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"Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch - Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™ Project #2


This "Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch is so adorable! It's the perfect cheery DIY accessory for tweens and teens - so fun for both spring and summer! This is project #2 in our Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™Hi there, friends! The sun is shining here today! If you live in the northeast part of the country, you know how crazy the weather has been these past few months. Sunshine and blue skies feel like an absolute gift right about now! We are more than ready to welcome the warmer temps, the blooming flowers, and the buzzing bees around here. This little DIY accessory sewing project is fun for both kids and tweens/teens; such a fun and happy way to welcome a new season! Grab the simple supply list and our full tutorial to make your own "Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch, below."Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch How-To:What you'll need: A pencil (for lightly drawing out your wording and a leaf for your flower, as a guideline)ScissorsFabric glueA needleYellow, black, pink and green embroidery floss.White, pink, yellow, and black felt (we used scraps from another project - make sure to keep your felt scraps - as you'll be able to use them for future projects in our kids sewing series!)A canvas clutch purse (we found the plain canvas clutch purse pictured at A.C. Moore. We used a high value weekly coupon from their website so it rang in at about $2)Black fabric paint and a fine paint brush or a black fabric marker.Optional: A stencil, fabric paint and a stencil brush.How to: Optional: If using a stencil and fabric paint to paint your canvas clutch, start by inserting a large piece of cardboard or several pieces of paper flat inside of the clutch to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the other side. Paint / stencil as desired, and set to the side. Allow adequate time for drying.Using a fine fabric paint marker OR a brush and black fabric paint, paint out the word "happy" on the bottom corner (or another preferred spot on the front of your canvas clutch. Set to the side and allow adequate time for drying. Using scissors, cut out the required shapes for your bee using your colored felt.  Two circles (one larger than the other) for a bee body and head. White connected wings (refer to images below) two small half circle pink cheeks, and two black strips and a stinger for your bee. Lay all of the felt pieces as they should go (layered on top of each other) on the front of your canvas clutch. Using a simple back stitch (SEE THIS POST for step-by-step imagery on how to do a back stitch  if this is your first time sewing - image tutorial is located at the bottom of the post ), stitch around the perimeter of the head and body of your bee using yellow embroidery floss (again, make sure that the yellow bee body and head are layered on top of the white wings)Finish, by tying off / tying off the last stitch on the inside of the canvas clutch. Use a small dot of fabric glue to affix the small pink felt half circle "cheeks" to your bee faceUsing black embroidery floss, stitch two antenna for your bee, and eyes. Once complete stitch on your black stripes and black stinger, also using black embroidery floss. Create a felt flower using your pink felt  (see HERE for a simple tutorial on how to make felt flowers ).Affix your felt flower to the front of your canvas clutch (just below your bee / next to the word "happy"with embroidery floss and a needle. Start by bringing your needle and embroidery floss up from the inside of your bag, and through the center of your felt flower. Stitch down through the center of the felt flower back to the inside of the bag. Repeat with a few stitches until the flower is secure. Finish / tie off on the inside of the canvas clutch. Using your green embroidery floss, make a leaf (or two) for your felt flower (see below for a simple how-to / imagery to make an embroidered leaf - note we used gradient green thread to create an ombre look to pictured leaf)Finish your "Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch by outlining the word happy, using a simple back stitch and yellow embroidery floss.&n[...]

DIY Unicorn Tote - Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™ Project #1


