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Preview: Channel 9 - Entries tagged with RSS

Channel 9 - Entries tagged with RSS


Step-By-Step How To Subscribe To RSS Feed Using Outlook 2010 or Internet Explorer IE9

Mon, 01 Feb 2016 14:27:26 GMT

Please watch for the next version of this step-by-step which will cover Edge and Outlook 2016

How to use RSS feeds in Internet Explorer 9

Feeds, also known as RSS feeds, are content listings published by a website. They're used for news and blog websites, but are also used for distributing other types of digital content, including pictures, audio, or video.

Subscribing to feeds

Subscribe to an RSS Feed

Using ATOM

Download RSS to Outlook

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) provides an easy way for you to read the latest postings to your favorite Web sites. Many Web sites offer RSS Feed subscriptions so that whenever new content is published, such as an updated news article, you receive a summary or the full article automatically in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Manually enter a new RSS Feed subscription

Tip In most Web browsers, on a Web page, you can right-click the RSS icon, and then copy the shortcut to the Clipboard. Press CTRL+V to paste the information from the Clipboard into the RSS Feed location box.

Unsubscribe from an RSS Feed

When you cancel or unsubscribe from an RSS Feed, no new content is downloaded. You can choose whether to delete or keep all the content that was downloaded from the RSS Feed.

- See more at:


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Feedling: Put RSS on your Desktop, Beautifully

Mon, 26 Apr 2010 13:52:00 GMT

Cool! The MakeUseof site just discovered a nifty desktop application that lets you put RSS feeds on your desktop. And no, not in some boxed-in widget – actually overlaid on top of your desktop wallpaper as if they were part of your desktop itself!

The open-source project is called Feedling and it and its source can be found over on Sourceforge.

In technical terms, Feedling is an open-source .NET RSS feed reader that pins headlines to your Windows desktop.

Using the program is simple. After downloading and installing the application, you can configure the headlines you want to show by adding feeds under the configuration settings menu. You can even specify how the feeds should appear – that is, what font color, font type, size, hover color and update interval they should use.

The end result is a feed reader (of sorts) that doesn’t pester you with unread item counts – just an attractive, but quietly updating feed of items you’ll like…when you have time to read them.

You can download Feedling from here.

(via, image credit: MakeUseof)


How to Get RSS feeds for any Bing Search

Thu, 11 Jun 2009 15:10:00 GMT

Although you may not see an RSS icon appear when you do a search on the new search engine,, the feeds are there if you want them. As with the old search engine at, getting a feed for any search result is as simple as adding an extra parameter to the end of your search results URL.

To do so, first just do a search as usual for whatever topic you want the feed for. Then, up in the address bar, append “&format=rss” (without the quotes, of course) to the end of the URL.

Doing so will deliver you to a page that looks like this (using the query “swine flu” as the example):


You’ll see that you’re provided with an RSS feed to copy and paste into your feed reader as well as a few other options for online readers including My MSN, My Yahoo, and Bloglines.


Druckbetankung - Die Show :: Silverlight Teil IV

Fri, 08 May 2009 06:58:00 GMT

Der vierte Teil unserer Silverlight-Serie "Druckbetankung - Die Show" dreht sich um das Aussengerüst einer Silverlight Applikation, und wie dieses dazu gebracht werden mit der eingebetteten Anwendung zu kommunizieren.
Oliver Scheer und ich sprechen über die Parameterübergabe aus der HTML-Seite in Silverlight. Da gibt es einiges zu beachten und viel zu entdecken. So lässt sich am Beispiel unseres RSS-Readers die initial verwendete RSS-Url über die HTML-Seite übergeben, und abhängig davon weitere Elemente im XAML-Code ein- oder ausblenden. (image)

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Druckbetankung - Die Show :: Silverlight Teil II

Thu, 07 May 2009 12:15:00 GMT

Im zweiten Teil der Silverlight-Serie "Druckbetankung - Die Show" bauen Oliver Scheer und ich einen RSS-Reader in Expression Blend 2 SP1 und Visual Studio. Was muss so ein Silverlight RSS-Reader können? Und wie kann man das mit wenig Code umsetzen?
Am Ende haben wir ein funktionales, wenn auch nicht unbedingt schönes Grundgerüst mit Cross-Domain-Zugriff per WebService aus der Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), interaktiver Suche per Language Integrated Query (LINQ) und Datenbindung der Ergebnisse an eine ListBox. (image)

