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This blog has moved!


We've moved to Iris In Wonderland. (image)

Fruits of Labour


Heirloom Yellow Tomatoes - they are yum! Yellow Zuchinni  Cherry Tomatoes! They are going gang busters! Value for a $3 plant and it's producing about $50 worth of  tomatoes. Future harvest [...]

Otis Cooked?!?!?!


I convinced Otis that prawns were OKAY to have whilst pregnant (baahhhh all these talk about mercury in seafood). And that prawns are actually good for this time of the pregnancy for OMega oils for baby's brain. So yay. Off we went to get Iris some prawns. Otis was going to have some burgers and sausages on the BBQ. Chef Otis and his beloved BBQ. Sausages, Onions and a piece of Salmon for Iris's packed  lunch the next day. My dinner. YUM. He couldn't wait and dug in before the pic was taken. Sausages with cheese and New York Onions (from a jar) no wine for me, so Ribena it is ta daaaa he was so proud of his dinner- that he made for himself second round, Medium cooked Angus Burger Patty with cheddar cheese and BBQ-ed Onions. om nom nom nom And then there was this one day whilst Otis was home sick and needed to send an email to his boss to let him know............and found out that the internet wasn't working......He had a brilliant idea! He thought well, let me brainstorm and troubleshoot this. So he used a citrix networking software to troubleshoot the Belkin router. Heeheehee, so anyway he got the internet working on his laptop by resetting (so he says, really he just unplugged the router) the router. Then Iris comes home and needed to continue on her work - and finds out she has no internet!!! So they exchanged duties....Iris was on the phone with a call centre and Otis cooked dinner. Tadaaaaa fried eggs Stir Fried Buk Choy and Carrots with Garlic What we had dinner - with rice. The other dish is by Chef Iris, Szechuan Eggplant and mince. [...]

Baby's gifts....and blessings


This baby is so spoiled even before making its debut... my first facial shot from 6th of January 2011 - peaceful happy chubby sleeping face My presents from lovely people in my new cot Most of them are my presents, except for some bottles of big people drinks , a big tub of M&Ms that mommy can't seem to get her hands out of and a painting by Ras Dizzy (from Aunty Merle and Uncle Barry - which were house warming gifts for mommy and daddy. My quilt for when I can use it in a few more months from Aunties Jane, Kellie and Nahdi. Thank you I will be very comfortable sleeping in it. Boy o boy...Aunties Jane, Kellie and Nahdi really would like me to be super comfy when I come out....thank you for my grow bag. The cutest giraffe EVER! Thank you Uncle Dean and Aunty Lauren. Although daddy thinks I will tear it apart...mommy thinks I wont. And's in my daddy's Favourite Knicks colours too! Yay to put mommy and daddy's heart at ease - so I don't scratch myself and go 'ta-da' with my arms all the time when I sleep. Thank you Uncle Eddie. even comes with instructions My sockies.....from Aunty Michelle and Uncle Donnie....Thank you! My kicks for when I can fit in them - Thanks Uncle Obed Everyone knows I'll make a mess! Thank you Aunties Michelle and Sal and Uncles Donnie and Michael Arwh my pretty rompers ....thank you Aunty Amanda, Uncle Ken and Jie Jie V Aunty Amanda, Uncle Ken and Jie Jie V bought me this too - makes it easier for mommy and daddy to check on my temperature Aunty Dharani, Uncle Aruna, Vinnie and Samara got me this - I am going to be so comfortable in this organic bamboo muslin wraps. Good to the earth  good for my skin says mommy. I think Uncle Billy, Aunty Jen and Elizabeth bought me this. I can't wait to chew on the teether when I get me some of 'em teeth - thank you! Sorry if I got the names wrong, my mommy and daddy couldn't find a gift tag to this gift. Thank you Uncle Siva and Aunty Mitta - everything my mommy and daddy needs to take good care of me. Aunty Bibi and Uncle Manolo bought me this, I'm going to enjoy drinking from them. My mommy and daddy thinks its better to drink from glass bottles - all this thing about BPA and plastic and all. Thank you Uncle MIchael and Aunty Sally for my car seat saver - well, more like my mommy and daddy would be more thankful because then their car seat wont get destroyed heehee. My Uncle Ken Nie bought this for me :) He always thinks I've made my debut when my mommy rings my granma. Chill Uncle Ken Nie I still have a while to go My KL GranMa and GranPa bought me two convertible car seats- they sure look comfortable. Thank you GranMa and GranPa, can't wait to see you soon. Check out my cool ride my Pops and Nana got for me. Vroom Vroom. My mommy bought me this. She says it helps me not have a flat head heehee More pictures to come...... [...]

