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Targeted Web Traffic - How to Get Web Site Traffic With Free Resources


Targeted Web Traffic is getting visitors to your site who are interested in what you have to offer. These visitors have to be able to find your web site first. The two most common ways visitors will find your site is by typing in a word phrase into a search engine or linking to your web site from another web site. There are several ways to get your web site on the search engines results page and on other web sites. Many of these ways are free. Here are three free resources you can take advantage of to get targeted web traffic to your site.Writing articles and publishing them on article web sites is a great way to bring attention to your web site. And sometimes these same articles will quickly rank on search engine results pages. This gives you another opportunity for visitors to find your site. These articles should have keywords or search phrases in them that visitors use to find information on your website topic. For example, if you have a website on aquariums. You would want your article to have phrases in it about aquariums or fish. These keywords should be considered in all three ways I discuss to get web site traffic.Keep in mind, one article will not get the amount of targeted web traffic you are looking for. You will need to write and submit several articles focusing on the topic or niche of your web site. Most article web sites do not allow you to put links to any web sites in the body of the article. However, they do allow a bio box about the author to be used and a link can be placed in this text that points to your web site. Before publishing any articles, review each article web site's policies.Social media sites like Squidoo or Hubpages are sites where the members create and provide most of the content for the site. These types of sites allow you to directly link to your web site. So, you can create a page on the site that discusses the topic that your web site is about. You can include links to your web site allowing the visitor to the social media site to follow the link or click through to your site. This then brings targeted web traffic to your web site because the visitor wants more information on the topic of your web site. As with all 3 of these web site traffic ideas, these social media sites want good content and not one big advertisement. Being spammy and not providing any useful content may get your page deleted. And there goes all your hard work.Blogging and Microblogging are similar and are both ways to get targeted web traffic. Blogging can be done by having your own blog web site or using a community blogging website. Wordpress has both types. I believe it is better to have your own blog so you are in control of the blog contents. Blogging is a platform that encourages the question "What's on your mind?" to be answered. This type of site allows you to put in your own content, create links to your sites or other sites, similar to social media sites. Updating your blog weekly is a must. The search engines love new content. These updates can be short. Microblogging are sites that encourage very short entries, some only a couple of lines. One of these sites is Twitter. If blogging asks, "what's on your mind?", microblogging asks, "what's on your mind right now?"As with blogging, you can link to your web site with microblogs, but be sure to provide good, informative content.Using all three of these traffic generating ideas together will help bring in a steady stream of traffic. All of these ideas should be done on a consistent basis to keep the flow of targeted web traffic going to your site. Although I have only listed a few resources, there are almost unlimited resources that can be used to get web site traffic.[...]

Should You Buy Web Traffic?


From the dawn of the internet, millions and millions of users search the internet for solutions, entertainment, and ideas.Now how can we go about targeting some of these visitors to your site?There are plenty of ways to do so, promoting your site effectively works, and optimizing your site for search engine rankings, or advertising your site on other sites, like link building strategies and buying traffic.Now, Is buying web traffic a good thing?Yes and no, you want to buy effective traffic to your site, otherwise your just wasting your bandwidth, you should also consider that buying traffic for your site is a risk. If you are buying targeted traffic to increase your exposure and generate sales, there is no guarantee that you will generate sales from the traffic that you have purchased, however there's still a good chance of converting that traffic to sales if your site contains what that visitor is seeking.Buying untargeted traffic is the cheap source of traffic, its very unpredictable, and you cannot expect much conversion from it. In other words it can be a good solution to increase your site's potential and rank, It can also be a big waste of bandwidth.Be aware of buying fake traffic generated by bot's or spamming, you don't want to buy traffic that was forced to your site, as pop ups are the most annoying thing a website can have. Visitors who see a pop up will often ignore that pop up and close it and will probably leave site if continues. Having pop ups on your site is a bad idea and will drive visitors away.Also be aware of buying web traffic that is delivered through means of iframes. This traffic is useless to your site, although it can still build your sites rank, you will not see much success from it. Nobody is going to buy a product while surfing through a site in an iframe as the visitor feels that it is not secure.There are many different sources to buying web traffic, much of the web traffic that you buy will depend on who you are buying it from and If can you trust them to deliver that web traffic as advertised.What source of traffic should you buy?The best source of buying web traffic is delivered through sites receiving targeted visitors and very high traffic stream, other web traffic sources are through means of expired domains that contain a high stream of web traffic not always the best but recycled.Now, I want to give a few pointers to anyone who is buying web traffic particularly for making sales, although it may seem easy enough to do, this is the worst kind of idea of promoting your product as buying traffic has limited to no guarantee of any sales.If you are selling a product or service, the best source of traffic is through means of PPC promotion as these visitors will click your ad's because they have an interest in the product and are willing to overlook your site, other then that, the traffic that you buy from other then PPC will not have any pre-interest in the site that pops up and will probably close the site without giving it any thought.Imagine spending over $100 a month buying traffic to your site with a low conversion rate, wondering why this just isn't working. Then you decide that you would finally like to invest that money in better more proven methods of promotion, Adwords for example, I mean, your spending your money on traffic anyway?PPC promotion has the highest rate of sales conversion, as long as your site appeals to the hungry audience, what I mean by that is the audience that you are targeting to buy your products. Of course It may cost a little to invest, however in return you will be much more satisfied with the results and most likely generate sales and earn that money back in no time.Well, That's about it, thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my article.The Pros and Cons of buying web traffic.Pros:1) Increase your sites rank and popularity.2) Generate sales from converting web traffic.3) Populate your online community.4) Quick & easy solution for fast traffic rates.Cons:1) The risk of buying fake web traffic.2) Low conversio[...]

Targeted Web Traffic - 7 Guidelines For Endless Traffic


If you are the owner of a web business, then you probably know that traffic is the lifeblood of your business. When it is all said and done, getting targeted web traffic to your website is one of the most fundamental and important endeavors that you must take in order to secure the survival of your internet business. Therefore, listed in this article are seven fundamental rules that must be consistently applied in order to send targeted web traffic to your business website.

One: Building targeted web traffic needs to be one of the primary elements in your overall marketing plan. You can not neglect taking the effort of building targeted web traffic to your business. It is something that you must pursue every single day your business is in operation.

Two: Sending targeted web traffic to your business by means of pay per click marketing is an important strategy that you need to include in your overall marketing operation. Pay per click marketing provides an avenue for you to quickly test your market offer with targeted traffic to see if it converts well.

Three: In addition to paying for targeted web traffic via pay per click marketing, you also want to make sure that your web content is search engine optimized. Optimizing your web content will help boost your site's ranking in the search engines, thus sending you targeted web traffic.

