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One Nation Under Obama

Sat, 10 Nov 2012 06:33:00 +0000

I first would like to say to all of you who voted for Obama...UP YOURS!With that out of the way, this proves once and for all that our voting system is broken. Oh, this isn’t the first time but hey let’s take a look at something. Every time there is an election that comes up, it always comes down to 1 or 2 states. Everyone knows this months ahead of time. Then as it was the other night, you take a look at those states that are about to say for everyone who will lead us, and you find that out of the whole state it really comes down to 8 or so counties.   Now if you can narrow the entire election down to 8 or so counties, how easy is it to manipulate the vote?  Easy as hell. If you look at a map of the US and have it show county by county red or blue. There is very little blue in deed.             It is time and overdue at that to move away from the Electoral College. The whole idea of them electing a president was never intended for the populous to vote. The voted in representation was to be the ones who would elect from amongst themselves the president. This is the only way that each individual gets a voice.  The representation answers to and is elected by the populous in their district. So each district has a voice in the election. He other night sadly only a select few where heard from because the size and make up of those districts made the choice for the entire state. I.E . Ohio.This system gives the Democratic Party the advantage in every election. The Republicans have an uphill battle from the start. That‘s why it is always said that the Republican candidate has to take such and such a state to have a chance. I would have loved to been here for the birth of this once great nation, but the other night I was here when it began taking in it’s last breaths.The only thing we can hope for now is that when it does breath it’s last, we will break up much like the former USSR, and become 4 or 5 different countries then those of us that are like minded can once again build a great nation UNDER GOD! And watch those who voted for destruction get exactly what they voted for.TCYMy favorite part of the Conventions was by far the Clint Eastwood speech![...]

Happy Obamaween Everyone!

Thu, 01 Nov 2012 04:58:00 +0000

     I don't even have the energy to argue with TCY on this.  We have had this conversation many times, but there is no changing his mind. I guess he just doesn't remember what it used to be like as a kid.  Granted, he has good points about the lazy kids and the I'm not even a kid-I'm a grown teenager and give me some damn candy even though I don't have a costume on.  But anyway, here is his thoughts. Thank God that I live in a state that has open gun laws. One such law states that if you feel threatened on your property in anyway, you have the right to defend yourself.  I will be putting out fresh No Trespassing signs today in preparations for tonight's beg fest.  I think there is something wrong with handing out candy to a bunch of kids who are too fat to walk down the driveway and back to their heated SUV’s without stopping once to catch a breath of air to complete their long journey back to the car.             I find it comical that some will even get in the car to go to the next house down. Yes I will just peer out of my window watching the parade of red neck pickup trucks slap full of little mush headed individuals.  I can hear the banjos now.            I just hope that the parade is over before I have to report to work for third shift. If my garage door opens with a light showing from inside, the rush of waddling little beggars will make the invasion of Normandy look small in comparison, and what will I give them? Advice!  I tell them to get a job and they can buy all the teeth destroying candy their little fat a$$’s can carry.  Heck I’d even offer the bigger ones to cut my grass and I’ll give them a Chicklet.            I think if I ever were to hand out free candy to those who do not work for it, my treat of choice would be the little boxes of raisins. You know the ones that fit like 5 raisins to the box. It would help the little fat freaks eat something that is actually good for them, and it would maybe disappoint the little creeps enough that they would not come back to beg next year.            I know a lot of you disagree with me on this.  Firstly I don’t care. Secondly, use the same reasoning you use with drugs. You can’t smoke a little herb because it leads to bigger, better and more addicting drugs.  This is the same thing.  Beg for free candy leads to asking for free food stamps that leads to asking for free welfare, free phones, free health care, free day care, and free underwear.All of the takes away from FREE-DOM.Or of course in the case of the next generation with their public government school educations, FREE-DUMB!!! Happy Beggerween. Fight back TCY     After thinking about it for a little bit, maybe if I got all those annoying, over grown, non costume wearing kids at my front door demanding candy, I might be a little bitter also.  But honestly, if we get 5 kids, it was a full night.  Our neighborhood is built like the Scream Machine at Six Flags!  You need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get up and around my streets.  For a kid to walk our roads, he needs to be a 3 time triathlon winner.  But still, they are just kids and I am fine with them asking for a trick or treat.  But one day, I won't be working 2nd shift and they might just get a trick instead of a treat.  BTW, TCY, this picture below is just for you!  Since I don't work with you anymore, I don't get to hear your rants and raves, especially about US citizens having to speak English instead of Spanish.Come On, Tell Me What That Says![...]

McCain Again?!?

Fri, 19 Oct 2012 05:46:00 +0000

        Well, with the election fast approaching, I knew TCY would have plenty to say.  Besides football, I think politics is his favorite thing to yell at people about.  I have seen him get all worked up over 3 things.  1. Football.  2. Politics.  3. Stupidity.    TCY says. . .             The upcoming election is less than one month away and there are still states arguing about who can vote and what ID must be provided to vote.  I really must say I don't get the argument on providing a picture ID. Those against this are saying that requiring a picture ID is RAAAAAAAACIST.  They say the poor can't afford a picture ID, or that not everyone drives.  The states that require a picture ID has offered FREE ID's to those that need them.  If the poor and the minorities can't produce picture IDs, how do they buy liquor and cigarettes?Go to the poorest, most run down neighborhood and there will be a liquor store and no shortage of customers. So why is there such a problem when it comes to voting?            This really isn't the biggest problem this country has when it comes to voting. It was originally arranged by our founders that only property owners could vote. The more you think about this, the wiser you find this decision was. Tell me how is it fair for a person that does not own property to vote for a property tax hike?  We have all heard the person on the street interviews of potential voters who cannot even tell you who is running for office.  Just last week I heard one where the interviewer asks this woman if she thought that McCain would have a better chance of winning this time. The women went on to say all the reasons why McCain would stand no better chance this time as he did last time, except she had no clue that he was not running this time.            We have to take a test to exercise any number of our rights; driving test. test to pass on to the next grade, entry level test for employment. However on such a critical decision as issue is for  voting in our next leader, there is no need to check on the intellectual integrity of the the voter.  They can and often are MORONS.  This is how we end up with Morons in office such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and of course Barrack Obama!!! This is by the way, the number one reason that our school systems are always dumbing down the electorate. Dumb Ass Grads make Dumb Ass Voters = Democrat Majorities.Smarten up this year and fight backTCY     So, with that being said, I still don't understand why they are saying that make us produce a picture ID is racist.  Are they saying that there is a race that doesn't get an ID?  Are they singling out one race? No, they just want proof that you are who you are.  And I do agree, all though it is profiling that all poor people drink and smoke but profiles exist because they are partly based on truth.  Someone won't go vote because they don't have a picture ID but they sure as hell can get a fifth of Jack and a pack of Camel's.        Since that lady wants to bring back a candidate that lost from a previous election, why not just go all out?  Let's bring back Clinton and Perot?  How many people would actually know the difference.  Hell, let's throw in JFK and see how well our school systems are really working.  At least that lady was talking about a live candidate.   [...]

Ronald Post - Too Fat to Execute???

