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3 Profitable Tips for Your Banner Advertising

Sun, 12 Dec 2010 02:29:34 GMT

Banner marketing can generate immense returns on your investment since it is one of the few marketing mediums that doesn't need to prove itself. Lots of companies, both big and small are using banner advertising successfully. When they are placed on the right sites in the right way, these banners can generate an amazing response. You must first learn how to properly manage an ad campaign based on banners before you see results so don't expect miracles. Below you will find three easy banner ad ideas that will help you increase the profitability of your campaigns. Affiliate Scalper

The most important suggestion has little to do with the design of the banner itself. It's about keeping your landing page relevant to the ad. If your ad is offering people "free iPod gifts", then when someone clicks on the banner and navigates to your site, the landing page should be making the exact same offer. This is to say that you can't expect a high level of conversions if your banner is all hype. The conversion rate is what you should be focusing on, not the number of clicks you get. It doesn't matter how many clicks your banner gets because if people aren't converting due to your landing page you are throwing money out the window.

Naturally, your banner ad copy is extremely important, and you'll need to know how to create that short copy that converts. Obviously when you create a banner ad, it is going to have text on it, which has to entice your target audience.

You can always search on your own niche market, and then study the banners from sites on page one. The more intense the desire you can make the reader feel, then the better your conversions will be. The good news about the copy is there isn't much, but the challenge is that it needs to move people to action. Affiliate Scalper

When it comes to graphics and images, once again you have to take your cues from your market - but don't make them very heavy. There has to be something about your graphics that will appeal to your market. Plus the banner has to sort of flow properly with your destination URL. These are the kinds of important considerations you need to pay attention to. You can optimize and test your banners, and you should - then you can rotate to other sites periodically. If you are constantly striving to tweak and improve your campaigns, then there is no way you cannot succeed with banner advertising. What is really important is what the results of your banner advertising are, even if it will require plenty of testing, without a doubt you will get plenty of traffic. There's no better way to build your online business but by leveraging banner ads to get targeted exposure.

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3 Profit-Killing Banner Advertising Mistakes

Wed, 01 Dec 2010 01:48:57 GMT

Banner advertising can be an excellent means of building your business through optins and email marketing, and you can create true wealth with it. The thing about banner advertising is that it has quietly slipped beneath the radar of a lot of people, but that doesn't mean it never stopped working. Why do you think huge corporations and media outlets spend millions on banner advertising each month? Since way before the web was invented there have been banner ads, and the net just took it and ran with it. No one will ever completely stop making business mistakes, but you can learn how to not make some of them due to sheer ignorance of what you're doing.So it's prudent and wise to prepare and learn something so you don't flush too much down the hopper. Ok, enough about that - here are several types of mistakes you can easily avoid with banner ads. I recomend you Micro Niche Profit Formula for works in all micro niches.One of the biggest mistakes that advertises make is they focus more on the banner ad and make it look really good, and forget to create a good landing page. People are only ever focused on what you have for them; how you can make their life better - nothing to do with the banner you spent an hour or two (maybe) making. It's just that you need to deliver the goods that you mentioned on your banner. After they click through, if you have not delivered on your basic promise, then they are gone forever and will never return. There's really never any need to fool around and try to trick people - if you have to do that, then something is wrong. Doing what amounts to interrupting an ongoing conversation with your banner is not the way to go. Your conversion rates will hover right about at zero if you make your visitors angry. What we're talking about here are all those cutesy banners with flash animation and whatever that constantly distract the readers eye. One thing you can do, if you insist on doing this is to include something that can be clicked on to make it stop or go away. Remember read my Micro Niche Profit Formula post.You will not be able to do a little tester campaign, it just depends on who you're dealing with - but if you can, then absolutely do it. In other words, testing is really important if you want to cut down on your losses as it gives you a better understanding of how that particular campaign will perform. You will know right away what you need to do, and then it's really an easy decision. Banner advertising is like all other forms of advertising in that you have to learn how to do it the right way - because there is a wrong way! There is much more to learn beyond the scope of this article, though. Don't worry about making blunders and losing a little money; happens all the time - keep moving straight ahead. Continue studying because you will learn about other mistakes and will be able to avoid them. Ok, hopefully we've driven the point home about getting smart about banner advertising.Interesting SitesBanner Advertising Mistakes to Stay Away from3 Conversion-Busting Banner Advertising Mistakes To Always AvoidAre You Losing Money Because of These Banner Advertising Mistakes?Typical Yet Deadly Banner Advertising Mistakes[...]

