILE-RESPONSIVE site that works on all devices. You get to rest easy knowing you are on the latest versions of the different systems for ongoing SECURITY AND SUPPORT. READ MORE Learn more about the Tendenci end-of-life plan - the why, the what and the when - on our blog. READ THE BLOG POST TAKE ACTION You MUST take action by November of this year to avoid any interruptions to your website functionality! SEE UPGRADE PACKAGES   You can find details about the Tendenci lifecycle and your upgrade options on our website at  What are the next steps? Read the blog post at which lists all of your options. This includes self-hosted clients, developers, and clients who host with us at Tendenci. View the Upgrade Package Options at Submit an Information Request Form at to discuss your upgrade with a Tendenci Team member.  Contact the Tendenci team today for more information. Tendenci keeps getting better.Upgrade today.                   Having trouble viewing this newsletter? View the web version here. Want to unsubscribe from this newsletter? Click Here                   [...]

Luxembourg American Chamber of Commerce Expands Their Online Community with Tendenci

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 13:00:00 -0500

Houston, TX — March 19, 2018

The Luxembourg American Chamber of Commerce, based in New York City, brings companies and executives from Luxembourg and the United States together to advance mutually-beneficial business opportunities. The organization, known locally as LACC, selected Tendenci as the AMS best suited for their membership and networking programs.


The new website easily handles multiple levels of membership to support the Chamber's growth strategy. Company membership tiers are based on a respective number of chamber delegates and club benefits. Individuals seeking networking opportunites are also encouraged to join independently. A complete public directory of Chamber members can be searched by individual name, company, location or industry to facilitate business relationships.

LACC is eager to send Newsletters through the site using Tendenci's time-saving newsletter generator, informing members and prospective members of recent news and upcoming events. Links within the newsletter direct readers back to the website for full news coverage and the ability to register and pay for chamber events. Features such as automatically adding the newsletter to the site as an article and detailed analytic reports on reader response allow LACC to fine tune their efforts at member engagement with minimal effort.

The Luxembourg-American Chamber of Commerce aims to stimulate and promote economic development, trade and investment, between North America and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

View the Luxembourg American Chamber of Commerce Site Live


About Tendenci 
Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci ( develops the Tendenci Open Source Association Management System (AMS). Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at

PRSA San Francisco Bay Area Launches Integrated Tendenci Site for Increased Member Engagement

Fri, 02 Mar 2018 08:00:00 -0600

San Francisco, CA — March 2, 2018

The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of PRSA provides opportunities for networking and professional growth to its West Coast members. Building on the flexibility of Tendenci, PRSA-SF has released a site that takes advantage of Tendenci's CMS and Job Board features while integrating with EventBrite and MailChimp for calendaring and newsletters.


The site for PRSA-SF contains full bios for board members, custom forms to gather information about interested volunteers, opportunities for sponsorship, and a blog featuring select members and their contributions to the industry.

PRSA is the nation’s largest community of public relations and communications professionals.

View the PRSA San Francisco Bay Area Site Live


About Tendenci 
Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci ( develops the Tendenci Open Source Association Management System (AMS). Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at

The Public Relations Strategist 'Best Of' Includes 'Age of Disruption' by Ed Schipul

Fri, 22 Dec 2017 16:25:00 -0600

'Finding Creativity in this Age of Disruption', authored by Ed Schipul, Founder and CEO of Tendenci - The Open Source AMS, was selected by the Public Relations Society of America in 2014 for publication in The Public Relations Strategist. This year it was chosen for inclusion in the PRSA Winter 2017 'Best Of' issue.

From the article:

This is the age of disruption. Whether you realize it or not, disruptive forces are at work in your industry. As a communications leader, it is important that you keep an open mind about change and be hypervigilant to provide your CEO with pertinent information about emerging trends and opportunities inside and outside your industry or sector. 

From your CEO’s perspective, this is where creativity has real value. 

Read the full article online here:

See all articles included in this issue of Best Of here:


Doctor to All Stars, Dr. Walt Lowe Launches Tendenci Site to Reach Patients

Wed, 13 Dec 2017 14:05:00 -0600

San Francisco, CA — December 13, 2017

Dr. Walt Lowe has been doctor to Houston-based All-Star athletes for many years.  A professor at University of Texas Medical School at Houston and Medical Director of the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Institute, Dr. Lowe specializes in Sports Medicine with an emphasis on diagnosing and treating a wide range of knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries and disorders.


The site for Dr. Walt Lowe takes advantage of Tendenci's custom forms to gather patient feedback and appointment requests.  It also hosts an array of instructional media, recovery exercises, and more.

View Dr. Walt Lowe's Site Live


About Tendenci 
Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci ( develops the Tendenci Open Source Association Management System (AMS). Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at

AIFIC Bridges Italian and American Culture with Their New Tendenci Site

Sat, 09 Dec 2017 13:39:00 -0600

San Francisco, CA — December 9, 2017

"The American Initiative for Italian Culture (AIFIC)'s mission is to enrich the cultural exchange between the United States and Italy through bi-lateral exchange programs with a goal to fostering greater appreciation and understanding of both the American and Italian cultures."  Since 2013, they have been producing and sponsoring events and programs in Contemporary Art, Literature, and Music.


With a custom feed to highlight events and news in each category of programming, the AIFIC site directs users to the information the're looking for quickly.  The built-in newsletter feature included in Tendenci allows AIFIC to stay in touch with their members and manage their mailing list seamlessly. 