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 17:07:00 +0000

HaHa, Can't Kill Me, I'm too Fat, Now Get Me a Cheeseburger Pussy!!!             Yep, you read that correctly.  There is a dude in our country that has been in prison for 30 years and is sentenced to death January, 2013 but due to his weight, it most likely won’t happen.  They say his fatness is preventing them from finding a vein to insert the needle.He can't exercise because his health prevents him. Let’s start this uplifting post with TCY’s opinion.             In the news today a convicted killer in Ohio is due to be executed and  has his lawyers filling an injunction stating that he is too fat to be executed. Ronald Post was convicted of killing a hotel clerk in 1983. The lawyers are saying that his weight would cause problems during the injections leading to torture and slow death. Violating his 8th amendment rights.             Now for the good part, HE has been in prison for 30 freakin years! Where were his lawyers worrying about his 8th amendment rights for the past 30 yrs? How do you get to weigh 480lbs on prison food?  Seems to me that if the Ohio prison system allowed a prisoner to get that FAT!! That would lead to a slow and tortured death. Plus where is the accountability to the tax payer? How much does it cost to feed the behemoth?Bottom line, if the needle won’t kill him fast enough, a bullet will damn it! FIRE!!!! The Crankee YankeeHere is a link to an article on this too fat to execute prisoner.                Ok, so we can’t execute this guy with a needle.  We definitely couldn’t hang him, because they are afraid it would pop his head off and we don’t want that to happen to a man we are trying to execute.  They don’t have stoning anymore.  We can’t electrocute him because he is too big to fit in the chair.  So, there are a few options that I can think of.  1.) Firing Squad.  No matter how big he is, a bullet in the head will take care of the problem.  It is legal in 4 states! Yep, I googled it, but too bad it is not legal in Ohio.   2.) Poison. A large enough dosage would put him to sleep all nice nice and he would never wake up.  I'm sure we could find a prison guard to accidentally put it in one of his many meals for the day  3.) Electrocution.  Up the voltage!  People die instantaneously all the time by touching live wires.  Don’t put him on old sparky, just connect the wires directly to his arms and hit the switch.  But yes, that seems a little too inhumane, it’s not like this dude is a convicted murderer right?  4.) How about they just put him in a hospital bed, yes they can find one big enough for him to lay comfortably but can’t find something to hold him while they fry him? Anyway, get him in a hospital bed and start the morphine drip! Maybe the morphine contraption will be made in Mexico or China and it malfunctions.  That’s all I’m saying. [...]

He's Back!!!

Fri, 14 Sep 2012 16:40:00 +0000

He's BACK!!!          Yes, it is true.  The Crankee Yankee has returned after a long hiatus.  But don’t worry; he is back with a vengeance!  With these attacks going on, I agree with TCY that something needs to be done, and even agree to give terrorists a taste of their own medicine, but not exactly the way he suggests.  First, if you don’t know what’s going on, over in Africa, here is a link to get you refreshed.’s another link for what’s going on in Cairo. Crankee says. . .9/11, the U.S.  suffered yet another attack from Muslims.  There is no need to call them extremist because that would be redundant. Don’t stand there and tell me that it is a small group of extremist that performed this attack on sovereign U.S.  land (the embassy), when the TV is showing hundreds of people protesting against America. This is happening all over the world.  Why our government doesn’t understand that there is a holy war going on is beyond believe. The fact that the U.S. chooses not to participate in a holy war doesn’t make the fact that there has been one waging against us.Fellow Americans, The Crankee, as always, has the answer that makes this go away. We have to fight on their terms. This is what they understand, this is what they respect. So here it is…..                You want terrorism to rule the day, here’s how we play. The day after the attack on our embassy I would have targeted every elementary school house in that country for a missile attack to take place at 11:00am.  Extreme? You bet it is. This is however how we need to fight if we want to win this. Killing men who strap bombs to their own chest makes martyrs.  Killing the innocent makes mourners.  It has to hurt. There has to be such a big penalty for killing Americans that no one would dare think to try it ever again.                A man might be willing to die for a cause; few are willing to kill their children for the same cause. Besides they are only teaching the kids to become the next generation of terrorist, so bombing schools makes good sense.  It kills off the next generation of weird beards.Time to get madThe Crankee Yankee                As I do believe in retaliation, bombing innocent children is not the right way to go.  Let’s just say, President Obama grows a big ol’ pair of nutz and pushes the red button to launch every missle we have over there and disintegrates every little American hating kid.  I think that would just divide our country up and start another civil war here.  I think your idea of fighting fire with fire is right on the mark, but just not at the kids directly.  I understand that the enemy wants to and has killed Americans, then it's time to do what we do best and Kick Their Ass.  Just not the children directly.  I personally am all for dropping our vast supply of Nukes.  It ended the war with Japan pretty fucking quickly.  But what do I know.  I’m just a guy who gets the Crankee’s rants out to the general public.   [...]

Keith Palmer and ObamaCare Part 2

Wed, 21 Dec 2011 03:43:00 +0000

        TCY is back and has a comment but since it is a bit longer than a usual comment, I just figured to give him his own entry.Whale oil beef hooked---we'll I'll be fucked. And so will you if Obama gets a second term. Others and I have been proclaiming that this is the most important election of your lives. Now keep this in your minds, 49% of all the people in this country receive some kind of check from the federal gov't, if the hard working taxpayers don't get out and vote, EVERYONE of US. Obama will win this election. A second term for Obama will be the final nail in the coffin for the US. without having to worry about re-election he will be free to inflict on us every socialist idea he has ever had. It won't matter that there will most likely still be a Republican house. He will use the executive order to accomplish his goals. His goals are simple, read the communist manifesto. First you must make the current government fail and fall and then re-build the government as a Socialist government. For him to succeed the US must fall and be destroyed in order to create from it's ashes the socialist Utopia he has always dreamed of.Be ready my Friends this will not be an easy fight. Look at Europe right now. They have been socialist for 30 years and they are now finding out that it still, as in the past, does not work. They are going broke.  They can't afford to pay all of the people they promised to take care of, and when they try to tell the hoards of parasites that the free ride has to end, they riot. The same will be true here. Riots will pop up everywhere, how this country reacts to them will determine how bad it gets. Truthfully this country hasn't got the nads for needs to be done.     In order to keep order,  justice must be swift and severe. At the first sign of riots,  the police force must come out in large numbers, overwhelming large numbers. The riots must be quelled at any cost even including deadly force. It seems extreme but if this is done right from the start, the violence will be less overall. If we try as we are doing with the "Occupiers",  the property damage and violence will be more than anyone can imagine. The anarchist will have a field day, and everyday citizens, businessmen and the like will have to fight for their very lives.     No this will not be easy but it can be done. We have lived without a large government for most of this country's life. We have always had the poor. Were they dying in the streets? NO. We are a very generous country if left to our own. Our Church's take care of people. They can take care of more if they were filled. Our people give willingly when not forced by taxation to do so.Back in the 30's this country had hard times. How were they handled? Look at the houses built in the 30's. They were very large; most of the ones you see today have been converted to apartments or bed and breakfasts. Why were the houses so big when so many people were hurting? Family's lived together. Grandparents, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and in some cases families that extended beyond that.We took care of ourselves!!! We did not leave our elderly for other taxpayers to take care of. We did not let our children go hungry until the government gave them food stamps, we  fucking fed them!!! Do you think it would be different today? If tomorrow food stamps went away, would we not feed our families? If Social Security goes away, we leave our elderly family members out in the cold with no roof, no food, and no clothes? NO we would take care of our own again, the way it was always meant to be.     We love the holidays because loved ones gather near. The day is coming when to survive we must gather near to one another. The illegals are doing this now. How do they live on the little money that picking vegetables pay? They consolidate their [...]