Junior Lisle's Baby Shower & House Warming


After months or planning and preparations the weekend had finally arrived. We are so blessed to have such sparkling wonderful people around us who made the event such a success. Special thanks to my inlaws for helping with the preparation and  hosting, Eva & John Knutsson ( who took the 3 hour pilgrimage from Sydney to Canberra after a hell of a week and for contributing, helping and organising the Baby Shower, Theng Theng and Jeremy of UK who contributed even though they are so far away and couldn't attend, Castaly Lombe who conducted a beautiful Baby Blessing ceremony, Avleen & Shane Trewartha who came with so many lovely yummilicious cupcakes, and to everyone else who blessed us with their company, love, laughter and gifts. Eva and John arrived the night before whilst Otis and I were in the midst of cleaning up the house and preparing it for visitors the next day. We had a jolly time catching up til past midnight - urgh, mistake in hindsight! But it was good times :)  The next morning, I got up at 7.30am and went sheepishly to the kitchen so as not to wake anyone up. I took out about 6kgs worth of sausages to start the defrosting process and I couldn't help myself so I unpacked the dishwasher...then Otis eye balled and hand signalled me to go back to bed.........haaaaahahaa...So off I went back to bed with a cheese sandwich - hey, I'm pregnant! I wake up every morning STARVING! I got up again half an hour later and started making breakfast for everyone else. After breakfast John and Eva so comically started blowing balloons to put on sticks as decoration and play things for the younglings who were coming to the event. They also helped lay out all the plastic bowls, napkins, etc....and I got ready to go out to get last minute things. Whilst Otis was busying with the exterior of the house, like putting away stuff from our landscaping days and washing all the extra plastic chairs. And ofcourse the boys also played with the BBQ. Eva and I headed out to get last minutes stuff and collect a parcel from the Post Office. When we got back my MIL had arrived with all the fruit and veges that wouldn't have fitted in our fridge! as it was stocked with bottles of beers and wines. So the ladies started cutting up veggies for nibbles, put out fruit, cut cheese, and other veggies for the BBQ for non meat eaters. Then about 12pm Eva and John left with Michelle and Donnie (Eva's sister and her husband) to catch up over lunch. In the morning Kitchen helpers - bless them We had to remove the peanut and wash the bowls they were in - I totally forgot  that Paul, Otis's friend is seriously allergic to them The balloons that kept popping!  Boys and their BBQs, So Otis's first car, is our car, second car is his Dyson, third car is this BBQ So pleased with themselves...or maybe its just the beer in their system - this was about 11am? The healthy spread The not so healthy options on the dining table Thank You Favours in pink bags At about 12.20pm my MIL and I went to get ice from the petrol station. Yes! power of the belly I didn't even request for help but help was offered to put 6 bags of ice weighing 5kgs each into the tubs in the boot of the car. I drove the car back and parked it in the garage - didn't want the ice to melt prematurely - it was a hot sweltering day! Otis dealt with the ice whilst I started on the BBQ with the aubergine, zucchini, red capsicum and portobello mushrooms...o and not to  forget the onions for the sausages! I was feeling kinda icky by now....and I went to have a shower and got ready at about 2.45pm. I know! I was not on the ball. Otis received the first guests, Merle and Barry who arrived at the same time with Eva, John, Michelle and Donnie. Then it was Otis's turn to have a shower and get ready. We were receiving a steady influx of guests by this time. And we gave everyone a tour of the hous[...]

