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Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Rossetti Joann

Thu, 27 Aug 2015 06:40:27 +0000

Hard Money Available for Fix Flip

I get asked this all the time as a lender. Private money you can get 100% but most of the time this is from people you know willing to invest in you. Hard money why would I lend you 100% of a deal? What are you bringing besides a contract to the deal? I dont want the property if/when you fail, I want a guaranteed rate of return on my money secured by 1st lien position on a property. I don't need you to rehab a property for me with my money at risk, I can go do it myself.

In this new age of "investing" people overlook">wholesale jordan shoes the key word, "investing'. It takes money to invest.

If I am a HML and someone with very limited or no flipping experience asks for 100% funding, I would not do it even if it were a smoking hot deal. Even you bring in a top notch professional looking request with solid numbers and glossy pictures, along witha business plan, I don't know how you will execute to those numbers and the plan. I know that you will say you have great people project management cheap nike shoes from china skills as well as follow through and will manage to budget, but I do not know cheap nike shox that for sure until I SEE it and experience it with you. Because of that, I would not be willing to lend 100% and have all the risk on me, as the lender.

Once I get to know you with a few more deals done, then rates and numbers can work more in your favor.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Rossetti Joann

Thu, 27 Aug 2015 03:21:20 +0000

Get Miss America by Catalina swimwear at Walmart's low prices Video

Thrifty shoppers are surely all familiar with , and many shop there often to save on apparel, accessories, handbags, shoes and jewelry. Congratulations to Miss New York, Miss South Carolina, and to all participants! Watch 's Miss America by Catalina exclusive video.

Miss America contestants want everyone to realize that they are not all very wealthy, and that they too live within budgets. Sloane Roberts, DeNae Couch, Leah Cecil and Laura McKeenan have been traveling across America showing young women everywhere that they are real people, just like everyone else.

Miss America contestants are excited about selling Catalina in and making these cheap nike shox swimsuits affordable to everyone. They love the quality, fabrics, glitter sheens, and styling. As they meet people across the country, they enjoy sharing the">wholesale jordans unique history of the Miss America pageant and the values it has long embodied. The video provides an excellent history of the pageant through the years.

Choose glamorous and flattering swimwear in myriad styles, from">wholesale jordans shoes modest one piece suits to halter tankinis and string tie bikinis. There are slimming selections, skirted bottoms and cover up dresses. Whatever your choice, the price is always affordable and the look will make every young lady feel like Miss America.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Saundra Suellen

Wed, 26 Aug 2015 07:49:29 +0000

definition of aplasia

aplasia [ah pla defective development or complete absence of an organ due to">cheap oakley sunglasses outlet failure of development of the embryonic tissues or cells. 2. a hematologic disorder in which">wholesale jordan shoes the normal progression of cell generation and development does not occur.aplasia cutis congenita localized failure of development of skin, most commonly of the scalp; the defects are usually covered by a thin translucent membrane or scar tissue, or may be raw, ulcerated, or covered by granulation tissue; usually lethal. Congenital absence of an organ or tissue.2. Incomplete, retarded, or defective development of an organ or tissue.3. Cessation of the usual regenerative process in an organ or tissue.aplasia [ Etymology: Gk, a, plassein, not to form1 a developmental failure resulting in the">wholesale jordans absence of an organ or tissue.2 (in hematology) a failure of the normal process of cell generation and development in the bone marrow. See also aplastic anemia. Compare hyperplasia, hypoplasia. aplastic, adj. See Pure red cell aplasia, Pure white cell aplasia. Cf Atrophy, Hypoplasia. 2. hematology Incomplete, retarded, or defective development, or cessation of the usual regenerative process.aplasia defective development or congenital absence of an organ or tissuea ( Defective development or congenital absence of an organ or tissue.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Saundra Suellen

Wed, 26 Aug 2015 07:22:34 +0000

Columbia Vulc N Vent Lace Review

What It Is: The casual Vulc N Vent Lace is a quick drying canvas sneaker that you can actually wear all summer in any situation. The midsole creates an air channel from the bottom of your feet to the outside of the shoe to keep things cool on hot">wholesale jordan shoes days. Though it's not a water shoe, the venting, along with a perforated footbed, helps it drain if it gets wet. Non marking soles and rust resistant eyelets make it ideal for nautical or ocean side adventures. But it's just as fit for walking around town or apr biking.