Keith Palmer and ObamaCare

Fri, 09 Dec 2011 01:58:00 +0000

         Well, there are lots of good topics out there but I have just not been invested in any of them to start up an entry.  Good thing I know a few people who know more about the world than me and who take the initiative to write it up.  This entry is from our newest blogger, our friend from America's frozen top hat, The Arctic Char.  Before you read on, here is a Canadian Joke.  Read it out loud in your best Canadian accent and see if you can figure it out.  At the bottom of the entry I will have the American translation.M R DUCKSM R KNOTM R SEWCEDAR WINGS?WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED!M R DUCKS  He writes. . .Back longer ago than I care to admit, I was in the wedding party for Keith Palmer's first marriage and he was in mine. The weddings took place about two months apart, the same difference as we were in age. We both worked at the same company and married women who also worked there. We were both immigrants to the country just north of here that I mentioned in my previous guest blog. Our parents came to give us a better life, his from the Republic of South Africa and mine from Scotland.I moved and remarried, he remarried and moved, the years passed and we lost touch with each other, until his second-wife called me a few months back.About two years ago, I could feel a lump on my neck about the size of a second Adam's apple. I was sent to an Ear. Nose and Throat doctor who drew a sample. The biopsy result was cancer. That was on a Friday. Six days later, on Thursday, I was being seen by an Otolaryngologist at a respected hospital in a nearby major city who determined that the primary source of the cancer was in my tonsil. Five days later, on Tuesday, I was under the knife, having a tonsillectomy. Last week, I went for a CatScan at eighteen months after that operation: N.E.D.... No .Evidence of Disease.My first hint that the medical industry had gone awry in my former homeland was when I found a "poor me" online forum for adults who had had their tonsils removed. Having your tonsils out at any age must be painful. But as an adult it is a killer. Swallowing is very, very painful and you don't realize how many times you swallow at non-meal times until every time it happens, it hurts. Buying into the ice-cream fallacy, I had stocked up. One helping was enough to cure me of that. All dairy products leave an unpleasant film in your mouth that only swallowing will allay. But every time I swallowed, it hurt. The forum's contributors were at various stages of preparation and recovery and I learned that at about day eight the pain subsided enough that it was safe to wince down some vegetable soup. One contributor was a woman from the socialist enclave just north of here; she had waited six months for her day of surgery to arrive. Astounded, I contacted still-trapped family members to see if this was typical. Yes, they replied, we've just gotten used to it.Keith Palmer, living not in a remote perma-frost region of the country but in a suburb of the largest English-speaking city, also developed a lump on his neck about two years ago. The doctors hummed and hawed and had it biopsied and sent for tests. Then, unsure, they sent him to a different group of hummers and hawers who had the lump biopsied. They concluded that it was a lump. After three months, when the lump had grown from the size of his Adam's apple to the size of an orange, they concluded that maybe they should try radiation and chemotherapy.Too late, they began treatment. As I was going for my one-year, so-far-so-good, clean bill of health, Keith Palmer died the day after his birthday in the summer of this year.My medical treatment has run about $60,000. My share, between deductibles and premiums has been about $6,000. Keith Palmer's medical treatment was "free", through the country's socialized medical plan.Obamacare is not simply the fallacy that m[...]

2012: Dump the Chump

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 01:26:00 +0000

     Well, this entry is a special one, in more than one way.  Since election fever is already in the air, you all know that TCY can smell the stupidity, the fear, the kickbacks, the bribes and the bullshit that is about to start being aired on public television.  But before I start, we have a special blogger today.  This entry will be started by a long time reader but a 1st time blogger.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, The Arctic Char.      I feel greatly privileged to be the first guest blogger here at the Crankee Yankee, and I feel privileged to be a citizen of this great country. It wasn’t always so: I am a naturalized American, coming from a country just north of here.      For those of us who aren’t likely to vote Democrat, it is a minimum five-year process to earn…yes, earn…American citizenship. It took me two years to get my Green Card, then depending on the circumstances of eligibility, citizenship can be applied for after either three or five years.      I have to confess I did not take advantage of that privilege for well-beyond five years. One can function perfectly well in this country as a Permanent Resident carrying a Green Card. Which, by the way, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services makes perfectly clear, "It is your responsibility to carry proof of your permanent resident status at all times", a mandate the Federal Department of Justice is suing the states of Arizona and Alabama to force their policemen to overlook.     The two disadvantages that I know of to maintaining Permanent Resident status over citizenship is that one cannot buy a house with only 5% down payment and one cannot vote, which I do believe ACORN interprets as should not vote.     I wasn’t eligible for citizenship during the Clinton years and didn’t need to vote during the Bush years, so I dragged my feet. Then, Mr. Obama was elected President and his number one concern was instituting Universal Health Care. Been there, done that, left the country.It was time to realize that I love this country and I love living in this country. It is indeed the greatest country on earth. As they say playing euchre, ‘go high or go home’, it was time to become an American.      One’s citizenship application must be accompanied by a check for $900. It was Kroger-brand Kraft dinners for a month but I came up with the money. And studied for the test… (The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name the writers.)     The process took about eight months but the pride-filled day finally arrived when I took the Oath of Allegiance and was handed my American Citizenship Certificate and a little American flag to wave.I waved and I wept.And now for the Crankee himself. . .2012: Dump the ChumpThis presidential election is potentially the most important in the history of the United States of America 's short life. What is at stake is the Union itself. It will be the difference between America going bankrupt or prospering, survival of our historical way of life, or life with almost unbelievable interference of the federal government in our everyday lives. Simply stated, it is the difference between freedom and serfdom. I as a conservative obviously want my freedom to be enjoyed by my grandchildren and their grandchildren to follow.Mr. Obama has now taken up the class warfare banner that many of his liberal predecessors held before him. Why does this tactic seem to work so well? One reason is that the American school system has been taken over by the left. They do not teach our children that America is the land of opportunity.  Instead it is taught more and more that whichever financial class you are born into is where you[...]

The Great Pumpkin My ASS

Fri, 21 Oct 2011 22:56:00 +0000

     Well, it finally looks like enough is going wrong in the world for TCY to get fired up!  With TCY's spider senses starting to tingle with the oncoming news of all the things that piss him off, this should be fun.  Between Democrats, stupid people, holidays, the President, his significant other and society in general, we should get some nice rants and raves.  So, everyone who reads this, please post a comment when you have something to say, or even if you just want to get TCY fired up, it's entertainment for everyone.  We are going to start this off with TCY's favorite holiday Beggerween, err I mean Halloween.  Geez, I am already using TCY's lingo.Here we are, 10 days away from the worst holiday ever created. BEGGERWEEN. Before all you egg head sons-of -bitches start writing of the historic celebration of all hallows eve. The TCY is an educated individual and I don't need your rendition of the celebration.I'm talking about the new and improved Beggerween. When we teach our young offspring, with their heads full of mush, that it is perfectly ok to go to a strangers house and beg for them to give you something that you have not worked for. Hand it over just because you asked for it.When I was a mush filled youth I too took part in this embarrassing display of lowly begging for candy with some significant differences.1. We only begged in our own neighborhood. We did not carpool all over the county begging from people we had no idea who they were. Yes, back in the day we knew our neighbors.2. We used the driveways and sidewalks of our potential victims. We did not cascade over the top of the pickup trucks and make frontal assaults across the lawn, through the bushes and over the flowers pushing over the rails any children that may have beaten us to the source of our attack the large bowl of someone else's candy.3.We obeyed the unwritten rules to this begfest. The rules are simple, you dress up like some kind of ghoul or fool and you get free candy. Seems easy enough to follow right. FUCK NO! You see now 15 & 16 year old little bastards show up on your stairs with a pot induced case of the munchies, dressed as any other day begging you for candy. I must admit they do help me prove my point that this celebration does cause people to have a sense of entitlement implanted in them. If you really want to laugh, tell them no and see what kind of look you get. It's almost worth opening door for.4. Now get this for being old fashion.  We actually said THANK YOU!!! Today’s little bastards are in such a hurry to get off your step and race across your yard to your next-door neighbors, that they hardly ever take the time to say thank you. Oh you get the occasional "see ya".  The thing I hate the most is the little shit that asks for more. What the fuck? I just gave into your pathetic begging and you want more than I offer? This is why I say “Do NOT teach your children to beg!”  They will grow up to be thinking that things are due them just because. They will have a sense of entitlement that will make them think that just because they want it or even need it,  that someone should just give it to them. They will think that if someone has the money to get things that they don't have, that they should be able to go up to that person and take it from them. In other words my Friends, they will become DEMOCRATS! Now that's some scary shit!!! Stephen King never wrote anything as scary as I just wrote.Happy Beggerween, and keep the lights off. Let the roaming hoards of beggar's waste gas for nothing.Fight backTCY     Of all the things that TCY can bitch about, which there are plenty, I can't believe he has a problem with Halloween.  Wait, yes I can.  He has a problem with everything that most "normal" people don't [...]

