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Preview: Kiss Nollywood

Kiss Nollywood

Welcome to Nollywood. The home of Africa's largest and the world second largest film makers.

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An insider reveals the secret path to break in today's music industry how to make it big in African Industry. Born into the smallest country of Liechtenstein, Al Walser has become an international entertainment expert and mogul who has produced,written and performed in front of millions around the globe before the age of 30. Some of the world's biggest stars became his friends.He is the ideal mentor for anyone tired of outdated, expensive and ineffective methods in the music industry.  Get The strategies and techniques depicted in Al Walser's book are the very same that new pop phenomenons like Justin Bieber, Christina Perri and others were using to Make It Big. Al Walser's system is here to put you on the fast track to success -the old music industry was about the middleman, the age of the middleman has gone - Make It Big will teach you to become the Middle Machine! THIS IS GUARANTEED! get it now.


Wonderkid drops ‘B.O.U.N.C.E’


Wonderkid Bounce Young and talented budding hiphop artist, Wonderkid Bounce has finally completed his much anticipated second mixtape, ‘B.O.U.N.C.E’ (better one you never can experience) which he hopes would introduce him to a Ghanaian and worldwide audience.The first single from the mixtape, ‘Chase Your Dreams or Die’ enjoyed massive patronage across Europe in the latter parts of2010. The latest single, ‘Show Me What You Got’ featuring Blackguy is also making waves with the video enjoying thousands of hits daily online.Born as Manfred Talvin in Paris, Wonderkid Bounce moved with his mother to Amsterdam at the age of 1. Growing up in the South East of Amsterdam, popularly known as the Bijlmer, Wonderkid listened to all kinds of music, from well-known Ghanaian artists such as Reggie Rockstone to famous American artists such as Michael Jackson, 2pac, and Jay-z. Inspired by the young age of rapper Lil Bow Wow, Wonderkid at the age of 14 started writing his own lyrics with the aim of becoming a rapper too. He often showed his rap skills to friends and family, who gave him positive feedback that motivated him to do something serious with his rap skills. He soon started performing in school and other places.The mixtape consists of productions from THX (who has produced tracks for Snoop Dogg and The Clipse), Garenchia, Statikmusic, Aye Q and more. The 11-track compilation, released by So Fresh Music Group (SFMG), an upcoming record label based in the Netherlands is available for free downloading on’s first mixtape dropped 2 years ago and his fans have been waiting for his followup since. The rapper comments, “I decided to make something that would describe my sound; aA sound that people would like. To me, this tape is my first introduction to let fans know who I am. I call my music uplifting. I gave it my own genre ‘elevated music’”.‘B.O.U.N.C.E’ contains tracks for a wide audience and according to Wonderkid, there’s a song for everyone. He comments that the mixtape is s hip-hop with a new style and hints of a return to Ghana in July. “We will be in Ghana from July to promote the tape and do some feature’s with other artist. That’s still a secret”.  In 2006 his cousin and 2 other friends started a music group (which has eventually turned into the record label, SFMG) to explore their music skills further. In 2008, he released his first mix-tape called ‘’The Wonderkid Magic Show’’ which featured various artists and productions by his producer Aye Q. In addition to his mix-tape, Wonderkid-Bounce had featured on other mix-tapes such as StatikMusic’s album called ‘’ Statiktape Re-release’’source Kiss Nollywood [...]

Omotola’s coach, Harrysong set to release debut in April.


