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Five Most Effective Internet Marketing Tools

Mon, 22 Nov 2010 13:25:00 +0000

Like any industry, Internet Marketing has its own special marketing tools and methods. Many of these marketing tools may already be familiar to you: autoresponders, SEO software, link-building systems, content management programs, affiliate software... and the list goes on.However, Internet Marketing has other more effective, non-traditional marketing tools every marketer should know about if they want to reach their full potential as online marketers. Some of these marketing tools come cleverly disguised or camouflaged, with many surfers or customers completely unaware that they're receiving a sales-pitch. Yet, these innocent and simple sales techniques are some of the most effective marketing tools on the web.For anyone involved in Internet Marketing or for anyone wishing to become involved, a quick rundown of these marketing tools may prove helpful. Here's a brief list and a few pointers on how to effectively use these marketing tools.1. Domain NameLets start at the very beginning. Your domain name should be considered your first Internet marketing tool. Pick it right and your domain name can also be your most effective marketing tool. Get it wrong and it may spell game over.Most marketers agree you should pick a short memorable keyword-related domain name. For example,, it's easy to remember/spell and it tells you exactly what the site is about. Picking a domain directly related to the keyword or keywords of your site will help greatly in obtaining a high ranking for your site with the search engines. Not to mention, it will be a great marketing and promotional tool, telling your potential customers exactly what your site is promoting and displaying.On the other hand, some marketers suggest you opt for a short jazzy name that can be easily remembered by your visitors. Ebay, Google, Napster, Yahoo... regardless of which route youtake, make sure you examine all the marketing potential before you pick your domain name. The right domain name can be one of your most effective marketing tools on the world wide web.Many experts also suggest you only set up a dedicated server for your domain or domains. A dedicated server only carries one domain. Most hosting companies (for economic reasons) often share hosting servers, i.e. your domain is co-hosted with hundreds of other domains on the same server. Since you will be using the same IP address this may have dire consequences if one of the domains is accused of spamming or some other unscrupulous behavior. Even if you can't afford a dedicated server, it would be wise (for SEO purposes) to have a separate IP address for each domain you own. Most hosting companies provide this service for a small fee.2. KeywordsKeywords, what surfers type into search engines to find what they're looking for, are the real building blocks of the web. They are the single most important element in any online marketing venture. Pick the right keywords and you're in business, pick the wrong keywords and again, it's game over.Therefore, you must have special keyword software or use some online sites or services to help you pick the right keywords. Many top marketers use,, or the new Keyword Elite by Brad Callen. A superior keyword research product will supply valuable information: number of searches made each month, amount of competition and thetop sites targeting your keywords.Remember, you must target the right keywords with your site or online marketing. Targeted keywords draw targeted traffic (customers) to your sites or products. The right keyword software or program will have a direct correlation to the success or failure of your online marketing efforts. So choose wisely!3. ArticlesMany marketers believe in and rely upon purely organic SEO techniques for marketing their sites. One simple method of organic SEO is writing and submitting keyword related articles around the topic of your website with links back to your site. As other sites display your articles you gain valuable one-way links back [...]

How To Become A Successful Internet Marketing ConsultantHow To Become A Successful Internet Marketing Consultant

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 13:24:00 +0000

If you are knowledgeable about e-business in general and the way the online market place works, then you may want to consider a career as an internet marketing consultant. Even if you are relatively new to the online world, but have a marketing background to call on, you can actually still become an internet marketing consultant. All it needs is just a little bit of work. But that's true for any career. But to be a consultant you need to make sure your knowledge is varied and is solid.

In order to turn yourself into an internet marketing consultant and be able to market yourself, you need to first take stock of your internet marketing skills and knowledge. Figure out where your strengths are and what you need to improve. From that information, put together a plan that will allow you to educate yourself and improve your weak areas. If you find that you are weak in some areas, begin to work on those areas and brush up on them. Once you develop your skills and feel confident, you will be ready to embark on your internet marketing consultant career.

You must be prepared fully, because as an internet marketing consultant you will be called upon to help a number of varying clients. Your clients will vary from being completely "green" to seasoned veterans of their fields. You will have some that know almost nothing about business or the internet and are looking to you for everything. You will have to take them under your wing, so to speak. On the other hand, you may have clients who are essentially marketing gurus, but have no idea how to market on the internet. As an internet marketing consultant, it is your job to help all levels of client. So be prepared.

Perhaps you feel that your strengths are heavy towards just one area of expertise. You may then want to consider working as an internet marketing consultant within that niche. You can specialize in fields like search engine optimization, email marketing, ezines, or even newsletters. Identify the niche you are strong in and make sure you are up to date on it. There are a number of areas where you can work in internet marketing if you do choose to go the way of niche expertise. To identify which niches are "hot" simply type in a typical question into your favorite search engine and see what comes up.

Becoming an internet marketing consultant can be rewarding work. If you enjoy business, marketing, and the internet it may be a career direction you may want to take. All you need to do is take stock of your knowledge and skill, educate yourself, and be ready help all levels of customers. If you think you are more suited to one aspect, then you can always go the way of the niche consulting role. How you choose to function in your internet marketing consultant role is really up to you.

Internet Marketing: A Look At The Basics - The Internet Marketing Course

Thu, 04 Nov 2010 08:42:00 +0000

You know, I have been an internet marketer for almost ten years now. I have reached a point where I actually support myself, and quite well, I might add, from my internet businesses.It wasn't always so. I made a lot of dumb, and sometimes ignorant (the two are not the same) mistakes along the way. Somehow, I managed to learn enough about internet marketing to get successful at it in spite of myself. However, in the process, I paid for a lot of junk and wasted my time on a lot of things that didn't work. I usually refer to this as "accidental tuition".As a result, I get a little irked when someone approaches me, or posts a message on a forum, saying or implying that they want to get into or have found an internet business that "makes money" or "guarantees" success. I have found that a successful internet business is just like the brick-and-mortar kind. It takes dedication, motivation, inspiration, hard work...and sometimes blind luck.A successful internet marketing strategy is just like its non-internet business counterpart. It is made up of several factors, and does not simply consist of putting a guy on the sidewalk with a sign on a stick, or building a website and submitting it to search engines. Most people would not expect the sign on the stick to work marketing miracles, but, probably in internet ignorance, they tend to believe the website + search engine = success scenario.Many who read this article think that way, at least until they read what I wrote in the paragraph above this one. Despite the negativity of the previous paragraph, however, I am not trying to discourage anyone from forming an internet business or diving into the internet marketing pool. It's fun in here, and the more the merrier! I DO want to dispel unrealistic expectations of what is involved in running an internet business in general, and what is involved in internet marketing in particular.A point I am gradually sneaking up on is that, like many things in life, successful internet marketing may not be as simple as it looks. Nor will one single strategy work for every internet business at all times. It will be necessary to learn many things and some, which may seem simple and basic, may need to be modified to meet the needs of each unique internet business. The bright side is that many techniques are tried and true and will probably serve anyone well, although they might work better for one business than another.Internet marketing itself can seem relatively simple. You start with a good product or service, create quality marketing vehicles (most important being the website), and then you lead people to the website. In fact, that's all that internet marketing is about...getting interested people to your website.How do you do that? Well, that's where things get complicated. You can use Pay-Per-Click search engines, search engine optimization, opt-in mailing lists, free gifts, business cards, flyers, contests, rewards! The list is bounded only by your imagination.There are four basic ways to acquire the mass of background information you need for a successful internet marketing strategy:Go through the internet university of hard knocks, like I, and so many others, have. The tuition is high, and it will probably take you a few years to get your diploma.Go into research. That is, read everything you can find on the internet, running an internet business, and internet marketing. This too will take a long period of time, and you will still probably have to go out of pocket as you test your learning at various points.Find a mentor. There are people on the internet who have been successful and who share this information with others. Quite often, even they charge a fee, but your opportunity for success might be higher. However, it is difficult to find someone to be your mentor. They are running their own businesses.Take an internet marketing course. If you can find the right course, even though you will have to pay for the [...]

