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NBA Signing: Knicks Acquire Udrih


Last year, the New York Knicks suffered through a period wherein they couldn't put an able point guard on the floor. When Raymond Felton got injured and Jason Kidd's ancient body wasn't working well, the team went on a miserable run. The thing is that it happened at a bad time and the Knicks couldn't find any one to fill the position that they had to look overseas and ended up bringing 36 year old point guard Pablo Prigioni from Spain.

The veteran played well, being a part of one of the most efficient lineups of the Knicks for the season, as discussed in online sportsbetting. However, it was obvious that the team needed to make sure that what happened last year don't happen again next season. At least, that is what I'm getting from all the moves the team is making.

The Knicks have recently signed 9-year veteran Beno Udrih to the team. There isn't any news yet regarding the details of the deal, so we'll have to wait. The Knicks now have 3 point guards on the team.

Udrih is a great addition to the team that brings in not just championship experience but also some solid playmaking. The Slovenian guard has won two championships while playing for the San Antonio Spurs. Although it's been a long time since then, I can still remember that the guy was playing his role right.

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News and Stories: WGC- Bridgestone Invitational


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Every great sport has the human element in it that makes it exciting. In basketball, stories and news don’t just revolve around the number of shots, rebounds, stills or other statistics. If a sport is to appeal to a casual viewer, it must be able to connect to that person.

In golf, many of the interesting topics of conversation don’t just revolve around what’s happening on the green. This is what I have learned from being a regular of online sports betting in Australia. Even those who are into golf online betting for the purpose of winning and earning can’t help but be hooked by the drama and comedy that happens around the sport.

In this year’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, the best players on the green have their own separate storylines.

Tiger Woods: Gearing-up

After once again coming up short in his chase for the elusive 15th major in the British Open, the ongoing tournament at Firestone will provide an opportunity for the world’s number one golfer to fine-tune his game and be better prepared for the last major tournament this year.

How he plays in the tournament will have plenty of weight on his chances of winning his sought-after 15th.


Over six months into the year, it seems nobody’s holding his or her breath anymore for some surprising performance from the former number one. It may be a good thing though. The less pressure there is, Rory should be more comfortable in trying to adjust, if it is indeed what he needs

Pacers’ Acquisition of Copeland


Elsa/Getty Images
Last season was an impressive run for the Pacers who reached the eastern conference finals and gave the eventual champions more than what they bargained for. It was during that series wherein several young Pacers players have finally stepped on star status. Despite the odds in online sportsbetting being heavily in favor of the Heat, the series was filled with uncertainty.

Every basketball fan around the world that didn’t pay a lick of attention to the team was introduced to Paul George. There’s also the welcome by Roy Hibbert who was just a beast defensively and offensively around the paint.

However, it is also true that it was in that series wherein their weakness got exposed. The team’s inability to make outside shots did them in. The Heat did to the Pacers what the Spurs did to the Grizzlies. The Heat started to pack the paint to negate the size advantage of the Pacers and forced the, to take long-range shots that most of the players on the team were uncomfortable in taking. The end-result for the Pacers was a stagnated offense.

This offseason, the Pacers have signed several players that shows that they are addressing the issue. In signing Chris Copeland, they get to have an active body that can stretch the floor by hitting 3-pointers consistently. The only downside to Copeland is his defense. His small figure makes it easy for stronger players to outmuscle him. However, the Pacers defense should be able to remedy this problem.

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Rory Playing Poorly


Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images
Well, he isn’t exactly what you’d call poor but so far this year, Rory McIlroy has been in a pitiable state. The worse thing is that there are really no signs of improvement to be optimistic about. His 2013 campaign is best summarized by the recent happening in the British Open.

Just when you thought that Rory can’t have any worse of a year, he was out of the contention for the tournament just a couple of hours in. He had to be lucky to reach the weekend. To say that the world’s number 2 golfer looked lost on the green would be an understatement. He looked like someone who shouldn’t have been there.

Perhaps a better way to describe how poorly he is playing is by looking at the odds for golf online betting. After day 1, name was at the bottom of the list of players to bet on for the Open Championship 2013. With his poor showing, several British tabloids aren’t sparing any effort to assault the pitiful golfer. His face was plastered in several front pages with the headline of “brainless” or “need a shrink”.

