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Hope for the Legal Hopefuls

Tue, 31 May 2011 07:28:56 GMT

(image) Do you have the urge to learn more and get a course in the law avenue? Well, many hopefuls are but the expenses and challenges one faces in law schools crushes one’s dreams of getting into the law avenue. Nevertheless, one needs not to worry. Why? There are a lot more field of courses into the law avenue. Perhaps, a career called legal assistants may just be the answer to you legal avenue desires.

Legal Assistants are called paralegals. Most, if not all, preparatory jobs before a case are done by these people. These assistants offer numerous help to their bosses. Doing legal research, interviewing clients and drafting documents are just some of the responsibilities of a paralegal. Aside doing all the preparatory, paralegals in addition help draft mortgages, separation agreements and trust instruments. They also assist in  preparing tax returns and estates.

Before the rise of universities offering paralegal courses, legal assistants were trained on the job. Nowadays, many universities and colleges give specialized legal assistant programs. To work as a paralegal does not require certification. However, those who have such are more engrossed by firms. Certification of paralegals is offered by the Certifying Board of Legal Assistants of the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Being a paralegal requires accuracy as well as good time management skills. The documents that these assistants draft are vital for the presentation of the attorney. Therefore, legal assistants must submit the preparatory materials on or before the attorney’s set deadline. A paralegal must also have good communication skills – both at speech and at listening. These skills are important in efficiently interviewing clients. Learning other languages would also be helpful. Confidentiality is an important matter in any legal case or action. Thus, a paralegal must keep all his knowing to himself, to his attorney and to his client.  Proficiency in the use of computers is also useful. Word processing is vital for this job.

A paralegal is a complex yet rewarding job. The paralegal salary and benefits may vary with location, responsibilities, experience and many more. A legal assistant usual starts with a paralegal salary of $1,300 to $1,800 a month. Those who have grown with experience as paralegal earns as much as $20,000 to $25,000. Median salaries of the industries employing the largest number of paralegals were recorded last May 2004. By which, Federal Government employees earn as much as $59,370, local government employees earn $38,260, legal services employees earn $37,870 and state government employees with $34,910.

Very much similar to their bosses, paralegals work in offices or libraries. Meeting with their clients usually occurs in homes or business. Paralegals normally work for 40 hours a week. In some cases, though, they tend to work overtime to catch up with the deadlines set by the licensed lawyer. 

The paralegal course spreads in the United States at high speeds. Presently, there are more than 111, 000 legal assistants. This high number stimulates competition among its applicants. Thus, the difficulty of getting into this job nowadays is lessened with one having a formal education and if possible, certification.

Duties Of An Auto Technician

Thu, 26 May 2011 06:31:44 GMT

(image) An auto technician’s job focuses more on inspecting, maintaining and repairing automobiles. They perform basic car maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to fixing complex car problems and planning what to do to repair such troubles. Auto technician’s job and duties have even progressed from simple manual repairs up to jobs including high levels of technology.

What are the other duties of an auto technician? Auto technicians check the car components if it is placed securely and if it is working well. Once the car has been brought to the car shop, a drive test is done or equipments are used to diagnose problems. If you have discovered car parts that do not function pretty well, remove it because it can be a source of the problem. Worn out systems and components are replaced to prevent further damage to the vehicle. To remove these parts, auto technicians use powerful tools to remove bolts, machine tools like lathes to fix the breaks and the use of common mechanical tools to work on small parts.  Remember that it is important to make a proper diagnosis so that proper vehicle repair can be done. For this to be done properly, auto technicians follow a checklist to make certain that all parts of the vehicle has been checked. They inspect vital parts like belts, plugs, brakes, fuels and other parts.

Being an auto technician, one has to possess certain skills. One has to have the ability to solve problems quickly even in a difficult situation. Since auto technicians work with cars almost every day of their life, they must have a good knowledge on automobiles and must know how to work on different electronic equipments. Since there has been a continuous progress on technologies, auto technicians must be aware of the new and latest trends and have the willingness to learn new car technologies and repair procedures.

With this scope of duties and responsibilities, how much do auto technicians make? Being an auto technician surely does provide lot of opportunities for new technicians wanting to be in this field. As technology begins to progress, cars nowadays are made to last longer as compared to cars made before but this does not mean that it will not undergo any car maintenance and repair. Aspiring auto technicians can increase their chances of being hired if they have been trained well in doing an automotive repair. The average auto technician salary for an hour is $16 with the highest rate of $20 and lowest rate of $9. Auto technicians work in car dealerships and auto repair centers.
Another factor that could affect the automotive technician salary is a certification. Although a certification is not a requirement it is still mostly preferred by employers. The institution that provides this certification is the National Institute for Automotive Excellence. How can one acquire a certification? An individual must have a minimum of two years experience and must complete the required examination provided by the automotive industry. A certification will surely be of great help in improving your salary.