View AIFIC Live


About Tendenci 
Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci ( develops the Tendenci Open Source Association Management System (AMS). Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at

Tendenci 7.4.0 Release Notes

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 17:55:00 -0600

Release Summary

The team at Tendenci has been working to make improvements to our T7 software. The batch of updates noted in this release are mostly centered on: the Tendenci Nav, Reports, and Newsletters. You can look for these changes on your T7 site.

Notable changes:

  1. New top menu (for both admin and logged in users)
  2. Newsletters format update and clone feature
  3. Reports format update (including invoices, memberships, ..)
  4. Events views - Added sub menu for month view, week view, day view
  5. Separated join approval and renewal approval for membership notices
  6. Wysiwyg editor - Enabled the image title input field in the image dialog. Added class dropdown to the tinymce link dialog box
  7. Updated the directories categories to make it easy manage
  8. Added drag-drop functionality to the testimonials
  9. Added memberships overview report
  10. Added a link on Profile page to view past events.
  11. More minor changes


  1. (Security) Disabled GZipMiddleware to prevent BREACH attacks
  2. (Security) Prevent fraudulent simultaneous reuse of PayPal transactions
  3. Resolved the issue regarding hangs when caching is enabled. Re-enabled the cache for site settings.
  4. Resolved the subprocess venv issue.
  5. Fixed exports for directories, jobs, resumes, pages.
  6. Fixed "Most Viewed Files" report.
  7. More fixes

Tendenci Nav

The Tendenci Nav has been reorganized to help you find what you're looking for. We hope you'll take the time that review your new Tendenci Nav and get familiar with some of these changes. Here's a screenshot of what it should look like: *For all of these updates, some sites will display slightly different fonts and design features based on the site theme.



Updates in the Reports module includes consolidation of all reports into their own Tendenci Nav item.


This release also includes an update to the Invoices module, making invoices faster to browse visually in a table-based format. To view Invoices in the new navigation on your site, click: Reports > 5. Financial > Invoicing.



The Newsletters module works almost exactly the same as before. We have made a few features a little bit easier to use. For example, if you'd like to re-assign the newsletter to a different group, you can now do so even after you've generated the Newsletter in the first step. We've also made some layout improvements that take advantage of Bootstrap's framework. The "clone" feature has also been added to this module. With clone, you can send a test e-mail, then clone it and send it to your target audience rather than copying and pasting the contents from the first send.


Have software updates you'd like to share? Fork us on Github! Special thanks to @PaulSD for lots of fixes and updates!

SSL Encrypting all Tendenci Hosted Sites

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 12:57:00 -0600

To our clients. The above graph is a filtered subset of what is a *typical* day of network alerts. As the media has stated, the issue is quite real. We greatly appreciate you and it is important to us that you remain safe. To further advance that objective in the current geopolitical environment, all hosted Tendenci sites will be encrypted going forward per our CEO. Why? Because security. The Internet has changed and we must adapt. Adapt? Remember when that Steve Jobs guy invented the iPhone and suddenly sites that were awesome the week before... well... they weren't as awesome the next day? The. Next. Day. Technology is like that. FAQs Wait, what is encryption again? Remember writing notes to your friends and using different letters pretending you were a secret agent? It's like that. Encryption is just a way to make your data difficult for a hacker (or Russia) to read as it travels across the Internet. If a board member is traveling and logs in to your site from St. Petersburg at the local cafe, you don't want anyone to be able to see their interactions on your site, right? What do I need to do? Probably nothing except update a few records. Keep reading please. Does the new requirement that all sites be encrypted apply to me? YES. OK possibly, because you probably already are encrypted.  If you see a lock at the top in your browser bar, then you are already encrypted and you can ignore this news release. What if I don't see the lock? If you don't see a lock on your site, then you will see it appear very soon. What is my cost? Zero. For the few sites not encrypted we will be using LetsEncrypt. Non-Zero - Clients using their own SSL certs already - there is a support cost given the complexity of multi-domain SSL certificates. We *do* charge support (gotta pay people, right?) to install your certs. Yet as a best practice - we recommend using a different certificate for your public web site anyway. The LetsEncrypt SSL cert installation being deployed is no cost to hosted clients. Please read on to determine which category of encryption your site is in. What about credit cards? (Those are already encrypted.) All financial transactions have ALWAYS been encrypted. This is just us expanding encryption to all content on your site. NOTE: Tendenci does *NOT* store credit card info. And never has. CC data ONLY exists on your merchant provider. Tendenci only records the status of the transaction ("yes, card is ok" .... or .... "nope, card is not ok"). Is this going to be expensive? Again no. Tendenci will be doing an automated roll out of LetsEncrypt from for any site that is not already using encryption. If you have your own SSL certificate then you will keep using that. Please just make sure it doesn't expire. If using LetsEncrypt then it gets renewed automatically. For some organizations with multiple sites you may need a multi-site SSL. (Your Tendenci site however will be encrypted regardless.) What do we need to do? There are three sets of hosted clients so I'll answer this in a numbered list: Already using encryption. Yea! You don't have to do anything. ACES! Go get a beer and enjoy the day! Not using encryption and do NOT take credit cards. Yea! You don't have to do much besides check your Google Analytics account. MAYBE ACTION . Not using encryption on the whole site but you DO take credit cards. And again, credit card data has always been encrypted and does not live anywhere on our servers. That's what merchant providers are for. ***** ACTION REQUIRED **** WAIT! I'm in category 3 and it says "ACTION REQUIRED" - what?!? Thanks to the EFF making LetsEncrypt free[...]