Four: Even though you optimize your website, you also want to make sure that you don't damage the salescopy of your website. You need to pay close attention to your web copy, and improve it as often as you can. It is appealing web copy that converts that targeted web traffic into actual customers.

Five: Building backlinks is an important factor when building targeted web traffic. A lot of your traffic building efforts should be spent on building as many one way backlinks to your site as you can. But while the quantity of links is important, you must not sacrifice quality backlinks for quantity when it comes to link building. The better the link quality, the more favor you will have with the search engines.

Six: When building targeted web traffic to your business, you may need to continually revise and modify your traffic generation strategy in order to stay current. You need to make sure that your traffic building keeps in pace with what is occurring in the world of the internet. Therefore, you must be a student of targeted web traffic in order to reap lifetime benefits and rewards from it.

Seven: Keep in mind that there are a number of experts and professionals that can assist you with sending high quality targeted web traffic to your business. Even though these professionals may cost you good money in order to utilize their help, businesses that take advantage of these experts usually enjoy much more profits over the short and long term.


Promote Your Website With Free Web Traffic


Promoting a website can be very challenging when you do not have the funds to promote your website effectively. If you are faced with this problem, you do not have to give up on the idea of having a successful online business or website. There are solutions to this problem. All you need to do is promote your website using free online generating traffic methods.What you must first understand is this; you will basically be trading purchased web based traffic for web traffic generated by you doing work. You will either pay for web traffic or you will work to create it! It's just that simple. If you have money to purchase pay-per-clicks ads than you buy this type of web traffic with little or no work involved on your part to generate it, but if you do not have the funds to purchase this traffic, you will be left with only one solution, you have to create it!You will know from the very beginning if you will have the funds to buy your web traffic. This is usually decided during your planning process of making money online with your website. If you designed a website without planning the process, you'll have more problems than just getting web traffic to your site. The designing process is very important, especially if your website is going to need free web traffic from the search engines. Your website must be optimized for success, using proper keywords, titles, and links. This is referred to as search engine optimization or SEO. This will be very important because if it is done correctly, your website will rank high in the search engines giving you massive amounts of free web traffic.Now, that you have an optimized website, you'll be ready to generate additional free web traffic to your website. Let's begin with free traffic generating methods.There are a few methods that can be utilized with this technique. They are;Article marketing Video Marketing Viral Marketing Social Media Marketing Blogging Free classified adsArticle marketing is the method utilized to generate free web traffic by submitting articles to article directories. This technique is powerful for two reasons. One, your article will have a link attached giving you free web traffic when the reader clicks on your link. Two, these additional links on the internet can help with your websites' ranking in the search engines. The more incoming links you have the better your website will get ranked, giving you additional free web traffic.Video marketing is a method of creating videos for advertising your website. You must have a link attached to this video to make this strategy work. The better the videos you create, the more web traffic you will receive. This method is like article marketing; however, you are using videos to deliver the same message. Many website promoters write an article and then make a video on the same article, doubling your work and getting twice as many leads on the same topic.Viral marketing is another great technique used to generate free web traffic. Viral marketing is usually in the form of free ebooks, written and given away to not only deliver a message but to generate free web traffic through links and banners within the ebook. If someone is giving you a free ebook, you can rest assure it's to promote their web business or a product. Articles and videos can also be viral. You should use any viral method you can to promote you website.Social media marketing has become huge over the last couple of years. This technique is used to draw in customers on a friendly concept, but the sole purpose of this marketing is to grab additional leads for your web business or website. You have to be careful with this technique because a lot of social networks do not allow you to advertise your business on these networks. If you can be creative and careful, you will be able to grab many leads using this method.Bogging and forum marketing is another great way of getting your website recognized. If you can write on blogs daily, you can get a lot of free traffic. This technique ca[...]

Web Traffic - Web 2-0 Has Made It Much Easier To Direct It To Your Website


You've possibly heard the saying that without web traffic you're nobody online! Unfortunately that saying is true, because online traffic is a euphemism (translates) for visitors. Without visitors to your site you're never going to make the sale. It is clearly illustrated by this scenario; you may have the world's best invention or product that could literally turn the world upside down overnight but if nobody knows about it, nobody cares about it! Business folklore is peppered with tales of geniuses who died penniless and in squalor (all the while sitting on a goldmine of an invention) just because they couldn't get the public interested in their product.As an online entrepreneur you are somewhat in the same dilemma, getting people to that great site of yours:In a nutshell you need web traffic or your online business is as good as dead! Here's why:Traffic = Visitors to your site or blogVisitors = Potential BuyersActive Buyers = ProfitProfit = Successful BusinessThe Various Types of TrafficThere's web traffic and then there's web traffic!Social Media Web TrafficFortunately recent changes in internet trends have made it a lot easier to get internet traffic. These changes are due to the widely adopted transition to Web 2.0 and the explosion of social media sites.Web traffic from social media sites is far easier to get than internet traffic from the search engines but the downside is that this type of traffic is not as targeted as online traffic that originates from a typed query into a search engine.So what exactly do I mean when I say that it is not as targeted?Well if you're are to consider a prospect who arrives to your website via a particular keyword query typed into one of the search engines such as Google, that particular action means that such a person is actively seeking more information concerning that topic. Such a visitor to your site is in what I consider a proactive mindset related to that keyword! In other words they are prepared to act upon information associated with that keyword.Curiosity ProspectsIn comparison a visitor arriving from your site from a social media website was most likely drawn there by incidental curiosity. What that means is that that particular visitor probably noticed an intriguing article or post title of yours, with an equally intriguing summary which linked to your site. It was curiosity that led them to your site. Such visitors are what I term Curiosity Prospects!Curiosity Prospects land on your website by accident rather than through active query-word engagement on their part. Such a visitor is less likely to purchase whatever you're selling because they didn't arrive with that mindset. This explains the strange phenomenon of link bait pieces that draw hundreds of thousands of visitors with very little conversion rates (i.e., few become buyers).The Numbers GameThe driving force powering social media websites is captivating information! Riveting articles that literally grab people's attention by the scruff of the neck! Thus getting any meaningful conversion rate from such Curiosity Prospects depends on a massive flow of traffic! The bottom line is that social media web traffic is a numbers game revolving around link bait; an art that some internet marketers have perfected to precision.There's a definite science to writing great link bait pieces, however just like any other article, success of that aspiring link bait piece hinges on the title or headline! When one thinks of social media websites the word that immediately springs to mind (or at least it should) is BUZZ!BUZZA great link bait article has to generate a lot of buzz. In order to do that, the article should:Stir controversy;Be Breaking News of significance in whatever field;Be well written;Be polarizing;Captivate or educate the reader;Be witty or funny;Be shocking (not disgusting mind you, there is a difference):Be well formatted;And lastly, the body text of the article should follow through on the premise of its[...]