MRI Technician Training Program

Fri, 29 Apr 2011 06:15:08 GMT

(image) Magnetic resonance imaging technicians are professionals that perform an MRI test that can help in detecting any problems. This is a demanding job that not everybody can do since it needs a specialized training.
Magnetic resonance imaging is a noninvasive medical technique. An MRI uses a combination of radio frequencies and magnetic fields in producing pictures of a patient’s body part needed to be examined. The images produced by an MRI machine are sharper and detailed than those produced by x-ray machines or an ultrasound. A magnetic resonance imaging machine is used in detecting enlargements, abnormalities, tumors and the like. With the growth in the health care industry, an MRI technician is in demand in every health care institution and diagnostic centers.
If one wants to be a magnetic resonance imaging technician, a good formal education is the first thing to do. Subjects like anatomy and physiology, math, microbiology and chemistry should be taken up in high school and having good grades in these subjects is a must. After one has finished high school, the next step is to enroll in an MRI technician school to get a certification.  As you look for a school, check for the schools accreditation by the medical body. Also verify if the school is accredited by checking it with the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. JRCERT is the agency recognized by the United States for the recognition of education programs in magnetic resonance.
For students interested in medical imaging, colleges and schools offer different specialization trainings. Students take one to two years just to finish the course to learn how they can operate MRI machines effectively and securely. The admission requirements for these MRI training programs differ still they have the same basic requirement which is a GED or a high school diploma. There are schools that require the students to have a volunteer working experience and pass a health test. Students must also earn a higher score on the ASSET test, pass a police background check and letters of recommendation. For those who have a record of drug use or criminal record are not allowed or qualified to take the exam.
Learning how you can pass the test or examination consists of a more understanding of the test materials. One has to be motivated to study from the beginning up to the end of the training program. Some who would be taking a occupational exam, they can get motivated by thinking about an MRI career opportunity. Putting in mind the steps needed on how to become successful will help you progress.
What are the career opportunities for MRI technicians? The majority of MRI technicians in this field works in clinical settings like hospitals and imaging centers. According to statistics, there will be a continuous rise in the demand for these health care professionals. MRI machines need to be operated by skilled professionals that is why as newer machines rise, the demand also rise with it.
The MRI Technician salary ranges from $35,000 up to $60,000 a year. The highest MRI Tech salary are paid to those who have more number of years of experience and those who have undergone additional trainings and credits.

Facts About MRI Technicians

Fri, 29 Apr 2011 04:20:09 GMT

(image) A magnetic resonance imaging technician is trained professionals that operate MRI equipments that can produce images of different cross-sections of the body and turns them into 3D images. The images obtained are then given to the doctors to help them come up with a diagnosis or to check the progress of a disease. Some MRI technicians also deal with procedures like by injecting a dye into the patient to make the viewing of a certain area easy. In producing such images, a combination of magnetic field and radio frequencies are used in order to detect any blockage, enlargement, tumors and any abnormalities in the body.
The required requirement of most MRI technician schools is a high school diploma or a GED. A person must have good grades in subjects like anatomy, biology, physics, mathematics, microbiology and physiology. In looking for the best MRI technician school, one must take the course in an accredited training school. The list of recognized schools can be checked on the list of the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. This committee is recognized by the Department of Education. Schools will provide either a certification, associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. MRI technician courses taken at an accredited technical school will give you a certification or a degree. A certificate can be obtained after one to two years, an associate degree for two to three years and a bachelor’s degree for four to five years. Courses offered in these MRI training schools will include proper patient positioning and how to perform procedures.
Most would choose the associate degree. Schools require a C grade in order to remain in the program. Graduates will then take and pass the state licensure examination as a MRI technician. Licensing is required since they work with different radioactive materials. After the program has been completed, the next step is to gain practical experience and get the licensing examination. The state licensing exam is also given to those who have a certification or a degree. Without these two, it is impossible for you to get a job.
Technicians may also be certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Once they have passed the licensing examination, MRI technicians are then required to attend continuing education or additional credits to keep their licenses or certifications given by the ARRT. Attending in advanced courses is possible and going to continuing trainings will help you learn new skills.
The average mri technician salary is $55,000 but the average salary may range between $45,000 and $65,000 depending on certain factors like employment, location and years of experience. The higher the working experience of a person, the greater is the mri tech salary and they will enjoy a lot of benefits.
The MRI machine is one of the well known tools used in diagnosing certain diseases making the job prospect for these employments high. MRI technicians are in greater demand in the healthcare industry. Advances in medical technology and the need for diagnostic medicine will lead to a higher need for MRI technicians. The MRI technician’s job growth will increase by 17%. The health care industry is one of the best growing jobs and highly qualified and skilled MRI technicians will still be in demand