West Houston Dining Favorite, The Devine Affair, Finds New Patrons with Tendenci Website

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 09:00:00 -0500

Houston, TX — October 9, 2017 The Devine Affair has long been a favorite of West Houston neighborhoods, providing both innovative new dishes and traditional fare for an extremely loyal clientele. Originally focused on great Italian food, The Devine Affair has expanded their menu to include tender steaks, fresh seafood, and seasoned poultry dishes, creating delicious options for every palate.  Owners, Lindsey and John Jeffery, and Chef/General Manager, Dane George, create an atmosphere that is both intimate and lively for their guests, with live music from the baby grand piano filtering through a relaxed happy hour crowd. The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list, hand-selected by Jeffery, and a cozy outdoor patio. The restaurant worked with Tendenci to create a website that reflected the dining experience offered by The Devine Affair. "We are known as an Italian restaurant," says George, "but we offer so much more than that on our menu." With innovation bubbling away in the kitchen, Tendenci built a site that showcases the entire slate of dishes with a spotlight on current specials. The natural SEO built into the software allows The Devine Affair to be found online by patrons looking for the perfect place to have dinner, host a party or meet for happy hour. The Devine Affair also provides catering and carry-out options for corporate events and in-home family dinners, services that Tendenci promotes on the site and in the search engine optimization strategy.  With a built-in newsletter feature included in Tendenci, the restaurant is able to stay in touch with their customers about specials and events without incurring any additional operating costs. "The Devine Affair is the hidden gem of the Energy Corridor," says George. "We look forward to welcoming new faces from all over the city to enjoy our hand-crafted dishes."  View The Devine Affair Live   About Tendenci Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci ( develops the Tendenci Open Source Association Management System (AMS). Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy,, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at[...]

Serving through Knowledge at USC with Phi Alpha Honor Society's Tendenci Site

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 14:10:00 -0500

San Francisco, CA — September 1, 2017

The Purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society - Omicron Epsilon Chapter is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work. "Through Knowledge - the challenge to serve."

Phi Alpha is a national honor society dedicated specifically to social workers across the U.S. Phi Alpha is founded on the values of humanitarianism, professional development and research. One of the missions of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to foster connections and bonds amongst social workers who uphold the values of the organization.


Using a customized Tendenci Membership Application and our Comprehensive Membership Profiles, USC's Phi Alpha Honor Society is going completely digital to manage their organization!

View USC Phi Alpha Live



About Tendenci 
Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci ( develops the Tendenci Open Source Association Management System (AMS). Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at

Main Street Ministries Provides Services for the Homeless with Tendenci

Thu, 18 May 2017 11:11:00 -0500

Houston, TX — May 18, 2017

"Main Street Ministries Houston was established in 2009 to unite and strengthen Operation ID and Shepherd’s Center, two long-running, volunteer outreach ministries of First Presbyterian Church Houston.  Both ministries were founded by FPC members whose concern for the growing needs of the poor and homeless on Main Street led them to action.  These grass roots efforts began with a few compassionate friends meeting at church, armed with a folding table, great faith, and a desire to help others.  Over the past three decades, by God’s grace, those efforts have blossomed into Main Street Ministries, a multifaceted center of faith and restoration that touches the lives of thousands in our community each year." —


Main Street Ministries (MSM) Houston has a completely responsive, mobile friendly site using Tendenci.  The Tendenci platform enables the team at MSM to be in contact with people in need in their community and give them access to the many services they offer.

Visit MSM Houston on their Tendenci-powered site to learn about what they do!

Visit Now

About Tendenci 
Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci ( develops the Tendenci Open Source Association Management System (AMS). Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at

Drupal - The Open Source CMS

Tue, 17 Apr 2018 21:33:11 -0500


Drupal is a free content management software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Learn more about Drupal by visiting their website. 

Find some special entertainment and check out Drupal Rap - Monster (remix) feat. A.Hughes and D.Stagg. Like it? You may download the track here!








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Rachel Schipul - President of Tendenci AMS

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 00:47:13 -0500

"Be the leaf in the stream, not the rock."

(image) President of Tendenci - The Open Source AMS. Leader. Website creator. Problem solver. Technology nerd. Author. Shower singer. Tennis player. Programming dabbler. Wine snob. Proud mom. Foodie. Adventurer.

Rachel Schipul, born and raised in Texas, married to Ed Schipul, and mother of three amazing kids, Stockton, Broden and Jordan.

In 1990, Rachel graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Animal Science.  Convincing a local company that her Animal Science degree made her qualified to teach software, in 1991 - Rachel  began a career in the mainframe software systems for the automobile industry, as a Software Education Supervisor. And in 1997, at a global multi-disciplinary law firm as a Software Support Manager. In 2000, she joined Ed at what was then Schipul - The Web Marketing Company. Over the last 18 years, she has witnessed the rise of the internet, embraced the ebb and flow of technologies, and adjusted to the ubiquity of mobile devices.

Rachel Schipul - President of Tendenci - The Open Source AMS - expresses: "Nonprofits and NGO's are the backbone of society. Without these self-governing bodies in place, and without the freedom to act in the interests of humankind, the world would struggle to find a balance between the demands of the individual and value of a strong community network.

Tendenci addresses this need to bring individuals together to make a meaningful impact on society. Our goal is to provide a platform that facilitates the dual bottom-line of organizations, generating revenue so that you can advance your mission."

