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The guy treats you in a special way

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The guy treats you in a special way

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Many relationships today, do not last long because they were made for the wrong reasons. In fact, there has been many cases in which men get into relationships all for free sex. Now, how can you ensure that your man is not just after your body but a long-term relationship with you?

The guy treats you in a special way

If he were only after your body, he would treat you like trash and would surely find another woman very quickly. However, if he treats you with utmost care, chances are that he is already in love with you.

The guy lavishes you with materials things, in addition to love and affection

Men often pay material things in substitution for sex. If a guy were true to you, not only would he give you these but he would also give you all his love, affection, time and attention. A person in love is ready to sacrifice anything and everything.

The guy introduces you to friends and family

Being introduced to the people closest to him is a way of bringing you in to the inner circle. This definitely means that he want to take you seriously, and that's why he would bring you to events where only his friends or family are the only ones involved. If he wouldn't even let you see his cousins, then you're nothing but a fling to him.

The guy remembers important dates and events

If a guy loves you, he would remember dates and events that are important to you, just to make you happy. Otherwise, he would just leave you behind by yourself, after the two of you are done in bed.

The guy can nonetheless be happy with you - even beyond the bedroom

The two of you spend quality time together - share laughter and tears - even if you were from the bed. There's more to those steamy moments, meaning, you have a meaningful relationship that's not based on lust.

The guy respects it if you do not want to have sex with him

A guy who isn't just after sex can definitely wait if you don't feel like pleasing him at the moment.

The guy gives you synonymous with commitment

Commitment is among the reasons why guys would only like to have casual sex with women. However, if he takes you seriously, he would probably give things with sentimental value such as a ring that's considered a family heirloom. If he can't even buy over a one-dollar ring for you, then accept the fact that you're not that important to him.