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Comments for Linux Canuck's Weblog

Linux rants, raves and meandering thoughts.

Last Build Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2012 16:24:58 +0000


Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by billwg

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 16:24:58 +0000

If the distributions go in a direction that you do not like, you are equally out of luck. There isn't one user in a thousand capable of editing the Linux source (or any of the applications that come with it) in order to do something unique. The same holds true for the "many eyes" myths about Linux bug crushing. 99,9999% of the users have to take what they can get. The rest don't really matter much.

Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by linuxcanuck

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 14:23:20 +0000

This article is old now. At the heart of open source or free software is user choice. You have to embrace freedom of choice to appreciate the number of distributions. Under the Microsoft and Apple models they technically own the operating system and you can use it. In Linux you own your computer and the operating system. You have complete control. Developers can alter the code and give it away. They can tailor it to individual needs. There are distributions for fixing Windows and Macs. There are distributions for blind users. There are distributions for security. There are distributions for just about everything. That is not bad if you want a specialised operating system. One distribution for all removes choice and gives control to others. That is good as long as you agree with the developer's decisions. But what happens if they go in a direction that you do not like?

Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by Gottard

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 14:00:35 +0000

As a long time Linux server user, I must say Linux sucks on the desktop mainly because of the huge amount of distributions. When you think Windows or Mac, there's only one. When you think Linux, another question has to be made: which Linux? This sucks.

Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by Bill Weisgerber

Sun, 13 May 2012 20:44:56 +0000

All this seems a little silly to me. How do you get a Linux PC? Simple, you buy a Windows PC and install Linux. You would have to be crazy to do anything else since the Linux PCs on the market cost more than Windows with the same specs, and you have to buy a System 76 instead of a Dell. Who wants the risk? If you are going to install Linux and play around with computers rather than use them like normal people, that is fine, too. But there is almost 20 years now of Windows history in the market and that is not going to change unless someone wants to spend the money needed to advertise Linux and no one is ever going to do that since they could never get their money back.

Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by linuxcanuck

Sun, 13 May 2012 11:56:24 +0000

This is two years old now.

Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by Windows is not better than Linux | My Opinions

Sun, 13 May 2012 11:29:18 +0000

[...] In case you may think that in a Windows vs Linux comparison, Windows may take the advantage, here you have this guy saying that windows is not better than Linux. [...]

Comment on People Who Should Not Run Linux by People with time should not run Linux | My Opinions

Wed, 09 May 2012 15:22:11 +0000

[...] the full post Posted in [...]

Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by Kyle

Tue, 01 May 2012 22:27:59 +0000

BTW that video is not a linux bashing video, its a video from the community about the problems with linux and what should and could be done to fix them.

Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by Kyle

Tue, 01 May 2012 22:21:28 +0000

Gratned you can do all those things in linux, however windows can do all the same things and more, the only thing i saw you mention that windows cant do is deal with multiple partitions using non microsoft files system. and its not that windows cant, its that microsoft doesnt want you to. now lets get 1 thing straight. im not saying anything is the fault of linux, after all linux is just a kernel, the potential in it is un measureable. however if anything, it is the fault of software companies not making stuff for linux, and hardware companies not making decent drivers for linux. a perfect example of something i simply cannot do in linux is audio editing. i need top notch audio editing software and i need that software to work with my hardware. that simply is not possible, audacity sucks, and my recording interface just does not work with linux untill the hardware manufacturer makes a driver for it, or someone reverse engineers a driver that works half decently. ( photoshop would be nice too) linux is a good OS, i think it has tons of power and potential. but untill the software and hardware companies get behind it itll just be something a small percent of computer users like to play with as far as real home desktop computing goes. now servers are a completely differnent story, obviously linux wins hands down. but im talking the average person desktop home computing. i use linux for a few tasks windows cant do, ive always found linux disk tools to be superior and i use it for modding xbox's and gaining access to files and drives microsoft things i should have access to. but that is about as far as it goes. even tho windows does have problems with malware and viruses, its been said for years that if mac or linux had 80% of the market share in home computing they would be just as much a target. dont kid yourself linux is not rock solid and unhackable or impervious to viruses. its just that people arent going to waste their time only to target 5% of home computer users. and i will always stand by the statement that if you arent a moron online you should never have a problem with malware and viruses. i run windows 90% of the time because i am sick of dual booting every time i want to do something that cant be done in linux. and i run no firewall other than what comes on my router, no anti malware and no virus scanner ( ive even disabled the crappy windows firewall and AV ) and i have never had to format and reinstall because of any kind of infection because i actually pay attention to what im clicking on and what i am installing. the old saying 90% of computer problems are user error couldnt be more true with windows, the only time i ever have to do that is because i get sick of all the clutter of files everywhere because of my own bad file keeping habbits, but if someone actually reads what they are doing and pays attention their problems should be minimal. i also work doing computer repair and i can say all of my clients problems have never been the fault of the OS itself. also you cant deny that there is alot of tweaking and setting up in linux to do very simple tasks. ( multiple monitor setups, dealing with a VM just because there is some windows app you cant get away from or dealing with multiple versions of wine if thats the route you choose, dealing with the head aches that come with owning an ati graphics card and actually wanting to use its 3d acceleration, their terrible sound implementation and trying to deal with multiple sound cards and installing some software) for instance today i was trying to install amsn on ubuntu 12 and of course its no longer in the repositories. so i downloaded it and when it boots up it tells me there is a new version. do you think i could find that new version? only in source. so i download the source, anyway after about an hou[...]

