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The monkeys of the universe will go on existing ni...


The monkeys of the universe will go on existing nicely in the state of stupidity until the Earth itself becomes uninhabitable due to the gradual warming of the Sun (if nothing else happens to doom life on Earth first), long after Harlan Ellison is dust and his name is forgotten.

And so it goes, as another writer, who is now becoming dust, said.

Whoops, I meant "exactly on target," tho...


Whoops, I meant "exactly on target," though being sexactly on target sounds like fun, too.

Thanks for your version of "It Gets Better.&q...


Thanks for your version of "It Gets Better." I'm a gay geek who grew up in rural Arkansas, and I had to deal with the same cruelty and nonsense that you did, though I didn't get beaten up nearly as often as driftglass.

Both of you are sexactly on target, and I hope some tormented teens of any sexual orientation heard you. Our lives are so much richer now, and the morons who tormented us are for the most part, living pretty miserably, even the ones who have a little money.

Damn straight it's a "war"! And &quo...


Damn straight it's a "war"! And "everybody knows it" don't help much when we are losing it. 11/2 will tells us how bad. Are we that dumb? You betcha! I am hoping for a Truman moment.

"spiritually mingy" sounds like a phrase...


"spiritually mingy" sounds like a phrase that should catch on to me!

Star Trek next gen is on BBC and 1 of my local stations, and 'Darmok' was on recently. Truly, a fantastic episode.

Dwelling on its plot, it's one of the best sci-fi stories around. A somewhat superior (technologically) species, in that their ship can blow up ours easily, decides to parley w/ us lowly humans. How, one may ask? Why, of course - reenacting the epic of Gilgamesh, by bonding over the defeat in hand-to-hand combat w/ some Predator-beast! Duh.

The very idea of putting such a potentially species-changing moment up to chance struck me very deeply as a young kid back in the day, when these episodes would run. Dinnertime. Whenever I caught that episode again, I got pissed that that particular species was never revisited - striking that up for the 'win' column, after that bridging of the gulf of alien communication is ain't enough. Where's the tagline?