Smoking Just Might Save Your Life

Thu, 08 Sep 2011 04:03:00 +0000

     It has been a while since the last post.  TCY has been busy and I have been busy.  But the day has come, I knew it would, when TCY could not hold it back and spew from his orafice something that would get this rolling again.  Of course, the one thing that he and I completely disagree on is the subject.  SMOKING!  Most of my friends seem to be of the smoking persuasion.  Yes, it is nasty, disgusting, expensive and smells but I have to deal with it at work and home, so I guess i have to deal with it right? Wrong!  Ask people who know me, I am that annoying person who is against smoking and oh so happy about the rules that are in place.  No smoking n hospitals, no smoking on campus, no smoking in restaurants, no smoking at church camp(yeah, you two know who I am talking about).  Before i get started on my rant, let me allow TCY to start on his.     TCY says. . .I have had about all I can take with this, “Cigarettes are BSD for you bull!” Every time you turn on the radio or TV you hear the crybaby people speaking of the evils of cigarettes.  If they are so damn bad why doesn’t the imperial government of the US out law them? This is the same government that outlawed lawn darts and the 3 wheel ATV because “too many people are getting hurt”.  Fireworks are illegal in a lot of states, and of those that do allow fireworks only a few have the good ones. You know the ones I speak of, the ones that go BOOM!!  I’m sure you can come up with many other products that have been made illegal that you may have enjoyed but some retard somewhere got hurt with it so it’s gone for everybody. Except the cigarettes! Oh you hear how many millions of people it kills, how much money it cost the government in medical bills, (if the government wouldn’t give so much money to the poor, poor, pitiful poor, they wouldn’t have money enough for cigarettes)!!! Do you ever hear anyone, ANYONE say they should be taken off the shelves. Hell NO!! Why?? TAXES!!!It is perfectly acceptable in the minds of the Politician’s to allow you and I a smoke and get all kinds of terrible aliments as long as they can make a buck off it. So if it’s costing the government so much money, why is it allowed? The dirty little secret is they make far more off the taxes on cigarettes than the cigarette smokers cost the government in medical costs. After all, we smokers have the good manners to die once we get sick, saving the government billions in social security payments.  People with bad backs cost the government more than smokers. Those dogs, most of which aren’t really hurt, don’t die - they just keep holding out their hands for more free money from us hard working smokers. Wait, if I say more about this the government will outlaw working hard because it leads to bad backs!Funny they promote the gay life style, which has killed how many millions of people with Aids and HIV? Including people who were not aware that their partners had it. How many people caught lung cancer from someone they didn’t know smoked?Kind of hard to hide it, one would have to be blind deaf and have no sense of smell or taste.This is the same group of people that have recalls on toys because of any number of reasons: small parts, paint chips, sharp edges etc… Look generations of kids grew up fine with these toys; Ok the dumb kids may have had problems. That’s natural selection; this is what keeps the gene pool strong. That’s one of the biggest problems this country has. We protect the stupid and allow those weak genes to be passed from one generation to the next. But I digress.Could you see the up rise if the government started to tax toys? So they can’t tax so they make the toys they don’t like illegal. But cigar[...]

Women are Whores

Wed, 08 Jun 2011 02:23:00 +0000

It’s been quite a long time since the last post.  Part of it is my fault, work and life has gotten in the way.  The other part is TCY’s.  He has been lazy!  No, really he has been just as busy as I have been.  Not that there hasn’t been any stupid shit in the news lately.  I mean, the end of the world on May 21st and we didn't get to post!  But we’re still here.  The Governator cheating on his wife!!! Say it ain’t so Arnold.  Another politician that lied and cheated on his wife; who knows what else he has done to the regular people of California if he lied, cheated and father a child from someone other than his wife!  Point is, TCY and myself have been slack on the important issues, and I apologize.  We shall see if TCY apologizes, but don’t anyone hold their breath.              So, I wanted to start this one off with something I was working on a few months ago, a theory I have.  The theory is that all women are whores.  Now, the definition of a whore is simply: A woman who engages in sexual acts for money; a person who accepts payment in any form in exchange for sexual relations.  Let’s start this off in a way that every man can relate with.  A man takes a woman out on a date.  He buys her a nice dinner, perhaps flowers. The woman orders a drink or two or three. Maybe even dessert! Takes her to a movie or some other sort of entertainment, maybe a concert.  If it is a movie, then probably some popcorn and a drink.  If it's a concert, then definitely a drink or two or three. All this time, spending his hard earned money, why? To make sure she has a good time? Well sort of.  The man is spending the money to make sure she has a good time so that she will possibly give him a good time.  So, by this rational, if the woman does give this man a little play, then according to the definition above, she is a Ho.  She accepted payments, i.e. dinner, drinks, movie and popcorn and in return gave the man a little ride on the Ohhh train.  So by that rational, all women are whores.  Now, I am not saying that men are only thinking about sex, but the main reason a man ask out a woman, is because he just wants someone to talk to.  Yeah right.  It is because he wants to have relations with this woman.  Seriously, men think about sex, whether they admit ir or not, at least a hundred times a day at a minimum.  Same for women.  A women goes out with a man because she is someway attracted to him.  Now, if you are a woman who has never been on a date, then I guess you ain’t no ho.  But sooner or later, you’ll be ho’in it up, unless you are a lesbian. But then again, one of the two women will be the one paying and the other will be accepting payments.  HaHaHa.Any and all comments are more than welcomed; especially from all them whores out there…I need your feedback.[...]

Bully for Your Thoughts

Mon, 18 Apr 2011 23:47:00 +0000

          Ok, I didn't really know how to respond to what TCY sent me.  It is a subject that has had great debate at my house.  I think in some warped fucked up way, TCY makes a valid point but then the normal rational part of my brain wakes up and realizes what TCY is saying and smacks some sense into me.Bullies are Character BuildersToday, they are trying their best to turn this world into a hippie utopia. One of the things that they are going after now is stomping out bullies. The only place that this is practical is in the aforementioned utopia.  Bullies I'm sure everyone would agree are rotten bastards. I have another angle I want to come at you with (of course).Bullies do serve a valuable purpose in the real world. Every man and child has been bullied, most have actually done some bullying somewhere along the line. Whether it be a little brother, cousin or kid down the road, you’re most likely guilty of this politically incorrect act. That being said, think about this, that bullying experience shapes who you are. The way a person deals with confrontation shows a lot about that person. It is a social skill. Children learn young, under uninhibited conditions their hierarchy in life, and learning this young gives the young person time to change that standing if he or she desires.  Now taking away the bully from the schoolyard ,where does a child learn this. In real life you have to admit that as adults we have to encounter confrontation. You can even under certain circumstances call it bullying at the adult level.Let's look at some scenarios. Your at the ball game with your son, a fly ball is hit in your direction, you reach up to catch this ball and in the back of your head your thinking how much your kid is going to look up to you for getting him a game ball. The ball hits the inside of your glove and you begin to bring the glove down, and the guy on the side of you reaches into your glove and takes your ball! What do you do? If you had encountered a bully at a younger age, your response to this will be equivalent to that. If you punked out as a kid your going to punk out as a dad, and your kid is going to suffer heartache because his dad just got punked right in front of him. Oh, you'll keep the family tradition of being a big puss going by explaining to your kid that "in this world son there are bad people, you just have to keep out of their way".Now, same thing happens BUT when you were young you faced a bully and stood up to him, you fought him. It doesn't matter who won the fight, you stood up and fought like a little man. Now you’re a dad and the bully has taken your kids ball. You stand up to him demanding he give the ball back. If he gives it back great if not you speak softly so the kids can't hear and tell him that if he doesn't give you the ball YOU WILL BEAT HIM DOWN in front of God and everybody. You get your ball, the kid looks up to and you've shown your kid that you don't back up from evil you confront it and you over come it.Children should not be protected from bullies, they should be taught how to stand up for themselves, how to be little men. These will be tomorrow’s leaders and if they have not learned how to stand up and defend themselves as kids they will be a lot like the leaders we presently have. Men who will not stand up for this country, instead they will as our PresBro is doing now go around and apologize for being great.You'll never know who you really are until your tested. Isn't it better to be tested young so that if you fail you will have plenty of time to change the way you do things? Time to mold yourself into someone whom you can respect when you go to sleep at night.  Adversity makes you strong. To quote what[...]

