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Christmas Toys 2011


Top Christmas Gifts for Your Wife or Girlfriend

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for women, men seem to have a problem. But, of course, women feel they are much easier to buy for than men. Perhaps men need a little help. Here I suggest some Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend.

Perhaps I should start with the dont's in choosing a gift for your girlfriend or wife. Kitchen equipment is a definite no-no unless specifically requested. What wife wants to be reminded of her time in the kitchen. The idea of an iron or pot as a Christmas gift is certain to ruin both of your Christmases.

Another popular choice by men is 'sexy' underwear. Just who are you choosing your Xmas gift for? It rarely fits and is something you don't want to show the kids or friends.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is a Christmas gift you can show off and is one of the most popular Xmas gifts for wives and girlfriends. There are a few things you should consider when buying jewelry. Firstly, preference for materials such as gold or silver. Secondly, the style of an item of jewelry. And thirdly, jewelry can carry a very important message to the recipient. So decide what message you want to send to your wife or girl friend.

You would not want to buy a ring that looked like an engagement ring for your girl friend, if getting married was not your intention. Jewelry is a very personal thing. So, if in doubt, opt for a piece that can be returned if necessary. Most stores will not accept returned earrings, so keep this in mind.
While you can't buy her one of the top ten Christmas toys, pamper days have gained ever-increasing popularity. A day or weekend relaxing and being pampered at a spa or having a treatment for nails, hair or a massage gives your wife or girlfriend something to look forward to after the stresses and strains of Christmas. There are now many spa retreats around that can offer a truly blissful experience.

Some interesting Christmas toys websites:

Facebook sign up - Your 3 step guide


How to carry out a Facebook sign up - in 3 easy steps

Facebook, the humungous social network, is growing by leaps and
bounds even after cracking the 600 million user mark.

And with hordes of people coming aboard daily, an oft asked question
is "How do I do a Facebook sign up".

This article will be of some help

In Facebook sign up, the simple 3 step process of getting a new FB
account and starting to build up friends, post updates to your Wall
and even join groups, poke or share news tid bits is outlined.

Take a look and start playing on Facebook today.


$4,000 Game Changer DNA Bonus


Are you going to buy Dan Kennedy's "Game Changer DNA"

Then you're probably searching for the highest value Game Changer DNA Bonus
to boost the value of your purchase.

Take a look here: a $4,000 Game Changer DNA Bonus

See if this is what you've been looking for.

Dan Kennedy - Game Changer DNA bonus


Information marketing guru Dan Kennedy is finally ready to launch his long-awaited information marketing home study course, Game Changer DNA

Not surprisingly, there is a buzz around the launch as it comes from one of the pioneers of online marketing.  Game Changer DNA should be of great use and profit potential to information marketers everywhere in the world.

You can claim a $4,000 bonus for ordering this course.  To get more details, check out Game Changer DNA at

How To Choose Your Denture Dentist


Like any difficult and competitive field, it is difficult work to choose your denture dentist because the person you deal with should have had specialized training in the area.  A dentures dentist who is an expert and is skilled at his or her task can be a virtual treasure when it comes to having your dentures fixed.

Be sure that your denture dentist has qualifications in the right areas.  In addition to knowing a lot about implants, they should also be knowledgeable at regular and mini implant placement.  Implantology is the subject that deals with this area.  Many dentists will spend months, or even years, to learn how to install dental implants, and accordingly their results will reflect their rich practice and experience.
To learn more about selecting the best denture dentist, check out this article on our cost dentures website.

What Is Umbilical Cord Blood Donation?


Cord blood banking cost can be a significant element in the decision making process of a family who will decide upon umbilical cord blood donation after the delivery of a baby.  This additional expense often governs the selection of a  public cord blood bank versus a private cord blood storage unit.

There are financing schemes put forward by innovative private cord blood banks.  They are designed to make cord blood donation more affordable and attractive to their clients.  Yet umbilical cord blood storage is a drain on the family budget which must be justified before anyone feels comfortable to go ahead.
The big question remains.  Is cord blood stem cells storage really a form of biological insurance against a healthier future for your child?  Or is cord blood donation just another way greedy corporations want to milk your cash?  The debate rages, and you can learn more about umbilical cord blood donation from our website here.

