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Preview: Natural Foot Detoxification from Japan

Natural Foot Detoxification from Japan

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What is Foot Detox?


This article is going to be about the theory behind foot detox. The basic premise behind it is that the toxins are extracted through the bottom of the foot. Detoxifying in this way relies only on passivity in the patient, there are two main methods on the market. One method is the detox foot patch which is like a large sticky plaster that you apply to the bottom of your foot just before you go to sleep at night. In the morning when you wake up the detox foot patch will have partially detoxified your body as you have slept.

The second method is the foot detox spa. The principle here is exactly the same of extracting the toxins from the feet. Small electrodes are fitted to the base of the unit. You place warm water inside the unit and put your feet in. Then you relax. This electrodes unit will then release positive ions into the water. The negative toxins are extracted from the soles of your feet by the positive ions in the water.

The proof that the methods actually working is provided by you vividly. This is in the form of discoloration. There will be major changes in the color of both the used water from the detox foot bath and the foot detox patch that has been removed from the sole of the foot in the morning.

Those skeptics who believe that the product is a con, say that the discoloration is caused by an ingredient in the detox foot patch and has a built-in element of the foot bath. Advocates of the detox foot patch and baths depart from this view.

Although there is always going to be skepticism about alternative medicines, there is a particularly fierce opposition to these methods of foot detox. Both sides of the argument have undertaken to scientifically test the theories of foot detox. They have also scientifically tested both of the products outlined above. The supporters and the opponents each have their own particular results. Not surprisingly both sides have differing opinions. If you want to know decidedly if these products work, why not give them a try.


Heavy Metal Detox


Many times your body needs a heavy metal detox and you have no idea why. Where does your body get heavy metal absorptions from? Metal toxicity is all around us in our everyday activities. But yet we have no idea of this abundance of toxic metal in our environment. And least of all that these medals are finding a way to enter into our bodies. Such toxic metals as cadmium, aluminum, mercury, lead and nickel.

If you have fillings in your mouth you are susceptible to metal poisons that may be traveling through your body. Mercury vapor from fillings travels through the body and sometimes accumulate in the brain, the gastrointestinal tract and the kidneys.

How many times have you had a headache and you cannot pinpoint the cause? Do you have brittle nails and have tried every thing but could not change them? You may even have dry skin that you cannot seem to keep moisturized for any length of time. The residuals from heavy metals in the system may cause fatigue, memory loss, anxiety, depression, kidney disease, headaches and heart problems. You may see a great number of side effects from having such toxins in the body.

Is it no wonder that the body needs a heavy metal detox? You will find detoxification one of your greatest assets in maintaining good health. Such a procedure needs to be scheduled on a regular basis. You may determine what kind of detox you need by what kind of lifestyle you live.

Yes a heavy metal detox is necessary if you have foreign materials in your mouth and other parts of your body. Let's look at Mercury. Mercury can stop food nutrients from being used properly, instead it interferes with proper nutrition and it also interferes with the elimination of waste. High levels of mercury have been found in persons with multiple sclerosis and other auto immune diseases. Some have reported spontaneous abortions caused by mercury into the body. We are certain to learn more about metal toxins in the body as more research is done using the advanced technology, which is available today.

A well-researched heavy metal detox will rid the body of these medals without losing valuable nutrients during the process. Metal toxins will keep the body from eliminating those poisons that would normally be eliminated in a healthy body. If you have problems healing sometimes these metal toxins may be interfering with the healing process. You no doubt have heard on the news about bodies of water such as lakes and streams that have dead fish in them.

When the tests are complete more than likely too many toxins such as Mercury and lead were found to be the culprit. For several years asbesto in buildings have been the focus for your individual safety. In addition the paint industry had to undergo some changes because of lead found in the paint. It was through research that these metal toxins were found to be harmful to the body. Today it has been an accepted practice and a necessary practice to have a heavy metal detox. It is crucial for you to watch your health style and your daily nutrition. Detoxification is only a part of being a healthy you.

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Herbal Detox


Many people from years past gave themselves an herbal detox in the spring time of the year. It was a tradition and a custom in many communities across the country. As we know by now a body needs to be cleansed on the inside just as well as the outside. Except for smell and looks, an inside cleansing of the body may be a slight more important.

Getting the body cleansed on the inside dictates how you feel and how much you accomplish during the day. If you have a healthy body you are much more apt to reach your goals and objectives each day. However, if your body is not functioning properly you can easily find yourself in a state of depression and you don't know why.

Some times it is as simple as taking an herbal detox to make yourself feel good again and to put you in a better disposition. It seems that once you have been cleansed on the inside, your whole demeanor changes. Some believe that taking herbs to clean the body on the inside is the best approach. Your body was designed to utilize natural products and will be better able to eliminate them.

On the other hand many drugs and chemical products that we take are hard to on the body. There are different herbs recommended to clean different parts of the body. Among the herbs used to detox are red beet, liverwort, birch leaves, chamomile, sage, parsley, uva ursi, ginger, goldenseal and the list goes on and on. According to folk medicine it is better to use herbs to cleanse the body because herbs are made naturally.

Today we know that detoxification comes in many forms. When we think of cleansing the body we are referring to cleansing the bowels, kidneys, lungs, the liver and the blood. Nevertheless, each herb is different so far as their usefulness in cleaning certain areas of the body. In other words there is no "one herb does it all" kind of treatment.

Therefore, if you are looking for an herb to clean a certain area of your body read the information you may find on the package to see if it will clean the area you have in mind. When you revitalize your body by what ever means you choose you are making an effort to return your body to normalcy.

Certain conditions you may have such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol may negate for you the use of certain herbs. Therefore, before you do an herbal detox make sure you know something about the herb or herbs you intend to use. Some of these herbs may raise your blood sugar and on the other hand some of these herbs are capable of raising your high blood pressure. Each one of these herbs has its intended purpose and must be used in accordance. Many people especially those who live in rural areas believe that the use of herbs is the only way to detox.

An herbal detox done periodically may be of immense value to your health. A one time cleansing will not last for forever so you will need to stay on top of things if you want to keep your system clean.

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Liver Detox


A liver detox is best done under the supervision of a professional. The "do it your self" approach may not be the best thing for your situation. How do you know you need that kind of a liver cleanse? Is it a hunch? Is it your feelings? Or did you read something about a liver detox and decided that you need one?

