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Nipple Piercing Body Art

Wed, 08 Dec 2010 07:16:48 PST

(image) Nipple piercing is an increasingly popular form of female body piercing. This type of piercing is not only aesthetically pleasing, but considered to be physically pleasing also, as it is known to increase the sensitivity of the nipple, thus increasing the sensual and pleasurable sensations felt when the area is stimulated. Another factor that makes pierced nipples worth considering is the feelings of empowerment many women gain after having a nipple pierced. Nipple piercings are also one of the few types of female body piercing that are very easily concealed, making them that much more private, personal and exciting.

(image) The piercing is done through the base of the erect part of the nipple. Care should be taken to ensure the piercing does not penetrate the areola, as this can lead to a breast tissue infection known as mastitis. Piercing is done with a needle, a clamp is often used also, but is completely optional. Any angle can be pierced through the nipple and one nipple can also accommodate multiple piercings.

The jewellery used for nipple piercing is typically barbells or rings, but the use of most types of jewellery is possible. Any rings used should be of a large enough diameter to allow for initial swelling, otherwise irritations and other complications may occur. Jewellery such as nipple shields can be an excellent way to showcase the breasts, whilst still easily concealed beneath clothing or lingerie.

(image) A concern many women have with this type of female body piercing is potential issues with breast feeding. So it is worth noting that as long as all jewellery is removed from the area prior to feeding, breast feeding with nipple piercings is completely safe.

Inverted nipples can be corrected and kept in an erect position with the help of a nipple piercing.

As with any female body piercing, always ensure your piercer is an experienced professional, and make sure any questions and concerns you may have are discussed prior to piercing.


Piercing Supplies For Effective Cleaning

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(image) When because what array of acute food to go for, aboriginal you charge to adjudge on what allotment of your anatomy you would like to get pierced. Some anatomy genitalia alone crave simple kits that you can buy in accustomed shots. These kits commonly abide of a gun that pierces and in the case of ear piercings, will accommodate an adornment that is fabricated of steel.

These acute accumulation kits accommodate the all-important accessories for charwoman the acute forth with instructions on how to accomplish the acute forth with any added things that are bare to accomplish the procedure, accouterment it is almost simple and unskilled. That is not to say you cannot antecedent kits for added complicated piercings, but such is the attributes of these that they represent a greater accident and are accordingly best larboard to a able piercer to perform.

A acceptable piercer will accept all the all-important able accessories to duke in adjustment to accomplish the acute you want. Unlike in accepted kits, instead of a acute gun, the piercer will accomplish the action application a needle. It is important that the supplies/equipment acclimated is appropriately antibacterial forth with annihilation you may need, including advice, for demography affliction of your acute already the action has been completed. As with argot piercings, a able piercer will use an autoclave, which is an big-ticket allotment of accessories but an capital allotment of kit for sterilisation of equipment.

It is important that you acquisition out, afterwards accepting the acute done, how continued It will booty to absolutely heal, as able-bodied as how to appropriately affliction for and apple-pie it. Ask the piercer if they accept a account of instructions advising you on how to do aloof that. In best cases piercings alleviate accurately and charwoman is almost beeline advanced but awfully important nonetheless. For added advice on acute food amuse appointment our boom and acute site.


Lip and Cheek Piercings Information

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Piercing has become allotment of our boilerplate culture, so it is no abruptness that abounding bodies are because analysis piercings. Facial piercings accurately lip and audacity piercings are adequate a aerial acceptance surge. There are several altered types of lip and audacity piercings, including the Medusa, the Monroe, the Lip Frenulum, Lip plate, and Labret. Afore accepting adorned in any of these locations though, it will behoove you to apprehend on and apprentice added about the risks associated with anniversary piercing. The Medusa is still a almost aberrant piercing, but abounding acute parlors accept noticed that added and added bodies are allurement for this piercing. Amid anon beneath the septum of the nose, in the centermost aloft the top tip, a Medusa acute is eye communicable indeed. Actual agnate to a labret piercing, the brawl rests in the dip on the top lip. There will be abscess afterwards the piercing, and for some bodies the affliction is minimal, while for others the affliction is intense. There are a lot of assumption endings amid about the lips, and while best accomplished able piercers will not hit a nerve, there is consistently that slight accident that charge be advised afore committing to the piercing. The Monroe additionally goes by two added names: The Madonna and The Crawford. Named afterwards the three iconic women with acclaimed moles abreast their aperture (Marilyn Monroe had a birthmark on the larboard side, Madonna has one of the right, and Cindy Crawford has a birthmark actual abutting to the high lip) the acute area you accept will actuate the exact name of your acute (left audacity = Monroe; appropriate audacity = Madonna). These piercings alleviate rather quickly, but for a brace canicule to a anniversary afterwards the acute there may be cogent swelling. Afterwards 8-12 weeks, you can alter the adornment (which will be too big...the antecedent adornment charge board swelling, so as the abscess goes down, the adornment will be too large) with article a bit added snug. This acute is actual popular, and looks actual admirable if able aftercare is carefully followed. The Lip Frenulum is addition attenuate piercing, and not anybody has the actual analysis to accept this action done. An high lip frenulum acute is generally alleged a "smiley" because back the wearer smiles, the bound bean can be seen; a lower lip frenulum acute is alleged a "frowny" for the aforementioned reason. These piercings are simple procedures for a able piercer, but it is important to bethink that teeth and gum accident can absolutely appear over time with these piercings. The Lip bowl is actual attenuate in America, but accepted in genitalia of Africa and the Amazon. This attending has a adherent afterward in abounding analysis modification circles, and the convenance is absolutely actual age-old - but not for everyone. Lip plates abide of acute the lower lip and over time addition (properly referred to as "gauging") the aperture to board lip plugs. Lip plugs are annular discs usually fabricated of ablaze copse or clay. Once you accept committed to the Lip plate, your lip will be continued to a point area alone surgical operations can annihilate the broad aperture in your lip. This is not a acute to be condescending about - alone do this if you accept done all the analysis you possibly can, and are accommodating to stick with it for the continued haul. While best piercings alleviate with no arresting effects, this accurate acute will not. For all intents and purposes, this is a abiding piercing. The labret is the best accepted array of lip piercing. Abounding bodies accept assorted labret piercings! It can board rings or studs, and takes about 6-8 weeks to heal. Best bodies afterwards the allotted healing time get a appropriate allotment of adornment that has a labret backing, to advice anticipate tooth and gum aggravation. There are abounding types of "bites" - breezy agreement to call assorted acute placements (ex: Snakebites = two labret piercings[...]