Woods Looking Good

Tiger Woods didn’t had a smooth start but he was sure able to recover. As of writing, he is number 4 on the leaderboard with the score of -2. Miguel Angel Jimenez is currently the first with a score of -3, followed by Henrik Stenson and Lee Westwood, both having scores of -2.

Check out online sports betting Australia  for more updates on the tourney.

Sporting Mash Up: Cricket and More


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If you want the latest news on cricket before heading to your favorite sports betting website, you’re in luck. The news provider of the best sports betting site in Australia has all the news and opinions on the latest development on the Ashes series.

Losing but improving

So far, the Australian team has transcended some of the expectations of cricket fans. Coming into the series, everyone had Michael Clarke and company has huge underdogs that are likely to embarrass themselves, similar to what happened during the India tour just a few months ago.

In recent years, much criticism of the Australian team has been about discipline and resiliency in face of tough competition. In the first three days of the first test, the team has already disproved the notion.

You could argue that it’s too early to make a verdict, but after day three wherein the Australian team had a bad day, it’s easy to see the new attitude of the team.

Day 3 Recap

During the first two days of test, both teams were in equal footing with neither one having displayed significant advantage over the other. However, the flow of the game changed in the day 3 as the English team was able to pull ahead due to an impressive inning by Ian Bell. The day ended with England being ahead with 261 runs. The recent development has made the English team the favorite to win the series.

If you want more fresh updates from the Ashes series, check out the links at the top for the best sports betting site..

Al Jefferson and His High Demand


Photo Credit: Greg Smith, USA TODAY Sports
As anyone from online sports betting Australia  can tell you, the NBA has a nasty habit on placing a lot of value on certain players that often disregards their skill set and actual contributions. This pattern is more obvious when you look at the big men signing in the free agency periods of the past years. Well, there’s a common consensus that there’s not a lot of skilled big men who can play like the centers and power forwards of old. That is why even the average big men of these days get paid big despite the lack of significant impact that they add to a team.

Now, I’m not underrating the skills of Al Jefferson. However, when I read the reports that free agent center Al Jefferson is seeking at least $15 million per year from teams who are want to sign him, I chuckled. Add to that the report that the Charlotte Bobcats are interested in him made burst out laughing.

Acknowledging his offensive prowess

Jefferson is offensively-gifted player, having a good arsenal of moves that allows him to provide low-post scoring for any team he plays for. His rebounding numbers is also solid. Now, these two things make him a desirable player. However, his weakness is something that can’t be overlooked.

Lack of defense

As good as he is in scoring; he is just as bad in stopping opponents from scoring. In the NBA wherein the current trend for success is having a solid defense first prior to good offense, a player like Jefferson shouldn’t be given that much amount of money. Still, when the Bobcats are involved, anything can happen. No matter how ridiculous it might be.

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Big Trades and Surprising Picks


We just entered the offseason but everything in the NBA seems to building up the excitement for the next season what will several more months from now. Just a few hours ago, teams made quite a few important decisions that are likely to change to fates of the franchises and changeup the landscape of the best basketball league in the world. I guess this also means jam-packed months for any sports betting site that is already buzzing due to the upcoming Ashes cricket series next month.

Anyway, if you haven’t been able to keep up-to-date with the surprises of the NBA draft night due to being busy or that your sports betting website didn’t bother to publish the important news, here’s what we have going.

Number one surprise

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a surprising decision in the draft as they drafted Anthony Bennett for their number 1 pick. Bennett is an athletic power forward who’s got an offensive game that looks the most NBA-ready compared to other prospects.

Despite having no clear consensus on the number one pick, Noel was seemingly locked in the top five, if not the top 1, of this year’s draft. The concerns about his injury seem to have had great effect on the decision of the first five teams to pass on the athletic center.

Moving big

It seems the Brooklyn Nets are really serious about wanting to win as they agreed to a deal with the Celtics to bring in Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry while sending away Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, and Kris Joseph plus three future first-round picks.

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NBA and Golfing News: Back-to-Back for the Heat


Duncan to return for the 2013-14 season  (John W. McDonough/SI)

The 2013 NBA season finally ended with the confetti falling from above to celebrate the second championship for the Miami Heat since the trio of Bosh, James and Wade was assembled in 2010. The championship wasn't acquired without hardships though. The Heat had to play seven games in the eastern conference finals against the Indiana Pacers. The finals series against the Spurs had some bright and dark moments as both teams adjusted well from losses.