Sometimes when you decide things about your health without some kind of documented proof you do more harm than good. There are so many variables to factor in when you are dealing with health. The liver is one of our most important organs. A proper functioning liver in your body helps to provide you with the good health that we all love and cherish. We all too often take good health for granted. This organ just as any other organ in the body is susceptible to poisons that in infiltrate the body on a daily basis.

Amid rising concerns about the environment and the pollutants found just about everywhere we go, the liver is not exempt from toxins. In fact pollutants are no respecter of people and places therefore, you are held accountable for looking after your own health. What you will find is that your lifestyle dictates more than any other factor what kind of health you will enjoy and maintain.Following a liver detox diet or taking liver cleanse supplements should be considered carefully before emabrking.

If you are always in a hurry you are prone to take the fast food lane and fill your body with all kinds of chemicals and unknowns that the liver can not help you to eliminate. You must know your condition so that you will know what you can and cannot eat and why. Research has shown you that certain foods are harmful to the body. Even more so research has shown you that food must be prepared in a healthy way for the body to properly digest and eliminate it.

(image) In order to help keep the liver functioning properly you need to have a liver detox every so often. Be reminded that the liver is the largest glandular organ of the body. The liver produces substances that break down fat, converts glucose to glycogen, make certain amino acids and serves as a filter for harmful substances from the blood.

A healthy liver will assure you of the proper elimination of certain toxins that maybe stored in the liver. Let your medical professional recommend to you a procedure that will blend in to your condition and needs. There are any number of reasons why you should use a professional to help you to carry out this cleansing. The main reason for taking precaution when having a liver detox is that you want to be assured of a safe and thorough outcome.

A liver detox may make you feel like a brand-new you. Taking charge of your health will pay you handsomely when you have eliminated as many toxins from the body as possible. After all the liver is a sensitive organ and a very important organ which you sure don't want to damage. Drinking plenty of water daily is one way of helping to keep impurities and other undesirables out of the body, and is a very effective liver cleanse process. Several years and a few visits to your doctor's office later you will be glad you did take the necessary precautions for a healthy you.

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Information on Detox Foot Pads


Detox foot patches or foot pads are a method of detoxification that originated from Japan. Detoxification is necessary to eliminate disease-causing toxins from the body and with the use of pads, you can achieve this procedure conveniently with the least effort possible. So that you can be certain of the effectiveness of these detox foot pads and the benefits you can obtain from it, best to know all the information you can about it.

Toxins are something you can't avoid from entering your body, which is why to stay healthy, you need to detoxify. Toxins are all around us and enter the body because of unhealthy eating habits, an unhealthy lifestyle, and the air we breathe. Leaving the toxins in your system may weaken your immune system, cause illnesses, and even affect your sleep.

How these pads function is with the use of reflexology that uses points on the feet to target other parts of the body. Detox pads flush out the toxins from the body with the use of this method and are believed to be taken out from the feet are once it is applied. However, these pads may also be used in other problem areas in the body where pain is experienced, as it will work in eliminating the pain.

Detox pads are similar looking to tea bags that contain various herbs and minerals such as wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, vitamin C, fennel, licorice, and tourmaline. These ingredients all work together in detoxification and ensuring that toxins are eliminated from the body. Certainly every detox pad is different depending on the brand you obtain so always check its components prior to making a purchase.

These foot patches have to be attached to the bottom of the feet for about 6 to 8 hours and worn for at least 2 weeks. Although you can wear it during the day, it is recommended to be worn as you sleep so that you can easily remove them the following morning. The darker the patches are, the more toxins you have in your system and as you continue use, you will notice the color in the patches turning lighter which means that the toxins are being eliminated.

There is no doubt that detox foot pads are the most convenient way to cleanse and really won't take too much trouble. But before using anything, it is always good to know all the details you can about it. The good thing is that not only are these pads easy to use, but safe as well.


Get Rid of Aches and Pains With a Detox Foot Pad


Toxins are everywhere around us and no matter what we do, we can't avoid it from entering our body. The thing is, these toxins are poisonous to our system as it causes sickness and pains around the body which is why it is necessary to get rid of them. The only way to eliminate toxins from the body is through detoxification and the good news is that this can be achieved easily with simply a use of a detox foot pad which is a convenient, comfortable way to cleanse.

Aches and pains in the body are caused by an accumulation of toxins in your system. If you are feeling weak and have low energy, these are due to toxins as well. Don't be too quick to think that you don't have toxins in your body because if you aren't feeling your best, then most likely you need to cleanse as well. Toxins bring nothing but bad news, which is why it is necessary to eliminate it.

Whether you are feeling weak or not, there is no harm in detoxifying your body because a detoxification will bring nothing but good things for your health. With a detox foot pad, you merely need to put it on your feet right before bedtime and as you are sleeping, toxins are absorbed so it is eliminated from the body. You will feel a lot better, your blood circulation is improved, and your quality of sleep is much better with using these pads.

If you have a particular pain in any part of your body, you can relieve it with the use of a detox foot pad as well. Although these pads were made for the feet, you can use them for any other body part. So whenever you are feeling aches in your legs, arms, or joints, simply apply a patch to it and it will feel a lot better. These pads work in all areas of the body so when a specific part is in pain, you can make use of them as well and be able to eliminate that pain.
You can conveniently remove pains, aches, and stay healthy as well with just using these detox pads. It is a great way to keep toxins away without too much effort and taking time off from your busy schedule. The best part is since the components are all natural and herbal, it is definitely safe to use.
To get rid of aches, pains, and toxins from your body, all you need is a detox foot pad. The best part is that it is affordable as well so you shouldn't have any difficulty obtaining it.(image)

Detox Foot Pads - What You Should Know


A popular and convenient way to cleanse these days is with the use of detox foot pads. These pads are believed to remove toxins from the body without any dangerous side effects. Since it is so easy to use, there are so many who use these pads as they feel it is a great, simple way to stay healthy.

How these pads work is by simply attaching them to the bottom of your feet. Best to attach it right before bedtime since you need to keep it on for several hours. When you wake up the next morning, you will notice that the pads have turned a dark color, which are supposed to be the toxins removed. The longer you use them, the lighter the shade will turn which is a sign that the toxins are gone from your system. Basically, using these pads is great for overall health as your risk of disease is reduced.