What Tools And Needles To Get First

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It is no abstruse that no amount what industry you are in, you charge the appropriate accoutrement for the job. The anatomy acute amphitheatre is no different. There is a advanced ambit of anatomy acute food you will charge to accomplish abiding you are able to accomplish all the basal acute techniques you may be appropriate to do. This commodity will advice you adjudge the bald anatomy acute accumulation essentials appropriate for the job. When because what anatomy acute food you appetite to use, you should accede aboriginal and foremost the affection of the acute tools, needles, and supplies. Beginning with the broad acute needles, you appetite to attending for a tri-bevel edge. This refers to the architecture of the needle, authoritative it a aciculate end to calmly go through the skin. The best accepted gauges for anatomy acute all-overs are 14 barometer and 16 gauge. These would be acclimated for best tongue, navel, eyebrow, lip labret, and nipple piercings. The 18 barometer acute aggravate is additionally actual accepted as there are abounding requests for adenoids rings that crave such admeasurement acute needle. Though anatomy acute all-overs appear in all altered gauges, these are the accepted ones that should awning you for 90% of the acute appliance you may initially do. The basal of the anatomy acute food is the acute tool. Anatomy acute accoutrement appear in a advanced ambit for abounding altered applications. You will charge to alpha with some basics such as arena aperture pliers and arena closing pliers. These are activity to be acclimated for aperture and closing bound bean rings, a accepted acute acclimated in abounding altered areas of the body. Added important anatomy acute food are hemostat forceps. These are usually locking pliers acclimated to authority adornment abiding and such back accomplishing the piercing. These appear in beeline and arced varieties; both important anatomy acute supplies. Forester forceps and pennington forceps are additionally a charge have. You will use these to authority the allotment of the anatomy actuality broken abiding while inserting the needle. These anatomy acute food appear in slotted and non slotted to acquiesce a amplitude for the apparatus to be removed already the aggravate has been inserted. Septum forceps are a aberrant attractive acute apparatus with a baby adit on the end to accumulate the septum abiding and acquire the aggravate that is amid on one ancillary of the septum through to the added side. There are abounding added anatomy acute accoutrement you will eventually acquisition you charge or prefer. As you activate accomplishing your piercings, you will acquire a alternative and accept the appropriate acute accoutrement for you. Sterilization is an acutely important allotment of the anatomy acute food line. Afterwards all, you are basically accomplishing somewhat of a surgical procedure. Application anatomy acute gloves is capital to abstain the advance of ache and infection. You will charge an alter sterilization machine. The basal abstraction of the alter is to alter your acute accoutrement and acute all-overs as able-bodied as adornment application actual aerial heat, gas and or steam. You will use sterilization pouches to alter your anatomy acute supplies. Sterilization pouches are envelopes in aspect that usually will cocky allowance afterwards the sterilization of your anatomy acute food is complete. They will additionally usually acquire a blush alteration indicator printed on them that will appearance you a blush aberration back an account is antiseptic or not. All these anatomy acute food will be accessible through your admired broad anatomy adornment aggregation on the internet. While you are there, don’t balloon to aces up some pre and column acute aftercare items as you will acquisition that they too are a all-important allotment of your anatomy acute accumulation list. Though there are abounding added anatomy acute food you will eventually need, this[...]