Unicorns! This DIY Unicorn Tote is super simple, and oh so CUTE! My daughter is just slightly obsessed with all things Unicorn related at the moment. She's currently at an age where it can be hard to catch her attention - but suggest a Unicorn themed DIY / craft project, and she's ALL EARS!Hi friends, how have you been? I've been slightly M.I.A. the last few weeks; my apologies! I've been working behind the scenes on some new stuff, that I'm excited to share with you over the coming weeks and months! I've been busying myself most days with my energetic toddlers - my gosh they keep me on my toes! I've also been simultaneously weaning my older children off of the electronics/screens. Friends, can I be completely unfiltered and real here for a minute? Honestly, I'm not in love with what all of the connectivity is doing to people these days; specifically children. Even more specifically, my kids. When I started this website many moons ago, some of you may remember my involvement and endorsement of a traveling event called "The Ultimate Block Party." This movement of sorts was all about creating and environment for children that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and the incredible power of hands-on PLAY. We seem to be missing that these days. Just look at what's happening in the toy industry for a minute; I never thought I'd see a day when Toys R' Us was no more. I don't like where all of this seems to be going, friends. Not one bit! So, I'm changing it in our home. Because I can (we all can!) We've placed some pretty severe limitations on screens in our home, and we're getting back to hands-on creativity.Embroidery and sewing is a great creative activity for kids of all ages, especially tweens and teens. It keeps idle hands and minds busy, and helps create mindfulness / an awareness of being in the moment. This DIY Unicorn tote is a great beginner project for tweens and teens, and only requires a simple back stitch for outlining (ears and unicorn horn and eyes.) This project is fairly frugal too! It rings in just under $10 (possibly less if you already have some of the supplies on-hand.) This is the first project in our new Kids Sewing Series, here on One Savvy Mom. This series will include 30 simple sewing projects for kids of all ages. Each original embroidery / sewing project will only require a handful of simple supplies, and all of the projects in this series will be under $10. Whether you're looking to unplug your kids like we did, or you're looking for some fun ideas to keep the kids occupied this Summer, this series will offer up something fun for everyone!Read on for the simple supply list and tutorial to make your own DIY Unicorn Tote.DIY Unicorn Tote How-ToWhat you'll need:A pencilScissorsA needleBlack embroidery flossFabric paint in your choice of colors for the "flower crown" and black and gold.A paint brush (and water for cleaning your brush)Felt in your choice of colors (we used scraps that we had laying around because you don't need much to make these little felt flowers.)A canvas tote bag (we found ours at A.C.Moore and we used a high value coupon from their website, so it rang it at about $2).How To:Using your pencil, lightly draw out your unicorn horn, ears and eyes (refer to images below). Fill inner portions of the ears using gold fabric paint and a paint brush. Allow adequate time for drying. Using paint in your choice of colors and a paint brush, paint the "flower crown." Refer to images above and below. Allow adequate time for drying.Using felt in your choice of colors, make three felt flowers (see HERE for a simple tutorial on how to make felt flowers ). Once your felt flowers are assembled, set to the side.Using black embroidery floss and your needle, use a simple back-stitch and follow your pencil lines on the ears and unicorn horn and eyes/eyelashes.  (see below for a step by step imagery on how-to do a simple back stitch)To finish your DIY Unicorn tote, affix your three felt flowers with embroidery floss and a needle. Start by bringing your needle a[...]

Unicorn Mini Canvases


Looking for a fun craft to do with the kids? These Unicorn Mini Canvases are so stinking cute and they're super simple to make too! Whether you're on the hunt for an easy party craft (that also doubles as a DIY party favor) or something fun to make with the kids, teens / tweens on a rainy day, this easy DIY Unicorn wall décor is sure to occupy and delight kids of all ages! These DIY Unicorns are made using a 4"x4" mini canvas and other simple supplies that we found at our local craft store. You can make each Unicorn Mini Canvas for about $3 each (which is a pretty fab price-point if you plan on crafting many of these up, at a party!)Read on for a full supply list and our tutorial + step-by-step imagery, to make your own Unicorn Mini Canvases. Unicorn Mini Canvas Craft How-To What you'll need:A pencilScissorsPaint brushesHeavy duty craft glue (or low-temp hot glue gun and low-temp hot glue sticks. Note: if using a low-temp hot glue gun / glue an adult should complete all steps that require gluing)4" x 4" mini canvases ( we found them at A.C. Moore and we made sure to use a high value coupon from their website - so it came to about $2)Paint - Acrylic paint or 3D / Dimensional Paint ("Puffy Paint") We used Nicole brand dimensional paint and puffy paint that we had on hand in a variety of bright colors, gold, and black.White glitter felt ( 1 8x10 sheet is enough to make multiple Unicorn mini canvases.)Gold / glitter craft foam ( 1 8x10 sheet is enough to make multiple Unicorn mini canvases.)How to:1. Start by cutting out two small ears for your unicorn, using the white glitter felt and scissors. 2. Next, cut a unicorn horn and inner portions of your unicorn ears, using gold glitter craft foam and scissors. Set all pieces to the side.3. Now, using paint and paintbrushes (in your choice of paint and paint colors) paint a "flower crown" all along the top side of your mini canvases (refer to imagery below.)4. Using a pencil, lightly draw your unicorns eyes (pictured above and below.)5. Using black paint and a paint brush, paint your unicorn's eyes, following your pencil outline. Allow adequate time for paint to dry, before moving on to the next step.6. After paint has dried completely. Glue your unicorn horn and ears to your mini canvas. Note: if using a low-temp hot glue gun and low-temp hot glue, an adult should complete this step. Allow adequate time for glue to dry.7. Optional: Use gold 3-D / dimensional "puffy" paint to outline your unicorn horn and the inside portions of your Unicorn's ears. Allow adequate time for paint to dry. Hang your completed Unicorn Mini Canvas, and enjoy!Happy crafting, friends![...]