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iBrowz: A New RSS Reader for Windows Mobile

Fri, 01 May 2009 17:14:00 GMT

I just came across a good-looking RSS reader application for Windows Mobile phones called iBrowz. Within this application, feeds are grouped into categories (Tech, Finance, Gaming, Sports, News, etc.) and each category has its own colorful icon associated with it. To read your feeds, you first tap the category itself, then tap again to see the headlines from a particular feed. To read the news story in detail, a third tap opens up the article within the RSS reader.

Although you can manage your subscriptions within the application, there’s a web interface where this can be done, too. The changes you make online then sync back to the mobile app immediately.

The biggest drawback to iBorwz is the fact that it doesn’t allow you to add in your own feeds – you have to choose from the selection they provide. That’s a major bummer for any serious RSS users.

Still, there are a few extra features that make iBrowz worth a look. For example, you can also use the app to post messages to your friend’s Facebook wall, search Yelp, or manage your Neflix queue. Those don’t have anything to do with RSS, which is sort of odd, but it’s cool to have those options, anyway.

(Photo via CNET)


FeedMe: An RSS/Podcast Client for Windows Mobile

Mon, 20 Apr 2009 11:06:00 GMT

Joe Chiu, who works on the Microsoft Surface team at Microsoft, has developed an RSS/podcast client for Windows Mobile phones in his spare time. The app is called FeedMe and it’s a lightweight and easy-to-use client for both Professional (PocketPC) and Standard (smarthphones) Windows Mobile devices. Not only does FeedMe let you syndicate podcasts, feeds, and photostreams, it can also help you find interesting feeds to subscribe to with its “Discover Feed” option. With this, you can discover the feed from any external web site, for example. You can also subscribe to keywords or searches.

As mentioned above, FeedMe can also be used to view photostreams like those from photo-sharing sites Flickr and Zooomr. To do so, just enter in the photostream URL into the app and you can then view the photos in a slideshow.

Other FeedMe features include the following:

  • Support for RSS, RDF, and Atom feed formats
  • View feed content in full HTML fidelity with pictures
  • Supports MP3/WMA podcasts (Also supports streaming WMA)
  • Download Manager: Allows you to view the progress of current downloading podcasts
  • Downloaded Podcast channel allows you to view all your downloaded podcasts easily
  • Today folder, Watch folder (find content with certain keywords)
  • Cache all the content for seamless reading experience
  • Play all downloaded podcasts in a playlist in Downloaded Podcast channel
  • Pick a feed from an OPML file (You can open the OPML file from local device or from a URL)
  • Options to automatically download latest episodes of a podcast and purge old files
  • Config file auto-save and auto-recovering

To try FeedMe for yourself, you can download the application from here.

(via windowsmobilestuff)


Cómo construir un feed RSS con .NET

Thu, 15 Jan 2009 11:52:00 GMT

Aprende cómo tu aplicación puede generar un RSS dinámicamente.
Los usuarios podrán subscribirse a la información más reciente de tu aplicación a través de medios estándar y aplicaciones que ya conocen.

Por Unai Zorrilla, Development Team Lead de Plainconcepts.

Cita: Programación REST con .NET

•Foros MSDN



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CRM Accelerators: Notifications (RSS)

Thu, 11 Dec 2008 03:32:00 GMT

CRM notifications accelerator allows you to expose CRM business data by creating Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.

Users can subscribe to any saved views within CRM as a feed. This allows you to have a channel where you pull information instead of being pushed to you from the server. These RSS feeds accessible via a variety of RSS readers including Outlook, Mobile phone, 3rd Party Readers, etc. It is also worth noting that this capability can be used to easily create Vista Gadget for CRM by using the generic RSS gadget that Windows Vista ships with.

This is just a tip of iceberg on how RSS can be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Since the accelerator ships with the source code as well, developers can further extend this or create new and interesting applications based on RSS & CRM.