Nigerian singer, Harrysong is set to release his first studio album scheduled debut, "Testify". The album includes and would be released on the label, Questionmark Entertainment.Born Harrison Okiri Tare, Harrysong spent the last year 2010 to record her album in addition to serving as vocal coach to several acts including the singer cum actress Omotola Jalade and finished the year with a mini tour in southern Nigeria, where it has played several concerts, the Calabar Carnival after composed and performed the theme song for the Video Music Awards in Nigeria with materials from label colleagues d'Supremes and Justina.A series of events is planned to mark the release of his album which will be preceded by a tour across Nigeria. The album would be released the first of April in Lagos at Club Deluxe (formerly Nu Grotto), Etim Inyang Crescent, Lagos, then the launch will take place at his hometown in Warri. Before, a listening party will be held March 23 in Tribeca. Omotola Harrysong, who has already recorded 30 very personal songs for the album, showcases his beautiful voice, prolific writing ability and versatility on this incredible new album. Earlier this year, his video for the single "I'm in love" cards at the top of the TV, Silverbird TV on French cable network - Trace TV. Surprise collaboration with a singer with multiple awards would be included on the album - it would be unveiled on the day of release on 1 April."Testify" would have music for every age, mood and as the title suggests with enough excitement and inspiration. Fans also see the different sounds and even separate from the artist, which many have likened to the legendary singer Tuface.In other news, Harrysong would also talk to participants in the amnesty program running Questionmark Entertainment. Questionmark Entertainment - and more - to prepare to release the long awaited Harrysong has been busy with the training of former activists of the area's restive Niger Delta who are participants in the federal government Amnesty. The amnesty program would be running for months for the former militants who have abandoned their weapons and violent past to floor with sufficient training or guidance to pursue the career of music, either as a producer or recording artist.You can listen to it here.[source][...]

Nollywood losing the grip of AMAA Awards.


It seems that gradually, the African Film Academy Award (AMAA) in Nigeria is losing its views, which have caused many people do not recognize as completely African awards ceremony in the past. Africa's largest film market - Nollywood, paves the way for other deserving films in the movie industry shines AMAAs market as reflected in this year's candidates. Maybe its time to scrap the "Best Nigerian Film category” as well!"I want to say that we have strong films from across Africa and the Diaspora for competition this year, AMAA, and all the movies that made them candidates to win or not they are good for different categories of films that make a film circles around the world,"He also revealed that over seventy percent of the candidates throughout Africa and elsewhere have expressed interest in participating in awards in Nigeria, saying its organizers and the host state to welcome guests from Bayelsa within and outside Nigeria.Provides breakdown of candidates as announced on 25 February in Kenya, President and CEO for life, Ms. Peace Anyiam-Osigwe media briefing on Monday, Leadway Protea Hotel, Maryland, Ikeja Distribution of the candidates gave in which he said the Congo and South Africa received the most nominations.He said, however, Viva River, the film in the Congo was the largest single candidates, adding that South Africa has four films, which are very strong, which made the appointment. Four South African films in competition are the Hope Ville nine nominations, Izulu Lami, 7 nominations, Shirley Adams, 5 candidates and Small Town Called Descent received six nominations. Connects to South Africa was the country with the highest candidates for a total of 27 nominations. The trophy. Other highlight of the media briefing materials on the screening of a four-minute documentary and short film called The Hidden Treasure Bayelsa produces about young people who were part of a training program organized by African Film Academy to train 50 young people from different part of Bayelsa filmmaking. College's jointly sponsored by the State Government among the top four students in Prague Film School for further training.As the capital of Bayelsa State Yenagoa be dazzling glitter and glamor of the awards ceremony on Sunday 27 March Nollywood trails in the Congo and South Africa battle AMAA nods. It is night, the winners will be announced 26 categories seventh edition of African Movie Academy Awards.Ghana Sinking Sands had 10 nominations and a Kenyan Seoul Boy was six nominations while Nigeria has four films, which are also marked on the nomination list of Tunde Kelani's Maami, Inale, director Jeta Amata, Niyi Akanji's Aramotu and Mahmood Alli-Balogun's Tango with Me. Nigerian candidate country along with South Africa a total of 23 candidates.[...]

Unending crisis in Actors Guild of Nigeria.