Laminated Countertops

Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:59:58 GMT

(image) Formica is a trademark for laminated countertops. Formica is well known since it has been making countertops for years. They have been in the business of making countertops for a century. Their products are available in neutral or colorful, solid or patterned, modern or simple form where one can surely find the perfect countertop for him or her. Aside from the different varieties of color and patterns available, Formica is also known for countertops sold at a very low cost. Matching up to some other materials made for countertops, Formica surely beats the price.
Laminated countertops are made in three different layers; because of this people ask if laminated countertops do have the tendency to crack?  Because laminated countertops are made layer by layer, laminated countertops are the weakest and less durable kind of countertop. This is because between every layer is a hollow space where the adhesive has not seeped into.  These weak spots cause the laminated countertops to have a lower threshold for impact, heat and pressure. 
The cracks on laminated countertops can be external or internal. External cracks are found on the outer layer itself, exposing the melamine layers inside. The inner layers are brittle so damage on the outside tends to spread faster. A plastic laminate countertop that sustains damage will continue to be utilizable for months up to years then it may be replaced.
Internal cracks on the other hand are caused when a heavy object falls so fast that causes it to go through the plastic laminate but it does not spread until it reaches the inner layer. The crack in the inner layers leaves either a little or no blemish. Internal cracks are hardy to classify since there are no signs of damage on the outside.
So what are the causes of cracks on laminated countertops? Cracks in laminated countertops are commonly caused by impact, misuse and extreme temperature. Impact comes from falling objects like plates or forceful contacts with knives and other utensils. Next cause is from extreme heat that comes from placing hot dishes and pots directly on the countertop. Appliances that are heat generating like oven, toasters and microwaves that produces heat that can cause cracks on the laminated countertop. Laminated countertops can also crack during extreme cold but this is rare. Cracks that are caused by colds happen when a house is left vacant during winter season. Fluctuation between hot and cold can weaken the laminated countertop as well making it more prone to cracks.
The common cause of laminated countertop misuse is by denting the surface of the countertop with knives. Contrasting to more durable kinds of countertop like granite and stone, laminated countertops are not used as chopping boards. A lot of people usually do their chopping and slicing directly on the countertop without knowing that the surface is plastic and very easy to damage. SO when one directly cuts into it, the plastic will tear down thus losing its integrity. Some examples of a misuse is by letting children sit on the countertop thus causing unnecessary weight on it.

X-Ray Technician

Tue, 23 Nov 2010 07:21:13 GMT

(image) X-ray technicians work using medical technologies on day to day basis. The duties of these x-ray technicians include taking x-ray films, performing MRI’s and etc. In some cases, doctor’s needed an x-ray procedure for their patients to assess and evaluate diseases and illnesses. X-ray technicians do not only perform imaging procedures but also helps out in preparing the patients and the equipments needed for the filming.  This job requires a lot of precision as to the equipments and patients to make sure that machines are quirking well and patients are positioned safely and correctly. Being an x-ray technician requires one to have knowledge on anatomy and imaging equipments like MRI’s and CT scans. The examination is then done by first positioning the radiographic equipment in a correct angle and height which is in the proper area of the patient’s body. Then the technician will use an instrument to measure the thickness of the section to be x-rayed and set the machine controls to its proper details, density and also contrast. Like any other members of the health care team, the x-ray technician should always follow the doctor’s order and follows the protocols regarding the use of radiation for the safety of everybody including the technician himself. X-ray technician work with doctors and nurses to assist in providing the best quality care for the patients.
X-ray technicians work in the radiology department in any medical facility like hospitals or clinics. There are limited physical demands in this kind of job to be able to position the patients properly. There are a lot of concerns when it comes to radiation exposure but the use of shielding equipments makes it safe for x-ray technicians and patients. If one has followed all precautions when it comes to the use of proper equipments, then there is something that you should be concerned about.X-ray technicians work for 40 hours a week and may also work on-call during holidays and weekends.                                 
There are a lot of different degrees that can be used before starting a career as an x-ray technician. First you must have an x ray technician training. There are x ray technician schools that offer certification programs that can be completed for less than a year. Some also offers an associate degree that takes 2 years to be completed and a bachelor’s degree that takes up 4 years to be done.  But today, people tend to take an associate degree since this will also open opportunities for them to have administrative ranks. Also make sure that you are choosing a program from an accredited x-ray technician school. Licensing is also required in most states thus taking and passing the licensing exam is important.
X-ray technician salary greatly depends on the geographic location, experience, specialization and the type of medical institution where one works. The median salary is $45,000 and the highest salary being offered is $55,000. X-ray technicians provide assistance for physicians in effectively diagnosing the patient’s illness and creating a plan treatment for them as well. With the expected growth rate for x-ray technicians this will be a great idea for people, who wanted to work with patients in a healthcare setting.