Just another weekend project


We've been meaning to get these memorabilia framed professionally and hung up for the longest time. But as some of you may have learnt or found out - this isn't a cheap project. We got a couple quote to frame up Otis's archived West Indies Jersey + signed Cap + signed tickets and they were in the region of $600. And we had about 7 other frames to commission. It was going to b e an "ouch" project. With the help of Christmas money and my pregnant belly we managed to negotiate a good price, for some top work by a man (who is a father of three) with a big heart haahaaa, yes power of the pregnant belly! He's even promised to make a cut out picture frame for the baby once it makes its debut and we have some pictures - FOR FREE! SO everyone.....flock to The framing Doctor in Queanbeyan, Brand Depot or Hyperdome. Speak to Sam and tell him we sent you there! We went to pick up the framed memorabilia after breakfast with some new friends. And we were very happy with the work. We dropped off the framed items at home then went all the way to Bunnings in  Belconnen to get some hanging solutions - they have a better selection as oppose to Magnet Mart Gungahlin. We came home and I made dinner of sausages and salad...and then I proceeded the utmost important task of engineering where and how to hang the stuff. It took me a couple of hours - hey, being pregnant ain't easy, you move slower, you forget faster! :) Otis helped with measurements of the frames as well as area. Finally....we got this... Foooh my first class physics graduate father who became an engineer would be so proud....haahaa Yes I'm the brains of the operations and Otis is the brunt, we make a good pair haahahaa. After calculations were made and checked (numerous times might I add). We proceeded to place the framed items on teh family room floor to check the balance. Then we were finally ready to put holes in the walls. By this time it was 11pm, Otis put in two or three nails into the wall to hold up the Van Exel jersey signed by Kurupt ....and I also had to walk outside to see if it was too loud for the neighbours. We called off the project until the next day. We got up bright and early the  next day to have breakfast and then started out again. I was project manager - doing the finger pointing gig - hey I used up all my brain power the night before doing calculations! :) Centering the Ewing/Madison Square garden retiring flag with our tickets to two games at Madison Square Garden Getting the blueprints to put in nails for Wade's picture with our tickets to the game in Miami Next checking centres to put in nails to hang the Kobe Bryant memorabilia  we won at an Auction to raise money for a group of Canberra kids to go to America to play basketball.  Otis in action Next..... Nailing in ...this time, for old school Canberra Canons  Brian Lara's write up from 2004 [...]

Banana Smoothie on a hot summer's morning


Banana Smoothie for breakfast is a yummy refreshing power packed way to start your summer mornings.

1 banana
1/4 cup Crunchola (or granolla or your favourite toasted muesli)
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon honey

1 tablespoon vanilla ice cream (if you are feeling naughty...if not add a wee bit more milk and honey)(image)

When I can be bothered


Our dinner tonite..... Ahhh just like home (KL)....Chinese Omelette, Peking Chilli Beef and Stir Fried Vegetables Otis went for the veges first?!?!!?!? OMG everyone! Get your Lotto tickets! Otis's treat for going for the veges have to reward good behaviour haahaahaaa Peter's Vanilla Ice Cream, Cottee's Chocolate Sauce and a Banana [...]