When Good Things Go Bad

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 04:33:00 +0000

     Ah, spring is in the air.  It looks like TCY is smelling it also.  He's on a roll and I don't see anything stopping him this week except that it is Tuesday and I have heard him say already, "I am fresh out of give a shit!"When Good Things Go Bad.I'm sure this has happened to everyone. Have you ever looked at some women/man (for the female readers) and from the back view you have already committed your mind into instant infatuation, only to find when they turned around you had a hard time keeping your gag reflex from activating?  Or, again you see someone who just at a glance really appeals to you, so you approach said person for initial conversation only to find that their voice was enough to make you wish you were deaf?  In fact you can feel your face distorting as they talk. Well some will say I'm a little slow on the uptake.  I have been with a woman (I use the term only to be gender correct) for over 27 years and as I sat looking over my deck wondering if the jump would kill me or just hurt a hell of a lot, the thought came to me that this very thing had happened somewhere along the line. She still looks good especially from behind, the problem is she always wants to face me and talk. When I say talk I mean SCREAM at the top of her lungs. Good Things Gone Bad.     What's better than a cold beer at the end of a hard day of work? If every swallow tasted as good as the first one I think I would be a drunk. Which by the way is the second good thing gone bad.  Have you ever had dealings with a drunk, not a fun experience. Ok let me define this a little better. A friend getting drunk on a Friday night and you have to take care of them is not fun. Living with one will make you want to take a job as a traveling salesman. Living with 2 drunks will have you looking over your deck wondering if it's high enough to do the job. My brother in-law is an all day, everyday drunk that never believes he's drunk; he also so far is living with me.  His drink of choice is Natural Ice beer. Yes he is definitely a man of taste and means. This weekend I was working on my car and this human brewery walked up beside me and at that very time a gentle breeze blew across the front of that car and my nostrils were filled with the smell of a cheap beer and 2-day-old sweat. If you’re now wondering to yourself who's the 2nd drunk, let me refer you back to the last sentence of the 1st paragraph. Why do you think she's screaming?  RIGHT...Drunks are a lot like bill collectors; once they hook up with you they are very hard to get rid of. Change your phone number and address and eventually they'll find you. I told my brother in-law to get out once knowing that no one would take him in, I offered to take him to a local bridge to live under. After all this is where people like him live right?  Well after a day and a half the cops brought him back to my house asking me if, and I quote “did you leave this under the bridge”. I guess I'm lucky I didn't get a ticket for illegally dumping. Good Things Gone Bad. I'm really not sure where I'm going with all this except to say to each of you, good things do go bad. It's not something that can be avoided in most cases, it’s just something that has to be dealt with. In the case of the drunkard brother in-law, my plan is whenever his being drunk bothers me I will get drunker than him. Now that's a personal challenge, if you all knew the height I just set the bar at you would be very impressed with my lofty goal. Hell if I can indeed get drunker than him I might not need the deck to finish things off. Now the Old Lady presents a different problem.  My plan to deal with tha[...]

Support Our Country - Buy Products Made in China

Mon, 11 Apr 2011 20:49:00 +0000

         I have to just start this post out with I STILL hate politicians.  Just because they cut a little, doesn't mean it is good enough. I personally think they make too much money and only care about one thing, themselves!  Ok it's April 11th and we have just now finished the budget for 2011. The good news is we have cut 38 million dollars out of the budget. I believe that equates to 12 hrs worth of spending. Whoop De Fuckin Doo! The Bastards acted like it was like pulling teeth. Well it must have been because it was the largest ever spending cut in our history. Let's understand this. 38 billion dollars compared to a 3 trillion dollar budget would be like; let's say you make 500.00 a week. A 10 % cut would be 50$ a 5% cut would be 25.00 a 2% cut would be 10.00. That is what the 38 million dollars equates, you giving up $10.00 a week. How hard would that be? These Washington politicians must think we are damn fools, and we are if we let them stay in office. The Tea Partiers did great. They were the ones that were able to even get the spending cut talk even considered. Obama himself said, " I would not be making these cuts under better circumstances". Believe me, he wasn't talking about the economy. He was talking about the fact that his party no longer controlled the purse strings. If we're smart, we will never give the purse back to the Democrats. We saw how much they were willing to spend with no one to stop them.Next on the table is the budget for 2012 and the new debt ceiling. I heard one plan that the republicans are putting forward to cut 6 trillion dollars over I forget how many years. Well it's about time! This is the only way to get things right is to back huge cuts voluntarily or be forced into bankruptcy. It can and will happen if thing don't change and it will be like flipping a light switch. One morning you'll wake up and the big story on the news will be America Broke!!!            China yesterday decided that it would cash in all of the bonds and notes that they were holding on the US. The U.S said today that they would have no choice but to default on the notes as the Treasury did not have enough money to cover the buy back request.China and America will meet today come up with an exchange agreement that both parties could agree on. One proposal is to give China Hawaii and Alaska as partial payment for the huge debt owed to the communist country. China has shown interest in Alaska because of its huge oil reserves that the U.S has not tapped into since it was set aside in1977.Of course this would only be partial payment. China is also looking for property on the U.S mainland. There has been talk that to make China whole they want the entire west coast, California, Oregon and Washington. The first order of business for China would be to develop a navel base in San Diego.      Sounds far fetched don't it. Let me remind you that we have given not sold, the Panama Canal to China already. Why do you think that was? Just because we liked them so much? Bill Clinton gave the Chinese the launching capability for their long-range missiles. Before this Yes China had Nukes, however they could not hit the U.S. they did not have the technology until Clinton gave it to them. WHY? It was once said by a Soviet Union official,  "The U.S will be taken without a shot."  I for one believe that if we do not make the tough cuts now this could very possibly be true.I will try to be more cheerful the rest of the week and get back to more comedy. But as Mondays usually go this one sucks too.Thanks for all your feedback you [...]