Segun Arinze (right) in a TV show.The crisis in the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, took a turn for the worse. The standoff was triggered in 2007 by the alleged refusal of the former president of the organization, Ejike Asiegbu, to leave office after the expiry of his term, snowballed into a farce in which the members were jostling for positions. The crisis has thrown up three different presidents, Segun Arinze, Emeka Ike and Chima Onwudiwe, each controlling a faction. Although Arinze is supported by the Board of Directors of the organization, Ike is supported by the committee Kanayo O. Kanayo Onwudiwe keeper and headed by the executive committee headed by former Asiegbu. The interesting thing about the whole scenario is not only that each of them claims to be the authentic president, but it gave birth to two others.A tragedy occurred at the secretariat of the sweet guild in Surulere, Lagos, when the election was about to hold, Arinze with a team of policemen from Area D, Mushin, Lagos, have taken them to storm the place in order to stop the election. He, however, could not, as the Interim Committee brandishes an order dated June 13, 2009, issued by a federal court in Lagos, authorizing the election should take. The electoral commission that consisted of top players Pete and Andy Chukwu Edochie among others - went ahead to conduct the election.Emeka IkeIke is currently articulating the authenticity of his presidency on a court order that advised of a break out of court settlement after Steve Eboh, a former vice-president of the guild, Asiegbu had taken to court in 2007. The resolution of the court read as follows: That the parties further agreed that the interim committee of the guild must be in place for a midwife to a new election in the next six months to ensure trust and unity among members.According to Ike, in compliance with the court order, an interim committee headed by Kok was formed. And that the players put their heads together on how to conduct elections within six weeks, Asiegbu violated the court order and conduct of a controversial election in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where Arinze has emerged as national president . The presidents of state and delegates from the guild has approved the election. Ike believes that since he was elected in an election that was conducted by the interim committee KOK-conduct, a product of the court order, he is the true president of the guild.Ike TOO fingers as the cause of the crisis in the AGN. "The BOT members are people at the center of every crisis. If they were involved in the crisis of Ejike in crisis KOK, Segun Arinze and of Emeka Ike, there's something about them that is not law, "he said.Asked if he thinks that the crisis will be resolved soon, Arinze waxed philosophical: "It will be fixed. There is nothing that is hot not too cold and there is nothing that does not come up down. He can not stay forever, he must come down someday. "[...]

The 7th Africa movie academy award is here again.


  Now all the moviemakers from all corners of Africa and the Diaspora will converge in Yenagoa Bayelsa, in Nigeria, for the 7th edition of African Movie Academy Awards.What was interesting about competition is that at first, because the initiative came from Nigeria, many filmmakers in this part of the country came in and won numerous awards.During these early days in South Africa, who was beaten by Zimbabwe, even, just as in the competition, except in the music industry for three consecutive years, the late internationally acclaimed Miriam Makeba sings for South Africans .But gradually the South Africans began to realize the importance of telling local stories. Today, South Africans have joined with other filmmakers who have done a remarkable job with limited budgets and almost non-existent infrastructure.Hence the emergence of brilliant filmmakers like Sello "Chicco" Twala, Madluphuthu series which has sold thousands of DVDs only on word of mouth.Besides, they already had a fighting chance because Nollywood, which produces thousands of films a year, was already on the mainland.It was inevitable they would come in numbers and collect the most items black wood carved beautiful became the pride of winning filmmaker and an aspiration for those who did not take any home.Then you get magnificent film producers including Akin Omotoso, Rapulana Seiphemo, Kenny Nkosi and Khalo Matabane.As Africans, we now agree that the distortions of our history have been mainly because as a people we have barely written anything.For the first time since the award's inception seven years ago the South Africans came in large numbers and I'm willing to bet my last naira we'll wipe that arrogant smile on the face of Naija. We'll show them, Pepe!As regards the executive producer of counsel Osigwe Anyiami peace, we want to thank her for her determination, tenacity, foresight, vision and passion.The competition has not only united African brothers and sisters, but has developed from a Yenegoa sticks to one of the most dynamic cities in Nigeria.Without people like him do a little something to their corner and expect their leaders, Africa can only dream of ridding our beautiful daughter of the disease, drugs, starvation, women and child mortality and abuse and lack of educationWe are all looking forward to the D-day, we are waiting to see whether the Nigerians will win everything this time around. What is your take on these post your comments below.[Culled from][...]