Tendenci Government Transparency Report - 2018-03

Tue, 03 Apr 2018 22:33:02 -0500

It is our intent to publish a government transparency report every six months going forward. 

REPORTING PERIOD 2018-01 to 2018-03

  1. US Law Enforcement Information Requests
    1. N/A
  2. Non-US Government Information Requests
    1. N/A
  3. National Security Requests
    1. N/A

We have not received a secret gag order.

Index of our transparency reports.

NOTE: While there are some posts missing, I have clarified that ommission by making this quarters transparency report inclusive from company creation in 1997 up to todays date.

To repeat: This report is retroactive reporting inclusive 1997 (business origination date) until today (which is) 2018-04-03.

If you see this missing --> "We have not received a secret gag order." or removed or modified, then read up on transparency reporting here

If you want to know more about transparency reporting, it is summarized in our first transparency report

X-CD - Association Management Software

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 20:47:41 -0600


X-CD is a SaaS platform for Conference and Association management with a variety of optional modules that build on a single database solution. Learn more about X-CD











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WATERFALL - Association Management Software

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 20:42:02 -0600


Waterfall Software is a groundbreaking cloud-based business management platform that helps multi-location organizations improve communications, enhance operational efficiencies and optimize performance. Learn more about Waterfall Software 












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Uplifter Inc - Association Management Software

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 20:33:39 -0600

(image)  Uplifter's mission is to elevate clubs, coaches and athletes an  easy-to-use Club Management Software. Uplifter helps parents to register their family of participants online, for coaches to then track each participant’s skill development using an iPad or smartphone, and for club administrators to automate cumbersome club administration tasks. Learn more about Uplifter











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Kintivo - Association Management Software

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 20:24:34 -0600


Kintivo provides Share Point base forms, cart and e-commerce, membership management and tools for Share Point and Share Point Online. Learn more about Kintivo








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RunMyClub - Association Management Software

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 20:10:51 -0600


RunMyClub is a web-based membership-management tool designed to help officers of clubs, associations and organizations track members, share information and manage events. Learn more about RunMyClub










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PrimeMRM - Association Management Software

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 20:05:17 -0600


 PrimeMRM is a member management software system which is designed exclusively for Business Development Membership Organizations such as Chambers of Commerce and Sales Networking Groups. Learn more about PrimeMRM









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Navantis - Association Management Software

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 19:58:22 -0600


Navantis is architected on the Microsoft Platform. The Navantis OnCloud Data Centre features System Centre 2012 for automation and is designed around the Microsoft Cloud OS vision. Learn more about Navantis

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Thu, 02 Jun 2016 12:38:19 -0500

Ed Schipul to Speak on Crisis Communications at the PRSA Oklahoma City Chapter for Professional Development Day

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 15:39:45 -0500

Ed Schipul will be the keynote speaker at the annual PRSA Oklahoma City Chapter for Professional Development Day on May 18, 2016.

PRSA OKC hosts this half-day conference for Public Relations professionals to network with their colleagues, gain insight into trends and technologies, and earn points toward their accreditation.

Ed Schipul will kick off the impressive list of speakers during the luncheon by speaking about Crisis Communication - with a Twist.

As technology changes, so do the crises we face and the methods of communicating during and after a critical situation. Hear first-hand about an experience that Ed Schipul and his company, Tendenci, faced recently that required a different approach to communication when traditional methods proved not only ineffective, but detrimental.

Other speakers at the conference include:

  • Johna Burke, CMO, BurrellesLuce
  • Jenny Schmitt, CloudSpark
  • Suzanne Singleterry, and Joshua Harlow, Jones PR


Full conference details can be found on the PRSA Oklahoma City website at

We would love to see you there!

Recurring Event Test 2

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:54:40 -0600

Recurring Event Test 2

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:54:40 -0600

Recurring Event Test 2

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:54:40 -0600

Recurring Event Test 2

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:54:40 -0600

Recurring Event Test 2

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:54:40 -0600

Test Recurring Event

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:49:05 -0600

Test Recurring Event

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:49:05 -0600

Test Recurring Event

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:49:05 -0600

A Week (or Two) at WhiteSpace CoWorking

Wed, 13 May 2015 12:37:09 -0500

A few photos from Tendenci spending a week or two at WhiteSpace Coworking in the Heights area of Houston Texas as we migrate offices.

2017-05 Get Funded at COVO

Wed, 17 May 2017 20:07:52 -0500

Get Funded! Lightning Talks + Speed Mentoring with Investors* Wednesday, May 10, 2017 6:00pm 9:00pm

Creative Commons Stock Photography for Associations

Wed, 13 May 2015 12:37:09 -0500

Need some stock photography for your association or non profit web site? Even if you aren't using Tendenci - the Open Source AMS, you can still benefit from these stock photos. They are licensed CCA (creative commons attribution) which just means you should say "photo from Tendenci" and links are appreciated, but not required.

COVO SF 1st Annual Birthday Party

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 22:44:55 -0600

Huge congratulations to the team at on their first year anniversary of their San Francisco SOMA location.