Still, after everything, the Heat are able to come out victorious and in possession of the Larry O’Brien trophy. This year’s NBA finals showcase everything great about basketball and why it’s a favorite in online sports betting Australia. There’s action, drama and suspense wrapped into one awesome offering.

Golf online betting: Woods suffer injury

As soon as everything thinks Tiger is back hunting to make history, there is yet another setback. For the sixth time in the last six years, Tiger Woods suffered an injury that will take him out of the game for an indefinite time. As reported, the injury is a shoulder strain that surfaced in the recently completed US Open. This is certainly a hit to golf online betting.

As a result of the injury, he will be withdrawing from the upcoming AT&T National 2013. Here is his statement from his website:

“I have been advised to take a few weeks off, rest and undergo treatment. I'll be ready to go for the British Open, and I'm looking forward to playing at Muirfield. I would like to extend my regrets to AT&T, our sponsors and the fans in the Washington, D.C., area. The AT&T National means a lot to me and my foundation. It's especially difficult not defending at my own tournament. It's going to be a great event, and I look forward to being there to provide my support.”

Heat was Molten in Game 2


If you’re a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, there’s no doubt that the second game of the finals series was painful to watch. Personally, I like both teams. Both rosters are stacked with talented players that could be key players to any other teams in the NBA. The coaching staffs of both teams are also quite good with Spoelstra always coming up with smart adjustments that allow him realign the stars on the Heat and give them the best chance for success. Gregg Popovich, on the other hand, is already well-known in any circles such as sports forums and even in the best sports betting site as a basketball genius so I see no reason to explain more how I love his system.

Still, if you ask me which team I am rooting for, I’d say to you straight up that my wish is for the Spurs to win the finals. I share the passion of many other Spurs fans that Tim Duncan should have his fifth championship ring before he retires. I’m not saying that he is going to retire after this season. What I’m pointing out it’s a great punctuation to brilliance and his successful career.

This is the reason why game 2 on Sunday evening was painful to watch for me. The Spurs stayed close for the first half but when the Heat got it going after the halftime break, it seemed the San Antonio team couldn’t find any way to stop the rampaging Miami team.

There are lots of things to worry about the problems the Spurs is facing. The good news is that all these problems have solutions that I’m certain we will see come game 3. Check out the sports betting website to see some analysis and previews from NBA basketball experts. If you’re not into basketball, there’s also cricket you know.

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Golf this June: Garcia in the Woods of Philly


I understand that the NBA Finals or Ashes cricket is what the talks are all about from online sports betting Australia. But what if you’re not that into basketball? Well there are always other sports you know.

If you don’t like the physical and fast-paced and very competitive nature of NBA basketball, no one’s going to judge you. Well, at least not me. In fact, I have some plenty of alternatives for you. How about tennis?

In tennis, you’re not forced to watch male athletes bang each other. Oh. That sounded wrong. Let me correct that. I mean you’re not forced to watch men pound one another. Well, that was just as awful-sounding. Anyway, the point is that you can enjoy women’s singles in the French Open.

Aside from tennis, there’s also golf online betting.The greens are relaxing to watch and the top golfers with their grace and form is just as amazing as any other athlete in other sports. This month of June, there are several golf tournaments that are certainly worth watching and placing a bet on.

Next week’s US Open is going to be interesting with a spotlight on Sergio Garcia visiting the home turf of Tiger Woods whom he had a verbal feud just several weeks ago which ended with a statement from Garcia that included a bit of racist remark.

Philadelphia fans aren’t exactly the nicest sport fans in the world. In fact, it’s the total opposite of that. The local fans of the city of brotherly love are sure not going to be forgiving and forgetful.

Savor the Tennis Goodness


The NBA Playoffs is down to its last leg as the Spurs are now waiting for the winner of the series between the Heat and the Pacers. The sport of football is also taking a down time with several European leagues having concluded. However, there are lots of sports to enjoy if you’re into betting on sports.

You can go to this sports betting site and check for yourself the awesome offerings for you partake. Cricket season is just revving up in Australia while Australian Rules and Rugby are hitting its full stride. Still, if these sports are not your taste, there’s still one great tournament to follow this week.

The 2013 French Open has already started and with still one week to go, you’ll never run out of exciting matches to place your bet on. So go ahead and visit your favorite sports betting website. You’ll find that all the matches for the tourney are up for betting.

