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Top Popular Foods of Rome


Everyone knows that when taking a trip to Italy, half of the fun is in the food. While it is hard to find a truly bad meal in Italy, not every restaurant in Rome is serving up top quality fare. Here is a list of 10 must-try foods while visiting Rome and a few pointers on where to get them at their finest.First things first. Start out the day as the Romans do with an Italian sugar and caffeine bomb.1. A delicious espresso or cappuccino at the Tazza d’oro bar near Rome’s Pantheon or another reputable coffee bar.Cappuccino with a heart designed by my favorite Roman bartender2. The perfect accompaniment to that coffee is without a doubt the bomba con crema. Though it may look like your run of the mill sugar donut with cream inside, there is so much more to it than that. These are best when fresh, so before you buy one ask how long ago they were made. If they have been sitting there for more than half a day, don’t waste the calories on it and wait for some fresh ones!One bite of this bomba and you will be changed for lifeAfter you have done a bit of sightseeing in Rome and you are ready for a savory meal, below are some essential tips for eating well in Rome.3. mozzarella di bufala – this milky white ball of love is a wonderful appetizer along with a good quality olive oil, a little salt, and some fresh cherry tomatoes or Rughetta (arugula). Mozzarella is best served at room temperature, so if you buy some at the local market make sure you leave it out for a few hours before eating. At a restaurant it should be served at room temperature.When it comes to mozzarella, bufala is best4. Culatello di Parma – Much like the Prosciutto di Parma but an even more selective cut. Pure food of the gods – at 40-45 Euro per kilo you will only need a slice or two to realize why. Do not stuff it into a sandwich as to do so would be sacrilege. Savor it by itself. Buy it at a good quality deli, and be sure that the color is on the light side as in the photo. The darker the meat, the lower the quality.At 40 Euro per kilo, Culatello is worth its weight in gold5. Bucatini all’amatriciana – a true Roman classic. This dish is made with guanciale, or pig’s cheek (some restaurants substitute pancetta which is also good) in a tomato sauce and sometimes with a bit of peperoncino. My favorite is at Vecchia Roma, a restaurant that resembles an ancient Roman cave and has been serving this dish up for decades. It comes inside an opened wheel of Pecorino Romano (not parmigiano!) cheese and is blended inside the wheel in front of your table before serving. Vecchia Roma is located at Via Ferruccio, 12/C just a block from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.Rome's best Bucatini all'Amatriciana6. Spaghetti alla Carbonara- A more fattening version of the Amatriciana (hey, you're on vacation). Instead of tomato sauce this is made with a creamy sauce made of egg and cheese. Vecchia Roma also makes a delicious carbonara.How do Italians eat like this and stay so thin?7. From Turin to Trapani, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese has been adopted as a staple food for Italians Used to top pasta, pizza, and even on its own, only 100% natural ingredients are used to make this wonder cheese. If you get the chance, try some that is aged 24 months and enjoy it on its own before grating it onto pasta or anything else.In Italy, Parmigiano can even be used as collateral for a mortgage8. Gelato - No matter what time of year it is, gelato is always in season in Rome. At any given time, one will see Italians enjoying a delectable cone of cioccolato, pistacchio, nutella, or any of the hundreds of flavors put on the earth to tempt us. When looking for a great gelateria, it's best to stay away from tourist stands and chain gelaterie.Gelato: how to choose?9. Cannolo – Originating in Sicily, the Cannolo has now invaded the world. Try to find a Sicilian bakery such as Ciuri Ciuri located in the Monti district and you will understand why Cannoli have Italians and tourists alike f[...]