What we got up to on New Year's Eve


We got up and had some breakfast and chilled in the family room watching some mindless TV - this is pure escapism heehee - Judge Judy haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa. We then did some chores around the house. I got ready and made sure I slip slop slap on the sunscreen as it was predicted to reach 34 or 35 degrees. After lunch, we headed to Bill and Jen's to collect the loaned ute.....a manual ute....that meant...the pregnant lady had to drive it! What a sight! haahaa. Otis then loaded the plastic chairs from Yve's backyard - to be used for our  baby shower. And off we went, in two vehicles. Otis in our trusty Yaris and I in the Ute! Should have taken a picture, but totally forgotten to. We headed home first to unload. Well, Otis unloaded, I just stood in the shade and barked orders....aahaahaa no really I just sat around and kept cool. By 1.30pm we found ourselves at the hire centre at Magnet Mart Gungahlin. We hired a petrol operated Lawn mower - as the lawn is crazy long and a manual mower wouldn't have done the job. So the boys loaded the lawn mower on to the back of the ute and off we went home again. I sat in the shade in our alfresco watching Otis mow the lawn and helped him hold the garbage bag so that he could empty the cut grass from the barrel thing into the bag for disposal.  I also played the part of nurse-wife making sure he had cold ribena and tonnes of water. That took us up to about 3pm. We had like 4-5 bags (20 litres each) of cut grass to get rid of, plus all my clippings from weeks before plus some plants donated by our neighbour which we ended up not using, plus all the weeds I've been ridding of from our garden for he past 8 weeks. I rang Canberra Sand and Gravel in Mitchell (the MItchell tip) they were closed! and only the Parkwood one was open....and they were shutting at 4.30pm. So we hurried and packed the Ute again..........well Otis did, I just........stayed cool and hydrated my only function was to drive haahaaa o and help with holding open bags. Off we went to Parkwood (20minutes drive away) and I helped tear open bags of cut grass whilst Otis did the rest of the unloading - you can only dump organic waste, no plastics and what-nots. We got home at about 4.30pm and Otis started loading the other recyclables and the lawn mower for return. We headed to the Mitchell Recycling Centre - I thought they shut at 5.30 and we arrived at 5.20pm only to find out the big sign outside says 7.30pm to 5.00pm ...bahhhh...luckily the gates were still open so we snuck in and quickly unloaded. After that we made our way to Magnet Mart to return the Lawn mower at about 5.45pm - just before they shut at 6pm. WHOAH everything was rushed! But we got everything we needed to get done...DONE. :) We drove to the nearby petrol station and filled the ute up with some v-power to full tank for return to Bill and Jens. Drove home, loaded the stuff we loaned from Bill and Jen for the consturction of our landscaping and reutrn the whole lot to them by 6.30pm. Boy oh boy were we stuffed, sticky, tired and smelly by then. WE got home about 7.15 pm and I proceeded to cook some bolognese sauce. Otis enjoyed a cold beer in the alfresco checking out his newly mowed lawn. We put on the sprinkler for about 1.5 hours that night to give it a good soak. I left the bolognese sauce on low heat for 20 minutes whilst we had our showers and got cleaned up. Then dinner was served. Spaghettini Bolognese with Balsamic Mustard Dressed Mesculin Salad and Garlic Bread accompanied by Strawberry & Apple juice for the pregnant one, and Sparkling Shiraz for the non pregnant. Bolognese sauce 1kg Ground Beef 3 carrots diced up 3 tomatoes diced up 1 big red onion diced up 3 cloves galic Salt & Pepper to taste 1 teaspoon of Italian herds Balsamic Vinegar 1 large ( I think it was about 7[...]

Beef Dumplings


(image) So...after a couple of days of Western Christmas feed...I was dying for some asian fix!

Got up early the day after Boxing Day to make some Beef Dumplings.

500grams beef mince
3 minced garlic pips
1/2 minced red onion
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
2 tablespoon oyster sauce
Juice of 1/2 lemon
2 teaspoon sugar.

Marinate all the above for 15 minutes.

Use premade store bought dumpling skins to envelope balls of the marinated mince.