RELATED: The Commuter Bike Shoes You'll Want to Wear Off the Bike

Why We Like It: Summer calls for quick and comfortable footwear: easy to slip on, with or without socks. And there are times when sandals and flip flops just won't cut it, which make this pair ideal. The vented footbed and midsole made a big difference on a recent trip around New York City, where we walked and cheap nike shox Citi biked from midtown to SoHo. At the end of the day, our feet didn't hurt and our shoes didn't stink. That's a fringe benefit of the venting because your feet stay cooler, neither the Vulc N Vent nor your feet smell, like they can in other shoes.

Nitpick: If you're going to wear">wholesale nike shoes them all day, be sure to break them in. The heels are a little stiff, and gave us a hot spot on our first full day stretch wearing them without socks.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Saundra Suellen

Wed, 26 Aug 2015 07:01:46 +0000

Chamique Holdsclaw Arrested For Gun Violence

Former WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw turned herself over to police on Thursday night due to an arrest warrant being issued in her name. The basketballer allegedly instigated a violent incident involving a former teammate and fired">wholesale jordan shoes a gun inside the other woman car.

While details are sketchy, Holdsclaw reportedly asked ex girlfriend Jennifer Lacy if she could put some things in Lacy Range Rover. Lacy complied, but as she drove off she smelled gasoline and realized Holdsclaw had dumped it in the back of her vehicle. She also realized the">wholesale nike shoes Olympic gold medalist was following her, and when she pulled over at a friend house, Holdsclaw jumped out of her vehicle and began smashing the windows of the Range Rover before firing a gun inside. Police recovered a shell casing and say they believe she was trying to create an explosion">wholesale jordans by firing into the gasoline.

Holdsclaw is being held in an Atlanta jail on $10,000 bond; Lacy was unharmed. While she hasn commented yet on what may have happened to trigger the incident, she did thank friends and family for being supportive and assured everyone she is okay.

Holdsclaw, who says she has attempted suicide in the past, wrote a memoir after her basketball career ended in 2010 in which she talks about a longtime battle with depression.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Kilpatrick Brome

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 03:32:10 +0000

2 million pool in Utah is better than a water park

SPRINGVILLE, Utah A Springville">cheap jordans from china couple $2 million pool wasrecently featured onan episode ofThe Pool cheap nike shoes from china MasteronAnimal Planet.

Mountain features five waterfalls, a 300 foot lazy river,a diving rock, a hidden grotto, several hidden pathways inside the mountain and a tunnel deep enough for scuba diving.

The centerpiece of the 360,000 gallon pool is a 90 foot manmade mountain that the natural surroundings perfectly, according toAnthony Archer Wills, host ofThe Pool Master.

Thank you for mentioning According to the IRS the poorest 50% of American">cheap oakley sunglasses families pay virtually NOTHING in Federal income tax. The wealthiest 10% account for nearly HALF the income tax.

The idea that people don pay taxes is a fantasy. But here an interesting fact: When Obama overhauled the tax rates, early in his first term, the rates increased incrementally through the brackets for the bracket that just happens to contain HIS salary, and that of most Congress critters. Their bracket is the 2nd lowest of all. The next one above that represents a HUGE jump. The liberal definition of too much money is who makes more than they do. Why that didn result in pitchforks and torches in the streets of Washington is proof of what a bunch of dumb sheep we all become.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Kilpatrick Brome

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 03:10:57 +0000

WTNH Teresa Dufour Is Having A Baby

WTNH's Dufour Is Expecting A BabyLess than a year ago it was all white lace and promises and an over the top New Year's Eve wedding for WTNH traffic reporter and show host Teresa">wholesale jordans shoes (Labarbera) Dufour.

What a difference a year makes.

Dufour and her husband, All Star Driver owner Brandon Dufour, are expecting a baby. And Mr. and Mrs. Dufour, who were co hosting the midday show together,">Mens Puma Ducati Shoes used that as the opportunity to let the world know.

"We have some news," she announced Tuesday as part of her Connecticut Style holiday show on the New Haven based channel. "It's a Hallmark moment, a special one," her husband chimed in before the two shared the baby announcement.

Already sporting a bit of a baby bump, Dufour said she and hubby don't know the">Nike Air Force 1 Kids gender of the anticipated bundle of joy nicknamed "Baby Du" for now, but that's what the magic of Christmas is about as the happy couple patiently wait for the June 30, 2015 due date to arrive.

"The sex of the baby is written on a paper and in an envelope for about two weeks," she said, explaining that doctors had determined whether baby to arrive Dufour is a boy or a girl. "And we decided to open the envelope together on Christmas Day."