Segun Arinze And Wife Julie Dedicate a beautiful baby.


Julie and segun!   It is God's answer to the cries of Julie and Segun! This is a very beautiful baby.Sunday March 13, 2011 Segun and his wife Julie and their son spent pretty Ayooluwa Emmanuel Christian Center in Aina Padonou mbadiwe Ozumba on the island of Victoria.The reception followed at 2 h 30, somewhere near the beach alpha and celebrities from all aspects of the entourage were invited to this event of grace.Heres congratulate the couple and wish them tatas further.I also said not easy to devote psquares''e no easy'' cos it wasn't an easy ride for Julie to get pregnant.May we celebrate another baby this time next year ... Amen! The baby. We are hoping other celebrity couples in Nollywood also have a beautiful baby like this.What do you think post your comments below. [...]

Men won’t leave me alone, cries out Chinwe Isaac


Chinwe Isaac   Feeling fulfilled I spent three years in the industry, having joined in 2008. And since then I work. I'm sure I make my mark soon.Over the last three years I played in some films and I'm sure I did not disappoint my fans.I recently played in "Destitude" one of the films in the trilogy stable Diamond Pictures, where I played my first major role. My job is brilliant in the industry.RelocationI was formerly based in Owerri, Imo State and that where I am registered with the state chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). But I had to move to Lagos after being offered admission to study political science at Lagos State University.Passes and advances of the opposite sexIt's not really easy. But mostly, I try to ignore these permits. Once you're in the movie industry and you're beautiful, you are required to be in the eyes of men, especially those living abroad.They constantly interrupt you, but I ignore their advances, because I know they do not come to me with a good intention.Passion for actingIt started from my childhood, when I was growing up. As a child I used to watch some of the female stars on the screens. And every time I looked, I knew I had the talent to grace the screen.I kept nursing the ambition until the day of my friends said that I register as a member of AGN. This is my story. Chinwe Isaac AmbitionI see myself as a graduate of political science, a model and a face that reflected in Nollywood. Also, I want to marry when the right person into my life. That does not mean I'm not in a relationship.Culled from the Vanguard[...]

Youtube launches a special Nollywood chanel.



Nollywood; The Compelling Story of a No Copyright’s Land


I saw this online resently and i decide to blog with it. This is what i will call the Nollywood hierarchy, it is what is really happenig here in Lagos. Now the except:Nollywood, Lollywood, Ghallywood. These witty alterations of the obvious “Hollywood” are not merely puns but they actually refer to the movie industries of, respectively, Nigeria, Liberia, and Ghana. Cinema in Africa, although a long-time relationship, has recently known some unexpected development: a movie industry has been born that is made of laymen and women, for the people, and by the people. It sounds like Western political regime, but the system is more about the negation of individual rights for the greater good. Nigeria, the pioneer country, has turned the industry of popular movies into more than a lucrative enterprise. It all began when a Nigerian man, Kenneth Nnebue, bought blank tapes from Taiwan and found these blank tapes not to be commercially valuable unless they had ceased to be blank: true story, the Nigerian hired actors, crew members, and solicited producers just for the sake of selling tapes. It worked. The movie, “Living in Bondage”, is now a classic Nigerian movie. The story of a farmer moving to a big city after he had lost his wife and was haunted by her ghost has given ideas to many more people and has started what Nigerian elites and intellectuals see as “a travesty, a grave crime; imbeciles images [that] should not be shown in this country. They are poisoning our [Nigerian] culture.” These low-costs movies are made mostly for home consumption than for theaters, and DVDs sell for a dollar at the most. The choices of plot, actors, and sceneries are rather innovative, but the most striking element is the genuine lack of copyrights safeguards on each of those works. Nollywood is owned and controlled by traders of the Idumota market, in Lagos, Nigeria. Nollywood in Location.The system works as follows: a trader will sell, on the shelves of his market stable, a plethoric number of Nollywood movies that he has bought from fellow traders. With the benefit made out of these exchanges, a trader will get enough money to finance the production of a movie, and will start recruiting crew members and actors. No need to go very far to find actresses and cameramen, Lagos is known for its workforce in the field. Discs are printed in Lagos too, although in another market called Alaba. Then comes the story’s most interesting chapter, as the “mating season” begins.A Nollywood art piece. Traders have around two weeks to sell their new products, as it takes two weeks for the pirates to copy and distribute the products across the continent. When the mating season is over, films become commodities, as if copyrights had such a short preemption date, admitted and agreed on by all. To summarize, films are made that are not protected, and their producers make a sufficient margin on their creations to believe the work to be worth the immeasurable loss. And producers can raise sufficient funds to finance their projects in selling works from fellow traders that are similarly unprotected. No one cares, and the example is striking, of a system that refutes the concept that copyrights protects artists and creators to allow them sufficient financial support and to free their creation from trivial considerations.In Lagos, money is made out of basic copyrights violation, but the creation seems unstoppable. But the system works, and has many a good effect on the entire continent. True or not, some say weapon dealers are not turning in the traffic of Nollywood movies, and boxes of firearms are said to have been replaced by hoards of DVDs. The Nollywood market is a successful one, and other countries have taken Nigeria’s step. Producers are now induced [...]