Affiliate Internet Marketing Basics

Wed, 03 Nov 2010 12:23:00 +0000

What is Affiliate Internet Marketing?Definition-----------Affiliate internet marketing is a superb introduction to ecommerce and earning extra money, but according to, it's also "a numbers game."In a nutshell, affiliate internet marketing is an advertising arrangement, so to speak, in which a company offers to pay you, as an individual or business owner, an agreed sum of money based one of the following advertising results from your site:- a click through from your web site to the business' site;- a fixed amount for a lead, where a visitor would sign up for a newsletter or other special offer; or- a percentage of the amount of a purchase made by a visitor as a result of a click through from a link posted at your web site.Often times, affiliate internet marketing allows for a "cookie duration" of 30 to 90 days. What this means is that if a visitor clicks through from your web site to the business' web site, the visitor will have the cookie in their cache. When the visitor returns to the business' web site to make a purchase in the given period of time, even if they don't first hit on your web site, the cookie will still be in their cache, and you will receive your commission from the purchase for that visitor. Prior to signing on to an affiliate internet marketing agreement, however, don't assume this to be the case in all agreements. It is something to be inquired about prior to agreeing to the affiliate internet marketing program.Finding an Affiliate Internet Marketing Program for Your Web Site------------------------------------Locating the best affiliate internet marketing program for your site can be difficult and tedious. An extended amount of time is highly recommended in order to search the details of an appropriate affiliate internet marketing programs for your particular needs; implement the links; and monitor their activity. It can require long hours and may prove to not be a big money maker. Additionally, many affiliate programs come into existence and then disappear just as quickly, meaning that purchases or click throughs from your web site may not be paid in such incidences, which is why careful monitoring of the programs is crucial.Approach the search for affiliate internet marketing opportunities with care. For example, choose an affiliate program with a major advertising agency, who can offer you hundreds or thousands of advertisers in which to choose. Another option is to consider individual companies to represent on your web site. If the company is one that is well known, has a good product or service, offers great affiliate support, and commits to regular payment with a low payout threshold, they can actually perform better than some agency associations. This can most definitely be the instance at hand if the business you're representing offers residual income, or monthly commissions from referred clients for services that might include web hosting or magazine subscriptions, for example, for as long as the client is with the company. Affiliation with these types of individual advertisers, over time, can build a steady stream of reliable income for you.Be wary affiliate internet marketing programs that you have to pay to join. These types of affiliate internet marketing programs are actually called of Multi Level Marketing associations, or MLMs. There are some very successful and respectable MLMs around, but there are also many that are complete scams that are simply out to take your money, offering no support. Research the MLM carefully before committing to their affiliate internet marketing program.Setting Up an Affiliate Internet Marketing Program on Your Web Site-------------------------------------------An affiliate internet marketing program is extremely simple to set up on your web site, and can be an excellent way to generate some extra income. While it's not realistic to think that it will be a huge money maker, it can be an effective tool t[...]

How to Create a Successful Blog

Mon, 01 Nov 2010 12:21:00 +0000

In today's Internet Marketing environment having a Blog is not just a nice to have it's becoming essential. More and more people are reading Blogs and they offer great opportunities to promote your products or services. In addition if your Blog becomes popular you can create a good passive income through the adverts that you carry.As an Internet Marketer if you want to create a really successful blog, there are three main things that you need to concentrate on to get started. Many Internet Marketers make the mistake of thinking that building a successful blog is one of the easiest tasks out there and they couldn't be more wrong! A successful Internet Marketer needs to do more than just set up a blog page to chat about their products. You need to focus on three essential building blocks in order to have a successful Internet Marketing blog. These three building blocks are not enough of themselves to make your Internet Marketing blog successful however they will give you a great start.LookThe first building block for a successful Internet Marketing blog is The Look. What this means is that your blog should start with an appropriate style. A style which reflects the rest of your online business or at the very least conveys your professionalism. You can begin when you first start your blog. Many blogging software programmes will help you out with the style of your blog. If you are using a blogging programme that is aimed mainly at beginners, you will find that it will offer different templates for you to choose. There will be something for everyone. You can go through the templates to choose which colours you like best for the layout. Experiment with the layouts to see which templates look best on the computer screen and which most readily match the rest of your Internet Marketing sites. You have the option to go back and change the template later if you want to change the look of your Internet Marketing blog. Make sure that if you are creating your own Internet Marketing blog, without using a pre-created template that you make it look as professional as possible. You can even hire a professional to do the job for you if you wish. The more professional your blog looks, the more seriously your readers and potential customers will take your posts.ContentThe content of your Internet Marketing blog is the second key building block you will need for a successful blog. While you can choose to create posts that have no direction or purpose, you will find that when you post interesting commentary or short information filled articles that your traffic will increase. Although you may think it is interesting, most readers will not enjoy reading about your day to day Internet Marketing activities, unless you make them into humorous stories.It should also be noted that the more content you have on your site, the more successful your site will be. It is basically a numbers game at this point. The more you post, the more chances you will have that one of your posts will attract the eye of someone searching for a related topic.AdvertisementsThe third building block is advertising. Internet Marketing Bloggers can make a steady passive income using advertising on their blogs. The trick is to have a good mixture of ads and content however. If you fill your blog with ads and have no content for readers, they will be distracted and not visit your site again. A good rule to remember is that you should never have more than two or three ads per blog page. This is an important rule to remember. You should not overwhelm you readers with ads. You should only present them so that the readers can further explore them if they wish. Don't use flashing ads or other bold ads that will annoy your readers. Choosing the right type of advertising program is part of it as well. In fact I would go as far as to say that the best way to advertise is by using Google's Adsense Programme which will pla[...]

