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Published: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 01:35:06 CDT

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Finish It Here April 2018
AXE. Repeating Leftist lies only proves you're a brainwashed follower of the Left.

The Left today are still the racists, heartless murderers, etc, just as(image)

Is DACA Legal
2000 recount election was taken to the Florida Supreme Court by Lieberman to stop Florida's Secretary of State from giving Florida's electoral votes to Bush.(image)

Friends With The Backslidden
Many people go through difficult times (by their own fault or not), and often lose most of their friends. The few who stick with them are very telling. Note Jesus's(image)

More Finish It Here June 2017
John, like I said, you don't listen to others. The exact words "Sola S" was not coined until the reformation. The concept is clearly stated in scripture(image)

Too Much Bickering
NURSE. And yet again you deflect to justify your loyalty to your evil Leftist puppet masters.
Sugar coating the Left's record of dehumanizing babies, and it's(image)

Finish It Here June 2017
Kathr. "Cannot sin" (1John 3:9), "ceased from sin" (1Pet 4:1), "who shall lay ANY THING to the charge of God's elect" (Rom 8:33), are(image)

Finish It Here May 2017
Reason deals with facts, evidence not with Conspiracy Theories?

---john9346 on 5/30/17

Reason DOES deal with FACTS John, and facts do NOT have to fit(image)

Hypostatic Union

I've always been disturbed by the lack (as I see it) of plausible explanation given by those who tout the hypostatic union as fact and the alacrity in which(image)

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
Leave that congregation. According to Timothy as well as other scriptures, the women is not permitted authority within the church on any level. If the pastor is(image)

Finish It Here_Feb 2017
barb said, "I don't believe that Jesus was telling us to grow up or to mature as His Father grew up and matured because His Father has always existed and never(image)

Strong Feeling For A Priest
Happy Easter everyone!

Just to let you all know this isn't me!

In fact, it is a fake post.(image)

Wrong To Live Life Alone
"Is it wrong to live life alone and never get married?"

Old blog, nevertheless,
The response "There is no NT scripture to indicate(image)

Correct Pastor During The Sermon
While there are certainly many opinions about how to handle something you believe to be wrong in a sermon, one reply concerns me. That reply basically asked,(image)

How To Earn A Living
TRUE! There are hypocrisies and attempts to remove a speck with a board in the eye of the ones desiring to remove the speck. Such is the church!(image)

A Very Dirty Family
//Jesus says to help others, he didn't say how. Just help them.---Christalon 2/6/17

I don't think the family is asking for her help to clean up.


Finish It Here HIV Positive
Nicole said, "Sorry to Karen, Rita, Rob, David, John, StrongAxe, Mike and NurseRobert as well."

Nicole, ma'am, actually, I cant say you have ever(image)

Finish It Here Jan 2017 Again
"Human Marriage is a copy of the true Marriage of the Church and Jesus"--Nicole_Lacey on 1/28/17 I have never understood this analogy. The church(image)

Finish It Here__Jan 2017

You wrote: By the mathematics of probability, one can compute the chance of an organism self-assembling. This has been done, and the(image)

Are Shriners Christian
Amen to Jesus Christ!!!(image)

Sacrifices In Life
Some good points. I agree. Although I don't feel getting closer to GOD is that great a sacrifice. But I know the world would see it that way.