Comment on Why Windows is Better Than Linux by linuxcanuck

Mon, 30 Apr 2012 11:06:00 +0000

You make some good points. I must be off my rocker. I use Linux full time (for over ten years) and do way more than e-mail and browsing. I burn DVDs. I use media. I access music players, e-readers, my tablet and smartphone, external drives, usb keys. I use my Wacom Bamboo, draw, paint, manage a large photo collection, edit photos and videos (HD). I write on everything possible from text editors to desktop publishers. I manage multiple drives with over 20 partions with every possible file system from Linux and Windows. I run virtual machines with every conceivable operating system. I have file encryption and run anonymizers, like Tor and Vidalia. I print servers and use ipp. I use Samba to connect to Windows. I run XP in a VM if I need a Windows application, but never use Wine. I also have Windows 7 and XP. I could do many but not all of these things in Windows. I have not paid for a single application in all of that time, including on Windows and do not pirate. I use all open source and free software. I boot into Windows about once a year and hang around long enough to curse its stupidity. WP always wants to re-boot my machine several times in succession till it gets caught up on updates and W7 will take forever to shutdown as it does hundreds of updates before I can get my machine back. Yes, if I used Windows more often the pain would be spread out, but it would still be present. What I do not have to do is pay for software (aside from Windows itself), use an anti-virus, or defragment a drive. I have not had a virus or malware ever in Linux and I use no protection. In that same time period my wife has had several on her Windows box and she runs a firewall, up-to-date AV, and anti-malware (several kinds). I have had to re-install Windows many times from XP to Vista to W7, either because of infection, degrading performance (not as much an issue in W7), or corrupted file system or registry. My skill level is advanced, but I have been doing this a long time. I learned by using and making mistakes. I never use the commandline unless I need to which is seldom. I tutor others and always defer to GUI approaches. The best point that you make is that Linux is not perfect. Neither is Windows. People should use what works best for them. I find Linux meets my needs and this post was written a long time ago to counter nonsense that Linux is only for geeks. That has not been the case for many years. The average person can use Linux for most things. People with specialised needs or those who need to run a specific application for Windows or Mac should use that. Video editing eats up resources and would not work well in a VM so I would run that natively and dual boot. I deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis who use Windows and have come to try Linux for various reason. Many just want to try it and lots come back to install it. Some run dual boot and many say to me that they prefer Linux and use Windows less and less. I seldom hear the reverse. You can do everything that you want on Linux, even profession video. Blender and Cinepaint are used by studios and many studios use only Linux. Avatar was made using Linux. There are still deficiencies in Linux, games and CAD, for example, but that has nothing to do with Windows or Linux. There is nothing to prevent Linux from running any application that runs on Windows. It is powerful and simple at the same time. Most of the world's super computers run on Linux. I say Linux is simple because you do not HAVE to do anything once it is set up and running. You can run it without re-booting or updating for years at a time. You can run a rolling release and avoid any re-installing. You have choice which is a problem for most Windows people because they are not used to it.