How to buy an ergonomic drafting stool ?


Ergonomic drafting stools are made with special care in order to permit you to sit up straight.  On these stools, you'll find that aligning your head with your neck, shoulders and back is correct.

On ergonomic kneeling stools, you are required to sit with the knees on your knee cushion.  This helps to convey part of your weight to the shins, avoiding pressure on the back, especially the lower portion.  Backache is therefore avoided.

Before you go out to order an ergonomic drafting stool, be sure to try out different models so that you'll choose the one best suited for your unique requirements.

Designer Office Chair - how to choose one?


In the market for a designer office chair today?  You'll notice that most (if not all of them) are ergonomically designed as well.  They are planned and crafted with the human body in mind, with the aim being to make it comfortable and healthy for users.
Some health problems like backache and leg pain are the result of an incorrect posture while seated at work and lowered blood circulation.  Ergonomic designer office chairs can change this amazingly quickly.  You'll improve your health and even productivity at work.

Not all ergonomic designer office chairs are the same, unfortunately.  So be sure you pick the right one that's ideally matched to your unique needs as well as fits your budget.

How to select slipcovers for wingback chairs


Slipcovers for Wingback Chairs will give your furniture the special classy and elegant appearance that only the most expensive pieces have.  This simple accessory can give your older furniture a newly upholstered look.
Fitted slipcovers for wingback chairs let you get around the hurdle of sagging or frumpy looking chairs.  This comes from over-sized or ill-fitted covers.  Be sure to make provision for fabric that shrinks when washed.  Make your measurements carefully and correctly.

Check with shop assistants about slipcovers for wingback chairs and what kind of clearance you need to allow for a good fit.  Some fabrics may not shrink, but still become less elastic as time passes.  It's best to have 2 sets of covers stitched, so if one set wears out you'll have another to replace.  The glamorous and designer ware slipcovers can be brought out for special occasions, while denim and ordinary covers can suffice for day to day use.

About Custom Slip Covers


In case you're searching for slipcover options for special furniture types with unusual dimensions (not of the standard types or sizes), then custom slip covers are an ideal way out of the confusing mess. 

Many websites provide this as a service for their customers.  All you need to do is to measure the pieces of furniture, and then shoot pictures of the chaise lounge or sofa from different angles and postions.  This is in order to give the merchant an idea of how the furniture looks. 
Pick the color, design and pattern for your custom slip cover, choosing from the online catalog of the website.  Send your instructions as well as the choices you've made to the website, by email or online form or even over the telephone.  Be clear and precise about the kind of custom slip cover you want.  Explaining works better still when you have pictures that can provide a clearer impression.

Salt Water Aquarium - Your Guide To Marine Aquarium Setup


Having a Salt Water Aquarium is a popular hobby among many pet lovers and enthusiasts, not to mention kids who are looking for their first pet.  Salt water fish can be fun to raise, and give an educational insight into life at the bottom of the mighty ocean.
Salt water aquarium fish have certain stringent requirements, too, and these need to be respected and met in order to have a successful aquarium.  There are some facts you must get straight about a salt water tank and you must learn well about salt water aquarium set up in order to avoid making serious mistakes that can cause your expensive fish to die.
Marine aquarium setup is not really complex or difficult, though it does require a specific sequence of activities to be carried out in order.  On the salt water aquarium blog and web site, there are informative pieces of content that will help guide you through these steps.
Welcome to the enjoyable world of raising salt water fish.  If you need any specific information about managing a salt water aquarium, there are some excellent resources on the site which will answer them and guide you right.

Content Curation Explained


Content curation, a term that gained popularity in 2010, is the art of culling relevant, valuable and useful information from the vast ocean of data, and presenting it in a cohesive, interesting and comprehensive style that gives a 'big picture' view of a specific niche topic.

