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Published: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:35:02 CDT

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Tithe To Abused Animals

God gave land (and attendent income from crops, livestock, etc.) to all Tribes of Israel but one - Levi. To compensate Levi for lack of property and(image)

Is There A Burp Demon
Pure nonsense.(image)

Believe In Death Penalty

It's the Republicans who consistently dismantle social programs designed as safety nets for the poor, especially poor children. Taking away funds(image)

How Real Is Satan
As real as my wife and as real as a man who swindled us out of millions and as real as the people who trespassed, broke in and plundered us.
---mike4879 on(image)

Who Is The Serpent
Post 29.I'm stopping in to add one more point.
Adam and Eve were the last on the list to be created.
Beasts of the field was created before Adam and(image)

Where Are The Seven Hills
Yes it is very clear and becoming even more clear as the years pass that Mecca is Mystery Babylon. The seven mountain are around Mecca, and Saudi Arabia has many(image)

Authority Of Satan And Demons
Satan is the Prince of the air. JESUS did not dispute with the Devil when Satan told Jesus that all the kingdoms of the world had been given him and that he could(image)

Is Levitation Demonic
I agree with you, and yet the closest passages in the Bible to this are of Jesus going up on a cloud which we are to do later and a prophet going up in a chariot of(image)

Bigfoot Sasquatch Skuck-Ape
I believe Behometh and Leviathan did exist and that there were once giants like Goliath. Giant squid do exist. I have seen UFOs. Fossil evidence exists for species.(image)

Does Satan Bless People
He sure hasn't blessed me.(image)

Ghost Spooks Spirits Souls
Cluny, you write that Elijah hasn't died yet, and that the Biblical data is ambiguous about whether Moses died.

Have you not read Matthew 11:14? What Jesus(image)

Illuminati Signs Symbols
Are not there Illuminati symbols on our paper currency? I will help you remove them from your church. Is not our days of the week named after pagan gods:(image)

Did God Create Demons
//Wrong Luke. God did not create anything sinful.---Jerry6593 on 7/17/16

Luke is right! All means all.

demons are creature just like you and(image)

Demon Speaks Through Husband
I guess you will need a voice activated recorder to catch the abrupt words of talking while asleep. Then watch the movie, "The Exorcist" wherein a priest(image)

Wife Has Jezebel Spirit
mike, I'd be curious to know what your wife had to say about you.

There is no such thing as a "Jezebel spirit."

This is simply a(image)

Shark Attacks In North Carolina
Your time to go is predetermined before birth so there's nothing you can do to prevent your time coming. But those people who choose to swim in the ocean which I(image)

Various Government Agencies
StrongAxe. Nazi means SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Nazism/SOCIALISM is clearly Leftist ideology.

NurseRob. Your typical abusive Leftist style has long(image)

Born In The 1950's
On the first day of my first teaching post in 1965 the headmistress walked into my very first class and grabbed the pencil out of the left hand of a boy and placed(image)

Spiritual Warfare Attacks
I am a prayer warrior have been for years... I have ongoing attacks.. I look around and so many families seem to be thriving and mine is falling apart...I wonder if(image)

Doctrine Of Demons
I believe that Jesus died for sinners. That I am a sinner who by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit has been Born Again to a new life in Jesus Christ.(image)