Dufour said the pregnancy is going well and that her hubby is convinced the baby is a boy.

"We don't care," she said as she prepares to get a baby nursery ready for the new arrival. "We just want a healthy baby."

Dufour is no ratings dummy. She won't be telling the public until the revamped show, which will include new co host Ryan Kristafer, premieres the week of Jan. 12.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Kilpatrick Brome

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 02:59:01 +0000

winner Mat Franco's magical night

Magician Mat Franco pulled a victory out of his hat Wednesday evening when he was announced as the winner of "America's Got Talent, taking home the show's impressive $1 million prize and a headlining gig at a casino in Las Vegas.

Franco, an illusionist from Rhode Island, could hardly contain his excitement when he met up with ET back stage after the show.

Video: Nick Cannon">Mens Puma Ducati Shoes wears $2 million shoes on "AGT" finale"It feels amazing! It feels great, fulfilling, emotional, all at once in a way that I can't describe," said the charming young prestidigitator.

Mat was one of six contestants who made it to the show's season finale, and after the elimination of singer Miguel Dakota, 12 year old soul singer Quintavious Johnson, the jazz quartet Sons Of Serendip, and the daredevil tumbling troupe AcroArmy, it was down to just Franco and singer Emily West.

Video: How "AGT" star Lindsey Stirling proved Piers Morgan Wrong with a violinAfter a painfully long build up to the reveal, Franco's name exploded in fireworks behind them, and he was named the winner.

"It's a feeling that comes over you," Franco said, describing how he felt when his name was announced. "It's a warm feeling, it's an exciting feeling, you feel the crowd's energy. I'm waiting to wake up from this whole thing."

Video: "AGT" hosts weigh in on Nick Cannon's marriage rumorsCheck out">wholesale jordans the video to hear more from this">Nike Shox season's "AGT" victor, including how it felt to go from a solo act to having a massive support team helping him craft his illusions.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Rowena Thomas

Sat, 22 Aug 2015 07:57:36 +0000

Slide over to Beverly Hills Pawn for a pair of Prince's shoes or Mayte's handcuffs

Dominique told me via phone Wednesday that she was not surprised that Mayte is trying to unload items from her time with the rock star. a beautiful person inside and out, I have to tell you. A lot of our customers are like Mayte. They are famous, successful, well to do, but they have such an abundance of items they need to clear out, said Dominique. was in the process of moving, and her home was so beautiful, such a huge property, but it cheap nike air shox was stuffed to the gills with these things. She just needed to clear out some space.

[also] have several of the outfits. We have a gold lam outfit with the Prince symbol on it, said Dominique, referring to the glyph he">cheap oakley sunglasses outlet once adopted as a name and the reason I started calling him Symbolina.">cheap oakley sunglasses outlet also have a very cool [$39,000] blue polyester outfit that was featured on [an] album. Funny story, if Mayte doesn get [ticked] at me for this. One night I was working late and invited to a red carpet and I wanted to go. I needed an outfit and I spotted that thing. I put it on. IT FIT and I wore it to my red carpet. Mayte, don be [ticked] with me, but there are pictures all over the place of me in this outfit.

Comment on Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate) by Rowena Thomas

Sat, 22 Aug 2015 07:21:49 +0000

Scary Facebook post on pets

I have taken this from a friend of a friend wall.">cheap jordans from china I don know if you can really be sued simply for advertising "no pets", but case law supports what she says. Anybody can claim to have a "therapy pet" and there nothing you can do about it, even if it damaging your property. On a side note, I heard that the Best in Show rabbit at the national rabbit convention one year was transported in the cabin of an airplane because the owner claimed it was a "therapy pet", lol!

See the crazy lady post below:

LANDLORDS. keep in mind when you say NO PETS you ARE discriminating AGAINST disabled people with therapy pets BEFORE they have even had a chance to get into your building. like the blind who has a therapy dog, or the elderly who might">cheap oakley sunglasses outlet">cheap oakley sunglasses outlet">cheap oakley sunglasses have a therapy cat, or the CHILD who might have special needs only his therapy dog can do. and THEY CAN AND WILL SUE YOU to own the property you are trying to rent. so reconsider renting to them that way you collect the money from them and retain your property instead of losing the property to them for DISCRIMINATION. cause i have had enough of being discriminated against and i hope all DISABLED people with THERAPY PETS ban together!! MAINE LAW says you CANNOT DO THIS.