Tendenci Stock Photos Scenic Outdoors

Wed, 13 May 2015 12:37:09 -0500

Scenic outdoors and landscape stock photography for nonprofits.for use with your Tendenci site. All are free with attribution of "photo by Tendenci" or "photo by Ed Schipul". Licensed CCA.

west elm WORKSPACE SF Launch Event

Tue, 02 May 2017 21:04:51 -0500

Events from the team that helps make the covo environment, besides the people obviously, so awesome. From the description on the site: "One Workplace announces the opening of a West Elm Workspace with Inscape showroom in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco, Covo. The West Elm Workspace product line combines West Elm's residential style with contract performance, each piece is designed for today's diverse workplace. "

Zapier Speaking at COVO

Tue, 02 May 2017 18:13:37 -0500

Zapier speaking at COVO on Mission Street in SOMA, SF. All photos by Tendenci and are creative commons attribution.

Women's March San Francisco

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 21:11:41 -0600

Photos from the Women's March in San Francisco, CA. January 2017

Houston Texas Offices

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 10:06:19 -0600

Visit us at our Houston Office!

Silicon Vallley, California Office

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 10:04:22 -0600

Visit Tendenci at our Silicon Valley office in Sunnyvale, California! Want to connect with our Bay Area office? Swing by for some geek talk, a cold drink and a game of ping pong! Our offices are inside the 'Office of Silicon Valley' building.

White Hat Ops - Search Engine Marketing and Online Advertising

Thu, 29 May 2014 10:00:52 -0500

Contributing to the Tendenci ecosystem, we provide sustainable and long term solutions to grow your online marketing. Using best practices we leverage a combination of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising and off-page marketing to develop a unique solution for each client.

Bixly Django and Python Web Development

Thu, 24 Apr 2014 14:24:01 -0500


Bixly Django and Python Web Development is a California-based company specializing in high-quality, contract programming. They have partnered with Tendenci to develop on the Tendenci software platform and have been a consistent source of innovation and quality Python programming.

How to Set up and Access Your Tendenci Account

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 08:39:36 -0500

We are making it easier for you to manage your account with Tendenci! View your invoices See payment history Update your billing information Follow these steps to get started. Step by Step Instructions on Setting up Your Recurring Payment Information 1. Log in to  If this is your first time to login or you have forgotten your password, then you will need to reset your password. Below the login is a link to "Click here to reset your password".  After you have changed your password, you will be asked to log in again. Use the username from the email and the password you just created to login.  Didn't receive credentials? Email our support team for help getting set-up with your account payment profile.  2. When you log in, you will see your Recurring Payment dashboard. Verify that this information is correct. The "Overview" tab will be selected. Under Recurring Billing Settings you will see details about your account. If any of this looks incorrect, please call us at (281) 497-6567. 3. Once you have verified the Recurring Billing Settings, click the blue button "Add Payment Method"  A box will pop-up for you to enter your Credit Card details. ** Please note: Your credit card information is NOT stored on our website. The information is protected by and accessed through Stripe. The Billing Address associated with the card will be pulled from your User profile. If you receive an error after clicking Add Card, you may have missing or incorrect information in your User profile. To Change Your Contact Info When you are logged in to your account at, you will see the full name and email address that we have designated as the accounting contact for your account. Click the name of the profile to see the full contact info associated with this account and make any changes to this user profile if needed. View Transactions, Invoices, and Receipts Once you have this payment set up, you can log back in to your account and make changes to your contact information and billing details as needed. You can review Invoices and Transaction History by clicking the different tabs. The Transaction History main view displays a list of every payment that we have processed through your credit card. You can see the date of the transaction, the invoice number with a link to the full invoice, total amount processed, results of the transaction attempt (Success, Failed) and a reason if failed, plus view and print receipts of the payment transactions.  24-Hour Hassle-Free Access The new online payment portal gives y[...]

Why Tendenci Chose Python over PHP

Wed, 04 Apr 2018 13:13:17 -0500

Note: this is a repost from the blog. Why did our team choose to rewrite Tendenci Open Source and in the Python Programming language? It is a question I get asked a lot. We’ve never been a company that likes to talk in the negative if at all possible, yet it is important to talk about the megatrends going on given we work with associations and nonprofits. Source: Source: Source: Popularity of a language is a trend, and what you want is as many developers familiar and liking the language of your open source project as possible. This means you have a better chance to have a secure web site and therefore a more secure future. To be fair – as Disraeli said – “lies, damn lies and statistics” – so there is no one perfectly secure language any more than there is a perfectly “safe” hammer. There will always be operator error and programmers make mistakes. We’re not saying Python is perfect, and all of us have used most of the other programming languages on those charts at some point. We’re just saying we are pleased so many other programmers also like Python and Open Source. THAT is the best that can be done to secure your future online. Secure code that you can examine yourself and even host yourself! Which language would you choose if you are in it for the long term? Further, given we focus on non-profits, associations, memberships, education, medical, religious - basically the do-good cause-based organizations, I believe it is particularly important that the project is as transparent as possible. Sometimes it is healthy to inform everyone of WHY we made a decision seven years ago. Python was the right call. There are many good reasons to be open source, like being able to leverage tons of bootstrap themes. And we hope you will join us. A few hepful links for the Tendenci community. Source code: ReadtheDocs (for developers): Help files (easiest to google it but still):  Support Options:  We also offer secure hosting in the Tendenci Cloud at AWS. But you don't have to host or even have us develop your site. We love our community of develoers! Not sure w[...]