War, Good God Y'all

Fri, 08 Apr 2011 04:24:00 +0000

It's been a little bit since I have posted something.  I apoligize for that.  Things get in the way sometimes; life, work, family, fun, work.  But I think everything is finally back to normal, well as normal as things can be around here. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="349" src="" title="YouTube video player" width="425">I knew I have heard the saying from the previous post before.  I think TCY and Denis Leary nailed it on the head.   SHUT THE FUCK UP, NEXT! WAR... It's not what it used to be.Today we find ourselves involved in 3 different campaigns at a cost that is out of this world. One report said that every tomahawk missile we launch into Libya cost the US 1 million dollars. (My numbers may be off a bit) the fact is WAR cost money.Tell me when did that happen? Think about it, in the past war is what made countries/kingdoms rich. To the victors go the spoils of war. When did we stop taking the spoils? Please don't give me that bullshit that it isn't right. We freed the people of Iraq, which gave them their country back with all the oil riches that come with it. It cost this country lives, money and equipment. We deserve to be repaid the cost of freeing those people. Same for Afghanistan and Libya. If the United Nations wants America to be the police of the world that would be fine, pay us!  We can no longer be the answer to all the worlds’ problems without compensation for it. I want the spoils of war!!!  If another country makes us go to war with them, they should know they have something to loose i.e. in this case OIL. If you make us fight and we win, your oil field is  ours.This would change the way people think and it would get us out of our financial problems. America would be great again and other countries would be more willing to negotiate with us knowing that if defeated they would loose their riches. This is an old school way to do things. England, France and Spain were built on this concept, not to mention the Roman Empire.The Roman Empire, we really need to study this. We resemble this mighty empire. At this time in history it really looks as though we will go down the same way the Romans did. Remember they were never defeated, they just ceased to be. The biggest reason for the fall of Rome was that they allowed different cultures to exist within their nation. As a result, the culture of Rome was lost and that was their source of greatness.America has a culture, a culture of greatness, a culture of self-sufficiency, a culture of toughness and a DON'T FUCK WITH US ATTITUDE!  However today that culture hangs on by a thread.Would our fore fathers allow a foreign army to invade America (Mexico)? Would our fore fathers ever take money from a workingman to give to a man who would not work? Would they accept women having children with no husband and no way to feed those children or themselves? In fact it is the government giving money to these women that are causing the problem to grow.If there were no checks coming in for unwed mothers, would a woman so easily spread her legs to a man that they knew would not stick around. One thing at a time. First let's take the spoils of War. Tell all those who don't like it to fight for themselves than. America's wealth should no longer be spent to free people who hate us. Here's a little secret, people who hate us will always hate us. Nothing that we do can change that, so if they are going to hate us, let's give them a good reason. The government has a Steal From One and Give to Another attitude.  It should be no problem to take from an enemy and give to your own people. Make no mistakes, if[...]

Politicians are like diapers...

Wed, 09 Mar 2011 01:37:00 +0000

"Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reason" - Mark Twain     Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks politicians are full of shit.TCY says...Alright, I have been silent too long. I've been watching Wisconsin very closely and I have been trying to see this from both sides. I am ready to make a statement.Wisconsin voter are PUSSIES!They voted for their Governor to do just what he's doing, getting a hold on spending. During his candidacy, he told the voters that he would go after the unions bargaining rights. The voters of Wisconsin liked that idea so much that he was elected. Where are those voters now? I am so tired of hearing comment's from the left, like a Mass. union leader said, "sometimes you gotta get bloody".  Where is the rights response?  I'll tell you what it should be. FINE let's do it!  Obama said " elections have consequences " and that statement is what he used as he and the Democrats passed bill after bill that the American public was against. What he meant was I was voted in by a majority so a majority must be behind me, so I'll do what I damn well please until a majority tells me to get the hell out.  Soon, very soon Obama. But that thought only works, it seems for Democrats. If a republican gets elected, it must have been a mistake right? Wisconsin democrats ran and hid in Illinois to stop a vote from being taken because they knew they didn't have the votes.  Pussies! "Elections have Consequences."Where are the voters who elected this Governor?  There should be counter demonstrations that would triple the size of the unions. Oh, I get it. Everyone has jobs that they have to go to. Like I've said in the past, everyone has to give up something if we as a country are going to pull out of this financial nosedive. We have to be ready to counter whatever the left puts out, and to show that we are the majority voice. It is time for our candidates to run on the "Shut the fuck up" platform. Which simply means it is time to tell the blood sucking unions who want more and more and put out less and less to “Shut the Fuck Up”. It's time to tell the tree huggers who want to stop all drilling anywhere to save a little field mouse to "Shut the Fuck Up". Time to tell teacher unions who want to teach only liberal doctrine to our children to "Shut the Fuck Up". Time to tell the lawyers who want to sue for anything from spilled coffee to mental stress over a cat being ran over to "Shut the Fuck Up".WE ARE the voice of America and it's time that everyone knows it. Oh, and a special Shut the Fuck Up to those Bastards who hold up signs at military personnel funerals saying God hates soldiers. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!Now go out there meet them on their grounds and tell them once and for all enough is enough.  It really is time to Shut the Fuck Up and let this country do what it takes to be great again.Get out there Fight backTCY.     I think I like that saying.  Shut the Fuck Up!  It rolls off the tongue nicely.  I think maybe we should make those rubber bracelets that people wear.  Some say WWJD, some say Peace, or Love, or Happiness or other feelings. I think I would wear one that says Shut the Fuck Up!  A simple black bracelet with the words in white. These are our buttons for the 'Shut the Fuck Up' Campaign!!![...]

Dogs are from Mars, Cats are from Venus

Fri, 04 Mar 2011 01:22:00 +0000

 Can't We All Just Get Along???      Let's just start with what TCY has to say.  I'm still in deep thought about TCY and his dog, which by the way is an English Bulldog.  He says things about her, how much she pisses him off but he loves her!  I have seen him sitting in his pajamas, on the couch with his guitar and his dog sitting right next to him on the floor.  Then he stops playing to reach down and pet her and talk to her.  Anyway, here is what he had to say.     I am a big fan of dogs. I've pretty much always have had one. I also HATE cats with a vengeance. That being said, I think I'm going to have to throw my dog out.I was thinking the other day about my dog, how she depends on me for food, water and shelter. How when she is feeling bad, I need to pet her and re-assure her and comfort her. I supply her with a bed and toys to play with. I make sure she gets the proper amount of outside playtime and keep her safe from any circumstances that might do her harm.                      Then it dawned on me.  My dog is a DEMOCRAT!!!!  That BITCH!  She just keeps wanting more and more and enough is never enough. The more I give, the more she wants.  A Fucking DEMOCRAT in my house.  HELL NO!!!  She's going to have to leave or start contributing to her own care. On the other hand, the house beast that I hate the most is the common house cat. Now that animal doesn't care if you feed it or not.  If you do, great.  If you don't, the damn thing will hunt and feed itself. You don't have to bathe a cat, that tongue can lick the chrome off a bumper; a little dirt is no big deal. A dog gets dirty and is fine with laying in his own filth. Just like a democrat. A cat gets dirty and it will clean itself.  It can't stand being dirty. A cat will work to get what it wants.  Put some fish in a jar with a lid on it, the cat will open the lid. A dog will whine, just like a fuckin democrat. I have no choice but to conclude that dogs are democrats and cats are republicans.This realization really hurts. In fact the only thing I could find that a cat does that would be considered a democratic tendency is that a cat will always return to where it fed. In fact if you feed a cat you'll never get rid of it… JUST LIKE A DEMOCRAT!Fight backTCY    So where do I start?  First, I don't like cats.  I used to but I have learned that I don't want to support, feed, and take care of a creature who doesn't want to have anything to do with me.  Fuck them.  They are lesser than me, I'm their master, whatever. They don't want to show affection when asked, they want to yack in my shoes, they want to shit on my bed when they are upset about something...enjoy the cold street in December bitch.        Second, I hate talking politics.  I don't choose a side or give myself a label as other people do.  I agree with what I agree and disagree the same.  I hate talking politics, especially with people who do enjoy it because no matter what point you are trying to prove, what facts you have, the argument will never end because the other side has their facts too.  As seen in my office the other day, when one side is winning the argument, the losing side comes back with something stupid.  Certain persons were discussing another certain political spokesperson and when the losing side knew they had no argument, al[...]

Quote of the Year!

Thu, 03 Mar 2011 01:58:00 +0000

This is an actual quote! I have witnesses who can vouch for me.

And I quote...
"When that bitch is gone, they're gonna have to glue a frown on me!"

If I had a recorder on me today, this page would have been totally full!!!  He was on a roll today people. 

TCY 4 President!

