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Free Animated Emoticons and Smileys

Download free MSN animated emoticons and smileys for messenger, emails, blogs and forums.

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Bling Bling msn emoticons - express bling msn emotions!


When we created this msn Emoticons collection, 'bling' was the word on the street. Think of Ali G or hip hop if you don't know what we mean when we're talking about bling free msn emotions. We decided we wanted to bring some 'bllng' msn emotion to My Emoticons. Bling is all about being flashy and flaunting what you've got. Think full on grandiosity. We wanted to make sure we got the flash factor into our msn emoticons designs.

This is a rich man's world (they don't need free msn emoticons!). The greater your spending power the more successful you're seen to be. We started our collection with msn emoticons that we think capture the bling persona.
It's all in the detail
We love the small details on these msn emoticons: the shades on 'pimp' Smiley face and details like the cigar he's smoking. The medallion msn emoticon was inspired by Ali G and the huge rings and necklaces that he wears in 'Da Ali G Show'. The 'Yo-yo' msn emoticon was inspired by the world of hip hop. If you've got bling msn emotions, use these msn emoticons to show some real attitude. Don't hold back, we say express your bling msn emotions.

If you want to be precise
If you want a more precise definition, the term 'bling' is a hip-hop slang term that refers to elaborate, gaudy jewelry and other accouterments (just take a look at our msn emoticons), and also to a lifestyle built around excessive spending and ostentation. The term 'bling' started being used in the late 1990s by rap artists B.G and Cash Money Millionaires.

Some rappers have spoken out against bling culture. Missy Elliott spoke out against the bling culture because she believed it was encouraging young black men and women to spend their money irresponsibly. We say, good point! We want our msn emoticons to be about having fun. Perhaps we should create black msn emoticons instead of yellow ones for the bling msn emoticons collection.

People Emoticons & Smileys


Well, we're including all of you, in the fantasy category. There are some of you (no doubt) who are under the spell of Christian philosophy. And those who are not. So for some of you, we have included dinosaurs in our category of imaginary. And for the others, we have included angels, as a fantasy of the absurd.

So.. are angels or are they not absurd. THAT is not a question which we want to take a stand on! We're just humbly here to offer you emoticons. Free emoticons. Free smileys... for MSN Messenger. You can click here to download.

Christmas emoticons & smileys


(image) (image) (image) (image)

We have two categories... for Christmas. Christmas-1 and Christmas-2. Obviously... because Jesus was born. Because we can eat gingerbread men and decorate Christmas trees. Because we can give cards and receive them from distant relatives and old family friends.

Because we can watch Frosty... on television. Think about... the North Pole, which is where Santa comes from. Best of all, there is mistletoe. And people need to stay warm, so... click here to download. They are emoticons! For MSN Messenger! And they are free!

Cute MSN Emoticons & Smileys, Extra Cute Emotions and Cute Messenger Smileys


Cute msn emoticons for cutie girls that like all things pink and pretty. Boys just aren't interested in these msn emoticons - unless of course they're trying to impress girls. These free msn emotions are for dainty girls who are charming and totally loveable. We recommend our cute msn emotions for sweet young girls chatting on msn messenger with friends from school.What is being cute really about?Our inspiration for these msn emoticons was the world of all things cute. What does cute really mean? It's a kind of attractiveness that's associated with young people and their appearance. It also refers to infant like personality traits such as playfulness, fragility, helplessness, curiosity, innocence, affectionate behavior and a need to be nurtured. Young girls often like playing with cute baby dolls and dressing them in pretty clothes - adoring them and giving them lots of hugs and cuddles. That's why we had to have cute baby msn emoticons and a baby doll msn emotions. Girls love showing their affection by using cute msn emotions when they chat with friends.Get more cute msn emoticonsSometimes cute can mean sexy. The very curvaceous Barbie, whilst a children's toy is sexy. At least Ken thinks so! We decided to keep this collection of msn emoticons innocent. We admit it, this is a small collection. So don't stop here.Get girlie free msn emoticons for msn messenger chatter. If you still want more take a look at our cute avatars for msn messenger and yahoo messenger. We've also searched the web so you don't have to. I guess you could call it personal shopping. We've got a best of the web cute emoticons collection. We like to promote openness and there's some really cute msn emoticons out there designed by other msn messenger fans that we want you to see. We also have a collection of Japanese emoticons for Windows Live Messenger chatter that we collected from the web. Many of the anime emoticons are super cute and cuddly free msn emotions. Or just have a laugh with these funny emoticons.[...]

