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Dedicated Hosting such as affordable colocation, managed servers, backup companies, Internet service providers, streaming video and other related articles are available at ChristiaNet, Inc.

Published: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 00:15:05 CDT

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Windows Dedicated Servers
Unfortunately hackers, viruses and other types of attackers can more easily assault a Microsoft based system.(image)

Web Site Design Software
The images, colors and fonts should all flow together to present a cohesive marketing image to the user.(image)

Web Based Proxy Servers
There are so many opportunities these days for personal information to be stolen that it helps clients, students and all citizens to feel safer when security measures such as a free anonymous proxy server is put into place.(image)

Virtual Web Site Hosting
"Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God.(image)

Virtual Private Server Hosting
The VPS also allows the client to create multiple websites and unlimited email addresses.(image)

UNIX Web Hosting Server
Proven for over thirty years, the UNIX web hosting providers have continually been the World Wide Web's number one choice in options.(image)

Streaming Video Hosting
However, the downside of this method is that it takes time for a file to download and the larger the file, the more time it takes.(image)

Sql Server Hosting
Since every business is different, the needs of each will be different.(image)

SMTP Email Server
Not only is this convenient, but practical as well.(image)

Reseller Hosting Service
There are quite a few advantages that come with acting as a third party as pertains to web space and affordable reseller hosting.(image)

Remote Data Backup Service
Secure Internet data backup services take the responsibility of keeping clients' information very safe.(image)

Remote Computer Access Software
In addition, the remote computer access software that uses a website to assist in the transfer of information is also much more secure, because the connection is 128 bit AES encrypted rather than user-settable.(image)

Personal Email Hosting
This program allows the user to know exactly where customers are searching, what keywords they are using, and which advertising venues are working the best.(image)

Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool
A network bandwidth monitoring tool can add alert to specific jobs, keep one apprised of security issues, and enhance the network system itself.(image)

Managed Windows Hosting
Whether a spammer is targeting only one e-mail recipient, or is trying to penetrate an entire server, the filters associated with these hosting services can generally recognize such e-mails and either block them or automatically send them to a junk e-mail file.(image)

Managed Firewall Services
Since a system that uses a firewall service is prepared in the event of any kind of attack, business activity is not interrupted.(image)

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting
Customer service should be prompt, professional, courteous, and effective.(image)

Linux Dedicated Server Web Hosting
Also, Linux can only handle so much network traffic.(image)

Internet Webcasting Services
Many times a business would send out DVDs or CDs with its information or marketing presentation to many computer owners and hope that the recipient took time to watch the video before it was thrown away.(image)

Internet Backup Services
And of course, the natural disaster, where a tornado or flood or hurricane or fire can completely destroy the computer physically, rendering even a retrieval genius impotent to bring back important data.(image)