Getting Your Banner Ads Noticed By The Crowd

Mon, 29 Nov 2010 04:07:14 GMT

Banner advertising has become one of the most popular forms of online marketing and is widely used by both large and small business. Banner ads have been on the Internet for a long time. Banner advertisement may give a very nice return compared to the money you invest, if you don't make one of the many mistakes that other advertisers commonly make. This article will explain to you a few tried and true tips that will help you create a high quality advertising campaign. And for drive a lot of traffic to your site I recomend you this system called ClickBank Traffic Warrior, you can fins more details in my other post blog.Do not try and spend all your energy on writing an ad that people will not easily understand. The one thing you need to be careful about is that you don't let it all get too complicated with banner ads. Most of the people won't look at the banner ad for more than two seconds, so it's important that you grab their attention without any kind of confusion. You need to issue a call for action to your audience in your banner advertisement. It should tell him in specific language exactly what he needs to do. With the use of a few targeted, specific words, you can be able to guide your potential customers into taking the appropriate action. Some words grab attention more readily than others when seen on an ad. Words such as; sale, discount, free, change, no shipping, well you get the point. Being honest is the most integral part of a banner ad, or any ad for that matter; do not put in anything in the ad that you will not be providing on your website - it will be noticed.Next thing you have to be conscious about is the font you choose to use to attract these potential customers or clients. If you choose a font that people have to decipher, the viewer will quickly lose interest before they even see the offer you have for them. Any time you put up a banner advertisement, it has to be as clear as possible. For instance, if you were to use a font in blood red on a black background it could be really difficult to make out. Maybe you want to use a bright red color for your lettering and adding a white border around the lettering could make it stand out even more.It is possible that your first banner ad will not give you the desired results, don't be afraid to change it up a bit every now and again so that you find just the right mix of words that will draw in the traffic necessary to make it successful. If you have a banner that seems to consistently produce the results you are looking for just make sure you change it enough to keep it current. Banner advertising is often one of the most effective marketing campaigns at moving focused traffic to a website. It does have to be implemented properly, however. In the end, by testing several messages and ads, you will find a promotion that will turn visitors into customers. When creating an ad, you should keep in mind that doing a couple of different ads and placing them on different sites will help you find a good one. Once you have established your ads and they are up and running you also need to keep a running tally on the click-through rate of each ad so you can get a more precise idea of how much each ad is generating. It will be clear which of your ads are working and which are not, simply replace the ads that are performing poorly with the ones that are more successful. By doing so, you can easily realize some amazing results though your banner advertising efforts. And remember that in this CB Traffic Warrior Bonus blog post you can find how to drive a lor of traffic to your promotions.To summarize, you will certainly increase your business traffic and gain specific types of customers with good banner advertising. The key is to make sure that your advertising is done properly, and that you line up all necessary components correctly before beginning your advertising strategy. You may have some trial and error when devising your banner ad campaign - just like in any ad format. Give it a try; don't be afraid.ResourcesD[...]

SEO and Blog Post-What You Must Know

Sat, 27 Nov 2010 06:22:11 GMT

When it comes to driving relevant traffic to a blog, the best technique is search engine optimization. There's no other way to consistently get so much relevant traffic at no cost. Only by writing blog posts that are SEO friendly can you hope to generate consistent search engine traffic.

Many bloggers simply write their posts on a whim, and this doesn't usually produce targeted traffic. Blog posts can appear casual, but in reality they have to be well optimized if you want to start getting traffic. The following 3 techniques will help you get a better ranking for your main keywords. For drive a lot of traffic to your blog I recomend you this new system called CB Traffic Warrior is the deal.

If you are a existing blogger, then you are aware that you have the capability to tag your posts. Use these tags to the maximum because search engine spiders use them for navigation and for finding relevant content. Designate about 5 to 10 tags for your article post and add them onto the post. How do you find these tags? Put yourself in your reader's shoes. If you were searching for something related to the topic you're writing, what would you type and search in the search engines? Use these keyword phrases and put them in your article. Don't forget that these are more than just tabs. They will help to make your articles easy to navigate and aid the search engines in finding relevant content. It does not take that long to come up with these tags, but make sure you don't use too many because it could affect your ranking.