Bad Boys MSN Smileys & Adult emoticons


These bad boys free emoticons have sure got some attitude. They're on the verge of being called, 'adult emoticons'. They think they're soooo smooth and they want to show it. It's all about kudos and respect. These msn smileys know what they want. They want everyone to see them. They're free emoticons so what's stopping you? A lot of people have downloaded them, they're our most popular collection. Use these bad boys free emoticons in msn messenger chats and you'll gain instant respect. We've tried it and it works. And by the way, girls can use these free emoticons too. We know some 'bad girls' who love them. They burp, they fart, they swear, they drink - these are rude smileys. They can be lousy and junky and really don't care what people think. These free emoticons just want to be loud and proud. Of course girls can use these free emoticons too. Girls can have just as much attitude. Not everyone wants to be a lovely little lady. Girls can be just as bad, if not worse. When certain female celebrities misbehave (think Paris, Britney, Lindsay), it's front-page news. Our free emoticons are a harmless way to misbehave if you're looking for trouble. Are they adult emoticons? One thing we would recommend is to be careful who you're sharing these free emoticons with. Some people might think they're adult emoticons because they're rude emoticons - dick head, finger msn smileys etc. These adult emoticons illustrate rather unsatisfactory behavior. They might be free emoticons but they're rough around the edges - stinky, sleazy dirty emoticons but they love it. Sense of humor required We think the whole bad boy persona is funny but make sure the people you're sharing them with will think they they're funny free emoticons too. We didn't create these free emoticons to cause offense. It's just for fun. For example, whilst we wouldn't recommend you go around shooting people, our free emoticon of smiley being shot, is one of the funny adult emoticons.[...]

Download Free Emoticons & Smileys


We love action so we got these msn smileys into action too. We think actions are a cool way to express msn emotions. There's nothing an msn smiley can't do in our opinion. We created caffeine addict msn smiley who never stops drinking coffee because at My Emoticons we all love coffee. Coffee's what stirs us up and gets is into full on action. We wanted to create lively energized msn smileys in motion.
Msn smileys get energised
We thought about activities we like and msn emotions we might want to use in msn messenger chats. Any kind of action - sports, sleeping, cooking, playing games, watching TV etc. You name it, msn smileys do it. Msn smileys even do surfing stunts and weight lifting. We really like the way the color fades from smiley's face as he works out. The msn emotions he shows to react to the heavy weight is hilarious. These msn smileys are all about being in motion.

Want more lively msn emotions?
You'll find other lively msn smileys on our site. If you like showing romantic msn emotions, take a look at our romance emoticons collection. Ok, so you like our msn emotions but what about all the others out there? These are the best sport emoticons on the web that we've found. And another thing, we made all the msn smileys on this page into smiley in action avatars. They're good for using with msn messenger (now called windows messenger live) and yahoo messenger If you llike ascii action msn smileys, take a look at this text emoticons page.

Emoticon Avatars & Smileys Avatars


Our little msn emoticons and msn smileys have huge personalities. We at My Emoticons all agree on this. So we decided to make some of Our Favourite Emoticons into emoticon avatars so that people that visit My Emoticons can find their favourite emoticon and choose a matching emoticon avatar. They are our favourite emoticon avatars. They are definitively THE BEST! If you're like us and get bored searching for cool avatars and display images, you can stop now. It was a tough decision but these are our most special msn smileys that we've made into avatars.

Emoticon avatars for every msn emotion
Angelic, angry, in love, chilled out, happy - let's face it, our msn emotions change throughout the day. At My Emoticons we've found that some days our mood changes several times, other days we're more stable. Avatars are very easy to use to display our mood to anyone that cares to look. We don't need to start a MSN conversation with someone to show how we feel, they can see it in our display picture. Although we all love MSN Messenger, the good news is that you can use display images and avatars with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, and MySpace - oh, and email.

