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Power8 Workshop

The POWER8 Workshop is a new and unique addition to the world of cordless power tools.

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The Power8 Workshop


The POWER8 workshop from C Enterprise (CEL), is the world’s 1st cordless workstation. Clever use of the stainless steel armoured case and spirit level allows the 18v cordless tools to transform into their bench top equivalents.

Quality and power is not compromised by extra functionality. Everything packs into an incredibly small canvas bag which fits inside the case, making the product compact and portable.

The fast charger is built into the case so there is no need to unpack anything to start charging the batteries; there’s also a secondary charger point so that you can charge a battery at the same time as using another to power the benchtop functions.

The ideal tool set for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts; the POWER8 Workshop allows you to work whenever and wherever you are. Only 525x365x225mm (LxWxH) & 15.8kg. This workstation can be used remote from a mains outlet.

Manufacturer's Description

Cordless Desktop Functions:
Pillar Drill
Table Saw
Scroll Saw
Table Light

Cordless hand Tools:
HAMMER Drill/Driver
Circular Saw
Halogen Light

This product is packed full of features and is an ideal product for those without a lot of space and/or for those on the move.

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