EMT Schools

Tue, 16 Nov 2010 16:34:12 GMT

One Passion: To Save A LifeDuring accidents, the life of a person depends on how emergency medical technicians respond to the incident and give immediate care. Emergency medical technicians deal with differ incidents like car accidents, childbirth, falls, slips, heart attacks, gunshot and so on. The responsibility of the emergency medical technicians is to give vital service to these people as they care and transport them to a medical facility, you will learn all this in a EMT Schools.Emergency medical technicians are dispatched by an operator when he or she has received a call regarding the incident. Once EMT’s has arrived on the location of the accident, the first thing that they need to do is to assess the patient to determine the nature and the extent of their injuries and their pre-existing medical conditions. While these emergency medical technicians give care to the patient, they should still follow the protocols and guidelines provided. EMT’s uses special equipment like stretchers and backboards in immobilizing the patient before securing them in an ambulance for transport. EMT’s usually work in teams of two or three. One is assigned to drive while and the other one provides care by monitoring vital signs, providing oxygen and the like. Once they have reached the medical facility, emergency medical technicians help transfer the patients from the ambulance to the emergency room. They will then report their observations and treatments given to the medical team. After the rescue operation, emergency medical technicians check all supplies and replace what was used. They should also check every equipment if it is functioning well or not. In cases where the patient has contagious or infectious diseases, emergency medical technicians must decontaminate the whole interior of the ambulance.Having an emergency medical technician education and training is important for those aspiring to be an EMT. Prior to admission in an accredited emergency medical technician school, a person must have a high school diploma and a driver’s license. When enrolled, the student can choose on three different levels of training. The first level of training is the EMT-Basic. In this training, the individual provides care to the patients under the supervision of a more trained professional. They can also assess the patient’s condition by providing care to those with respiratory or cardiac accidents. The second level of training is EMT-Intermediate that requires more training and allows the person to start intravenous lines, open airways and so on. The last level is the paramedics. In this level, the person provides a more advanced care to the injured people like administering oral and intravenous medications, reading electrocardiograms and using equipments. The emergency medical technician salary varies between $24,000 and $45,000. With growing experiences and skills, emergency medical technicians can also be promoted to a higher position which can also increase their salary. EMT’s work in different work settings may it be indoors and outdoors. They are at risk for having illness from patients with injuries. EMT’s are also at risk for any injuries from violent and mentally ill patients. It is important for emergency medical technicians to act quickly in stressful situations even in life and death situations. Emergency medical technicians work more than 40 hours a week and may have a working schedule that requires them to work at any time even during holidays and weekends.[...]

Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Mon, 15 Nov 2010 12:01:26 GMT

(image) Be a Certified Biller and Coder

Medical coding is a act of using a set of particular codes which are authorized by the health care professional and the insurance provider as well in order to easily classify the kinds of treatments, diagnosis and medications given. Using these codes can help health care personnel save a lot of time and effort compared to working on various paperwork’s for the services and bills, which are needed by insurance companies for claims. Medical Billers are responsible for making certain that every person is owed properly. This includes conversing with the patient and their health insurance companies to make sure that all the fees and pay’s are paid. If one is able medical biller and coder, he or she can by all odds work in different working environment. If a he is considering of becoming a medical biller and coder, these are what they need to be a certified one, medical billing and coding salary will be discussed later.

First step is to search for a licensed school that will equip you with everything that you needed to acquire and to know in order to be a medical biller and coder. Few programs are offered in vocational schools. If one cannot discover for a system within the area, try to look on accredited online programs. Inquire and make sure that it is certified or authorized. Once a person has completed the entire training program, a certificate of completion is then granted. This certificate will then act as proof that one has the knowledge and skill required for the occupation as a medical biller and coder. In some areas, having a certification is the ticket for one to be suitable for the coding and billing jobs at health care institutions and insurance companies. Once all certification are ready, next step is to discover for a task as a medical biller and coder. Once can apply for a point in offices, hospitals and clinics. Some job as an independent contractor. Continuous education will provide individual extra points when applying for an occupation. When a person decides to work in a hospital or large facilities, institutions like this order six months to a year of experience and preferred a medical billing and coding education from an accepted school or organization.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Medical billing and coding salary ranges from $39,000 to $46,000. There are also significant differences between the medical billing and coding salary when they have credentials compared to those who have none. For those with credentials, they can gain an average of $6,000 additional medical billing and coding salary. Also like in any other careers, if one wants to garner more all them demand is the experiences. Based o surveys, those who just started out as medical billers and coders earn an average of $15 to $20 an hour. But for those with more than fifteen years of experience, they can acquire more than $30 an hour. The average medical biller and coder salary changes from every location. If a someone task in one of those highest paying states like Hawaii or Atlanta, the average medical billing and coding salary is $50,000.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Mon, 15 Nov 2010 11:53:04 GMT