Diorama Easter Eggs + Check Out My NYC Diorama Easter Egg In Food Network Magazine!


Diorama Easter Eggs! Looking for a fun new way to decorate Easter eggs with the kids? These Diorama Easter Eggs are so fun and simple to make. And my favorite part? They're made using REAL eggs! Today, I'm so excited to share with you all how you can make your very own diorama Easter eggs with the kids this holiday.  PLUS,  my NYC themed Diorama Easter Egg, that was featured in the April 2018 issue of Food Network Magazine!Friends, I can't even express how much gratitude I feel for this fun feature in Food Network Magazine. My mom was a die-hard fan of Food Network since its inception in the early 90's {now I enjoy watching with my kids!} She loved watching and making all of the delicious recipes featured on Food Network; she was a fabulous cook and a bit of a food artist {way before it was on-trend.} Though she is no longer with us, when I walked into the book store to pick up my issue of the magazine, I had an overwhelming sense that she was with me in that moment. So incredibly thankful to the folks at Food Network Magazine for including me in the "United States of Easter Eggs" feature, and for allowing me to represent the great state of New York.My NYC Diorama Easter Egg features a black and white silhouette of the NYC skyline on the outside, and was finished in sugar, to resemble an old fashioned sugared Easter egg. On the inside of my Diorama Easter egg,  I included a fun cartoon drawing of The Plaza Hotel, as seen from the path inside Central Park in Spring. For me, the Plaza Hotel and Central Park are the embodiment of what NYC is all about. New York City is such a glorious mixture of classiness and {beautiful} quirkiness.  Seriously friends, there's a surprise around every corner in this city! It kinda' gives you the sense  that anything's possible. It's pure magic!Read on for a full supply list and my tutorial on how you can make your own Diorama Easter Eggs with the kids this holiday  {including an adorable mini "Fairy Garden in a real Easter egg." So adorable, and so simple!Diorama Easter Eggs How-ToWhat you'll need:Real eggs An embroidery needleScissorsA paint brushMod PodgeHeavy white craft paper (1 piece)Duck Tape or masking tapeA low temp hot glue gun / low temp hot glue sticksCraft mossWatercolors, paints, crayons, colored pencils, markers etc. (whichever you prefer to color the outside of your eggs and create your pictures for the inside of your diorama eggs.Craft foam (a small amount is all that's necessary - about 1/2"H x 1/2" W is all that you'll need for each Easter egg to glue your moss down to.)Optional: Granulated sugar to create an old fashioned "Sugared" Easter Egg finish/appearance. Faux flowers, any additional small add-ins for your diorama Easter eggs that you prefer etc.How to:1. Start by hollowing out your eggs. Cut a small piece of Duck tape or masking tape. Affix to the front of your egg. Carefully punch/push an embroidery needle into the face of the egg (where your tape is affixed / through the taped area). Move in a circle (refer to images above). Once you've pressed the needle through the face of the egg in a complete circular pattern. Gently pull the tape off of the face of the egg (the tape should bring the center circle that you created with your needle with it.  Next, gently turn egg over and hold the egg above a bowl. Allow the contents to empty out into a bowl. Once emptied, rinse your egg out with warm water. Now, very gently break away a bit more of the egg with your hands, to create a wider opening on the front/face of your egg. Set egg to the side and allow to air-dry before moving on to the next step.2. Once your eggs are dry, use paint/water colors to color / decorate the outside of your eggs to your preference. Once you're happy with your design / color. Allow paint adequate time to dry. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the outside of your egg to create a shiny finish and make the shell of the egg a bit stronger. Allow adequate time for drying. If sug[...]

