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Published: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 00:35:04 CDT

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Catholic With Muslim Boyfriend

You wrote: Protestants even state Catholics are not Saved.

That's painting with a very broad brush. How would you know that? How many(image)

Saturday Is Day To Worship
I believe Sunday worship comes from these verses ,

Mark 16:1 And when the sabbath was - past- , Mary Magdalene , and Mary the mother of James, and(image)

I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
Why are you looking at young girls. Let her mature. You sound like the teacher who married his student.(image)

Woman Divorced Three Times
I married what I truly thought was a strong Christian woman this year. I was her 3rd marriage. She was my first. We seperated through email, she refused to speak to(image)

Never Got An Engagement Ring
Some women are so desperate to marry, that they are blinded to the obvious...that your desperation is also noted by those who will take you to the cleaners. He(image)

Divorce To Repent
The bible is clear that remarriage is ongoing adultery, and must terminate. Divorced persons must remain single or reconcile. Herod and Herodias, both divorced,(image)

What Is God's Role

"God hath endued the will of man with that natural liberty and power of acting upon choice, that it is neither forced, nor by any necessity of nature(image)

Married With No License
Old Blog (11 years old!)

My question is why would you not want to have a legal marriage?(image)

Divorce Second Husband
I feel your just looking for opportunist answers, to do what is really in your heart. Might be best you leave your second husband, he's really the one coming up on(image)

Marry Only An Adventist
Good you want a girl, machindra. Here you can choose which ever gender you like, and divorce one gender to marry another gender.(image)

I Hate My Husband

Marriage Of HIV Couples
Was Pope Francis thinking about indoctrination when he OPENED the Vatican residence to Muslims Exiles?

Or did he just wanted to make sure he OBEYED Jesus in(image)

Wife Left Me For No Reason
We are all stupid. You do not know some one til you marry them, then it's too late. But you knowingly sinned to marry a woman that you knew was divorced. Adam(image)

Born Again Single Men
Some are so devoted to this concept of marriage that after divorcing, they marry and divorce again and again and still believe in marriage. I think many Pastors(image)

Remarry If Commit Adultery
The interesting thing is that the Prophet Hosea never divorced his very adultress wife Gomer, nor does David give Michal a certificate of divorce though Michal(image)

Saved With Atheist Partner
You already have a common law marriage. You unexpectedly became a christian. UNEXPECTEDLY, he may become a christian too. What reason do you have to leave him? when(image)

Consumed In Previous Marriage
A possibility is that he has married her and therefore is still deeply involved with her, though outwardly he may have done a divorce thing.

May be he is(image)

Explain Matthew 23:1-3
Jesus is pointing out that the scribes are not practicing what they preach, but they do have academic knowledge of what they say so He warning His listeners that(image)

Dating A Married Woman
//You will not ever have God's blessing in this.---mike4879 on 11/3/16

True, Short and to the Point!(image)

Living With A Bitter Spouse
I live with such a spouse, and there is no solution other than divorce or separation, only children are involved, so separation and divorce aren't as good a(image)