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Wedding Ideas - 8 Great Tips on How to But The Costs

Wed, 15 Dec 2010 14:25:18 GMT

Weddings are so expensive. In this time of economic turmoil more and more people are postponing their wedding plans for better times.

Well guess what, analysts are saying that the economic climate will not be getting better for years yet!

Rather than putting off what should be the best day of your life why not try and reduce the cost with some simple cost saving tips. You can still have the best day of your life (money does not make the best day believe me, it's about the two of you not the money spent) and have it right now instead of waiting for years.

To give you some creative inspiration, why not contemplate some of these suggestions.

Why not be your own wedding planner.

Planning a wedding is really not that hard. You can look around the web for some guides and checklists that could save you thousands. Get friends and family to help out too.

Plan your wedding off-season.

Almost EVERY expense to do with a wedding increases in summer. Venues, Flowers, Entertainment, catering etc. You would not believe the savings that you could make by simply switching your intended sate to outside the summer season.

Hold the wedding in your backyard.

One of the most significant costs of any wedding is the hiring of the venues (both for the wedding and the reception). You can really cut the costs by holding the wedding in your own back yard, or that of a close friend. Future in-laws can also be accommodating for this.

Cut down on the amount of guests.

Every single extra guest multiplies the wedding costs. Meals, Invitations, Favours etc the list goes on. Trim down to close friends and family and you can get the wedding costs down quicker than you think.

Get your family or friends to do the cooking.

Have an aunt that is a great cook or a friend that has just finished catering school? I am sure if you think hard enough you will know someone who is a great cook. Why not hire them to do the cooking for the wedding. It could save thousands of dollars.

Why not make wedding items that serve double purpose.

Edible table centerpieces and edible wedding favors are not only be decorative but also a little treat. Double purpose items are in vogue at the moment and a great way to reduce costs.

Borrow your moms wedding gown.

A nice touch for any wedding is to wear the gown your mother married in. This creates a lovely traditional touch to the proceedings and will make your mom very proud. Alterations to make it a little more up to date are very small in cost compared to buying a brand new dress that you will wear once.

Look up a great website for wedding tips

Whether you are looking for theme ideas, speech advice, cost saving ideas, cake ideas, favour ideas etc you should really look up a great site that has all of these. My site is just such a place. You should visit it.

I hope these budget saving tips have given you some inspiration. Just remember your wedding day is not about how much you spend. It is about joining with your one true love in front of the people who are nearest and dearest to you. No amount of money spent can buy you that kind of great feeling you have on your wedding day.

Free Wedding Ideas
Wedding Ideas - 8 Great Tips on How to But The Costs
Wedding Ideas - 8 Great Tips on How to But The Costs

Playstation Move v Wii - Who wins?

Tue, 30 Nov 2010 16:05:00 GMT

It was way back in early 2009 when Sony first let the public glimpse the Playstation Move. It took 15 long months to finally hit the market. If you don't know the Playstation Move is two bits of kit that detect how you move in relation to the receiver. The first is a handheld controller that looks like a funny coloured ping pong ball on a microphone and the second bit is an "eye" camera that sits either in front or on the TV. Obviously Sony has launched this to fight back at the Nintendo Wii who has taken quite a bit of the console market share. Infamously the Wii got parents gaming to the shock to most children. Because Sony launched the actual "Eye" camera back in 2003 they claim that the "Moves" launch is nothing to do with the Wii but more of an extention of what they were planning anyway. I think the Playstation will definately take away some of the Wii's followers.
How do the Playstation Move and the Wii differ?
The way in which each games machine handles movement is very different. As we all know the Wii uses accelerometers in the handset which allows the Wii to know the orientation of the controller and uses this in conjunction with the sensor strip to test position. This does not really reflect what is happening in the 3d space so the Wii can be "fooled" by better Wii players with just a flick of the wrist (known as the Wii flick). The Playstation Move however is based on the movement of the ping pong ball controller in relation to the "Eye camera". Your movement is tracked a lot more precisely and the unit can tell where you are in the 3d space in front of it, which means no more little wrist flicks, you really have to move around for it do what you want it to.
The "Move" has its own version of the Wii's "Sports" game called "Sports Champion". This is a move by Sony to showcase the extra precision of the new unit as the 6 games really do require precise skill to be any good. You have to calibrate the controller for each game which is a little annoying but it only takes a few seconds.
To summarise I think Nintendo will have to revamp the Wii pretty quick as the PS3 has now upped the stakes in the movement control genre, if they stay still they will lose.