How to Optimize Your Images

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 09:43:58 -0500

How to Optimize Your Images for the Web Optimizing your images for the web helps your SEO and the speed of your website. Users are very impatient and they want to see and get to the information fast as possible. To optimize your images, you will need to do all of the following steps: 1. Lower the image dimensions and resolution using editing tools  What can cause such large images are the image dimensions and/or the image resolution. Usually, when you download images from places like iStock or Pexels, the resolution tends to be higher than the standard web resolution of 72 PPI (pixels per inch). If you see that is higher than 72 PPI like 200 PPI or 300 PPI, this typically causes really large file sizes. You can use the following free photo editing tools to adjust resolutions and dimensions of images: Pixlr image editor works online in the browser. Make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash up to date in order edit your images. GIMP has been around for many years. This free and open-source image editor looks and works like Adobe Photoshop. It can be downloaded for Mac, Linux, or Windows. Paint.NET if you've ever had Windows it already loads with a basic Paint image editor. Paint.NET has more advanced features to edit images. 2. Free online optimizing image tools available for compression You will upload your downloaded image after reducing the resolution and the image dimensions through an image editor. When you save your image to your computer, pay attention to where you download and rename the image file to search terms that relate to the image.  tinyPNG this image file compressor supports JPEG and PNG file type and does a quick job of reducing the file. You can do a bulk upload and download for your images. this compressor shows a preview of what the image looks like when file size is compressed. It supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG image file types. Optimizilla you can do a bulk upload and download for your images. 3. Don't neglect image naming conventions or alt and title attributes for SEO Don't forget to add the alt and title attributes to all the images you upload to the site through the rich text editor. You will always need to fill out the "Image Description" and "Title" field where available since you don't want to neglect good SEO. Click this help-file to help you add descriptions in the alt and title attributes when you upload images through the rich text editor. It's very important to have an image file name that makes sense, relates to [...]

AMS API Integration

Tue, 27 Feb 2018 16:15:57 -0600

Tendenci - the Open Source AMS is unique in that it is fully open source. There is nothing to prevent you to program additional apps that query your database directly. However, yes, at times people would prefer to use an API to pull specific information. For that Django has several API integrations for your Association Management System such as: django-tasty-pie is a REST based API to your AMS Django Rest Framework is also something the Tendenci community has been discussing switching to it as well. API's aren't mutually exclusive after all, right? You have options. There are legitimate reasons to use an API. Examples include integration between a legacy mainframe system, ecommerce, or a development team that has chosen a different platform such as .NET or PHP. Tendenci doesn't meet all of the functional requirements for everyone by design if there is a better system already out there. Instead we work with great technology like machine learning. The open AMS community isn't focused on reinventing the wheel. It just doesn't make economic sense for a non-profit, or even a for profit company, to reinvent or This is particularly true if you are causes-based association or non-profit given the expense. Does Tendenci AMS work with other providers? Absolutely. Any provider with an API or that supports SSO or RSS or has their own technology like google tag manager.  Non profits don't have money to waste. Therefore we aligned our product to major industry supported technology.  Yes for the developer community the ever changing landscape can be challenging. Like the rapid growth of Python and the rapid decline of PHP we are seeing. But that's just part of being a programmer, it's more about logic than math, and the rest is just syntax. We have to move with the cheese. We want you to succeed. That means you will need volunteers, students, and affordable developers in the future to continue to focus on your cause. We like the trends we are seeing! And it's good for all developers too. So when you recruit a developer to help with your Tendenci site, be sure to tell them they are working on the technology of the future, not the past.    [...]

How to Use Google reCAPTCHA on Tendenci Site?

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 17:01:11 -0600

Instead of using the default captcha, you can switch to Google's reCAPTCHA to better protect your site against spam. The setup process is simple.

The first step is to register your site in the reCAPTCHA admin. When choosing the type of reCAPTCHA, make sure reCAPTCHA V2 is selected.


Once your site is registered, you'll get a pair of keys - a site key and a secret key. Set these two settings in the conf/ with your new keys.

NORECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY = 'your-Google-reCAPTCHA-site-key'
NORECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY = 'your-Google-reCAPTCHA-secret-key'

Then restart your site. You can test as a non-login user for the contact form, event registration, membership join... The reCAPTCHA should be showing on those forms now.

For the embed_form template tag, you can customize the size to be compact. For example:

{% embed_form 1 gsize='compact' %}


Related info:

How do I turn on Captcha for my website?

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 14:51:14 -0600

Turning on Captcha can help - but not completely eliminate - unwanted form submissions on your website.

Go to Apps > Admin > Site Settings

Change the Use Captcha field from False to True.

How do I redirect a URL to a different domain and page?

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 14:16:47 -0600

For SEO, you want the search engine bots to index the right content in the right places. And as life changes sometimes you need to move your content around. Google bot in this example is trying to index a page on our blog that we removed. We still want googlebot to be happy and the more pages in their index the better. Well, assuming you have good content because they don't call it content marketing without reason. Looking at our google search console for I see one error. On the server *** itself, there is a hidden file named ".htaccess". Note the "." prefix which means it is a hidden file that the server typically would be configured to deny serving publicly.  # BEGIN WordPressRewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-fRewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-dRewriteRule . /index.php [L]Redirect 301 /tendenci-jobs/ ^(schipulcon-schedule-and-robots/.*)$ [L,R=301,NC]# END WordPress There is a lot going on here so let's look at the one specific line I'm interested in. Redirect 301 /tendenci-jobs/ The .htaccess file is located on our blog, so the /tendenci-jobs/ URL is "relative" meaning it doesn't need the domain name in it. But the redirect is pointing to an entirely different domain. "www" and "blog" are the host names. From the Internet's perspective these are two very different web sites. Hence the second part of the line of code above points to the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of The next time google bot visits, it will see we have permanently redirected (that's the "301" part) that URL to a different location. Bonus round - what if you want to redirect ALL pages under a URL to a different web site entirely? That's what this line does. Note the asterist "*" at the end of the first directive. RewriteRule ^(schipulcon-schedule-and-robots/.*)$ [L,R=301,NC] For more on server configuration for Tendenci and maybe you want to help write some docs for the Open Source AMS, visit our open source readthedocs pages and submit a pull request! We welcome you to join the AMS Community. And we hope to see you on github soon!  *** Note: .htaccess, while it works with NGINX, is a technology from the Apache web server. [...]