The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Online

Fri, 29 Oct 2010 08:01:00 +0000

Trying for making money online? Get afraid of the risk? Do not worry we are there. We will provide the risk free program to make money online. You have to just invest $2.95 for 30 days. Now if it very simple. Any one can afford this. People are with us from past 12 year to make money and believe me they have thousands of dollars in the minimum time. We will provide you the online step by step guide with instructions on how you have to start with and select the niche market and the best product.

As market gets change over the years we also making the changes in our step by step guide. Every time you login into our program you will get the most cutting-edge strategies. For 2010, we have make the guide more advanced with the graphs, included the answers of your comment questions, and more “how to” videos. Even if you are new to online money our guide will help you in avoiding the waste of your time and money, makes your sales very fast, to own your loving business and importantly without any risk.

Our step by step formula includes the 6 steps which is making people to earn $1000 million of sales online. Following are those formulas:
  1. Finding the niche market which is occupied with the shoppers who are very used to shop online.
  2. The most important is finding the appropriate source for the products or develop those products which are very demanding in the niche market.
  3. We have to make the report of which convert the online market visitors into your buyers and payers.
  4. Build the well formed, good looking, professional website for sell.
  5. You have to make customers to those users who are visiting your site first. This will increase the service level and relationship with the users. Or guide will include on how to email your bigger customer for the better service task.
  6. Finally, advertise our site as a low-cost so that visitors can log in without any hesitation.

Once you have joined with us, you will get more details on these steps in our online step by step guide plus, the hundred of other techniques for increasing your profit to the next level and so on. We have made our guide in such a way that you will be able to work more or little anywhere you want to be. We will automate your business such like it will run itself, so you will earn the money when you are on vacation and spending time with your family.

Our step by step online guide includes 83 simple lessons with 12 different modules. Each module has its own milestone. Module one will help in finding the niche market and module 12 will assist you in adding new streams of income. Even we have embedded some videos which will demonstrate how tom complete the task required to complete the website. So instead of just reading our guide is very interactive with videos and the graphs to have a nitration with you.

There are 3 an hour webinars conducted by our own product and social net working experts. These 3 webinars conducted on 3 hot topics as follow:
  1. Increase you online business by sourcing the products from the best merchants.
  2. Get the qualified buyers with low cost.
  3. Promoting your site around the world for absolutely free for increasing your business globally.

The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay

Mon, 20 Sep 2010 08:19:00 +0000

Are you not getting lot of profit by selling products? Are you not able to cell the much demanded products on the ebay. Sometime you miss to include the proper information about the product on the profit site. Or sometime you do not get the proper auction on your products because of the price.Don’t worry, we have bring the way for you which will describe you on how to use the ebay to make more money and get the extra income. It is not nothing but It will give the solution of each and every question you have related to ebay and how to use it.We recommend you to do not directly start using the ebay if you are very new user and want to cell the products on ebay. First you need to figure out what you want to sell first and do the market analysis from the ebay for searching that which products are mostly being demanded from the buyers1. This will help you in not selling the products which are not mostly use and does not give lot of income. These all the related information and tips are provided on So it is a very important and useful site for getting started with the business with ebay.Once you are done with the searching the products the main issue for you is to search the good resource of that product. This is the very tedious task, because if you are initiator then wholesalers will hesitate to make a business with you and also drop shippers will charge you more as you do not have a strong business. Searching the products which are mostly sold, on the net, is a very tedious task. We provide a tool or link which will make this task easier for you. If you want to get more ideas to find more good resources then you can fine that on our site The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay. In our newsletter we have a great new that ebay and twitter are the partners. So the twitter users can directly see the products from their twitter account without living their twitter site and without loosing their login. This is the very common question that “how to make money on ebay. There are over 88 million people are using ebay for their product. You can’t afford to just ignore this. If you want to get your annual income more, we can get you there. On our site you will learn the following:Without any finance and own website, how to start the business with ebay.2. Selecting only those products from the research which will get more market and not to waste the time on other products.Get the maximum bid with the more profit.You can track your own performance using tools of ours and then improve performance.Getting the dollars when your product is listed in the auction.Find the consumers who make their purchase from the ebay.So we are providing you a great chance to increase your won potential, find the help on each and every question you have related to the and get started with your business with higher profit margin. We are the medium and you are the provider.[...]

ClickBank Wealth Formula

Sun, 12 Sep 2010 09:24:00 +0000

Are you starting to make money online and facing some issues on getting the market analysis, selecting product. Then don’t worry. We have brought a simple procedure for you to make money online. If you are facing trouble while making online money and wanted to earn money in less than 3 days then you must have to visit clickbank wealth formula. We are working on it form last three years and you can copy them in just three days. What an opportunity. By using our system, two guys get concerned into revealing their secret affiliate system makes them over $103000. Can you imagine this? This is the advantage of our system.

For using this, you can be fresh user without having any experience. You can start with us with less than $30 and see the results in next 3 days. Our system works in any niche is which you have interest like Dating, Beauty, Sports and etc. You just need to have is access to computer and need a formula.

Now the questions what is mean by formula? It simply meaning is:

  1. Find a great offer on ClickBank: - sign up to the ClickBank. It will take just 3 minutes.
  2. setup your secret system
  3. automate your traffic
  4. using a template send a people to simple page
  5. and then let ClickBank send you a big check

There are 12 modules which you need to follow to make money with ClickBank:

Module 1 will introduce the easy affiliate strategy ever created. In second and third module you will come to know which products and niche you have to select. Fourth module tells you about making you website up. In module 5 you will come to know about creating your automated sales machine. In other modules you will learn on which words you have to use in your websites, how to make $15000 in 24 hours. Module 9 and 10 are the secret modules which you will come to know from out site. For these entire modules we have videos to go through it for your better understanding.

Please do not get confuse between these all modules. This system is very simple and you have to concentrate on just 5 steps as making account in ClickBank, selecting product, copy your template for a stupid simple site, use our traffic blue print and then forget and move on.

Creating this formula costs us around $67000 to develop the material. But still our charges are very less as we know no one can afford this much rates and it would be very bad for us if no one uses it. So after debating a lot from the charge of $497, we are providing this material on just $77. So you have to just make a onetime payment of $77 and success will be yours. We have that much faith and confidence in us that we will make your money profitable and will provide you full 60 days money back guarantee. With this guarantee this is a complete risk free deal for you. You can just ask for refund to us at anytime and you are done.

Why are we doing this? Because we’re 100% CONFIDENT that this system will work wonders for you – if it doesn’t, we don’t’ deserve your money!