(image) Getting Started As a Medical Biller And Coder

Nowadays of the fast growing professions is those under the healthcare industry and some wanted to be a part of it by starting a career as a medicalone biller and coder.  Getting started is as convenient and easy by having an option in both schooling and training. Having a job as a medical coder and biller is as easy to get to because of its high demand. Medical coders have the very significant position since they are responsible for the flow of all data between the patients, doctors and insurance companies. Without this coders and billers, healthcare businesses may not be as efficient and organized. So if one is looking for a satisfying job in the field of health care, then being a medical biller and coder can be your tag to triumph, medical billing and coding salary will be discussed below.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Medical billing and coding salary run about the same except that it varies on a lot of factors like experiences, teaching and preparation. The medical billing and coding salary is about $30,000 to $40,000 a year. And these numbers will continue to gain when one becomes well informed about this vocation. Medical billing and codings also count on where one lives either in a large city or a small town.  Getting an occupation as a medical biller and coder will give a person a good starting medical billing and coding salary with raises as on gets more experiences. That’s how essential experiences are- they can never be taken from a person. One can also find for job opportunities online and can compare cost and financial aids provided by an institution.
So what are the occupation responsibilities of a medical biller and coder? A medical coder provides a billing service so that every health care supplier can be get paid with all the services that they have rendered. Each health care service has a comparable numeric code in order to classify the designation or treatments finished. The job of a medical coder is to put all information in a database by using a medical protocol to create an idea. This statement is then sent to an insurance company and will then be classified as accepted or denied.  Once these claims are accepted, the health care provider is then compensated. But on the other hand, if the claim is denied, the medical coder will then investigate why it has been denied and verifies all information and reviewing it to know what is wrong. After this, a bill is then given to the patient. Medical coders and biller work in different settings. But of them work in hospitals and some in clinics and nursing homes. This business also allows a person to work at home. Medical billers and coders only needs a computer, a telephone and proper documents are all used every day. Medical coders and billers work with health care providers to gather and provide accurate billing. Interactions between the billers and coders and the insurance companies are not done face to face but only through phone conversations. Billers and coders work in a stable schedule- 40 hours a week with overtimes and on-calls during weekends and holidays.

Becoming a Nursing Assistant

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 16:31:55 GMT

(image) Population is immensely exploding and the number of senior people is emerging. Nurses and physician alone could not manage taking charge of them. They need to have the assistants of caregivers or nursing assistant. This is one innovative task in the area of health care. It offers a satisfactory registered nurse salary plus other benefits. You do not need to consume years of schooling and classroom training. You just need to register in schools or institute that offer training for nursing assistant. Although it does not demand years of training, following a nursing assistant career is not as relaxed as A, B, C. You need to acquire the best knowledge and training in order to precede in this job. You need to understand the duties and responsibilities before jumping in this course. You should be passionate in taking care of the elder and the sick. Without the heart and knowledge, you would find it difficult to execute this task. Enumerated below are some of the duties of the nursing assistant.

Patient Care

Nursing assistant performs job for patients who could not acquire care of themselves. These include Bathing, dressing and undressing. They also feed or serve food for the patient. Transporting using the appropriate methods is also administered for patients who endure difficulties in walking. Running errands could also be done for the patient.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

They also carry out the task of changing bed linens and keeping the patients environment perfect and unbound from dangerous sickness that could create contagion. Sterilizing, storing, preparing of treatment trays are also administered by nursing assistant.

Monitors Patient and Assisting Nurses
Nursing assistants records temperature, blood pressure, respiration, pulse rate, intake, food, and fluids. They may also perform the task of assisting nurses in medical treatments.

The job is very needy but satisfying. The joy of seeing your patient get healthier due to your attention is irreplaceable. You will fill the pride of helping them deal up with their unhealthiness. Seeing them and their folk smile is worth all the hard work. Aside from those nonphysical benefits, you get to rip a well-compensated wage. Certified Nursing Assistant could earn up to $30,000 annually. That challenging earn cash could create you a good life. You could also delight good work environment. some factors could affect the registered nurse salary. These may consider the level of education, years of experience, geographical location, quality of the job and the type of strong point. These could extremely influence registered nurse salary but whats important in this job is the experience of making a difference in people’s lives. That one component could not be paid by money. You need to have the warmth and perseverance in order to be a successful Certified Nursing Assistant. Taking care of your job would also present you with loads of opportunities. You could pursue a more advance degree or you could heighten your skills as a nursing assistant to be able to earn more. It’s never too late to learn these skills.

Becoming a Nursing Assistant

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 16:22:51 GMT

(image) Getting training for a registered nursing assistant requires sincerity and passion. The length of the education may change from the courses you have enrolled. Schools may offer near or weekend classes for people who do not have the indulgence of period. There is a great challenge in taking up a C.N.A course. You could enroll from people colleges or technical schools, depending on what is convenient for you. The work is not an easy project but the joy of seeing your patient get healed with your help is a rewarding feat, registered nurse salary will be discussed later in this article. Training to become a C.N.A is simple if you are mentally prepared to take on some surgical subjects such as anatomy and physiology. If you love these subjects then you would not find it hard to finish this course.

Training for C.N.A would cost you about $400 to $1000 however you could utilize for particular programs that offer help in acquiring this career path. You could even get it free, depending on your qualification or commercial enterprise situation. Free programs demand you to ink a contract that would need you to work for a definite company at a granted duration of time. Check out your local authorities for free education programs to pursue this career. Certified Nursing Assistant education is divided into two parts classroom and practical education. The essential skills necessary to be a successful C.N.A can be acquired through this training program. Enumerated below are some topics covered in this education program.