Tejubaby Face show: Genevieve Nnaji kinda confirms she's dating D'Banj.


Genevieve & D'banj.
What do you like in man, and I mean that in terms of his physique, Tejubaby Face asked the beautiful actress on his show that aired last night.

Genny said she doesn't care what a man looks like, all that matters to her is his heart. "I like a man with a very good heart". she said.

So Tejubabyface brings out a picture of her and D'Banj and asked "Is there any truth in this?"
"He has a very very good heart" Genevieve replied, blushing.
"Alright, there you have it folks, case closed." Teju said

People keep insisting it's a stunt. It's love baby, it's love. Wishing them all the best.(image)

MTV Awards: Stars Shine at Africa Music Awards 2010


Another year, another award season. 2010 was so full on it seems like 5 minutes since we kicked it in Kenya at the 2nd annual MTV Africa Music Awards show last year. This year like the debut edition the awards will be held in Lagos at the at the Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos on Saturday 11 December 2010.Headliner Rick Ross is an exciting new addition to the MTV Africa Music Awards bill. The rapper together with Kenya’s P-Unit, South Africa’s Jozi and Nigeria’s Wande Coal will join previously announced performers DJ Arafat (Ivory Coast), 2Face (Nigeria), Daddy Owen (Kenya), Banky W (Nigeria), Fally Ipupa (DRC), Teargas (South Africa) and Cabo Snoop (Angola) on stage at the event.Rapper T-pain.Lagos — For an award that can conveniently be described as well beyond expectation, the MTV Africa Music Awards was a truly classy show, which justified all the hype and glamour that paved its way all through the run-up.Despite the award's shaky start, which left many wondering whether the event would be a night of woeful tales, Tuface Idibia, led the Nigerian charge, as Sasha, P Square and Mo Cheddah held on tenaciously to lift the conuntry's flag higher.Peter of P-square.Tuface, with two awards, in the category of Best Male and the coveted Artiste of the Year, while Congolese artist, Fally Ipupa, whose stock on the continent continues to rise with inroads into the mainstream, picked up the Best Video and Best Francophone awards to emerge as the night's joint highest winner with the Nigerian act.The awards, held inside the Expo Hall of Eko Hotel and Suites.It kicked off with a curtain-raising performance by Rick Ross, which got the crowd into the groovy set needed for such a night.That happened after the countdown ran out and there was not a dull moment, as the stage was set with American rap star, Eve, and as if putting the crowd on cue, had said it was time to party as the rap queen once again asked if Lagos was ready.First winner of the night was soon unveiled, as Fally Ipupa soon picked up the gong for Best Video. Following in the same manner was 2face, who clinched Best Male at that point.Rick Rose Having His time.The king of Lagos party, Banky W, also known as Mr. Capable, who took to the stage performing his hit single, 'Lagos Party', which seemed really apt for the occasion. When called up to present the next award of Best Anglophone, Julius Agwu who was described as one of the funniest men in the country, wowed the audience with a joke dwelling on R Kelly, that the R 'n' B king had to conquer his phobia for flying by coming up with the single, 'I Believe I Can Fly' but he soon goofed when he concluded that it was Airtel that first brought R Kelly to the country.Sasha and Eve.Daddy Owen soon emerged the winner of the Anglophone category. He said he is the first Kenyan artiste to be so honoured at MAMA despite the award holding in that country last year.Daddy Owen, a gospel act and kind of cute figure in Kenya, kept thanking Jesus profusely, as some cute ladies, who seemed to have travelled down all the way from other parts of Africa, sprang to their feet and erupted in cheers.Eve, the Host of MAMA 2010.P Unit, soon teamed up in an exhilarating performance with Yetunde Alabi popularly known as Sasha P, now regarded as first lady but Sasha, although doing a rap verse already done in a released song, did not seem to strike the right chord in with the crowd.The Best Lusophone category, picked up by Angola's Cabo Snoop who was also winning the first ever award for his native West African country, was presented by Banky W.Fally IpupaFally Ipupa was soon to come on stage again to pick the award for Best Francophone but the audience became more interested and animated when Eve sought education [...]