More favourites from My Emoticons
We like creating 'the best of' collections. In fact we recently looked around and noticed no one has reviewed all the emoticons on the web. That's right; no one is helping people decide which msn emoticons should be the most popular when it comes to expressing specific msn emotions. Of course there are ads, but they're biased. How do you know where to find the best emoticons? We've done the searching - the hard work. Take a look at our Emoticon Critic pages to see our favourite msn emoticons and msn smileys for the following msn emotions: Animals Emoticons, Hug & Kiss Emoticons, Love Emoticons, Rude Emoticons, Cool Emoticons, Funny Emoticons, Cute Emoticons, Sport Emoticons and Japanese Emoticons.

Animals Emoticons & Smileys


Eyes drooping... flamingos. Noble hawks. Majestic eagles and ostriches. Amazing. Break into your conversation... with a chicken who's head is about to explode!!! Because YOU KNOW THAT'S FRIGHTENING.

Use our emoticons... for MSN messenger today. And have all the conversations that you want to about birds. And the people who look like birds. Or think like birds. Or who would dance like the dumb-eyed looking peacock with a beautiful tail, like birds. Because it's all in the conversation. And really, where will your laughter take you to next? You can click here to download these emoticons..

Romance MSN Emoticons to Show Love MSN Emotions


Bitten by the little love bug? We know how you feel. Sometimes it's easier to show msn emotions than say them - right? Ever find yourself lost for words? We do. Frequently. We want to help you show your love msn emotions with our free msn emoticons for msn messenger. Let msn smiley do the talking for you. Maybe you want to flirt with someone you fancy or you want to chat someone up but you can't find the words. Perhaps you're somewhat more mature and you're a true gentleman who'd like to woo or court a lady you've been admiring. In the 21st century, you can be a true gentleman - send a love heart msn emoticon to someone you admire in an MSN Messenger chat.

In Disguise MSN Emotions & Smileys


Get dressed up and be in disguise. A disguise is an appearance used to create the impression of being somebody or something else (if you're someone well known you could refer to it as being 'incognito'). So why not be a little devil for the day? Ever tried doing it with msn emoticons? It's very funny. With free msn emoticons on offer, it won't cost you a cent. Play fancy dress with our free msn smileys.

Use your imagination

Be as imaginative as you like. Cover up what you don't like and reveal a new look with these funny msn smileys costumes. Enter the world of make believe. Smiley loves to put on a guise for msn messenger. We reckon he needed some camouflage for that very bright yellow skin to really be in disguise, so we started sewing msn smileys costumes and making hats to go with them. Hair dye came in useful too.

Read More

Animals Emoticons & Smileys, Download the Favorites at My


Can't pet your cat but want to tell your mom how much you want to? On vacation and just want to express how much you looooove your animal? Then use our MSN emoticons for Messenger and you can show a smiiiilie petting a cat. Or you can tell someone how cute it is... by showing them him sleeping on his monitor- or HER monitor. Just show her sleeping on her monitor! Show either of them sleeping on their monitor. Or playing with a ball of yarn...

Click here to Download these Emoticons..

Moody Free Emoticons & Smileys


Feeling moody? Just a little bit or really moody? Our moods can change one hundred times a day so we need this collection of free emoticons at our fingertips. Ok, slight exaggeration but we little humans do experience a wide range of feelings. Feeling excited, scared, anxious, tired, sad, angry. We've got free smileys for every mood. Think about it a different way, what if we call it 'attitude'. Have you got it going on? Do you need free smileys to really show some attitude?

Want to take it further?

What better place to express free emoticons than MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger). That's why you'll find we call them 'msn emotions'. We like expressing them, it's what gives us individuality and builds our character. Of course we've found using free emoticons we can develop that character further - online. And we don't believe it should cost anything. Why should expressing emotion have a price tag? We are all about free emoticons.