Why All the Web Traffic in the World Means Zero If You Are Not Doing This


Create site, drive web traffic, get more website traffic and collect hoards of money! We affiliate and product creators know the importance of driving large numbers of website traffic to our beloved web sites. Such care and precise planning goes into each site creation. Research reveals what consumers are desperate to buy. Web Copy is written and re-written and re-written and re-written. Professional graphics are placed to give visitors immediate insight into what your website provides, and how it will solve their problem. On and off page website optimization allows spiders to crawl effortlessly throughout your site and index it immediately. Now, all you need is a little website traffic.If you have created a single website then you are painfully aware that the above is much, much easier said than done. Driving, Guiding, Enticing, Funneling, Encouraging, attracting, whatever you want to call it; getting web traffic to your site is what sustains your online business.FACT: In a recent survey, nearly 70% of all Internet Marketers listed "Website Traffic Generation" as their #1 challenge.After all, the entire point of website traffic is to have the visitor do something. This something, either an email opt-in, answers to a survey or payment for your product is never achieved if no one sees your web site. The awful truth is that regardless of how masterly designed and crafted, zero visitors always equal zero sales.Actually, the answer is simple: send people to your website! Ah, and again, if you have dared to drive website traffic you may have noticed a distasteful pattern. It doesn't matter if 10,000 people visit your site each day. You will notice very few email subscribers or product sales. But, how can this be? After all, if all we need is web traffic then what is the problem? The plot thickens once again; your website is worthless to the general public. In order to see steady product sales and eager newsletter subscribers hungry for what you offer website visitors must be interested in your web site; in other words, you must drive targeted web traffic to your site.Many marketers will admit that claiming 1,000,000 web traffic visitors adds significant fodder to their IM bragging rights. It may sound impressive, but any online marketer worth their salt knows that the number of visitors is absolutely meaningless. Seriously, if 99% of those visitors have zero interest in the "dog training" website and click away in 3 seconds, then what was the point in gaining those web traffic visitors? Sure a few sales will trickle in, but it stands to reason that obviously much effort is exerted in areas that simply do not deliver. It is targeted, converting web traffic that all Internet Marketers strive to attain.I Get It! Find People Who Need My Site and Send Them My Way, Right?Well, kind of.Sorry, I wish I could be a bit more optimistic, but this is just how it is. It takes such skill, dedication and concentration to understand and master driving targeted website traffic that the second, just as important aspect of gaining subscribers and sales, is often overlooked.What we are talking about here is not just getting web traffic, albeit targeted traffic, but maximizing your traffic. Maximizing your traffic essentially doubles your website traffic. Same traffic, but now you have double the sales. In fact, it is imperative that you maximize your web traffic; it is very often the difference between a successful online business and one that fails.Maximizing your website traffic is a strategy. Once a visitor lands on your page, what is the process in place that leads them by the hand from a casual visitor, to an interested subscriber, to finally a customer and partner in your web site's vision? If you don't have a plan in place, you site shows it. Visitors will be shooting off left and right clicking on AdSense ads or Author's bios in posted articles. Actually, there is absolutely nothing wrong with people cli[...]

Total Web Traffic Review - Is Total Web Traffic a Scam Or Real Deal?


I have just spent 2 hours exploring a new Internet-based course called "Total Web Traffic" and here is my review. This new course was created by Dave Nicholson. I don't know this guy before but he appears to be very committed to help all the members in his forum to succeed.

First, a few rants on the Total Web Traffic's sales page. When you visit the sales page, you will see some screenshots where the author claims that his website receives 60,000 page views and 20,000 unique visitors per day using his methods!

Such claims immediately turn me off! The screenshots are so lame and can be easily reproduced using Microsoft Excel. They give me an impression that a scam artist is in action.

However, what made me want to click the order button is the testimony from John Thornhill and the 60 days money back GUARANTEE. I know John and I have been in his email list for 2 years now; he never gives lousy recommendation to his subscribers.

So, what is Total Web Traffic?

As its name implies, it's a complete course on how to get traffic to your website; more accurately "multiple streams" of traffic. Meaning that the course consists of ALL kinds of traffic methods you can think of (I will elaborate on this in a moment).

But first and foremost, this course is targeted on the beginners. If you've been doing internet marketing for sometimes now, you should have been familiar with most of the traffic methods taught in the course. Everything you ever want to know about targeted traffic generation is covered in this course. So it's a very convenient place for the beginners, you don't need to look elsewhere anymore. I could only wish that I had access to such course when I got started 2 years ago.

Now, let me elaborate more on the contents covered in the Total Web Traffic's course.

When you first log into the member area, you'll see all the training materials structured nicely on the left hand side; both written and video tutorials. The right side is used to explain the written materials in more details.

Since I'm already familiar with web traffic, I skip the introduction part. The second part is the website traffic videos. This is a very complete video tutorials covering traffic methods such as SEO, PPC, social networking, social bookmarking, wordpress traffic, video traffic, ezine traffic, banner advertising, and how to use Aweber list to follow up and make sales.

The 3rd part of the course is titled "Top Traffic Methods" which covers in great depth 21 top traffic modules. This part of the course basically expands in greater details from the video tutorials. It explains how each method works and shows you exactly where to turn on the tap and flood your websites with traffic.

Next is the Traffic Quick Tips, which essentially is like a glossary of web traffic generation. A very good way for references and to refresh what you have learnt from the course.

And then the downloads area. This is where you can download a sample of highly optimized website, squeeze pages and thank you pages. These samples are very useful, especially for the beginners, as seeing the real things are often more believing.

The last parts are some interviews with some traffic experts that you can download and listen.


Web Traffic Increase - How to Increase Web Traffic


Web traffic is the lifeblood of any Internet website business, and increasing that Web traffic is one of the most important things that you can do on a daily basis in your Web site business. Increasing Web traffic can be easier or more difficult depending on how easy or difficult you make it. I feel compelled to mention about increasing Web traffic is that guaranteed Web traffic generally does not work. When you first get started online, you may be pounded with various offers for guaranteed Web traffic; unfortunately, guaranteed Web traffic is practically a scam. The problem with guaranteed Web traffic is that no matter where it comes from the visitor is not expecting to land on your website and in most cases anything like it.

So what can you legitimately do to increase Web traffic, actually increase quality Web traffic to your website?

There are a number of different things that you can do to increase Web traffic to your website, including e-zine advertising, article marketing, pay per click advertising, joint ventures, press releases, classified advertising, in off-line advertising.

