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2010 Character Competition - The Winner + Final Words


We have our winner, the 2010 SpoilerTV Character Competition is over. And the Winner is:Yes, LOST's Jack Shephard, played marvellously by Matthew Fox has claimed the crown for 2010, a fitting tribute that the show which without, SpoilerTV would probably not exist, should claim the Character Competition in it's final year. Also, in the users competition, the winner of the bracket guessing the final two as well as the winner, is Iveta "ivetka.a" Palkova with 120 points, beating Marcus ""TongueChamp"" A by 4 points to claim the prize. I will double check with Dark on how you get the prize, but well done, and I or Dark himself will help you out. :) Surprisingly for me, the Jack win which I predicted grabbed me 11th place, on 99 points. If only Greg House had performed better :P You can check where you finished here: 2010 Winners are:Show - SupernaturalCharacter - Jack Shephard (LOST)I know it has been an a topsy turvy couple of inaugural competitions which I and Dark have put together, what with the infamous Vampire Diaries/Smallville dramas of the Show Competition Quarter Final, and the River Tam debacle as we neared the end of the Character Competition, but I have to say overall it's been a load of fun, I've got to know a huge amount of people, and discuss shows and characters till the cows came home, and I can confirm I will be back next year, that's 2011 to carry out the second SpoilerTV Show and Character Competitions. I already have some ideas to spread the field and try to make especially the characters competition less 'One Show Heavy' and hopefully to give some of the smaller shows more of a presence in the competitions.Also, I hope to have a couple of smaller competitions in between, which won't be around straight away, I'm going to focus on watching and reviewing some TV for a bit, and you will be able to find me around the House and Fringe sections of the site, as well as my Supernatural Season Reviews as I plough through the show, the first season post coming within the next week.We of course owe a thanks to DarkUFO, the man who runs the site and keeps the community so friendly and fun. Without him we wouldn't have this place to enjoy TV how we want.Competition Stats:Most Votes:1. Fox Mulder vs. Dean Winchester (15,781 votes - Day Seventeen)2. Sam Winchester vs. Elena Gilbert (15,408 votes - Day Thirteen)3. Barney Stinson vs. Dean Winchester (14,035 votes - Day One)Shows with Characters remaining: LOST 1Shows Eliminated:Final:Smallville (3 nominations)Semi Finals:The X-Files (2 nominations)Firefly (2 nominations)Quarter Finals:Fringe (3 nominations)The Vampire Diaries (2 nominations)Round Three:Supernatural (3 nominations)Bones (2 nominations)Buffy (2 nominations)Dexter (2 nominations)30 Rock (1 nomination)Round Two:NCIS (4 nominations)Friends (3 nominations)Grey's Anatomy (3 nominations)Burn Notice (2 nominations)Chuck (2 nominations)Gossip Girl (2 nomination)True Blood (2 nominations)V (1 nomination)Veronica Mars (1 nomination)Round One:House (4 nominations)Glee - (3 nominations)Castle (2 nominations)24 (1 nomination)Alias (1 nomination)Doctor Who (1 nomination)Gilmore Girls (1 nomination)How I Met Your Mother (1 nomination)One Tree Hill (1 nomination)The Big Bang Theory (1 nomination)I hope you all had fun, and from the Character Competition, until we're back,Adam[...]

2010 Character Competition - Round 2.5 - Day 13


THE WINNER AND FINAL THOUGHTS POST IS HERE: 29:64 characters were chosen from shows both past and present. We have reached the final two, one from the phenomenon that was LOST, which recently ended it 6 season run, Jack Shephard. The other comes from a longer-lived, and much loved show, Smallville. We have had hundreds of thousands of individual votes over the past month, so thanks to everyone who has joined in the competition, as well as the Show Competition I ran over the summer. I'll save the thanks until tomorrow when the 2010 Character Competition winner is announced, but spread the word one last time, twitter, facebook, Youtube, whatever you fancy, but let's break records as Jack & Clark do battle. It was a shame we had to delay the final few days, and the huge interest has wained, but we can finish with a bang and hopefully be back better than ever when the next competition arrives, hopefully some time soon. I've certainly enjoyed doing them.Our leader going into the final day is Marcus ""TongueChamp"" A with 92 points, and still a potential to win the final. :)Also keep upto date with the competition and/or ask questions by following me on twitter. I'll also post some of my reviews, writing updates & other bits & bobs, more often than not TV and Film based. I'm at:'t forget to keep following your bracket if you entered the competition at that's left to do folks, is for the last time, vote...Portrayed by: Matthew FoxShow: LOSTYears Active: 2004-2010Credited Episodes: 121Major Award Wins: NoneMajor Award Nominations: 1 Emmy, 1 Golden Globe The Ultimate Jack Moment, the final 4 minutes of LOST. SPOILERS if you haven't seen it.Portrayed by: Tom WellingShow: SmallvilleYears Active: 2001-presentCredited Episodes: 197Major Award Wins: NoneMajor Award Nominations: NoneIn advance, the voting window is 24 hours, and I have set closing times for the poll, but if they do not work, or they aren't set at any point in the competition, the poll will close when I check the votes myself. This is not at all due to cheating, it's due to the fact that I will be busy and so please let's avoid the torrent of abuse that the infamous Smallville vs. The Vampire Diaries produced :PHave fun guys, and any questions as always email me on:adam.d.harris1989@googlemail.comMost Votes:1. Sam Winchester vs. Elena Gilbert (15,408 votes - Day 13)2. Barney Stinson vs. Dean Winchester (14,035 votes - Day One)3. Dean Winchester vs. Veronica Mars (13,806 votes - Day Nine)Shows with Characters through:LOST 4Smallville 3Firefly 2Fringe 2NCIS 2The Vampire Diaries 230 Rock 1Bones 1Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1Chuck 1Dexter 1Friends 1Supernatural 1The X-Files 1V 1Shows Eliminated:Round Two:Grey's Anatomy (3 nominations)Burn Notice (2 nominations)Gossip Girl (2 nomination)True Blood (2 nominations)Veronica Mars (1 nomination)Round One:House (4 nominations)Glee - (3 nominations)Castle (2 nominations)24 (1 nomination)Alias (1 nomination)Doctor Who (1 nomination)Gilmore Girls (1 nomination)How I Met Your Mother (1 nomination)One Tree Hill (1 nomination)The Big Bang Theory (1 nomination)Thanks for voting and commenting, and spread the word folks. Tomorrow features Chuck, Liz Lemon, Damon Salvatore & Olivia Dunham.Adam[...]