Anyway, just to keep you up-to-date, here are some of the news on the big games of the tournament. Last year’s Women’s Singles champion, Maria Sharapova, breezed through the first round of the tournament. On the other hand, 2012 Men’s Singles champion, Rafael Nadal, hit a rough patch on the first round before pulling ahead at the later sets to make it out of the first round.

Top ranked players Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer made it out of the first round without many problems.

So who’s your bet to win the tourney?

Golf Betting: Noise in the Green


Golf online betting has always been one of the best offerings of online sports betting Australia. It’s the ultimate form of a weekend relaxation for many people. The calm green and the graceful swings all look so smooth and captivating.

However, some noises have shaken up the sport these past few days after Tiger Woods won The Players Championship in Sawgrass almost two weeks back. The tournament went for an exciting end as Woods and Sergio Garcia battled closely down the line. So everyone shook hands and went their jolly way after the match right? Not exactly.

Uncharacteristic of what’s famously called a gentleman’s game, verbal battles ensued after the tournament. Sergio Garcia made statements about how Woods was never an honest player. Woods responded back and here we are right now. Garcia has been the more vocal one and here are some of the things said in the catfight.

In a not so recent interview, Garcia said:

"He called me a whiner. He's probably right, but that's also probably the first thing he's told you guys that's true in 15 years. I know what he's like. You guys are finding out."

Asked about if whether he tried making up with the world’s number one, here’s what Garcia said:

"First of all, I don't have his number. And secondly, I did nothing wrong and don't have anything to say to him. And he wouldn't pick up the phone anyway. But that's okay. I don't need him as a friend. I don't need him in my life to be happy and that's fine. It's as simple as that. Like I have always said, I try to be as truthful as possible."

Just like how it’s always been. Hearts are broken on the green.

Forgot Something?


Everyone in any sports betting website is quite exited with the upcoming NBA conference finals series. The San Antonio Spurs were able to finally get rid of the pesky Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies did a good job on what many basketball fans expected them to do with the handicapped Oklahoma City Thunder.

That means the Spurs and the Grizzlies are going to fight for the conference finals. The winner will then face the Miami Heat for an exciting finals series. Oh wait, I forgot about that the Pacers and Knicks are still not done with their series.

Depending on how things play out in Indiana this Saturday, the Heat might have to wait a few more days before they play. They could be out on the beach right now relaxing and sipping some tasty cold drinks. So before we talk focus on the conference finals, from the best sportsbetting site, let’s take a look again on what’s going on with the remaining second round series.

Pacers bringing the down in lockdown

As a basketball fan of one of the 30 cities represented by NBA franchises, the best Christmas gift you could have is your team having the defense of the Pacers. Seeing how boring the Knicks have become, it’s easy to recognize the stifling defense of the Indiana team. Now, if only they could make their offense a wee bit more exciting.

The Pacers rely so much on their defense to give them transition baskets. That is why when opposing teams clean up their plays, you’re stuck watching a Pacers team running an offense that seems to lack enough movements.

Sports Bet Australia: Spurs in Second Round


Online sports betting sites right now are swamped as the second round of the 2013 NBA playoffs has begun and teams are playing at their best. There’s been a great increase of searches for sports bet Australia as people from the sports-crazed country down under are looking forward to the conference semi-finals matchup.

Anyway, one of the interesting series that’s about to start is the second round matchup between the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. Right off the bat, the Spurs are the team that’s picked to win the series with their experience playing a huge factor over the young Warriors team. The team’s big three in Duncan, Parker and Ginobili has been playing together for a long time and become the key players for several of the championship titles the Spurs has acquired these past few years.

However, the team right now needs more than just the reliable performances from the three. As good and they may be, there’s no denying the fact that the Spurs need key contributions from the other players on the team if they want to come out of the second round.

That is why prior to the start of the series, the attention is being paid to the second-year wing player Kawhi Leonard. Playing under Gregg Popovich’s system, Leonard has become an important part for the offense and defense of the team. His improved three-point shooting and good perimeter defense that often leads to transition offense opportunities will be a huge factor for the Spurs to win over the Warriors.

Sports Betting: Hottest Discussions


With so many exciting and interesting things going on in the world of sports and sports betting website, there are many talking points that are worth discussing about. Here are some of the most talked about discussions going on among members of the sports betting site that offers all the games across the world.