The purpose of these detox pads is to detoxify the body the gentlest way possible. Aside from attaching the pads to the soles of your feet, when you have pains in certain parts of the body, simply apply the pad and the pains are meant to disappear. The pads are supposed to eliminate the toxins in your body keeping you free of ailments, pains, and aches.

These detox foot pads don't have to be worn everyday. It is recommended that they be worn every night for at least a week and can be repeated when you feel detoxification is necessary. To maintain a toxin free body, perhaps doing this routine once a month is a good idea. Depending on how much toxins are in your system, you can wear the pads a week to two weeks at a time.

You don't have to worry about side effects when using these pads because there are none. However, you need to look carefully at the ingredients used in these pads to ensure that you aren't allergic to any of them. Most of the ingredients are herbs so check with your doctor if you won't have any problems using these pads.

Before using anything, it is always good to know all the information about it.(image)

Detox Foot Pad - A Way to Great Health


Staying healthy is a top concern for many of us. With busy schedules, a lot may have been neglecting their health, which is not a good thing at all. Health is very important in all our lives because poor health could be the end of us, which is why there is no harm in doing some research to find out what you can do to stay in top shape. A convenient and quick way to great health is with the use of a detox foot pad which doesn't take up much effort at all.

You must have heard that regular cleansing is a great way to eliminate toxins in the body. Toxins are one of the main causes for disease that builds up everyday, which is why it has to be taken out of the system. When your body is filled with toxins, you will feel weak and are susceptible to sickness. To stay healthy and keep energized, you need to get rid of these wastes, which can be done conveniently with using a detox foot pad.
You may be wondering what exactly these foot pads are. Well, they are patches that consist of all natural ingredients that use Chinese foot reflexology and acupuncture methods to cure any pains in the body with pressure points in the feet. With targeting the pressure points in the feet, it is able to reach all parts of the body and absorbs the toxins that have compiled through the harmful things surrounding us.

To keep healthy with the use of these pads, all you need to do is to attach it to the soles of your feet for several hours at a time. You can choose to use it during the day or night, but for your convenience, it is best to place it right before bed time so when you wake up the next morning, it is ready to be removed where you will notice the pad has turned to a dark color.

When there is a high amount of toxins in the body, the darker the color of the pads when it is removed. However with continuous use, the color of the pads will lighten each day, which is an indication that the toxins in the body are diminishing. This can take a week to two weeks depending on how much toxins have compiled in your system.

Even with your busy schedule you can find ways to cleanse and stay in great health simply with a use of a detox foot pad. Now you certainly don't have any reason not to stay healthy.


Detox Foot Pad - A Hoax?


Many find it hard to believe that detoxification can be achieved with simply a detox foot pad, which makes a lot of people wonder, is it a hoax? These pads are meant to be attached on the soles of the feet prior to bedtime and is said to remove toxins out of the body during this time. As the pads are used longer, the stains, which starts out dark, becomes lighter proving that indeed toxins are being eliminated.

These pads follow old Japanese medicinal methods such as reflexology, which believes that with applying certain pressure points on the feet, you are able to heal other parts of the body, as each point is linked to other parts. Ingredients in these pads, which are normally used for alternative medicine, are tourmaline, wood vinegar, and bamboo vinegar, which work together into eliminating toxins in the body.

It is just rightfully so that many doubt the effectiveness of these pads especially since there are no medical studies that show if toxins are really eliminated from the system with use. If you are interested in using these pads and want to know if they actually do work or not in keeping you toxin free, your best bet is to do a blood test before using it and then another test 30 days after.

What we do know is that many who use a detox foot pad have said that they do work as it has helped them with eliminating various ailments. Those who used to suffer from headaches, sleepiness, skin problems, and exhaustion have stopped suffering from these after use of the pads.

To answer the question on if these pads are a hoax, no one really knows for sure. No actual studies have been made regarding the effects of foot detox pads on the body. The only way really to know if it is effective in maintaining good health is to try it out and see for yourself. Besides, you have nothing to lose; most likely you will gain something from this especially if it is effective.

Using a detox foot pad is really one of the most convenient ways to cleanse since not much of your time and effort is required. Staying healthy requires effort in your part, but with using a detox pad, you can stay healthy easily. With most of our busy schedules, there is no harm in hoping that these pads will keep us in the best health possible by removing toxins in our body.(image)

What Are The Benefits of Detox Foot Pads


The idea of detox foot pads first came from the concept of trees soaking up water from the soil and purifying it to help in its growth. This concept gave scientists the idea to make something like the detox pads which can soak the toxins from the body through the skin of the foot. they are made up of sap fluids which help to eliminate the toxins through the feet. So the benefits of this kind of detoxification are huge.

Toxins are harmful substances which are accumulated inside the body day after day. Toxins can be a result of the food we intake. Normally we have the habit of eating foods which are made out of fats. We also eat and drink those foods and drinks which contain preservatives and many other harsh chemicals. Moreover we also drink unpurified water and breathe in polluted air. All these practices of ours lead to the accumulation of toxins in our bodies which eventually deteriorate our health. To get rid of the health problems we should try to get rid of the toxins from our body and for this purpose the benefits of detox pads are great.

Detox foot pads help in the release of the toxins from the body. But if you expect it to work overnight you will be disheartened. You can not expect any product to work over night. But after a few days of usage you will see signs which will prove that it is working. So, you will need to use the detox foot pads regularly. What are The. It reduces headaches and sinus congestion immediately. These foot pads reduce stress and thus helps to increase the level of energy. It helps to reduce body weight and also helps to increase the body's metabolism rate.

The usage of detox foot pads is very simple. You should first wash your feet thoroughly with water and then dry them totally. After that take one pad and peel off the covering and apply it on your foot. Repeat the same with your other foot. The pad should be kept on your feet for around 8 hours. After that you can take it off. The best time to use the detox foot pad is during the night time when you sleep so that you do not have to move about a lot.


Why Detoxify With Detox Foot Pads


You may have heard of detox foot pads before but don't really know what to make of them. Detox pads could be your lifesaver as it is the easiest way for you to detoxify and maintain great health. Why go through tedious and expensive detoxification procedures when you can cleanse through simpler means? Discover why you should detoxify with detox foot pads and never worry about your health again.