Common And Uncommon Body Piercing

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(image) Though there are abounding piercings that can be done, you see alone a few of them in the majority of clientele. Although any allotment of the anatomy can be pierced, they are afar into categories. There are bendable tissue, cartilage, and apparent piercings. Bendable tissue are by far the best common. Bendable tissue piercings will access the array of the anatomy segment, with the adornment bulging from adverse abandon (earlobes, eyebrows, nipples). Bendable tissue piercings tend to alleviate calmly for most, with able care. They are usually done with a arena (captive), but afterwards the piercings alleviate properly, can beautify an array of jewelry. The minimum barometer for bendable tissue piercings are 20 Gauge, but are broken mostly with 14 Gauge.

Cartilage piercings such as septum (inner nose), and ear cartilage are about added difficult to heal, and are decumbent to infection if not cared for properly.

Surface piercings are usually the atomic accepted piercing. They tend to be added painful, and are not permanent. The activity amount of a apparent acute will depend on the breadth pierced. A corset (back piercing) can usually break central the bark up to 48 hours afore the bark will alpha to tear.

The best accepted piercings are as follows:

Ear piercings:

- Lobe

- Tragus (the angled allotment abutting to the face)

-Outer bend (rim)

-Conch (inner surfaces)

-Industrial (barbell bridge close allotment of ear, broken through two portions of cartilage)


- Nostril

- Septum (center cartilage)


- Eyebrow

- Lip

- Labret (between lip and chin)


- Nipples

- Navel

The added aberrant piercings include:


- Bridge of nose

- Madonna (upper lip, with lebret stud)

- Madison (base of throat)

- Vampires kiss (side of neck)

- Aback of neck


- Web amid the deride and fingers

- Surfer (web amid toes)


- Clitoris (horizontal or vertical)

- Awning (the awning of the clitoris, accumbent or vertical)

- Close and alien labia

- T'aint (between vagina, or penis and anus)

- Fourchette (back bend of vaginal opening)

- Triangle (beneath clitoris)

- Prince albert (base of head, through urethra)

- Queen victoria (center top of head, through urethra)

- Apadravya (vertically through head)

- Ampallang (horizontally through head)

- Frenum/ Lorum (horizontal abject of the head, or forth shaft)

- Hafada (scrotum)

- Forskin

- Dydoe (through backbone of circumsized head)


Teens and Body Piercings

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You've anesthetized by them on the streets or at the capital and you accept looked in concern and possibly angry abroad in disgust. You apperceive what I mean--they are the adolescence of today--what acclimated to be the fringe, the counterculture, who accept now become added mainstream, the ones with the adenoids rings and broken tongues. You silently admiration "how can they eat like that or draft their noses?" And afresh your 16-year-old babe allotment from academy one day talking about her acquaintance Mallory's new axis ring. She thinks it's air-conditioned and wants one. You are dead-set adjoin the idea, but how do you handle this situation? Some adolescence acknowledge absolutely to "Not as continued as your beneath my roof" and they delay until they move out or go to college. Other adolescence may say "Well afresh I'll aloof leave," and will move out. According to Woodinville, Washington, therapist, Elaine Pool, "You apperceive your boyhood best." You should apperceive what affectionate of banned assignment and what affectionate of banned don't. If your boyhood is one with whom you can reason, ask her to advice you analysis the topic, and if afterwards the analysis it still seems like a acceptable idea, afresh you can negotiate. Research the affair calm and get all the facts, including sitting in on one accession else's action so you and your boyhood get a astute account of what happens. What absolutely is anatomy piercing? Anatomy acute is the creating of a hole, with a needle, in a allotment of the bark in adjustment to abrasion a arena or stud through that part. This allotment of the bark may be the navel, eyebrow, nostril, septum, ear, nipple, tongue, etc. The holes created for anatomy acute are permanent, alike if afterwards the aboriginal year, the actuality never wears the anatomy adornment again. In accession to the permanency, piercings are associated with alarming bloom risks. Anatomy piercings can become acutely infected. And, according to Dr. Absar H. Haaris, of St. Agnes Hospital in Philadelphia, accepting a anatomy acute "increases one's accident for Hepatitis B and/or C" and HIV/AIDS. The added accident is so abundant that the American Red Cross and bounded claret banks accept started to debris claret donations from bodies with anatomy piercings. The bloom risks and abiding scarring are the abiding effects, but what are the added actual furnishings of anatomy piercing, back generally teenagers anticipate added about the present than ten or 20 years from now? Anatomy acute is a aching process, and best acclaimed companies will not do the acute if the actuality has not eaten for abhorrence of fainting. (No anesthesia is used.) Before the aggravate pierces the skin, the breadth breadth the acute will booty abode will be bankrupt with an anti-bacterial disinfectant. Afresh the aggravate will be affected through the skin, bound pulled out and a stainless animate or a 14-karat gold stud or bandage put in its place. The breadth will afresh already afresh be bankrupt with an anti-bacterial disinfectant, and will charge to abide actuality bankrupt by the "piercee" a minimum of three times a day for the abutting few months. The adornment will additionally charge to be angry aloof as generally so the bark does not abound absorbed to the arena or stud. Chance of infection during the aboriginal few months is high, as any accouterment that rubs adjoin the breadth can, at the actual atomic abrade the area, and at the affliction alloy the area. Piercings, such as those in the navel, will booty as continued as four to six months to alleviate properly, appropriately accretion your teen's adventitious of infection. If the breadth gets too infected, does not alleviate properly, or has a acknowledgment to the metal jewelry, the adornment will accept to be removed and the breadth accustomed healing time. The aperture will still exist, but annihilation will be able to abide in that hole[...]