Nigeria free downloads: D'banj is here.


Nigeria free downloads: D'banj is here.: "D'banj is here.. Hot D'banj The hot koko master song can be found here, D'banj is Nigeria's music joker. Meet me."(image)

Free 9ja downloads.: .:The Mighty Eldee is here...


Free 9ja downloads.: .:The Mighty Eldee is here...: "The don Eldee is here:.

Big Boy Eldee.
 I have the big boy song you can click her..."(image)

Falling in love? Not for now – Bib Brother Africa (BBA) Winner, Uti Nwachukwu


Falling in love? Not for now – BBA Winner, Uti NwachukwuThe winner of  Big Brother All Stars, Uti Nwachukwu returned to the country last week to a grand  reception organised by M-net Nigeria.HVP caught up with him as he recounts  his thrilling experience, while in the house, his aspirations as well as love life.Hear him….Welcome back to the country. How did you feel emerging winner of BBA All Stars reality show?BBA All Stars Winner (middle) UtiFor me, it wasn’t all about the money, but it was about making my country and every other person that supported me proud. I can’t really capture the way I felt in words. I was overjoyed, my head was in the cloud and it was amazing.How would you describe your  experience in the house?It was amazing, I had fun. The experience was memorable.While watching the grand finale, your countenance showed that you were not expecting to win the prize?I’m a positive thinker. In my heart of hearts, I was convinced I was going to win the show.But I expressed shocked that God actually answered my prayer; that God was actually listening to me. I was  wondering what manner of God is this, that proved Himself  faithful.It was a moment of spiritual affinity with my God; that my faith in Him was not in vain after all. That was what you read in my face.Does it mean you were looking forward to bringing the prize money back to Nigeria?Yes, I was determined to win the contest. Of course, everybody thought because Nigeria won the contest last year, the country would not win again in this year’s edition.How come you did not go into a relationship in the house?It was because I’m a disciplined young man. I was there  for a reason and not the contrary.I was in the house to entertain Africans and also to showcase the best side of me to the world, and never to derail. Entering into a relationship would cause me to loose focus and I was not prepared to make that mistake.When you heard of your Dad’s demise, you were in a very low spirit. How  were you able to cope with the sad news given the challenges ahead of you?It was just God that sustained me. Like I said earlier, I put everything in God’s hands. I remembered that it was the last thing I told my Dad, I was going to do before I left for South Africa.That made me to feel stronger and the fact that my Mom was watching me on Dstv, I didn’t want her to feel that while she was mourning back in Nigeria, her son was also mourning in the house. That how she saw cope on screen,  would also help her to cope with the situation too.Who are you going to miss among your fellow housemates?I’m going to miss Sheila, Mwisho,  Hannington, Lerato and Meryl . In fact, I’m going to miss all the housemates. Yes, while in the house, I missed my family and my friends back in Nigeria.And you were in the house in 2008, where you happened to be the third housemate evicted. How did it happen?I have no idea. People said it was because of the glass house incident and many other insinuations But here I am  today. I was never discouraged because I knew I possess some potentials in me.You said, you didn’t go into any relationship while you were in the house, how come you were  emotionally attached to the Kenyan representative Sheila?Sheila  is my good friend, and nothing more than that.Would you agree to the fact that being in the house affected your lifestyle?Yes, it made me a better person. It also helped me to work with people from different cultural backgrounds; it opened my eyes in several ways. I discovered myself and learn to let everything go, while in the show. I pu[...]

