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A little blog that's all about buying high-quality elliptical exercise machines. If you want to find the best ellipticals at the best prices you're in the right place!

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New Hubpage: Elliptical Buying Tips


I just contributed to a new "Hubpage" buying guide created by a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a fitness nut and elliptical fan like myself. The page all about how to buy a quality elliptical machine at a great price. You can learn how to get yourself the right elliptical trainer without getting ripped off. Check it out here:

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New Buyer's Guide Article


We just posted a new elliptical buyer's guide article full of useful tips for purchasing the best elliptical trainer for your house or apartment. Check it out here:

Why Exercise Doesn't Always Equal Weight Loss


There's a hot new article from Time magazine out right now that talks about the fact that doing more exercise often doesn't lead to a significant amount of weight loss. Unfortunately it's true and completely proven by science. The main reason? The typical person, after spending an hour working out on their elliptical machine, ends up very hungry and then overeats. So they end up taking in more overall calories which stalls or even reverses fat loss progress.

Many people also over-indulge in terms of eating sweats and high-fat foods, thinking that their exercise sessions allow them to do so. That's a mistake you don't want to make. 70-80% of real weight loss (which is actually fat loss with minimal lean muscle loss) comes from healthy eating. You must do both: eating a clean diet AND exercise several times per week!

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Finding the Best Mid-Price Elliptical Machine for You


(image) Are you looking to buy the best mid-priced elliptical trainer for your home? Then I think you'll really enjoy this article. It'll keep you from overspending and help you find a good, quality machine that'll last for years...

Elliptical machines have exploded in popularity in recent years. That's because they allow for very intense and effective workouts without ruining your joints with jarring and lots of high impact. So you get all the benefits of weight-bearing, full-body exercise without the pounding of jogging. The only problem is that ellipticals can be expensive. Luckily there are several good mid-priced models and here's how to find the best one for you:

Good quality elliptical trainer machines can be found for around $700-$1300 right now. "Gym quality" machines can be found for as cheap as $1500-$2000. The key is to always focus on the construction and geometry of a machine to ensure you get the best quality workout for the money you paid. With elliptical trainers you almost always get what you pay for.

Remember that many of the super cheap machines calling themselves "elliptical" trainers are, in reality, big rip-offs. Some have a bumpy, uncomfortable circular stride that you'll soon learn to hate. Others are made with just poor quality materials and/or construction that they literally fall apart within a few months. Most of these types of machines fall into the under-$500 category.

To find the best mid-priced elliptical training machine for you you must do your research online and then try to find a local fitness equipment store where you can try the machine for yourself. Then you're best bet is to jump back online and find the best place to buy that model for a big discount, the best of which can always be found online!

Check out this buying guide to learn the best way to purchase quality elliptical trainers:

New Buying Guide!


Hi! We're back and rolling out some useful new information about purchasing the best elliptical trainer for your home. Check out the new elliptical machine buying guide articles at our sister blog:

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More Elliptical Trainer Buying Tips


(image) A good elliptical trainer is one of your best options for low-impact but highly effective exercise. It simulates walking or "stride" running and can offer the perfect home workout at your convenience. But you do have to be careful and do your best to choose the right elliptical for yourself. Here are some tips to do exactly that:

Tip 1: Shop around and do lots of research. Look at online reviews of popular elliptical models. If possible, head over to your local specialty fitness equipment store and talk with an expert who can guide you toward the right elliptical machine for your individual circumstances.

Tip 2: Compare quality levels of different models that are within your price range. You can often get a much higher-quality machine for just a little more money. Also compare warranties and maintenance requirements! Choose the model that fits your personal likes and requirements.

Tips 3: Don't every buy an elliptical trainer machine based solely on the recommendation of a single person, even your best friend or brother. What "fits" one person is often anything but comfortable for another, especially when it comes to home exercise equipment.

Tip 4: Many of the newer elliptical trainers feature moving handle bars that provide a "cross trainer" style workout that includes the upper body. These can usually give you a faster, more efficient workout due to the total-body exercise factor.

Stay tuned for even more elliptical buying tips...

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Elliptical Trainer Machine Buying Tips


(image) Elliptical training machines are among the most popular exercise machines on the market. They give you a really good low-impact cardio workout that burns fat and calories without hurting your joints or back. Buying an elliptical can be a little tricky because there are so many options out there. Here are a few good tips for buying the best elliptical machine for you:

Money -- Only spend what you can afford. But do spend as much as you can reasonably spend so that you can get the best machine possible. The good news is that there are a few $500 ellipticals that are nearly as good as several of the high-end $1000+ machines. There are even sub-$300 models available that will function decently (but probably not last too long).

Smooth Motion -- The best elliptical machines provide a very smooth foot and leg motion that makes workouts enjoyable and fun. Never buy a cheap elliptical with a very rough motion because you will not continue to use it.

Stride Length -- Most average-size people should buy an elliptical with a stride length of about 21 inches. Smaller people should look for one that offers a 14 inch stride.

Variable Resistance -- To get the maximum health and exercise benefits from your elliptical machine you should choose one that allows you to change the resistance levels, both before and during a workout.

Variable Incline -- Being able to adjust the incline level also helps to greatly improve intensity and the overall effectiveness of workouts.

Noise Levels -- One of the best things about elliptical trainer machines is that they offer low-noise home workout options. Never choose and elliptical that makes a lot of noise since it may bother other people in your house.

Upper Body Motion -- Many of the best ellipticals have moving handles that allow you to incorporate upper body motion into your workouts, giving you a more effective "full body" exercise routine.

Safety Features -- Look for elliptical machines that have built-in safety features. Something as simple as handrails can make a huge difference.

Maintenance -- High-end elliptical trainers require very little maintenance, something that can make owning them much more enjoyable and easy.

Always attempt to try out several different models before you buy your elliptical. Pay attention to the smoothness of the motion and the stride length. Measure the machine to make sure it'll fit in your home. Choose the best one for you, then go online to see if you can find some good discounts on the model you like most. The best prices and deals for ellipticals can almost always be found online!

Welcome Elliptical Trainer Fans!


Hello there! Welcome to the new blog. As you might guess, it's all about buying elliptical trainer machines, which just happen to be my favorite type of home exercise equipment. I've personally lost over 30 pounds of pure fat (including lots of ugly belly fat!) while adding several pounds of lean muscle and totally transforming/re-shaping my body... all with the help of my elliptical trainer. So yes, I'm a fan. A BIG fan.,

The goal of this blog is to provide some useful buying tips for anyone looking to purchase their own elliptical cross trainer. Despite what some think, it IS possible to buy a really good, high-quality machine for a very affordable price. Shoot, there are even elliptical-style machines than run less than $300!

The other goal of this blog is to record the development progress of my main blog at I think it should be a lot of fun to develop both the primary site as well as this little "secondary" utility blog. Please be sure to leave any feedback you'd like. Thanks and look for more updates soon...