How these detox patches work is by absorbing the toxins in your body that have compiled through the harmful things around. It basically has to be worn 5 to 6 hours a day, which is why it is recommended to put them on right before bedtime. The patches are attached to the soles of your feet and are removed the following morning. Upon removal, you will notice that it has turned to a darker color said to be the toxins absorbed. With regular use, the color on the patches will lighten as your body is cleansed.

These pads are definitely effective which is why you should consider using them. It was derived from the ancient Chinese principle of reflexology and acupuncture, which uses the feet and pressure points to treat various aches and ailments in the body. The fact that these have been around for hundreds of years is proof that detox pads are effective as well since it follows this same principle.

It is so simple to use these foot patches and is perfect for even those with busy schedules. No matter how busy you are, you still make time to sleep, which is the best time to use these patches. All you need to do is strap them on your feet and you can experience instant detoxification. You can do it absolutely anywhere you are, whether you are at home, on a business trip, or on vacation, this is the best way to keep healthy.

There are so many benefits that you can obtain from using these detox patches, which is why it is a great choice for detoxifying. As it eliminates the toxins from your body, you are kept feeling energized and free from body pains. Surely there is no easier way to detoxify your body, which is why this is something you should definitely try out.

All these reasons are precisely why you should detoxify with detox foot pads. It is effective, simple to use, and produces a lot of benefits which are great for your overall health. Sure there are many other ways to cleanse your body but there is nothing that can beat the convenience of this.



Use Detox Foot Pads to Eliminate Toxins From Your Body


Detox foot pads are basically cushioned pads that are worn below your feet. They have an adhesive with the help of which they stick below your fit. They are made of ingredients that are organic in nature. The work of these pads is to help detoxify the body by removing the toxins from the body through your feet.

Regular use of detox foot pads can help you in a lot of ways. They are proving to eliminate harmful toxins from the body. They reduce pains and aches in the body. They reduce body weight and also increase the rate of metabolism. People who the other feet suffer from a severe headaches and sinus problem can use these pads to get instant relief.

The best time to use detox foot pads is during the night while you sleep. It might feel uncomfortable to walk while wearing these pads so it is best to wear them while you sleep. Before going to sleep at night you should first wash your feet and then dry them completely with a towel. After that take out a pad and peel off the tape from the edges of the pad and stick the pad on to your feet. Repeat this step for the other foot. After securely applying them on your feet you can then go to sleep. After sleeping for 8 hours when you get up you can take them off. You should repeat this regularly for best results.

During the first few days the usage of detox foot pads can be a bit uncomfortable. However, you will get used to it after few days. In the first few days when you take off the pads you will see that there is a blackish brown deposit on the pads. After some days, the deposit will become lighter. The deposit is the toxin that is eliminated out of the body and after few days of regular usage of the pads the deposit will decrease.

If you expect an immediate results by using the detox foot pads then you will get disappointed. Because no matter what new thing you try you have to be patient in order for it to work. Toxins are accumulated in the bodies of human because of regular intake of unhygienic foods, unpurified water and polluted air through a long period of time. Thus you may have to wait for sometime for all that toxin to leave your body.


Japanese Detox Foot Pads Technology


The onset of technology and the continuous surge of knowledge have driven the human civilization to become slaves of their own creation. Although technology has done a lot to alleviate burdens brought about by tedious tasks, it has also brought about a certain downside. Most people who are constantly busy do not have time to think about important aspects in their lives such as their well-being-and this is really tragic. Their most common complaint is their lack of time.

Now, being healthy does not have to mean spending hours in gyms or staying in saunas (to the point of fainting). There is a proven method of detoxifying the body without spending too much money, time and even effort. It's so easy to use that there is simply no excuse not to be healthy!

The Japanese foot pad (also known as Japanese detox foot pad) is a natural way of removing the toxins in a person's body. Aside from toxins, these elements could also be removed painlessly from the body: chemicals, drug metabolites, mucous, microscopic parasites, metabolic waste, heavy metals, even cellulite. The pads clean the body's by promoting a healthy immune system.

The Japanese detox foot pads are pads that contain natural extracts from certain trees (essence of wood vinegar; or sap from Beech, Oak, and Sakura trees; together with chitosan, purified silica, pearl stone, starch and polyolic alcohol; it also contains Tourmaline) and they are believed to work best when used with reflexology. These foot pads work by placing them on the sole of the feet before going to bed at night. Upon waking up in the morning, it would be highly noticeable that the pad has changed its color.

Usually, the first-time users would be shocked to see really dark foot pads in the morning. This means that the pad has worked overnight and has removed many toxins from the body. As time progresses, you would notice that the pads would become lighter in color which is a clear indication that the body has eliminated most of the bad elements.

The feet's soles are not the only portion of the body that these pads can be placed. Other local areas of the body that could be applied with the food pads are the knees, shoulders, ankles, or wrists. The painful part is greatly relieved once the pads are applied directly to that area. It is believed, though, that the soles would emit the most toxins and thus deliver better results of detoxification.

Since the detox foot pads promote a healthy immune system, the body would be able to naturally fight any other toxins that would eventually enter the body. Also, it brings back balance to the nervous system. Other benefits that users of the Japanese foot pad would be able to reap are improved circulation of the blood, revitalized body, and also an improved quality of sleep.

These detox pads are widely used throughout Asia and many have already benefited from them. There are about 18 million patches being sold each month (in Asia alone). The foot pad is not a new method of healing one's body-it has been used for over 4,000 years now and this is a great reason to believe in its benefits.(image)

The Wonder of Detox Foot Pads


The latest buzz concerning cleansing and detoxification revolves around detox food pads. If you've never heard about them, you'll probably wonder what they are for. So, let's spill the beans and talk about this amazing technology that has caught the world by storm.

Japanese and Chinese Health Secrets Combined

Detox foot pads are patches that are placed on the soles of your foot while you sleep. The main goal of these foot pads is to detoxify your system. This "medicinal breakthrough" is a product of the combination of Chinese reflexology and Japanese technology.

Reflexology is a form of ancient therapy. It believes that certain points or zones on the feet and the hands can provide relief for particular illnesses and can be stimulated to boost one's energy. The Chinese believe that every "meridian" on the foot corresponds to a particular part of the body. Therefore, stimulating a certain meridian will lead to the detoxification of its corresponding body part.