Wed, 23 Feb 2011 21:18:00 +0000

     After this last election and knowing that my vote doesn't really count, I don't know if I will ever really waste my time going to the voting polls just to wait in line to pretend to put my 2 cents even though it isn't even worth 2 cents.  But if TCY was on the ballot, hell I might have to go and vote.  There was an email going around during the 2008 election that Bill Cosby said it, but that is not the case.  No one knows who really started it but if TCY said he was running, he has my vote.  He can't be worse than who we have now, can he? Click this link to see the origin of it -> Bill Cosby Did Not Say This.  I WISH WE HAD A CANDIDATE WITH THIS PLATFORM!!I have decided to become a write-in candidate.  Here is my platform.1.  'Press 1 for English' is immediately banned. English is the official language; speak it or wait at the border until you can.2.  We will immediately go into a two-year isolationist posture to straighten out the country's attitude. NO imports, no exports. We will use the 'Wal-Mart 's policy, 'If we ain't got it, you don't need it.'3.  When imports are allowed, there will be a 100% import tax on it.4.  All retired military personnel will be required to man one of our many observation towers on the southern border (six month tour). They will be under strict orders not to fire on SOUTHBOUND aliens.5.  Social security will immediately return to its original state. If you didn't put nuttin in, you ain't getting nuttin out. The president nor any other politician will NOT be able to touch it.6.  Welfare - Checks will be handed out on Fridays at the end of the 40-hour school week and the successful completion of urinalysis and a passing grade.7.  Professional Athletes--Steroids. The FIRST time you check positive you're banned for life.8.  Crime - We will adopt the Turkish method, the first time you steal, you lose your right hand. There are no more life sentences. If convicted of murder, you will be put to death by the same method you chose for your victim; gun, knife, strangulation, etc.9.  One export will be allowed, Wheat. The world needs to eat. A bushel of wheat will be the exact price of a barrel of oil.10.  All foreign aid using American taxpayer money will immediately cease, and the saved money will pay off the national debt and ultimately lower taxes. When disasters occur around the world, we'll ask the American people if they want to donate to a disaster fund, and each citizen can make the decision whether it's a worthy cause.11.  The Pledge of Allegiance will be said every day at school and every day in Congress.12.  The National Anthem will be played at all appropriate ceremonies, sporting events, outings, etc.TCY FOR PRESIDENT!!!GOD BLESS AMERICA [...]

Can't Understand Normal Thinking

Wed, 16 Feb 2011 02:26:00 +0000

      Well, you know TCY gets upset when poorer people are eating and drinking better than him.  Nothing sets off TCY better than a welfare family of 6, a food stamp debit card and their grocery cart full of Ying-Ling, Budweiser, carton of Newports, T-bones and a Boston Butt Roast.  Ok Guy's and Gal's. It is budget time again in DC. and how I wish I had stock in Kleenex because the tears will be flowing like a river. I've been sitting back watching everything develop and the one aspect of this budget fight that I think will raise the most Wells of Tears is the cutting of food stamps to the poor, poor, pitiful, poor, street tramps with numerous culturally diverse children.Yes, finally they are getting the message. Let me begin with giving you my definition of a right. A right is something that you are free to do or have as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else’s freedom, property or life. With that out of the way, I don't think it is fair for the lard ass, leg spreading, breeder bitches to put their hand out every time they attempt to download another un-financed child. I understand that we all need a hand every once in awhile, however these women (I use the word very loosely) are using their reproductive organs as a career, paid for, you guessed it, by us the tax payers. I believe wholehearted that after their first child, we the taxpayer, will not add a dime to what they already get.                Another point I would like to add to show that there are definite cuts that can be safely made to this program is, they are all, yes all FAT!!!  Damn It Man!  If I have to buy the food, let's have serving size defined here. People on stamps can afford more food than I could ever buy in a single month. In fact, it is getting to the point were the parasites of our nation are living better than the average hard working person.The average person makes around 30K-35K, tell me that on that income they could buy steak every week and all the other high end food you all have seen in the baskets of the unwashed, spandex wearing, bubble butt women with there dirty little uncared for children.I truly feel bad for the kids. There are hundreds of families that would love to adopt a child and would be able to afford to feed and cloth said child without taking away from the hard working rule keeping taxpayer. Really people, it is quickly getting to the point where there won't be enough taxpayer left to feed the unemployed. I say unemployed because you really can't call these leeches poor. The poor of the world want to come to this country because poor here is upper middle class to most of the world.So enjoy the budget battles and call and write you congressman to tell them to cut until it hurts. Everyone needs to give to pull this country out the hole that professional politicians have got us all in.Fight back - TCY[...]

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Tue, 15 Feb 2011 02:52:00 +0000

                 Well, it has been a while since my last post.  I don’t have any real excuse except that TCY has dropped the ball!  Just kidding, sort of.  He has been busy with work, last week, so I’ve been told.  There is so much shit out there that I have an opinion on and want to say something but I am having a brain overload.  I know that TCY is overloading and having to reboot his brain this week, by working hard and then going home to a quiet, non-chaotic domicile!  Enjoy TCY, because it ain’t gonna last long!            Between the major problems over in Egypt, Obama-Care, taxes, Valentine’s Day, who won at the Grammy’s, and all the other bullshit that is being aired on the 5 o’clock news, well the truth is, I don’t give 2 quirts of piss about much of what is going on lately.  I mean, everything going on over in Egypt, yes it is horrible and it will affect us and our gas prices.  I mean, everything that happens overseas affects our gas prices because we get our oil from countries half way around the world, when our largest state in our own country has a shit ton of oil, ready for us to tap into it, but because of all the tree hugger groups, we can’t touch the shit.  Ok, since we are talking about energy, I have a question that I need someone to fucking answer!  Considering that the United States of America uses 19.6 million barrels of oil per day, why is it that we, as a country, cannot come up with a better source of energy than oil?  Our scientists are hard at work!  They can make me have a fucking hard-on for 18 hours a day.  They can create a baby in a damn test tube from harvesting eggs from a women and jizz in a plastic cup.  They can make hybrid fruit, such as Grapple or Lemato.  They can make your skin looks 10 years younger by injecting you with a disease.  They can transplant a heart, liver or lung in a human. They can even clone fucking animals!!!  Yet these smart motherfuckers cannot find a better way of energy except oil???  Bullshit!!!  I just don’t believe it.  I don’t see how we have the drive and motivation to come up with shit we don’t absolutely need, well the transplants we need, but the other shit we don’t need.  I think it’s a conspiracy within our wonderful government.  Or we just like making our enemies rich while we get poorer?  Anyway, I feel a little better now, and since it is Valentine’s Day, hope everyone has a great VD and may all you reader’s have a fulfilling night with your loved one.  And if you are reading this, that means you are probably, at least a little fucked in the head somehow.  Hell, I know some of you guys, and you are greatly fucked in the head.  So all the more fun with you tonight.  Some say that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday.  But I say nay nay.  I say Valentine’s Day is the day of the year, you get to be more creative, romantic and a little naughty with your partner and they can’t hold it against you!  So go out, and unleash your romantic inner perv!!!  Tell them I said so.         [...]