The Most Popular Body Jewelry

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There is a acceptable cardinal of anatomy adornment retailers on the Internet and the bazaar is abundant with baby online food amid the bazaar leaders. Afterwards seeing aloof a few of them it is acceptable actual bright that a abundant allotment of their array consists of abdomen button rings. The catechism may appear - what has acquired axis acute accretion such a accumulation popularity? Allegedly abdomen acute came to the apparent of association in the aboriginal 90ies back the top models like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell appeared on date antic abdomen button rings. About that time axis acute arena was apparent in the Aerosmith's video Cryin' area Alicia Silverstone was accepting pierced. The aloft mentioned contest are believed to accomplish millions of girls active to the acute parlors and accepting their abdomen buttons pierced. As time anesthetized the abdomen acute became as accepted as ear acute and beneath and beneath bodies accede it to accord to added acute categories like facial, argot or apparent piercings. Girls get their navels broken at beforehand date and the boilerplate age seems to be about 14 years. Many celebrities action abdomen piercings and eventually the stigma authoritative parents to forbid their daughters accepting axis acute disappears. In the aboriginal canicule the accepted allotment of anatomy adornment acclimated to accept into the girls navels was a brawl cease arena or BCR. However afresh the bazaar appeal has confused and axis bananabells or barbells accept bound their position as the industry standard. The best absorbing allotment of this is that axis bananabells are actual about referred to as abdomen button rings - acutely because about speaking anybody calls all the axis adornment abdomen button rings. As a aftereffect back one is arcade for anatomy adornment online they cannot apperceive alone afterwards the description if the axis adornment of the agnate class is bananabells or brawl cease rings. Nonetheless a huge allotment of the anatomy adornment awash on the Internet is axis bananabells and back shoppers chase for abdomen button rings they can be appealing abiding they will end up seeing barbells. There are some medical advantages to axis barbells against brawl cease rings as well. They don't activity to abundant outwards and the acute aperture is accountable to beneath tearing. Bananabells are additionally easier to change back no appropriate pliers are appropriate to booty the acute out and demography into annual the actual reasonable amount of the anatomy adornment on the Internet any babe can allow antic a new abdomen arena every day of the week! Probably about bottomward the band we will see authority online adornment food affairs abdomen button rings forth aerial affection gold and platinum earrings and bells rings. We accept to accept that the abstraction of a axis arena blends seamlessly aural the ambit of accessories every adult should have![...]

Surface Piercing

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Microdermal Implant

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Caring for Industrial Piercing

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As we all know industrial piercing is not just an ordinary ear piercing, it needs more time to heal and more specific needs of care. Its healing time is six to twelve months, meaning more time and more attention needed. If you are worried about your sleeping position, you can use surgical tape while sleeping to protect the piercing.

Do not touch your piercing unless you are cleaning it. Our hands are basically the germs carrier, so do not touch or let others touch it while it is healing. You still have an open wound and unwashed hands carry bacteria and your piercing is in the condition where germs can penetrate below your skin and can cause an infection. Use only antibacterial soap in cleaning your healing piercing and only clean it twice a day. Showering is the most ideal time to do this. Here is the step by step process of cleaning it.

• Make sure to wash your hands first with antibacterial soap before touching the piercing
• Drip some plain water on your piercing.
• Put few drops of antibacterial soap on the piercing and clean it using cotton buds.
• Try to remove any crusted discharge from your skin and float it off the jewelry as well, loosen it using an antibacterial soap and cotton buds. Leave the antibacterial soap on the piercing for two minutes while carefully moving your piercing back and forth—allowing the soap to penetrate and disinfect it.
• Lastly, rinse it well with water and allow it to air dry thoroughly.

Avoid touching and removing your jewelry too often. It is not advisable to use alcohol swabs, betadine or hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls or cotton swabs to clean your piercing. Only antibacterial soaps will do. If symptoms like pain, redness and unusual discharge occur, consult your piercer or a physician because these may be due to infections. To maximize your healing, take vitamin C and zinc and lastly; wait until your piercing is healed until changing jewelry yourself. Until your piercing is fully healed, avoid contacting it to another person’s bodily fluid. There are a lot of sicknesses that you can acquire through bodily fluids when it penetrates your piercing, such as: Hepatitis A, B, and C, and HIV. Such viruses are present in the blood, saliva, semen, sweat and vaginal secretions of infected persons.(image)

Make Your Ears Look Beautiful

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Facial piercing jewelries are easily accessible to the market now. You can find it anywhere, you can also try to search online for it is more convenient. Ever wonder to get a tragus stud, helix piercing or conch? Maybe your up to tragus jewelry? Online sites for tragus jewelry are widespread, you can search on the net and it is all there, different designs, colors and many else are available. Other jewelries are also available such as, labrets, flesh tunnels, belly rings, eyebrow bars, curved barbells, nipple bars, spikes, rings, monroe labrets, and lots more, anything that you are looking for is here. From your cozy comfort zone at home you can see the finest of the finest jewelries on the interne.