DIY Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklaces + Super Simple Embroidered Rose How-To


These DIY Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklaces are so stinking cute! They really are so simple to make, and they make absolutely adorable embroidered handmade gifts too {think Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas, etc. etc. etc). I'm also going to show you how to embroider a super simple rose, today (see step-by-step imagery below ). So even if you've never embroidered before, you'll be able to make these sweet DIY Embroidery Hoop Necklaces!Read on for the simple supply list and tutorial, to make your own DIY Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklaces + a Super Simple Embroidered Rose How-to.DIY Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklaces What you'll need:Scissors A pencilA Philips head screw driverLow-temp hot glue gun + 1 low-temp hot glue stickMini embroidery hoops / mini embroidery frames ( I found the ones pictured at Hobby Lobby)Fabric of your choosing Embroidery needleEmbroidery floss in your choice of colors Ball chain necklaces (found in packs of multiples at most craft stores)How to:Pop the center portion out of the mini embroidery hoops / embroidery frames.Use a pencil to trace around the outer edges (refer to image below)Create your mini embroidery inside the parameters of the pencil lines (leave a little room on the outer edges as they will be tucked/glued on the outer edges of the hoop/frame.) If you're new to embroider, see my super simple embroidered rose how-to, below.Use scissors to cut our your completed mini embroidery (cut about a quarter inch around the outside of the pencil lines leaving space to glue your mini embroidery down on the outer edges Use a few small dots of low-temp hot glue to secure your mini embroidery to the outer edges of the center portion of your mini embroidery hoop / mini embroidery frame (making sure to pull it tight and avoid getting glue on the underside of the actual embroidered area / framed portion of embroidery.Replace the frame around the center portion of the mini embroidery hoop / mini embroidery frame (use a screw driver to lightly tighten/secure the screw.)Secure a ball chain necklace through the center portion of the mini embroidery hoop / mini embroidery frame just below the screw / center (refer to images).Wear or gift to someone special and ENJOY!Super Simple Embroidered Rose How-To1. Draw a circle . Stitch a 5 point star (refer to image below.) After your 5 point star is stitched, bring your needle and thread up from the underside, just to the side of the center of your 5 point star.2. All of the weaving will now take place from the top side of your design (no more stitching - simply weaving). To start tuck your needle and thread under one of the stitches of your stitched 5 point star. now skip over one stitch (going counter clock-wise) and tuck your needle and thread under the next stitch of your 5 point star (repeating in the same pattern until you've reached / concealed the edges of your 5 point star) and your rose is complete. (Note: make sure to NOT pull your thread tightly at any point during the process of creating your embroidery rose flower or after it is finished as it will completely ruin the shape of your flower)4. When your flower is complete. Drive your needle and thread down through the perimeter edge of the flower (make sure that you don't catch any of the thread from your flower in the process.)Happy Crafting, friends![...]

Easy Fairy Garden Wreath


This easy fairy garden wreath is magical, friends. So simple. So sweet. And just what the doctor ordered to help me shake off the fact that it's still frigid outside, and it's already mid March! Since planting our outdoor fairy garden is currently out of the question, I decided to bring a little bit of spring whimsy indoors, with this quick {and fairly inexpensive} DIY.  If you're looking for an easy spring DIY craft project OR if you've never tried you're hand at fairy gardening, this easy fairy garden wreath, is PERFECT!Ready to make your own lighted fairy garden wreath? Read on for the full supply list and tutorial, below.Easy Fairy Garden Wreath How-ToWhat you'll need:Hot glue gun and hot glue sticksFloral wire cuttersFloral wireWreath or wreath form. I used a mixed media wreath that I found at A.C. Moore. It's comprised of a sturdy wire form with moss, chicken wire, grapevine etc. (pictured above before I added anything to it)Small fairy garden components / figurines. We found the one's pictured (Nicole brand) at A.C. MooreA strand of  battery operated LED micro lights - with a battery pack that is small enough to tuck into the back of a wreath form and batteries (we found the battery operated LED micro lights pictured at A.C. Moore.) Silk/ faux flowers of your choosing (I used one mixed silk flower bunch for the pictured wreath and simply cut / separated the flowers - also found at A.C. Moore.) Moss (I used a mixed moss pack that came with an assortment of  green and purple - also found at A.C. Moore )How to:Start by using floral wire cutters to cut away a small portion of the back of the mixed media wreath form. Make the opening just large enough to easily slide the battery pack in and out of the wreath form, when you need to change the batteries.Next, wrap the entire wreath form with the LED Micro lights and slide the battery pack inside the wreath form.Then, using your hot glue gun and hot glue, affix the fairy garden figurines on the inner bottom ledge of the wreath form. Use generous amounts of hot glue and hold each of the figurines in place firmly, until the glue has dried/set completely. After the figurines are in place, begin gluing the moss to the bottom outside portion of the wreath form (I went heavy on the moss to make sure that the battery pack that sits inside the bottom portion of the wreath form was fully concealed.)Once the moss is in place, finish the wreath by adding in faux fern, eucalyptus, flowers etc. When complete, switch the lights on, and enjoy the soft glow and pure magic of your finished fairy garden wreath!Happy crafting & Happy Spring, friends! [...]

