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virtual DJ pro 6.0.8 tutorial parte 2


un videotutorial para hacer un recorrido general de este mezclador de musica, ser un dj no resulta dificil con este software, les invito a mirar estas dos partes. saludos by cellsnake!

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Ableton Live 8 on DBeat: Midi Production, Instruments and Effects 7 of 7


Huston Singletary of Ableton. Inc stops by O-Live to demo Live 8 on OpenLabs DBeat . In this segment: Midi Production with Instruments and Effects, Midi Tracks, Hot Swap, Templates

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Medieval dance tunes, Hurdy Gurdy - English Heritage


Demonstration of how to play the Hurdy Gurdy, a medieval musical instrument, by Wyndebagge, at an English Heritage Living History event at Kenilworth Castle.

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Jhummandi Naadam (2010) w/ Eng Sub - Telugu Movie - Part 7


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Patrick Kosmos - Trance Neutral Zone


Belgian musician Patrick "KOSMOS" Wille experienced his first cosmic atmospheres in his childhood. Being fascinated by the universe and space travel, he searched to transcribe these overwhelming feelings in music. Being inspired by the musicians of the later called Berlin school, he started to experiment in the early seventies with the first generation of analogue synthesizers. In the course of time his musical ideas began to take shape and after a while he found himself surrounded by numerous keyboards and other sophisticated electronic instruments. His music is published on more than 40 compilation albums worldwide with artists as, Peter Gabriel, The Art Of Noise, Enigma, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Ron Boots, Walter Christian Rothe, Vidna Obmana, etc... Trance neutral zone is a combination of Berlin school, electronic guitar, rock, dance , ambient trance. Very well worked out according to me.

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A complete version of Camille Saint-Saens' "Le carnaval des animaux" (Duboit) - No. 8-13


Because he wanted to be considered a composer of serious, substantial music, Camille Saint-Saens suppressed his "Carnival of the Animals" shortly after its premiere, in 1886, disallowing any execution of the suite and publishing only one movement, "The Swan", in his lifetime. And while that movement is a welcome addition to pieces written for the cello, the whole "zoological fantasy" is a most successful example of humourously themed music in the classical repertory and has become, with full right, one of the composer's most popular works. It is cast as a suite of 14 short pieces and was originally scored for, at first sight, rather small chamber group of flute, clarinet, two pianos, glass harmonica, xylophone, two violins, viola, cello and double bass, but is usually performed today with a full orchestra of strings, and with a glockenspiel substituting for the rare glass harmonica. But the brilliance of Saint-Saens' piece lies not only in the sheer number of surprisingly witty and charming depictions of the animals; the composer uses only the instruments he needs at the moment and draws exceptional music from different combinations of his compact "cast". My choice recording here is a charming and warm account by the London Sinfonietta under the leadership of Charles Dutoit, the recording that introduced me to the work itself and which is one of my preferences for this particular piece. I divided the movements into three separate uploads with the finale actually being ...

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Runestone - The Power That Heals


Please visit ; RUNESTONE is an alias under which New Age composer-musicians Chris Green and Robert Fenner produce their music. Both are established multi-instrumentalists, best known for their visionary and highly evocative recordings. They play an eclectic range of instruments including keyboards, guitars, mandolins, Native American flute and World percussion. Such have become hallmarks of their unmistakable style. Their music draws inspiration from a shared passion for natural magic, forgotten lore and the power of mystical and ancestral sites where the lines between knowledge, understanding and faith have become obscured by time. Runestone's work has been described as ethereal, richly atmospheric, mysterious, soothing and dreamlike. The International Guide to New Age Music (by Henk N Werkoven) describes Runestone's music as "musical archaeological digs behind the mysterious veils of a magical and mysterious past". Through music we rediscover lost horizons, awakening instincts and memories of the magic and mystery of forgotten times. If you want to experience some track samples while browsing, please go to the Jukebox page and choose an album .

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Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly - Guitar Lessons - How to play on guitar


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DELUXE FOOT DRUM by Farmer Musical Instruments

2011-02-22T23:43:42.585-08:00 The only portable foot-operated acoustic drum kit! Used to enliven up your music, give eye catching performances, and make people shake it! A drummer without all his gear; percussion you can practice with anytime; an instrument you can trust! Has pedals for snare strikes, bass drum, tambourine, shaker, hi hats, hi hat hitter, and MORE! see it all at:

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Fly-In Letters Tutorial | Cinema 4D


How to create that random fly in characters in cinema 4d.

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"DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE" - "Funny Girl"'


The ultimate number from Barbra Streisand's Oscar-winning performance in "Funny Girl."