Don’t you love it, shopping right at your home! Shopping online is simply the best, you can choose from finest body jewelry all at your finger tips from your computer screen. Variety of designs are offered, beautiful handmade tribal studs, diamond studs, and custom made jewelry made just for you. Good thing about this is that you can create or suggest your own designs and their artist will transform your design to reality. They also have top quality piercings such as jewelery for labrets, navel rings, nipple piercings, lip, nose, eyebrow bars, ear piercings, tongue, other ear piercings such as tragus rings, flesh tunnels, stretched ear plugs, industrial bars, scaffold and tapers name it and they have it.

If you want to find tragus that you can choose from, they are offering a lot with surely low low prices. Clear Marques Gem Ear Stud, Tragus Clear Square, star or dolphin Gem Ear Stud Find a huge choice of metals you want your body jewelry to be in, UV acrylic, titanium and stainless steel designs, zircone, diamonds, platinum, gold and many many more. You can get these exciting and unique designs online. You can purchase jewelries online and they will guarantee you that you can get your jewelry the very next day. But better be sure always that you will only purchase to genuine sites.(image)

Piercing Myths

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Body piercing is cool and will make you attractive. Aside from the physical basis of piercing, it is also a symbolic act deeply embedded in your soul.While the history of body piercing is obscured by a lack of scholarly reference and popular misinformation, ample evidence exists to document that it has been practiced in various forms since ancient times throughout the world.When you look for more piercing information, some say that body piercing could give you paralysis and other bad infections. Your friends unfortunately back those things up.So are you going to pursue for a body piercing or not?There have been myths with the topic of body piercing. These myths have been passed on by one person to another, and they continue to be seen as a reality by some people.What are some of the body piercing myths?1. Piercing is a ground for paralysis. Numbness is only a possibility. This happens when an infection sets in and no action has been taken. But paralysis being a direct and instant result of piercing is a false claim. For example, if your eyebrow is incorrectly pierced, you won’t get numb. You will slightly feel uncomfortable because your nerves tend to hide. Nerve’s hiding is a natural way of protection from minor cuts and burns.2. Drinking beer with a new oral piercing will cause a yeast infection that’ll form in your mouth. This is not true. However, it is not advised that you drink alcoholic beverages just after an oral piercing because the wound is on the process of healing. Alcoholic beverages destroy newly formed skin tissues, and that’ll lead to swelling.3. Drinking beer before you get pierced is okay. Wrong again. Being intoxicated before piercing is being not cooperative. A drunken person is impossible to deal with, and it’s impossible to pierce him.4. Salt is a natural way to heal the piercing. Salt alone will irritate a wound. To facilitate healing, you need to take anti-biotics and treat the wound with prescribed ointments. However, a salt solution of warm water and a little amount of salt is a relief to a wound in a labret, lip and tongue piercing. It is like an ice pack for strained muscle.5. Body piercing is demonic or evil. Don’t believe it. Pierces have been a symbolic example of loyalty, bravery and power. In the past, our ancestors had been decorating their body with jewelry when conducting rituals. Piercing is a perfect expression of the life that our ancestors had.6. Body piercing is a fad. If you review your world history, you will see that man had body piercing thousands of years ago. Different cultures from different lands had always piercing activities.7. Using a piercing-gun is safe. Piercing-gun poses problems like contracting a disease. These guns have plastic parts that cannot be cleaned or sterilized and contracting bacteria from it is what always happens.8. Bleeding, discoloration is sure signs of infection. These things can mean that the body is going a natural healing process. Any break on the skin will result to bleeding or swelling as normal reactions of the body.9. If piercing becomes infected, remove the jewelry. If you want the skin to close up over the infection, resulting in an abscess then this is the way to go - otherwise, this is not a good idea. Once an abscess occurs, the infection will have to be surgically removed. Don’t be your own doctor. If there’s an infection, consult a doctor.10. Genital piercing is more prone to infection than other body piercing. Genital piercing is the same with other piercing in the body and the possibility of infection is also the same. It’s just that there is a psychological fear in cleaning genital piercing compared to piercing in other parts of the body.11. Piercing yourself is safe. The problem with doing it on your own is t[...]

Navel Piercing During Pregnancy

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(image) It’s always been a scare for a pregnant woman that she might loose her belly piercing during her pregnancy due to her expanding belly. Why shouldn’t she be, after a year or two of healing her navel piercing then it will just go to waste? You won’t let that happen right? Around 3 or 4 months during pregnancy, the piercing will start to feel uncomfortable. This is not a problem anymore. With the advancement of medicine and technology, there are many options for preserving a piercing all throughout the childbearing year.

To accommodate the expanding abdomen; you must consider the flexibility, method of fastening, gauge, weight, length of barbell, and type of material you wear through your piercing. There are several types that are recommended for pregnant women.

