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Electric Cigarette Quit Smoking

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Electric Cigarette Quit Smoking Issues


Here is a slant for you to consider when pondering the electric-cigarette-quit-smoking issue. Online research results may be crowded by eager marketers possessing the strong urge to supply QUANTITATIVE information, rather than truly qualitative data. Some buyers share the perspective that the cost of “healthy smoking” will be more or less a luxury that only the well-to-do can afford.

Thus, to break in on the gold rush of revenue that is likely to flow from the sale of e-cigarettes, that is, from the more strongly empowered buying public sector… advertisers may all too easily elect to report only the perceived benefits of smoke free cigarettes. When you need unbiased details about online products, see online sources like Wikipedia, for example, whose data is well-scrutinized and revised by members of the scientific community, as well as the world’s most ethical informational content publishing organizations.

Now, to further help you answer the actual question, “can electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking,” let us look at the following fundamentals. The real truth is that, since this product is so very brand new, you will simply have to “infer” your answers after reading the limited amount of supporting data that exists at this early stage in the development of nicotine free cigarettes.

There are good and bad sides to using e-cigarettes. Nonetheless, you are more prepared to make an informed decision, as well as know what to expect in terms of long and short-term health benefits, when you consider the following basics.

Trying to determine the exact amount of nicotine delivered from an electric cigarette will be extremely difficult, unless of course, you select its built-in “No Nicotine” option. Selecting none at all, in terms of nicotine intake, is surely a reliable way to curtail the health risk of smoking.

Should you still elect its smaller dosages, you must keep in mind that, with the added option of being able to smoke in public places, more electronic cigarette usage may mean that overall your nicotine intake might increase. Simply exercise caution in this area.

Continuing, you are not like to read from any authoritative publication that electric cigarette “healthy smoking” is an actual cancer cure. What you CAN safely incur, is that risk-factor-lung-cancer concerns can be curtailed by smartly:

  -- Lessening your practice of smoking in general;
  -- Reducing the general amount of nicotine you ingest;
  -- Adopting enhanced healthy lifestyle habits regardless of your smoking choices.

Still, using unbiased perspectives, perhaps you can say that the truly greatest attribute of the new smoke free cigarette is its usage of clear, non-toxic, water vapor, rather than real smoke. This attribute also provides a possibly viable alternative to second-hand-smoke problems.