Christmas 2010


It all starts the night before Christmas. We usually congregate at Senior Lisle's after dinner and find the MIL busying with the turkey, Christmas pudding and mince pie. Then we all get into whose ever car it is which is down the driveway and we go and be nosy and look at people's lighted houses......and the tour ends in McKellar at Pam's house. Santa used to be perched on the top of the roof in his sleigh and reindeer....But the scaffolding was getting expensive, Santa almost got blown over last year and he's not in storage being sold to a resort in NSW I believe. Can you see the up side down tree? This year's new creative addition to Pam's place Next year, Pam says we should put bubba in the Santa sack and take a picture...:) We  drove the Senior Lisles back to their place to continue with their preparations and we went visiting with the Amsteins. We do this almost every year! It is quite embarrassing as they are Chileans and have their big sit down dinner with all sorts of roast meats on Christmas Eve.....we always crash their party! uninvited! But Otis and the Amsteins assure me, it's perfectly alright. As that is the only time we see each other really.... We went to bed way after midnight and got up at about 7am on Christmas morning. Taken from above Otis kissing bubba ....hmm my tummy looks like a basketball (half of) and baby makes three....(soon) Don't know what he was looking for... tummy shot Stocking presents Stocking presents After we opened our Christmas cards to each other and our stocking presents, Otis and I packed all the presents under our tree to make our pilgrimage to the Senior Lisles. O of course we had to have a shower, and make ourselves pretty before leaving the house :) Christmas Breakfast Table Setting Christmas Tree KnickerBockers Santa it ain't fair.....plenty of Moet to be had....NONE FOR IRIS Santarina outfit -really it just so happened that I bought a maternity dress that has these colours Presents from under The Junior Lisle's tree transported to the Senior Lisle's Christmas Breakfast....I usually have a glass of Moet, a croissant and lots of prawns. Sadly this year it was one croissant and water ..............nevemrind next year I'll have them prawns and Moet. After breakfast we started opening presents. Santa was very kind this year, as with every year. Christmas Tree with heaps of presents for everyone Darn cool present, vinyl converter turn table KnickerBockers Santa Santa brought him a LA Lakers Jersey (Kobe Bryant) And another Lakers Jersey For my future Sewing endeavours Kathmandu hat UPF50 :) Maternity Dress.  A VERY RUDE tee shirt From the Knutssons ( Baby got some presents too After the Present Opening session. The women folk got busy in the kitchen putting together the Christmas Lunch and the men folk...........well they just drank more Moet and well just potted around...haahaaa OK OK to their credit they did clean up the mess in the lounge from all the unwrapping and helped cut the root vegetables. I had to have a nap after I helped in the Kitchen, I couldn't do the roast vegetables this year, the kitchen was far too hot for me. I even had to take off my stockings ....and sought solace on the recliner chair in Otis's old bedroom. Obed rang in fashionably late (we expect nothing less)...he came by about 12.30pm - I was 10 minutes into my nap.... I got up after another 15 minutes of trying to rest and continued helping with setting the table for Christmas Lunch. We had Tony and Suwanna join us for Christmas too. Pre Christmas Lunch chit chat Start the baby early with cam-whoring haaaaaaaahaaa Mommy to be just had to lahh[...]

Growing Belly!


  17/09/2010 - week 17 + 1 10/10/2010 - week 20 + 4 19/10/2010 - week 21 + 6 05/11/2010 - Week 25 + 2 18/11/2010 Week 26 Same top same jeans, pre pregnancy :) January 2010 Week 27 +3 28/11/2010 - Week 27 + 4 05/12/2010 - Week 28 + 4 11/12/2010 - Week 29 + 3 Just before our visit to the Ong's On Christmas Day. Week 37 + 3 Week 38 Week 38 slowly accumulating baby stuff Week 34 - round right? haahaa 25/01/2011 - Week 35 + 4. Exhausted after work! align="left" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="height: 245px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 5px; width: 131px;">        align="left" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="height: 245px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 5px; width: 131px;">   align="left" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="height: 245px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 5px; width: 131px;">   [...]

9 more weeks!