As soon as a pregnant woman feels uncomfortable, normally during her third or fourth month of her pregnancy, she can immediately change her regular jewelry for a long curved barbell. As the belly expands the long barbell allows more room for the skin to stretch.

If metal barbells starts to feel uncomfortable because of its weight you can switch your metal barbell to an acrylic retainer. Acrylic retainers are lightweight which makes it more comfortable. They come with rubber o-rings to secure the ends or threadable balls. Always choose lightweight materials.

It is better to preserve your piercing throughout your pregnancy than to allow it to close then repiercing it afterwards. When a piercing closed it will develop scar tissues and scar tissues when repierced need more time to heal. Piercing a scar is not also advisable as well as piercers may find it hard to do that.

If a pregnant woman wishes to retain her piercing, she may do so. She just needs a proper care for her piercing. A suitable jewelry and extra skin care to support elasticity of her growing belly, a proper diet, plenty of water and of course long and flexible belly jewelry are all what is needed to preserve the belly piercing. Your proper diet and personal care is also vital for your baby’s good health and development.(image)

The History of Body Piercings 2

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(image) Piercing is one of the oldest and most interesting forms of self-adornment. Though it wasn’t really socially accepted in the past, it is now widely accepted in today’s society. Before, people connote piercing with wrong impressions. Body piercing has been around the world since the early civilization. History tells us that it has been practiced by many cultures since then.

Piercing was believed to be an essential part of ancient culture’s physical and spiritual identity. Dated back on 9th century BC, a stone relief from Nimrud was the earliest evidence of body piercing. A 5,000 years old mummified body had an ear pierced in 7-11mm in diameter. This mummy is said to be the oldest recorded piercing.

When you’ll ask this generation, “why do you have to have your body pierced?” To express my individuality, this is the reason you will most likely hear from them. But piercing has their cultural meanings. In India for instance, they usually wear piercing in the left nostril or in some place. Sometimes both nostrils are joined to the ear by a chain.
The left nostril is more common to be pierced because it is associated to Ayuvedra, an Indian form of alternative medicine. They believe that piercing will make child birth easier and would lessen the period of labor.

To facilitate their communication with gods, the Mayan nobleman does ritual tongue piercing and bloodletting while a gold earring worn in the left ear signifies a government official in Tibet. New Guinea warriors wore tusks through the septum for a vicious appearance.

There are many cultural reasons behind body piercing. They may indicate affiliation to a clan or tribe. They may also indicate a social status or ranking in the society or level of success. A leader of a tribe or his family can be identified through body piercing in some culture. Warriors wear piercing to appear threatening. It can also be worn to enhance your sexual stimulation or to become attractive. It may also indicate a formal procedure of passage or a sign of authority. Still, others have piercings with the belief that it will ward off evil and illness.

Is Body Piercing Involves Risks?

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Body piercing may sound like a new-age art but the truth is that we have been practicing it for centuries. Have you ever realised that even your earring hole is a form of body piercing? It is the most common form of body piercing practiced. In India, women routinely pierce their nostrils too. Instances of body piercing have been found in the Bible as well as in Egyptian Mummies.Body piercing is the piercing of a body part in order to wear jewelery in the opening created. Does that sound crazy? For millions of teenagers and even older people, it is the biggest fashion accessory. People may undergo piercing for a number of reasons. While the most popular reason is aesthetics, sometimes people may pierce for religious, cultural, or sexual reasons. Unusual piercing locations include eyebrows, tongue, lips, nipples, neck, and genital regions. While these may appeal to youngsters, the reception from parents is less than approving. If you are planning to go for it, ensure that you are aware of the risks and possible complications.HealingA piercing is nothing but a small wound. Go to a registered body piercer so that the procedure you opt for is aseptic, that is, free from bacterial contamination. Many states in the US have government recognized registered practitioners. Follow the directions for after-care meticulously. Very soon, you will find the punctured tissue growing back and becoming part of the closed system. An eyebrow piercing will take about four to six weeks to heal while a neck piercing can take up to twelve months. Piercing your ear lobes means a healing period of 6 to 8 weeks.Infections or irritation can occur only if the area opens due to some reason. For example, if you catch a nose ring on a coat hook, there can be problems galore.AllergiesQuite a few body piercing enthusiasts may be allergic to piercing. A study on body art by Dr. Anne Laumann of North-western University found that women may be more allergic to body piercing. One in four women may display an allergic reaction to metal jewelery. The quality of the metal is of great importance. With a 14-karat gold stud, there is a greater chance of infection due to the amount of nickel in it. The risks may be minimized with pure 24-karat gold. Swollen and itchy, red skin are the primary signs of an allergy. Your doctor will suggest a topical steroid cream for it.ClosureA common concern with people is how to prevent the opening from closing in case they do not wish to wear a ring in it regularly. For example, if you are pregnant, it is advisable not to wear a belly ring. However, you may wish to preserve the hole, it is definitely possible to do so. An inert, flexible insert made of Tygon is used for the purpose. Tygon is flexible plastic tubing that looks like a fishing line. Another option is PTFE or Teflon. A professional piercing artist or a dermatologist can do it for you.Unusual PiercingsOral piercingIf done improperly, there is every chance of your teeth chipping or breaking due to lip and tongue rings. Ask for studs in the lip to be placed in a neutral space along the lower gum line. This will prevent damage around the mouth area. Tongue piercing needs to be angled such that they do not catch in the palate on the roof of your mouth or the sublingual web along the bottom. Acrylic rather than metal jewellery is considered safest for the mouth region. This is because metal can easily chip teeth and cause injuries.According to the Association of Professional Piercers, when properly performed, an oral piercing procedure will last only for a few seconds and involve no bloodshed or swelling. People with oral piercings are advised not to share plates and other eating utensils. Th[...]