P-Square drops yet another new video.


In related news, Nigeria’s pop award-winning twins, Peter and Paul Okoye have released a new video titled ‘Gimme that’. It was shot in South Africa and directed, as usual, by their brother and manager, Jude Engees Okoye.

This becomes the fourth video to be released off their fourth LP titled Danger.
Sources close to the twins have confirmed the production of a Video CD compilation of all four videos: Danger, I love You, E no easy and Gimme that and possibly footage from their recently concluded European tour.

With business discussions as regards marketing and retailing currently on-going, the VCD, we gather, will be released in a couple of weeks.

The twins recently completed and moved into their twin-duplex mansion with a swimming pool and underground studio. They also acquired four brand new luxury cars which set them back by a whooping N65million.

The famous singers, choreographers and Glo ambassadors who’s toured Africa repeatedly, are currently on break, getting ready for their next set of engagements as the year draws to an end.(image)

Latest Movie: High Blood Pressure By Teco Benson


  Teco Benson's High Blood Pressure now showing in cinemas Teco Benson LOVERS of Nollywood movies can now enjoy another blockbuster movie at cinemas nationwide.The movie entitled High Blood Pressure is the latest work of creative and respected movie director, Teco Benson.Teco Benson and his executive producer/financier, John Okonkwo, owner of Goodlife Production, have sealed plans to storm major cinemas nationwide with the star-studded and suspense-filled political thriller. According to Benson, High Blood Pressure, which was painstakingly shot over a period of six months within the Lagos metropolis, will sensationally begin showing at the cinemas on Friday, March 12, 2010. The movie which stars Nollywood big names such as Kanayo O. Kanayo, Clarion Chukwura, Lilian Bach, Yemi Blaq, Jibola Daboh, Jim Roach and several others will be shown in cinemas nationwide as well as in Kenya and Ghana.Speaking briefly on the synopsis of the flick, which he argued would definitely change the political landscape, especially now that 2011 is fast approaching, Benson said: “High Blood Pressure is a film that truly mirrors the dirty politics, shenanigans, betrayal, greed, blood spilling, cultism and the unholy alliances daily going on among our politicians in their desperate quest for power. I'm appealing to our politicians, especially the power drunk ones to watch this movie and help our nation move ahead after 2011. I won't divulge much, so that the real story will not be given away. Immediately after the premiere, we will begin the nationwide showing, for Nigerians and the world to see the best political story ever told by a Nigerian filmmaker,” he said. High Blood Pressure. Okonkwo hailed the sterling performances of the major characters in the movie, describing them as exceptional role models and interpreters who truly made Nollywood and themselves proud.This is a very hot trailer. What do you think, post your opinion in the comment box below.[...]

The unbalanced discovery boosts the unseen blast.


Do not mind this post it is for some other thing. The unbalanced discovery boosts the unseen blast.(image)