Wow, how time has flown. We're now on singular digit countdown. This pregnancy has been fabulous! Sure, I've had to endure the pain of all-day-sickness for a good 3 months. Lost some weight. Freaked out about the baby's growth because my tummy didn't show until week 20.  Bad skin on my face, and mostly top back (ewe) and some on my chest. Gallbladder flare up - man o man it was PAINFUL max. Funky cravings. The exhaustion. The short term memory. The reduction of mobility and lung capacity ............all of that are about to be a faint memory. I'm going to immortalise in my memory the good things like the kickings, harlem-shakes, the cheeky poke-backs, the cute little stretches baby makes in the early mornings - just like mommy and daddy do. Otis anticipated me to have crazy mood swings through pregnancy. Safe to say non existent. I've felt more at peace and have become more humbled, more thankful for everything and everyone in my life then feeling stupidly insane and crazy with mood swings. I still fit into my old clothes - with the help of a belly expander. Even so, I'm still using the smaller sized ones - they come in a small and large size. My skin has cleared up tremendously - thank goodness. Maybe thank the bottle of organic Rosehip oil I've been suing on my belly, hips, chest, face and back since we found out we were expecting. Weight is steadily going up. I hope it will stabilise soon. it's harder to get up! after a sleep, or from seating or from squatting doing the weeding. We really cannot wait for baby to make his/her debut. Our next visit to the hospital and scan is on the 6th of January in the new year. We're very excited as we may find out the sex of the baby. If s/he is still shy, oh worries, big surprise for everyone. :) We've been slowly preparing for the baby shower too! We've even set up a baby registry online to make it easier for guests : A good friend is organising the event - I have fabulous friends!!!!!!!!! baby's line artwork it's y first day off work and I'm still working tsk tsk tsk gotta work on this work addiction LOL [...]

Vege Patch in December 2010


Who's been eating my zucchini flower? Mexican Chilli Plenty of tomatoes to be had in a few weeks Vulgar Tomato plant!..........overshadowing beetroot, strawberries and chillies on the other side Look at how small the tomato plant was about 7 weeks ago on the 14th of November [...]

Beef & Glass Noodle Salad



Organic Scotch Fillet and Veges with home-made pepper sauce


 Seared and rested piece of awesomeness I marinated this prime specimen with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, hot English mustard and black pepper for about 5 hours before cooking. Make sure you take it out of the fridge an hour before cooking so its about room temperature - ensures better more even cooking.  Let me here you say ... "MMMmmmmMMMmmMmmm" :) Juicy steak accompanied by veges + home-made pepper sauce. Again it's one of my impromptu just-do-it type of sauce - no recipes.. But here's what I did.... 1 cup beef stock, 1 cup water, remainder of the marinate, salt & pepper to taste, 1 tablespoon whole pepper corns, garlic flakes and flour (mix in water first, I used about 1/2 cup) Otis's portion Iris's Portion And that concludes our Saturday night meal..... we have happy tum tums :) [...]

Another entry about the yard


fruit of labour Medicinal Aloe Vera - I want a functional garden :) Used some of the crushed pebbles in the pot as mulch Rewarding - have been waking up at 6.20am every morning (sometimes earlier) to water and if it doesn't rain throughout the day I stand out there for half an hour after work watering. New growth from new seeds sown on 21/11/2010 New strawberries - away from slugs - with the use of more mulch Beetroot looking like its going gangbusters Vege patch as of 27/11/2010 Vege path as of 07/11/2010 - it's come a long way :) Wand to see how the yard has evolved? Check these entries out : [...]

Simple Rhubarb & Apple Crumble


My boss gave me a beautiful bunch of rhubarb on Thursday. I haven't seen a rhubarb close up before, yet alone eaten it - although, I've had rhubarb candy - you know from the sundry shops of your younger days, where you got the small tube of plasticy rubbery balloon thing that comes with a small straw? Anyway this is one of my simply just bantai recipe haahaa :) Ingredients PART A 800grams Rhubarb chopped up 5 Granny Smith Apples chopped up1 Cup castor sugar 1 cinnamon stick2 star anise 2 cups water PART B450grams Plain Flour225gram room temp Butter 1 cup sugar All I did was simmer all ingredients in PART A for about 30 minutes. Let cool. Mix all ingredients in PART B with my fingers - you wants small lumps and big lumps - the more uneven the better the crumble. To assemble, put cooled down filling into a deep dish. Add crumble on top. Bake for 30 minute in a prehetaed oven at 170degrees. Enjoy with a dollop of cream. mmmmm I put way too much water in my simmering pot of rhubarb and apples - I think I put 5 so you're going to be alright with just 2 cups :) [...]