The Ebusiness StartUp Handbook

Fri, 06 Aug 2010 10:52:00 +0000

A lot of people waste their time and cost to choose the product to sell on their profit site. This is the basic reason why their site fails and they do not get heavy income from it. Internet user does the searches for their product and then purchase. If you select a product which no one buys, you will not get anything from your online shop website. We as an InternetMarketing.Com provide you the information on how to identify the people who searches their product online and them you can provide those product to them via contacting them online.The Ebusiness Start-Up Handbook Guides You Through the First Critical Steps of Creating a Robust Website From the Ground Up. In these handbooks you will get the better information which is required to start with your online business. We will provide you the stepwise formula on how to go ahead and increate the income.Here are some online hand books which provide you the good information:Avoid weeks, months of tedious labor: - Only invest some hours instead of investing the log days or months on the market research and getting confuse.Save potentially thousands of dollars:- As you start with, build your website that has with the products that has more demand.Profit with large share of smaller market: - Don’t compete with the online giants. We will give the sufficient information on how to small market which you can dominate.Find the perfect product to sell: - Then analyze the market to find the perfect product.Easily interpret your existing market.These startup hand book will provide you the best knowledge to start with your online business. If you follow the formula provided by us, then you will find the very easy and perfect idea for your business.Being with us you will learn lot of things some them are as follows:Difference between online and traditional marketing.Which search engine, browser you should use to take knowledge from it.What is the niche market and why you find it.How to perform analysis that you can avoid wasting money entering over-saturated markets.How to search for the product which people would like to buy online.In all three stages of your business we are there for you:1. If you do not have a website then you will find those handbooks as very a good weapon for you. You will save your time and work which you utilize on “trial and error” work.2. If you are started with you market research but you are struggling with it, we have Ebusiness Handbbok for you. This book will provide you the real world example so you can finish your critical research.3. If you have your website working, then again you can follow the Ebusiness Handbbok to retain your competitive edge and grab new opportunities.So internet marketing provide all the means to start with you business. Just sign up in it and start using it to get the handbooks handy with you. Just go through the step by step process given in it and see the how the world changes for you. We are 100% sure that you have the potential to start and rest of the thing we take care of.[...]

Expiring domain, daily auctions

Sun, 14 Feb 2010 18:15:00 +0000

Domain Stryker is a new 2 click domain investment platform where daily lists of expiring and auctioned off domains which cost under $100 are analyzed and then made available for investing purposes by domainers, developers and anybody else who collects premium and keyword rich domains.

Domain Stryker aggregate all of the exclusive domain listings from Go Daddy(image) , eNom, Tucows, Network Solutions, Melbourne IT, Wild West Domains,, Moniker, DirectI and many more popular registrars such as Dotster,, OnlineNic,, and dozens of others.

5 Ways Facebook Can Build Your Local Business

Sun, 14 Feb 2010 17:37:00 +0000

Facebook is a social networking platform that is more than the latest fad. It is boosting marketing and sales for local businesses. Here are the five main ways that Facebook can help your local business:

  1. Build AwarenessFacebook. Offers very affordable, targeted cost-per-click advertising options that can be laser-targeted to the city you do business in. You only pay per click, so costs are minimal. Also, a Facebook page or group can be created to help get the word out about your organization.
  2. Distribute Information. Local businesses need to affordably communicate events, news, products and services. Facebook allows you to leverage your personal and professional contacts to share information for free.
  3. Create Community Social networking serves to bring people together. Your local business can brand, build, and boost business by creating a Facebook page or group so your local contacts can converse with each other. Let your community become your best sales people and free focus group. Listen to the conversations and allow raving fans to share and get in on the conversation.
  4. Offer Additional Customer Service Through Facebook, you can answer questions, receive free feedback, promote events, and provide news to be of additional service to your locally-based audience. Facebook gives your prospective and current customers an additional web option to find and connect with you.
  5. Boost Sales. Local businesses have to fight harder than ever to survive in this tough economy, but your business can have a competitive edge with Facebook. Tapping free social networking tools like Facebook to build awareness, share information, educate, build community, increase connection, and enhance customer service will all work in unison to make sales.
When used with the right intention and managed regularly, Facebook can be a no-cost marketing tool to help your local businesses gain a competitive edge. Converse directly with locals, create a community of conversation -- learn, share, and connect -- all in a fun way.

Facebook has over 350 million users; I am willing to bet that your local audience is waiting.

Write Little Tiny AdWords Ads That Bring Giant-Sized Profits

Sun, 14 Feb 2010 16:09:00 +0000

It seems to be a phenomenon. You try Google AdWords Select, your ad gets “disapproved” by the powers that be at Google, you count your losses and give up. It doesn’t have to be that way.There are two primary factors to succeeding at Google AdWords. The first is getting the right keywords. The second is writing little tiny ads. Neither is all that easy, but they can both be done. Let’s go through the process together and I’ll show you a few tricks of the trade that have brought me AdWords click through rates of 7.1% and 8.0%.Step One – You would be very wise to either use a benefit or an end result in your headline. In order to do this, you’ll have to be aware of the difference between features and benefits. Start by making a list. I’ll use the example of an online shoe store. Here are a few features:huge inventorywide selection of sizesdiscounted pricesfree shippingAnd here are the benefits associated with those features:hundreds of styles to choose fromhard-to-find sizes in stocksave moneyfree shipping (free is free!)Step Two – Know what your customers are looking for. YOU may feel that one benefit outweighs another. However, your customer might feel differently. Be sure you understand what is important to your customer before writing your headline and your ad. You have no room to waste so it is vital that you find a so-called nail and hit it right on the head.Step Three – Work in your keywords. If you’ve used Overture pay-per-click engine before, you know that there is a greater click through rate on search results that use the exact key phrase the surfer types in. The same holds true for Google’s AdWords program.While the following have by no means been researched, we’ll assume that some optimum keywords for our shoe store are: women's shoes and sandals. We’ll want to include these in our ads.Step Four – Start big and narrow it down. Begin by writing a few sentences or a paragraph about what you’d like your customer to know. Perhaps:You’ll find everything you’re looking for in one place! Hundreds of styles to choose from including hard-to-find sizes in stock. You’ll save lots of money because our regular prices are far below that of other stores. Plus shipping is always free – regardless of the amount of your purchase. Check out our excellent selection of women's shoes and sandals.Now, go back and take out every word that does not absolutely need to be there. You probably came up with something like this:Everything in one place! Hundreds of styles, hard-to-find sizes. Prices far below other stores. Shipping free. Women's shoes and sandals.That’s a LOT smaller and still gets the point across. However, it is still too long for AdWords. Your headline must be less than 25 characters (including spaces). Your copy can only be 35 characters per line. (You get two lines.) Now is the time to begin rearranging words to create an ad that will match Google’s guidelines, include your keywords, and draw a crowd to your site.Here are a couple I came up with:100's of Styles-Low PricesBig savings on women's shoes. Plusfree shipping! All sizes in stock.Discount Women's SandalsLatest styles at deep discounts.All sizes in stock. Free Shipping!Step Five – Test, test, test! Put them up and give them a go. See what happens. Believe me, Google will notify you quickly if your ads aren’t performing. Those that get lower than a .05% click through rate are immediately “disapproved.” You are notified that your ad has been pulled and that you need to make changes.Use the information in the AdWords campaign section to track the results. I’ve heard countless tales of those who have changed one little word and gone from a .07% CTR to a 5.0% CTR. If your ad is pulled, make simple changes to start with. [...]