No longer can anyone claim that they can peruse and make sense of all the content that exists (and is being constantly added) on even a very narrow range of subjects.  47 million websites were added in 2009 and an estimated 550 billion documents exist online today.

The role of a content curator was first proposed around 2004, when the catchy term 'Newsmastering' was introduced by Robin Good of to describe a dedicated content analyst who would gather, collate and categorize content from various sources and compile it for consumption by those who are interested.

What makes content curation necessary?
Read about the three factors that drive the demand for content curation on the Infopreneur Blog in an article titled:
"Content Curation - How Infopreneurs Can Quickly Add Value"


Facebook Sign Up - A Simple 'How To'


With its explosive growth, Facebook sign up millions of people daily. And many of them, especially if they are new to the Web, don't know how to join Facebook and get an account. A common question blog readers used to ask earlier was about "MySpace sign up" or "Yahoo sign up" - but now, most want to know how to sign up to Facebook.

Well, it's easy. Just 3 simple steps.


Which Book Did I Like BEST?


I read three books this week alone!

All were fascinating.

See what they were - and which one I liked best of all -
on the:


What is a blog? A Primer for Beginners at Blogging


What is a blog? The question was on thousands of lips in 2004, when blogging was new. Since then, literally hundreds of millions of blogs have hit the Web spanning just about any subject under the sun. And the concept of a blog itself has evolved to become so much more than the plain and simple online diaries they were at the beginning.
So the question "What is a blog?" may well be legitimate all over again - in a whole new way. Let's talk about it.

A blog is an online diary. That's the simplest definition I can think of. And one that I give flippantly whenever someone first asks me "What is a blog?" The last thing you want to do is launch into a technical explanation when the person is merely "casually curious"!
A blogger (which is the fancy name for the person who writes a blog) publishes content through a 'point and click' interface that makes blogging a piece of cake. No tweaking with code or tinkering with scripts any more.
For a fuller explanation about blogging basics, you may want to read my free report, "Blog Basics for Marketers" - click here to download a copy (and sign up for the free blogging ecourse, too)
For more about "What is a blog?", read the full post on my Infopreneur Blog.

Enchantment - a blog about the book


I'm blogging about my progress through Guy Kawasaki's
new book, ENCHANTMENT - The Art of Changing Hearts,
Minds and Actions.

Please drop by the Enchantment Book Blog.

Read along - and get enchanted!

The two latest posts are about:

* what's behind the phrase "Don't Menschion It"

* why my daughter asked if I was grinning like a gorilla

47 HEARTS - You can make it a hot-100 bestseller


It's time...

Time to think about your business' purpose.

Eleven years ago, I did.

I asked myself this:
What would you do for a child in pain, who was ill
and had little chance of being made well without
an expensive surgery?
   What if it were your child?

The answer was simple and glaringly obvious.
You'd do whatever you need to do to make whatever
needs to happen, happen.

That's the story of 11 years which I share by way
of 47 short, inspirational axioms in a powerful
little book called
  Passion, Purpose & Persistence"

Now what if all YOU needed to do was read this
book - to help save a child's life?

Would you be willing to do so little while helping
so much?

My non-profit CHD Foundation works with children
in India who suffer from Congenital Heart Defects.

I perform the surgeries.  I raise funds to help pay
for them by writing and selling ebooks.  I do it
because these families are not able to come up with
all the money.

   And without treatment, children will suffer.

Now you can help me help those families when
you purchase the digital version of "47 Hearts".

Plus if you are willing to tell just one person,
you can help even more.
Will you order the ebook, "47 Hearts" from this
page and then tell just one special someone about
You're MY 'one person'.

You know me. And I know you know someone,
someone in your life who has needed so much
more than you've been able to give.

So you gave what you could, and it helped.

Will you do that now?

When each of us makes even a small gesture,
it adds up to sharing and healing a heart, which
is ultimately connected to our own.

Share your heart. Buy the digital version of
"47 Hearts"
Have a wonderful and love filled Valentine's Day.