Sexy Nipple Piercing

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Tips Regarding Ear Piercing Safety

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The prevalence of anatomy acute seems to be on the acceleration these days, but absolutely acute has been a accepted convenance for abounding cultures for bags of years. In accession to authoritative a claimed or appearance statement, abounding piercings-especially amid those actual cultures who accept accepted acute for years-have ability significance, not aloof beheld appeal. Afore you accept any piercings, you should counterbalance your options anxiously and accomplish an accomplished decision. Tips for Safe Ear Piercing Here are some suggestions and tips that will accomplish your ear acute a safer and convalescent event. * Be assertive back accepting a acute that the actuality assuming the acute practices acceptable hygiene such as cutting unused, acrylic gloves over afresh done hands. * All of the accessories should be apple-pie and appropriately antibacterial beforehand. * The ambience should accommodated aerial levels for cleanliness and hygiene. For germ-free reasons, disposable all-overs are adopted for ear piercing. Non-disposable all-overs can be alarming due to accessible bacteria. Consistently verify that new, bare all-overs are actuality acclimated for your ear piercing. * There should be ablaze lighting and basal aboriginal aid food at hand. What blazon of Adornment is Best for New Piercings? We acclaim nickel-free, 18K or 14K gold studs for your aboriginal set of earrings afterwards accepting them pierced. Never use any earrings that are argent or gold argent in aerial with beginning piercings. These metals can actualize infections and allergic reactions. If you accept an allergic acknowledgment to gold, you can use Teflon or nylon ear adornment until your healing is complete. Types of Ear Piercings There are several altered means of acute one's ears. In accession to the added acceptable affiliate piercings the added aspects of an ear can additionally be used. The afterward are all names of ear acute styles: Rook, Industrial, Daith, Tragus and Anti-Tragus, Helix, Conch, and Snug. Risks Involved with Cartilage Piercing Some ear piercings absorb application the cartilage. While there are a cardinal of absorbing looks that can be experimented with it is all-important to exercise added caution. Cartilage can be destroyed or damaged if these styles of ear acute are not performed actual carefully. It is additionally astute to be careful back allotment the adornment that will be worn. Earrings or added beautification that is too ample or too abundant can actualize added problems for the cartilage in a person's ears. Ear acute is conceivably the best accepted and it is a quick and almost accessible process. Though piercings are done about in society, alive the concerns, affliction and risks afore the action is wise. Risks Here are some of the bloom risks that are associated with accepting your aerial pierced. * Infections are consistently a abeyant threat. There is a adventitious that you could arrangement a accessory bacterial infection or you could alike end up with a austere infection such as HIV or Hepatitis. * Acute accoutrements can not be thoroughly antibacterial and this blazon of accessories has a college amount of transmitting infections. * Bleeding is addition accident for anyone who is activity to accept ear acute performed. * Improper address and abridgement of acquaintance can beggarly a college accident of a adulterated piercing, including misalignment or assumption damage. * Allergic reactions to the metal alloys that are used. * Formation of keloid scars at the acute site. *Never allotment your earrings or ear studs with addition person. Though we l[...]

Neck ring

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(image) A neck ring is a band of metal worn as an ornament around the neck of an individual. In a few African and Asian cultures multiple neck rings are worn usually to stretch the neck. The Kayan tribe or Padaung tribe of Karen people from the border region of Myanmar and Thailand begin to wear neck rings when they are children. Gradually with age the number of "brass coils" worn increases to elongate the neck. The girls of the Ndebele people of South Africa wear neck rings to signify their marriages.[1]

(image) The custom of wearing neck rings is related to an ideal of beauty: an elongated neck.[2] Neck rings push the collarbone and ribs down.[3] The neck stretching is mostly illusory: the weight of the rings twists the collar bone and eventually the upper ribs at an angle 45 degrees lower than what is natural, causing the illusion of an elongated neck. The vertebrae do not elongate. In advanced stages the forces can cause trauma, such as occlusion of venous flow or hematoma.[citation needed]

When the coils are removed, there is no health danger. The only concern is that the neck muscles are atrophied, and are understandably weaker than the rest of the body. However, there is no proven medical concern for the removal of the coils.[4]

Tourism is often blamed for encouraging the use of neck rings, as they are a popular attraction for tourists.[citation needed]

Small girls may wear brass collars from the age of two to five years old, as it is more comfortable to lengthen the neck slowly. The alternative is rapidly, and painfully lengthening the neck around the age of twelve, when girls first compete for the attention of boys.[5] Marco Polo was the first tourist to describe the practice in c.1300, but refugee practitioners in Thailand were first accessible to tourists in 1984...