Love Emoticons & Smileys


I am in love. Yowza. Hearts are booming out of my eyes. I am love sick. So love sick. Writing a love letter, I want to carve your name (and my name) into a tree. Literally, these are emoticons. And they are amazing.

For Messenger! Singing a love song, about my Valentine heart balloon. Click here to download. They are amazing... for the perfect situation. They are emoticons. (You can call them smileys, too.)

Skype Emoticons, Skype Messenger Emoticons


The Skype emoticon story...

Skype is a way to call another computer from your own computer and have a voice chat. Skype recognises that sometimes it's just not convenient to talk. That's where Skype instant messaging fits in and the link to emoticons. Skype messenger has a really cool feature to edit messages. We all know it's easy to accidentally hit send before checking what we've written, then realise we've made a mistake. Skype now lets you edit messages you've already sent. No more embarrassing moments needed!

Personalizing Skype

'Skype Extras' is a good place to start. There are hundreds of third party developed applications that you can download free and plug into Skype from their Skype website - some are 'Certified by Skype' others aren't.

Then you can take a look in the Skype shop under 'Personalise Skype' where you'll find the following:

* Avatars: design your own WeeMee avatar or Klonies avatar or use a My Emoticons avatar

* Wallpapers: Skype have a collection to choose from to customize the Skype window

* Ringtones: a cool feature - change your friend's ringtone and surprise them. You push the ringtone to your friend

* Hidden emoticons: there aren't many but sometimes they come in handy - our favourite is 'mooning'

New Free Emoticons & Smileys


The distinct acne free smiley is quite unique. You're very lucky if you've never EVER had a pimple or a zit or a spot. For many teenagers it's a fact of life. In fact we remember lots of teasing in the school playground. It can get cruel. We wanted to make it more fun using free smileys. This free emoticon is quite disgusting especially when the zit bursts. We have a strange sense of humor for free emoticons we don't deny it. What we've found is that other people we show this free emoticon to laugh too. Try the original acne free smiley with your friends if you want to be different.

Click any emoticon to save it.

World Emoticons & Smileys


THESE are for the way Australians talk. In their particular accent. The way that they say things like g'day. Hey, mate. And buggers. These... are emoticons.

For MSN Messenger. For the people who live waaaaaaay down under. Waaaaaay into the Outback. Waaaaaaay into the island and the continent of Australia. You can click here to download.

Download Our Favourite MSN Emoticons & Avatars


Our little msn emoticons and msn smileys have huge personalities. We at My Emoticons all agree on this. So we decided to make some of Our Favourite Emoticons into emoticon avatars so that people that visit My Emoticons can find their favourite emoticon and choose a matching emoticon avatar. They are our favourite emoticon avatars. They are definitively THE BEST! If you're like us and get bored searching for cool avatars and display images, you can stop now. It was a tough decision but these are our most special msn smileys that we've made into avatars.

Click any emoticon avatar to save it.

Emoticon avatars for every msn emotion

Angelic, angry, in love, chilled out, happy - let's face it, our msn emotions change throughout the day. At My Emoticons we've found that some days our mood changes several times, other days we're more stable. Avatars are very easy to use to display our mood to anyone that cares to look. We don't need to start a MSN conversation with someone to show how we feel, they can see it in our display picture. Although we all love MSN Messenger, the good news is that you can use display images and avatars with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, and MySpace - oh, and email.

MSN Emoticons & Smileys, Download Free MSN Messenger Emoticons & Smileys


For msn emoticons addicts, MSN Messenger is the only option

MSN Messenger is the most popular instant messenger application outside the USA. Without a doubt MSN Messenger is the instant messenger application of choice for msn emoticons lovers. The website is just one example of this craze. MSN Messenger uses the word 'emoticon' to refer to their little msn emoticons.

Although the emoticons built into the MSN Messenger application are good they're not the best ones available. Because msn live messenger allows users to add their own custom emoticons, a lot of innovative msn emoticons have been designed especially for MSN Messenger by fans. The custom msn emoticons feature supports animated msn emoticons up to 50x50 pixels. To find out more about MSN Messenger features, take a look at our msn emoticons - where to use page. If you like adding your own msn emoticons, download them on our free emoticons page.