Buy The List Edge & Get a $179 Bonus


I said this about Gabor Olah's new course, THE LIST EDGE:
  "I recommend that you buy "The List Edge" IF you
  want to learn how to build BIG and RESPONSIVE
  email lists to later sell high-ticket products
  (or even lower priced ones) as an affiliate
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Because I've suffered from apathy of opt-in list members
- and even abandoned a 15,000 strong email list early
in my marketing experience!
My The List Edge bonus (a $179.00 value) will show you
how to avoid this.

Read about it and a full The List Edge review here.

47 HEARTS - Buy a Book, Save a Child's Life


"47 Hearts" is a book about living your dream life with passion, purpose and persistence.
On the first anniversary of its launch as a print title, "47 Hearts" will become available as an eBook from Kindle store.
To raise congenital heart defects awareness and try and get it to rank as a #1 best-seller on the Kindle store, the author Dr.Mani is making an introductory offer where you can get "47 Hearts" for only $2.99 - AND get over $160 in bonuses and gifts!
For details about the book, the fund raising event and a link to order from the Kindle eBook store, please visit the website at

The List Edge Review


IF you want to learn how to build BIG and RESPONSIVE email lists to later sell high-ticket products (or even lower priced ones) as an affiliate marketer or product creator, The List Edge is a program you'll want to consider.
Dr.Mani had the chance to review The List Edge, and shares his opinion of this list building course by Gabor Olah and Peter Lenkefi on his blog, "The Infopreneur Blog".
You can order "The List Edge" here.


The List Edge Bonus


This short FREE report shares 3 powerful steps to massive success with email lists.  (It will take barely 3 minutes to read - and may boost your bottom line by 300% or MORE!)

Building email lists is an important component of online business, and understanding how to do it well can be a critical edge that helps you get ahead of your competition.
Read all about "The List Edge" and power list building on this web site.  You'll find a detailed The List Edge review.

And if you're thinking about buying a copy of the course, you'll want to read all about The List Edge bonus too.
For more tips about list building, sign up for updates to the list building blog at the site.


Blogging Guide


Blogging Guide teaches a simple and effective system to build a blog within 10 days - from a standing start.

Take the 10 day challenge today and watch as your new blog materializes in front of your eyes as if by magic - and grows bigger and more content-rich quickly.
The 10 Day Blog Challenge is due to end soon, so if you're looking to learn and join the vibrant online community, sign up right now.

Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation System


Technical Details Of The Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation System

The Portable navigation systems of this GPS comes pre-loaded with map data of the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation System Features a large, 3.5-inch color TFT LCD touch screen with turn-by-turn directions. This also includes audible and visual prompts to get you where you need to go easily and safely.
The Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation System advantage is that you get access to millions of points of interest like restaurants, hotels, and ATMs; WAAS (Wide Area Augmented System) enabled for accuracy in coastal areas
The system includes both a picture viewer and a MP3 player you can access by the digital multi-media card slot; no downloading or PC connection required
Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.0 x 8.0 inches (WxHxD); weighs 7.3 pounds

(image) (image)

Whistler's newest GPS is an ideal travel and navigational companion, perfect for business trips and family vacations. The Whistler WGPX-550 includes preloaded maps on a SD/MMC card - no downloading of maps needed. For those who appreciate quality and a good value, the Whistler WGPX-550 is a travel necessity with unlimited potential.

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Rechargeable

Operating System Support

Windows CE .NET 4.2

1 x Antenna1 x Stereo Audio OutUSB
Connectivity Technology

Display Screen

3.5" Active Matrix TFT Color LCD
Form Factor


Whistler Group Inc

20 Channel(s)
Standard Warranty

1 Year(s)
Manufacturer Part Number


4.937" Height x 2.937" Width x 1.1" Depth

7.3 oz
Update Duration

0.1 Second(s)
Product Name

WGPX-550 GPS Receiver
Acquisition Times

Hot Start 1 Second(s) Warm Start 35 Second(s) Cold Start 42 Second(s)
Navigation Instructions