The Japanese, on the other hand, have profound knowledge on body detoxification. They know of ways on how to naturally rid the body of unwanted elements and substances.

These two health secrets from two countries were then combined and the result? Dextox Foot Pads.

How Detox Foot Pads Work

Detox foot pads are said to contain tree extracts that are very effective in "sucking" the toxins out - including mercury and other heavy metals. By placing them on specific meridians on the foot, these pads are able to locally target the parts of your body that need cleansing.

It is said that the color of the detox foot pads will determine the state of your health. A darkened pad would mean that you have been rid of a lot of toxins. Use of these detox foot pads should be continued for three to five weeks. Each day, you will be expecting toxins to be expelled from your body through your feet. But as the days go by, you will notice that the pads will grow lighter and lighter in color - reflective of the fact that less and less toxins are left inside your body.

Benefits of Detox Foot Pads

Continued use of these miracle pads would lead to increased blood circulation. Putting on these patches also results to a better sleep - because this reduces feelings of fatigue. Other benefits include:

1. Strengthening of the immune system - because your body is free from toxins and other harmful chemicals, then you will naturally have a clean and healthy physical well-being. Needless to say, this results to a stronger immune system. Consequently, this also leads to lesser instances of diseases and illnesses.

2. Increase in metabolism - Once again, because toxins are flushed out of your body, your digestive system will be able to function at its best. This includes an improvement in metabolism. Everyone knows that a faster metabolism results to weight reduction.

While the use of detox foot pads has caught the world's attention, it has also received numerous criticisms. The most prevalent of which is the fact that the use of such pads in the detoxification process is simply a hoax - that no scientific evidence can be put forward to support the effectiveness of these detox foot pads.

Detoxification is, indeed, your body's best bet to achieve perfect health. The use of these patches is one option to consider.


What Detox Foot Pads Can Do For You


We all need some level of detoxification from time to time. It is possible though that like a lot of other people, you may still be unfamiliar with the concept of flushing out toxins from the body. Here's what you need to know about it and how you should go about it.

Toxins in Our Systems

We get toxins in our bodies everyday. Under normal circumstances, our bodies can naturally get rid of these toxins. These days however, there are more sources of toxins which lead to more toxins in the body. Our natural body systems therefore cannot always fully get rid of these harmful substances. Some of the possible daily sources of additional body toxins include pollution, alcohol and cigarette smoke.

What happens when you can't get rid of all of them? Toxins that remain in the body can lower the immune system, hamper normal organ functions and result in a variety of illnesses or an overall feeling of weakness. If you have difficulty sleeping, concentrating on daily tasks or keeping up with the pace of your work and personal life, you may be bogged down by body toxins.

This is why you should think about detoxifying. There are many ways to detoxify. The general idea is to take natural substances or use natural products to help flush out the toxins in the body. One way to detoxify is to use a foot patch.

How Detox Patches Work

How can detox foot pads flush out toxins? These revolutionary pads are actually the product of Asian science and function under the general principle of reflexology. According to reflexology experts, various areas on the bottom of the feet correspond to certain organs of the body. By placing a detox pad over these areas, you can successfully eliminate toxins from the corresponding organs of the body.

A detox patch performs toxin elimination through its active ingredients. A good patch brand would only use natural ingredients to limit the possibility of causing side effects. You can slap on a patch while you sleep and in the morning, you'll find that your patch has a darker color which is an indication that it has absorbed some of the toxins in your body. After a few days of use, you will notice some improvements in your overall energy levels and your immunity to a variety of health conditions.

Natural detox pads are supposed to be safe for general use. If you are allergic to anything though, you should find out first what a pad contains. If there is any ingredient which could cause an allergic reaction in you, then a detox pad is not for you.

One of the best things about detox foot pads is that they are low cost. You do not have to spend your life savings just to keep yourself healthy and strong. If you are a bit skeptical, you can test a few pads first. You'll see after a few days how much they can help you get your energy back.


The Ultimate Reasons Why Detox Foot Pads Are Gaining Popularity


We encounter various toxins and contaminants in the present day. These harmful substances may penetrate our body and eventually take a toll on our system. Thus, it is wise to seek ways to detoxify the body from these materials. By using detox foot pads, you are not only cleansing yourself of toxins but also making your life healthier and more vibrant.Detox foot pads are square-shaped adhesive patches packed with natural ingredients from plants. They can be attached to the base of your foot while you're peacefully sleeping at night. These pads are used as an exit passage for harmful waste substances inside a person's body.Toxins and other pollutants enter our body as we eat food with preservatives, breathe polluted air, and become exposed to other threatening factors in the environment. It is advisable that once in a while we take the time to cleanse and purify our systems.Overall Cleansing Of The Body Many individuals find this detox product reliable and helpful because of several reasons. But the primary reason why most people are attracted to use this method of detoxifying is the fact that they can achieve overall cleansing.This will allow the person to be cleansed both from the inside and the outside. As everything from within manifests on the surface, you'll experience a more relaxed state due to reduced stress and fatigue. In the long run, you'll be able to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle.Convenient And Non-messyThe world has become so busy nowadays and everyone is finding ways to do tasks and other things instantly. This is why numerous people are being drawn to using detox foot pads. The detoxification process happens while an individual is peacefully sleeping, so none of his or her precious time during the day is wasted. You don't have to worry about wearing them while working at the office or finishing some errands because they are recommended to be used while you are sleeping.In addition, they are non-messy because there are no liquids or any ointment that you have to apply on the pads. Just attach them on the bases of your feet, get into bed, and let them do their wonders.Reasonably PricedUnlike detox or body cleansing machines that can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, detox foot pads are reasonably priced. Where else can you find this kind of package? Usually, a person with $30 to $40 can obtain a box of these pads and enjoy the relaxing treatment without burning holes in his or her pocket.Non-invasiveThis is also one of the reasons why this product has gained so much popularity. Because it uses a non-invasive method to purify the body, many people are attracted to try it out, especially those who don't like the thought of having operations or surgeries. This therapeutic process is done on an external basis, which is interesting to individuals who wish to have this kind of cleansing method.Latest And InnovativeMost people are drawn towards the newest and hottest products they can find in the market. Since the use of detox foot pads is the latest and perhaps the most innovative treatment procedure that one can procure, a lot of consumers are magnetized to purchase this therapeutic method. And although it is considered as a traditional and old treatment method in Asia, applying detox food pads is actually a new concept in some parts of the world.[...]