What are msn emotions?

You could say msn emotions are the emotions (or feelings) you express in msn messenger live. Alternatively, the phrase 'msn emotions' can get typed into Google search because people mistype the word 'emoticon' and leave out the 'c'. We're not sure but what we do know is that when we're chatting in msn messenger we use the msn emotion icons to show feelings. For example we use an icon to show angry, happy, sad, confused and tired because it's more fun than typing and it conveys the expression that's on our faces that can't be seen when we can't see the person we're talking to. So the msn emotions are a reflection of the emotions that appears on our faces. Another important reason to use msn emotions is that it's easier and faster to show emotion with msn emotions that typing how we feel which is especially useful when it comes to real time communication.

'Msn smileys' - please explain!

It seems that Europeans tend to call them 'emoticons' and Americans tend to refer to them as 'smileys' and when you get to Asia, it's different again. Confused? We try to be consistent but do use the term 'msn smileys' to refer to a yellow smiley faces. MSN Messenger users often call them 'msn smileys' or 'yahoo smileys'. There are heaps of sites that give away free msn smileys - Smiley Central smileys are the most popular. Pay attention, some people write the term 'msn smileys' as 'msn smilies'. It means the same thing! Lots of msn messenger live users do talk about msn smileys and will search for 'free msn smileys' in Google.

Occasions Emoticons & Smileys


Occasions happen all the time. Because as the world marches toward progress, time goes by. As it circles in the never ending cycle of its rotation, time goes by. And, as time goes by, things happen.

Things happen and sometimes they happen year over year over again. And these things might be anniversaries - which are an occasion. And other times it is just a significant event. Anyway, these should be discussed over Messenger. MSN Messenger. And we've made that a little bit easier for you. We've collected a link for emoticons! You can click here to download.

Get Free Aussie Emoticons & Smileys, Download Australian and Sports Emoticons:


This Australian free emoticons collection is very stereotypical, we must admit. Given that we have a few Australian friends we decided it was essential to create these free emoticons. Australians are sporty - they love cricket, rugby, netball, cycling, rowing, swimming and have some strong national teams in these sports. That's why we had to have a few sports free emotions here.Live to surf!If you've ever watched the soap opera 'Home and Away', you'll know life revolves around beaches and surfing (well it does if you live near the coast!). That's why our free emoticons collection wouldn't be complete without free smileys that reflect beach life - a beach free emoticon and an free smiley surfing. Lifesavers are very important so we acknowledge them we free smileys in our collection.Download free Aussie emoticons & smileys from Australians are sporty so we offer Australian free emoticons collection including different sports emoticons & smileys. Chat on MSN with funny Aussie stereotypes (surfer, croc & more) use our Aussie emoticons & smileys.Download Free Aussie Emoticons & Smileys Click Here[...]

Truly British MSN Emoticons & Smileys - Authentically British MSN Emotions


Rule Britannia! Brits are said to be reserved in manners, dress and speech and famous for politeness and a strong sense of humor. Brits' are often referred to as having a 'stiff upper lip' i.e. being reserved when expressing msn emotions. We might poke fun at the Brits' excessive politeness, but that's essentially an upper-crust Hugh Grant-ish sort of trait, certainly not representative of all those crazy beer guzzling soccer fans. Anyway, here are some truly stereotypical British msn emoticons.

Click any emoticon to save it.

What really is truly British?

What are the first three things that come into your head when someone says 'British' or 'English' for that matter? One of the most common pictures depicting a typical Englishman is a man wearing a bowler hat and reading the Times newspaper. Bowler hats are now rarely seen in England but we had to have an msn smiley wearing a bowler hat in this collection. You might see bowler hats in English movies but I think that would even be a rarity today. We also dressed an msn smiley as a British bobby (i.e. policeman). These msn smileys are just fun and playful. We like using the British bobby when we want to express msn emotions that enforce some order!