MVP Discussion

As far as it goes, Lebron James seems to be locked up on taking the Most Valuable Player award this season with his impressive performance throughout the whole year. Leading the Heat for a dominant year where they were able to string up 27 wins in the later part of the season surely made a great exclamation that separated James from the rest of the MVP contenders.

Nuggets and Dirty Play

Another great talking point for the past few days is the series between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets. After winning game 1 at home court, the Nuggets got beaten 3 straight by the Warriors and placed them in an elimination game in game 5. Desperate to win, the Nuggets tried a different way to solve a problem they could never figure out for the previous games of the series. That problem is about stopping Stephen Curry of the Warriors that hits shots that no other players would take.

The Nuggets played Curry physically by bumping and hard fouling to take him off his rhythm. Apparently, it worked as Curry had a relatively bad night on game 5. However, the style of play employed on Curry made Mark Jackson take about the Nuggets paying dirty and he we are now talking about it.

Online Sports Betting Australia: Golf


The Masters was a huge victory not only for Adam Scott but also for Australia as it finally ended the heartaches of many failed tries of Aussie golfers in Augusta. In lieu of the recent happenings, golf online betting has become even more buzzing in online sports betting Australia.

Anyway, the excitement of golf online betting doesn’t stop with the completion of the Masters and the awarding of the green jacket. So here is some news for some of the biggest upcoming events in golf.

Jason Dufner is Aiming for a Back-to-Back in Zurich Classic

The 2013 hasn’t been to kind to Jason Dufner as he struggled so far this year and the best finish so far is a top 12 in WGC-Cadillac Championship that took place two months ago. With the upcoming Zurich Classic in New Orleans, the title defender is looking to get back on track and try to do as well as he did last year.

However, this isn’t going to be easy for him as he will also be competing with Nick Watney and the winner of last year’s Masters, Bubba Watson.

McDowell Victorious in 2013 RBC Heritage

Graeme McDowell was able to edge out Webb Simpson in the third playoff of the past four years at Harbour Town. The RBC Heritage victory is his first sanctioned victory in the US since his major victory in three years ago in 2010, wherein the came from behind and closed it out after recurring near misses from the time when he won at Pebble Beach.

Looking for a Sports Betting Website for the NBA Playoffs?


The NBA Playoffs is fast approaching and if you are searching a sports betting website, you’re in luck. Here’s a link of a sportsbetting site that will feature all the NBA playoff games for you to bet on.
The aforementioned sports betting website has everything you will need with complete updates and odds for the upcoming basketball games. You can stay tune to the latest news and happenings in the NBA that might affect the teams that are playing.

Wondering if Steve Nash is good to go for when the Los Angeles Lakers face the San Antonio Spurs? Want to learn about the recent signing of Tracy McGrady? All the reports on NBA players are complete at updated at the sports betting website.

The website also features some previews and predictions for the upcoming games. So, if you want to know about the chances of certain teams in the playoffs, you know where to go.
As a sneak peak for the upcoming playoffs, here are some of the hottest news and answers to the hottest inquiries for the playoffs.

Steve Nash: Doubtful for Series Opener Against Spurs
Although the Lakers were able to keep their promise of reaching the playoffs, the team isn’t in a too good of a position. Kobe Brant is out until next season so he’s totally out of the equation for the Spurs-Lakers matchup. To further add some problems, Steve Nash is still uncertain whether he can play or not in the first game of the series. The point guard has back and hip problems that he needs to recover from if he is to play.

Golf Betting News


This week is an incredible week for all those into golf online betting. The world’s best golfers started teeing off at the Augusta National and there were lots of stories worth telling. The trusted site for anything about online sports betting Australia has all the golfing updates and scores.

Here, on the other hand, we’ll take a look at some the more interesting stories from the much awaited tour.

14-year Old Wows at Augusta
If you haven’t heard of Guan Tianlang before, well, now you do. The golfer from China is only 14 years old and is the youngest golfer to qualify for the masters. In an age where other kids are hanging out with each other, Guan is hanging out with some of the greatest golfers to ever live. And while the age is already remarkable, what makes it even more impressive is his strong performance that if he can continue might allow him to make the cut.

The crowd, along with Ben Crenshaw, the two-time Masters champion, who was in the same group as Guan he had nothing but praises on how the very young golfer played. As Crenshaw said so himself,

“I'm telling you, he played like a veteran today. [Guan] played a beautiful round of golf. He stays well within himself. He's very confident and, obviously, beautiful hands. His thought process never got rushed. Very patient. Very, very, very impressive.”