If you want the search engines to rank your post with your primary keywords, be sure to use them in the headline of the post. Search engines place a lot of emphasis on both page titles and post headlines, so be sure to put your keywords in these spots. That's why you should pay attention to this so that your blog starts to get ranked by the search engines for your chosen keywords. You can find all detail about CB Traffic Warrior in my other blog post.

Last but not the least, you can also try using audio in your blog posts because it adds more value. You can easily add an audio clip that is related to the post, or perhaps a podcast you created or have rights to. Try using audio and you'll soon come up with many ideas of how it can improve your blog.

In summary, these points can all help you to successfully use SEO with your blog posts. If you want your blog to rank well and start getting good traffic, this is how to do it. When you're starting out, it can take a little time to learn all of this, but you can catch on quickly if you apply yourself.

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Earn Higher Yields With Blog Marketing

Sat, 20 Nov 2010 15:51:58 GMT

Blog is now not a new word in this internet age. Today, many business entities are using blogs apart from e-mail marketing to do internet promotions which is done effectively. As it is extremely simple to use blogs for marketing, it is preferred by the people. In order to make use of blogs, you do not either require to be a computer expert or the software engineer. Being an expert is good but then to promote your products with blogs you just need to know a few computer and internet basics. It can be rightly said that you can make use of the blogs if you know how to operate emails. And you can drive a lot of traffic to your blogs with the strategies listed in a new system that you will fin all details in this Auto Traffic Warrior Results blog post.With blogs you can also rank high in search engines and so blogs are playing an important role in marketing. Since blogs are updated regularly, it is good for Google because Google welcomes the change. Higher page rank can enable you attract more people to your web site. Blogs can help you to provide your traffic with personalized writings which cannot be done with the website. Therefore the traffic is more fond of the blog then that of the website. Important point to remember while using blogs is that do not ever try to sell your products. Your blogs must never create a display that you are trying to sell your service through them. The blogs written by must be helpful and guide them in related topic. You should provide them assistance by providing them your product information and the benefits that they can reap from it. Provide the links through which the product can be purchased. Incase, the users find your product beneficial, they will click the link and you may be profited if they visit your site. With blogging you can earn good money but only if you know the tricks and apply them properly. Keep in mind that only post the reliable blogs online. You may not be able to earn more profits in the start with honest information in your blogs but at the end of the day you will surely be benefited immensely out of it. Only if the data published on the Blog page is correct you will be able tow in the hearts of the web users. If the users find you trustworthy, they will definitely move as per your advice and buy your product thus increasing sales. Some points which are of great importance should be remembered while promoting products with Blogging. If you make any error, do rectify it then and there. If you do not correct the mistakes that you may have made then there are chances that they might be viewed by the visitors and this will spoil your image. Advertsing can be properly and profitable done with blogs. Earning millions is not a big thing with blogging. And by other hand you need traffic for build a success blog, for that I recomend you to read my Auto Traffic Warrior Results blog post to find how.Marketing through blog is easy because you can create and maintain your blog easily and many times free of cost. Also it is very simple to use it. You is not required to be a computer expert or an engineer in software. Incase you are using blogs for promotional purposes, you must make rectifications of errors if you find any kind of errors. Always remember that your blogs must be updated regularly with the latest news related to your business. You can earn high yields with efficient blog marketing.Interesting BlogsMake Money With Your Internet Based Business And Blog MarketingEarn Higher Yields With Blog MarketingEarn Higher Yields With Blog MarketingEarn Higher Yields With Blog Marketing[...]