The Importance of Backlinks

Wed, 15 Jul 2009 05:19:00 +0000

In the not too distant past it was a relatively easy procedure to get high rankings in the search engines. All you had to do was load your pages and meta tags with the same keyword. Many spammers took advantage of this and would stuff a page with keywords. Very often this was to re-direct visitors to other sites.

As could be expected, the search engines weren’t too happy when searchers looking for a bus timetable, for example, ended up at a porn site. They started to penalize sites that repeated keywords too often or used “hidden” keywords which used a font color that was the same as the background.

Nevertheless, so-called “on-page factors” such as the location of keywords and their density on the page remained a major search engine optimization (SEO) technique for many years. However, this started to change when Google introduced a new system to help gauge the quality of sites. This system was called Google PageRank, or more simply PR.

Page rank was originally based on the number of links to a site so all you has to do was gain thousands of links back to your site to get a higher PR. Again, spamming became commonplace with webmasters gaining lots of low quality links from places such as free-for-all link sites.

To combat this, Google changed the weighting of low quality sites and it became much more important to obtain links from genuinely worthwhile sites. Another important change to their algorithm involved the importance of anchor text. Anchor text is the text that other sites use to link to your site. Finally, more weighting was usually given to thematically-related sites. For example, if you have a site about dog collars it is better to get backlinks from other sites related to dogs (rather than say ‘shoes’).

How can you get these illusive high quality, thematically related backlinks to help increase your own search engine rankings? There are many techniques to do this. These include –

* Write articles and submit them to quality article directory sites.

* Post comments on blogs (but only those that don’t use the “nofollow” tag).

* Participate in high PR forums and have a link back to your signature.

* Submit a press release about your site.

* Exchange links with other high quality sites.

* The fastest way is buy text link. I have sites with PR 4, PR 5 and PR 6, contact me for more information (

While Google isn’t the only search engine, it does provide the lion’s share of traffic. In addition, the other search engines are giving greater weighting to “off-page” factors such as backlinks as well. With a bit of effort you can get these quality links and see your own share of traffic increase as a result.

200+ Power Words

Sat, 04 Jul 2009 16:01:00 +0000

When you sit down to write your salescopy, you of course want to ensure that your copy is packed full of juicy benefits and provides as much information, excitement, and appeal as possible each step of the way... But did you also know that there are a number of words that pack far more power and punch than your average, ordinary writing?Be sure to cram your copy full of the following proven attention-getters to ensure your copy sizzles and sells.Power Salescopy Words:· 10-minute· Step-by-step· Absolutely· Certainly· Completely· Suddenly· Instantly· Literally· Automatically· Simply· Special· Insider· Hot· New· Fresh· Killer· Now· First· First-time· One-time· Adore· Like· Love· Prefer· Enjoy· Overwhelming· Amazing· Ecstatic· Avalanche· Balloon· Benefit· Best-selling· Hot-selling· Blueprint· Roadmap· Guide· How-to· Know-how· Device· Formula· Bonus· Bottom line· Brand-new· Brilliant· Caliber· Choice· Cinch· Comfortable· Complete· Desire· Need· Want· Discover· Uncover· Reveal· Results· Easy· Simple· Effortless· Enable· Ensure· Excited· Expert· Explode· Skyrocket· Snowball· Extra· Fact· Fast· Fix· Free· Gift· No-cost· Bargain· Sale· Give· Hand over· Save· Worth· Risk-free· Complimentary· No-risk· Discount· Save· Low-Cost· Lead· Learn· Little· Magic· Merit· Money· Natural· Nice· Number-one· Only· Just· Penetrate· Perfect· Perks· Precious· Preference· Private· Professional· Profits· Revenue· Promise· Vow· Guarantee· Proud· Proven· Quick· Ramp up· Reality· Resolve· Revealing· Right· Safe· Satisfaction· Secret· Security· Serious· Advice· Alternative· Shocked· Shocking· Show· Introduce· Solution· Solve· Supreme· Teach· Telling· Tested· Testimonial· Tiny· Tool· Totally· Flat-out· Good· Truth· Reliable· Secure· Understand· Unique· One-of-a-kind· Unreal· Value· Value-added· Pledge· Trust· Honest· Fun· Gain· Grant· Guaranteed· Happy· Healthy· Hefty· Substantial· Ideal· Imagine· Immediately· Impressive· Income· Incredible· In-demand· Ingenious· Knowledge· Inside· You· YourWARNING: “Free” is a very powerful word. Do not advertise “free samples” if you expect the user to pay for postage or something else. If you abuse this word, you will lose your credibility and your sales will plummet. Free means without any cost to the consumer whatsoever!The following list contains words that you should avoid using in sales copy because they make people want to stop reading and put you in danger of losing the sale.Words to Avoid in Salescopy:· Buy· Difficult· Death· Obligation· Wrong· Failure· Fail· Decision· Bad· Deal· Cost· Sell· Taxes· Worry· Loss· Hard· Contract· Pay· Worse· Worst· Owe· Negative· Loser· Deny· Regret· Liability[...]

Free Website Promotion...Why Not?

Tue, 30 Jun 2009 18:46:00 +0000

Can you ever avail of free website promotion? Is that even feasible?. Of course yes! Nowadays, your baby website can amass huge traffic in no time thanks to free website promotion.

How does this free website promotion go anyway? What are things to be done?

1. Enlist your website.

Look for the hottest Internet directories and enlist your site there. This is the easiest and most effective free website promotion tactic. Start with this step and the rest of the good things will follow.

Just don't forget to prep your website and make it all spruced up for a higher chance to get accepted in your directory of choice.

2. Know your forums.

One reason why forums are created is for free website promotion for everyone. Log in, post actively, let them know about your site in every post and you attract instant visitors right there.

3. Write a press release.

Release your writing prowess and start up a press release that advertises your site! This is a free website promotion tactic that you can do anytime. Type a brief paragraph or two and email it to your friends, colleagues, internet e-zines, newspapers and other media and massive traffic will come to you pronto!

4. Be friendly online.

Free website promotion means you need to be friendly to other webmasters. Why, you ask? So they can link you immediately! Establish contacts and never tire of link requests and exchanges.

5. Write an article.

Say, your website is about your travel agency. Write an article about the perks of traveling or the hottest travel spots in the world. On the concluding paragraph, mention your website in passing. This article works as an advertorial and doubles as a free website promotion approach.

