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Penis Enlargement – what to look out for


They say that nature gives with one hand and takes away with the other. Many men have brains that help them land big jobs, discover amazing things or start their own companies and make fortunes. However, these amazing brains tend to come bundled with less than satisfactory penises. In fact, a lot of men have to cope with this type of trade off and are forced to face life with small penises that are bound to make things difficult later on.For this reason, men turn to penis enlargement techniques to supplement or offset the stinginess of nature and to improve their lives. But penis enlargement is a wide and wild territory that may not be all that friendly to new users. It is very important for any man to find the right penis enlargement program or product. It doesn’t really matter what you’re using, but it must be something that works properly. There is no reason to spend time and money on products that are either worthless or hazardous.Among the traps that lie in wait for the unwary penis enlargement seeker is the risk of incorrect enlargement. Most men think that any kind of penis enlargement is good. Heck, what can be wrong about a little gain here and there? Well, it’s not that simple. Penis enlargement has to be done correctly and uniformly regardless of the product you’re using. There’s simply no other way. Adding just a bit of girth, mostly on one side, or increasing the length a bit, at the expense of some burst blood vessels is never a good idea.Whether you’re into traction devices, penis exercises or enlargement pills, you always have to look for certain signs that prove the seller’s good faith and quality standards. First and foremost you should look for a money back guarantee. If the product advertised on the website is a quality product then the vendor shouldn’t have any problem offering a generous money back guarantee. Beware of vendors who leave you only a small product return window. This is usually a sign that something’s not right.Second comes full time customer support. This is the best way you can tell if the product is sold by a full blown company or just some guy with a computer who stays at home and couldn’t care less if the product worked or not. What you need is full time customer service which can answer any of your questions. The quality of website design is also a sign of how much money and care went into the product. Avoid cheap looking websites.Third comes customer forums. If a vendor has an effective product to sell, he won’t mind customers discussing their experiences online. Customer forums are a great way of getting in touch directly with men who have already tried various products and can give you a first hand account. This goes hand in hand with the information featured on the website. The more information about the product (not just beating around a distant bush), the better. If the vendor is not shy to talk about the product then he probably has nothing to hide.Fourth comes medical endorsements. These are priceless. If an M.D. is willing to put his professional reputation behind a product, this means that the product in question is worth buying. If the website also features customer testimonials then your search for a quality PE product is over and you have a winner. You can also look for bonuses handed out by the vendor to good customers. Bonuses are something like extra icing on a very good cake and further proof that the vendor knows the value of big spending customers.So there you have it. The five things that make the difference between a good penis enlargement solution and a bad one that you should avoid like plague. It’s not simple to tell a good thing from a scam, but it’s not very hard either. Be careful.penis enlargement[...]

Having A Micropenis: Small Is Terrible


We have been brought up in a society that believes the bigger stick you carry, the more power you have. The same goes with men and their penises. With erotic art displaying images of exaggerated manhood to symbolize sexual power and vigor, men think that having a big penis is a status symbol for sexiness and machismo. However there is such a condition called micropenis whose effects pertain to the size of the penis, which eventually disrupts men's sexual appetite, and indirectly affect men's sexual health.MicropenisMicropenis is a medical terminology used to describe an unusually small penis. Approximately 0.5% of the male population in the whole world suffer from this condition and feel shameful about it. The penile length of a micropenis in adults is roughly three and a half inches, or less. It may differ from the standard penis size by two and a half inches.Determining whether you have a micropenis can be done yourself by carefully measuring the size of your penis, or through a physical checkup with your trusted doctor. In the case of children, diagnosis is done a little time after birth. Children diagnosed with micropenises are referred to a pediatric urologist, or a pediatric endocrinologist.What causes a micropenis?Micropenis is caused by a hormonal problem which takes place around after fourteen weeks of gestation when the penis has already formed itself. Micropenis may be a standalone concern, or may often appear in combination with other hormonal disorders. These are disorders which may cause an abnormality in the level of hormones needed to develop a normal sexual organ.Can I still have sex if I have a micropenis?Yes it is still possible to have sex with a micropenis. Though it may be a big concern for adult men who have been diagnosed with a micropenis, it is important to keep in mind that one doesn't have to have a big penis in order to pleasure his partner. Having a micropenis should not stand in the way of men's sexual appetite. But in terms of the sexual functioning and response of the micropenis itself, results vary from person to person. Some research reported that having a micropenis didn't change nor affect men's sexual health for those who are afflicted with the condition, yet some report that having a micropenis caused disatisfying sexual intercourse.Is there treatment available for micropenis?A lot of men are to ashamed to come forward and see a doctor for concerns such as micropenis. But the good news is, there are treatments available for it. Hormone treatment is administered during childhood and puberty to trigger normal growth of the penis. With this treatment, testosterone and certain growth hormones are used to resume growth of the micropenis. In extreme cases of micropenis, wherein there is barely any penile shaft, and the glans appears to sit almost on the pubic skin, surgery is suggested. A surgical procedure called phalloplasty is performed for penile enlargement, although these surgeries tend to have a low satisfaction rating. This is why surgery is not recommended for patients who want it specifically because of lack of sexual satisfaction.Sex is not all about the size of a man's penis, it's how he manipulates a woman's body enough to get her to enjoy the experience. After all, sex is not all about the physical pleasure.penis enlargement[...]