•    Basic care of patients such as grooming, bathing, dressing, toileting, changing bed sheets and other task
•    Monitoring vital signs, infection control, oral care and other basic health care task
•    Serving meals and assisting the elderly or sick to eat
•    Keeping the patient area sanitize and clean
•    Assisting patients with motion exercise.
•    Escorting or transporting patient to a health care facility for regular check ups.
•    Assisting in some medical procedures
•    Legal issues for C.N.A
•    Handling emergency such as applying CPR and other first aid
•    Learning medical terminology

Registered Nurse Salary

There are more jobs to choose from but this is one gratifying work if you set your heart and faithfulness into it. It is hard to handle elderly and sick people but after you get used to it, you would savor serving others. They would believe on you, in order for them to live on this world. You should be well ready to accept the challenges of this job. There are dozens of reasons on why you should choose to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. One of these factors is the ability to earn a good living. The registered nurse salary could reach up to $30,000 annually. You don’t have to consume many years of training and studying just to earn that cash. You only need to acquire the training needed which could only last for weeks. Although there are many factors that could impact registered nurse salary, it all boils down to your ability and competency to succeed in this job. 

X-ray Technologists at Work

Mon, 01 Nov 2010 15:17:26 GMT

 An x-ray technologist is someone who takes pictures of the internal organs of a patient’s body with the aid of an x-ray machine. He knows the basic concepts of interpreting x-ray results and is able to aid the physician in finding out what is wrong with the patient.

When pursuing a career in order to become an x-ray technologist, one needs to be a high school graduate with high scores in science, math and physical education. The subjects taken while studying to become an x-ray technologist will require lots of memorization skills. There won’t be a lot of time given to students as they need to cram facts and information into their brains for a relatively short amount of time. These challenges are necessary parts of reprogramming a person so he can learn to live with stress and master his wits during times when critical thinking is required the most. The subjects he will have to master are anatomy and physiology as these are basically what he sees in his day to day activities as an x-ray technician. He will also need to master basic medical terminology so he can effectively communicate with the physician.

In the field, the x-ray technician not needs critical thinking skills in order to survive; he also needs to learn how to effectively communicate with patients. Establishing rapport is a fundamental skill as it helps to put the patient’s fears at ease and allows the x-ray technician to work without interruption. Many times, an x-ray technician will have to coax a patient into a specific position as those patients in a lot of pain have little or no patience for being positioned.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of an x-ray technician in the field is learning how to promote confidentiality. Although he is able to interpret basic findings in the results, he is not allowed to tell the patient what he sees. If he sees a problem requiring immediate attention, he is obliged to notify the physician immediately, but must not alarm the patient by telling him what he sees.

It will take as long as nine months to up four years of education in order to become an x-ray technician. Those already in the healthcare field can take fast track courses to become an x-ray technician. A high school graduate can take up to four years to complete a Bachelor’s degree, but he can opt for a year’s worth of education to earn a certificate as well. Most employers will also readily hire a person with an associate’s degree. When considering a career to become an x-ray technician, you have to realize that those with the most experience and the highest credentials from schools can get a good radiology tech salary. Having voluntary certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) also increases the chances of being hired immediately.

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Radiology Technician Salary

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(image) Radiology technician or also called as radiographers conduct scans like MRI and CT scans and they also take x-rays to help in diagnosing diseases and problems.  The radiology technician must always explain the procedure to the patient before taking any x-rays or scans.  They should be able to communicate to the patient and develop a good relation with them. This will greatly help in preventing the patient to feel nervous or anxious. The technician will then help in removing metal objects on the patient’s body like jewelries to let the x-ray pass to the body part. The areas that are not needed for the x-ray must be covered with lead shields. The radiologic technician will then place an instrument in the area to be x-rayed. Some institutions use a solution that the patient should drink to highlight the tissue needed to be examined.

The radiology technician must know how to use different x-ray equipments and interpret the results of the tests and give a detailed report about it. Radiographers must know how to distinguish a normal tissue from an abnormal one. These tests are done to determine the area of fractures, location of tumors or abnormal development of an organ or tissue. Radiographers must always wear gloves, shields and other protective wear to prevent the radiation from harming them.

Radiographers work around 40 hours a week and should expect to be called during emergency situations may it be during the day or night. Every radiology technician must have a good endurance because they are expected to stand and perform procedures for a long period of time. These medical professionals work in various health care institutions like hospitals or doctor’s offices.