Are You Sure that Japanese Detox Foot Patches Removes Toxins?


* First of all, you get after using a detox foot pad is amazing. There is a notable improvement after several continuous days of use.

* An environmental lab with excellent accreditation, studied numerous foot pads samples. Mercury, nickel, arsenic and a lot of other things were absorbed in the pads.

* Numerous foot pads used by different folks were examined using a syncrometer. The syncrometer found the following chemicals after the pads were used: sudan black dye,  asbestos, thallium, cadmium, plastic byproduct, copper, isopropyl alcohol, benzene lead, methyl alcohol, mercury, aluminum, nickel, arsenic and a fast green dye.

* People’s hair was analyzed by scientists previously and after using detox foot pads. The variation in the toxin levels was easy to measure.

* Japanese scientists used thermography to do a detailed examination of the foot pads. It was discovered that circulation was enhanced by the pads and then the body was detoxed.

* Alpha brain wave presence could be increased by the cleansing foot pads, as discovered in a study. The waves are found to be an integral part of the processes needed for relaxation and healing.

Keep one thing in mind. Avoid fake, cheap detox foot patches.

Normally there could be harmful substances or ones of low quality found in them. Mainly this is why many people couldn’t get adequate results from the detoxifying foot pads.

However when the items you use are proven and tested, the outcome is amazing. These are top standard foot detox patches that bring good results constantly.(image)

Japanese Detox Patchese - SCAM PRODUCT OR NOT?


A Detox patch provides outer to inner cleansing and detoxification. The detox patch can be used on any part of the body, preferably in areas that draw perspiration. The preferred area for their application is the foot. According to Chinese medical knowledge, the human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 60 of these acupuncture points being found on the soles of the feet. When the blood circulates to the soles, the detox patch can absorb toxins released from the acupuncture points. After just one night of body detox, there are significant changes to the smell and color of the pad (from brown to grayish black) reflecting the amount and degree of toxins that are extracted from the body. There should be a visible reduction to this stain and change of color with regular use of the detox patch. IMPORTANT TEST: If you doubt the connection between the sole of the foot with internal organs, there is always this simple experiment. If you are not allergic to garlic, cut a garlic clove in half and rub the fresh garlic side on the sole of your foot for approximately 45 seconds. Within a few minutes, you should be able to detect a garlic taste in your mouth.While it is most common to place the detox patch on the bottom of your feet, they may also be placed other parts of the body with only a few exceptions. It is recommended that you keep the patch on the body for 4 to 8 hours. If using the patch on your feet it is suggested that socks be worn to prevent accidental removal while you sleep. Experts feel that the detox patch should only be used for a period of thirty days. After this initial cleansing period, simple maintenance is recommended every two to three weeks. When detox patches are placed on the skin, the natural herbs and ingredients begin to emit infrared energy. This is a natural energy that the body will use to heal, repair and balance itself. This energy is needed more than ever in today's world to counter the invasive effects of our environmental toxins, as well as daily stress, injury and the aging process. Everyday we inadvertently accumulate toxic and unwanted matter inside our bodies, in our bones and muscles, in our fat and in our organs.Physicians have known for centuries that health problems can result from the accumulation of foreign substances in the body and we are exposed to toxins and chemicals daily from the food or water that we consume. Over-eating fatty or processed foods, the air that we breathe and usage of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and drugs are all just a scratch of the surface. Another concern is the mercury content of fish and those of us who have had dental procedures using mercury amalgams. Our bodies eventually become flooded with toxins and we will eventually feel lethargic, perhaps lacking energy or focus. Our immune systems may struggle preventing us from fully recovering from common ailments or medical procedures. The natural detoxification of the body through the liver, kidney and lower gastrointestinal tract will become sluggish and physical symptoms of toxin buildup may include dark circles under the eyes, rashes, green or yellowish skin tone and weight gain. Some reports have even indicated that the human body can carry up to five pounds of additional weight from toxin buildup alone. Ailments such as stomach/gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, increased incidences of allergies and fatigue may be experienced.There is no clear way to eliminate all of the chemical agents that are causing toxicity and disease but we must attempt to detoxify our bodies at least at the same rate they are being contaminated. Thorough a[...]

Detox Pills - Safe of Not?


In just about every detox program the use of detox pills is part of the cleansing process. Detox products are on the market to help you cleanse your body in just about every form imaginable. Detox pills may come in capsule form, tablets and even chewable. The pill industry realizes that taking pills is not for everyone. Consequently, pill forms have become more customer friendly. Not all detox pills are the same, they may vary in substances, color, size, shape, and purpose.

It becomes your beneficial duty to find out what is best for you to take under your circumstances. In other words, what kind of drugs have you been taking? Were these drugs prescription drugs or street drugs? How long have you been taking these drugs? Answers to these questions may help you to determine what kind of pills will do you the most good. For the past 50 years or more man-made chemicals and drugs have spread rampantly throughout the world. There is no end in sight to what you can order on the Internet.

Drug use is common these days and you will find more abuse continuing to arise among the young. If you are going through the drug detox process, you may go through the unpleasant experience of withdrawal. Drug detox pills can help you through this process. When you are trying to detox the body from drugs, be it prescription drugs or legal drugs you or the person who is addicted goes a certain period without that drug. This is your weaning time so that you body will become able to live normally without the substance.

The appropriate detox pills will clean drug residuals from the body and help you to make the adjustment. Detoxing the body with detox pills just as with other detox methods may very well bring some discomfort to the system. These discomforts vary depending on the individual. Depression, anxiety and cravings to name a few discomforts may occur. Sometimes the body does not know how to handle change. The use of detox pills to rid the body of toxins and other foreign substances may be an uncomfortable experience, but a necessary part of becoming internally clean and a brand-new you.

No matter what kind and brand of detox pill you decide to take make sure the expiration date is valid. An old expiration date will not give you the results you expect in the end. The value of medicinal properties change the longer they are kept on the shelf. Your best bet when buying detox pills is to shop in a store where the traffic is heavy. More than likely products move faster in these kinds of stores and there is little chance for products to be on the shelf with old expiration dates. Keeping your body clean is a daily challenge.