It’s only the first round of the Augusta and it’s already so interesting. Well, looking forward to an interesting golf online betting ahead.

Rockets Keeps Getting Better


There’s a reason why the Houston Rockets is making huge buzz in any sports betting website. All season long, they were exceeding expectations and continuously surprising fans and bettors in the sports betting site.

Months before the season started, the Rockets were included in everyone’s list to rebuilding teams with lots of things to work on before they can rise to contention once again. The team took a risk by signing unrefined players like Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik. Lin’s game is far from being perfect with his predictable drive to the right and inconsistent shooting while Asik was seen as a defensive anchor without much to offer on the defensive end. It wasn’t until the signing of James Harden that the team had a solid player with an almost complete game.

The rest of the squad are unproven unknowns. It was reasonable to have low expectations for the team. However, the team played solidly Harden leading the way and other players doing what they can with the best of their abilities. The second-year forward, Chandler Parsons, has come out with a pretty good game. The guy can shoot at a high percentage beyond the arc and his speed and athleticism is perfect for the up-tempo offense the team is running.

The offseason acquisitions have also progressed quite nicely as Harden is becoming a solid star, Lin playing smarter and more consistent and with Asik being a reliable anchor on the defensive end while showing signs of an improving offensive game.

Sport Betting Updates: March 29


All around the world and in every major sport league, there have been many things happening that makes online sports betting Australia even more exciting. From golf online betting to other sports, we have condensed some of the important happenings in the entire world of sport.

Tiger Woods Back On Top

Here’s one for those who are into golf online betting. Tiger Woods is now again ranked number one by dethroning Rory MiIlroy with his win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational 2013. Apparently, plenty are excited, or at least interested as proven by the slowing down of the Official World Golf Rankings website due to an increased traffic after his win.

The question now is that whether his being back on top of the rankings also means he’s back on his top form. We’ll find out soon enough on how he fairs at the Augusta.

World Peace is Compromised

Metta World Peace of the Los Angeles Lakers suffered from a torn meniscus on his left knee that will require a surgery and take him out for the rest of the season. This news dampens the chance of the Lakers making the playoffs since their only reliable perimeter defender is gone for the rest of the battle for a playoff spot.

If the MWP injury wasn’t enough, Kobe Bryant was diagnosed with a bone spur which is more of a bad news. Even if can play through it, he will still be limited which can only add more burden to the Lakers. Better rest it out Kobe.

The Convenient Sport of Basketball


Although I enjoy watching different kinds of sports, if I were to pick one as my top choice, I’d have to choose the sport of basketball. It’s the sport that I follow in any sports betting site. My fascination for can be construed to the fact that basketball has always been one of the most convenient sport to play for me so I grew up playing and enjoying it.

There’s really no other team sport that is more convenient than basketball. After all, it was invented in the spirit of convenience. When Naismith came up with basketball, the idea revolved around a sport that can be played regardless of the weather due to winter being such a buzz kill. One of the top criteria was a sport that required small playing field so that it can be played indoors. The rest just fell in place and everything is a history.

Going back to the present, there’s plenty of reason why the sport is becoming popular. The space required for a basketball court is much smaller compared to sports like football. In fact, you don’t even need to have a full court to play a game. A small area, a pole and a hoop are enough to enjoy the game in its full glory.

Also, the fact that the game doesn’t require a huge number of players is pretty convenient. In a sport such as soccer, you need to find 21 more players if you want to play the game the way it’s supposed to be. In basketball, you can play the game with in a complete 5on5 or even 1on1. Try playing soccer 1on1 and you’d be playing entirely different sport.

There are plenty of reasons why the sport is growing faster especially in sports betting website and these just some of them.

Sport Betting Round-up: March 11


Another exciting week has passed for many online sports betting sites. Many big things happened in different sports and leagues across the world. From the go-to site for anything about sports bet Australia, here are some of the updates on the sporting world for the past week.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers in a Playoff Spot

The last few playoff spots for the western conference of the NBA have been hotly contested among several hopeful teams. The Lakers is one of these teams and they have been making serious ground for playoff contention in the past few weeks. Winning three out of four games from March 5 to 10, the Lakers are now sitting at the eighth and last playoff spot of the western conference, leading Jazz by a very small margin. There’s only a month left for the season and it would really be interesting to see how the playoff picture in the western conference is going to look like.