10 Most Famous Chefs in the World


Ever wonder who the most famous chefs in the world are?  You might be surprised!We summed up the number of people searching Google for specific celebrity chefs. World-renowned French chef and restaurateur Joël Robuchon didn't even make the top 10 list.  Jamie Oliver, aka The Naked Chef, was far and away the most searched for chef on the Internet.Here's our full list of the 10 most searched for chefs on the Internet.  Jamie Oliver - The Naked ChefJamie Oliver is frequently nicknamed The Naked Chef, is an English chef best known for his growing list of food-focused television shows.  Oliver is also an active opponent of the use of processed foods in national schools  Gordon Ramsey - Hell's KitchenGordon Ramsay is a British chef who currently ranks 3rd in the world in terms of Michelin Stars behind Joël Robuchon and Alain Ducasse.  He's on Hell's Kitchen. Rachael Ray - Food Network QueenRachael Ray hosts the TV show Rachael Rayand two Food Network shows, 30 Minute Mealsand Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels. Rachael Ray has also written several cookbooks based on her 30 Minute Meals concept. Bobby Flay - BBQ Throw DownBobby Flay is the owner and executive chef of eight restaurants and has appeared on 8 different cooking television shows.  Flay has also competed on Iron Chef. Wolfgang Puck - Restarant TycoonWolfgang Puck is an Austrian celebrity chef now based in Los Angeles. Wolfgang Puck owns a collection of restaurants, catering services, cookbooks and licensed products. Giada De Laurentiis - Everyday ItalianGiada De Laurentiis is an Italian American chef and the current host of the Food Network programs Everyday Italian, Behind the Bash,Giada's Weekend Getaways, Giada in Paradise, and Giada at Home. Sandra Lee - Semi Homemade Cooking AuthorSandra Lee is best-known for her "Semi-Homemade" cooking concept. She describes the philosophy as "70% store-bought/ready-made products accompanied by 30% fresh and creative touches, allowing you to take 100% of the credit." Mario Batali - Iron Chef championMario Batali is one of the most accomplished 'Iron Chefs'.  He can whip up a 3 course meal faster than you can peel a potato. Emeril Lagasse - "Kick it up a notch"Emeril Lagasse is best known for his Food Network shows Emeril Live and Essence of Emeril as well as catchphrases such as “Kick it up a notch!” and “BAM!” Jacques Pepin - Famed French chefJacques Pepin  is an award-winning French chef, television personality, and author working in the United States. [...]

Taiwan Most Wanted Night Market Food


Mini soup dumplingsThis famous snack from Shanghai has spread throughout the Chinese world. It is made with pork and pork skin boiled in chicken broth wrapped in dough and steamed. They are carefully wrapped using 14 folds to make buns that “look like a bell on the bot''.   Crispy Salt & Pepper ChickenOne of Taiwan’s most popular snacks. The name originally referred to breaded deep fried chunks of chicken, but is now used for a wide variety of deep fried foods including tempura, dried mushrooms, silver rolls, green corn, and dried tofu.    Stinky tofuAs any lover of stinky tofu will tell you, the stinkier the better! Many people are afraid to try this pungent dish, but everyone agrees that once you do you’ll be hooked. This simple dish is prepared by frying fermented tofu in oil    Oyster vermicelliNo trip to the night market would be complete without a bowl of oyster noodles. Fresh oysters are added to red flour noodles and broth thickened with starch, then served with stewed sausage, black vinegar, and a special sauce and topped with cilantro... Ba-wan (Taiwanese meatball)Changhwa and Hsinchu are particularly famous for their ba-wan, the former specializing in fried ba-wan, and the latter in steamed. This traditional snack is made from pork, mushrooms, and dried bamboo shoots stuffed in dough made from rice flour    Chicken riceOne of Chiayi’s most famous dishes, chicken rice is eaten for lunch and dinner, as a midnight snack, or even for breakfast. It is traditionally made from white rice smothered in chicken and chicken gravy, but there are many variations.    Braised pork riceAn endearing traditional favorite, this dish became popular in the post-war era when meat was a luxury that was only available on special occasions. It is traditionally made with inexpensive meat from a pig’s head and ears cooked in soy sauce.   Shrimp rollsShrimp rolls are made with fresh shrimp, minced pork, fish sauce, celery and onions wrapped in pork skin and deep fried, then served with a sweet sauce. Unbelievably delicious!   Oyster omeletA very popular item, these omelettes are made from fresh oysters coated in potato or sweet potato starch and fried on a skillet with eggs and onions, then served with a special sweet and sour sauce. A taste you won’t soon forget.   Pearl milk teaAlso known as bubble tea, this drink was created in Taichung by mixing black tea and chewy tapioca balls. Its popularity quickly spread, and now you can find pearl milk tea wherever you find Chinese people throughout the world            Shilin Super Size HugeChicken Cutlet豪大炸雞排(Ho-Da Ja-Ji-Pai)NT$~50Shilin Super Size Huge Chicken Cutlet is one of the most popular street foods in Taiwan. However, this snack at Shilin Night Market is famous for its jumbo size. It is 1.5 times larger than regular friend chicken; perhaps larger than your face. Taiwanese fried chicken is soaked in special sauce before frying, and its taste is mixed with spicy pepper and aromatic herbals, and the meat quality is tender and juicy; it is of its own kind other from common western style fried chicken. Wok-fried Squid生炒花枝(Sheng Chao Hua Zhi)NT$~50Fresh squid is sliced and then wok-fried with garlic, red pepper, bamboo shoot slices, and carrots, and boiled with stock soup to make thick soup. Tasted somewhat sour with sweetness and aroma of basil; it opens up appetite. Squid itself has no distinct flavor, but the crisp chewing makes it one of the most popular seafood among Taiwanese people. Health spareribs soup with Chinese medicine藥燉排骨(Yao Dun Pai Gu)NT$~90Taiwanese like to maintain health with health enhancing diets, and the herbal stew of ribs is the most classic and affordable nutrient gourmet dish. Its stock soup includes more than ten varieties of Chinese herbal medicines that are [...]