6. Just let the whole world know about your site.

What is free website promotion without the word of mouth? Insert your website, its URL and features in daily conversations and let the good news spread from one mouth to another!

7. Make a banner ad.

Make a banner ad for your site and ask another webmaster to do the same for his site. Then swap!

8. Take up a free website promotion course online.

Yes, there are free website promotion tutorials. But don't you know that you can actually take a free website promotion course that can help you out further? Part of the free website promotion program is signing up for newsletters.

When you make a website, you need not pay anything to promote it. You just read it -- there is such a thing as free website promotion!

4 Things ALL Articles Must Have

Tue, 30 Jun 2009 18:44:00 +0000

The importance of articles in today’s websites and internet based companies are immeasurable. They dictate a lot in the success and the drive of traffic into one’s site. It has become a key element in making a site work and earns a profit. A website operator and owner must have the good sense to include articles in his or her site that will work for them and earn them the many benefits articles can give to their site.Articles have been known to be the driving force in driving traffic to a website. Articles are a factor in giving site high rankings in search result pages. The higher a site ranks the bigger slice of the traffic flow pie he gets. With a huge number in traffic flow, there are more profits and more potential for other income generating schemes as well.But, it is not just about stuffing your site with articles; they have certain requirements as well. These requirements must be met to obtain the maximum benefits an article will provide for your site. A well written article will catch the eyes and interest of your customers and keep them coming back for more. They would also be able to recommend your site to others.Here are some tips to help you and assist you in making your articles. Below you will read about four things all articles must have to make it successful and helpful in making your site a profit earning and traffic overflowing site.Keywords and Keyword Phrases. An article must always be centered on the keywords and keyword phrases. As each website visitor goes to a site, there are those who are just merely browsing but actually looking for a specific something. When this happens, a searcher usually goes to a search engine and types in the keywords they are looking for (e.g. Toyota Camry, Meningitis, Tax Lawyer and Etcetera). It could be anything they want. The Important thing is that you have an article that has the keywords that are related to your site. For example, if you maintain an auto parts site, you must be able t have articles about cars and their parts. There are many tools in the internet that provides service in helping a webmaster out in determining what keywords and keyword phrases are mostly sought out. You can use this tool to determine what keywords to use and write about.Keyword Density. Know that you have your keywords and keyword phrases, you must use them fully. An article must have good keyword density for a search engine to “feel” its presence. Articles should at least have ten to fifteen percent of keyword density in their content for search engines to rank a site high in their search results. Getting a high rank is what articles do best for a site. Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used on an article. The number varies depending on the number of words used in an article. An effective article must have a keyword density that is not too high or too low. With a very high density, the essence of the article is lost and may turn off a reader as well as the search engines. It comes off as overeager. A low number may be ignored by the search engines.Good Article Content. Like what is stated above, you cannot just riddle an article with keywords. They must also be regarded as good reading materials. Articles must be able to entertain people as well as provide good information and help for their needs. Articles should be written well with correct spelling and good grammar. If you want people to trust you, make your work good and well thought out. People respond well to figures, facts and statistics. Try to get great information and as many facts as you can. A good and well written article will boost your reputation as an expert in your [...]

Domain Mass Development

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The main focus of Domain Mass Development services is on search engine optimization and converting a majority of the visitors into profits through exclusive and proven techniques that have been developed in-house. They have launched 10,000's of successful websites over the years in this proven format below for various clients, small - medium with starting $x,xxx budgets and larger e-commerce businesses with $xxx,xxx budgets and the results are nothing short of amazing, within a few month's, and sometimes even weeks. Website networks are definitely the way to go.

So, If you own at least 10 or more targeted keyword domains within the same category / niche and you are not too sure about what to do with them next as far as web development goes, Domain Mass Development can help you get started by laying the foundation and so on. You found the right place at last! Domain Mass Development design and build website networks that are optimized for the search engines. They rank very well for any of the targeted keywords that you may want to select. Domain Mass Development methods are rather simple but very effective as far as SEO goes and the development and design are turn-key, easily functional and pretty straightforward.

Both visitors and search engines like this type of websites and setup. The combination of exact match keyword domains and relevant content on properly optimized websites are the main ingredients in the formula that will make any given website a success in the long run by consistently generating natural/organic search engine traffic and links/referrals from other similar on-topic websites as well.

The #1 best selling exclusive "quick start up" service starts at only $999 per 20 domains for new clients

* Dedicated project manager to oversee all aspects of web design and development
* Turnaround time of 7 days or less and satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
* Development of minimum 10 domains of your choice in house by USA based talent
* All design, research and copywriting done by professionals with years of experience
* Website content may feature up to 10 pages of on-topic text, images, videos and more
* All content on websites consists of 100% original written articles, images and feeds

Bulk domain mass development orders of the "quick start up" service qualify for deep discounts. Order development of 21 - 50 domains and receive a 10% discount. Order development of 51 - 100 domains and receive a 20% discount. Order development of 101 - 200 domains and receive a 25% discount. Larger mass development orders consisting of hundreds or thousands of domain names get an even better deal.

Product Review of "Mailloop: Email and Business Automation Software"

Sat, 20 Jun 2009 07:24:00 +0000

Are you drowning in a sea of email chores...? Sure, email is now considered to be one of the top 3 essential Internet marketing strategies:*A single email campaign can be worth $1,000s (if not TENS of $1,000s) in sales -- in less than 24 hours.*And unlike like offline advertising, there are NO printing, envelope, or postage costs to take a bite out of your profits -- email is FREE to send.The problem is, unless you automate your email chores early in your business lifecycle, what you're saving on postage and printing costs could be eaten up by 100s of wasted hours.It's not really FREE to send an email campaign if it takes you 3 days to actually get it out the door!Fortunately, today there are software and services available that take the grunt work out of sending email campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders...Leaving you free to worry about the fun stuff, like crafting high-impact email campaigns... or automating your backend sales with series of autoresponders!A favorite on my list of tools is Derek Gehl's (of Internet Marketing Center fame) Mailloop -- email and Business Automation Software.Are people REALLY increasing profits with Mailloop? Or, is it all hype?Personally, I've always been comfortable using and recommending Mailloop to my friends and business associates because it has a proven track-record.The software has been around (and evolving through updates) since 1998 and was originally built by Derek's team to manage their own email marketing campaigns, which now Generate over $3.5 Million is sales per year!!!!!!Of course, if you're just getting started, software that manages email campaigns worth MILLIONS of dollars per year might seem a bit out of your league.So I think it's important to note that Mailloop also has a long, proven track-record of helping "Regular Joe's" who have started small (with NO opt-in list or experience sending email) grow to a six-figure income -- and beyond!(If you visit Derek Gehl's website, you can read actual case studies of these real people, and see proof of their RESULTS! it's more affordable... but are you giving up features and control?If you're price conscious like me, you'll also appreciate the value-for-the-dollar Mailloop gives you.Mailloop has been designed to give small and home-based business owners ALL the email automation tools you need, in one easy-to-use software interface...So while many of the email management services used by the Fortune 500s will "two-bit" you to death with extra charges that can run into the $1,000s per year, with Mailloop you get everything you need to...* Easily collect email addresses from an opt-in form on your website* Subscribe and unsubscribe people from your list automatically* Import existing lists of opt-in customers and subscribers* Send professional-looking email campaigns -- in text and HTML* Manage MULTIPLE newsletters from one interface* Automate your customer service with autoresponders* Send automated "follow-up" emails with unlimited autorespondersPlus tons more, all for one very reasonable, low one-time payment -- and NO EXTRA charges, ever!What about support? Will you be crying by your computer at 2 a.m.?Here's where I really give Derek and his team some serious praise.Until a couple of years ago, support for the Mailloop software was limited to some videos and a help manual. Yes, there were a few staff dedicated to supporting customers, but I generally get the impression they were spread too thin.In the last couple of years, though, Derek and IMC have really beefed up their technical support... I take it this has happened[...]