Easter Egg Bunnies - A Cute {and Fairly Mess-Free} Way To Decorate Easter Eggs with Kids


Looking for a super simple and CUTE mess-free way to decorate Easter Eggs with the kids? These Easter Egg Bunnies are perfect! They only require a few fairly mess-free supplies, and of course, hard boiled eggs. These Easter Egg Bunnies come together quickly, and clean-up is a cinch. When your DIY Easter Egg Bunnies are complete, your can display them on your Easter table in a bowl filled with paper Easter Grass OR right in an egg carton filled with paper Easter grass. Both would make adorable kid-made centerpieces, this Easter!Grab the simple supply list and our easy image tutorial, below.Easter Egg Bunnies How-ToWhat you'll need:6-12 hard boiled eggsA pencilCraft scissorsHeavy white craft glue or felt glue (specially formulated for adhering to felt - found in most craft stores next to the felt.)A permanent black marker (if decorating with older children) OR a black crayon (if decorating with younger children.)White felt (we used 2 8"x 10" white sheets of felt for 6 eggs)Pink felt (we used a very small portion of 1 8"x 10" sheet)Optional: Green paper Easter grass for displaying your Easter Egg BunniesHow to Start by hard boiling your eggs. Once complete set them in the refrigerator to cool for 1-2 hours.Once cooled, remove your hard boiled eggs from the refrigerator.Use a black crayon or a black permanent marker to draw eyes, a nose, whiskers etc. on your bunnies. Once complete set them in the egg carton, and place them back in the refrigerator.Next, trace out your bunny ears on the white felt (we used extra-large eggs so each of the bottom 1/2" strips to our bunny ear "hats" was about 3" in length (refer to images below.) Cut each set of bunny ears and set to the side. Now, trace out the inner pink area for each set of felt bunny ears. Cut out and set to the side.Using heavy craft glue or felt glue, assemble each set of bunny ears (refer to images below.)Set to the side, and allow adequate time for drying (ideally overnight.) Once dry, slide a set of bunny ears onto each of your Easter Egg Bunnies. Display in a bowl or egg carton filled with green paper Easter grass. Display as a fun and festive centerpiece on your table, this Easter!Happy crafting & Happy Easter, everyone![...]

Irish Potato Candy


Have you ever tried Irish Potato Candy? It's SO good! It's also super simple to make, so it's the perfect St. Patrick's Day recipe to make with the kids. As an added bonus, Irish Potato Candy is also gluten-free. Did you know that Irish Potato candy is a bit of an Irish- American tradition? These small no-bake hand-rolled sweet candies are made to resemble potatoes and are comprised of a simple list of ingredients [not including actual potatoes!] After you mix your ingredients together, you simple roll them, dip them in cinnamon mixture, refrigerate and serve! Like I said, super simple!  Grab the simple ingredient list and recipe for the BEST Irish Potato Candy recipe, below.Irish Potato Candy RecipeRecipe yields: About 40 Irish Potato candies Prep time: 20 minutesRefrigeration time: About 40 minutes ( at (2) 20 minute intervals)What you'll need: 2 - 3 tablespoons ground cinnamon1/4 cup butter, softened 4 oz. of cream cheese cubed and softened1 teaspoon vanilla extract4 cups confectioners' sugar2 1/2 cups flaked coconut How to:In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese and butter. Beat / combine until mixture is smooth.Next add in the confectioners' sugar and vanilla extract. Beat/combine until mixture is smooth.Now, fold the flaked coconut into the mixture. Continue to fold until coconut is evenly dispersed throughout the mixture. Place mixture in refrigerator uncovered for about 20 minutes to chill.Remove chilled mixture from refrigerator. Roll into 1 1/2" - 2" balls  / potato shapes. Roll in ground cinnamon, and place on cookie sheet. Repeat until all of your Irish Potato candies are complete. Place cookie sheet in refrigerator for another 20 minutes or so to chill/set your Irish Potato Candies. Serve your chilled Irish Potato Candies and enjoy! Store any remaining Irish Potato Candies in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for 5-7 days.Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone![...]