Why should I create landing pages on my site?

Fri, 22 Dec 2017 09:39:54 -0600

"We have been toying with the idea of creating a landing page that we would link to from ads in our monthly newsletter but we are having trouble understanding how it would be much different from linking to our homepage. It seems like we would want basically the same information on it, so what is the benefit of a landing page?"   Good question!   A landing page is a page on your website that has a specific purpose and often is not directly linked within your navigation or site content. Here are some thoughts on why you might choose to build landing pages for your site.   Campaigns One of the main reasons people create a landing page is to track a campaign. So if you create a landing page that is not linked anywhere on your site, you know that people are hitting that page based on a link you sent out via your newsletter or email or direct mail, etc. You can review the Google Analytics to see the effectiveness of the campaign in getting folks to click through, and then if the landing page does its job of getting them to either read more about your company or submit a contact form. Many companies that sell PPC services will use a landing page to see if the money being spent is bringing in actual results. SEO We know that the best SEO you can do is through content marketing - working all those phrases and words people use to find you in the search engines. But sometimes writing that copy can get tricky. It's a real balance between getting all the words in there and still reading well. With a landing page, you can focus on those terms with less copy. Think postcard mailer vs. full brochure. You hit the highlights to grab their attention. Seasonal This one goes to campaigns as well. If you are doing anything seasonal/promotional, you may not want this a part of your core site structure. But you could add a story for a specific time period that links to this page and include information and a link in your newsletter, etc.   For example, if you are highlighting a recent project that you have completed in your newsletter, you could create a landing page that specifically lists similar projects or other current projects with a big call-to-action -- Contact us today or Call us today to talk about your project or Need an estimate, etc. You want them to take action, which is probably 'contact us so we can make a sale'!!   Bottom Line -- Landing pages are direct mail piece[...]

Sending a Newsletter in Tendenci - Quick Overview

Mon, 04 Dec 2017 09:14:07 -0600

To create/send a Newsletter:
1. Go to Apps > Member Engagement > Newsletters.
2. After pre-populating with the latest news and events, you can edit before sending.
3. If you send to a test Group first, you can Clone the newsletter and select a different Group for sending when you are ready to send to all.
Under Community > Groups, you can see your Newsletter Group.
This database is populated by:
1. People submitting a contact form
2. Members joining your organization
3. Import of an existing list of contacts
Notice that anyone who has unsubscribed from your newsletter will show as such in the Newsletter group.

T7 Explanation of the WYSIWYG (aka: Rich Text Editor Menu Options)

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:59:19 -0500

What's on this page? Text Formatting: Bold / Italic Bulleted and Numbered Lists Align Text Create Links, Mailto email links, and Buttons Upload Files and Images Uploading PDFs View Full Screen Edit Source Code HTML Format Headings Change Colors Indent and Outdent Undo and Redo   The majority of Tendenci's content description or body fields have what we call a "WYSIWYG" menu consisting of icons like the one you'll see in the screenshot below:    WYSIWYG --> "What You See Is What You Get", pronounced "wiz-ee-wig"   This help file is intended to describe what each of the icons does so you can use the WYSIWYG (aka Rich Text Editor menu) to format your website's pages so the text and images look professional and are easy to read. Tendenci uses the open source software called TinyMCE, which is one of the most widely used WYSIWYG editors, and so you'll probably see these icons as options in other web applications besides your Tendenci site. Our intent with this guide is to help you familiarize yourself with the icons so you'll know how to use them on any Internet application you run into.    Defining the Icons with Examples We've split the WYSIWYG menu icons into sections below, with screenshots and then examples of different formatting options for text, graphics, and hyperlinks available for you to use. There are some short videos for some of the examples that demonstrate using the WYSIWYG options to show you how they work in action.  We'll start with the top row of icons and work from left to right, then drop to the second row and again, go left to right.    The Top Icons   The Icon Sets we'll demonstrate from the top row consist of the following 6 groups:  1) Text format options to make your text bold or italicized using these 2 Icons:    Watch this short video clip to see how you use these WYSIWYG icons: height="315" src="//" width="560">   2) Create bullet or numbered lists and tables with this icon set. The 2 on the left with the 3 horizontal lines are for making lists, and the 3rd icon is used to create new tables.   Watch and learn how to make bullet and numbered lists with your Tendenci WYSIWYG:  height="315" src="//" width="560">[...]

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Social Media

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Social Media is Storytelling

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What would you rather do to share your message online - teach a network administrator how to tell a Story or teach a Storyteller how to use a handful of tools online?


 A question for you guys - what would you
rather, and I'll pick on you, what was your name?

Mary, can I ask you a question? What would you
rather do, would you rather go down the

hall to your network administrator and
teach them how to tell a story, or go to

the storyteller and teach them how to
write a blog? Which would be easier?

So the storyteller actually has more base
knowledge than the admin, doesn't it?

Remember a few years ago your network
administrators used to run your websites?