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Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 2 - Building Federated Search applications

Tue, 04 Nov 2008 15:50:00 GMT

In Part 1, you saw the user experience of finding and organizing your files in Windows 7.

In Part 2, David Washington and Brandon Paddock show how developers can build federated search applications that enable you to easily search your organization's intranet or the Web and integrate those search results directly into Windows Explorer.

The best part is that instead of needing to install software on Windows 7 to get new search providers, you simply run an XML configuration file to add a search provider to your machine!

- Watch their PDC session here too (image)

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Поддержка сервисов в Silverlight 2

Mon, 22 Sep 2008 22:26:00 GMT

Поскольку Silverlight 2 базируется на мини-CLR, в нем есть возможность работать с веб- или WCF-сервисами, а также использовать каналы RSS и Atom. При этом есть ряд подводных камней, таких как предотвращение атак типа Cross Side Scripting и политики, настраивающие доступ к веб-сайту.


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Как создать свои каналы RSS и Atom с помощью Windows Communication Foundation

Mon, 22 Sep 2008 22:25:00 GMT

В .NET 3.5 появились возможности по предоставлению в удобном виде сервисов Syndication это всем известные форматы RSS и Atom. Мы рассмотрим как же сделать сервис, работающий в формате RSS или ATOM с помощью WCF. Для этого нам не понадобится много времени. Более того, мы сможем показать пример проекта Picture Syndication это пример фотоблога на основе syndication-каналов, полностью написанный на WCF!


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Download Soapbox Videos to Your PC & Zune

Thu, 17 Jul 2008 14:09:00 GMT

Thanks to a new feature in Soapbox, the section of user-generated videos found here on MSN Video, you can now automatically download and sync videos to your PC and to your Zune. With this new option, you can subscribe to Soapbox videos by category, user video list, or via a search. That last option is especially helpful, as it will retrieve any videos relating to a particular search term and have them automatically sync to your PC. So, for example, if you wanted to see all the videos about Live Mesh, you could just search for the term live mesh and subscribe the results.

To see the subscribe option for the videos found via a search, click “view all results” and you’ll notice both an RSS icon for subscribing to the videos in your preferred RSS software as well as a “subscribe with Zune” button ( (image) ) to have the videos added to your podcast subscriptions in your Zune software (which, by the way, is a free download – you don’t need to own a Zune to use it).

If you need access to the video files themselves, you’ll find them in the Zune/Podcasts folder. Michael Gannotti recently blogged about this to demonstrate how you could access his SharePoint videos from Soapbox, so we thank him for providing us with this excellent tip!


Read RSS Feeds on Your Media Center TV

Wed, 21 May 2008 14:40:00 GMT

The Media Center RSS Reader application lets you read RSS news items on your Media Center TV as well as watch and/or listen to podcasts and watch video blogs. Originally developed for XP Media Center, there is now also a version for Vista Ultimate. The application adds a new option to Media Center's Start page called "Accessories." From there, you'll have access to a section called "RSS News & Casts" where you'll be able to view your feeds. If you run into any formatting issues or unsupported codecs, the site suggests you try downloading the content to your PC instead via IE's built-in RSS reader, instead. Since I use my Xbox 360 to watch Media Center content on my living room TV, I'm excited to have a way to access not just feeds, but podcasts too, without the addition of another set-top box to do so. (thanks to scribkin for the tip!) (image)

PCWorld Tells You How To Do Everything Faster

Mon, 12 May 2008 18:05:00 GMT

A new article over at offers up 22 tips on more efficient ways to perform common tech tasks - things like reinstalling Windows, backing up your data, creating a podcast, making a web site, sharing photos, and more. Here are a few sample tips from the article:

Add a Folder to Your Favorites: Drag the beloved folder from Windows Explorer to the Start button, and from there to the Favorites menu. In Windows XP, you also have the option of opening the folder and then clicking Favorites, Add to Favorites from inside the Explorer window.

Fix a Photo's Exposure: Microsoft's Windows Live Photo Gallery app improves on Vista's Photo Gallery program. Select Fix, Adjust Exposure In Windows Live Photo Gallery (which runs in both Vista and XP), and you'll get both Highlights and Shadows sliders and a histogram, as well as the familiar old Brightness and Contrast options.