Starting with e-zine advertising, I will give you a quick rundown of each of these forms of increasing Web traffic. E-zine advertising is basically the process of purchasing advertising as a solo or a classified ad in someone else's opt in e-mail list, or e-zine, and if managed well can generate highly responsive website traffic. The downfall with e-zine advertising is that many e-zines are very unresponsive, and the only way to really find this out is to purchase advertising and test; another thing that you can do is go through the archives of the e-zine advertiser and see, if e-zine advertisers in that e-zine consistently purchase new ads from time to time, if they do that is generally a good sign, if they don't, that generally means that the ad they placed was not responsive; of course that doesn't say anything about your ad, but it can often indicate the general responsiveness of the e-zine itself.

Article marketing is the process of writing articles, including links to your own website and submitting these articles to the various online article directories. This is my favorite form of increasing website traffic, and it is currently my number one form of website traffic generation.

Pay per click advertising is basically search engine advertising, where you pay a variable amount for each click to your website, based on your position on the page and other advertisers' bid prices. This can be an effective method of increasing website traffic, however it generally takes a significant amount of testing and tweaking to make this website traffic profitable.

Joint ventures involve cross promoting your products, sales pages or squeeze pages to other Internet marketers' lists and vice versa.


To Use Or Not to Use? That is the Web Traffic Software Question


Having the availability of good web traffic software makes the process of setting up a money making venture on the internet so much simpler in a lot of aspects such as:Having a web traffic system,Ensuring that all locations possible are covered,Time saved can be used for additional tasks,Less outsourcing needed, andFaster domination of your Niche.First let us cover what is usually meant with web traffic software. Web traffic software usually means that you have some piece of software that will do your submissions for you. Submissions can be either in the form of RSS links, URL's, Articles or Videos.Each of these aspects will assist you in getting your marketing or information out to the world. In return you will get traffic to your site by people looking for more information on your subject giving you a traffic booster.Having a web traffic systemUsing web traffic software has the big bonus of systemising your procedures when distributing your information to the internet. This is due the constant requirement for specific information and the steps that will only be followed in the required sequence when using traffic software.It is not having a traffic system that usually will result in your marketing not having the desired results. It is our nature to re-invent things or the change them once we use them. It is this interference that destroys your marketing effort. Using the web traffic software will ensure that you do follow a system and do not fall into the trap of changing things when it is a tested and working traffic system.Ensuring that all locations possible are covered,Having some web traffic software at your disposal will mean that a specific number of locations are being used to post or publish your marketing. This could be a list that has locations that you have not even heard of yet meaning you will have a wider distribution compared to you using your own knowledge. More distribution means more web traffic. This means you have your own traffic booster working for you. More traffic means more customers and more customers mean more sales.You need to keep the end desire in mind when doing anything on the internet that is web traffic related especially when you are looking at investing in some traffic software.Time saved can be used for additional tasksAs you will have a large part of your required tasks automated by the traffic software you will have additional time available to you that you never had in the past. This time can be used for creating additional sites or mini businesses that you never had time for in the past.You must remember that anything can be acquired for a cost except your time can not be reimbursed. Once you use it it is gone. It is for this reason that anything that can save you time is something that has to be evaluated and integrated if it will be an advantage.Less outsourcing neededWith the availability of web traffic software you also need less outsourcing. This is the case because a lot of web traffic software can be set up once and let go on the task with the knowledge that it will be completed in a timely fashion.If you can get a computer to do the same task as you have had to give to your outsourcing team, in the past, why not use the web software and let it do its thing whilst you do something else.Faster domination of your NicheWith getting your marketing out in your niche faster and to more locations you will start to take over your niche market faster due to the saturation of your material. How good would it be if for a specific key-phrase you get the majority of search results on the first and second page. It does not have to simply be your website it can be any site that sends traffic to your sales page.For you as the web marketing person wishing to get more web traffic to your site this is a very vital aspect to consider. Not only do you reach more of the interne[...]

Web Traffic Secret - How to Acquire Massive Web Site Traffic


Web traffic is the life blood of businesses with a URL for an address. The amount of web site traffic that you get is one of the major determinants of how well (or how bad) your business online will fare. The more traffic your web site gets, the more potential customers you have; and the more potential customers you have, the more sales you can generate.

It is clear then, what you have to do if you want your online business to be successful: you have to increase web traffic to your website. Let this web traffic guide teach you a web traffic secret which, correctly done, can lead to massive web traffic for your web site.

The Secret to Acquiring Massive Web Traffic

The web traffic secret itself is deceptively simple. It goes something like this: if you want to increase web traffic, you have to make your target visitors want to come to your web site. As you have been warned, this strategy seems very simple, probably not one you'd label as "the" secret to acquiring massive web traffic. Even so, it is definitely "the" secret to getting massive traffic on your web site.

This is harder to execute than it appears on the surface. First, you need to do some market research. What would your target customers - the customers who fit your customer demographic profile - find interesting?

You really have to conduct this research. Otherwise, your efforts to post interesting content on your web site may all be wasted. You can't simply post a viral video the likes of which you see on YouTube because millions of viewers will see them. Remember that you want to attract potential clients and customers - not millions of people who would like your content but have no need or interest in your products.

After finding out what sort of content your target customers will find interesting, you must collect and gather such content. This can be composed of articles (which are great for SEO purposes) but you should also throw in some easy-to-load images (with Alt Text for SEO) and video content for variety.

After that, employ all kinds of effective yet affordable internet marketing strategies - submit your URL to search engines, submit articles to article directories, submit your site to social bookmarking sites (StumbleUpon is a great choice), write a press release for press release sites to pick up, participate in forums and leave comments in blogs then and use your URL as a signature or as part of your comment or forum post, do some internal optimization or hire an SEO professional to do it for you, do some email marketing, pay for some banner ads and PPC advertising, submit your site to free and paid online directories and, yes, do post your interesting but carefully selected videos in YouTube - then watch the web traffic pour in.


Web Traffic Evolution - Proven Strategies To Unlimited Traffic!


Discover the revolutionary strategies to instantly drive unlimited traffic to your websites by exploiting proven traffic magnets! Dominate your market instantly! Affiliates:

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Website Traffic Hitlist


New Website Traffic Generating Blueprint Provides 120 Traffic Generating Strategies including Offline Traffic Techniques Plus 3 Traffic Generating Plans.

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Traffic Siphon Get More Traffic


Get More Traffic And Make More Money Now! Learn How To Generate Massive, Targeted Traffic To Your Website Absolutely Free!"