For more about Playstation 3 Bundles go here.

Playstation 3 Bundles
Playstation Move v Wii - Who wins?
Playstation Move v Wii - Who wins?

Don't Mess Up Your Copywriting By Making These Mistakes

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 11:48:44 GMT

In reality, there is no ideal marketing strategy and success is achieved only by your efforts. When trying to conduct business online, selling services or products, you will find many problems with the various marketing systems. This holds true for all kinds of online marketing campaigns and is significant in the field of sales copywriting. Copywriting errors are not flaws that happen by default; these are not the errors covered in this article. These errors can easily be avoided by having yourself, or even an outside party, edit your article for some common mistakes such as grammatical errors, spelling errors, and problems with syntax. Sometimes these simple problems are not the only copywriting mistakes that are made. When copywriters first begin many aren't watching for some of mistakes that may seem simple to us. This costs them sales, making the copy unsuccessful. We want to avoid you having your copywriting "lost in translation" and have provided some general advice for you to sidestep those types of mistakes.

When writing the copy, many writers fail to consider the overall look of the sales page. You conversion rates may be seriously declined because of this simple overlook. Giving the reader a bad impression of your copy can be the result of using a template that appears unprofessional; high quality sales copy can still convert poorly by being displayed with a poor quality template. The problem is many times people think if they have a good copy that they don't have to worry about anything else. Every aspect of your presentation is important because the reader's judgement is based on the whole presentation. The visuals draw customers in and then you have an opportunity to get them to read your copy. No one will even want to read any of your information if your sales page looks like no time was spent on it, or it was done unprofessionally. All of the time and effort you put into your copy will be wasted if this happens.

Along with good content, your copy must be appealing to the eyes. Dressing up your font and paragraph design is a fantastic way to pull the reader into your copy. This is why it is very important to have your page done by someone who knows how to make it look professional.

Never write copy unless you know what the product is about.

Your writing will be ineffectual if you know nothing about a product and readers will be able to see through your guise. This will make prospective clients doubt your reliablity and your products. It doesn't matter how basic the article is always make sure to do your research! It is especially important to be informed on your product when you are copywriting becuase you do not wnat to be presenting people with incorrect information.

Finally, try to remember that sales copy will ultimately dictate the number of sales that you receive and how much your online presence is able to expand. Focus all your attention on writing excellent copy and then try everything out in order to figure out what works for you.

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Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead Marketing Two Easy Ways To Make Money.

Tue, 09 Nov 2010 17:08:47 GMT

Cost Per Action is a type of internet marketing where your task is to get the user to commit to an action of some kind. The tasks can be quite simply filling out an address form or asking for a free sample to be delivered or even going out and buying a new product at a reduction.

CPL or Cost Per Lead is anothe rgreat way to start with making money online, perhaps even better than CPA. This is a form of online marketing that is based on collecting leads for a particular product or service. CPL campaigns are normally very high volume campaigns but the payout is lower. The customer will only be asked to perform a simple task in CPA like entering their Zip code for you to get paid.

On the other hand, the potential customer has to perform a little bit more of a task for CPA campaigns. For example the user may be asked to supply their banking details . Obviously passing over this kind of information reduces the amount of actions completed by users in CPA than CPL campaigns.

It must be said that both Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead reuire more than just clicking on a link as in Pay Per Click One good thing though is that as soon as the users has completed a task you account will be credited with the money Because of the little extra work needed by the consumer (and the subsequent less volume) CPA campaigns pay a little bit more per action than Cost per lead campaigns.

Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead are both much more easier ways for you to earn money than the traditional campaigns where you only get paid for an actual sale. . Particularly those CPA and CPL offers that only require the reader to simply fill in personal information for a survey or provide small amounts of information. One of the best converters are the "Freebie" campaigns where the user signs up for a free trial or service.

Lets do the math, I am sure it is better to have 35 people givinbg thier email address which earns you $1.50 each rather than 2 people buying a traditional product for $12.

Much first time CPA and CPL publishers will ignore offers that pay smaller commissions as they are enticed by higher paying CPA offers. I suggest you do not ignore the lower commission campaigns as they are lower for 1 of 2 reasons. They are normally better conversions (so higher volume of people paying) and they are generally easier for the consumer to fill in. Consumers find it easier to give over a Zip code than part with Banking details or search around for a credit card to buy a product.

The great thing about both Cost per Action and Cost Per Lead campaigns is that there are so many resources availble for each offer like banner, landing pages, text search templates etc. This is great news for the "newbie" or non technical online marketer because there is no need to learn how to build and deploy a complicated web site to deploy these offers. Normally just a quick copy and post to wherever you are advertising the offer is all that is needed (but don't forget to check your affiliate link works).

As an introduction to Internet marketing CPA offers an easy path to start generating revenue straight away Both types of campaign are easy and will provide you with a quick start that will give you the confidence to go on to more demanding campaigns.


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Tribulations With Traffic
Why Traffic is of Utmost Importance

Why Traffic is of Utmost Importance

Mon, 08 Nov 2010 17:47:49 GMT

The internet is very much like traditional business, You would not dream of opening a store in the middle of the sea. You would probably choose a mall or somewhere like that. Somewhere that has lots of people, with one thing on their mind. BUYING! To be more specific RELEVANT TRAFFIC! Precisely the same as online. If you have the best prices for premium products in the world you site will not make money with no visitors. Not even enough money to cover your costs. In the next paragraph I will look at a few ways you can try and get this essential element of web success.

I will now delve into ways which you can start to produce traffic. Organic search via search engines is far and away the highest highest way to get traffic. Some 85% of online traffic to sites is generated through organic traffic. To rank high you must use SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) techniques. It is crucial to have both "on page" and "Off Page" optimisation. Your site will need to be one the first page of organic search results. Some 87% of traffic goes to the sites on this page. The second method to look at is PPC (or PayPerClick) advertsing. You can use platforms like Google Adwords for this. The only downside is that PPC will cost you money. Sometimes a lot of money depending on the keyphrases to are targetting. Moving on from PPC is PPV (or CPV) is another great way to raise traffic to your site. PayPerView is a lot less widely used than PPC and costs can be lower. This is one of my favourite methods. Not too much competition. Contextual Advertising is where you can intercept URLs or Keywords typed in by people and give them your own site as a result instead of the natural search engine result. After intercepting the keyword or URL the user has a Pop Over or interstitial ad given back to them with your page on. Moving on from PPV we now take a look at Article marketing. Although this method will take you longer and require more effort the rewards can be longer term. Write an Article on Blogger with backlinks or Squidoo and that article will be there for years, getting viewers who can link back to your site.

Mobile Phones is the future of large traffic generation. Smart phones especially so. If you add up all the mobile phones and Smart phones globally the figure is around 5 billion. That is over double the amount of people on the internet. With the invention of Smart Phones it is even easier now to present your products or services on mobile. The cost of placing a text or banner ad on a mobile phone is nothing compared to PPC. It can generate thousands of people to go and visit your mobile optimised website. You should use a mobile optimsed website to get a larger conversion rate and look more professional. Even though you have to pay to advertise (like PPC and PPV) you get a lot more people for the money you spend. This is due to less people competing for the mobile ad space. Optimising your site to look good on mobiles will also make your company look more professional.

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