Malaysia Top Must Eat Food!(Most Recommed)


As a multicultural country, Malaysian are lucky enough to enjoy a huge variety of local foods as well as cross cultural food such as Mamak and Nyonya. A dish with the same names can have different variety. For example, Chinese Rojak and Indian Rojak are very different. But, what are the most famous dishes among the Malaysian? 1 - Nasi LemakA popular breakfast made of coconut milk rice served with sambal ikan bilis and slices of hard boil egg and cucumber. Chicken, squid or even beef is added for better satisfaction.                                                        nasi lemak                                   nasi lemak (packed with banana leave)2 - SatayMarinated meat being barbecued over the charcoal. The peanut sauce is a must as companion. Some would also like to be served with onions, cucumbers and even ketupat, a rice cube wrapped with palm leaves. 3 - Nasi DagangClaimed by the people in the East Coast Peninsular Malaysia as the East Coast Nasi Lemak. Nasi dagang is glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk. Normally served with fish curry, hard boiled eggs, shaved fried coconut and vegetable pickles. 4 - Char Kuey TeowThe name of the dish came from the Hokkien which means fried 'kuey teow', a type of noodles. Ingredients such as prawns, fishcake slices, cockles, eggs or even Chinese sausage can be found inside. But, the dish is vary from one place to another. 5 - Hainanese Chicken RiceHainanese Chicken Rice is cooked with chicken stock and topped with steamed chicken! The specialty of the dish is the chicken meat where the smoothness and juiciness remains! Dipping the meat into the chillies or ginger served is even nicer! 6 - Prawn MeePrawn Mee or Noodles is served with rich flavored stock made of shrimp. Prawns are must referring to the name of the dish! Also, sliced pork and fishcakes and bean sprout are included. Topping with fried spring onion could enriched the taste better. 7 - Bak Kut TehBah Kut Teh is originated from the Hokkien word which mean herbal soup served with pork. A bowl of white rice is the best companion to it! But, as time goes by, there is also a halal version called 'Chi Ku Teh' which replaces the pork with chicken. 8 - Grill Chicken WingGrill Chicken Wing is almost all the locals favourite food.I strongly recommend grill chicken wing at Jalan Alor(Kuala Lumpur).U will regret forever of you dont try this! 9. - Roti CanaiRoti Canai resembles local fried pancake which is made from dough which has wide variety of topping such as eggs, sardines, banana and anything you can named it. Best served with Dhall, curry or even only white sugar. What is Your Favorite Malaysian Food?Of course this is only a part of it. There are so many other delicious Malaysian food.You can even comment on my blog if you wish to leave me some message. :)[...]