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The Traffic Pump System


The Complete Traffic Pump System With Videos Make more money withis Great Conversion product"How to get targeted leads and massive traffic to any website in 15 minutes or less" 60% commission

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How to get indented listings for your website on Google


1. How to get indented listings for your website on Google
Wouldn't it be great if your website was listed twice in Google's top 10 results for your most important keywords? Although Google usually shows only one page from every site in the top results, it is possible to get two listings if you do the right things.
What are indented Google listings?
Indented listings on Google's search results pages can give your website additional exposure. Having an indented listing in Google's search results means that you'll have two listings for your website in the top 10 results in Google instead of one:
These indented listings are also called double listings. Google explains these listings like this:
"When Google finds multiple results from the same website, the most relevant result is listed first, with other relevant pages from that site indented below it."
It's obvious that your website will get more clicks and more visitors if it is listed twice in the top 10 results. Most webmaster don't know how to get these results. That's your chance to get a step ahead of your competition.
How to get indented listings for your keywords
To get an indented listing for one of your keywords, do the following:
You must have a web page that already has a top 10 ranking for that keyword. If you do not know how to get top 10 rankings on Google for your keywords, use this tool. Create a second web page on the same domain that links to the first web page that has the top 10 ranking. Optimize the second page for the same keyword as page one but use different content. Link from the first page to the second page with your keyword phrase in the anchor text. If possible, use a contextual link within a body of text rather than a site-wide navigational link. Get inbound links for the second page. Depending on the competition for the keyword, a few high-quality links can be enough to get the indented result.
Repeat step 1 to 4 for as many keywords as you want.
If your website has two links on Google's result page, then it will represent 20% of the organic results instead of the regular 10%.
That means that you'll get more clicks and more visitors. It would be foolish not to optimize a second page for your keywords. Start here to get top 10 Google rankings for keywords that attract buyers.
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Battle of the search engines

"I decided to check in on the major search engines to see how well each one handles the question 'who won the Kentucky derby.' My list of search engines included Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live, and [...]
The winner is Live Search from Microsoft by a nose. was definitely #2. Not only did Live Search present me with the most recent winner of the Kentucky Derby, but the additional info presented alongside the results were spot on."

New Google patent: how to judge the value of a link


Back to our newsletter archive Axandra news archive: 31 August 2010Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter. Google has been granted a new patent some days ago. The patent can give us further insight on how Google judges the influence of the links to your site on your Google rankings.In the news: Google's John Mueller talks about duplicate content and Google's terms of service, there might be another Google algorithm update and more.Table of contents: We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and that it helps you to get more out of your website. Please pass this newsletter on to your friends. Best regards, 1. New Google patent: how to judge the value of a link Google has been granted a new patent with the name "Determining quality of linked documents" some days ago. The patent might give us further insight on how Google judges the influence of a link on the search engine positions of a web page.What is the patent about?Here's the official abstract:"A ranking component ranks documents, such as web pages or web sites, to obtain a ranking score that defines a quality judgment of the document. The ranking score of a particular document is based on the ranking score of the documents which link to it and based on affiliation among the documents."According to the patent description, Google could rank the backlinks to a web page differently based on the relation of the pages to each other.For example, links from pages that have the same author might have less influence on the rankings of a web page that have no affiliation with the linked site.The patent also contains an image that illustrated how the related of web pages might be:How does Google limit the value of a link?According to the patent, Google might do the following:Google assigns a maximum value to links that come from affiliated pages.Google might assign individual values to links from independent pages.That means that three links from an affiliated website carry more value than a single link but the total value of all links from the affiliated website is limited.How can Google recognize affiliated web pages?The patent shows a number of methods that Google can use to determine the affiliation of web pages:Interlinking: websites that are more closely interlinked to each other than the average pages on the websites might be considered to be affiliated. Hostnames: web pages that have the same domain name or subdomains that are on the same domain are probably affiliated. IP addresses: if the first two or three components of the IP addresses are identical, the web pages might be affiliated. Visitors: web pages that share many visitors during the same browsing session can be considered to be affiliated.What does this mean for your website rankings?Although Google has been granted the patent this month, they filed it a few years ago. That means that the methods described in the patent probably have been in use at Google for several years.Basically, the patent confirms the previous recommendations in our newsletter and in our SEO software IBP:Try to get high quality backlinks from as many different websites as possible.Do not participate in automated linking schemes.The quality of the links is more important than the quantity of the links.If you haven't done it yet, download our SEO software tool IBP now and optimize the links to your website as well as the content of your pages. IBP's Top 10 Optimizer is based on Google's latest ranking algorithm and it tells you what is needed to get high rankings on Google with the current algorithm.Back to table of contents - Visit 2. Search engine news and articles of the week Google's John Mueller[...]

Study: does it pay to invest your time in long tail keywords?


Back to our newsletter archive Axandra news archive: 12 January 2010Welcome to latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter. How important are the long tail keywords in your search marketing campaign? Does it pay to invest your time in long tail keywords with little search volume? A new study has the answer.In the news: How many clicks should a web page be away from the home page, Googlebot crawling fictional URLs, what people search for on Google and more.Table of contents:We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and that it helps you to get more out of your website. Please pass this newsletter on to your friends.Best regards,1. Study: does it pay to invest your time in long tail keywords?Last week, the Rimm-Kaufman Group published a study about long tail keywords. Does it pay to invest your time in long tail keywords?What are long tail keywords?Long tail keywords are long and specific keyword phrases that generate little traffic and few conversions each.Long tail keywords usually consist of several words and they have a low monthly search volume.What did the study find out?Google AdWords advertisers with monthly expenses ranking from $15K to $750K per month were analyzed in the study. All of these advertisers had well managed Google AdWords accounts.Here are the key findings:The importance of long tail keywords varies. For one company, the long tail keywords generated only 8% of the sales. Another company received 83% of its sales through long tail keywords. It depends on the product. People search differently for different types of products. For one product group people might use more long tail keywords while they use fewer for another product group. The importance of long tail keywords does not depend on the paid search budget. Long tail keywords are most important for SKU-based commodity retailers. For some Google AdWords advertisers, long tail keywords are critically important. One company in the test generated more than 71% of its revenue from long tail keywords.Long tail keywords are important to all AdWords advertisers. Even the company that received only 8% of its sales through the long tail keywords made a significant amount of money with them.How can you find long tail keywords?Use IBP's keyword tool to find and create long tail keywords for paid search marketing. IBP offers a sophisticated keyword tool that gets keyword suggestions from Google, KeywordIndex and other keyword resources:IBP's keyword manager makes it very easy to create long tail keywords. Open IBP's keyword editor, select "Expand keywords", enter supplemental keywords (or choose from the supplemental keywords that IBP offers), click the "Generate keywords combinations" button and IBP does the rest.IBP offers supplemental keywords in these categories: cities and regions of 27 countries, colors, industries, occupations, synonyms for bargain, big, complete, fast, great and smart. Of course, you can also enter your own supplemental keywords.Long tail keywords are an important part in any search engine marketing campaign. IBP makes it as easy as possible to create targeted long tail keywords for your website.Back to table of contents - Visit Axandra.com2. Search engine news and articles of the week Is it okay if a web page is 6 clicks from the index page (discussion)?Google's John Mueller says:"Depending on your site's size and the business behind it, you may also want to look into the paid Google site-search solutions, which index all of your pages regardless of how they're linked (provided they're in a Sitemap file).This does not guarantee indexing in the normal web-index, but may be a solution should you just n[...]