Good way to take your UDOs Oil


After a few nights of having to take UDOs oil   by the spoon fulls.... And skippin a few nights*ooops* I thought I better find a yummy way to keep up with the intake. so tada..... Salad of organic spicy salad leaves, tomatoes, avocadoes, cucumbers and red onions Add a portion of protein - in this case, I had an Italian rissole  I poured over my concoction of salad dressing which included UDOs oil. UDOs oil dressing (for two): Juice of half lemon 4 teaspoons of Udos oil4 teaspoons of good quality balsamic vinegarBlack pepper, chilli and garlic flakesSalt to taste scrumptious :) [...]

Update on the Yard


The Lawn is coming along... Some frost hardy ground cover thing Miniature nectarine I think I have about 5 on this tree green lawn :) but still a little patchy Solar water feature flanked b two plum trees The Yucca had a grooming session Chilli :) Deteriorating strawberries being eaten by slugs and birds But that's OK...there's more...:) Planning to put a Miniature lemon and Kaffir Lime trees in a bot between the perrenials  Read more about the chronicles of the yard here and who, what, when, how the landscape started here. [...]

First Alfresco Drinks at the house


t'was a busy day which started at 6.30am ( well like any normal day day starts at 6.30am) ... I didn't water the lawn because it still looked fresh and wet and dewy from last night's watering. And I was thinking about oversowing under the mulch later on in the day. WARNING : My water comes from a rain tank, not from the mains. :) So I can water as long as I have water in my tank! Check with your local state government about your area's water restrictions. Anyway I started cleaning up the kitchen, and made some breakfast. Cleared my paperwork - man I've got this habit of just piling it up over the week and having to clear up on the weekend. Must change :) Then we had our showers and headed off to the markets. I love the markets! You get to buy produce and meet the people who produce them! Food and where it comes from is a very personal thing don't you think? I admire people who live in self sustainable farms who are pro-organic or at least pro-free range. I aspire to live like them one day, for now, living in Forde in a 5.5 star energy rated house, with a water tank and vege patch would do :) I'll look into having hens living here.....soon... After the markets, we went to Coles to get the staples, cleaning products and toiletries. Then on to Magnet Mart.....for a sausage sizzle nom nom nom. When we got home, we unpacked the loot and Otis started with cleaning inside the house and I went outside to start concreting (well really, all I had to do was slap the concrete on, Otis did the pouring and mixing an carrying) - well because I'm a master craftsperson haahaa. NOT. Then I laid out the watering  system - omg I am still not finished, but it's OK its not the end of the world. I have another 30% to go and it's all ready for the lazy gardener in me -self watering garden woot woot! on an Automated timer woot woot inglewood! After that I went in and made myself a tuna & cheese toasted sandwich - nom nom nom - so much for hoping the sausage sizzle would fuel me up till dinner time haahaa. Then on to preparing the platter. Which is really just cut up carrots, celery and yellow capsicum with hommus and salmon & lemon dips. Otis finished with his inside chores and went outside to clean up the mess I made haahaa, and spread the pebbles..and all sort of other manly things like washing the windows. Had a shower and sat down to blog....and then the door bell rang... And we had our first alfresco drinkies..... We ended up at a local Thai Restaurant - yummy, recommended - Thai Herb Gungahlin.[...]

I've Never...


I've never....

- seen a ravine this deep before when looking down upon my décolletage
- seen 'that' number on the weighing machine before, in between my toes
- had a gallstone flare up
- been more specific about my diet
- went without half cooked eggs for this long
- had back acne
- known skin can stretch so much
- had 'that' waist line
- had a glucose test come out borderline
- been to the hospital this many times
- felt so exhausted

but above all,

I've never been so blessed to have a wriggly peanut in my womb :)

so....Thank you God, for blessing us with such a manna.(image)

Chronicles of The Yard


7th November 2010 Vege Patch Garden Bed and Lawn area Strawberries Lavender Mexican Bell Chillies Seedlings of grass Side Garden Perennials Regular Kangaroo Paw Dwarf Kangaroo Paw Raising seeds of veges and herbs 12th November 2010 Grass a growing Strawberries a ripening 13th November 2010 14th of November 2010 [...]

