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By: Geof's Relentless Kvetching About WordPress

Sun, 24 Jun 2007 01:00:09 +0000

WP 2.1: Still No Atom 1.0 Support As Joe Gregorio notes, WordPress was supposed to support Atom 1.0 starting with the 1.6 milestone [which, as I recall, never happened and became 2.0]. Mark Pilgrim is frustrated, too. So am I, but this should be a surprise to exactly no one. But bein...

By: WordPress Plugin to Support Atom 1.0 « Geof’s Relentless Kvetching About WordPress

Thu, 07 Sep 2006 15:42:22 +0000

[...] I complained nine months ago about the lack of Atom 1.0 support in WordPress. It’s still a bit stunning to me that, a few releases later, WP still doesn’t have that support. But today, Sam Ruby pointed to Benjamin Smedburg’s plugin that generates Atom 1.0 output for WordPress. Huzzah! [...]

By: ambientmonk

Thu, 15 Dec 2005 11:31:40 +0000

I'm sure the devs have a lot to do and need to spend their time on what has priority. Probably the reason is very down to earth: they can't be bothered...