What was that about? You looked around
and said you know the guy down the hall

sometimes doesn't bathe, we want him to do our web page.

We had to wrestle it from them. Oh by the way, I wasn't, that's why I got in this business.

So I was that guy in the SFA, but
really we've passed off our storytelling,

our marketing, and our communication to
people who are arguably the least

qualified in our organization to do so. So, while
we're probably feeling a little

overwhelmed with all the social media
stuff that's hitting us, do you guys see that as

storytellers, as communicators, as people who
are passionate about your causes, you're

actually far more up the ladder that they are, and the farther this goes down the

more it becomes about story telling, the more it
becomes about community. And those are

things that


Shattering Business Secrets with Social Media - SchipulCon 2011

Sun, 26 Nov 2017 10:50:44 -0600

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Developer Evangelist for Twilio (, Keith Casey (, discusses accessing private information using various social media sites in this SchipulCon 2011 presentation.

Learn the secrets behind other businesses success! With a little bit of digging and creativity you can discover the patterns and tactics that can be applied to help you understand your own community.

Creating Art, Creating Success, Making it Work - SchipulCon 2011

Sun, 26 Nov 2017 10:40:27 -0600

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A discussion on the role of creation and tapping into success with Sarah Gish (, Gonzo247 (, Carolyn Figueroa ( and Grace Rodriguez.

How to Grow a Profitable Assocation (And Be a Bad Ass Member) - SchipulCon2011

Sun, 26 Nov 2017 10:32:23 -0600

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Learn how to grow a profitable association with thinkLA's Tony Brock ( and AIGA Houston's April Guzik ( Led by April Kyle of Schipul, hear success stories and challenges of 2 different associations and how they are growing profitably in a tricky economic time.

Get a Job with Social Media - SchipulCon09

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class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="600" height="338" allowfullscreen>Are you in need of a job? Are you looking for a career? 3 Schipulites ( have answers. Well, this video may not solve all of those issues, but it will give you some tips on things to do, and some things not to do. All three of us used a combination of twitter DM's, facebook stalking, and curated blogging to find our jobs. You will no doubt find our somewhat exaggerated short story interesting and useful in your career search.   So Courtney, what did you do today? Played the guitar, I checked my emails, and then I laid out. Hi my name is Caitlin, I justgraduated with a marketing degree. I stuck around an extra semester and picked up aminor in classical studies, because I'm pretty terrified of the real world. HiI'm J-Mo, I just quit my job and I'm now looking for a new one, so I'm realexcited to get out there and you know, put my name out and meet people and shake hands, and all of that A typical day for me is waking up, eating oatmeal, checking my facebook, commenting on friends statuses. I've been on Twitterfor a long time, kind of addicted. I tweet about, you know, five to ten times a day. They say tweet as much as you eat, so every time I get a snack I tweet, and Ithink that's okay. Oh yeah, I totally got Twitter. Caitlin set me up, bless herlittle heart, but I mean I don't I still don't get it, and the only thing I careabout is that I have twitter and John Michael doesn't have Twitter. Wait, she said I wasn't on Twitter? Everybody's on Twitter. My mom is on Twitter. She's theTwitter. I've sent some emails to some friends that I know who were doing kind of what I want to do. That seems to be going decently. Those are at least people Iknow and I feel like I'm not not talking to a brick wall like I am on lots of [...]

Tips & Hacks for Website Management Awesomeness - SchipulCon 2011

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 14:34:11 -0600

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Schipul ( Support Team Manager Kerry Gayle ( and Creative Services Account Executive Katrina Esco ( discuss the geeky world of website management.

Utilize your technology and time to its greatest potential. Gain helpful tricks and tips on how non-tech website managers and marketers can run their website to the best of its ability.

Learn more about the awesome speakers that were at SchipulCon 2011 held at Norris Conference Center in Houston, TX

Free, Really? The REAL Costs - ROI of Social Media with Katrina Kokoska - SchipulCon 2011

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 14:22:43 -0600

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Free? Really? Learn the REAL costs of social media!
Katrina Kokoska(, Creative Services team manager at Schipul, discusses the REAL costs and ROI of Social Media.

Build Smart Websites No Matter Your Platform - SchipulCon 2011

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 14:09:21 -0600

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Every website can use a little extra functionality to boost readership and increase conversions. John-Michael Oswalt ( from the Schipul programming team dives into some actionable ways you can grow a reflexive site using basic tools.

His SchipulCon 2011( presentation covers the importance of making your content work everywhere as well as the common ways to display content across a Tendenci 5( website and other CMS based websites.

Create your Tendenci powered website today for free -

Profitable Growth in a 4 Year Recession with Ed Schipul - SchipulCon 2011

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 13:59:54 -0600

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CEO and founder of Schipul (, Ed Schipul (, discusses business goals and how to grow your company profitably in a 4 year recession.

Learn more about all of the nerdy fun that took place at SchipulCon 2011 in Houston, TX at the Norris Conference Center

Metrics for the Real World - Schipul SEM Manager, Caitlin Kaluza - SchipulCon 2011

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 12:21:24 -0600

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Schipul's SEM team manager, Caitlin Kaluza (, discusses the metrics world and creating custom analytics programs and expectations for your business and demographics. Discover new tools and the best way to evaluate your brand's online advertising platforms, lead tracking by phone, web presence and beyond as well as what is considered the most crucial analytics data for reporting.

Visit Schipul's SEM blog at to learn more about SEM, SEO and measuring your web analytics.

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