Best Ways to Create Successful Blogs

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 18:17:55 GMT

If you incorporate blogging into your business you will benefit from it. You've read all of the reasons why having your own blog is a good idea - especially if your goal is to make money online. Many internet marketers are well versed in the "why's" of blogging but they are not as clear on the "how's" of this medium. At first, you will be intimidated and want to give up or don't even start at all. There is always an upside and the upside about blogging it is easy to learn and you get results relatively fast compared to other methods. Below are some of the tactics that we use that drive are blogging income higher every month of the year. For your traffic work I recomend you a new system called Auto Traffic Warrior that will help you a lot in this field of your blog.To get you started, you should look for some free blogging software. There's no need to spend money on this aspect of your business while you're still getting started. There are lots of free blogging platforms available for you to choose from. Perhaps the most widely known is WordPress. You can easily install WordPress's open source blogging platform with your own host. You simply upload a couple of files and you're off and running in just minutes. You're even able to install is using an existing hosting plan. Another great strategy is to leave comments on other people's blogs. In addition to participating in the conversation on your own site, leaving insightful comments on other blogs is also a good idea. This will encourage other people to visit your own blog. Commenting in a helpful way also shows you are not only trying to make money from people, but that you are eager to contribute to real discussions. If you leave genuinely helpful or friendly comments, you will also get more links back to your own blog. Avoid making very general or pointless comments on other blogs. Don't make the kind of short, pointless comments like "nice post" that are considered spam. Say something in response to a post you've read and add something original to the discussion. Site owners will then appreciate your contributions and some of them will link to your blog. Remember that Auto Traffic Warrior is a fantastic tool for generate traffic to your blog, I recomend you. Some marketers prefer their blogs to have their own domain names. For those people still new to the entire 'blogging thing', it might be an option to just add your blog to an existing site using a sub-domain. This gives you the benefit of being able to associate your existing products with your blog and it saves you money on the cost of buying a new domain name. If you want your blog to stand apart from your other niches, it might be wise to invest in a new domain name for it. You can start any kind of blog you want and do all kinds of things to keep it interesting. Every blog is as different as the person who starts it. Remember, you can decide how you want your blog to look and what you want it to say. For this reason, many people find their blogs to be the most enjoyable aspects of their internet marketing business. It's one area of marketing where you get to do pretty much whatever you want! So there's no excuse to procrastinate; you can start setting up your blog right away!Interesting BlogsHow To Boost Your Internet Marketing Business Through BloggingQuick Blogging Hints for Internet MarketersEarn More Money For Your Internet Marketing Business with Blogging[...]

How Blogging Can Benefit Internet Marketers

Wed, 10 Nov 2010 15:03:45 GMT

Internet marketers can uncover plenty of benefits by having a blog. With blogging, you can take advantage of avenues that regular marketing and promotion can't offer. Since its rise in popularity back in 2004, most people have heard about blogging. After six years of continuous growth, blogging isn't going anywhere in a hurry. More blogs are launched to the internet each and every day. It's only logical to aim at a piece of that action. After all, there's plenty of scope with a blog that far surpasses a boring, static sales page. If you intend to build a profitable internet marketing business, you should consider this opportunity to grow sales. And that different can be this new software called Auto Traffic Warrior that can drive a lot of traffic to your blog.Blogs can be a great way to boost your income. As your blog becomes more recognized, you could find you're being contacted for sponsorship offers. You have the final say in how much you want to charge sponsors to place their ads at the header or footer of your blog posts. You might opt to keep those same spaces to yourself to promote your own products. What if you could sell just two sponsored blog posts every week for $30 per post. That could represent a pay rise of $240 a month for you. Now think about offering that same ad space to sponsors for every blog post you publish to your blog over five days a week. That could add up to an extra $150 per week, or $600 each month. The advantages you could reap from sponsorship are just the beginning. Blogging is a great source of lots of different types of income. As your blog becomes more popular, you could begin to sell advertising space in your sidebars. You could put Google Adsense into your sidebars for a little extra profit. That's just one of the available advertising services you could choose. There are others out there that want to take advantage of bloggers audiences. Text Link Ads is one. AdBrite is another option. You can opt to sell space to private advertisers too. If you were to sell six ad spaces on your blog at $50 a month each, that's a $300 increase in income from your blog. Remember to search all info about this new software called Auto Traffic Warrior because can be a powerful tool for your blog.As a blogger you can have conversations with your visitors. Visitors can't leave feedback for you on a static sales page. Blogs have comments sections and easily installed contact forms that you can use to get an idea of what your readers and even the drive by viewer thinks of you and your products. You're able to get an idea of what your visitors really want and then begin to develop new products based on the comments you receive. Once readers notice that you actively participate in your comments section, they'll understand you care about their opinions and not just their wallets. There are lots of reasons to blog as an internet marketer. By now you know that blogging can help you build your business, your audience and your sales prospects. The smart marketers always keep an eye out for methods and strategies that can add profits and growth to their business. There are some blogging techniques that are extremely powerful. And have fun while making money. Hey, whoever said that you can't have fun while making money? You've found it in blogging.Extra InfoInternet Marketers Can Make Money Easily with BloggingHow Blogging Can Benefit Internet Marketers[...]