Don't screw it up: why should other websites link to your site?


Back to our newsletter archive Axandra news archive: 10 November 2009Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter. This week, we're taking a look at websites that could link to your website. Links from related websites are very important for the position of your own site in Google's search results. Unfortunately, it's rather difficult to convince other people to link to your site. In the news: Microsoft sites capture largest share of time spent online worldwide, search engine robots tips, MSN AdCenter probably also uses a Quality Score and more.Table of contents:We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and that it helps you to get more out of your website. Please pass this newsletter on to your friends.Best regards,1. Don't screw it up: why should other websites link to your site?The links that point to your website are one of the most important factors that influence the position of your website in Google's search results. The better the links to your website, the higher the position of your website in Google's results.High rankings without good inbound links?It is possible to get high rankings with only a few links if you want to be listed for keywords that don't have much competition. As soon as more than one website competes with you for the same keywords, the website with the best inbound links will outrank the other websites.If you want to get high rankings for competitive keywords, you have to go out and encourage people to link to your website. It's not necessary to get as many links as possible. It's necessary to get better links than your competitors.Relatively easy: finding the right websites for link buildingThe Internet has plenty of websites for every category. The following websites can be good link partners:Websites that are listed for the keywords that you are targeting can be good link partners. If a website has high positions for the keywords that you are targeting and if the website is not a competitor, you should contact the owner of that website. Some websites have content that is related to your keyword. If these websites have no examples or references, they could link to your website. There can be many websites that contain a review or a comment about your company without linking to your site. These websites will often link to your website if you ask. If another website links to your website and only uses your domain name to link to your website, ask the owner of the other website to link to your website with your keyword. Blogs that deal with the topic of your websites are often willing to link to your website. If a website links to one of your competitors, it is likely that they will also link to your website if you offer a similar product or service.Easy to screw up: asking for a linkFinding websites that could link to you is the easy part. The difficult part is to convince the owners of the other websites that they should link to your site.Contact the right person and use a personal salutation. Be polite and professional in your email message. Use a non-freemail email address and include your full contact information in the email message.Focus on the benefits of the recipient (for example, that the webmaster will offer his website visitors a good resource if he links to your site and explain why).There are many things that can improve the response rate of your link request messages. Details can be found in our free SEO eBook. The eBook covers everything from finding potential link partners to optimizing response rates and it also contains a checklist that helps you to get started as quickly as possible.If you want to [...]

Website checklist for 2009: is your website ready for the new year?


Back to our newsletter archive Axandra news archive: 6 January 2009Welcome to the first issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter in 2009. This week, we're helping you to get ready for 2009. Read our 5 step checklist to find out if your website succeeds in the new year.In the news: Google's search results seem to have changed, MSN can now follow JavaScript links, Google has updated its toolbar PageRank numbers and more.Table of contents:We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and that it helps you to get more out of your website. Please pass this newsletter on to your friends.Best regards,1. Website checklist for 2009: is your website ready for the new year?The new year 2009 might be a tough year for many businesses but if you do it correctly, it can be a very successful year for you.Before you start with new things, you should make sure that your current website is up-to-date. The following checklist will help you:Step 1: Check your company informationDoes your about page draw a current picture of your company? If you have a staff listing on your website, is it up-to-date?Check these pages as well as the copyright notice and the privacy police of your website to make sure that your web pages don't look outdated.Step 2: Check your contact informationDoes your website list your current phone and fax numbers? Are the mailing and email addresses listed on your website correct? You'll lose customers if your contact information is outdated.You should also check the email addresses that you use on your website. Are,,, etc. redirected to the correct recipient? Send test email messages to all addresses that are listed on your website.Many businesses have so strong spam filters that many legit customer email messages don't reach them.If you have contact forms on your website, make sure that they work and that they are easy to use. If someone doesn't enter a correct email address in your contact form, does the error message make sense?Step 3: Check your auto-respondersDo you send automated confirmation messages when someone sends you an email message? Does your shopping cart send email messages after an order?Check the text of your automated messages to make sure that it says what you want to say and that is contains current information.Step 4: Check the links on your websiteThe older your website is and the more pages your website has, the more likely it is that it contains some broken links. For that reason, you should regularly check the links on your website.You can find a free link checker in the free demo of IBP. Download the free IBP demo version and select the link checker under IBP > Tools > Broken Link Checker.Step 5: Check if your web pages are ready for GoogleIf you want to get high rankings on Google, you must make sure that it's easy for Google to parse your web pages. Can Google easily find all of your web pages? Do you target the right keywords on your web pages? Are all elements of your web pages optimized for Google? You can check this with IBP's Top 10 Optimizer.The economic times are tough but it also depends on you whether 2009 will be a successful year for your website or not. If you do the right things, chances are that your website will help you to get more customers this year.Back to table of contents - Visit Axandra.com2. Search engine news and articles of the weekGoogle's search results have changedWebmasters in several online forums noticed changes in Google's result pages. Many websites now have fewer Sitelinks in Google's search results. Websites that disab[...]