Lazy Sunday's Marble Cake


I got up right on 6.20am without any help - been doing this for the last 3 weeks! No matter if I slept at 9pm or 1am or if it's a weekend, 6.20am is when I get up - want to know why?  Well I really don't but I have a sneaking suspicion it's because the baby wants to eat. I wake up starving! So I got up, had two slices of peanut butter & jam toast coupled with some milk tea. Then I was still hungry at 6.40am I had a small bowl of just chicken curry from the slow cooker. Had half a glass of soy milk and went back to bed! haahaa. Such a lazy Sunday. I woke up again at about 9am when Otis got up. Made him some breakfast - chicken curry and toasts (wished we had roti canai instead, really...) and I decided to have another small serve of curry and half a slice of toast - my oh my, how my appetite has grown! We watched some crap on TV - as you do on a Sunday. We watched Judge Judy - I pity those who have so much time to get themselves into such petty situations. ONLY in a America ..... After that Otis got up and started vacuuming and the only rule he has is that I stay put until he does the entire house. I kept occupied in the family room by checking my blog, facebooking, and playing FreeCell. Then I had a thought, I really wanted a cake of some sort. First I researched how to make Molten Lava cake....mmmmm voluptious gooey yumminess...realised it's probably too high risk for pregnancy as well it involves eggs and the end product is still gooey. I settled for Marble Cake. After Otis finished vacuuming I cleaned the kitchen and proceeded to make the marble cake...I've always been known to be a a "pakai bantai" or "what ever goes" kinda person in the kitchen... This Marble Cake recipe has been Ingredients : 110grams of softened butter 115grams of cream ( the original recipe called for 225grams of butter but I didn't have anymore so I substituted with cream heehe) 225grams of caster sugar 4 eggs Vanilla seeds from 1/2 vanilla pod ( the original recipe called for 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence, and again I didn't have any!) 225grams of self raising flour (I only had plain flour so I added 1 teaspoon of bicarb and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder) 2 tablespoon of Cocoa powder All I did was cream the butter, cream and sugar. Added the dry stuff (bar the Cocoa powder). Then eggs. Then Vanilla essence. Make sure  your cake batter is smooth. Split you batter into two. In one half mix in the cocoa powder until combined thoroughly. I used a loaf tin, you can you a 20cm round cake tin if you want. Just start playing with your cake batter, polka dotting the mixture in the tin. At the end use a skewer or a satay stick and draw swirlies with it through your cake. Make sure your skewer touches the bottom of the pan and swirl at last 3 times around... Put in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes... Result : Lazy persons guide to baking, use baking paper as liner :) Results of polka dotting and swirling [...]

BPA free vs. Glass Bottles


Recently I partook in comments war discussion on one of my old school mate's facebook status update. She was wondering if she should get glass bottles or stick with BPA free products for her gorgeous infant daughter. Being a mom-to-be I am slowly learning and reading up on natural products or earth friendly and sustainable products for babies which causes less or no side effects to their health and development. I suggested that, if it were me, I personally would go glass all the way as Canada is the only country in the world currently which has classified BPA as toxic - that speaks alot. Anyway one comment led to another with a few other commentors. I basically ruffled some feathers :) nyaahaaahaa... I mean seriously, maybe I'll say it like this, if you went to a new restaurant and and wanted a meal with HALAL meat. And the waiter wasn't sure but said all meats were HALAL anyway and scrambles around for a HALAL sign from the desk somewhere ...wouldn't you be safer ordering fish? Get what I mean? I was trying to make a point that wouldn't your best bet be with Glass, where you know from science class from school that its basically heated up sand/silica. Instead of BPA free products which may have a host of other chemical elements - which they currently can't find fault with (for now)? Especially when you need to heat up the bottle..... But in the end, I understand, each to their own :) [...]