Detox Program - Recovery of your Body Health


It is possible to find a detox program in just about every part of the country. These programs are designed to help you over come addictions. When the term addiction pops up you immediately think about illegal drugs and alcoholism. Nevertheless, addictions have mushroomed into other areas such as prescription medications. There are those who would have you to believe that they cannot live without them. Those who have mental problems and have depression are more likely than some of the others to depend on these medications.

Once you become dependent on anything, you put yourself in position to become addicted. Consequently there are many health professionals who have sought to provide a medical haven for you and your addictions. The established detox program will provide counseling, therapy, exercise, proper nutrition and one on one medical attention to help you over come any addiction you may have.

You will find an array of detox programs for all socio-economic groups. Some of these are outpatient on the other hand some have a resort environment and atmosphere. There are saunas, swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, and walking trails to name just a few of the amenities. Of course you pay for all of these amenities. When you enter one of these facilities you stay for as long as your health care provider recommends. You no doubt can recall many politicians, movie stars and other celebrities who have used these facilities. It has been know for a while that a good environment can speed up the healing process. If your body has been broken down by abuse or whatever the case may be being in a serene, beautiful, and quiet environment will help you to focus on your part of recovery.

The detox program may come in many different forms and ways. Some professionals have designed detox programs as a do it your self project. You can go online any time and find a program you can purchase consisting of CDs and a notebook. So there is a potpourri of programs on the market that can fit into your lifestyle, time and resources. The more you pay for the program the more you get. You have programs from the resort type to the book/CD type. There are also free programs sponsored by social service departments in some cities and towns for those with little or no resources.

As you so well know a person of any socio-economic group may need a detox program. Getting over an addiction in any kind of detox program is not an easy road. It does not matter how lavish the program is, there are individual characteristics that will count in the healing process. If your body system does not release the toxins stored in the body from an addiction, a relapse may occur. Just as toxins disappear when the source of those toxins are laid to rest, so can addictions be treated with success when the cause of them are known. The good thing about a detox program treatments and care are administered by people who are trained in the field.  Start your detox program today!(image)

Detox Plan


                                                            Toxins inhaled everyday..If you have a detox plan, chances are you will not forget to detox your body on a regular basis. Every time you turn on the TV, you usually hear something about your health. When you are in the doctor's office or any office for that matter, you will find magazines with several articles on health. These articles are usually recommendations and suggestions about what to do and what not to do. It seems that health concerns are very focused on the inside of the body. Research has shown that what goes into the body is a major factor of what comes out of the body. Many emotions, frustrations, attention deficit disorder, mood swings, unusual coloration's, and brittle nails just to name a few may be indicative of your need for a detox plan and internal cleansing program. It has been said so many times that what you eat determines your well being. Many food groups have been blamed for various ills of the body. Consequently, a detox plan is something you need to have in place to keep the body flushed out. A combination of environmental pollutants and an unhealthy lifestyle may be a danger to your internal organs. Almost every detox product has a suggestive plan for you to follow. Some of these plans are for seven days at the time and include a variety of ways to detox the body. Make sure your plan is geared to the body area that you would like to flush toxins out of. Just as you have a specific time to shower, brush your teeth and wash your hair you need specific times to clean your inside. You will want to cleanse the colon, kidneys and liver because these are primary areas where toxins seen to accumulate. Your plan of action should be designed to restore normal bowel function and to promote regularity. It may include a variety of ways and times to achieve your goals. You must remember that toxins in the body may not be the only cause for your symptoms. Although headaches and dizziness are often linked to liver toxicity, there could be another variable that is causing you problems. Include in your detox plan a total body cleansing that will support the elimination of toxins, excessive mucus, congestion, and disease on a day to day basis. Also, include in your detox plan a professional that will help you to identify underlying areas that you may be unaware of. There may be little that you can do about the external toxins you inhale day by day. That is why you need to have a detox plan that you live by daily. Toxicities are a much greater concern today than yesterday because of so many new venues in the environment, manufacturing and industries. In the spring and summer months, for an example, you have to watch out for pesticides and insecticides that are used very heavily to kill annoying insects. When possible make minimum use of such products so you will not be exposed to the fumes. Remember a toxin is any substance that creates irritating and harmful effects in the body. The skin will inhale what ever is placed on it. Make sure your detox plan includes some detox baths.[...]

Wonder detox foot pads really work?


We have natural processes that are designed to remove waste, but the amount of waste that is taken in cannot be completely removed by the body without help.

As your body collects more and more toxins, you may start to feel a decrease in energy and/or your immune system may not work as efficiently. It is necessary to cleanse the toxins so that you natural processes and organs can run at their optimum level. The easiest way to detoxify is to remove these toxins through your feet.
Our feet contain reflexology points that connect to the major organs. As these points are stimulated with the correct procedure, the circulatory and lymphatic systems are prompted to pull out the waste and toxins and gently remove them through the feet. This waste is dispelled in a concentrated form of sweat.

Detox foot pads are the easiest way to draw out those toxins. All you need to do is stick the pads on the arch of each foot for several hours, and then sit back and let the pads do the work. Many people prefer to sleep with the foot pads on. There are natural ingredients in the detox foot pads that react with the reflexology points in the foot. When you remove the pads after the detoxification is done, you will see that waste residue has collected on the pads.

You should continue to use the detox pads until you are free of toxins. Different brands of foot detox pads have different instructions, so make sure to read and follow the directions in order to achieve the best cleanse.

Benefits of Using a Detox Foot Pad


With all the harmful things surrounding us today, maintaining good health actually requires work. It  can make you feel ill if you have an unhealth living lifestyle, which is why it should be avoided. So that you can stay healthy and keep away from disease, regular detoxification is recommended. You can do this easily with just using a detox foot pad, where you can obtain a lot of benefits to keeping you in the best health possible and free from sickness.
Detox patches well help you maintain good health because it works to eliminate toxic waste from the body. Instead of going through those grueling detox procedures, you can easily keep your body clean with just using a foot patch. Sickness is usually caused by toxins, which is why it is important that you remove these from the body. With cleansing, you are able to lower your risk greatly with eliminating these toxins.
Body pain is also another effect of an accumulation of toxins in the system. So with using these foot patches, you are able to get rid of these pains and feel relieved from any pressure or strain in your body. Some also suffer from sleeping problems, which will disappear with regular detox.
One of the reasons that some are overweight is due to the toxins in their body. So when you are able to remove these toxins, you reduce your body weight as well. Cleansing is a great way to shed off some pounds allowing you to have a better figure and keeping you healthy too. Your metabolic rate will improve as well which is good for your overall body.