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We Take You to the heart of where handcrafted Spector musical instruments are born. Best known for high quality electric bass guitars, Spector also make some fine electric guitars. Join Stuart Spector himself & take a look 'inside' ! Part 2 of 4 [check it] The Musician Network. To see exclusive promo, enter password: YOUTUBETMN at :

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Guitar Army


New video every week, subscribe to receive updates! Click to RT! This week, I lay down my arms and pick up my axe for some extreme shredding! Can't do guns every week, folks! Special thanks to Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital ( ) for precision driving and precision greenscreen holding! Want to download the MP3? Here you go:

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4/5 Ezequiel Stracquadaini luthier, construccion de su guitarra building guitar

2011-02-17T21:16:40.103-08:00 Ezequiel Stracquadaini trabajando en su taller y un resumen de los momentos mas sobresalientes en el proceso de construcción de una de sus guitarras. Actualmente recide en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Para conocer mas sobre las guitarras Stracquadaini visitá el sitio http Grabado y editado en 2008. Luthier Ezequiel Stracquadaini in action. A summary of the notable moments in the process of building one of his guitars. Currently he is living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he installed a remarkable workshop specialized in string musical instruments. To learn more about the Stracquadaini guitars visit Recorded in 2008.

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4 simple Chords : Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners "Closing Time" by Semisonic


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Aerial Tutorial : How To Do a Side Aerial (no handed cartwheel)

2011-02-14T19:50:24.463-08:00 any questions? leave em below! :)

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Hang Drum Solo

2011-02-13T19:29:22.869-08:00 Manu Delago

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Xanadu - Rush (1977)


"Xanadu" was a song recorded by the Canadian progressive rock trio Rush for their 1977 album "A Farewell To Kings". It is approximately eleven minutes long, beginning with a five-minute-long instrumental section, then transitioning to a narrative written by lyricist Neil Peart, inspired by the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem "Kubla Khan". In Peart's lyrics, the narrator describes searching for something called "Xanadu" (although it is not explicitly stated what this is, references to the poem "Kubla Khan" imply that it is a mythical place based on the historical summer capitol of the Mongolian Empire) that will grant him immortality. The narrator finds Xanadu and attains immortality. A thousand years pass, and he is left "waiting for the world to end", bitter in the reality of his successful quest. "Xanadu" is the first Rush song in which synthesizers are an integral part. Unlike the previous "2112" or "Caress Of Steel" albums, "Xanadu" used both guitar and synthesizer effects, and thus represented a transitional phase for the group. The song also marks Rush's clear foray into program music, a type of art music that attempts to render people musically an extra-musical narrative. Previous albums had displayed some elements of program music. Subsequent Rush albums during the late '70's and early '80's would see the group explore program music more systematically. "Xanadu" required each member to utilize an array of instruments to effect the performance. Alex Lifeson used a ...

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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny (my cover)


Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny I hope you will enjoy my video! Please, comment and rate! =) Equipment: -Fender Stratocaster American Standard with Custom neck; -ENGL Screamer 50 Amp;

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Kina Malpartida VS Liliana Palmera Round 6-7-8-9-10


Kina Malpartida VS Liliana Palmera Round 6-7-8-9-10

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The Glue - "Sandburgenbauen"


The band with no instruments LIVE @ Musical Theater Basel (12.02.2010) NATUR Gala 2010

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Faust & Shortee on SSL with the Traktor Kontrol X1 controller


The dynamic duo behind drum & bass outfit Urban Assault and labels Heavy Artillery and 5 Star Recordings Faust & Shortee perform a scratch and controllerism routine to perfection, taking advantage of the Traktor Kontrol X1's intuitive control over track browsing, looping, cue points and effects in Scratch Live. With some of their own musical arsenal and customized faceplates on their X1 controllers, they perform a four-turntable routine short of none. Find out how seamlessly the X1 controller fits a Serato Scratch Live setup as a MIDI controller for increased creative potential: With a designated SSL mapping and a physical overlay included, Traktor Kontrol X1 is the ultimate controller to intuitively control Scratch Live's loops, hot cues, and effects as well as the SP-6 Sample Player. For details on how to control SSL with the Kontrol X1, see Also check out further "Turntable Tricknology" routines on Traktor Scratch with Kontrol X1 and Maschine on the NI YouTube channel:

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Gruhn Guitars: Electrics, Acoustics, Banjos and Mandolins


Gruhn Guitars has walls full of vintage instruments that George Gruhn has collected over the years, and this video highlights some of his favorites. George shows us some banjos, mandolins, acoustics, and electrics. He's got plenty of interesting collectibles including a guitar once owned by Jerry Garcia. Check out this video to see what other rarities and goodities George has in store. See more at

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A few EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold strings harpsichord flute


VISIT to hear my musical Dream Journal!

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