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Is there a "YouTube-like" service for audio? [closed]


For uploading audio files (podcasts) and then embedding them in blogs and the like.

Can you subscribe to a YouTube channel as a podcast?


Videos are available in several different formats on YouTube, and RSS feeds are provided for channels. Is there a feed that will allow me to subscribe in iTunes?

How can I use SoundCloud as a source of podcasts


I have played around a little with SoundCloud as a listener. On the other hand I have quite a lot of experience of using podcatchers. First I used Itunes and synced to an ipod. Then I went to android and have used applications such as doggcatcher and beyondpod and my latest favorite: Pocket Casts. How can I create a RSS feed out of what I am following on SoundCloud so that I can use Pocket Casts to follow? Can I?

Turn a live video podcast into a live audio only podcast?


Does a service exist (and can you tell me the names of one or more) that can turn a live video podcast into a live audio only podcast?

Can you find the Intelligence Squared podcast?


There's a link on this page to the "Intelligence Squared podcast", but it's some strange link that works only in iTunes. I have Rhythmbox. Can anyone find the actual RSS feed? I assume there's an RSS feed in there somewhere.

Why does my podcast suddenly have no items in iTunes after switching to Feedburner?


We recently switched our podcast over to using Feedburner as a proxy to our original RSS feed. Shortly thereafter, iTunes started showing 0 episodes.

Here's our original RSS feed:

Here's our Feedburnerized feed:

Here's the podcast page on Apple's site:

The enclosures are still there, with the appropriate type. Feedburner has changed the length of the enclosure from the empty string to "0", which after checking the spec is technically correct.

How do I format my Dropbox xml feed as a podcast feed?


I've set up my iTunes to download to Dropbox and now I have my podcasts saving to a dropbox folder. I have subscribed to the the folders event feed and it gives me links to download the mp3 files but I want it to display like a podcast feed so my podcatcher recognizes the mp3 as a media enclosure and downloads it automatically.

Suggest Audio live streaming service [closed]


I've setup a meeting with my 4/5 local buddies and I want my remote friends, (who are physically not present here with me) want to listen to our discussion. In simple words, I want to broadcast our live talk online with some of my remote friends. Something like podcast or internet radio. But I don't want to setup podcast a/c on iTunes (it's a private conference & am not going to do it regularly).

I'm seeking something similar to what ustream.TV & does for video, I want for audio. Do we have such service online or on iOS/android app store? I should be able to record our discussion via mobile phone or mic on PC.

SoundCloud alternatives with lots more free space? [closed]


I am looking for a website (similar to SoundCloud) where I can host podcasts, so I need lots of free space. Anybody knows anything good? I have been using SoundCloud so far, but apparently I'm out of free space. (My website is a WordPress site; any suggestions on how to host podcasts in WordPress are welcome.)

Unable to play feed on cloud podcast player (Pocket casts)


The app,, builtWith, doesn't map the following RSS feed from Amazon's Audible,


So far, their tech support insisted disabling the Chrome app, "Data Saver", which helped for other feeds. Also they asked if hitting play after receiving the message, "The episode could not be played", helps. It does not.

I have a half dozen, fairly light, chrome extensions. Does anyone have insights using other platforms or this one? Are we overlooking something?

Tool to republish old RSS items [closed]


I'm looking for a service that would take an existing RSS feed and allow me to republish the items in it with a different schedule. Take for an example a weekly educational podcast that was done for a school year. I would like to publish those items again so that this year's students can subscribe to a feed that will give them one episode a week.