Read the News: A number of free services can send you RSS feeds over e-mail. My favorite is, which is so easy that you don't even have to register with the site, although doing so will make adding feeds simpler. Just enter the URL for the RSS feed you want, type in your e-mail address, and click Feed. From then on, new items will automatically appear in your inbox.

Email Large Files: My rule of thumb: Never e-mail more than 1MB of content without the express permission of the recipient. As an alternative, try YouSendIt, a brain-dead-simple take on the FTP transfer. The service is free for any file under 100MB, and individual files can be downloaded up to 100 times. You don't even have to sign up and enter a password (though the service offers additional features if you do, and even more if you pay). Just enter both e-mail addresses, point to the file, and click the Send button.

There are eighteen other great tips like those above, so you're sure to discover some tip, idea, or software app to use that you didn't already know about before.


News Search Adds RSS

Mon, 28 Apr 2008 14:43:00 GMT

Here's some great news from the Windows Live Search team: Earlier this month, we told you when the new web service News Search was launched. The site, which offers many great features like local news and top videos was only missing one thing as far as its users were concerned: RSS feeds. Well, no more! A blog posting on the Live Search blog states, "you wanted it, and now you have it." That's right, RSS feed are now available in News Search for all the categories or for the specific searches you perform. Thanks guys! (image)

RSS in Outlook

Thu, 17 Apr 2008 21:00:00 GMT

There are lots of ways to keep up with your RSS feeds - online, in a desktop reader, in a program like Newsgator's Inbox 3.0 which integrates into Outlook, or even just in Outlook itself. That last option is especially useful if you work in a company that doesn't allow you to install software on your computer, like a desktop reader, or maybe you just don't want to appear as if you're surfing the internet every time someone looks over your shoulder. (This blog I'm reading is work-related, I swear!)

Outlook 2007 has RSS feed reading built right into the software. Besides being able to subscribe and read your feeds in Outlook, you can also share interesting feeds with your colleagues, too - just right-click on any feed and choose "Share This Feed." An email will be automatically created with a link to the RSS feed, so the recipient can subscribe as well.

If you're thinking about getting started with RSS in Outlook, this CNET video shows you how via Molly Wood's one-minute quick tip.


Live Maps and Virtual Earth 3D Keep Getting Better

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 17:18:00 GMT

The Live Maps / Virtual Earth team must have gotten the last shipment of Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel and are putting it to good use pumping out tons of great new features. Jump over to the Virtual Earth Blog for a full recap, or over to ars technica for a hands on look, or just go to to use it.

Some of the cool new features include improved 3D views with higher resolution textures, the ability to export to your GPS, the ability to make your own 3D models with 3DVIA (just right click where you want a building), street/other labels in birds eye view, and 1-click directions.

One of my favorite new features is the mash-up features, check out this view of Giants Stadium with a seating data overlay. Also check out this view of the Seattle Transit System.

Those alone make for a significant update, but there's much more. You can now share your custom map content with other people, you can browse to a location and subscribe to a geo-location via RSS, there are tour enhancements, high-def movie output, and direction/traffic enhancements. Great stuff!

Update: Max on Channel 8 has a video, check it out. (image)

Search Results to RSS Feeds

Wed, 02 Apr 2008 12:41:00 GMT

This is one of those things that I'm embarrassed to say that I honestly just discovered. I guess I hadn't really needed to turn a search result into an RSS feed until recently, but when I did, I was actually stumped for a bit as to the best way to go about doing so. I mean, I'm familiar with "Alerts," but a feed? Hmmm...  Well, as it turns out, you can do this with Live Search!

According to this blog post from 2005, (yeah 2005...I told you this was embarrassing) you can turn any web search into a feed. I really didn't know this!

The trick is to do a search, then append the text ‘&format=rss’ to the URL. Subscribe. I'm only admitting my ignorance here in case someone else, like me, finds this useful.