Formal radiology education will also be the first step. A lot of radiology technician schools offer a certification, associate or baccalaureate degree for those aspiring to be a successful radiology technician.  Students mostly enroll themselves in a two –year associate degree program. While those who are already in the field of medicine like nurses take a 1 year certificate program just to enhance their skills. Baccalaureate or four-year degree program is preferred by students who dreams to teach or to supervise. These programs include subjects like medial terminologies, biology, ethics, instrumentation and a lot more. The foundation of a radiology technician education is mostly on medical subjects like human science since radiographers deal with people or with the human body. There are also courses or programs offered online especially when time is the issue. Online radiology technician schools can be found in the internet and can definitely give an individual an excellent health-related program.

Radiology tech salary depend on certain factors and this includes the geographical location and the location of the work. Health institutions located in metropolitan areas often pay higher salaries than those working in rural areas or in small clinics. A radiology tech salary may range from $42,000 to $60,000. This may also increase during on-calls or overtimes. Usually, a radiology technician salary earns around $15 to $25 per hour.

Radiology Tech Salary

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(image) Radiologic technicians have a lot of tasks needed to be performed on a day to day basis. When going through training in a hospital, students or future radiology technicians mostly sped all of their school days observing or assisting in different procedures. There are also classroom courses that are prepared to equip the students for their future profession.

Radiology technicians utilize different kinds of equipment to create a medical scan. These scans may include Ct scans, MRI’s and commonly the x-rays. Some also makes use of a liquid contrast that can track any abnormalities in the function of the organs. These scans are important because it helps in finding out a health problem and any abnormalities in the body. The scans created by the equipment must be clear enough to be evaluated. A radiology technician must be able to identify and interpret the scans created. They must have a sharp eye to identify the organs on the scans. Radiologic technicians must know how to distinguish a normal cell from what is abnormal.

Scans can also identify tumors, cysts, and fractures. Radiology technicians work with doctors. They should always check the physician’s order before doing the procedure. The radiology technician may know how to interpret the result but only the licensed doctor can diagnose a patient. After evaluating the scan, the doctor is the one who will prescribe certain treatments for the patient. Radiology technicians perform these procedures by first preparing the client by removing all metal objects on the body. They will then position the patient and focuses the area needed to be x-rayed. During the procedure, it is important for the radiologic technician to protect not only the patient but also himself from the harmful radiations. Every member of the health care team must be able to compassionately perform patient’s care. They must explain every procedure before doing it to provide comfort and relief to the patient. They must also have a kind attitude to keep their patients at ease.

Radiology technician classes are offered in numerous radiology technician schools. The individual has three choices whether to take a one-year certification, two year associate degree or four-year baccalaureate degree. Certificate programs are mostly for those people planning to shift from one medical field to another. The associate degree is mostly being taken by many and the bachelor degree is for those wanting to acquire higher positions. It is important to choose a radiology technician school accredited by the State’s Education Committee.

So how much is the radiology tech salary? There are no fixed earnings since there are certain factors that can affect the salary. The average radiology technician salary depends on certain factors like educational qualification, work experience, skills, employment type and etc. But normally, one can earn from $200,000 on an annual basis. These numbers are dependent also on the specializations and work experience. The starting salary may be between $100,000 and $150,000. Radiologic technicians working in private health care institutions may also earn more. An experienced radiologist is also bound to have a high salary than the new ones.

Dialysis Technician Career

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Today, a lot of people are becoming more interested in science and technology and also likes to work with people. These kinds of jobs include nurses, doctors, and a lot more jobs in the health care field to choose from. But for some, they want to consider that of a dialysis technician. Yes, you will probably be earning a lot but also helping a lot of people to be healthy. Before considering a dialysis technician course a person needs to give thought to whether he or she is fit, interested and passionate to be one.     Dialysis technicians work in specialized part of the health care institution closely with patients who have kidney failure.  Dialysis technicians are also called as Hemodialysis technicians or renal dialysis technicians. These health care professionals operate a machine that removes waste and extra water on the patient’s blood. They work under the supervision of a physician or a registered nurse. Being a dialysis technician does not require a person to have just clinical skills but technical skills as well. They are responsible in providing direct care to the patient and also maintaining the equipments. They also observe the patients before, during and after the procedure. They monitor vital signs, administer anesthetic and drugs, and assess the patient for any complications after the procedure has been done. Dialysis technicians must be ready to handle stressful and emergency situations well including the administration of oxygen and performing CPR. They also monitor the machine by checking the dials or indicators if it is functioning well. They should have the skill to be a good listener and give full attention to what people are saying and understands it well. He or she should communicate any data or information for other people to understand. They must have the ability to read and understand anything in writing and must be able to arrange things in order.    An individual who believes that he or she will be a good dialysis technician can start by preparing in high school. A student can really benefit if he or she has advanced courses in biology, anatomy and a dialysis technician training. These classes are important in letting a person understand how important the kidney is and how it functions. A high school diploma is important to become a dialysis technician. In choosing a dialysis technician school, one must first check from different colleges or universities if they offer courses on being a dialysis technician. They should ask about the curriculum and also the trainings. Once a person has chosen a school and enrolled his or herself in that school, the student will be receiving both theoretical and practical experiences. Some also are required to have a certification or license, depending on the state where you are planning to work.    The dialysis technician pay varies from $28,850 to $31,800. The salaries also depend on certain factors. For the work environment, those working in renowned hospitals can earn $30,000 to $35,000 while those working in dialysis centers or small hospitals can earn $26,000. In an hourly basis, one can earn $10 to $15 an hour. As the experience of the person increases, the salary also improves. The education also plays a big role in determining a person’s salary. [...]