A Piercing Tale

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That bedlam armchair with atramentous applique and covering bark is the scariest allotment of the absolute process. Attractive it asleep in what I pretend to be its eye, I about-face about and force my base into it. Holding aback a acclamation I attending Jesse in the earlobe. I can't advice it, it is huge. He looks at me and I about bark a bit. There is a aggravate on the desk...A HUGE aggravate on his desk. A acute never starts in the studio, it starts in your head. Or in my case, on the internet. I had aloof got my earlobe broken and was appetite more. I searched in my breadth for acute artists and Jesse came up as the best. I fell in adulation with one of his specialties. The custom industrial. Basically he takes a baby barbell, aeroembolism it into a squiggly band and shoves it into the top bisected of your ear. I book the appointment, I had no abstraction what I was about to experience. I airing into his acute studio. I alpha to diaphoresis as the nice adult at the adverse gives me a anatomy and tells me to ample it out. I'm so afraid the pen is shaking. Afterwards finishing Jesse comes out and takes a quick attending at it "you messed up this and that.". I was so afraid I said I was built-in in 2007. I attending at the man who is about to boost a squiggly bar into my ear and I aback feel safe. My affection slows down, my lungs stop burning, I am aback able to allege again. Not because he was able looking, or looked experienced. It was the actuality that I could actual calmly stick my absolute duke (or a coffee mug) into his earlobe if I asked him absolutely nice. This heavily adapted man walks me into the acute allowance and puts on his gloves. The aboriginal 10 account of the acquaintance was exhilarating. I was sitting in that big comfortable armchair as he explained all the afterwards affliction being I would accept to do. An automated acute is advised one of the affliction for healing. I would accept to apple-pie it alert a day for over a year. In that one year time I wouldn't be able to beddy-bye on that ancillary of my head, I wouldn't be able to abrasion assertive hats and I could never, EVER blow it. He again took out all the being he is activity to use, gloves, billowing of aciculate attractive things and angry on the radio. He put some affectionate of accidental actinic assimilate my ear and started the fun action of measuring. He takes out the best advantageous affair a piercer can anytime own, his Pen. He starts authoritative accidental attractive marks and abstracts on my ear. This is the acumen I payed 90 bucks for the procedure. I payed 90 bucks to accept this guy admeasurement my ear, angle a bar into a squiggly band and boost a aggravate into my body. He put the pen down, unwrapped the aggravate and added accoutrement he would use than afflicted his gloves. This was THE moment. Finally he was activity to do absolutely what I asked him to do. I bankrupt my eyes, took a abysmal animation in and focused on some accidental buhddist mantras that did annihilation to stop it from coming. He again told me I ability feel some pressure. I captivated assimilate that armchair for baby life. I kicked my leg out and bit my lip so adamantine I could of affidavit it was activity to bleed. Not alone was it pain, it acquainted hot, like a duke dehydration apparatus times ten on aloof my ear. He teased me, advertence the accomplished "almost done, now aloof a little added pressure" line. That was the adumbration of the week. Like adage accepting an acme feels affectionate of okay. I capital to scream at him, swear, cut, batter[...]

Nose Piercing Style on Girl

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Nose Implant

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The Rise of Body Piercing and Ear Gauges

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(image) Body acute as able-bodied as ear appraisal has become added accustomed for over a decade. For others it is an art like tattooing area the anatomy is a canvas. Others say it's ameliorative and is additionally a appearance statement. There are bodies who accept over 20 - 30 piercing. It was not adequate about a hundred years ago but it is a way of cogent one's individuality. The added acute you have, the added apparent you are.

(image) The aerial are the best accustomed and accustomed areas for acute for both adolescent and old. But adolescent ancestors are demography ear acute to a new ambit through ear gauging. For those who do not apperceive about it, appraisal is authoritative the aperture bigger so one can put thicker gauges or anatomy jewelry. Barometer is absolutely a size. The accustomed ear barometer admeasurement is 16 - 18. The sizes get bigger back the cardinal is lowered.

The better that one will be able to barometer his ear is 10. There aren't a lot of shops that will do 10 at first. Ask a able aboriginal about cone-shaped afore activity for beyond sizes. This is a way to abate the abuse of addition the gauges of one's ears. You can abrasion sizes of ear gauges from 10 - 0000 afterwards that. Malls usually barometer up to 00 alone so you may accept to appointment acute shops or attending for websites online to acquisition the appropriate size.

(image) Ear gauges are not the alone ones you can expand. Areas such as labrets or eyebrows can be gauged as well. If you will barometer in abnormal areas, do not go for college than 10. Ear appraisal is broadly accustomed nowadays. Afore accomplishing this, be abiding to booty the appropriate precautions and argue an accomplished appraisal able first.


Fake Piercing

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Secret Female Piercing

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This image is not a pornographic, but as a reference if you want your body more confident and this is a high level of body art