Wal-Mart, Aunt Flow and TCY

Sat, 05 Feb 2011 03:39:00 +0000

     To think that sometimes TCY possibly gets himself into situations that causes his internal TCY to come out.  This story you are about to read, could have gone off without a hitch.  He could have just went into the store, got what he needed and exited, but that inner TCY had to come out, if just to say something to the cashier.  Thank God he didn't say anything to the lady behind him, or we might have seen him on the local news.  The headline would read: "Local Senior dies from heart attack - Scared shit less from Mean Scary Yankee!" OK, I have to vent on a pet peeve I have.  Last week my old lady asked me to go to the store to get a box of tampons, AGAIN!!!  She always uses the same excuse, "I forgot to get them.”  Now people, women are the only creatures that God created that bleeds for 3-5 days every month. What animal do you know that could bleed for 3-5 days and still live!!  That being said, if I knew that I bled every month, I don't think that would be something I would forget. It's embarrassing she said to pick up tampons. Well, I'm all choked up that you may be embarrassed. Men don't ask women to pick up condoms. Damn it man.Well, getting back to the story. So Sunday morning I go to, you guessed it, Wal-Mart, to get the damn tampons.  I get 1 40-count box of Kotex super absorbent pussy plugs. I then proceed to the check out counter where a sweet young lady is waiting to check me out.  She asked me, "And how are you today sir?"  I couldn't help it, I picked up the box of feminine first aid and raised it eye level. “This is how I am!” I exclaimed. “I'm in Wal-Mart on a Sunday morning and the only thing I have on the counter is tampons!! How do you think I am? You know one thing for certain, I won't be having sex today now will I? I won't be going home to anyone in a good mood will I? Funny thing when people bleed for any reason they aren't much in the mood for fun and games now are they? How am I? I'm just fine and how are you? Do you need of one of these?”The girls mouth fell open so far I thought she would hit her chin on the counter. I felt bad, but I couldn't help it. I kept on. “I don't even know if I have the right size in these damn things. Is there a condom to tampon conversion chart I could check?”  (I stole that from 2 ½ Men, great show). “What about flavor?  Do they come in different flavors? I like tooty fruity.”  She finally started laughing and told me to have a nice day.  I turn and said,  “Let's not start that again.”  She laughed until I went to far and asked her what she was doing later; obviously this is no day to hang around my house. I had fun though and the best part of the whole thing was the old women behind me in line, all dressed up nice for Sunday services. She never said a word as she went to another check out lane.Life is short have funTCY.      I can fully understand having to go into a grocery store on the weekend, especially Wal-Mart.  I try to avoid stores all together on the weekend.  But having to go into Wal-Mart, on the weekend, to buy some coochie corks would make anyone grumpy.  But most people would keep their mouth shut and get it over with as fast as possible.  But of course, TCY is not just anyone and having him keep his trap shut is as hard as getting peace in the Middle East. So what would TCY say to this while waiting in lin[...]

Why is the U.S. Bankrupt?

Wed, 02 Feb 2011 22:54:00 +0000

     I got this email the other day that pisses me off just a tad.  Since we were talking about welfare and food stamps, this seemed appropriate.  On each one of these points, there is a link to a website to verify the statement.  The problem is that some of the link are not good anymore, so I only included the ones that are good.It's easy to dismiss  individual programs that benefit non-citizens until they're  put together and this picture emerges.  Someone did a  lot of research to put together all of this data. Often  these programs are buried within other programs making them  difficult to find. A Real Eye Opener ... WHY is  the USA BANKRUPT?Informative, and mind boggling! You think the war in Iraq was costing us too much?  Read this:We have been hammered with the propaganda that it was the Iraq war and the war on terror that is bankrupting us.I now find that to be RIDICULOUS.  I hope the  following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again  until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them.  I also have included the URL's for verification of all the following facts...1.  $11 Billion to  $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.Verify at:  $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs  such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for  illegal aliens.Verify at: $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.  Verify at:  $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of  English!5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor  babies.6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.  7. 30% percent  of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal  aliens.8.  $90 Billion  Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare &  social services by the American  taxpayers.9.  $200  Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are  caused by the illegal aliens. 10.  The illegal  aliens in the United States  have a crime rate that's two and a  half times that of white non-illegal aliens.  In  particular, their children are going to make a huge  additional crime problem in the US .  11.  During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that  crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal  aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of  drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the  US  from the Southern  border.12.  The National policy Institute estimated that the total cost of  mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or  an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion  annually over a five y[...]

Sweet Welfare Reliefe - Public Answer to Questionable Gentleman.

Tue, 01 Feb 2011 18:52:00 +0000

Be careful what you ask for.  I have been asked by TCY to create a new post just for his response.

I appreciate your viewing of our blog. surprising enough we do continue to survive and add readers daily.
In answer to your question ( see comments) Sir. The name of the blog is the CRANKEE Yankee, not the kind, soft hearted, understanding Yankee. Get with the program.
The intent of this blog is to use humor to point out societies problems, not to give the poor a big group hug and ask them if they need any help to become even more pathetic.
That being said, FOOD STAMPS what a filthy word. Do you even understand what the need for food stamps says about the people who live in this great country? It means that we as a people have handed over to the government the responsibility to care for those of us you from time to time need a little help to get over a hump.It should be every citizens responsibility to make sure his neighbors have food and shelter if they are truly in need.
Did our forefathers let people starve in the streets? NO!! Churches took care of their people, they take up collections for the poor. the BIG difference is there was accountability. Yes the missing piece of the puzzle. Those who where getting help had to be accountable to those who were doing the helping. Not taking advantage as they sit on their fattening asses as they do today. If we as a people would not have handed over the duty of doing good deeds for the poor, there would not be as many poor as there is now.
As far as not wanting to be like me...... Bite me Bitch!!! nobody is like me!  As you yourself said. I am the great and powerful Crankee and you sir have been CORRECTED!!
Fight back

Sweet Welfare Relief

Tue, 01 Feb 2011 02:22:00 +0000

     Ya know, I have talked about this before.  I really hate talking about it because I can't personally know what it is like to be unemployed.  But when the lady in front of me is paying with her food stamps, no wait, paying with her food stamp credit card and her 2 sons are wearing the new Air Jordan's while one is listening to his ipod touch and surfing the net while the other is playing his PSP, I get a little pissed.  A little pissed that my entire grocery bill could have been paid for plus extra money for the good beer, all been paid for by one of those kid's pair of sneakers.  Hell, between 2 pairs of those sneakers, the ipod and PSP, that is roughly $600!!! That is 2 car payments, 3 months worth of student loan payments, 75% of my monthly mortgage bill or 20 weeks worth of gas for my car to get to work!!!  And she was paying with her food stamps while I used my own money.  Yet her kids have better toys and clothes than I do.  WTF!!!  That is the kind of shit that pisses me off to where I start to agree with TCY about welfare and food stamps.  I understand the need for these services but I think the system is broken.  Not just broke and needs a little repair, I mean FUBAR.  FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL REPAIR.  The system needs a major overhaul because people who really need it have trouble getting it and the people who don't need it are abusing it.  How and why is it possible for an illegal family to get on welfare and food stamps? If they are in our country illegally, why are we paying for them?  The family that can afford super brand name clothes, gadgets and games can't afford food?  I think their priorities are a little fucked if you ask me.  TCY agrees partly, but of course he says it a little different. It always amazes me how the people we look at as the poor in our society always seem to have enough money to be in all the same places as your average tax paying citizen. If this were a fair world in which we live this would not be possible. If you’re poor enough to need my money, than you should be poor enough to stay the hell out of my way when I go somewhere.Yesterday I went to the Red Box just to return a video.  I arrived to find a "family" (1 dude, a fat chick and an old lady) this would be the average trailer park,  welfare looking, food stamp using, child producing, white trash type. They stood there gazing with eager anticipation looking for the 3rd movie that they would view that evening. That's 6 hrs of mind numbing entertainment that cost 3 dollars IF you return the next day.  However, it took so long to pick that last movie, they kept looking over and over again into the viewer as though another movie title would magically appear.  Finally I spoke out and said, "It will take less time to watch the damn movie than you toothless, fat ass’s are taking to pick one.I'm not sure if it was the fat asses or the toothless part but the old lady seemed upset that I would dare to interrupt their family get together. She turned and asked me what I said.  I told her I was directing my comment to the man of the group but that I would repeat my statement once more for her edification.  You should have seen the look I got when I said that.  Deer in the headlights my ass, this women looked at me like I was from another planet[...]