Dialysis Technician Training

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Dialysis technician works in hospitals w(image) ith the supervision of a nurse or a physician. Their work needs a lot of training and most of these trainings are accomplished in the hospitals.

Patients are different from each other and every individual has different needs. Some patients have easy and simple cases while other procedures may last for how many hours. The dialysis technician also needs to keep the patients comfortable and relaxed. This is very important because it will prevent the patients from feeling anxious and nervous. It is also a responsibility of the technician to explain every procedure to the patient. The dialysis technician helps the patient before getting started by keeping them calm. The procedure to be done may be a very frightening experience for some especially to little kids.

Explaining everything may be time consuming but this would be a great help and will keep everything smooth. The dialysis technician must also take good care of the procedure by making certain that every equipment is working well and check it often to make it sure that it has no malfunctions, they also need to help the patient after the procedure by assisting them and making sure that everything is well after procedure. The technician also helps in keeping all equipments clean and the area sterile making it ready for the next procedure to be done to another patient. It is important for the area to be sterile because cleanliness is vital. The technician operates a machine that is used to remove waste and excess water on the patient's blood because the kidney cannot do anymore its functions. These professionals must be sure that the chemicals entering the system are correct.

If one is aspiring to be a dialysis technician, what are the preparations needed? First, have a dialysis technician training and learn the job description and be familiar about this kind of profession before making a decision. Second step is to know the duties and responsibilities including the preparing of the solutions, sterilizing equipments, monitoring vital signs, weight and a lot more. Next step to take is to choose an accredited dialysis technician school that offer programs about this job. One of the requirements prior to admission is a high school diploma. This diploma is a requirement for trainings since in high school, prerequisite subjects are being taught like sciences, math and etc. Schools also offer both theoretical and practical subjects. After finishing the course, exams are needed to be taken and passed to be a certified dialysis technician. These technicians work in hospitals or clinics for 40 hours a week plus on-calls and overtimes.

The dialysis technician salary ranges from $25,000 to $33,000 annually. First year technicians can expect to earn $10 to $14 an hour. For those with five years of experience, the pay can be expected to be $13 to $16 an hour. Those with five years of experience and above can earn $15 to $20 an hour. Those with great education and working in metropolitan cities can also earn more.


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We all know how important the ki(image) dney is. Losing the functions of the kidney really requires a lot of medical attention than can be performed by the dialysis technician. The dialysis technician involves operating the machines that remove waste from the patient’s blood. This is done by using a dialysis machine that can take an average of four hours and three sessions a week. The dialysis technician is responsible to prepare the patients for the dialysis treatment. The dialysis technician needs to take the patient’s history, monitors the vital signs by recording the blood pressure and determining the pulse rate closely during dialysis. It is also their responsibility to make sure all dialysis equipment is working well. A dialysis technician must have a good interpersonal skill. It is also the responsible of the dialysis technician to keep the patient’s comfortable before, during and after the dialysis procedure. Dialysis technicians are working in large hospitals and clinics under the direction of a registered nurse or physician. Some dialysis technicians work in small offices on dialysis centers that are run by a private company. Today, just like other medical professionals, dialysis technicians are now in demand and are still expected to grow more in the coming years. A regular work for a dialysis technician is 40 hours a week but this can change since hospitals are also asking for on-calls or overtimes.

There are a lot of dialysis technician schools out there. There are a lot of vocational schools or colleges that offer courses that lead to certification. Having a dialysis technician training will definitely lead to promotions and also great raises. So what are the requirements needed to be a dialysis technician? First step is to have a high school diploma. In high school, classes in science and health are taken to enhance capabilities and knowledge of an individual later on. Look for a school that offers a program on dialysis technician. Make sure that these schools are accredited by the state. Schools offer programs that can be completed for a year where one can get a diploma. A two year associate degree and four year bachelor’s degree are offered. Once admitted, they offer trainings to improve the person’s skills on dialysis. Some schools also have practical experiences in hospitals or in dialysis centers. After completing the program, the state may also require a dialysis technician to take an exam to be licensed. This requirement will determine how eligible a person is and will prove how efficient the person is in doing such procedures. A person also has to have a continuing education to keep them posted on different issues and technology advancement. Continuing education is really important for every profession.

The dialysis technician salary ranges from $28,850 to $31,800. The salaries also depend on certain factors. For the work environment, those working in hospitals can earn $30,000 while those working in dialysis centers can earn $26,000. In an hourly basis, one can earn $10 to $15 an hour. As the experience of the person increases, the salary also increases.