The winner takes it all: how to survive three rounds to get the sale


1. The winner takes it all: how to survive three rounds to get the saleOne of the main problems in Internet marketing is that it is often a "the winner takes it all" game. That means that the best website will get the deal and all other websites will get nothing, no matter how good they are.Suppose someone wants to buy a green widget. He searches Google, takes a look at the top 10 results and then decides to buy something on one of the sites. That means that one site gets the sale and the other sites get nothing.You can dramatically increase your sales by being just slightly betterThe above has an important implication: you just have to be slightly better than your competitors to get many more sales.If you make the change from being one of the discarded sites to the site that is chosen by the searcher then your sales will increase dramatically. You'll make the change from getting nothing to getting everything.Three rounds: how to be better than your competitorsYour website has to survive three rounds in the fight for the customer:1. Choose the right keywords to survive the first roundBeing better than your competitors starts with choosing the right keywords. If you target keywords that aren't used by the people who want to buy then you might get a lot of visitors but no sales.Your web pages should be optimized for keywords that attract people who are looking for the products and services that you sell on your website and who are ready to buy. IBP's keyword tool can help you to find the best keywords for your website. Further information on different keyword types can be found in the IBP manual (PDF).2. You must be in the top 10 results to survive the second roundWhile it is important to target the right keywords, your website must also be found on the first result page of Google, Yahoo and Bing to attract customers.Most people only take a look at the top 10 results on the first result page. If your website cannot be found on the first result page for your keywords then potential customers won't find your website.Use IBP's Top 10 Optimizer to optimize your website so that it will be listed on Google's first result page for your keywords. This is crucial if you want to get the sale.3. Your website must be convincingIt's not enough to be listed on the first search engine result page. Your website must also be convincing. It should give the customer what he is looking for, it should have a professional design and it should make it as easy as possible to buy.That is why it is so important to work on improving the conversion rate of your web pages. By improving your conversion rate, you can generate more money "out of thin air" from your existing rankings.A trustworthy and professional website with a good conversion rate also has positive side-effects. Your customers probably will stay longer with your company and people are more likely to link to your website.The winner takes it allIt takes some time to optimize your web pages, but it is worth the effort. Even small changes can have a huge impact on the number of sales that you get. Make the change from being one of the discarded sites to the site that gets the sale and your sales will go through the roof.Remember that your competitors are also working on their websites. Even if you are better than your competitors you have to continue with the optimization to stay ahead.Back to table of contents - Visit Axandra.com2. Search engine news and articles of the can Microsoft's Bing, or anyone, seriously challenge Google?"Privately, Googlers will tell you tha[...]

Patent analysis: how search engines treat inbound links


Back to our newsletter archive Axandra news archive: 22 July 2008Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter. This week, we're taking a look at the new ranking patent that has been granted to Yahoo. This patent can help you to better understand how to get higher rankings on Yahoo and Google. In the news: Google has over 75% of the US ad market, the Google toolbar does not help you to get indexed, information about web spam and more.Table of contents:We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and that it helps you to get more out of your website. Please pass this newsletter on to your friends.Best regards,1. Patent analysis: how search engines deal with inbound linksThis month, Yahoo was granted a patent that describes how link texts may be used to increase the relevancy ranking of a web page. Although the patent was filed in 2002, it provides interesting details about how search engines can use link texts.Why are link texts important?All major search engines pay close attention to the text that is used in links pointing to web pages. A web page might be considered more relevant to a search term if the search term not only appears on the web page but is also used in the text of the link that points to the page.Web pages can even get high rankings for a search term if they don't contain that search term. It's enough that many websites link to the page with the search term in the link text. This has been demonstrated with several Google bombs.How do search engines treat link texts?While it is clear that link texts are very important for search engines, it's not clear how much weight search engines assign to a link text when they index a page. Are some link texts more important than others?The patent indicates that link texts are broken into parts, called tokens:Once an anchortext phrase is identified, it is converted into a set of tokens. For example, page 306 contains the phrase "best Louis Armstrong site" pointing to page 200. The tokenization produces the following tokens:"Best Louis Armstrong site""Louis Armstrong""Louis""Armstrong""Best""Best Louis""Best Armstrong""Best site"The search engine algorithm calculates a weight for each of these tokens. If the weight exceeds a threshold, the linked web page may be indexed under that token.How do search engines calculate the weight?Search engines consider how often each word or word sequence can be found in link texts pointing to a particular page and how often the token appears in the index.Search engines might assign the greatest importance to words that appear the least frequently in the search index. The reason for that is that those words are often more specifically related to the searched topic.In addition, a token that appears very often in link texts that point to a special web page could be given higher weight. Tokens that appear very frequently in the search index ("site" or "best") might be discounted because they are not relevant to the special topic.What does this mean to your website?All major search engines use this method to rank web pages. If you want to get high rankings on search engines, you must make sure that your web site has good inbound links with the right link texts.Optimized web pages are important to tell search engines that your website is relevant to your keywords. Good inbound links with the right link texts will enforce the relevancy of your pages for your keywords.What you have to do to get high rankings on Yahoo and GoogleOptimize your web pages for your keywords. While it is possible t[...]

First aid: how to recover lost rankings on Google


Back to our newsletter archive Axandra news archive: 28 September 2010Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter. That's one of the worst things that can happen to a webmaster: your website has lost its rankings on Google. This article will help you to get back your old search engine rankings.In the news: Google's new keyword tool is out of beta, information about the impact of Google Insight based on statistics, there might have been a Google ranking algorithm and more.Table of contents: We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and that it helps you to get more out of your website. Please pass this newsletter on to your friends. Best regards, 1. First aid: how to recover lost rankings on Google It's one of the worst things that can happen to a webmaster: your website has lost its rankings on Google. Ranking drops can cost your business a lot of money. This article will help you to recover your lost rankings on Google.Possibility 1: Your website has been penalized by GoogleTo check if your website has been penalized by Google, search for "" (replace with your own domain name) on Google.If Google does not display any pages of your website, then your site has been penalized.Google only penalizes websites that use spammy search engine optimization methods. For that reason, you have to remove all issues that might have caused the problem:1. Remove all on-page spam:Remove hidden or nearly-hidden text on your web pages. Reconsider any use of display:none and visibility:hidden that you use in the CSS code of your website. Check your web page titles, the meta tags and even the HTML comments on your web pages and remove any elements that might be interpreted as a keyword stuffing attempt. Remove any unnecessary redirects, links to dubious websites and all duplicate pages from your website. If you use cloaking or bot blocking scripts on your server, disable these scripts. Many bot blocking scripts keep legitimate search engine spiders away. Make sure that your HTML code is clean and that your web pages look nice. Don't use any automatically created doorway pages.2. Fix all off-site issues:Off-site issues are often the reason for ranking penalties and they are more difficult to fix than on-page issues.If you participated in automated link exchange systems or if you paid a cheap overseas link building service to get links to your website then it's likely that these links have been flagged as spam links by Google. Google does not like automated link systems at all. Remove all automated link systems from your website and try to make sure that these linking systems do not link anymore to your site.If you purchased links to improve your rankings, try to get rid of these links. Paid links do work to some extend but they can get your website in trouble when Google finds out that you use paid links.3. File a reinclusion requestWhen you are sure that all spam elements have been removed, you can file a reinclusion request.Keep your reinclusion request short and to the point. Be friendly and explain what you have done to clean up your website. Possibility 2: This is a change in the ranking algorithmA ranking drop does not necessarily mean that your website has been penalized. 1. You redesigned your website or your website is relatively newGoogle also temporarily downranks websites after a major design change (source). In that case, you don't have to worry about the ranking drop because Google will give you your old rankings[...]