How to Boost Your Local Business with Free Online PR

Sat, 20 Jun 2009 07:22:00 +0000

If you're a local business owner, you don't have to spend a lot of money to win big with web marketing. You just need to know how to use local online public relations (PR) to boost business, that is, to generate free messaging or promotion. When local organizations produce their own educational, informative, valuable online news content, it increases search engine rankings, traffic, and business. Here are three easy ways to get started.

1. Add a News Section to your Website

Every local business needs a news section on its website. News pages are a web-savvy way to manage content about events, sponsorships, new products or services, and company news. When news content is written with keyword-rich titles that link to webpages with more great content, it boosts credibility, communication and -- best of all -- search engine rankings.

2. Write Your Own Press Releases

You may think you can't have a news section because you don't have any news articles written about your business. Wrong. Write your own news to generate buzz! For example, I recently spoke at a local women's conference in Southern California. I wrote my own press release and added it to my website to share with current clients and potential clients, and to boost my search engine exposure with keyword-rich content. I also wrote a short description of the event to clearly communicate what the event was for, how to attend, and why. The press release was informative and increased my website's local search visibility. I used a title with strong local key phrases to boost local search engine visibility:

female entrepreneurs + business owners + Ventura, CA (location)

The final title was: "Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners get a Healthy Dose of Web Marketing Therapy at Women's Expo in Ventura, CA, March 14th, 2009".

3. Send Press Releases to Local Online News Sites and Event Calendars

If content is king with web marketing, then outreach is queen. You must submit your press releases to local newspapers and stations receive this free visibility. Remember, these local news sites need content. They want to hear from you! For example, my team sent the press release described above to a local newspaper. As a result we received free exposure on the Ventura County Star site, the largest newspaper in the area. They were happy for the content. We were happy for the free exposure.

Local online event calendars are another rich resource for you -- usually free. Look for calendars in local newspaper, radio, TV, chamber of commerce, and community college websites. If you have local business events, get them on these sites and help local websites help you.

Communicating your own news, events, awards, and content online will win you free exposure and wider visibility.

Great Title and Description Tags Will Make Your Rankings Soar

Sat, 20 Jun 2009 07:18:00 +0000

When optimizing your website for search engine rankings many factors come into play, but when it comes down to "brass tacks," optimizing your Title Tags and Meta Description Tags will make a world of difference.Building the Ideal Title TagThe Title Tag is the most important element to optimize on a your webpage because: * Search engines place significant weight on the words used in the Title Tag when determining ranking. * It is used as the title for the search engine results page listing. Therefore it is the first impression a search engine user will have when deciding which page to visit. * When someone bookmarks your page, the title will be used as the bookmark heading. So have a title that stands out and is relevant to the site.How should a Title Tag be formatted for best results? Here's a simple formula we've developed in-house that seems to boost rankings: * Start the title with the keyword phrase for which you are trying to get high rankings. Be sure that the keyword phrase is well used on your webpage so the Title Tag is clearly synchronous with the relevance of the page as a whole. * Insert a breaking character of some type such as a hyphen or double-colon to separate the initial keyword phrase from what comes next to make the title more readable.Then either: 1. Describe the webpage in five words or less while using all or part of your target keyword phrase again, or 2. Insert the name of your company or website, but make it three words or less so the second half of the Title Tag does not overshadow the first half. This option is generally best when the site name or website address includes the keyword phrase or a portion of it, such as a Houston car dealership that has the domain shortened form here is my formula for an great Title Tag:[Keyword Phrase] :: [Description of Page or Website Name]Building the Ideal Description Meta TagThe Description Meta Tag is the next most important tag, since search engines frequently use it as the description for your page's listing, thus increasing the chance that your webpage listing will be clicked on.Begin the Description Tag with the same keyword phrase you used in the Title Tag. Then either use it to start a sentence describing your webpage or follow the same formula used with the Title Tag; just increase the length of the description from 5 words to a maximum of 15. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when writing the description: * The entire tag should be no longer than 22 words. * It should succinctly describe the webpage and entice users to click on your link in the search results. * The keyword phrase should appear no more than two times in total. In some cases the phrase can be used three times but only if it does not detract from the quality of the writing. Optimization should never interfere with a customer's experience.In shortened form here are two formulas that can be used to create a great Description Tag: [Keyword Phrase] - [Description of Page] OR, [Description of page beginning with the keyword phrase]If you have little time to commit to optimizing your website for search engine rankings, at least implement great Title and Description Tags and you will have completed the fundamentals required for improved search engine visibility.[...]

eBay Secrets

Sun, 14 Jun 2009 17:04:00 +0000

If you'd like to start a business on the Internet, and potentially earn thousands of dollars each month -- even before you have a website -- you'll want to read this article very carefully...

I recently read the newly revised and updated version of IMC's The Insider Secrets To Selling On eBay and I've got to tell you, it's a must-have for anyone wanting to start earning money online!

It doesn't matter if you have no business experience and no technical skills...

The IMC's team worked for months to research, develop, test, and perfect these latest strategies, which even most eBay PowerSellers don't know about, and because they're "hot off the press," you know they won't be available anywhere else on the Internet!

In "Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay," you'll discover:
  • * How to identify the hottest markets on eBay and guarantee auction success!
  • * Where to find the products that offer the greatest profit potential!
  • * How to write “bidder magnet” listings that explode your final selling price!
  • * What you can do to automate your business — so you have more time to grow it!
  • * Ways to drive swarms of traffic to your auctions with top-secret promotion strategies!
  • * Advanced techniques tested and proven to grow your business further!
  • * The latest changes to eBay's rules, and how to take advantage of them to beat your fiercest competition
  • * And much more
by throwing in FREE regular updates to the system, constantly updating you on the latest changes at eBay, and how you can take advantage of the changes to beat even your biggest competitors!

