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Published: Sat, 21 Apr 2018 06:35:08 CDT

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Spanking Teenage Boys
My brothers and I got paddled bare thru high school and we just accepted it even though it really hurt--Times have changed---waht was normal and accepted is now(image)

Spank 14 Year Old Niece
A 14-year-old is old enough to be reasoned with rationally, without resorting to spanking. She should be told that unauthorized access to computers is a federal(image)

Daughter Is Pregnant
Are you upset she's having a baby, or upset that she had sex?

I hope you're not secretly wishing she'd have an abortion.

Christ is risen!(image)

Love Your Enemies
Nicole, pay attention. FOLLOW THE WHITE BOUNCING BALL.

You all INVITE demonic activity because you practice Idolotry, heathenism, worship and kissing(image)

Love Is Patient
//Don't be so naive. Try reading the "communist manifesto." It will open your eyes to what is happening in the world//

Our founding Fathers has(image)

Arrested For A Spanking
I would have spanked them too. If the children are not physically damaged by her spanking them, then what crime did she commit in spanking them?(image)

Spanking 15 Year Olds
You think it is wrong, suggest to your parents another form of punishment.(image)

Should We Keep Unsaved Friends
Jesus was a friend of tax collectors and sinners. He said it is the sick who need a doctor. If we are to keep an unsaved spouse who is willing to remain, why will(image)

Nephew Has No Shoes
Say you will let him use yours. After saying that, you can then tell him that you will even buy him a pair of shoes after he attends church with you. Some places(image)

God's Rules For Family
That's why it is better not to marry (Matthew 19:10) and why it is good not to touch a woman. (1 Corinthians 7:1) Idealism gets ruined. God wants us to love our(image)

Daughter Lied To CPS
Joseph went to prison when he was falsely accused by Potipher's wife for having touched her when he didn't. Joseph trusted God.(image)

Son In Pink Clothing
Tell her you don't like it. Tell her you don't like your son be dressed in pink. Point out to her Deuteronomy 22:5 that a woman is not to wear that which pertaineth(image)

Relationship With Your Kids
I love my kids regardless. But I have good kids. I do not know how they will develop in their beliefs concerning Christ considering a bad marriage and the(image)

How To Spank Boys
I don't like to spank my kids. I give them warnings. Some times I give them rainchecks and promise. If behavior improves, I'm light. One swift swat to the butt. I(image)

Christians That Hate Parents
Most of us are Christians by title.(image)

Let's Comment In Love
Rita, many blessings to you and your family, and may you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a great New year.(image)

Can't We All Walk In Love
Nicole_Lacey on 11/1/16

Nice answer, I'm assuming to the blog question.

Rita, miss you...
considering debates, as common today (i.e. presidential)(image)

Return Of 15 Year Old
Cluny no there is nothing going on we don't know about,these are people we have been close to a long time and they are ,as I told you,Christians. The children were(image)

Help Depressed Son
What Christ told in Matt 19:16-17 is of course true.---Pete

I'm glad you see it is the truth, but Cluny, and many others, don't believe this(image)

What Is Christian Charity
Monk, you asked a question and answered it with:
"Everybody seems to have their own version of Christ's teaching. Why?"

The reason many(image)