How to convince webmasters that they should link to your site


1. How to convince webmasters that they should link to your site
Suppose that you have a great website with great content. Your web pages are perfectly optimized for visitors and search engines and you have found many related websites that could link to your site.
How do you convince these websites that they should link to your website? Here are five tips that will help you to convince other webmasters.
1. Offer something in return
The easiest thing that you could offer is a link in return. However, not all webmasters want to exchange links.
There are many things that you could offer in exchange for a link. This could be a discount for your products, an ad on your website or even a simple hint.
If you find a broken link on a website, inform the webmaster about the link. Tell him that your own website might be a good replacement for the broken link (if it is).
2. Ask your current link partners
If another website already links to you then they might add another link to a different page on your website.
Getting a second link from existing link partners is much easier than getting new links because you don't have to explain yourself anymore. The other webmaster already knows you and your site.
3. Make friends with people from your industry
Networking can help you to get links to your website. This works best with blogs that are related to your website.
Contact the blog owners and compliment on their sites. Do not ask for a link in your first contact. When you've a good relationship with the blog owner, you might inform him about a new product or a new article that you've written.
Chances are that you'll get a link from the blog then. These links from related blogs have a great impact on the position of your website in Google's search results. IBP can help you to find blogs that are related to your website.
4. Show that other webmasters already linked to your website
It's easier for people to do something if they see that other people have done the same thing before. If many other websites link to your website, you could mention this in your link request.
If a well known website mentioned your site, that's even better: "As you might have seen on, we've published a new product. This might be interesting to the visitors of your website."
5. Offer something that other people don't have
This is the easiest way to get links. If you have a report with ground-breaking new information or something other that's very interesting and only available on your website then it will be very easy to get links to the page that contains that information.
Getting links from other websites isn't difficult if you know how to do it. Further information about link building can be found in our free SEO book. The book explains everything you need to know to get links from related websites, Internet directories and other sources.(image)

How do synonyms in Google results affect your rankings?


1. How do synonyms in Google results affect your rankings?Google has announced a major change in the way that they handle search results by including synonyms for some words that may be used in queries. How does this affect the position of your web pages in Google's search results?Why is it important that Google can deal with synonyms?Google aims to display the best results for your search. For that reason, it is important that Google's algorithm understands the words that are used in the search query. An important part of understanding the words is to understand synonyms.Synonyms are words that can mean the same thing, for example "pictures" and "photos". People searching for "sunset pictures" are probably also interested in web pages that contain the words "sunset photos".A problem is that words that can have different meanings. For example, the word "case" can mean "occurrence", "instance" or "example". It can also mean "box" or "container".The word "guitar box" might be a synonym for "guitar case" but "O.J. Simpson box" is not a synonym for "O.J. Simpson case". Google's measurements show that synonyms affect 70 percent of user searches across the more than 100 languages Google supports.What has changed?According to the posting in Google's official blog, Google has improved the way that they detect synonyms. For example, the algorithm can now find 20 possible meanings of the search term "GM".GM can mean General Motors, George Mason in [gm university], gamemaster in [gm screen star wars], Gangadhar Meher in [gm college], general manager in [nba gm] and even gunners mate in [navy gm], etc.Google also made a change to how the synonyms are displayed. The searched words and the synonyms are now displayed in bold in the search results. Web pages that contain only synonyms of the searched word can also be displayed in the search results.Do you have to change your web pages?If you optimized your website as explained in previous issues of our newsletter and as explained in the IBP manual then you don't have to change anything. Here's a reminder:1. Think out of the box.Don't just use the technical terms that you use in your company. Think about the words that other people would use to describe your product. For example, don't just use "rhinoplasty" but also "nose job" and "nose surgery".IBP's keyword research tool will help you to find the best keywords for your website.2. Optimize different pages of your website for different keywords. The more pages you optimize, the better. It is much better if one web page is highly relevant to one keyphrase than somewhat relevant to many keyphrases.Don't stuff a single page with keywords. The keywords should fit naturally in your web page content. Use IBP's Top 10 Optimizer to find out where on your web pages you should use your keywords.Different people use different words to find the same things. Use different ways to talk about your website topic and optimize as many pages as possible of your website.Back to table of contents - Visit Axandra.com2. Search engine news and articles of the weekGlobal search market grew 46 percent in 2009"The total worldwide search market boasted more than 131 billion searches conducted by people age 15 or older from home and work locations in December 2009, representing a 46-percent increase in the past year. This number represents more than 4 billion searches per day, 175 million per hour, and 29 million per minute. The U.S. represented th[...]

Four reasons why Google might not use the anchor text in the links to your website


1. Four reasons why Google might not use the anchor text in the links to your website
The text that is used in the links that point to your website has a major effect on the position of your website in Google's search results.
For example, if many people use the text "buy blue widgets" to link to your website, then it is very likely that the linked web page will get high rankings for the keyphrase "buy blue widgets" in Google's search results.
The link text (also called anchor text) is the text that is used in text links. Example:
this is the link text
Unfortunately, not all anchor texts will be used by Google. Check the following things to make sure that the links to your website pass the correct anchor tag:
1. The nofollow attribute
This is a no-brainer. Links to your website that use the rel="nofollow" attribute don't pass the link text to Google. Example:
great keyword
You can use IBP to find out if the websites that link to you use the nofollow attribute: start IBP, click the "Links" button and click "Check links".
2. Invalid characters in the URL
If an URL contains invalid extra characters then chances are that search engines won't be able to index the link correctly. Example:
great keyword
In this example, there's a space at the end of the URL. Some webmasters found out that anchor text is not passed to Google if the link contains an extra space character.
Note that most browsers are able to correct this link and they will display the web page correctly. Unfortunately, search engine spiders seem to have more difficulty with malformed links (or they take them as a signal of low quality).
3. The links use 301 redirects
Google's Matt Cutts recently confirmed that Google won't consider all anchor texts that are used in 301 redirected links. Example:
great keyword
The web server redirects "" to "" with a 301 redirect. In that case, it's likely that Google won't use the link text.
4. The first link passes the link text
If a page links twice to the same page then Google will use the first link text and discard the other link texts. Example:
This is an example. The link text great keyword will be ignored by Google.
The first and the second link go to the same URL. In this example, Google will use the link text of the first link, which is "This". The link text of the second link will be ignored by Google.
If the second link points to another page of the linked website, then both link texts will be used by Google:
This is an example. The link text great keyword will be ignored by Google.