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Published: Wed, 11 Oct 2017 23:04:04 -0700


Computer Repair - Does it Make You Scream?

Tue, 20 Mar 2012 19:56:38 GMT

Don't you hate it when your computer goes on the fritz?If you're anything like me, you depend upon it - a great deal! There's the stuff I've got to do for work, there's the stuff I need to get done for our household and, of course, there's when my daughter needs to use it for schoolwork.All fine and good until something doesn't work right. And you can't even tell what's wrong when it comes to your computer, can you? It's not like smoke starts coming out of it (hollywood notwithstanding); heck so [...]

Troubled Teenagers and The Freaked Out Parent

Sat, 15 Jan 2011 03:26:07 GMT

"How much longer will you tolerate dishonesty and disrespect? How many more temper tantrums and arguments will you endure? Have you wasted a lot of time and energy trying to make your child change? If so, you need to get help as soon as possible."Read more: love this quote I found today on another parenting blog. In my nearly 30 years of parenting experience, I have found this to be so true:Real proble [...]

How To Stop Back Talking - Standing Firm When You Want to Run For Cover

Fri, 17 Dec 2010 20:00:37 GMT

How to stop back talking - do you have that challenge in your family? Chances are you do if you've had kids longer than 5 minutes!As a longtime parent myself (nearly 30 years), I've seen my fair share of back talking. Frankly, other than pockets of smart mouthing, we've never had a major problem. I honestly think that is due to a couple of factors we've never let out of our sight.1. Respect is king in our home. Period.That means that my husband and I have tried to cultivate an environment of res [...]

Potty Training Bowel Movements - Help!!

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 17:52:43 GMT

You know, just when you think you're getting a handle on parenting, along comes toilet training. Then when you think you've gotten that one at least a bit under control an issue comes up with constipation, potty training bowel movements or the like.Thanks very much, life. Sigh.It's in these moments that we just have to laugh, don't we? What else is there to do? Cry? Oh wait, we've already done that - multiple times! The great thing about this realization is that it help keeps us calm and matter- [...]

Potty Training Child - Baby, Toddler, Preschooler?

Fri, 05 Nov 2010 20:16:53 GMT

I have a friend who just gave birth to her 4th child. Her other children include a toddler, a preschooler and a school-age child. A potty training child is always on this woman's mind. She confessed to me that she was trying to get the toddler potty trained before the new baby arrived - something I have also tried to do with no success.Well, maybe I should amend that. When my oldest was waiting (!) for the birth of his little brother, I was sure talk of being a 'big boy' would finally inspire hi [...]