NewsGator Consumer Products Now Free

Wed, 09 Jan 2008 11:07:00 GMT

NewsGator just announced that NetNewsWire 3.1, FeedDemon 2.6, and NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile will be free. In fact, all consumer products are available at for free starting today, and this includes free synchronization. The trade-off includes some data-collection on which feeds you click, but you can turn it off if you don't mind not having synch. Leaving it on helps us all in determining what's popular at any given moment. FeedDemon is a great product so this is great news for RSS users. (image)

Mobile RSS & More

Sun, 30 Dec 2007 08:29:00 GMT

Viigo Personal is a free application for Blackberry & Windows Mobile devices that goes beyond being just a mobile RSS reader. With the Viigo application, you can keep up-to-date with your favorite blogs, news, sports, entertainment, and markets from anywhere you go. The RSS reader lets you keep up with your feeds on the go of course, but the service also offers other features like local weather, headlines, local events, and more. The "local events" feature that lets you subscribe to events, like theater, special interest groups, and bands, for wherever you live. Another feature, "Channels," lets you set up channels to watch for information from the internet on various topics that are of interest to you. There is even a package-tracking feature that lets you track your packages from the main mail and package carriers. The combination of these features, make Viigo a great choice if you are looking for a mobile RSS reader download. Viigo also offers paid versions, Viigo Publisher, which helps you deploy and monetize mobile content, and Viigo Enterprise, which integrates with Blackberry Enterprise Server for deploying and managing content for your corporate BES users. (image)

RSS Screensaver

Mon, 05 Nov 2007 16:25:00 GMT

Rsssaver is a RSS screen saver for Windows PCs. Currently in open beta, rsssaver previews RSS feeds from the net and displays them on your screen when your computer's screen saver kicks in. The screen saver shows the channel, title, description, and publish date from any valid RSS URL. Using the OpenGL text rendering engine, the fonts are smooth scrolling and clean. The free application supports Windows 2000, XP, and, as of August, it was "sort of" working in Vista. It looks like the developer hit a snag when trying to code for Vista. Maybe someone can help him out? This would be a killer download for Vista users like myself. The download is available here. (image)

Feeds Plus: Enhanced Feed Reading in IE7

Thu, 20 Sep 2007 17:11:00 GMT

Feeds Plus is an "unofficial" IE7 add-on developed by Nate Furtwangler and Chrix Finne, both of whom interned with the IE RSS Team. The Feeds Plus add-on they created during this time brings aggregation and notification to your IE7 feed reading experience. With Feeds Plus, feeds can be grouped within a folder and read as an aggregated feed, and this feed can be searched, sorted, and filtered just like you can with non-aggregated feeds. 

A second feature is a pop-up feed notification reminiscent of Outlook’s. You can decide which feeds matter most to you and then be notified with this pop-up as soon as those feeds have new items waiting. The pop-up is unobtrusive - it fades in and out - and it includes a handy link to the feeds that it’s announcing. For more info on Feed Plus check out this blog post at the Microsoft RSS blog. You can get the Feed Plus add-on here. (image)

Use Windows Live Mail as an RSS Reader

Wed, 19 Sep 2007 08:38:00 GMT

It may come as a surprise to you, but there is a free, built-in RSS reader in Windows Vista. Haven't noticed it yet? It's the feed reader that's available in Vista's Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail utilizes the Internet Explorer 7 RSS feed store in Windows Vista. The Windows RSS platform takes this "Common Feed List" and intergrates it into Windows Live Mail. This means that any feed you subscribe to in IE7 automatically appears in your Windows Live Mail, too. The feeds are  displayed in a separate tab in Windows Live Mail, which makes it easy to switch between your feeds and your email. Since your feeds are in Live Mail, you can take advantage of the "Search Folders" technology to make custom folders for your feeds like "Flagged Feeds," "Unread Feeds," etc. Non-Vista users can get Windows Live Mail here. Thanks to the Windows Vista Blog for this tip!



The Geek Stories: Stepping thru' Particls

Mon, 03 Sep 2007 08:58:00 GMT

On weekends and also in the evenings, I get to meet some interesting Web 2.0 developer types.

Here, at super-secret Faraday Media central, I met and conversed with Chris Saad and Ashley Angell. Developers of Particls, their software watches what you want to watch on the web.

In this episode of The Geek Stories, we discuss the concepts of newsfeeds, watching too much information, Megan Gale, Microsoft and other strange topics.



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