Boxing: Alliances and Big Battles

Despite PEDs and drug-related issues that shook the sport for the past few months, boxing seems to have moved on smoothly with many interesting events taking shape. After getting fined a million for testing positive to marijuana use, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. seems to be back on pursuing success in the sport as he forges an alliance with Bob Arum and train under the awarded trainer Freddie Roach. Another big name junior is set to battle as Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scheduled to fight against Robert Guerrero on May 4.

The Nuggets are Good, But…


They have some holes needed to be plugged if the team wants to have a better chance at making the Playoffs. This is a concern not only for the fans but also those who are into sports betting site.

Anyway, here’s an insight from a popular sports betting website.

Don’t get me wrong, the team has some fine attributes that any fan would want on their team. If you’ve been following the team, you can see how every player is willing to go all-out when it comes to effort. These aren’t just a bunch of energetic guys running the floor but hard-nosed players looking to get dirty. A small mistake from the other team is a basket scored by the nuggets. This quality of the team gives them a fighting chance against any other team in the league and has been one of the primary reasons for its success this season.

However, that hustle and energy can only take a team so far. The road to the NBA championship requires the Nuggets to go against the Spurs and the Thunder. Both of these teams have very good offensive sets. They rarely make mistakes. For a team like Denver that capitalizes on opponents’ mistakes to score, it spells trouble.

This is the biggest hole the Nuggets can’t patch up this season. They don’t have someone to anchor the offense that will allow the rest of the team to play off from. When Andre Miller said that the team needed a star to win a championship, he had a valid point. The team needs someone that they can rely on when they needed a basket and plays aren’t doing it.

Post Trade: Rockets


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Although nothing big really happened before the February 21 trade deadline, there were teams who made significant moves with results that could show before the season ends, both good and the bad. It’s exactly one week from the trade deadline right now I think it’s interesting, especially for those who are into online sports betting sites, to look at how the teams are doing. Given how one week is indeed a small sample size, it’s not also something that you can just overlook, as significant changes within the team can be seen even with only two or three games.

One of the teams that made a big move before the deadline was the Houston Rockets. If you’ve been following the NBA closely, there’s no doubt that you know about the details of the trade. Foregoing other teams, the Rockets sent away Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Toney Douglas and Marcus Morris while acquiring Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt.

The move has the ‘for the benefit of the future’ written all over it and Rockets’ GM Morey was banking on the team to make the playoffs despite trading away some significant rotation players. However, a look at the team after the trade until now show’s what might happen to the team this season.

The Rockets are now 2-2 since the trade where after two consecutive wins against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Brooklyn Nets, they have lost two straight against Washington Wizards and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Winning against quality teams and losing against lower-tier teams is usually an indication of a team lacking a reliable system for winning. That’s natural knowing key system players were traded away. Unless the new players get acclimated to the team quickly, the Rockets’ season could take a dip out of the playoffs.

A Short Tribute to Jerry Buss


In the any sport, athletes are not the only ones who can affect the success of a franchise. That is why in lieu of Dr. Jerry Buss’ passing, it is important to pay tribute to the man who was a driving force behind one of the most successful franchises not only in the National Basketball Association but even in the entirety of the sports world.

Anyone in the realm of online betting basketball knows the great things the good doctor has done that changed not only his beloved basketball team but even the entire sport. When you think of great sport franchise owners, you can only think of a select few, and Dr. Jerry Buss is one of them. While other owners whine and shudder when dealing with problems with their franchise, Dr. Buss has always been the type that stays silent yet steady with the way he handles problems. Knowing that he is in Hollywood, where everything is magnified by a thousand times, makes it even more praiseworthy and making him every bit deserving of his hall of fame status.

It is a bit sad though that the man had to pass in a time where his beloved team has been struggling. While they shouldn’t need something like this to motivate them, I sure hope that the Lakers instill in their mind the passion of the late owner, and play on the court with the same passion. After all, there is no better tribute to a team owner who loved to win.

While it is unfortunate for such an iconic individual to pass away, it’s also a good reminder to everyone that nothing last forever and it is important to cherish what we have right now.

We’d like to offer our deepest condolences to the entire Buss family.

For sports betting aficionados out there, the next post will be more cheery with the focus on online betting boxing and online betting basketball.