Download British MSN Emoticons & Smileys Click Here

Download MSN Alter Ego Emoticons & Smileys


Bored of being you? Need some msn emoticons? What if you could live life over again? Who would you be? Sometimes we just want to see the world in a different way and at My Emoticons we love to do it with msn emoticons. We created these cool little smiley face alter egos so you can easily adopt a split personality and express msn emotions.Use these msn emoticons to transform yourself into a master chef, a red Indian, Elvis, a racing car driver, Santa. The decision is yours. Adopt it for a day, a month, a year and express msn emotions.What does 'alter ego' really mean?If you're wondering where the term 'alter ego' that we use to describe these msn emotions, came from, we found out for you. An alter ego (Latin, "the other I") is a second self. It's like a second personality or persona within a person. So think of our msn emoticons having two sides - two types of msn emotions to express. 'Alter ego' was first used by psychologists in the early nineteenth century to describe schizophrenia. I bet they never thought the term would be associated with msn emoticons!Want more alter ego msn emoticons?If you don't find the msn emoticons you're looking for, you might well find the msn emotions you want in the fancy dress in disguise emoticons collection. If you want something more to express msn emotions take a look at our msn avatars and yahoo avatars.Download MSN Alter Ego Emoticons & Smileys Click Here[...]

Download MSN Emoticons to Text Chat & Show Emotions at Speed!


We thought about the words that we often want to say in a hurry when we're just leaving an msn messenger chat, we've just got back or we just want to agree. It gets so boring typing the same words over and over again. We wanted a different way to show msn emotions. We created these text chat msn emoticons to make chatting simple, fast and fun. They're great for when you do want to show msn emotions but the laziness has kicked in or when you really want to get your message across very fast. They're a simple way to express msn emotions. Spot the adult emoticon? We hope we don't offend anyone. Most of these msn emotions are innocent and just about having fun.

How did text chat language start?

Abbreviations such as 'lol' and 'G2G' seem to be commonly used in msn messenger or yahoo messenger chats. These abbreviations are used extensively in text or SMS chats on mobile phones too. This new abbreviated language emerged with the rise of real time communications because there needed to be a language tailored to the immediacy and compactness of these new communication media.

In msn messenger chats (windows live messenger) and yahoo messenger chats we need to be able to reply and express msn emotions fast so there's a flow to the conversation. Ever feel like steam could be coming out of your computer or phone when you're having an msn emoticons chat because you're typing so fast? Using abbreviations or msn emoticons means there's a lot less typing to be done to get the message across.

If you've ever been in a chat room or received an instant message or text message from someone that seemed to be in its own foreign language, take a look at this great Webopedia Quick Reference Guide we found. It will help you understand the text chat lingo by providing the definitions to 700 frequently used text chat abbreviations. Wow. If you want to know more about the original text style of msn emoticons, take a look at the emoticon style guide for text emoticons that we've created.

Download MSN Emoticons Click Here

Download New Free Emoticons to Freely Express Emotions


Have fun with our all the new free emoticons and smileys. All new emoticons and smileys are 100% brand-new. There's nothing recycled about them. We design contemporary cutting edge free emoticons. There are thousands of free emoticons on the web but we tried to come up with completely unique ideas.

(image) - (image) - (image)

For more new emoticons please Click Here and save your favorite emoticons

(image) - (image) - (image)

Get more free emoticons

Keep an eye on this page for our latest free emoticons and free smileys. We're always adding more free emotions to the collection and trying to meet a whole range of free emoticons and free smileys needs.

Free Emoticons and Smileys for Blogs, Messenger and Forums


Well come into the world of emoticons and smileys. We have created a unique space where you'll find hundreds of emoticons and smileys to express emotions. We create neatly categorized emoticon collections so you can find what you want when you want it.

Take a look at our animated emoticons and smileys.

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Download Free Emoticons

We're all about free emoticons. There's no catch when it comes to using our emotions. We just wanted to have fun and share that fun with other people who want to express emotions.

Free emoticons are especially fun because there are so many emotions that the smiley character can express. We love to use messenger to chat with other people - real time. It's even more fun when you start exchanging emoticons and smileys.

We have vast collection of famous MSN emoticons and smileys. We like to keep it simple: download free animated emoticons and smileys. Have fun!