Basically using a detox foot pad is an effective and easy solution for detoxification. With all these benefits, you certainly have no reason not to cleanse your system. Not much effort is necessary to staying healthy because with these pads, you can maintain good health with no trouble at all. So that you can eliminate disease from your life, ensure that you are in good health always by doing what you can.
Aside from cleansing, you could feel energetic again with regular use. When you are constantly exhausted and have no energy, these are signs of toxin build up in your body. When you are getting rid of these toxins, which makes you feel a lot better and allows you to function your best in all your daily activities.

Detox pads - Is that possible to detox through our skin?


Recently Japanese detox foot patches that contain an interesting list of natural ingredients have become popular for detoxfying and healing. People apply the patches at night, and see the results in the morning. The patch will be dry before use, but after usage it will range from light brown to almost black, wet and in some cases will have a foul smell, depending on the amount of toxins in your body.The visual evidence after using these pads is not only compelling but give us a low cost method of testing our levels of toxicity while we simultaneously detoxify. By simply removing the patch we can actually see some of the materials that have been ?suctioned? out of the body. Our progress is apparent when we see what comes out onto the pads when used over consecutive days, weeks or months. Though it seems the clay rings in the bathtub have not been tested companies that sell these patches have sent the used pads to the SCR Analytical Lab, which is a highly accredited Environmental Laboratory. The results demonstrated absorption into the patchs of nickel, arsenic and mercury, as well as benzene, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, aluminum, cadmium, copper, lead, thallium, asbestos, DAB dye, fast green dye, sudan black dye and PCB (plastic byproduct).Mercury Poisoning in Children from Teething Powders Pink Disease (Acrodynia)A woman who had pink disease (mercury poisoning), as a baby reported, "I tried the Japanese foot patches for the first time last night and was amazed at what toxins came out overnight! She reported outstanding results with her arthritis in hands, thumbs and fingers gone saying, "I am completely off my arthritis medication after 2 years on VIOOX." After using 37 of these patches she reported: Her eyes have changed colour from brown/hazel to green/hazel. That the whites of her eyes have changed to clear white from yellowy colour with blood throughout. She also reported increased vitality and general feeling of well being and that the puffiness was gone from her feet so that her shoes became a bit loose. And most significantly her persistant cough of 2 years duration had completely gone.These foot patches, instead of using clay use bamboo and wood vinegars (pyroligneous acids) which essentially are the fluid or sap derived from tree cells which have great absorbing power like clay does. Using natural products like clay with these sap based tree resins makes good sense. Each seems to have properties and methods of application that compliment the other. It should be interesting to note, when it comes to the placement of these patches on the soles of the feet that if one tapes a clove of garlic to the sole of one's foot, one will taste the garlic on his or her breath within minutes. This shows again the open permeability of the skin and its ability to transport chemicals into the entire system. Thus we can experiment with using the feet as a possible site for application of a glutathione gel taped to the sole of one's foot overnight and this might allow for better absorption. Transdermal TD-DMPS, which is being used so successfully to pull kids out of the shadows of autism, is four parts glutathione to one part DMPS, and is applied on the soft skin of the arms or thighs."There are around 4,000 sweat glands in the feet through which the toxins are emitted,Detoxification through the skin is basic to any program whose goal is the elimination of heavy metals and other toxic substances from the body[...]

Detox foot bath - scam?


Have you ever heard of those foot-baths through which an electric current is passed in order to draw out the "toxins" from your body? To someone who knows no chemistry, it can be quite impressive to see all these evil substances color the water various shades of brown, green, and blue as the current works its magic. (See this typical example.) Sometimes you see flecks of solids and bubbles of gas appear as your body is "cleansed". Well, this is an old parlor trick, a nice chemistry-classroom demonstration, and, of course, a highly profitable scam. It is offered by ayurvedic healers and other quackery practioners, including some naturopathic and chiropractic physicians, and can go by such names as Ionic Detoxification, Aqua Chi, Bionic Hydrotherapy®, etc. Of course, it always feels good to rest your tired feet in a container of warm water, and the slight tingling sensation caused by the low-voltage current might even be rather pleasant. But the stuff about drawing "toxins" out of your body is pure bunk. That's the job of your kidneys, which are exquisitely suited to this task. Anyone who has taken a course in physiology knows that.•there is no way an electric current passing through a part of your body can distinguish between "good" molecules and "bad" molecules ("toxins"), most of which are electrically neutral anyway;•the skin is impermeable to all but a few chemical substances; there is no evidence that any that are found inside the body can pass through the skin to the outside, with or without the help of an electric current.•All but a very few of the "toxins" produced as metabolic products are colorless— suggesting that what you see during these "treatments" is put there for show.Some typical deceptive bunkSome sites show pictures of what they purport to be blood cells before and after treatment, implying that the cells become less entangled or clumped together. Don't be fooled by this nonsense, which is usually attributed to un-named "doctors" and has never been reported in the reputable scientific literature.Various goofy electrical instruments such as "Electro Dermal Screening" which are said to register various aspects of bodily health are used to "prove" the effectiveness of foot-bath treatments. In truth, there is no reason to believe that these devices, which are exclusive to the quackery-healing trade, measure anything significant at all, other than perhaps the gullibility of the subjects who they are used on.Some promotions go really far-out in their appeal to the pseudoscience-inclined: "The ... unit can rebalance energy meridians through the bio-charge. The complex energy fields of the unit permeate the water, realigning a body’s energy field. Many of the benefits of the unit can be attributed to the "re-balancing" of these energy lines allowing a body mass to function better. The action results in the initial purging of toxins and nucleic waste product generated within the cells and surrounding membrane."So how do these things really work?You place your feet in a bowl of water to which a bit of salt has been added. A small electric current is passed between two electrodes immersed in the water, which soon becomes quite discolored. The color, of course, comes from electrolytic corrosion of the metal electrodes. These are usually made of iron, nickel, and copper, all of which decompose into colored ions. These colors will vary with the amount of salt pr[...]