See Elf The Musical In NYC This Holiday Season! + Win A Family 4 Pack of Tickets!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam's Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

*Offer not valid on previously purchased tickets and cannot be combined with any other offer.  8 ticket max per order. Discount is calculated off of the original box office price. Service charges apply to telephone and internet orders. All sales are final - no refunds or exchanges. Offer may be revoked or modified at any time without notice and is subject to availability. Other restrictions may apply. Offer expires December 29, 2017.  Accessible and companion seats are available via the Disabled Services Department at 212-465-6034.   ©2017 MSG Sports & Entertainment Holdings, LLC. All rights reserved.

*Disclosure: We were provided a complimentary family 4 pack of tickets to see the show, and a family 4 pack of tickets to giveaway. As always, all opinions expressed our our own.

DIY Slipper Care Packages For Warm & Cozy Holiday Wishes


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeBetterByGiving #CollectiveBiasWith Thanksgiving nearly upon us, we are starting to brainstorm what we can do for others as a family, this holiday season. These simple slipper care packages were our family project last weekend. We assembled several of these DIY Slipper Care Packages, to gift to the residents of a local nursing home this Christmas. We stuffed each pair of slippers with personal care items, magazines, and small treats. This is such a simple way to send warm & cozy holiday wishes to the elderly residents in our community, to show them that value and appreciate them.Hi friends, how have you been? A few years back, I started to pare down on what we gift to our children for the holiday. Excess seemed to be the word of the day on Christmas morning, and it wasn't a tradition that I wanted to continue to cultivate. Instead, we started a new tradition. We give each of our children 3 gifts on Christmas. They each get a special item (this is generally something that they wouldn't ask for during the year) a new pair of pajamas and something to read. Then we take the rest of our holiday budget, and we use it to give back to others during the holiday season. We stuff shoe boxes with special items and treats, for children in other parts of the World, that have never received a single gift on Christmas morning. We collect toys for our annual donation to a local children's hospital, and we donate our time at our local food pantry. This year, we've added these DIY Slipper Care Packages for the residents of our local nursing home, to our list. And we're still brainstorming more ways that we can give back as a family, before the year ends.These experiences have given our entire family a broader view of how incredibly fortunate we really are. It's also brought us much closer together. While we may not live a daily life of excess, we certainly have what we need and beyond, and we have each other.  That in itself, is a gift. When we do have excess now, we seek ways to use it for others who may not have even the mere basics.  It's a far better use of our resources; especially during the holiday season.  I love that my children are learning to find joy in serving others, and that they're learning to walk through each moment with a grateful heart.After all friends, "The one who blesses others, is abundantly blessed."Ready to give back this holiday season? Read on for my simple tutorial on how to assemble these DIY Slipper Care Packages.As someone who loves to give back, I absolutely adore brands that do the same. When purchasing self-care items to stuff our DIY Slipper Care packages with, I found b+b® to be the very best choice. Why?  b+b is a family-owned health and wellness company, that has made it their mission to "be better by giving." Through their national partnership with Americares, they donate ONE product to those in need for every ONE product purchased. This made our simple act of giving this holiday season, stretch 2x farther than I had originally planned -which is always a good thing! For every 24 and 50 count Extra Strength Acetaminophen packages that we purchased to stuff our slipper care packages with, one will be donated by b+b to individuals affected by homelessness, extreme poverty and natural disasters. Ready to assemble some DIY Slipper Care Packages,  this holiday season? Let me show you how simple (and affordable!) it can be, to be "better by giving" this holiday season.DIY Slipper Care Packages How-ToWhat you'll need:ScissorsRibbonCellophane WrapPersonal Care items including hand lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and b+b 24 and 50 count Extra Strength Acetaminophen packagesMagazinesHot chocolate, small[...]