Success Stories

"I got started selling on eBay in mid-December, and during my first month, made no sales (yes, I said NO sales)... and that was supposed to be the busiest time of year!

But then I started to implement some of the strategies my eBay mentor taught me, and within a couple of weeks, I'd ALREADY done almost $1,100.00 in gross sales!

Thank you so much! I am looking so forward to working with you in the next few months."

Dan Byrne

FREE training videos


Wed, 10 Jun 2009 03:18:00 +0000


See the results quickly and have fun in the process!

Welcome inexpensive targeted traffic and convert it to sales by optimizing your website for your visitors and the search engines.

Fun while making money? Is this really possible? Yes! If you integrate two simple to use, key tools into your daily business tasks:

* Web CEO software package consisting of 12 potent tools to organize your efforts

Professional Training Course in Search Engine Marketing to learn all the best practices

Some of the important tools you will find in the package will help you:

* Get suggestions for new keywords relevant to your business and research your own keywords

* Get optimization advice and tweak your Web pages in friendly editing environment
Create link partnerships
Keep track of your site rankings and links
Get comprehensive real-time visitor reports

Download the free edition of Web CEO and get access to the Training Course now!

Succeed with Google Adwords

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Google Adwords is the most sophisticated and popular pay-per-click advertising system on the internet. Unlike regular search engine listings, which are listed for free according to “relevance,” as defined by the particular search engine involved, Adwords are small text ads which usually appear to the right of the unpaid listings. Advertisers bid on specific “keywords”, which determines where the ad is displayed. However, unlike other search engines, where placement is completely determined by the amount of the bid, Google uses a complex calculation which also takes into the account the popularity of the ad as well. Thus, an ad which gets clicked on a lot can end up in a better position than one with a higher bid. That’s how Google rewards the ad for relevancy, so it pays to create an ad that will invite clicks. Advertising with Adwords has many advantages. First, the ad is displayed immediately, as opposed to waiting for sites to show up in regular listings, which can take months. Second, they can be highly targeted, meaning you can make sure you’re only paying for clicks by customers who are sincerely interested. Third, Adwords allows you to run several ad campaigns simultaneously, so you can test the results and experiment on the fly to constantly improve the quality of the ads. You can even track the “conversion rate,” or the actual number of sales generated by a given ad. This is extremely precise marketing. The first step is to come up with the best possible list of keywords. This is extremely important, because if you bid on the same ones everyone else is bidding on, you will end up with very expensive clicks. You can use any of the many keyword search tools available ( has a popular one) to determine which keywords have lots of searches but not too much competition. If you bid on enough low-cost keywords, you can do as well or better than if you had placed an expensive bid on a popular term. You can also place a limit on your budget, so that you can control how much your total expenditure is per month. You can also specify certain words you do not want included, so that you don’t attract a lot of clicks from people looking for something related that you don’t offer. The ad itself consists of four lines: a title of no more than 25 characters, a description with two lines of up to 35 characters each, and a line for your url, also limited to 35 characters. The title is what really attracts attention. It should include the keyword you’re targeting, and should be as striking as possible so as to stand out from the crowd. If it’s truly attention-getting, it could end up getting more clicks than other, duller ads higher up on the page. Some suggest that it should be in all caps, and include a price if possible. The description should include the major selling point of your product, and also include enough information to discourage clicks by unqualified customers. Make sure they know what you’re selling and what to expect, as well as what sets you apart from the competition. Finally, make sure the URL listed takes them to the most relevant page in your site for what they’re looking for. Make sure the link is up to date and functioning correctly. That’s it in a nutshell, although the nuances are quite a bit more complex than we can deal with here. Many resources are available on the net which go into greater detail. But now that you understand the basics, you should be armed with the[...]

The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords

Sun, 15 Feb 2009 06:40:00 +0000

The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords is a self help course on how to drive more visitors and pay less for each one on the Google AdWords pay per click advertising program.

It includes 40+ case studies from 10 different industries, real screen shots and exhaustive Q&A on dozens of topics. There's also an option of three monthly coaching calls in small-group sessions with Perry Marshall so you get one-to-one assistance with your Google AdWords campaigns.

How to Build a Profitable Online Business

Mon, 05 Jan 2009 02:12:00 +0000

Site Build It! is designed around a simple formula, which they refer to as CTPM. This stands for Content -> Traffic -> Presell -> Monetize.You may recognize that this is precisely the model uses. When done correctly this "content is king" approach can generate tons of traffic, in my case millions of page views per month. Preselling is the process of building a relationship with visitors, which essentially means treating visitors like human beings instead of sales targets. People visit this site looking for ideas to improve their lives, so that's what I focus on providing. The final monetization step occurs when people click on ads or buy affiliated products that happen to be of interest to them.The major limiting step in this formula is building traffic. If you can't build decent traffic, you won't succeed. But the overall formula is sound, and it works if you do it correctly. It just happens to be very difficult for human beings to apply it without screwing it up. The advantage of Site Build It! is that it provides technical solutions to help reduce your chances of making mistakes. Where it cannot provide a technical solution, it provides clear instructions and education to help you succeed.Even with Site Build It!, there's still no guarantee of success. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. It will still take commitment and effort to build a successful online business. But this robust suite of tools will definitely put the odds of success in your favor. You don't have to become a technology expert to earn enough to quit your day job.The key benefit of Site Build It! is that it provides tools, guidance, and coaching to help you stay focused on the correct actions. This begins with providing easy-to-use research tools to help you figure out what kind of site to create in the first place. A lot of people fail because they create sites that were doomed from the very beginning. It really saddens me when a blogger emails me to say that s/he is still getting no traffic even after writing 100+ articles. I don't like telling people that they made their biggest mistake before the site was even launched by choosing a topic with virtually no demand... or one that's oversaturated with entrenched competition. Site Build It! can help you avoid soul-crushing problems like this.Why Use Site Build It?If you already run a successful online business that generates thousands of dollars a month in income for you, you don't necessarily need Site Build It! But if that's your situation, I highly recommend you join their affiliate program, which will give you an extra passive income stream. (To learn more about their affiliate program, visit their Affiliate Center directly.)However, if you're new to online business, or if you've tried and failed, or if you're stuck trying to build traffic and generate income, then you should definitely take a look at Site Build It!With Site Build It! you don't have to build your web pages from scratch using HTML and CSS. They provide point-and-click tools and templates to generate your pages quickly and easily, including images. This allows you to focus on writing your content instead of wrestling with the underlying technology. Of course, if you're already comfortable with tools like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash, knock yourself out. Site Build It! is compatible with other HTML editors, so you're always free to fall back on your own tools if that'[...]